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Give-Away! Crewel Wool by Renaissance Dyeing Company


Today’s give-away is courtesy of Renaissance Dyeing, a company that hand-dyes wool threads using natural dyes, creating gorgeous ranges of color on a beautiful wool that’s ideal for crewel embroidery and tapestry work. The Elizabethan Embroidery Range (crewel embroidery wool) is what’s up for grabs today – 27 skeins of naturally dyed wool, dyed using the same dyes available in the 16th century.

The first time I used the Renaissance Dyeing threads was after I bought a sample pack from Hedgehog Handworks. I was struck right off the bat by their softness and the fact that they stitch up very nicely – they’re easy to work with. The color range also impressed me – and I didn’t even know, at that time, all the work that goes into hand-dyeing this beautiful wool. If you have time, you should browse through the Renaissance Dyeing website and take a look at their blog. It’s a real eye-opener about the work behind the threads we like to use!

I used Renaissance Dyeing wool on my crewel rooster project, by the way – especially on the flowers:

Renaissance Dyeing Wool used on crewel embroidery project

It makes a wonderful satin stitch and very nice French knots!

Renaissance Dyeing Wool Give-Away

After discovering the wonderful thread on my own and buying a bit of it, I made use of it in my crewel rooster project and linked back to their website. And they very kindly wrote and offered a packet of their wool for a give-away! I took Andie up on the offer – I couldn’t quite pass up the opportunity to let one of my readers build a nice starter-stash of a good thread! Thank you, Andie!

Renaissance Dyeing Wool Give-Away

So, what I’m giving away is a beautiful color range of “Elizabethan” colors – colors typical of the 16th century, and dyed in the same manner as threads were back then!

Renaissance Dyeing Wool Give-Away

Beautiful, aren’t they??

If you would like an opportunity to win this package of threads, please read the following Rules of the Give-Away:

1. All eligible comments must be left on the website, on this post. Comments left on other posts or sent via e-mail (in reply to the daily newsletter) will not be eligible. So please make sure you visit the website to leave your comment! For those who read Needle ‘n Thread via RSS feed or in your e-mail, just click on the title of the post, and it’ll take you straight to the right post on the website.

2. Please make sure you sign your comment, if you choose to comment using the “anonymous” feature.

3. Answer the following question in your comment:

(This is predictable!) What type of design would you stitch with this collection of threads? (Feel free to daydream a bit here, if you don’t really have any set idea at this point!)

4. The give-away ends on Thursday, March 25, at 5:00 am CST (Kansas, USA).

I’m happy to mail the package of threads anywhere in the world, so all are welcomed to sign up! (Overseas mailings will be sent by the least expensive airmail option, and the receiver is responsible for any custom duties, etc. I am not liable for any postal misdirection or loss for overseas mailings…. That has only happened once with my give-aways, but should it happen again, please understand that I cannot replace the parcel.)

Best of luck!


(325) Comments

  1. Hello Mary!

    Another lovely giveawy that I probably won't win, but I certainly won't if I don't enter, right?

    I think I'd be interested in doing something like the fish in the RSN's book in crewel style, but also perhaps some nice cushion/pillow covers for our living room sofa for when we get back home.

    Enjoying the goldwork project very much. I have one on the go, but it's nothing on yours! I don't really have enough patience for that, but I admire your project very much. Thanks for sharing.=)

    Elizabeth in Taiwan.

  2. Good Morning Mary,
    OH my…what luscious colors! I would be threading up and learning some traditional crewel with those threads. I have the books, the fabric and the desire…all I need are the threads 🙂
    Thanks for the generous giveaway.
    Suzanne Bruno
    Raymond, Maine

  3. Ohh this is such a generous giveaway! Thank you! I'm happy to at least have a chance to participate and perhaps be able to try out something other than Anchor which is the only thing available here.

    Aaanyway what I'd do with these – the moment I saw them, I thought oooh pillowcases! I've had an idea for pillows for my sofa for ages, sort of scrolly medieval-looking design but well Anchor mercerized cotton is too shiny and just plain wrong for it. So I'd love to get my little grabby hands on these to finally make the pillows I've dreamt of for so long 🙂

  4. Hi Mary
    I would use the "Elizabethan" range of Renaissance Dyeing in an African Tree of Life design eg an Acacia tree with a giraffe,a porcupine, a lion and a masked weaver. Understand, they wouldn't normally all be on or under the tree, especially if that lion is snooping around! But it is meant to be a stylised tree, after all. It would be a bit of a stretch for me. I think I'm going to try it even if I don't win those beautiful threads.

  5. Hi Mary,
    wonderful giveaway as always..
    I would like to fill a floral design completely with french knots for wall hanging.


  6. Good morning, Mary. What beautiful fibers! Just looking at the colors I can see flowers, trees, and sky so for me it would have to be an outdoor scene, something woodsy with tiny flowers blooming and trees just getting ready to pop their leaves under a brilliant sky.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win theses beautiful fibers.

    Brenda Schiesser

  7. Great giveaway,Mary. Thanks to Renaissance Dyeing for the chance.Here's my not so adventurous answer to the giveaway question –
    I would use these threads for crewel embroidery .Ever since I've seen your crewel project I've wanted to try this form of embroidery atleast once.You even provided a whole lot of info on where to get the supplies and what to get in one of the later posts.If I win this giveaway,it'll be a great start towards gathering the necessary stuff.

  8. Hi Mary,
    As always you have a great give-a-way. I always called this product Broider Wul, but I guess Renaissance Dyeing tread sounds more romantic. I love this great crewel fiber. The colors are fabulous, and its easy on the fingers when stitching. I'd probably stitch up a floral pillow,or a have a little bench that needs a new cushion cover,maybe in a tree of life design.
    I hope is thread finds a good home.
    Elaine in WV

  9. Ooooooh! What beautiful wools and such a generous give-away! I'd love to be able to try them! I'm always intrigued by all the lovely threads you've reviewed here and wishing I could try them all, but not having a local needlework shop makes me a bit overly cautious in racking up shipping charges. If I were to win these threads, I think I'd have to give your rooster design a try. My kitchen is decorated with roosters and hens and he'd fit right in!

  10. To think insomnia gets me the first post! All those beautiful colors! They need to come home to me. I loved the flowers you did and would love to try my hand at them and lots of other flowers as well. I just don't have a clue as to how far that many skeins will get me but I am willing to find out. Karen

  11. Dear Mary,
    First, I want to thank for your wonderful tutorial video. What a HELP.I am dreaming… I would love to tackle a beautiful bird with the Renaisssance wool.
    Thank you
    France Riddell

  12. I'd really like to create a slightly Art Nouveau design for something for the house. Alternatively, I have some crewelwork ideas of my own I would like to explore!

  13. Hi, Mary! What a beautiful prize! I would certainly try them on floral designs… maybe Trish Burr's projects, how about that? I think the results would be stunning! And her books are sitting on my shelf daring me to do something with their contents, so… why not? Thank you and Andie both!

  14. I like to stitch a peacock in a tree, or a squirrel in a garden, or pomegranate type flowers.


  15. I've just started getting back into crewel work after seeing your rooster. I am having a go at some of the designs in the Anchor book of crewel stitches and patterns. The next design I'll be trying will be an oak tree

  16. Good Morning Mary! Oooohhhh these colors are delicious looking – like ice cream in the ice cream shop and they are all calling me! How generous of the folks at Renaissance Dyeing to offer this beautiful packet, and how kind of you to spend time writing about the thread and sharing with us. I would love to work a piece in this wool thread on a pillow top in an Elizabethan design because that is my favorite style of embroidery. Thank you Mary!

  17. Mary, i do love your web-site and that beautifulwool thread. if i win the give away,i'd like to try that wonderful rooster and then use some of it on my R.R… i'm just now getting to be in one ,that would be alot of fun to use on my friends block.. thanks aheadfor the oppertunity, molly[sewnmom7@yahoo.com

  18. Mary- Thanks for another great give-away. I've been watching your goldwork project with interest. As soon as my UFO's get finished, I'd like to give some goldwork a try. As for the wool, I'd love to try my hand at designing an updated version of the twining vine with flowers that were so common with traditional crewel – maybe a pillow, or seat back, or footstool? Hmm, have to think about that part.

  19. I'm not sure exactly how I'd use this crewl yarn except it would have to be something with a "field of flowers" my favorite thing to crewl/embroider.
    sue ames

  20. Such beautiful threads!! I have always wanted to try wool threads but haven't done it yet. What would I make with these beautiful threads??? If I win these threads I might would need to purchase the book in your last give a way and buy some wool fabric and try to make that beautiful floral quilt. Those wool threads are totally beautiful!! Someone is going to be a very lucky winner! Thelma

  21. I've recently rediscovered the beauty of William Morris designs. Since I was given a set of books with charts of a number of favorite designs, one of those is what I would stitch. Strawberry Thief, Brer Rabbit – or perhaps design something of my own that factors in the natural beauty near my home, the towering pines, the flaming sunsets, the quail and deer, morning dawn as it sparkles on the lake. Deb-in-Idaho

  22. Hi,
    With that beautiful range of color, I would give a try on one of "Susan O'Connor" Flowers for Elizabeth design. I just receive my book, the yarn would be berfect to start one of the blanket motif.

    Thank you for all the inspiration you bring me. Live a beautiful day.

    Francoise (Mafyb)

  23. What a beautiful assortment of yarn. You had shown some "doodle art I think you called it a month or so ago and that definitely peaked my interest. I can remember in high school making these and filling in with rich colors the size of poster boards. I think these great colors would look wonderful doing a nice size of a "doodle" print into a one of a kind project.

  24. I am a feltmaker. I love to stitch on to my hand made felt with wool threads and I have been making felt bags with a hand embroidered crewel work paisley design. I would most definitely stitch this design using Renaissance wool and have done in the past. The woollen threads just sink into the felt and become part of the fabric – stunning!
    Christine B

  25. How beautiful! What a great give away Mary! I would probably attempt to design a stylized spring garden.
    Nita Carroll

  26. What type of design would you stitch with this collection of threads?

    I'd love to have something art nouveau to hang on the wall, like one of the patterns from the William Morris pattern book [http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0486431835/]
    I think it would look beautiful in crewel work.

  27. Mary,
    They are beautiful and the first thing I thought of was Angels. These colors are soft and would make angels look angelic!
    Annie in Va.

  28. Hello Mary,
    How can you give away so many beautiful threads ?
    I never tried crewel embroidery, but if I had to use these ones, sure I would stitch a pattern I found in Inspiration magazine : Beautiful flowers, pomegranate and birds.
    Have a nice day

    Coeur de freesia

  29. Hi Mary,
    this is very delicious give-away, like all your give-aways.
    I think I would make a sampler of crewel stitches with my favorite design of peace helmets, of course. lol.
    The colors will make great flowers and the greys and greens will be great for the helmet.
    i am drooling. haha.


  30. Dear Mary, Wow these treads are beautiful. I do not possess one single shred of this type of yarn as it is not so readily available here. When you ask what we would use it for, I remembered I have this pretty design of a bird of paradise. It is printed on cotton. The bird is sitting on a branch with stunning flowers around it! Now with what I have already learned with your rooster and gold work this wool will be just what I need. Thank you for your generosity in sharing so many things with us. Kind regards Elza Bester. Cape Town

  31. Oh this is easy Mary!
    Remeber when you reviewed the book History of Crewelwork in England? I was so interested I found a used copy at Amazon in the UK. It is such an interesting book but, like you, I was inspired by the patterns. I would use this wool to stitch one of the flower designs in the book – something that is from about the same time as the colors of the wool.

    Best of luck to everyone!


  32. What gorgeous threads and generous giveaway! I know exactly what I would make with them. Last summer while visiting friends I fell in love with the mirror in her downstairs bathroom. She had made a crewel work frame for the mirror. It is gorgeous and I want to stitch a similar one for me. Those threads would be perfect for the project.

  33. Wow beautiful! I would stitch something befitting their colourings – something elizabethan, perhaps something period in crewel work? Many ideas.

  34. Mary I would love to win this crewel wool! The colours are beautiful and would be wonderful for either a celtic or jacobean design I've been hankering to do.I can be reached at susancuss@yahoo.com. Thank you for this opportunity.
    Susan Cuss

  35. Mary, I think this is the best give-away ever. I have some Elizabethan patterns, and I have one that I would especially love to do with this thread. If there was enough, I would use it for my 'casket' that I am going to make. Eitherway, I would love to have the thread.

  36. Mary,
    I would love to win the beautiful collection of threads. I am new using different fibers. I have several designs of flowers in mind that I want to embroider. I am currently enjoying using silks on a small Helen M. Stevens design. I throughly enjoy your daily newsletter!!Your video showed me how to easily do a bullion stitch!!! Mary Burton

  37. Uh oh. I commented, but when I clicked to leave the comment I got a page not found error. Don't know if original comment went through.

    Anyway. The colors are gorgeous!

  38. Of course I'd like to win the thread, and since we are daydreaming, I'd buy the best book I could find on crewel and do everything in it.

  39. I have never tried crewel embroidery before, but it looks like a bunch of fun. I recently went to a beautiful estate and they had crewel embroidery on all of their magnificent upholstered chairs. I also loved the picture you had of the crewel buttons with designs on them. So, i would start off with the buttons and work my way up to the chair! Thanks
    -Emily Richards

  40. this thread looks wonderful. i dont have any nice thread, only regular cotton embroidery thread and this wold be lovely to use for a wedding sampler for my husband and i. i have always wanted to make one but think the kits look cheesy and all the same. i would design something unique for us and then use this thread to embroider it for an heirloom keepsake. ooh, i hope i win!

  41. Can't get these threads in the Uk so I would be the envy of all my friends as I have a dream of a collection of crewel flowers, a whole bouquet of them!

  42. Good Day, I have been receiving your blog with all the stunning work and ideas since late last year.i live in South Africa and have shared the details of your site with 3 other avid embroiderers around the world. I belong to the Cape Embroiderers Guild and have also shared it with friends there. I love crewel embroidery and all the variety of stitches one can use and find this type of embroidery thrilling and very creative because many embroiderers could stitch the same pattern with such a variety of results.Ihave a beautiful floral crewel work pattern which i am going to use in a wooden firescreen. Living in South Africa we dont have much access to a variety of wools so i buy a lot of mine at our sales table at guild where ladies sell off any unwanted items and am always thrilled when i spot any wools available.Over the years i have collected quite a bit of appleton and paterna wools but those you have available look "yummy" Are they availabe from the stockest and do they post to South Africa? Your rooster looks devine I followed his creation closely as well as all the unpicking!!!So nice to be able to chat across the world, keep looking forward to your letter everyday Take care, Fond regards Heather Basson Cape town South Africa

  43. Thank you for this opportunity!

    I would like to stitch up a vintage Elsa Williams pattern, printed on linen. I found it buried unopened and untouched in a bin of tatty household linens at an antiques store. The design is a standard Stuart pomegranate on tree. There are no instructions for color or working method, so I am free to let my imagination wander, much as you did for the rooster. You can see the piece here:

    I haven't done crewel in a very long time, so I have no stash of appropriate wool at hand as a starter. A core set of colors would make choosing the rest from color cards much easier.

    Thank you again for your explorations so generously posted here. Happy stitching – kbsalazar

  44. Hello Mary –

    These are scrumptious looking threads that I would love to use in my next "Flowers for Elizabeth" project; I'm thinking the motif with the pomegranates – after having stitched two smalls with Appleton.

    Thank you for this lovely – and too tempting! – giveaway. Good luck to all.

  45. Hi Mary

    I'm just getting started on crewel embroidery, but I think I would use this amazing stash to do a piece I've been promising my mother for ages and ages – a tree of life design, with lots of wonderful leaves and flowers on the tree to practice different stitches with, lots of interesting animals on the ground beneath (especially rabbits and deer – I like those!), and perhaps a bird or two to round it off. I've got a nice piece of legacy linen twill I've been saving just for this, and the wool will complement it well!

    What a brilliant give away!


  46. I'm planning to enter the Regional Embroiderers Guild competition this year and these threads would be fabulous to incorporate into my design. Usually I'm a 'dyed in the wool' (pun intended!) machine embroiderer but your work has made me want to dust off my hand embroidery frames and these would be great to use.

    Keep up the inspirational blog!

  47. Such beautiful colors! If I were to win, the threads would definitely become part of a crazy quilt. I might even try to do some bobbin work with some of the thread. Not exactly traditional uses, but why limit a thread to one type of work.

  48. Mary~
    These are beautiful and I have never embroidered with this type of thread before and would love to be able to try them. I would use them on a Victorian design, since those are my favorite. Lovely give away!

  49. I would love to win. I would use it on my first sampler. I'm new at crewel and the colors are so beautiful. Thanks

  50. Oh wow!! when I read about your newest giveaway I got very excited-I love anything wool, and especially hand dyed-I would so love to win this one.
    I am not sure yet what I would make with these yet-I am really into the 1830's period of history so would probably adapt a pattern to that. I have been wanting to make a crazy wool quilt so thinking these would be lovely embroidery on there thank you again for these wonderful giveaways

  51. I loved your rooster so much, it started me thinking about making multiple roosters for my daughter in law. I wouldn't make the one you did, however, I would use it for inspiration, as well as Maggie Walker's rooster quilt designs; and Florine Johnson's Radical Rooster quilt designs.

    Lynn D

  52. Dear Mary,
    The threads are beautiful and I think I would stitch two floral designs based on my china. It is Botanic Garden.
    Ruth Ann Woolford

  53. Ohhhhhhh they're gorgeous! I have several needlepoint projects planned using William Morris designs and these would be lovely to work with.

    Thanks so much for another great giveaway 🙂

    Christine R., PA

  54. Hi Mary,
    What a lovely giveaway! I would love to have them to make a pillow to accompany my living room wing chair and ottoman, which is upholstered with a Jacobean fabric.

  55. Oh Wow, such beautiful threads!! I just am not sure what I'd do with them, but since french knots and satin stitch are stitches that I love, they would definitely be involved. What a great give-away!

  56. OOOOH, Mary! – Please excuse my drooling!!! I just got back from a trip to Williamsburg, where my friends literally had to drag me away from the exhibits of antique embroidery! I was absolutely amazed by the skills of those long-ago stitchers! So, having said that, I would probably want to do a lovely piece of crewel using lots of satin stitching to show off the sheen and colors of the threads. Maybe something wearable? Oh, dear – my mind is spinning again! Thanks for the chance, and for the inspiration!
    Pat Danco

  57. Hi Mary, I just received samples from Andie as I am considering carrying Renaissance crewel wool in my shop. I was very impressed by the softness and vivid colors. What would I stitch? I want to give it a try on 18 count canvas. I think some kind of landscape or still life where color is so important to the mood and feel of a piece. Frankly I just want to stitch with it! Also curious that it is priced well, and significantly more than Daisies or Blossoms. Thanks for the delight to the eyes on this grey and rainy Monday. Karen Milano

  58. What an interesting thread. My EGA chapter has an annual stitching challenge. This year it is a personal challenge. You must do something that is a challenge to you for whatever reason. I think I would make my challenge creating a design that took advantage of the historically correct nature of the colors of these threads.

    Norman, OK

  59. WOW, wht gorgeous colors!
    Because of your recomendations,Mary, I was just beginning to save my pennies for this line of yarn 🙂
    Will crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes help do you think ?????
    Seriously though, I have been itching to get back into crewel, especially historic crewel, after a thirty year drought.
    Back then all I could get my hands on were the kits sold locally (no such thing as internet shopping ) and the yarn included in the kits were all the choice there was.
    I can't wait to try my hand on beautiful stitching in some awesome fibers 🙂
    Thanks so much Mary for all your inspiration, humor, know how, and….enabling.

    Hugs, Marlon

  60. Well, add me in to the long list of those who would love to try these threads. I am just a threadaholic who would probably use them on some heedlepoint projects I have planned. Thanks for your interesting blogs! Ellen Hartman in VA

  61. OMG, what an awesome giveaway! If (by some miracle) I got those threads in my hot little hands, I'd probably make a new Elizabethan-era coif, in some kind of lovely scrolling floral pattern. Hopefully I'd have just enough of each color left over to make a little swatch book for Elizabethan needlework reference.

    Ashley Aedo

  62. This thread, to me, screams
    Berlin Wool Work. I would pull out one of my traditional patterns and make a chair back with it.
    Anything remaining would be used for fireplace bellow motif embellishment surrounded by brass nailheads. It's a project I've been meaning to begin. This would be a great jumpstart!

  63. Hi Mary,
    I'm a crazy quilter and have only used cotton and silk threads, but I'd love to try these beautiful wools for both seam embroidery and motifs!

  64. Those are beautiful, and a range of threads I've been hoping to try but hadn't gotten around to yet.

    I'm sure some would go into some "Bayeux Stitch" or laid and couched work. Probably some more in some canvas work inspired by Mary QOS work. Possibly some trim for 12th century tunics ….

    Kandy in PA

  65. Oh my they are gorgeous!! Who wouldn't love to have them in their collection? 🙂 If I were to win them, I'd have find an amazing design to use them – something from Trish Burr leaps to mind 🙂 I have books by her, but I also think something larger for my living room. Oh the possibilities are endless and so luscious!

  66. Hi Mary, the colors look so warm and soft.
    I think I would embroider a Jacobean design with roses.

  67. Please do enter me in this giveaway. I love the colors and can't wait to feel the softness.

    Project: I thing a lovely pincushion. I would need to make at least four of them to give to my friends.

    Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful gift.

  68. Good morning, Mary!

    I ordered the "Elizabethan" book and would use the collection for flowers.
    Thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge.

  69. Good morning Mary. Wow what lovely thread. I have only worked with Anchor and DMC and have never done any crewel work but I do love the look and went as far as getting a book for crewel work I just do not have the means at the moment to go ahead and give it a try. I think I would love to do a pillow for my living room with birds and flowers and think the colors are so delicious that they need to portray something outdoorsy.. Thanks for the opportunity and have a wonderful week.

  70. OMG! Those are lovely!

    I've been wanting to try crewel work for a while, and I think I would probably go for a dead traditional jacobean design. I'd have lots of fun researching authentic designs, and digging around in the Online Pattern Library and Project Gutenberg, and looking at musum pieces.

  71. Mary-

    What a lovely set of threads-I would love to win this and I would use it to make a men's night cap with the pattern I just ordered from the website I got to from one of your links-reconstructing history!

    I love your BLOG and read it everyday now!

    tina tdwjohnson@yahoo.com

  72. Dear Mary,

    I live in a house that is 171 years old. This summer, my gardens are being displayed on a garden tour. I would use the beautiful yarns to make a pillow that I would display during the tour. Thank you for this opportunity.

  73. HI,

    Absolutely gorgeous colors. I have
    done crewel and would love to stitch a project with these beautiful colors.

    Teri Sanfilippo

  74. Hi Mary,
    I have never used these threads but am intrigued. I think if I won, I would try a Jacobean design that I've always admired but was afraid to tackle. Thanks for doing the giveaways! Sheila from CA

  75. hi Mary
    Living in a very rural area i haven't ever ventured much past DMC but your posts have certainly educated me and got me thinking.
    as for the crewel work it would definetly have to be something

    now if I could find a needlework shop next door to a big box hardware store in town that would be just the ticket-he could spend time in housepaint and i could look at some new threads.

    thanks for taking the time to teach all of us new techniques

  76. Hi Mary–Thanks for another FABULOUS giveaway!

    What would I stitch? The colors to me are too bright to use for traditional crewel designs–I see them and my brain says Laurel Burch! Especially those purples!

    I think it would also be neat to do some designs of vegetables. I see eggplant, tomatoes, carrots, squash, lots of yummy things.

    Carol Sylvester

  77. Hi Mary:
    Thank you for your webbsite. I enjoy it so much and would truly love to win the renaissance Elizabethan crewel embroidery wool so that i may use it on your "Crewel Rooster Project"
    Thank you,

  78. These are gorgeous! I think I'd want to make a Jacobean design that could be turned into an evening bag. Fruit and flowers, maybe the odd bug or two. 🙂

  79. Lovely colours. I think I'd use these threads as they were intended and stitch up a classical crewl piece – a pillow would definitely appeal but then again, a tapestry piece, worked on canvas, might also be fun.

    So many choices! 🙂


  80. What a generous offer! This takes my breath away!

    There are so many things I would sew… starting with some portraits I've got sketched up and using reclaimed wool sweater felt.

  81. Hi, Mary. This is really a wonderful give away, and I sure appreciate the manufacturers being willing to do this through you.

    I have a crewel project in the planning stages, based on one of the designs in the RSN book, and was thinking of trying the Appleton crewel wools on it, but would LOVE to have these wools to use instead. I have a skein of Broder Wol, which I believe was the same thread, but with a new name. It is wonderful to work with!

    Thanks for the giveaway. Sandi Hersh

  82. I would love to do a pair of birds–something that would show off the beautiful colors of these threads. The shades of pinks/reds would be nice for stitching some sweet peas, too. Having nice thread makes all the difference in how a piece goes together. I would love a chance to work with something like that. Thanks for giving all of us the chance to win this collection!

  83. Mary what a gorgeous collection of wool and the colours so beautiful. If I won, I think I would work them into a blanket all on their own, sort of a medallion to keep the colours together as one.

    I can picture a lovely medallion in the centre with the four corners accenting and a trail of flowers cascading from the medallion.

  84. Dear Mary,
    INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!! Those threads would make me speechless!! The delicious colors would be perfect for an Elizabethan design. I love embroidery from that time period and would feel quite excited attempting something on my own with these threads. Perhaps stumpwork- mix in some gold work and -oh-see the places I go!! I so appreciate all you do to further the education of embroidery! I have learned SO MUCH!!
    Thank you! Peg from NJ

  85. Wow!! The colours are wonderful. I haven't tried crewel embroidery since the early 80's. I'm thinking it would be gorgeous on a crazy quilt wall hanging I am presently working on — as motifs on the actual "squares".

    Your goldwork project is gorgeous and I'm enjoyed watching your progress. Grovenore

  86. Mary, the thread colours are beautiful! Hmmm. I'd have to think a bit before deciding what I would do with them. Perhaps a floral design for a cushion. I certainly wouldn't want to waste these.
    Linda Adam

  87. Oh my goodness – this would really get anyone started – so I guess the question is what couldn't you stitch with these beautiful threads? They really are beautiful. I would buy the book from the last give away and do some of the flower designs as I really want to do those! I have some material left from when my grandmother passed and have been waiting for something very special and this would be it!

    Debbie Czerwionka
    Chicago, IL

  88. Hi Mary,
    I have wanted to try a Jacobean piece for a long time. These beautiful wools would be perfect. Thank you for another terrific give away.

  89. Wow, Mary! What a luscious collection of threads! As I am an SCA person, I would do a wool-on-linen sweet bag using a design from the late 1500's. So, these threads would be perfect. Hope I win! Thanks to you and Renaissance Dyeing for this awesome giveaway. Pamphilene the Bag Maker

  90. OH WOW, what a giveaway and I know exactly what I will do with them, I am working on a wool crazy quilt and have been looking for some great wool threads. I am working on the Wool Crazy Quilt out of the book called Wool Crazy by Joann Mallaly. I think I spelled that correctly. Thanks for the chance to win these awesome threads.

  91. I can visualise a Jacobean tree of life for a firescreen with this lovely collection of threads. I'd love to do smooth satin stitches and knobbly French knots and all the textures in between.

  92. Oh my gosh!!! Such gorgeous threads!!! I don't do a lot of embroidery, but I love to cross-stitch. I can see myself making some gorgeous Christmas ornaments or pincushions with these threads…gosh, I just don't know what I'd do with them, other than try not to let the drool get them too wet! LOL

  93. I would love to somehow add an element of embroidery to my Renaissance Festival costume (well, wardrobe- I've been working the local one for a decade, and it kind of builds up). It would call for some fun research, in the very least.

    Other than that: an octopus. Oh yes. Octopus make everything better.


  94. Hi, Mary,
    I am new to embroidery and having recently discovered your tutorials, I'm learning a lot! I am a knitter and my goal is to embellish some of my knitting. But, even if I do not win, I am glad to have discovered your website and the opportunity to learn!
    Melody James, Atlanta, GA.

  95. Dear Mary,
    Greetings from UK!
    Please may I be entered into the draw for these threads…what a dream to win them:O)
    Oh how very unique and original they all are.
    Thank you so much Mary for introducing me to them.
    If I were to win, would use to embroider a wedding ring cushion for our daughter's wedding in Sept.
    I have an idea for bird's and ribbon swags' plus initials.
    Also another project is for the Elizabethan sweet bags I love to embroider…how original these threads would be to use?

    Warm wishes from Pam

  96. Mary,
    What a wonderful giveaway! The colors and the texture look so fantastic!
    Ever since I have seen your work on crewel embroidery, I have wanted to do one and if I win the giveaway I will work a nice floral design with those lovely colors in satin stitch and french knots.

    Thanks for your generosity!

  97. Hello Mary!
    What an exiting giveaway…!
    I would love to use those beautiful threads on decorative children pillows i'm making.I do ballerina's figure skaters vintage airplanes westfalia's ect.. I'd love to experience with these threads!
    Caroline D Montreal, Québec

  98. If I would ever be so incredibly lucky to win this set of thread, I would use them on a Jacobean-type pattern that I have been playing around with for a pillow for my couch! Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for good luck (which is making it incredibly hard to knit my lace shawl)!

  99. This is a dream come true give-away! Sticking to my New Year resolutions of branching out into the deep for new techniques,yarns,material,goldwork,and not be afraid;this fits two goals:yarn and technique. I would use these yarns on projects from the Trish Burr needle painting CD and Jane Nicholas Stumpwork book.It`s all so exciting!
    Karole King

  100. Wow! How wonderful! I have been looking at the website for a while now, wishing some shop nearby carried these – I am very interested in the dyeing techniques of the past and would love these! I'd use them on my needlebook that I will be working on as my summer project.

  101. Hi, Mary
    Those threads and colors are inspiring. I would love to do a firescreen in a Jacobean pattern, I think. Of course, I would never put it in front of a fire where it could get scortched or discolored with smoke and ash! I can see a flowing vine of birds and flower…..daydreams!
    Diane G

  102. Oh, those are so beautiful! This would be a wonderful excuse to buy that Elizabeth's Flower Garden book that I long for, OR I already have a book of Elizabethan/Jacobean embroidery that has some lovely patterns…

  103. Oooooh such lovely colors! I think I'd like to try some doodle stitching with them. I've seen some really beautiful pieces on flickr, where people have just stitched as you might doodle on a piece of paper. I love the random beauty of that & I bet these threads would work up nicely! Thanks for the chance to win!


  104. Wow…gorgeous! I've always wanted to stitch a bird and after seeing your fabulous rooster I am inspired to give it a try. Thank you for the extremely generous giveaway!

  105. I would love to try these threads in Elizabethan crewel work. I haven't had a chance to work with many different threads. This would be a treat. June Winnop

  106. Mary, thanks so much for the giveaways – I love reading what your other readers plan to do with various materials, and it's so much fun seeing where all your readers live.

    I've been planning a small pouch for a pocket prayerbook my son-in-law wants, and these threads would be perfect for the stylized tree I want to embroider on the cover.

    Miriam Marlin, Santa Rosa, CA

  107. What gorgeous colors!! My first project would be your rooster and then a floral one. Thank you for such wonderful giveaways.

    Jean B.
    Puyallup WA

  108. I bought the book. I have some English Linen Twill. I'm going to embroider some "Flowers for Elizabeth". I'd love to be able to use the Elizabethan Embroidery wools.

  109. OOOOOOOOOOh Mary, since I have started crazy quilting I am learning so much about different threads, I think I am becoming a "thread" collector. I don't have any wool threads and would love to win these and use them on my crazy quilt blocks. They are gorgeous!

  110. i would love this. i think i'd like to try my hand at the tree design on the cover of "crewel embroidery". and i'm only one state over so shipping would be a breeze. 🙂

  111. Oh my! So many beautiful ideas stimulated by those beautiful wools. I would use them for a floral design on a lovely purse designed and made by me for my daughter who is getting married in October. It would be of Art Nouveau or Elizabethan in style. She would carry it on her wedding day with her vintage wedding dress. A very proud Mom I would be. Thank you for your generosity. Marianne Udell

  112. Thank you for another great give-[away. I've never tried crewel but have been itching to do so. I have 3 books just waiting for a try out. Most likely floral to fit in my log house.

  113. I love Renaissance Dyeing Wools. I discovered them the Cotswolds on my first trip to the U.K. (too long ago!) They are a delight to use. I've been working on my own design, based on crewel in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago (from Virginia Churchill Bath's book on them). I combined several and have a design I like, colored it in, bought a deep red silk for the ground and am at the point of needing threads. The colors in the giveaway are perfect !

  114. Oh, these are just wonderful! I'd love to use them on a tablecloth project or a floral that's been running around in my head for ages. Love the blog!
    Rebekah D. in Ohio

  115. Hi Mary,

    Thank you and Andie for this lovely giveaway. If I had the opportunity of stitching with the Rennaissance wool, I would love to stitch a design which also is represenatative of that period since dyes of the 16th century are still being used. So I would want to stitch a project like The Secret Squirrel By Phillipa Turnbull with the browns and earth tones and a Project like Ariel by Jane Goodwin with the peaches, corals and pinks.

  116. I would be thrilled to win the Elizabethan Embroidery threads. If I win I am planning a crewel embroidery design featuring something appropriate for a late summer season throw pillow. I think these colors just lend themselves so well to this design. Thanks for the chance you provide to be creative!
    Mary Ann

  117. Lovely, soothing colours! The first thing that comes to mind is a fairy in the forest themed picture for my grand daughter. The colours suit her to a T.

    East Lothian, Scotland

  118. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for such an enjoyable and informative newsletter…like getting a mini lesson in embroidery each day.
    I would love to stitch your rooster design, other designs similar to the goldwork pattern you are now doing, and some from a small instructional book of crewel stitches, I have, which has a different pattern to do with each type stitch.

  119. G'day Mary,

    Without hesitation, a woollen blanket for THE grand daughter.
    An animal design, cats, pups or sheep.
    There are some nice French knot sheep in an Inspirations mag I've always wanted to do. Natural colour for sheep is not a concern. These colours would be lovely for a childs flock of sheep.

    Thanks Mary, Kath from Oz

  120. I ordered a small sample selection of Renaissance Wool after you first mentioned it in the rooster. The colors are simply fantastic! Were I the lucky winner of the Elizabethan range, I would begin work on a fairly large wall panel. The 'tree of life' format would be the beginning, but I know that it would evolve 'into something rich and strange' as I stitched. Good luck to all!

  121. Hi Mary,
    I love the colors! I would love to recreate a crewel embroidery from the Elizabethan era and use that design for a pillow or framed art. Thank you for the wonderful giveaways opportunity.

  122. I would use the wool threads with my new book; Flowers for Elizabeth! We can't get any wool threads locally and I'm itching to get into those beautiful flowers.
    thank you for making this available.
    julie candler

  123. When I was around 8-9 years old my mother started me embroidering with crewel wool yarn. My first project was my birth sign. I have always loved working with crewel yarn and would love to be picked for your beautiful giveaway.
    I feel any design would look wonderful using the crewel yarn. The colors are astounding. I am excited!



  124. Oh how gorgeous! I just love seeing all the colors together lined up like a rainbow ☺ I've never done any crewel work but am definitely interested in it and I see those colors some kind of floral motif.

  125. Oh Mary,
    You have the most wonderful give-aways. I love crewel embroidery. I have always used a kit. I have worked up quite a few. I love working on flowers and it would be great to stitch some with really good wool threads.

  126. Your giveaways are so generous & fun! I've longed for these threads since seeing them on the Reconstructing History website – what a place that is! If I won, I'd stitch Philippa Turnbull's pattern from last fall's issue of Cross Stitch & Needlework. It's a lovely scene with dogs & hills from a 17th Century bedhanging – which is gorgeous. Thank you for the opportunity to win these lovely threads. Dianne in UT dkspinner@q.com

  127. Oh, I would love to try this wool! I have a crewel kit that has Paternayan wools; I would switch out those wools for the Renaissance Dyeing wools.

  128. Oh, how beautiful. I have several designs that are Pennsylvania Dutch and would love to do a double bird motif.

    Gretchen in Georgia

  129. I would choose a pattern from one of my many embroidery books and have tons of fun with this thread!!! Thanks for another amazing giveaway. You are very generous.

    Colleen Lim

  130. Dear Marymentor:
    I am astounded that such wools are still manufactured in the old old world way.

    I will definitely, if I win, use the wool, desperately needed, to fill in the "scenery" on the religious piece I'm doing, which the goldwork is really looking very professional thanks to you.

    I'll be "painting" with wool, a 16th 17th Century pastoral scene at the bottom of my piece. The appropo wool would really put a stamp of authenticity on it. Thanks Again……Judy in Pittsburgh

  131. Hi Mary! Those wools are beautiful! I have been considering a traditional Jacobean design to use on the lid of a stationary box (that I would induce my husband to build!)The colors would be perfect. I am very interested in the historical aspect of the crewel work that I love and I think its wonderful how this company dyes its threads.

    Beth Graham Siegel
    Sandia Park, NM

  132. Ooh such pretty threads! Thank you(and Renaissance Dyeing)for this giveaway <3

    What I would stitch with it..I'm making a costume at the moment of a old fishwife, and I plan to embroider her cap and a piece of the bodice, and I was planning on using wool because it fits the very textured outfit. These colors are perfect too, and the whole thing is a bit elizabethan in style, so it would fit. A bit of a fancy do for selling fish, but it's the only dress the poor dear has left!


  133. Oh whagt a lot of people want these threads – including me. What a wonderfull giveaway. I would create a blanket full of all different butterflies, one to put a smile on peoples faces when they see it.

  134. Three times in the last couple of weeks I've had dreams about doing crewel embroidery! I've been happily stitching away on a beautiful Elizabethan design that is meant to be a purse, but I plan to turn it into a wall hanging. Most of the work I do in real life is crazy quilting, so my threads are silk, cotton and rayon. I haven't done any crewel in a long time, and I think my subconscious wants me to get back to it.

    Nancy Larsen

  135. Hello Mary – Thank you for a great opportunity. I recently purchased the "Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth" book that you reviewed. A very beautiful addition to my embroidery book collection! I would love to use the treads on one of those designs.

  136. What beautiful wools these are. I would love to use these for tulips or any of the projects in a book I've just treated myself to – A to Z of Crewelwork.

  137. Since these colors are perfect for Elizabethan embroidery, why not apply it to Elizabethan-style motifs? I don't know what item I would produce (maybe pillowcases or a book jacket) but it would feature Elizabethan-style designs.

    Heather W.

  138. What beautiful colors of thread…

    A rooster – yes, a rooster. I've started but definitely could use some more threads…

    Julie In San Diego

  139. I would love to use these beautiful colours to embroider an English country garden in late Spring/early Summer so that the whole palette of threads could be used.
    Jacqui S

  140. hi mary,
    i have the book "crewel & surface embroidery inspirational floral designs" by trish burr that i would love to do some projects out of. the colors in this giveaway match so many of them. it would be a treat to do some of her designs as i never have before. i also would love to do your rooster! i fell in love with him while you were working on him. thank you for the chance for winning these beautiful threads.

    terri sue

  141. Oh, wow! I would love a chance to try these threads.

    I've been thinking about 16th/17th century home furnishings for a while, and I'm really enamored of the fruit/tree animal slips at Traquair house, especially the pomegranate tree/griffon one. I think it would be lovely either as wool needlepoint for a pillow or something or modified to a crewel design.

  142. What a wonderful giveaway Mary. I haven't done any crewel work in a while, but these threads would tempt me to did out a project I have had an eye on in Inspirations for a while and also give me an excuse to get some of that Linen Twill you like!

    Penny B

  143. Hi Mary

    I would use these threads to make a project from Trish Burr's new crewel book. Haven't done crewel work since I made a lap quilt from the Australian Inspirations magazine many years ago. A long time fan of that magazine also.



  144. Hi Mary,
    what a wonderful giveaway, you know what I think that if I won I would use them to do your rooster, have never tried crewel and have not done very much with wool. Or, I just might do another design that I have which calls for wool, but then again the rooster keeps calling to me. Thanks again for such a wonderful site.
    Joan, Richmond BC

  145. Hi Mary…the colors are beautiful and the yarn must be a joy to use. I am in the process of making my first wool Crazy Quilt. These would be perfect to use for the embellishments on the quilt. Would love to try them. At this point I am in the porcess of trying to have a variety of thread/yarn to use on my quilt. Thanks for being so kind to share with all of us. Love your daily newletters as they give me ideas about what I can use on my quilt. Kay Rains

  146. Hi Mary:
    I am soooooo coveting this set of gorgeous thread!!!

    No doubt whatsoever, I'd make the painted rooster I shared with you a few weeks back…would use a number of these beautiful colors on his tail feathers!

    I already have my fingers crossed — Even though I know they will be cramped by Thursday a.m. (Yes, it IS hard to type with your fingers crossed…)

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful, colorful goodies!!!!


  147. Oh such an awesome treasure trove of threads. Should I win them, they would become stylized flowers on a wool hat.

  148. I'd love to win these threads. I like to use wool threads which I combine with my hand felted items. I am in the process of working on a felted mandala and these colors would work perfectly with my color scheme.

  149. Hola Maria,
    Estoy muy contenta de poder ver todas esas bellezas que haces.
    Este hilado es preciosisimo!!!
    Me gustaria poder hacer algun motivo floral, con arboles, algo bien bonito para mi casa.
    Es la primera vez que participo en algo asi en tu sitio. Muchas gracias!
    Desde Argentina…. Isabel

  150. What beautiful colors! I would use these to stitch out drawings my kids do (11 and 5 yrs old) Then frame them! Thanks for the opportunity!

  151. Hi Mary,

    Those yarns are to die for, they are so beautiful.

    I can visualize doing a crewel Victorian Sampler or a crewel similar to your rooster which I covet. Thank you for the opportunity to win these. You can send them any time.
    Carol in AL

  152. Hola Maria!
    Me encantan los hilos que mostraste mas arriba! son preciosos!! y es realmente increíble la artesanía que son en si mismos!
    Si los tuviese haría un pequeño cuadro con un motivo o paisaje medieval, para poner en la tapa de una caja de madera.
    Yo recién me estoy iniciando en todo lo que es bordado pero sería todo un desafío para mi!! 🙂
    saludos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Diana (dianaa.rodriguez@hotmail.com)

  153. I would love to stitch some fairies in a woodland scene with this. They are such beautiful colors.

  154. Hi Mary-

    I've very much enjoyed following your goldwork project. I've drooled over the Plimouth jacket, and would love to try a 16th century crewel design, should I win the drawing. If not, I'll be trying one of the Tristan Design smalls.

    Tricia , Rochester, NY

  155. Beautiful, is right! I would use them in Elizabethn and Jacobean embroidry designs and other embroidery design, use them in designs along with silk and cottons for a different textural look, and I would like to use them on counted stitch (not just cross stitch) samplers. You could also needle felt or add to silk paper pieces. Oh, the possibilities are endless.
    Thank you Mary, and Renaissance Dyeing Company for another great giveaway!

  156. Hello Mary
    I enjoy your posts and learn something most times.
    I would love to use these threads to do a Poppy picture.
    Eileen in Winnipeg

  157. What lovely threads! The blanket from "Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth" is still calling to me. Thanks so much for all the instruction you so freely share, it is inspiring.

    Nancy Fleming

  158. What a delicious give-away. Thank you to Renaissance Threads and to you, Mary, for bringing it all together! You have whetted my appetite for a try at crewel embroidery with your magnificent rooster. I'm looking for a tray for him to live. I'm also thinking about purchasing Flowers for Elizabeth by Susan O'Connor and trying a few of the beautiful flowers. What a gorgeous book!

  159. Oh what a crewel choice! I have a lot of Jacobean-type crewel projects on hand, but there is no place to get crewel wool nearby, so they are 'on-hold'.

    First up – a Tristan Brooks!


  160. I love the colors. I make a lot of historical clothing from this time period, so these colors would be perfect for the embroidery around the hem, cuffs, and necklines of my dresses and tunics! I am thinking something geometric, in satin stich, or maybe some sprays of flowers in a repeating design.

    Brittany Brain

  161. It would give me a reason to buy that Elizabethan embroidery book you featured a couple of weeks ago… Enabler! 🙂

  162. Mary,

    Watching you work the rooster and now the gold work has made me want to revisit crewel. When I did it years ago it was mostly kits and crappy wool on questionable fabric. I think that in part it is your use of the legacy twill that results in clean, sharp lines, and to try out those beautiful wools on some twill would just be heaven!

  163. OOOOh, how delicious those colors look. I have just recently acquired three crewel books and two of them have some beautiful pattern, so my choice is open. I am not sure exactly what I would make at this time however, like every other one answering to this great giveaway, "I would love to add it to my thread and yarn collection". Thank you for giving someone (hopefully me) the opportunity to own them. Liz S.

  164. Hi Mary,
    You have the greatest website, I'm always telling people about it, (which might work against me during these giveaways!). I just got Flowers for Elizabeth in the mail today so I would stitch one or many things from that book. Thanks! Lynn Stiglich

  165. Hi Mary,
    I would embroider a tree of life. I think this particular embroidery wool would accentuate my design.
    Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone.

  166. Thanks for the contest. I use crewel wool along with my handspun to create portraits and fine art pieces. I'm currently in the middle of a 3 year project of recreating all of the weapons my husband uses in the US military in wool.

    While I don't follow traditional stitches or patterns, I always read your blog to learn the correct technique.

  167. Oh, oh, oh! Mary, you always have the BEST give-aways. I bought the Embroidered Elizabethan Flowers book because of you! And so you can guess what I'd use some of these threads for, my favourite flowers from that book. I might even have a stab at your rooster, he was so much fun to watch.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed!

    Louise B.
    in Brisbane

  168. I bought the "Flowers for Elizabeth" book and I'd like to try those floral designs with these beautiful threads. Oh I really want to win this time! Fingers crossed!! 🙂

  169. Hiya, Mary! I read your blog every day, cup of coffee in hand. It's like having morning coffee with an old friend! I don't usually jump in on the giveaways because I'm not a stash builder, but this is one I can't pass up. I'd definately use these threads all up! What for, you ask. I'm making two decorative pillows from flowers book you sold me on a few weeks ago, Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth. If there are leftovers, I might even make three.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Now hurry up and get back to that gold work project. I want to see what happens next!

    Maggie McCullen

  170. Like a lot of commenters, I've never done crewel–I think I would probably try a "typical" Jacobean design with them, though I may well end up doing a "young, hip" pillow and/or an Armenian interlacing skirt from the 70's . . . the possibilities are endless.

  171. I have the Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth book on order and, if I should be lucky and win these threads, then I would HAVE to make something using the designs in the book wouldn't I?
    As always Mary…you're so generous and so are the people from renaissance Dyeing!

  172. Mary,
    I would use the Renaissance Dyeing wools for Jacobean crewel work. Maybe a tree of life design for a box lid or purse. Thanks for thinking of your readers.
    Kim Kemmsies

  173. Mary There is so many things running through my mind right now it would be hard to pick just one thing to do with the threads. One of my own designs I think would be in order for this I have a flower arrangement all drawn up and just wanting the right threads.

  174. Great giveaway, Mary! I recently purchased Trish Burr's Crewel and
    Surface Embroidery book and would stitch one of the beginning designs from this book – actually starting a crewel project! Your blog is a joy to read and thanks for the opportunity.

  175. I would love to win this giveaway. Such beautiful thread colors. I could see an outdoor themed wallhanging for my living room—flowers, trees and blue skies. So beautiful.

    Patsy Deaton

  176. hello Mary, lovely colors and lovely threads. Already so many entries.
    I would love to have those threads.
    I would like to embroider a top for my daughter with those threads if i happen to win that is.

  177. Hi Mary,
    Oh, the colors, the luscious colors! The possibilities are plentiful. However, what recently caught my eye, was the pomegranate/blueberries crewelwork that you recently posted about. Ah, I want that, I want it all over my house, on cushions, curtains, little dresses for my two monkeys. That's what I would do with all that lovely yarn!

  178. Hi Mary,
    The best thing about threads of all kinds is that they can be made into anything you want. I like making hats and costumers. I could see myself using the threads on a wool felt hat and embroidering a design – perhaps autumn leaves.

    Sharon in Canberra.

  179. Hello Mary,

    You are so generous! I have Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth but haven;t had the opportunity to start on any of the projects yet. If I get lucky, these would go towards those 😉 Thanks again!

  180. Those threads really are beautiful. I love the Jacobean embroidery. Does that work with Crewel threads??? Maybe I'd try the Jacobean leaves and/or flowers over on the Materialistic blog.
    Sarah Steed

  181. Hi Mary,

    What a beautiful set of threads and a lovely giveaway! I would like to try some crewel work but incorporating long and short stitch as well. Looking at the colours, I am thinking of a floral motif with some roses in those orangey tones.

    Alison in Sydney

  182. These threads are delicious! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win them. I think I would like to do a 'tree of life' with the collection. That way the flowers could be any shape and color I wanted.

  183. Hi Mary,

    Such beautiful threads – what inspiration.

    I would use them on a cushion cover with Jacobean crewel design – my first and only piece of crewel work so far was a needlecase and I have wanted to do more ever since – winning this generous giveaway would definately spur me on!

    Thanks for the great blog. Regards,

    Trish Hughes, New Zealand

  184. Hi Mary,
    Such beautiful colours and wool! Never used anything else than DMC. I think I would like to use the wool to do one of Di Van Niekerk's beautiful cottages, with a thatched roof and surrounded by english-style gardens, lots of flowers and bushes.

  185. Hmmmm. Looking at those colors bring to my mind my garden. The earth tones on the right remind me of it today. Not much going on, save bare earth and mulch. The greens and warms colors are what I'm looking forward to. I think I'd like to stitch my imaginary garden with them.

  186. hi Mary,
    Beauriful threads and wonderful colors. That rooster u did was really outstanding. I stand nowhere near u i my embroidery. still i would like to try my hand with these colors…hope to god that i will win these threads. Thank u for this opportunity.

  187. Hello Mary – the shades of the wool are gorgeous. I have had a secret hankering for some time to design and work a crewel Tree of Life design with a New Zealand flavour. If I win these, I will be inspired to take the step to actually create the design, then work it!

  188. I would use these threads to do a Sweete bag. The colours are so beautiful and it's wonderful that not only is the colour pallete typical 16th Century but that they are dyed in the same manner as then. We are very fortunate to have suppliers who take a chance and allow us the oppurtunity to buy and work with historically accurate products.

  189. What a glorious range of colours! It is hard to decide what I would use them for – with so many colours I think it would become a section of threads that would be pulled out time and again. First thing I would do with them though I think is to get around to making the all wool crazy quilt I have been thinking about and to use these threads for wonderful stitching on it.

  190. Hello Mary,

    I would use these threads to stitch a throw pillow with an Arts and Crafts design. It would be fun to experiment with so many wool colors.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Michelle Christopherson

  191. Dear Mary,
    What a wonderful give away.. Its a dream.. so many beautiful colours of threads that too wool.. wow.. I definitely would like to do the same rooster which was posted by you..

  192. Oh what a generous giveaway.I would love to win this. I'm taking EAC Correspondence Individual Crewel Course and would probably use these threads when I'll come to a Lesson when I'll have to design my own piece.Most likely it will be Jacobean Scroll design.
    I love your website Mary and use it a lot for references.

    Marina P. in Montreal

  193. These are some really nice colors! I also really love reading your blog. I don't really have a concrete design because that seems to be the hardest part for me, but a friend and I are planning on embroidering a coat. She'll sew and I'll embroider. The current design in the works is a fleur de lis underneath roses and white lilies.

    Thank you!

    Hannah Starr

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