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Give-Away! Crewel Wool by Renaissance Dyeing Company


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Today’s give-away is courtesy of Renaissance Dyeing, a company that hand-dyes wool threads using natural dyes, creating gorgeous ranges of color on a beautiful wool that’s ideal for crewel embroidery and tapestry work.

The Elizabethan Embroidery Range (crewel embroidery wool) is what’s up for grabs today – 27 skeins of naturally dyed wool, dyed using the same dyes available in the 16th century.

The first time I used the Renaissance Dyeing threads was after I bought a sample pack from Hedgehog Handworks (Update, 2017: Hedgehog Handworks has since closed, as the owner retired).

I was struck right off the bat by their softness and the fact that they stitch up very nicely – they’re easy to work with. The color range also impressed me – and I didn’t even know, at that time, all the work that goes into hand-dyeing this beautiful wool.

If you have time, you should browse through the Renaissance Dyeing website and take a look at their blog. It’s a real eye-opener about the work behind the threads we like to use!

I used Renaissance Dyeing wool on my crewel rooster project, by the way – especially on the flowers:

Renaissance Dyeing Wool used on crewel embroidery project

It makes a wonderful satin stitch and very nice French knots!

Renaissance Dyeing Wool Give-Away

After discovering the wonderful thread on my own and buying a bit of it, I made use of it in my crewel rooster project and linked back to their website. And they very kindly wrote and offered a packet of their wool for a give-away! I took Andie up on the offer – I couldn’t quite pass up the opportunity to let one of my readers build a nice starter-stash of a good thread!

Renaissance Dyeing Wool Give-Away

So, what I’m giving away is a beautiful color range of “Elizabethan” colors – colors typical of the 16th century, and dyed in the same manner as threads were back then!

Renaissance Dyeing Wool Give-Away

Beautiful, aren’t they??

If you would like an opportunity to win this package of threads, please read the following Rules of the Give-Away:

This give-away is now closed. Thanks for participating!

1. All eligible comments must be left on the website, on this post. Comments left on other posts or sent via e-mail (in reply to the daily newsletter) will not be eligible. So please make sure you visit the website to leave your comment! For those who read Needle ‘n Thread via RSS feed or in your e-mail, just click on the title of the post, and it’ll take you straight to the right post on the website.

2. Please make sure you sign your comment, if you choose to comment using the “anonymous” feature.

3. Answer the following question in your comment:

(This is predictable!)

What type of design would you stitch with this collection of threads? (Feel free to daydream a bit here, if you don’t really have any set idea at this point!)

4. The give-away ends on Thursday, March 25, at 5:00 am CST (Kansas, USA).

I’m happy to mail the package of threads anywhere in the world, so all are welcomed to sign up! (Overseas mailings will be sent by the least expensive airmail option, and the receiver is responsible for any custom duties, etc. I am not liable for any postal misdirection or loss for overseas mailings…. That has only happened once with my give-aways, but should it happen again, please understand that I cannot replace the parcel.)

Best of luck!


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(325) Comments

  1. Hello Mary!

    Another lovely giveawy that I probably won't win, but I certainly won't if I don't enter, right?

    I think I'd be interested in doing something like the fish in the RSN's book in crewel style, but also perhaps some nice cushion/pillow covers for our living room sofa for when we get back home.

    Enjoying the goldwork project very much. I have one on the go, but it's nothing on yours! I don't really have enough patience for that, but I admire your project very much. Thanks for sharing.=)

    Elizabeth in Taiwan.

  2. Good Morning Mary,
    OH my…what luscious colors! I would be threading up and learning some traditional crewel with those threads. I have the books, the fabric and the desire…all I need are the threads 🙂
    Thanks for the generous giveaway.
    Suzanne Bruno
    Raymond, Maine

  3. Ohh this is such a generous giveaway! Thank you! I'm happy to at least have a chance to participate and perhaps be able to try out something other than Anchor which is the only thing available here.

    Aaanyway what I'd do with these – the moment I saw them, I thought oooh pillowcases! I've had an idea for pillows for my sofa for ages, sort of scrolly medieval-looking design but well Anchor mercerized cotton is too shiny and just plain wrong for it. So I'd love to get my little grabby hands on these to finally make the pillows I've dreamt of for so long 🙂

  4. Hi Mary
    I would use the "Elizabethan" range of Renaissance Dyeing in an African Tree of Life design eg an Acacia tree with a giraffe,a porcupine, a lion and a masked weaver. Understand, they wouldn't normally all be on or under the tree, especially if that lion is snooping around! But it is meant to be a stylised tree, after all. It would be a bit of a stretch for me. I think I'm going to try it even if I don't win those beautiful threads.

  5. Hi Mary,
    wonderful giveaway as always..
    I would like to fill a floral design completely with french knots for wall hanging.


  6. Good morning, Mary. What beautiful fibers! Just looking at the colors I can see flowers, trees, and sky so for me it would have to be an outdoor scene, something woodsy with tiny flowers blooming and trees just getting ready to pop their leaves under a brilliant sky.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win theses beautiful fibers.

    Brenda Schiesser

  7. Great giveaway,Mary. Thanks to Renaissance Dyeing for the chance.Here's my not so adventurous answer to the giveaway question –
    I would use these threads for crewel embroidery .Ever since I've seen your crewel project I've wanted to try this form of embroidery atleast once.You even provided a whole lot of info on where to get the supplies and what to get in one of the later posts.If I win this giveaway,it'll be a great start towards gathering the necessary stuff.

  8. Hi Mary,
    As always you have a great give-a-way. I always called this product Broider Wul, but I guess Renaissance Dyeing tread sounds more romantic. I love this great crewel fiber. The colors are fabulous, and its easy on the fingers when stitching. I'd probably stitch up a floral pillow,or a have a little bench that needs a new cushion cover,maybe in a tree of life design.
    I hope is thread finds a good home.
    Elaine in WV

  9. Ooooooh! What beautiful wools and such a generous give-away! I'd love to be able to try them! I'm always intrigued by all the lovely threads you've reviewed here and wishing I could try them all, but not having a local needlework shop makes me a bit overly cautious in racking up shipping charges. If I were to win these threads, I think I'd have to give your rooster design a try. My kitchen is decorated with roosters and hens and he'd fit right in!

  10. To think insomnia gets me the first post! All those beautiful colors! They need to come home to me. I loved the flowers you did and would love to try my hand at them and lots of other flowers as well. I just don't have a clue as to how far that many skeins will get me but I am willing to find out. Karen

  11. Dear Mary,
    First, I want to thank for your wonderful tutorial video. What a HELP.I am dreaming… I would love to tackle a beautiful bird with the Renaisssance wool.
    Thank you
    France Riddell

  12. I'd really like to create a slightly Art Nouveau design for something for the house. Alternatively, I have some crewelwork ideas of my own I would like to explore!

  13. Hi, Mary! What a beautiful prize! I would certainly try them on floral designs… maybe Trish Burr's projects, how about that? I think the results would be stunning! And her books are sitting on my shelf daring me to do something with their contents, so… why not? Thank you and Andie both!

  14. I've just started getting back into crewel work after seeing your rooster. I am having a go at some of the designs in the Anchor book of crewel stitches and patterns. The next design I'll be trying will be an oak tree

  15. Good Morning Mary! Oooohhhh these colors are delicious looking – like ice cream in the ice cream shop and they are all calling me! How generous of the folks at Renaissance Dyeing to offer this beautiful packet, and how kind of you to spend time writing about the thread and sharing with us. I would love to work a piece in this wool thread on a pillow top in an Elizabethan design because that is my favorite style of embroidery. Thank you Mary!

  16. Mary, i do love your web-site and that beautifulwool thread. if i win the give away,i'd like to try that wonderful rooster and then use some of it on my R.R… i'm just now getting to be in one ,that would be alot of fun to use on my friends block.. thanks aheadfor the oppertunity, molly[sewnmom7@yahoo.com

  17. Mary- Thanks for another great give-away. I've been watching your goldwork project with interest. As soon as my UFO's get finished, I'd like to give some goldwork a try. As for the wool, I'd love to try my hand at designing an updated version of the twining vine with flowers that were so common with traditional crewel – maybe a pillow, or seat back, or footstool? Hmm, have to think about that part.

  18. I'm not sure exactly how I'd use this crewl yarn except it would have to be something with a "field of flowers" my favorite thing to crewl/embroider.
    sue ames