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A Merry Give-Away – Coton a Broder in Every Color!


I’ll share a secret with you. I love embroidery thread.

You already knew that, didn’t you?

But there’s embroidery thread, and there’s Embroidery Thread. When it comes to cotton Embroidery Thread, I have two Favorites: floche and coton a broder.

Coton a broder is often called “cutwork thread,” and in white, it comes in various sizes suitable for different types of whitework and cutwork.

But if you want many colors of coton a broder, size 25 is the size to look for. Coton a broder size 25 is a marvelous thread for monogramming. And it works beautifully in heirloom sewing applications (like smocking). It’s a nice thread for all kinds of surface embroidery applications. It comes in a total of 182 colors.

Coton a broder size 25

Unlike the more familiar stranded cotton floss by DMC that most of us know and love, coton a broder is a non-divisible thread, about as thick as two or three strands of DMC floss. It is softly twisted and mercerized, so it has a nice sheen.

Coton a broder size 25

I’ve mentioned coton a broder lately – I’m using it extensively in this Hungarian Redwork Runner project, for the finer chain stitched lines.

And I’ve also written quite a bit about coton a broder 25, especially when I finally invested in my own collection of all the colors, so that I could use them for designing some upcoming projects.

Coton a Broder Give-Away!

Thanks to Joady at Hedgehog Handworks – who has recently added the whole line of coton a broder 25 to her shop – today, I’m giving away the whole range of coton a broder 25. That’s one skein of every color! 182 colors!

Just think of all the stitchy fun this could lead to!

Just think of all the monograms you could embroider!

Coton a broder size 25

Just think of running your fingers through all those delectable colors!

Yep. When it comes to whole collections of embroidery thread, the Silas Marner in me comes out.

Give-Away Guidelines

This Give-Away is now closed. Thanks for your participation!

If you’d like to enter today’s give-away, please follow these guidelines:

1. Leave a comment below, on this article, on Needle ‘n Thread (the website). This link right here will take you straight to the place to leave your comment. Comments sent via e-mail or left on other articles on the website are not eligible. Sorry to be Scroogey about this point, but it’s the only way I can keep up with the comments.

2. In your comment, answer the following:

What’s your Embroidery Daydream? (Is it to have a dedicated workspace? Is it to have complete collections of your favorite threads? Is it to have endless supply of linen? Is it to go on a needlework vacation or tour? To have a specific period of time just to devote to stitching – while someone else does the housework and cooks for you? To attend a specific workshop or seminar? Is it to own a particular tool?…)

3. In your comment, please, please leave a recognizable name that makes your name at least somewhat unique. (Example: If your name is Mary, keep in mind there are lots of people with that name, so you might qualify your name with a location or a nick name. Like… Scary Mary, or Mary in Schenectady…)

4. Unless you want your inbox flooded with e-mail from Needle ‘n Thread, do not tick the little box below the comment form, asking for follow-up e-mail. (Trust me on this one!)

5. Leave your comment before 5:00 am CST (Kansas, USA) on Monday, December 31st. I’ll announce the winner that day. Be sure to check back – the last day of the year might just be your lucky day!

Did you know that you can subscribe to Needle ‘n Thread and receive the daily blog post right in your e-mail inbox? It’s a great way to be assured you never miss an article! You can save the articles you want to save in your e-mail, too, for easy reference. The subscription form is on the top of the right column – just enter your e-mail address and then check your e-mail to confirm your subscription. It’s easy!

The give-away is open to anyone, anywhere. So go forward, good people, and leave your comment today!

The End.

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(1,260) Comments

  1. I would love to have a healthy shoulder, so I could embroider all the time with no pain. As it is, I have to hit the gym to keep my arm from hurting and then I can do some embroidery.

  2. What a great give away!

    My embroidery daydream, well, fantasy really, is to have a magical thread box that never runs out of the one color I need to finish a project! Seems like no matter how I try to keep stocked up, I’m always searching through my stash for the one perfect color to complete a design, and coming up empty.

  3. Hi Mary,

    Seasons Greetings. I’m mary varma from india. It’s a very lovely giveaway and thank you for it. The answer to your question is, My Embroidery Daydream is to teach the art and joy of embroidery to all who want to learn it, to subscribe to every single embroidery magazine in the world, to visit all the famous places in the world for embroidery and to quote from what you have said yes i like to own a full colour thread set in every shade there is and to attend every embroidery seminar and exhibition where ever it happens and the biggest daydream is to have the largest collection of embroidery patterns. Well, there is no limit to what i want when it comes to embroidery, but i think this says it all. Love to win this giveaway. Hoping for the best.

  4. Reading this post made me think about my maternal grandmother who introduced me to embroidery with coton a broder. It seemed I had a long heritage to carry on and I am the custodian of many heirloom pieces created by the women in my family from when they lived in England before emigrating to Australia in 1836.
    Sorry to be so long winded but my embroidery day dream would be to sit and stitch with my grandmother and the many women before her who embroidered, to talk, to watch, to learn from and to pay my respects and be thankful.
    In their absence, it is enough that I can sit near their works as I stitch, but I will continue to dream.

    1. My embroidery dream would be to make something for my daughter that shell love and appreciate when she’s older. And to instill in her the love of embroidery.

  5. Nice Giveaway!! My dream would be to go on a needlework vacation! I just want all the reinforcement I can get to keep me energized to finish all the projects at hand. Going away would also give relief from the cooking and cleaning whilst enjoying waited and loving my needlework time!
    Avis in VA

  6. Great question, Mary! Having one of every color of EVERY type of embroidery thread would be a wonderful thing. A yard of many different types of embroidery fabrics would be good, too! Along with a nice supply of hoops, needles, scissors……

  7. lovely giveaway mary . I learnt many new techniques from your site. All the thread are looking great , hope to win. thank you


  8. Oh, Mary what a wonderful give-a-way!! Thank you so much! I just love all the colors in that picture! Just about every thing you mentioned sounds like my embroidery dream, especially someone to cook and clean. I do wish I had more time to do needlework. Happy New Year, everyone!

  9. Oh my goodness, what a lovely giveaway. My embroidery daydream would be to have full lines of many different threads, but particularly Caron Wildflowers. But I’d also love to try the Coton a Broder because I think it would be wonderful in my crazy quilting.

  10. My embroidery daydream comes in the form of more stitching time. I spent a week in Montreat, NC, two summers ago and was able to sit in the backyard of the home we were staying in, in sight of a cool, mountain stream, and stitch to my heart’s content! I want another week like that!

  11. ahhhh! You’re really calling me!!!
    My embrodiery dream? To become at least half as good at it as my mom is :-))) But I should be praticing more… and what better than a brand new box of colours to play with????

  12. My embroidery dream is to have no UFOs. Twice in the last 5 years, I’ve made that my new year’s resolution. And like all good resolutions, I started off well, finishing one or two pieces. Then I hear about a good course that I “must” take, and there’s another UFO. I’m going to try again in 2013. Wish me luck.

  13. My embroidery would be to have more linen and a lot more time to embroidery. I love your work your a wonderful teacher! Thank you!

  14. I would love the opportunity to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I’m fascinated by medieval embroidery and their collection from all time periods is exquisite from what I’ve been told. Then I would love the time and inspiration to sit and recreate some of those items. I would be challenging myself to sharpen some of my skills as well as having a spiritual reconnection to the women of those times.

  15. I have an odd one – mine is to speak the languages here (Romanian and Russian) well enough to learn from the local ladies. They do some amazing stuff here, but it’s not in the capital, where most of the English speakers are. It’s out in the rural villages. It’s hard to connect with them because they’re insular, rural people. I’d love to be able to learn from them, though! So, I work on my Romanian and Russian daily and drive my teacher crazy with embroidery terms she doesn’t know and try to get better in order to make my daydream come true before we leave here in 2 1/2 years.

  16. Thank you once again, Mary, for your generosity. What a great give-away!!!
    I would love an endless supply of linen ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, it would be great to have time to do all the great projects I love. I get very enthusiastic about so many of your ideas and wonder how I could do them.
    You are such an inspiration!
    Oh, and the idea of stitching while someone else is doing the housework…. sounds too good to be true. Dream on…

  17. Hi Mary, I wanted all the things that you mentioned, but what I want the most of all in this world is to do a cetificate course at the Royal School of Needlework, Hampton Court, London. It is my ultimate dream. Hope I can someday made this dream a reality.

  18. My embroidery daydream is to have and do everything you suggested from all colors in a thread line to an entire room for projects to a gathering of stitchers for special times. Well, at least it’s nice to dream

  19. A complete collection of Coton A Broder would be lovely. I’ve never won anything before. What a way to start a new year.

    Ideally would be to have someone else clean the house and cook our meals…then I could stitch and actually complete a project…maybe in one sitting.

    Of course, if I never got hungry, I could stitch and my waistline could be seen again.

    Dee in Havertown

  20. My embroidery dream is to take a three week “sabbatical” from my daily life, travel to a cabin in the mountains with an elaborate stitching project, and just stitch away with real focus…..

    1. Thank you for such a special treat! My dream would be to take an extended embroidery tour with plenty of stitch time. Ahhhhhhh

  21. My embroidery day dream is to have a room dedicated to embroidery with lots of light a view of the mountains here in Washington. An organized set up for all my threads with see through drawers so I can look at all the colors, several stands so I can switch between projects. A linen closet with all kinds of colors and sizes. A good comfortable chair. And uninterupted hours to just sit and stitch and create. With no meals to plan or a house to clean or a phone to answer.

  22. My daydream? To move beyond basic embroidery! I see what you accomplish here, and think that I could never do anything like that!

    Kelly in Canada

  23. I’m ready to give up being a beginner and start collecting a variety of thread to start a more challenging project. My dream is to have a workspace with everything labeled and easy to find. Also to get serious about my UFO’s. Happy Year Caroline W.

  24. My dream would be to start all over again and work with Conservators (is that the right word?) to repair historic needlework items. But my more realistic dream, is to have every color of cotton a broder at my fingertips for crazy quilt projects : )

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  25. My Embroidery Daydream
    I would love to have a room dedicated to my embroidery. There would have to be a large window so I can watch my garden to give my eyes a rest every once in a while.
    My mind would already have the knowledge of how stitches are to be made. For stitches I donโ€™t know how to do a nice library of good reference books would be nice.
    I would like a cabinet with glass doors so I could see all the linens in the colours and sizes I love neatly waiting to be chosen next to work on.
    Labelled drawers with a large assortment of threads by manufacture.
    A large assortment of all the tools of the trade so I could just select them when Iโ€™m ready to work.
    A comfortable chair and bright lights with large magnifier for the small detailed work.
    Nice music.
    In my mind Iโ€™m already there.

    Eva McCormack

  26. Having a lots of instant noodles, and power embroider all day ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, being one of the first will not give very lucky, I think ๐Ÿ™
    But one can always dream ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Goodmorning Mary! And a belated happy holidays! My embroidery dream is two part, I wish to join the EGA in my home state of Utah. I often go to their site and have even ordered the needle book that you had reviewed at one time. It is quite expensive but I would like this to be a 2013 goal. My other half of my embroidery dream is to visit the Royal School of Needlework. I love the history of our craft and want to visit where the masters have worked. I have shared my love of hand embroidery with others and some have made the comment, why spend the time on hand embroidery when a machine can do the same thing? I have to admit I was offended, but I told him there is nothing to replace hand work. There really isn’t. Hope you have a great week! Melissa Bird from Utah

  28. I’d love to have a complete collection of my favorite colors. Thank you for the generous giveaway. Happy Holidays!
    Joan from Ontario

  29. My dream would be to have the time and to be able to teach myself all of the stitches that are included in your video tutorials. Thank you for all of your clear, concise videos. They make learning the stitches easy.

  30. my dream would be to have time to go through all of the stitching tutorials. i have so much to learn and very little spare time!

    vicki in moses lake

  31. My embroidery daydream would be to have an organization system for all of my supplies! I would love to be able to begin a new project without a lengthy search for a certain thread or color! There does not seem to be a system that works for the many different kinds of thread, so my dream would be to have a way to organize all of them neatly.

  32. Dear Mary, If only I could have had some more hours in the day to spend on my embroidery and then not to worry whether I have the right colour thread, that would be the ultimate bliss! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for all your beautiful news letters this passed year and now with Stitching Fingers on you plate too, my wish for you for 2013 is too have enough hours as well xxxx
    Elza Bester Cape Town.

  33. My embroidery dream is to own a floor stand that will enable me to sit comfortably in my recliner, hold my frame and magnifying light at the right height and angle and my pattern too. I’ve seen a few of these stands and it would solve so many of my physical challenges, so maybe one day. In the meantime, I’d LOVE a set of this wonderful thread.

  34. I would love to take embroidery classes from all the experts — starting with you! I love handwork of all kinds, and would love to have the entire color collection. Thank you for the opportunity.

  35. My daydream would be to have the supplies, and the time to do “Home Sweet Home” by Carolyn Pearce. Since you reviewed her book, I have yearned to do this project. The threads are nearly impossible to get here in the US, but it would be fun to do it with those that I already own.
    Thanks for the daily newsletter, and for keeping me inspired.

  36. I would love to win this collection of coton a broder threads. My dream would be to have access to these beautiful threads and some of the beautiful silk threads and the wonderful linens you use all the time. When you get to your 70’s the extra funds are just not there to sample the fine linens and threads you use. But I can still dream.

    Thank you so much for all the beautiful eye candy we see daily. I love all your tips and techniques.

  37. Oh, Mary, you are the kindest person in the world – such amazing giveaways! A whole line of threads, I can hardly imagine.

    Your question of an embroidery dream is a tough one for me. I am very lucky that I have a dedicated space for my needlework, bobbin lace, and assorted other passions. This past summer, I went on a dream of a lifetime trip with a group focused on embroidery and lace. There are always retreats, trips, tours, that I imagine going on, but know that it would be a few years before I would allow myself a big indulgence such as that.

    I guess, then, my biggest dream would simply be more time devoted to my stitching and, then, truly, more people in my life, face-to-face life, that is, that truly appreciate and understand my passions.

    Thank you for the moments spent in contemplation just now! Happy holidays!

    arlene in NJ

  38. I love to do needle work, but as I get older i”m having a harder time seeing my work. I would like to get myself one of those lights on a stand to help me see my work without the strain on my eyes.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  39. Dear Mary,

    What is for me “the” embroidery daydream ? a needlework tour where I would meet a lot of people having the same interest as me (to share ideas, experience, material, …), have the opportunity to learn new techniques by attending specific courses I would be allowed to choose (the day would have to be very long…)and have a chance to buy all the material I don’t have and ABSOLUTELY need (it is a dream …).
    Threads are for me a kind of “drug” : how more I have, how more I would like to have and since I like to be creative, having a lot of threads makes almost everything possible. BUT, my collection is not complete (yet…)and I miss a lot the coton ร  broder 25 which is not to find anymore/yet in Belgium. Receiving the whole range means that I don’t have to make choices (not always the one you expect as colours are not the same as real) as when buying via internet.

    Last but not least : I already have the cupboard to put the collection in (offered by my husband but … empty)!

    Anyway, thank you for everything you are doing Mary and good luck to all the participants.

    Cathy of Belgium

  40. My embroidery dream would be to have a room with plenty of storage space in which to keep my stash and tools, and the time to use it frequently.

  41. Fabulous giveaway. I’ve been slowly getting into more traditional embroidery having been an obsessive crazy quilter for about 5 years which I also teach. Someone introduced me to your how-to-videos and now the combination is making my work so much better. You asked for a goal. My goal is to personally (as in person) learn from as many of you “experts” out there as I can and my list is growing. One day I hope to have the opportunity to add you and if I had your favorite thread to work with I’d be in heaven.

  42. My ultimate embroidery daydream is to have my workspace organized so I can find anything I want and it never gets messy. It’s a tall order, but I’m trying. Now if only I could carve out large chunks of time to sew to my heart’s content I would really be in an embroiderer’s fantasy ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Oh my, when I read about this giveaway, I just stopped breathing!!! lol (not for long). I absolutely adore coton a broder for stitching and I have a nice supply of white. But to own every single cover – well, now my knees are weak! lol

    Ok, to answer your question, my Embroidery Daydream is to have a fantastic collection of threads, all neatly organized by brand and color. And I’m talking about manufactured threads, such as these, to hand-dyed threads and gold threads, all just waiting for me to pick them for my project on any given day!!!! And to also own every single issue of Inspirations ever printed ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, you said it was a daydream!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    What an awesome giveaway!!!!

    Karen Gass

  44. My wish list canโ€™t be narrowed down to just one thing. I would love to go to classes to learn the stitches I canโ€™t seem to grasp from books and meet other stitchers. And time. I would love to add 2 hours to the day just so I can stitch in peace. My two toddlers seem to eat the entire day and with Daddy in Afghanistan for another 9 months, I steal precious minutes when I can. I didnโ€™t find time, classes or people under my tree yesterday so my wish list will have to keep to another year. Stephanie at Ft. Bragg

  45. My all time dream would be to have enough time room and all the colours of the rainbow in my embroidery thread stash to put with all the linen that would magically appear do that I could have it all at my finger tips to do any project my little heart desired

  46. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! My embroidery daydream is to have lots of uninterrupted time at home during good daylight hours to relax and work on embroidery and other fiber arts projects.

  47. Seasons greetings Mary! I hope you had a lovely Christmas. My embroidery dream is to design my own piece AND finish it! I would like to design a useful and utilitarian piece, something along the lines of your tablerunner… A project that can be used, not framed.
    Thanks for your daily postings, a great way to start me day everyday!

  48. My fantasy would be to have a lovely workroom filled with an embroidery stand! So far, I haven’t made the plunge so only use hand-held hoops. I daydream after some more complicated projects but without a large stand to keep everything tight and clean … sigh.

  49. Whatโ€™s your Embroidery Daydream?

    My dream is to have a cool, but light filled studio. In this space my books and stash would be unbelievably well organised, my chair would be comfortable allowing me to stitch all day. My desk would be well lit, allowing a wonderful space to get the designs in my head out, and charted/drawn up and share them with others.

    Of course, i would be “independently wealthy” and have no need to go to work to keep the wolf from the door, and the icing on my day dream would be a special person to shop, cook, clean, wash and attend errands for me!!!!!

    I can but wish…….

  50. Oh how I would love a complete set of the embroidery thread. All those beautiful colors would be like a box of eye candy to me.

    My daydream is to visit a museum of embroidery. Everything would have some type of embroidery on it. I would love to spend the time viewing all the lovely handiwork of the past as well as the present day.

  51. My favorite embroidery dream is to have time and energy to finish all they UFOs I have hanging around.

  52. I have been wanting to make an embroidery book. Not a hard-bound book but a book with samples, full embroidery projects, cross-stitch, etc… I have been practicing with stitches, designs and different ideas to go in so as soon as i feel I am good enough with the needle I will start. Sounds like a 2013 project.

  53. I have learned so much from you. I save the articles and refer to them often. Thank you for all the work you put into the lessons.

    I love threads of all kinds, especially ones with personality! Collections are my favorite.

  54. I teach children from ages 5 to 11. How to Embroider. I can always use more thread. What wonderful colors. Wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  55. My embroidery dream is to continue with living my “gift of time” to its fullest. I’ve recently retired and spend all day, every day creating. I’ve never been happier. I absolutely love your daily posts. They are full of inspiration and help with learning all the neat and wide range of stitches that are out there. Thank you!

  56. My embroidery daydream:
    I am swimming in a large pool, but every stroke feels different. Sometimes my fingers encounter soft and silky; sometimes scratchy, but my eyes, behind the goggles, see layers of colours- brights, soft, pale,sparkling and greyed colours floating around me as I swim. With each stroke or kick, those layers of colours swirl and dance within the pool. There is no water in the pool. There are only mountains of threads, and I dive into the layers……….
    okay, really, my embroidery daydream would be to have all the supplies I desire to stitch!
    This is a fantastic giveaway, Mary! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win.

  57. Hello-

    My dream would be to have a cabin in the mountains. In that cabin, I would love to have a comfy chair in front of a roaring fireplace. This would be my stitching haven. I would also include all kinds of threads..DMC cotton, metallic threads, etc. and endless projects to work on! And I would also have an endless supply of John James Needles!

    Jan B. in Florida

  58. Wow, embroidery cotton is part of my embroidery dream. The rest is to have my own little work room and not have to work so I could actually use up all the material I collect! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Rachel Lawrence

  59. My embroidery dream would be to have my own home, with a cozy window-seat where I could sit and embroider while the sun warmed me. Thanks for the chance and hope everyone’s dreams come true!

  60. My dream would be to have the eyes I had when I was in my twenties. But, alas, that being impossible, I’d like to have about 800 square feet of studio to have the room for a comfy chair, a good light and a dedicated place for needlework.

    Thanks for the chance to win this assortment. I’d love to own a complete set for needlework on embroideries and quilts.

    Happy New Year!
    Donna @ Brynwood Needleworks

  61. I would love to win the set of colours as my dream would be to complete a crazy quilt using every one of those colours.

  62. My dream is to do all the seam work on a silk crazy quilt that I am perpetually about to start. Happy New Year and thanks for all you share with us!

  63. What a marvelous give-away! My embroidery dream is to sit in front of the fire with my five year old grandaughter in Italy, working on our embroidery. She has just learned how to do it “all by herself”. It would be fun to send her some threads…….

  64. What a lovely thing to ponder…my embroidery daydream. Unfortunately the answer comes to mind immediately; I’d like to be able to “see” the design that I am working on. To be able to visualize the lines, the colors, the stitches on paper or in my mind rather than having to stitch, ribbit,stitch,ribbit, and stitch it again. And still not have the result close to my orignal concept.

    All those lovely colors would probably not help me achieve my daydream – but the chase would be so much so much more fun!

    Keep inspiring us, Mary!

  65. A very very useful website, i enjoy doing embroidery with my free time. I wish I have someone to do household work and cook, so that I could dedicate more time to do embroidery.

  66. Thank you very much for the giveaway!

    I have so many embroidery daydreams, it’s hard to pick just one. But I guess my number one dream would be to someday be talented enough to create an heirloom item worthy of that status.

  67. My embroidery dream is to make wonderful crazy quilts covered in embroidery based on vintage package designs, many of which feature elegantly sylted lettering. Of course, I would have every color of coton a broder with which to stitch the quilts! Thanks for offering this very generous give-away.

  68. My embroidery dream is to have something I embroidered in each room of my home. Every room in my home has a theme. My livingroom is “Eagles and Americana”, my diningroom is “Cats & Quilts” etc. and so far, of the eight rooms in my home, only three are displaying some of my creations! Thank you for the opportunity to win this collection of thread.

  69. my dream is to make me capable of deciding the best suitable stitch and the color combination at the sight of a pattern….

  70. I remember visiting Morocco years ago, and a merchant there had a store with nothing but silk spools, they lined the walls on all four sides. It was heaven. I can still remember it so vividly.

  71. My favorite embroidery dream is to have the bedroom designated as my stitching room organized in a way that I could walk in and pull everything in a few moments needed for a project instead of having to look here and there until all pieces are pulled together.

    Thanks for offering this great opportunity!

  72. Whatโ€™s your Embroidery Daydream? (Is it to have a dedicated workspace? Yes, dedicated workspace / room. at moment most of stuff is in spare bedroom with sparebed that the grand children and daughter uses when they here and computer too. so there is not a lot of space and grandkids sometimes check out things. so i try to keep sharp things safe.

    Joanie Mendenhall in W. Tn

  73. My embroidery daydream is to have wall-to-wall shelving with nothing but thread. I could look at the colors for hours.

  74. Another great giveaway! Thank you Mary. It’s been a memorable year with all sorts of needlework tidbits covering lots of topics. My Embroidery Daydream is to be a spark & make a difference. Needlework was not part of my childhood or young(er) adult years. When I attended a class in 2000 at JoAnn ETC (believe it !!!), a door opened. A fellow student introduced me to EGA & it was off to the races. I’ve been taking classes, trying techniques, collecting threads & making new friends ever since. I will never be an expert in any needlework category but I can share my resources & enthusiasm! So many stitchers have helped & encouraged me along the way. It’s my turn to do the same.

  75. My embroidery dream is to travel to London and take several classes at the Royal School of Needlework–then travel through Britain and Europe exploring all forms of needlework.
    Thanks for the chance to win these gorgeous threads.

  76. My dream is time followed by a dedicated workspace. I have very little down time for embroidery — about 1 hour a week. That’s isn’t enough to make much progress on a single project much less the many, many projects I have going or would like to do.

  77. My daydream is a behind-the-scenes private tour of the embroidery collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum, and other museums with specialized historical embroidery collections. Imagine seeing those pieces in person and up close! Meanwhile I travel the world and through history via books. Mary has pointed me to many wonderful resources (Thanks, Mary!) I love participating in a creative activity shared by so many people through the ages. The things that can be done with a needle and thread are astonishing.

  78. Mary, I have a regular job which will be ending soon. I have never used coton a broder but have wanted to give it a try. DMC has always been my favorite as I have gotten back into this particular craft, I think only because it was my mother’s choice.

    My dream? Ohhh! My dream would be to have my own little shop where I could be surrounded by shelves of pretty thread, serve coffee/tea, doughnuts and cookies, with a bit of cheese and crackers thrown in. I could sit around and embroider every day and have classes officiated by the more experienced embroiderers in my vicinity and teach others how to do this work, as well as learn new things each day. I’d also like to have a little road show where I could take the craft into some of the rehab facilities and nursing homes in the area for those who still had good eyesight and use of their fingers could pass the time with small projects.

    Of course, I would have someone come in and clean my house once a week and allow me all the time I needed to just weave the hours of my life away one small stitch at a time.

    I would love to win this gift…a rainbow of colorful thread! What could be more fun?

  79. I have a dream of peace and quite, endless hours of creativity and a professional artist like….oh…I don’t know….. perhaps Mary Corbet?…at my side helping me perfect my technique. A girl can dream….

  80. Thank you for having this wonderful giveaway, Mary! My dream would be to go to a magical embroidery thread shop that has every brand and every color of thread in the world in stock! And of course, an unlimited amount of cash in my purse for shopping! And if this shop had an array of embroidery patterns-especially vintage landscape patterns-I would be in heaven!

  81. I would love to have a large stitching room with lots of organized storage to keep all my supplies. I love to stitch (it’s my passion) and would love to have this lovely thread to try white work in something other than white!!!

  82. Thank you for a generous giveaway!
    Mine would be to attend aworkshop that teaches embroidery. I am a self taught embroidered person.

  83. My daydream is to have a dedicated workspace AND to have more time to realise all the ideas in my head. Maybe some time…

  84. I’m speechless, it’s a wonderful giveaway.
    I wish I could stich fast like a superhero to finish all my dream projects in no time.
    Actually I enjoy the process of making something but I’m impatient sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. Hello Mary
    and first of all, Happy Christmas holidays to you! Thanks for all the invaluable advice, the beautiful photographs and the nice give-aways you have bestowed on us over the year – although I didn’t get lucky until now. So maybe this is the time; wouldn’t that be great, as this give-away is a real treat! As for my Embroidery Daydream, I guess it would be all of the things you mentioned. But mostly I would like to have the occasion to embroider with silk thread, something I haven’t done until now, as it is anything but easy to come by the thread! The only way is ordering it on the internet, but I always like to see and feel a new thread before I buy it, so I did’t get round to tackling this ambition of mine (yet). Thanks again

  86. I would love to have a sewing room that doesn’t double as a guest room and overflow closet and storage area. How lovely it would be to have shelves for all my supplies (not boxes under the bed) and room for a comfy chair. I would love to have my own computer there, if for no other reason than I could listen to Pandora music while I stitch. The only problem would be I might never want to come out, and after a while DH might notice that and miss me.

  87. I would love to have a workspace where I can organize all my embroidery supplies and not have to hide them from my toddlers.
    Great giveaway!

  88. I love threads, I am a junky when it comes to thread. My daydream it looking at these threads and deciding about different projects that I can make. The second thing that comes into play is, what can I embroidery that has elements in it that I have never tried before? The next thing is to purchase cabinets that work well for storing my threads. I can’t use them all at once so I want them to have a nice home until it is their turn to become something beautiful.

  89. I’ve never tried Coton a Broder – my local shop doesn’t carry it. I’ve been watching your Hungarian Red Work, and like the areas where you are using it.

  90. What an awesome opportunity, thank you and Hedgehog Handiworks.com. my deam would be to have a maid that would do all the things that interrupt my stitching, LOL. You did ask what my stitching dreams were. I have a very large stash, but winning coton a broder would be delightful. I’ve never stitched with it but looking forward this year to trying some cutwork. Would love to win.

  91. My dream is to have the time to stitch all the things I want to do… I think I need more that a life to stitch them all!
    Thank you for the giveaway! Happy new year!
    Paoletta from Madrid

  92. Hi Mary,
    My stitching dream would be to have a “Framing Fairy” who would automatically take every finished piece of my needlework, block & stretch it, mount it, mat and frame it (after consulting with me) and pay for it!
    Thanks for this lovely give away. I don’t think I have ever even seen cotton a broder!

  93. My daydream will come true soon. We are relocating tomorrow and at the new house I will have a room all for me and my stitchy things. I’ll be able to sort out my stash, organize my fibers & fabrics. I’ll be able to spread out, leave things lay around if I don’t want to clean up after myself.
    Thank for offering this amazing give-away!
    Have a wonderful 2013 and I’m looking forward to many more of your great blog entries!

  94. My dream would be to have the time to create, work on and finish projects. Many projects. To embellish blouses; to learn new stitches. To be rich in embroidery!

  95. My embroidery daydreaqm involves a beautiful roomy studio. It would have large windows to allow the natural light in and have small stain glass lights hanging in each window for light in the evening. There would be lots of storage space where fabrics and threads would be organized according to type and maker. There would be a space near the windows with a comfy chair, a radio and a TV for times when I would like to stitch. Nearby would be a small kitchenette. A coffee maker, microwave would be there. The counter and sink would be set up made of materials for dying and making silk paper. You would of course need a space to allow drying of materials. Another space would be for the sewing machine and iron with ironing board. This would allow them to be out and ready at any time the inspiration and creativity hits. A computer and printer would also have a spot so designs could be recorded and saved.

  96. My dream would be enough time to stitch all my stash. I’m quite sure I have gonebeyond what I can complete and I have no younger family interested in learning to do anybsort of needlework when Im too old to see to finish it all

  97. My Embroidery Daydream…is actually coming together! It is my own Hobby Room with everything I need, want, and desire within one room. My husband has closed in our two and a half garage and is making it into my Hobby Room. Within these walls will be my cutting table, sewing maching, all the lighting I will need, a sitting area, a large enough work table to hold my 3 other stitching friends for our get togethers, embroidery frames, storage cabinets for all of my goodies… My life long dream! He is even having cable/internet run to the area so that when we have our needlework get togethers we can watch our instructional DVDs or our “girly” movies!

    If I was so lucky to win this complete collection of threads, they would have their own drawer in one of my new cabinets that is on order.

    Thank you so much for offering these – the range of colors is beautiful!


  98. I love to spend time stitching. My dream would be to attend ‘Christmas in Williamsburg’. That time of year is so magical and to spend it taking stitching classes would be fantastic.
    My other less affordable desire would be to attend one of the Royal Needlework courses in England. To be able to learn from the best and be able to have the time and funding would truly be a dream come true.


  99. My dream is to create a fully embroidered vestment set for our priests and deacon. It would include a chasuble, stole, dalmatic stole, chalice veil, burse, and tabernacle veil. There would be embroidery on each piece. I have the idea in my head, but I would need a fulltime housekeeper and cook in order to finish it all.

  100. Oh my goodness this is exciting. Thank you so much for the chance to have those gorgeous threads!! My stitching dream is to not work or do any housework or cooking (unless I want to) and have the luxury to stitch stitch stitch all day, every day. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!,

  101. Good morning! I am so enjoying your emails and look forward to them every morning.My embroidery dream is so calm my “inner self” enough to move my embroidery life from fantasy and pattern buying to reality. To let myself relax and begin the “process” and not let anyone or anything interrupt this time. One of my goals for this next year is to carve out a time space even if it is 5am for my handwork life making it a priority rather than “if I have time today”…Thanks again for your motivational emails, they’ve been a great source of joy and inspiration to me! Donna

  102. Hi Mary,
    First I must say that I LOVE embroidery thread too. In fact ever since I can remember going into the 5 and dime and seeing the Coats and Clark display and that was at least 60 years ago. You ask what dream we have for ourselves and our needlework aspirations? Well the one thing more than anything that I have dreamed the most about is taking a Needlework tour of famous houses (and castles) in the UK plus a lesson at the Royal School of Needlework. I would die a happy woman if I ever accomplish this. As ever thank you so much for being the inspiration you are to all of us needlewomen.

  103. What an amazing giveaway! I always love seeing your posts about coton a broder, but have never encountered it in real life.

    My embroidering daydream would be to have more space for supplies. And then more supplies tyo full up the space. ๐Ÿ™‚

  104. The answer is yes to all questions (#2 What’s your Embroidery Day-Dream). Yes I want it all!!!!! But realistically must be satisfied with what is. LOVE THREADS. Just sent off for Floche threads, which I first heard of on your site. It thrills me to use different threads to produce different looks to a piece. This is a great opportunity to again use something I’ve not used before.

    Cincinnati Carol

  105. My stitching daydream is to have an hour each day dedicated just to needlework. Ah, that would be Heaven! But with my heavy work schedule and other obligations, I’m lucky if I squeeze in an hour a week! But a girl can dream, right? Thanks for this opportunity, Mary, and Happy New Year!

  106. Oh my goodness, to imagine a full day of being able to do nothing but needlework. Someone to take care of those mundane things like cleaning, cooking, caring for the kids and husband. Being able to turn on some music and simply stitch. Having someone bring me tasty bits of food and delicious drink throughout the day. But why imagine this for only a day? Sign me up for a week or more. I can imagine using those beautiful threads in so many projects as I pull out my needle to begin. Ahhhhh life would be so good.

  107. Mary, I can almost feel my fingers running through those, yes, delectable colors. I have a number of sizes of coton a broder, all white, not one pretty color in them. I love working with it. I use it for my cutwork. I have monogramed some white on white handkerchiefs with it also. It is a dream to work with. I would love to add color to things. I have two dreams. The first is to have enough space to store all of my embroidery items. What this mostly consists of is patterns, transfers and books, so many books. You have to realize I’ve been collecting them for over 45 years. I have a number of them. i don’t have a lot of threads besides DMC floss but I have some and I would like to have it organized logically. My second wish would be a stitching friend near-by. It’s all well and good to have everyone here to hit ideas off each other, but I want someone I can sit with on an afternoon and talk to while we stitch. Maybe even doing one of your projects at the same time along with you. Someone I could say cretan stitch to and they would know what I meant. Thank you for the chance at the coton a broder at least.

  108. My embroidery daydream is to be able to embroider every type if stitch. With all the books and Internet that shouldn’t be a problem and I’m trying. These threads are lovely. I also enjoy your emails and save them in a folder for future references. Thank you.

  109. Hi Mary,
    Merry Christmas and a Blessed, stichy New Year.
    My dream is pretty much just simply to have ample time to stitch. Guilt free time to stich, experiment, stitch, create, stitch, reorganize my stash, and stitch. Why else would the good Lord have given me this talent if he
    didn’t want me to use it!!!! (that’s my argument anyway)
    Have a nice day, thanks for the give-away.

  110. What a wonderful giveaway!!! I would so love to win.
    My daydream is to attend embroidery seminars where I can learn new stitches. Although I have been embroidering for years there are new stitches out there that I am not familiar with.
    Have a Blessed Day,
    Crafy Diane

  111. Thanks to you and Joady for a fabulous giveaway!

    I think my embroidery dream would be the ability to only purchase the things I know I’m going to stitch in this lifetime. I’ve spent (wasted) a lot of money buying patterns/kits for pieces I’m sure I will never stitch, but something about them says “buy me now.” If I could be more discriminatory about what do buy, I would be able to purchase better materials and really savor the stitching experience.

    I love stitching with the coton a broder. I have several small cutwork pieces that they would be lovely for.

    Carol S.

  112. Mary,
    My embroidery dream would be an all expense paid trip to take some classes at the Royal School of Needlework. Next to that my dream would be to get a good lamp to work my needlework by when I loose the sun light in my living room.

  113. Dear Mary –
    This is an irresistible giveaway, and in fact, one of my embroidery dreams! A complete collection of floche a broder – Mamma mia! (and I’m not or Italian origin). I would display it on a wall on a collection of pegs – in my embroidery dream, you understand. Then, I would embroider perfectly-executed monograms for all of my family members on a variety of materials – fine cotton and linen, and even organza!

    My more prosaic, and achievable dream, would be to enroll at a crewel embroidery course given at the Royal School of Needlework that would allow me to improve my technique.

    -Sharon in France

  114. My embroidery daydream is to have a stitching area, with a big overstuffed chair, a window with view of my small garden, and a box full of beautiful floss/thread to work with. thank you so much for such a wonderful give-away.
    Donna, the Pommie Mommy

  115. I love to embroider on wool, so I use a lot of cotton,silk,or wool thread in lots of colors. It would be a dream come true to win an entire color assortment. Unless,of course, I got so carried away choosing colors that I got a brain freeze. None of us have that dilemma, right? And my second stitching dream that hasn’t come true yet is to visit an embroidery museum. For days and days….ah yes.

  116. My embrodiery daydream is just to have time to create beautiful projects like all the fun free hand “stitch Fun” you show us!

  117. My dream is to have the time and resources to research, learn and hopefully become competent in various techniques of needlework in the world and then find a way to share this knowledge…

  118. My embroidery day dream is to attend a class with Alison Cole. Her goldwork and stumpwork is truly amazing and I would love to be able to benefit from her expertise. I’m wondering how I can visit my brother in Australia and go to a class of hers at the same time – the logistics are surprisingly difficult. Well, may’be one day.

  119. My embroiderers dream would be to have a vast selection of colors to embroider with so that I would be left with no obstacles to what my imagination can conjure up in my needle art pieces. The majority of my needle work is given away to raise funds for charitable causes and missionary work. I am a member of LWML (Lutheran Womens Missionary League) and I am constantly getting involved in fund raising efforts for various children here and abroad. I am retired and live on a small pension so I can’t afford to buy a lot of supplies and many kind people have given sewing supplies to me to help in my efforts.

    Sewing has a kind of therapy for me since I was the victim of a vicious knife assault 6 years ago. My hands were severely cut up during the attack because they were the only “weapons” I had to offend off the knife. As a consequence I spent one year in physical therapy to regain the use of my hands. In the beginning I didn’t think I would ever be able to sew or knit again and gave away a lot of my sewing supplies. But with the help of a dedicated hand therapist I am once again creating my work with a sewing machine and then adorning each piece with hand sewn designs.

    Rose of Sharon
    Southern Oregon

  120. Mary, my embroidery daydream would be to attend a stitching retreat, with an excellent instructor, to stitch for several days uninterrupted! Thanks for this fabulous giveaway opportunity!!

  121. My needlework daydream is a vacation/retreat. I have wanted to go to the Christmas in Williamsburg since they started. Between money (lack of) and life I have been unable to. Now that I am older, I can actually see that it might be possible. I have just recently taken classes from Eileen Bennett and she was wonderful. I love all the teachers and their projects and would love to see the city in general. I am still hopeful one day I will get there.

  122. I would like to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum in London for inspiration, knowledge, and fun. This museum has historical collections of English embroideries, tapesteries, and fashion.

  123. I just want it all. Thread, time, linens, toys, tools, patterns, workspace, housekeeper, audio books,and a couple of young ones who want to learn “how to”. And a magic bag to put stitched projects into and after a few hours, pull them out framed/finished as I desire. All for free of course! We are talking dreams here!!!

  124. Hi Mary

    My embroidery dream would be to have all the colours of coton a broder. I did not realize it came in other colours. I have been using the white exclusively in my classes with Karen Ruane and her wonderful whitework. I am hooked on it and if I do not win I must start ordering some colours.



  125. My needlework dream is really very simple–I’d love to have a needlework shop just around the corner from me that carries every design, thread, fabric and tool that I would ever need to continue my favorite hobby!

  126. My embroidery daydream is to have time to stitch all the projects on my wish list and to be able to take classes for specialty techniques. I have a small dedicated space now and a growing stash of materials to start on. By summer I hope to have that precious stitching time everyday. Until then it’s snatched moments and daydreams.

  127. My Embroidery Daydream is to have a dedicated time (Perhaps 3 times a week) to stitch and design. Though I am retired I seem to fill my days with many varied things that I also like to do. Perhaps a bit more organization of my time would be the key here.

  128. I love colors, I dream of colors. My dream for embroidery would be to have the perfect chair (comfy and soft) next to window which is always full of sunlight. The arm of the chair would be covered with the many colors of thread needed for my current project. A fire in the fire place and one of my dogs snuggled up next to me. Music would be playing softly in the background and I would have time to stitch, or design projects for hours and hours. Carolyn D.

  129. My daydream is to have an uninterupted space of time (without phone calls, texts, or regular household duties) for at LEAST two whole days! (Any more and I would feel guilty of abandoning my family). But I sure would relish those two days.

  130. What a lovely give-away Mary! I have never used coton a broder threads, but there are many you use and talk about that I have never used. Apparently my experience and exposure has been some what limited. I have learned so much from you!
    My embroidery dream would be to have at least an hour a day to devote learning a new stitch or technique, so that I can move beyond the basics of embroidery. My Mom and Grandmother got me started with embroidery. I would love to pass my passion on to my granddaughter as well.Of course having an array of new threads would be delightful!
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  131. This may be your best give-a-way ever. My daydream is about time. I have a project planned that will last all of 2013. And my daydream involves being so organized and so disciplined that this time next year I am entering my finished project (an embroidered book) into competition. Best daydream ever.

    Anyway. Happy New Year good switchers!

  132. my daydream is having beautiful materials on hand for whatever project I want to do and the luxury of time to sit down and stitch.

  133. I do a LOT of embroidery right now, putting my other craft interests on hold while I finish a quilt adorned with 14 embroidered angels, 2 embroidered bouquets & several cherubs. My stitches aren’t as varied as yours, but it looks good when done.

    My embroidery dream is to be able to do a tapestry wall hanging – to have the supplies, time, and transfers to do it well enough to pass on to my grandchildren.

    Here’s hoping!!!

  134. Great giveaway! My embroidery dream is to travel for some good classes, either to RSN or down to the next BATB in Adelaide. Book-learning is great, but I know from taking a few quilting classes that being self-taught left gaps. I’m sure there are also gaps in my embroidery knowledge, but of course, I have no idea what they may be! I do know, though, that my life would probably be easier if they were filled. ๐Ÿ™‚

  135. Mary,
    This is an unbelievable give away! Guess I’ll have to start doing some monogramming like the JOY you just did for us. I think my dream is to have the right linen to work on when I want to work so I wouldn’t always have to go out to buy it which somehow takes the fun out of doing a new project. And, to be able to attend classes far away like Australia and England.
    Sheila from CA

  136. What a lovely give away. I love threads also I have never seen cotton a broder but it sounds like a thread that woould be lovely in my collection of silk and other cotton threads. My dream is to go to a retreat for needleworkers.And to be able to just stitch and have great conversation and learn more about Embroidery.
    Grat give away Mary. Good luck everyone. This sounds like a wonderful treat.

  137. My stitching fantasy is to own a needlework shop so that I could sit and stitch all day every day among the beautiful fibers and fabrics, sharing in the love of needlework with all who entered my shop

  138. Oh MY what a great give a way. I would love to travel around to different countries and admire others work, but I will be content to
    admire online. I have a friend that teaches also, so we have decided to plan a vacation and she will teach me Stump work. Canโ€™t wait.
    Happy New Year Mary.
    Pam in Alabama

  139. Hello Mary,
    Now this is a lovely post where we can register for the give-away. I would very much like to take part in it.
    My dreams are really about threads – though I find them sometimes on garage sales in France – but the colours, oh,oh. And of course, workshops …it is the most wonderful occasion to meet like-minded women and learn new things.


  140. Oh, Merry Mary =)
    I read quite a lot about this thread… when I need a ‘review’ I search your site and read the feedback… ๐Ÿ™‚
    It’s a nice opportunity for me to finally try coton a broder! Except… I could never dream of having so many skeins! It is such indulgence! (a few basic colours would be nice, or just white, which I’ve wanted to buy for some time now, but…)
    To think that there can be 182 winners instead of 1! (Although I realize that mailing expenses will be tough on your wallet!) Oh I don’t know…

    Not to think too long about my embroidery dream… and not to be pretentious or mercenary or otherwise…
    I’ll suggest something completely impossible! =)
    I want… at least 30 hrs in a day!
    Linen, threads… that’s all nonsense. What we all really need is more time!!

    Thank you Mary, happy holidays ๐Ÿ™‚

  141. Dream after dream here I think, oh, yes, I would love that. I was especially touched by the gal who wished to sit with her grandmother and ancestors who had embroidered before her. That brought on thoughts of my mom who has alzheimers and is no longer “my mom” and I miss her. Thinking of her brought about my dream. She used to say “There needs to be 3 of you to do everything you want to do”. So I wish there were 3 of me, one to clean and cook, one to do my arty things like the embroidery (oh, I DO have such big dreams/ideas for that), and one to travel and go to embroidery, sewing, and art seminars and visit the Victoria and Albert museum and go and learn and get the certificate from Royal School of Needlework. Aren’t I clever – I managed to slip 3 dreams in! Hahaha!

  142. Hi, Mary. I would love to take a trip to England that would include classes at the Royal School of Needlework, plus visits to the V & A, and other museums that would have collections of textiles and clothing. I would also like to spend time out in the small towns exploring and hiking. It would truly be a dream come true to have this opportunity. Thanks for this giveaway. Sandi in Oregon, where it continues to rain.

  143. Well, this would certainly help fulfill one of my daydreams – one of every color!!! I would love to just have more TIME to devote to my stitching so I could get better!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  144. I souls love to haves needlework vacation at home. Just 1p30 minutes or an hour so I can ditch a little each day. Maybe I can work in the new year to make that happen

    -Andi Scott inTX

  145. My dream of embroidering includes sitting in a comfortable chair with ALL of the accessories needed or not needed, with no demands on my time, and with plenty of supplies, needles, linens, thread—the whole mile. And, of course, be able to do perfect stitching to look just like Mary Corbet or Trish Burr. That’s my dream.

  146. My dream would be to have a collection of threads, needles, fibers, wool, and books so that when the spirit moves me or when I see something I have to try, I can simply go to my stash and begin. I have just a wee bit as I am mew to this craft and want to do it all!

    Lovely giveaway. Thanks and Happy New Year. Loveyour site and learning tools.

  147. My dream is being realized. I have been inviting lonely and depressed ladies to join a stitching group.They don’t realize they need stitching and friends. Several have come to me privately and said, you know you came at this the right time. we have a closeknit, I should say stitched group. We meet twice a month. And with e-mails and coffee dates in between. they are realizing a new found happiness, which makes my day. Sherry in onalaska

  148. My needlework daydream………unlimited threads, fabrics, and ribbons for my crazy quilt! I would love that!

  149. OOOOHHH!!!!! So excited about this giveaway!!!! My ideal stitchy fantasy is stitching the day away uninterupted by silly things like hunger, thirst, and other “distractions”. Thank you, Mary, and thank you, Joady, for this fantastic prize!

  150. My embroidery dream is to create a panel (possibly a triptych) showing a camel caravan moving across the Silk Road from China to Turkey. The figures and landscape elements will increase in size as the caravan approaches Turkey, with the final scene showing an encampment with goods being exchanged. I plan to encorporate a variety of stitching and media to portray my vision. VirginiaJ

  151. Hi Mary, I would most love to have more time to devote to stitching and it would be even more wonderful if the house were cleaned and a meal prepared while I am stitching! Would love to win the threads and add to my collection. Thanks, Jeanette

  152. Ooh, Christmas giveaway! Happy Holidays โ™ฅโ™ฅ I haven’t been following your blog for very long, but I check it almost everyday to perfect my stitches ๐Ÿ™‚

    My embroidery daydream is pretty small! I only got back into embroidery (for the first time in years) this month, and I’ve been throwing myself into it headfirst ๐Ÿ˜€ I have a pretty good space to work, but what I really need is a super way to organize all of my stuff. My threads are one place, fabrics somewhere else, tools are in their own bag…whenever I move spots in the house, I feel like I’m always missing a few things. The worst!

    Oh, and my name is Gwen (if there’s more than one for some reason, I live in Phoenix!)

  153. My dream:Time travel!! Specifically to the grand Elizabethian era of samplers, caskets,lace-making,etc etc etc. To see and learn from the grand masters of that era. To know what color goose turd green really is, to discover the inspiration or source for the various designs, were the girls really that young. Oh, then I could see Shakespeare “new” plays, too.

  154. I would love to have some time each day to devote to embroidery. During this daily time slot I also would love to have no aches and pains to interrupt my stitching. Just a daydream……………..Cheryl in San Diego

  155. Wow! Many thanks to Hedgehog Handworks for the opportunity to win such a great prize. I have several needlework daydreams. Probably at the top of the list is to own a needlework store. Sadly, there is no longer a local store in our county. A close 2nd would be to attend the Royal School of Needlework in the UK. Third would be to go on one of C.A. Wells overseas needlework trips. Any of these would take winning the lottery to come true!
    Happy Holidays!

  156. My dream/fantasy/life’s ambition is to study at the RSN and then become a certified teacher. Teaching is my passion and career, and I would love to introduce young students to the joys of needlwork.

  157. What a wonderful give away.

    My embroidery/sewing/craft fantasy is to have a room (with a lock to keep out nosy kids & my husband!) to let the creativity flow. Absolutely would need a no limit gift card to the local craft store for supplies. Someone to go to my job for me would be great too…

  158. I would like to own a bit of all embroidery threads, new and old. I can’t seem to get enough of them and would like to see, feel, and own at least a sampling of each one.

  159. My daydream would be always having the perfect fabric on hand. I feel like the fabric stores in my small-town-area have pretty limited selections, so it can be rather hit or miss. A magically restocking closet of fabrics would be amazing. ^_^

  160. My Embroidery day dream would be to have an experienced teacher in the local area give me feed back on my work and help me improve. And while I;m day dreaming I would also like an impeccable sense of colour coordination.


  161. All of the above! I not only need a special place to embroider, I need threads, threads, threads. I would absolutely love to have these threads. I have drawers full of linen that needs to be embroidered, but I don’t have the threads that I want or need and of course $$ is always in short supply.I would also love to have teacher such as you Mary to look over my shoulder and instruct my efforts. I love to embroider, but I’m certainly not a Mary Corbett in my finished projects!!!
    Thanks for the give away!

  162. My Embroidery Daydream is to build my nest with lighting that is perfect no matter what time of day, with my own personal reader to read aloud to me from my favorite books, with a vast library of resources to research and/or just enjoy, with someone else to take care of the little day to day humdrum necessities, and with an unending supply of materials from which to choose. The most important thing would be, though, to have enough seating and room to accommodate several friends to join me in my stitching nest.

  163. Winning the coton a boder give away would be a dream come true! My embroidery dreams cover two extremes. At one end an embroidery vaction to England, sightseeing and taking a workshop or two. At the other extreme, just a spot to contain my stash, set up the sewing machine and have a comfy sit to create.
    Love the blog and all the info you provide!

  164. My embroidery dream is to enjoy any project without having to tear apart my ‘stuff’ to find the necessary threads. I spend more time organizing than I do stitching. ;-{ However, having colors unlimited is also a dream. I smock, I embroidery, I cross-stitch, I needle tat, and have even tried some bobbin lace. [See how my ‘stuff’ is jumbled??] My dream is to win something …someday. Merry Thanks!!Karin Sewbusy

  165. Dearest Mary,
    Thanks so much for giving all of us thread hoarders a chance at this wonderful give-away. I have never worked with this particular thread before, but I would like to try it. I have just recently become enamoured with whitework. I have used floche and it is a dream to work with. My dream (fantasy really) would be to a craft room all my own, and my threads all organized by types and in numerical order, and being slightly on the greedy side, someone to cook , clean and do laundry( I didn’t know that my family owned so many clothes).

  166. My embroidery dream would be to perfect my stitches on hemstitching. My grandmother did this by hand. I have the old wire egg basket that she kept the embroidery project she was working on at the time. It never fails to make me smile when I see it. She also did beautiful cutwork. To an avid stitcher, having a stash of beautiful embroidery thread to sort through and touch would be the same as a trip to the candy store to a child.

  167. Merry Christmas!

    I often dream of having unlimited access to supplies, and more importantly, a place to store everything! With a new baby on the way, it looks like my craft room will have to be transformed into a nursery. Only for 18 years though, right?

  168. I would love to learn several types of embroidery techniques (needle painting, silk ribbon embroidery and cutwork embroidery are high on my list). To that end I wouldn’t mind an endless supply of thread and linen with which to work and a cozy nook to sit in while I embroider.

  169. This i a beautiful thread that makes stitching a joy. My dream embroidery project is to make a box with embroidery and stumpwork on all sides illustrating the variety of the landscape and the flora and fauna of Colorado.

  170. I think mine would be to do a beautiful crazy quilt with elaborate embroidery and beading work. I have a great book, but haven’t come anywhere near starting such a project.

  171. What an awesome giveaway! It goes perfectly with my longtime embroidery daydream, in which I’m blissfully attending the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court in England.

  172. I would like to have all the time I need to stitch as much as I can. Being in school means I cannot just sit all day stitching when I would like to ๐Ÿ˜‰ A dedicated place for my stitching would be helpful as well – but dorm rooms were not designed for hobbyists of any sort! *sigh* That is my embroidery daydream!

  173. If I could have all I wanted in my embroidery world, I would go to the Royal School of Needlework for a degree (note — I’m in my 50’s!).

    I would fit out a spare room as my fiber room (as I do other fiber work as well). Well, I would actually HAVE a spare room. I would take over 1 corner, and have a chair at the perfect height for me and my frames. I would have every possible thread of every possible description (wool, silk, cotton, linen, rayon… the list is endless) in every color, and fabric would be right at hand. I would have a light table and a drafting table, a large assortment of needles (including Japanese handmade needles), and a shelf for all of my books.

    I’m thinking it would have to be a REALLY big room!

    All would be perfectly organized for easy finding and access. I would have a large collection of threads for goldwork, and would have all the accessories I would need (including a sterling silver mellore!).

    In my embroidery world, I would also have household help so I didn’t have to clean house, and I would have enough money to live without having to work – thus enabling me to spend time with fiber work and maybe earn a modest living that way if possible.


    –Andy Jo–

  174. Wonderful give away Mary, thank you!

    My Embroidery Dream is to be able to stitch perfectly all the time. To be able to sit down and just stitch without worrying about having to remove stitches. I love the effort and time it takes to stitch, I just don’t want to see my glaring mistakes (“intentional” mistakes that make a pattern better is perfectly ok!)

  175. My embroidery dream would be to be able to attend the Beating around the Bush classes in Australia. I too, am a thread fanatic, picking up different threads wherever I find them including some lovely and different fibers in yarn stores. I all just stitches up lovely and different.

  176. Endless suplies of new tools and scissors. I love scissors of all sizes and they are so wonderful and with such variety for whatever job you need them for.

  177. Your site is inspirational. I trully enjoy each project with the notes that you provide. I would love to try this wonderful embroidery thread.
    Thank you for your dedication to writing your blog, it is must reading for me.

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