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Stella Lamp Give-Away!


Yesterday, I reviewed the Stella lamp for you – it’s a nice task lamp that works really well for hand embroidery, other arts and crafts, reading, writing, and the like. It’s also a great lamp for carrying to workshops and classes.

Today, courtesy of Needle in a Haystack, I’m giving away a Stella! I’m excited about it, too – with autumn and winter coming on in the States and the days getting shorter, it’s a great time to add a little more light to your life!

Stella Table Top Lamp

Lighting for embroidery is really important, so I appreciate the opportunity to promote good lighting whenever possible. Without good lighting for your needlework, eye strain is inevitable, and a good outcome for your project is less likely.

So here’s your opportunity to own a Stella – the same table top version I reviewed yesterday.

Note: as much as I’d like to offer the give-away for the whole wide world, today’s give-away is only for readers in the US & Canada, for obvious electrical reasons.

Give-Away Guidelines

this give away is now ended – thanks for participating!

If you’d like to participate in today’s give-away, please follow these guidelines:

1. Leave a comment below, at the end of today’s article on Needle ‘n Thread. You can follow this link to arrive directly at the correct comment box. Comments sent via email or left on other articles are not eligible.

2. In your comment, answer the following:

What appeals to you most about the Stella lamp?

3. Please make sure that you leave a recognizable name on your comment, either in the “name” line on the comment form or in the comment box.

4. Comments must be submitted by Wednesday, August 28th, 5:00 am CDT (Kansas, USA). The winner will be announced Wednesday morning and will need to contact me with a mailing address.

See? It’s pretty simple! Do join in!

And I’ll be so happy to draw a name next week and send a shiny new Stella off to a new home! Thanks again to Needle in a Haystack for the opportunity!

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(752) Comments

  1. Hi 🙂

    The thing that appeals to me most about the Stella lamp is the adorable Pixar pose :-), but, from a more functional standpoint I like the different light temperatures and that the light can be dimmed.

  2. What a nice giveaway. I enjoyed reading your review yesterday. I think what I like the most is how compact it is. Easy to travel with.

  3. Thanks to you & to Needle in a Haystack for offering this chance to win a Stella lamp. I found your review really helpful.

    I think the smaller, lightweight size is very appealing. Good lighting is so critical for stitching – it would be great to have this to take along, too.

    Thanks, Mary!

    Brohr4 AT comcast. DOT net

  4. I love the sleekness of the lamp. The fact that you can move the neck in every which direction makes it quite favorable. You were right, having this beautiful lamp during autumn and winter months would be fantastic!

  5. I really like that the color of the light is adjustable. My favorite stitching light is daylight and in the winter in NJ it is hard to get much of that. I would love to have this nice little lamp to take with me to stitch groups and guild meetings.

  6. Hi! Gosh it would be lovely to win a Stella lamp. After reading your article I spent ages looking at lamps online. I love the Stella lamp for more than one reason. I don’t have a lamp is a good one! More importantly, the photo where you show the flexibility of the lamp neck really spoke to me. I thought it was just great to have that kind of range. I have arthritis and tenosynovitis and have to change hand posture a lot so being able to change the light is important to me. Best wishes, April Hurst

  7. I struggle the most with good lighting. I have tried so many different lights with burns to show for it. This light really seems to have the light and adjustability that I crave.

  8. I love the long, flexible neck in this lamp! It would sit on the table just in back of my couch and I could adjust it to shine right over my shoulder!

    Awesome little lamp, thanks for the review and opportunity to win!

  9. What appeals to me is the importance of good lighting when working on a project. There have been times when I have had to actually go outside in the natural light to see a difference in colors to decide which would be the better choice. I also think that preserving our eyes is very important and anything we can do to help the process is a benefit.

  10. What appeals to you most about the Stella lamp?

    It looks easy! I have other lamps (not with three lighting selections though!)but you have to arrange them just right, tighten screws, (sometimes find a screwdriver) and do various things JUST to make sure I have the light in the correct place. By then, I’m nearly too tired to stitch! The Stella lamp looks easy, which would save me time and give me some pretty awesome light, without a screwdriver! Karen Gass

  11. I think the Stella lamp is awesome! I love how portable it is. I tend to move to different locations when I stitch and like things to be as portable as possible. I also have a small house so having a lamp like the Stella lamp that doesn’t take up much space is good too. I really like how it has the lighting options. I work in many different techniques and have found that having the same light for all, is not ideal. I love its flexibility. Completing different sized projects would be no problem with the Stella Lamp. I love one !!

  12. I love the sleek design and the powerful light. With fall and winter not too far off my stitching time will increase and this would be a huge benefit to my stitching preventing eye strain and better visibility of my work!

  13. What I like about Stella Lamp: it is slim, so it does not take a lot of room on the table; the portion of light is long and bright. The color matches with everything! Very nice design as well!
    Vilma Spreuer

  14. Honestly it does not appeal to me as convenient lamp. I am puting lamp next to me on the left side when I’m stitching. It has to be with longer neck to stand far enough so that I do not knock it down and close enough to get light to the right place. This one does not seems to have that. In addition light has to turn around at least some so that I would get light exactly to direction I need, but not to my eyes or ‘close to where I need’. Not sure if this one is turnable at all. In any case I am ready to try it, evaluate and write public appologies as well as positive notes if it would really serve the purpose 100% as expected.

  15. The Stella Lamp looks faulous. Slim, trim and offers ME the light I need in order to keep stitching…….as I have vision disabilities and can only “see” with one eye!!
    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  16. The Stella lamp is an amazing carry lamp to take to classes, that’s what I love. With the winter months coming, the more natural light we have the better we feel. Embroidery and natural light, what could be better.

  17. The adaptability is the feature I like very much about the Stella lamp — being able to change the effect of the light. That and light weight,always a big feature when you’re carrying all kinds of needlework supplies and bags everywhere!

  18. Hi Mary, Wow! This is a great give-away. You know, what appeals to me most is its aesthetics: I like the shape and I like the fold-up-edness. As for function, the ability to change the light types is great for me. I like it all! I can picture it on my work desk or at a workshop. Thanks for the great review; you can tell NIAH that it drove me to its website!

  19. I love the super adjustable neck on the Stella. Sometimes I need the light to shine in an odd direction. This lamp is perfect.

  20. Let’s see what do I like about the Stella light? EVERYTHING! I have been using Ott Lites for years now however unlike the Stella it’s “reach” is limited (it really needs to be very close to be useful (at least for me). The Stella seems to have a much better “reach” and it looks very stylish.

  21. I like the Stella lamp because it is only by using the Stella lamp that I am able to stitch at night, when I use it on dark areas I miss fewer stitches and being able to adjust the angle allows me to use it with any section of any sized canvas.

  22. What do I like best? hard to pick just one feature, but love that you can change the setting, and of course the fact that it is a “cool” lamp!

  23. I really enjoyed yesterday’s article detailing the Stella lamp…so much so that I actually checked it out on Amazon! (You weren’t kidding when you stated in the article that the lamp is a bit high-priced!) One of the best features this lamp offers is the direct-ness of the light. It’s definitely a TASK light, instead of encasing your entire work space in a large flood of light. I also like the dimmer option on it, as well as the 3 settings…making this a multi-task lamp indeed! Because the lamp isn’t too large, this makes it perfectly suitable for small workspaces. Thanks for introducing us to this versatile light!

  24. Your review if the Stella lamp sounds like just what I need. With my declining eye sught, the only place I am comfortable stitching is at home with my floor stand magnifier/lamp. At the end of September I am taking a two-day needlepoint class from ine if my favorite Canadian designers and even though I have a small portable magnifier, the light at these clsses are never enough – it would be lovely to have a small lamp such as the Stella to take with me to these classes.

  25. what an amazing tool. I have difficulty seeing but refuse to give up my favorite things to do…stitching!
    I LOVE the shape of this lamp and especially like that it can be placed so close to my work without getting in the way and give me accurate an accurate reading of the color I am using.


  26. I learned many years ago that excellent light is essential. Preferably a sunny window or the great outdoors but that is not always possible. I have used an Ott light for a long time (table & floor) and they have served well, but it is time to think about something stronger. The doc mentioned “catarac” the last time I was there — not good! The light weight, portability and especially the excellent light it would provide makes it very attractive indeed! It would be good to start while I decide which floor lamp to purchase. Thanks!

  27. What appeals most to me about the Stella lamp is the fact that there are different settings – the different colours of light and the fact that it is light and portable – for taking to the embroidery group gatherings and the doll club meetings.

    1. The Stella Lamp is one that works well for me, since I stitch on the go all the time. We are either home or at our cottage and the Stella Lamp makes it easy to transport. The clean design and powerful light is great for the coming fall and winter months.

  28. Aside from all the benefits you already mentioned, it appeals to me that – if EVER you had to dust your work area – one continuous wipe with a dust rag cleans the whole appliance! No nooks and crannies to worry about!
    So sayeth Hanny with a y

  29. Looks like a perfect lamp for what I need.
    I sew a lot of black garments (habits for monks),
    and black on black is very hard on the eyes the
    older you get….. So – pick me! Pick me!! 🙂

  30. Lighting , oh my goodness. As I get older it seems I can’t get enough lighting. The Stella lamps are wonderful. The light is bright without the glare, no blinding happening there. Any one would benefit from using this lamp , embroidery , painting and so much more. good luck to all.

  31. Nicely written review of the Stella lamp. I like that it is small so it fits easily on a tabletop and I like the adjustability.

  32. What strikes me first is the sleek look and compact functionality of the Stella lamp.

  33. I was most impressed with how the cold lamp is. Temperature is important to me. Plus I can get it closer to my face because of bad eye sight. Thank you Mary for possting a Give Away.
    Caroline Weber, CA

  34. I really like the fact that is so portable. I teach jewelry classes and the rooms don’t always have the best lighting. Thanks for the give away. I enjoy your blog very much.

  35. The three different light settings are very interesting as well as the small size so it would easily be to totable to classes or hotels. Also, the bendable ability so you can keep it out of others eyes.

  36. I really like the fact that this lamp is LED. Also the three settings are really cool. Thanks for the giveaway. I’d so like to have this lamp!

  37. As my eyesight is going with my lofty age, this lamp would be a Godsend for me. The lamps I have, now, just don’t light my sewing surface enough for me to see well enough to get a perfectly spaced stitch.

  38. The lamp sounds fabulous. Many thanks to Needle in a Haystack for their generosity. The ability to vary the type of light is fascinating, and here in Arizona where the temperature is always warm, a cool light source is always appreciated.

  39. My favourite feature of the Stella table lamp is the fact that the head of the lamp can be moved not only up and down, but rotated to give more light in certain directions.

  40. The most appealing thing about the Stella lamp is the variety of lighting. If I’m working on a project in the natural daylight, then move to a room light, it makes my project look different.
    The size is another bonus. I have no regular workspace,so being able to move it easily is wonderful. I also suffer from SAD, and the natural light would be a great help.

  41. I was impressed with the different color settings. LED lights are great in that they don’t get hot, but the quality of the light sometimes is a tad eerie. Sounds like they’ve done a good job engineering this lamp. I’d love to have one!

  42. This Stella light looks like it would be an awesome addition to any stitching room. I am an avid cross stitcher, quilter, knitter and crocheter (if there is such a word). I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba so the light factor is An issue as the winter months approach. I would love to be able to use the Stella lamp to assist me as I stitch away into the night. Thanks for this opportunity. I look forward to your daily emails.

    Deborah Smyth

  43. I live in an older house, which I love, but the lighting is poor. With days getting shorter and the school year starting (I’m a teacher), my only time to sit down with my latest embroidery project is at night. The Stella lamp would be perfect to work on my stitching!

  44. The Stella lamp looks wonderful. I was very impressed with the three light settings. I use a full spectrum lamp now to do my needle work under but you just turn it on of off. No choice of lighting types. I would love to be the winner of the lamp. I would definately put it to good use since the days are already starting to get shorter here in Boston.

  45. I like the sleek, streamlined design of the lamp which makes it conducive to efficient organization in a small sewing space. Also, its portability makes the lamp a good choice for packing and traveling to sewing classes or even to a vacation destination.

  46. I go to many events and stitch get togethers and this lamp sounds perfect.

    What appeals to you most about the Stella lamp?

    Really I was taken by many features but two of my favorites were the portablitly..being able to take it with you…many places I stitch with others really need more and better lighting.

    The other was your comment…”However, the neck on the lamp is super-duper adjustable, and you can manipulate it quite a bit to shine the light right where you want it.”
    This is what I really need!!! Sounds perfect!!

    Thank you for a chance to win this wonderful lamp.
    Judy Starkey

  47. What appeals most to me about this cute little lamp is that it would be compact enough to fit on my work table without taking up too much space and providing just enough light for my project which is in the same room as our computer and sometimes the overhead lights need to be off for the sake of other viewers in the room! With this lamp, I could be in the same room as everyone else and still work on my project!

  48. I own a number of OTT Lights but none of them seem to provide me with lighting that is easy on the eyes yet bright enough to do hand embroidery and smocking work without eye strain. I think the Stella lamp would be the perfect lighting to solve this problem.

  49. What appeals to me is the portability of this lamp, in addition to the different light functions. I enjoyed your in-depth review of this product. I just had eye surgery and hope to be able to “see” with more clarity.


  50. The thing that appeals to me most about the Stella lamp is the variable lights, and also the lower temperature of the bulb – I love my current daylight spectrum worklights, but they do warm my workspace up too much for summer.

  51. I have a good light, just not a great light. The Stella light sounds like it is adjustable and efficient. And, my Aunt Stella taught me embroidery. Thanks for the great job you do, Mary. We couldn’t get through the day without you.

  52. When I first saw the picture of the lamp it was the design that I found most appealing. The lines if the arm from the base are easy on the eyes!
    But with reading your findings pro and con, it is the different lighting features that make it a splendid lamp.
    I could take it to a friend’s house for stitching in the Crypt ( her basement sewing room ) where we all gather.

  53. The Stella Lamp appeals to me because of its adjustable light settings and is easily transportable.

  54. Wow! Elegant and functional – just what my tired eyes and tired-looking workroom need. The Stella Lamp would improve my life, and my embroidery and beading, while also upgrading my space. I might even get into workroom cleaning just to welcome it.

  55. What I love about this lamp is it’s colour adjustability, and the fact that it looks fairly portable. My current daylight lamp is firmly established beside my chair and cannot be moved, so this would be wonderful on my desk, or to take away with me. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  56. I love the Stella light. I got to see it in use at a quilt camp that I went to. The owner is a moda rep and was promoting it. I would love to win it:) I also like the tall one. And I believe it had three different light strengths. Perfect for sewing, reading or putting on make-up.
    Charlene O’Connell

  57. Thank you for offering another lovely give away! One of the Stella lamp’s most appealing features is the cool LED lighting. Working under an incandescent lamp can be toasty!

  58. I was so impressed with the review of this lamp yesterday. The 3 types of light available, the sleeknes and it doesn’t get hot. Wow, that would be so great to make stitching easier and more pleasant….very exciting to imagine working with this lamp.

  59. I love that this lamp switches from warm to cool to neutral light! That is so high tech to me. ^_^

  60. I am always seeking the perfect light. I am not in need of magnification (yet), but do require a good light. The three choices make a lot of sense.

  61. What appeals most to me about this lamp is the ability to switch color settings and that one of those setting imitates natural daylight.

    I am taking medication for rheumatoid arthritis which negatively affects my vision and has really challenged me when trying to do needlework; embroidery especially. I have been searching for a light to purchase but have not been able to afford one yet. I would really love to try this Stella Lamp.

    The other things about this lamp that I like are the touch controls – again because of my R.A. which makes it very hard to grab those little knobs.

    My hands and my eyes suffer the most from my R.A. and a lamp like this would definitely make my favorite pasttime something I can do a lot easier.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  62. This is a wonderful giveaway. I think the lamp is wonderful, but the thing I like best about it is the way the neck is super-duper adjustable. The next feature I like the most is that it is small.

    Thank you so much for doing this!

  63. I liked the idea that it was very lightweight and easily carried. So often we take classes and the lighting is terrible.
    Carol b

  64. Great lines, compact style, different light- What’s not to like?
    Thank you, Mary and NIAH!

  65. I enjoyed your review of this Stella lamp. I like the sleek design and the fact that it is light weight. Thank you for introducing this to your followers!

  66. Hi Mary,
    What a great give-away! I love and need good light and love the cool LED’s. I usually do my hand work seated on the couch with a table next to me and this little light would work great. I am also a quilter and have other lights on my quilting table adjusted towards the needle plate. This little light would work great there too. Thanks to you and Needle in a Haystack for the lamp.

  67. I have tried a million types of lamps. I could start my own lamp store with my collection! I would like one that really produces natural light. I have made many color and stitching mistakes because the lighting was poor; at least I’ll blame it on that. I would like to solve that problem.

  68. As the last of the red hot Mamas – can you tell it’s that time of live for this female? – I’d love a lamp that does not add heat to the room. I’m generating enough heat all by myself. LOL

    Aside from the heat issue, the 3 different light types from one lamp is something I’ve never seen before. It would make it much easier to select colors for different light exposure.

    Thank-you so much for offering this giveaway. Diane

  69. I like the different light temperatures feature. Some days my eyes are very sensitive to light and being able to change that might really help. Thanks to you and Needle in a Haystack for the giveaway.

  70. My worktable is dotted with lamps, mostly Ott. I would love to have a lamp that would let me have different settings such as the Stella. I could see myself stiching on different colored fabric with lighting that wouldn’t tire my eyes out so. Thanks mucho and love the newletter everyday!!

  71. I really like the 3 modes of light that the Stella light offers as well as the lack of heat it puts off. When you work for long periods of time on something, heat all around you can really make a difference.

    Alice DeMik

  72. What I like most about the Stella lamp is its sleek design which it seems would allow me to see more of what I’m working on, without the body getting in the way. I also like it’s portability.

  73. Ah, let me me count the ways I love this lamp…
    One, I love the neck of the light, the way it can turn its head to see my embroidery. Two, it comes in two colors…I would choose white and Three, I love the three light settings to illuminate my threads perfectly. Please pick me:)

  74. The combination of the light and eye lense adjustment is so important in accomplishing a project comfortably. (And is seems to be a moving target with age!) I like that the unit has the three levels of adjustability, and doesn’t add heat to the project. What a wonderful give-away! I’m sure Stella and I would become good buddies!

  75. I would LOVE the light color options. Sometimes different threads can be seen more easily in a slightly different light. As I get older, I am having more difficulty being able to see well enough to stitch – I think the Stella lamp may be the answer for me!!

  76. I love this little lamp – it’s so sleek and compact and would be perfect to stitch with as I sit at my table to work on my bigger samplers! Please enter me in your drawing! It would also be great to travel with as it’s thin and sleek and would be easy to pack…..

  77. I truly like the idea that one can switch to the different light settings. That is a function I have not seen in any lamp unless you change out the bulb. This would be such a helpful addition to my stitching area.

  78. Hello!!
    Thank you for this giveaway!!
    What I like the most is the compactness and easiness to travel with.
    Kind regards

  79. This sounds like a great light to take with me to stitching events! The lightness is a big factor in that. I am short so one of the cons you listed won’t be a problem for me.

  80. What appeals to me the most?? Gosh, the fact that you can dim the light is wonderful! I also like the 3 spectrum choice of lights! The bendability is fabulous too. I never win anything, so I don’t suppose I’ll be lucky this time either, but oh how I would love to win!!

  81. I love the design of the stella lamp! It looks easy to move around so I don’t have to worry about my kids breaking it.

  82. After reading the review yesterday I was intrigued and want a chance to try it out. When I was a younger person clearly differentiating colors and even threading a needle wasn’t as much of a challenge as it is now. The ability to have different types of light seems wonderful!

  83. This lamp appears to be well designed!
    Light is so important! I just can’t see my work unless I have lots of light.
    I’m leaving now to stitch with a group of people. A nice lite weight lamp would really be useful . As I’m packing my bag to carry all my “stuff”!

  84. I love that it’s LED so it’s cool burning and energy efficient and that super bendy neck looks like it will be easy to get the light just where you need it.

  85. This lamp would be a delightful help to me especially now that I’m dealing with cataracts. To have a lamp that was flexible to twist the glare away from my eyes and onto the work itself and with the options of several types of lighting and dimming this Stella lamp should help me tremendously when I’m sewing by hand or on machine.
    Thank you for your wonderful reviews along with your tutorials, I continue to learn something new each and every day. Barbara

  86. I love the sleek design and the quality of the light. I usually sit under a floor lamp while embroidering, but after seeing how well this lamp lit up your project (even on my cell phone screen) I was convinced that a good lamp is the way to go!

  87. I loved the flexibility of the lamp. My sewing machine has LED’s but I find I need light over a broader area than it provides. Thank you for this lovely giveaway!

  88. I love the “no heat” factor. My current Ott lamp gets to hot. Between menopause, red wine and the ott lamp it gets fairly warm doing my needlework! Can’t do anything about the menopause, won’t do anything about the wine so the lamp is the solution to happy sewing!

  89. What a wonderful give-away! Mary, your recent discussion on lighting has highlighted (no pun intended) the challenge to find the right light and use it. It seems I continue to think the lighting is fine for a project, just to have my eyes tell me it isn’t! It’s true, too, that the outcome always suffers, sometimes resulting in do overs.

    Thank you for offer this lamp!

    Betty in Matthew, NC

  90. I really like the design and the lamp’s features. Been looking for a good table-top light and Stella would be a perfect fit for me.

  91. I love the stylish sleekness of the lamp and it’s slim enough not to take up a lot of room. I have an Ott light but it’s very heavy and big fora table lamp.
    Thanks for the offer!

  92. I love this lamp! One can never have enough lamps to stitch with especially when inviting stitching friends to join you! There are several things about this lamp that I like but I especially like the fact that it covers a large surface area! Thanks again for the great giveaway!

  93. Wow! Two things impress me most about the Stella.
    One is that the tone of light can be changed, and changed so easily, too. The other is that it’s so flexible. The older I get, the more light I need. I’ve already had my cataracts removed, but still I need more light at 66, and my birthday’s this Monday. What more is there in store? I’m just oh-so-lucky not to have more serious problems than needing more light. Thanks for the information about this wonderful light.

  94. The Stella Lamp would be awesome to own. I am attending several sewing workshops soon and really need some light weight task lighting. I love the sleek look of the lamp but especially like the fact that it is so adjustable, both in position and in light settings. Please, please pick my number!

  95. The slim line and the color choices in lighting. This would be so handy to have when picking floss colors.

  96. this lamp would allow me to continue embroidering.AS being a person with vision problems it would also make a good reading lamp as it is portable.

  97. The Stella lamp’s most appealing features for me are the ability to choose the light “color” and the dimmer function. I have problems with glare and have tried a number of lights ($$!) with mixed success. This one looks like it might work out well.

    Thanks to you and Needle in a Haystack for offering this giveaway.

  98. Hi- I like the fact that the light has the three settings. Currently I use an Ott light, and I often find that the “light” just isn’t right, especially when I’m using my own color combos.

  99. I like the sleek style of the lamp, which looks like it would fit easily in small spaces. My older eyes are much in need of light that can be easily directed. Thank you!

  100. I love that the light changes from cool to warm. I can think of lots of times I have needed or wanted that when working with my cool, led, magnifier. I think it’s stylish too.

  101. Thank you for all you time. Learning all the the new stitches is great. I look forward to you and you e-mail. Thanks again,
    Joyce Mulloy
    3891 Shenandoah Dr.
    Oceanside, Ca. 92056

  102. I love all the features of the Stella lamp, mostly I like the unobtrusive size and shape. I’m an older stitcher and need good light or I mess up, so lighting is very important to me where ever I go. And the Stella lamp looks so portable for stitching meetings.

  103. Hey! This lamp is named after my mother! Who wouldn’t want a lamp named after their mom…who taught her all things fiber”y”. Besides, I’m getting old”er” and my eyesight isn’t what it used to be. I find the more light the better so that when I finish a project I don’t take a good hard look at it in the light and say..what was I thinking?!? That color doesn’t match at all and how did I miss embroidering that entire berry over here? (true story). Thanks Mary!
    Brenda Day, Wilmington, Ohio

  104. I love your test Lamp Review. I have learned so many things from your column and I do think you have saved me money many times! The Stella desk lamp sounds like just what I need. I have one of the big floor lamps with magnifier, but it is HOT! I also find it takes too long to get comfortable and then I have to get up for something. Love 3 light settings. Also like that it is small to move around. I will want to use it for other crafts as well. Hope I win it! Thanks for your post!

  105. Would love to have the new Stella lamp! Love the way you can change light settings and position it close to your work !!

  106. I love the portability of the lamp so that you can take it where ever you want to stich. It would be great to take to guild meetings where we stich and use it at home as well. The older I get, I realize how important good lighting is for good stiches. Thank you for this opportunity Mary.

  107. Great giveaway! I love the compact size of the Stella lamp. I like to sit at my sewing machine table to do needlework sometimes, and only have a small amount of space for tabletop lighting, so this would be perfect!


  108. I love the fact that you can easily direct the light onto what you are working on. It makes all the difference to be able to see your work surface and see the quality of your stitches.

  109. The Stella light is not only very functional (as I get older I appreciate more light) but also beautiful. I love it when functionality is beautiful.

  110. I like the Stella Lamp because it would relieve these tired old eyes not only with needle work, but my jewelery work and pyogrophy.

  111. I have just started receiving your newsletters and am very new to the world of embroidery. Your photos of projects are simply gorgeous and make me so excited to learn to do this amazing work. A beautiful lamp to help me on this journey would be a wonderful blessing and a great tool. Thank you very much, and have a fantastic day! Melissa

  112. The thing that appeals to me most about the Stella lamp is the different light settings. Secondly the ability to turn it in whatever direction is needed would be very helpful. I am having increasing difficulty doing my embroidery without a very good light so this light sounds like it would help me immensely.

  113. Wow! Love this sleek design. The ability to change the kind of light we
    need is marvelous. I would love to have this light sitting on my table
    as I do my handwork. Wonderful for these older eyes.

  114. Well….
    At my age, I know I’m getting old when I say this;
    “So that I can SEE!”
    is the very MOST appealing thing about this lamp
    you are offering!!
    I recently argued with my Dr. that “I (did NOT)
    have CATARACTS, Why-I was way too young!”
    I guess he MUST have been right!
    Because shortly after he said that, I ordered
    what I thought was the “Perfect” lamp!!! I needed
    It to help me see to create the MOST IMPORTANT
    Heirloom for my New Granddaughter!
    A Christening Gown!!!!
    (I was facing Heirloom Embroidering a 50+ year
    old pattern on the front!). Oh my! What a challenge
    in itself. It ended up, the light that I had ordered
    for this special project was TERRIBLE!!! But I
    was crunched for time, so I made it work,
    (for the ceremony that is!)
    After my sweet Baby’s celebration, I took a really
    good look at my “Hierloom embroidering” and I
    started ripping it out!!!! Oh YES I DID!!! I DID!
    In order for me to try and tackle this MAJOR project
    again, I MUST have a better lite or a should I say a
    STELLA LITE !!!???!!!!
    (not ready to admit about the cataracts ; )

  115. Good Morning!

    I love the fact that the Stella lamp is so compact and easy to travel with. Good lighting to sew by is always crucial but I love the ease of transport and it’s design is so appealing! Looking forward to hearing the winner revealed! 🙂

  116. Stella looks perfect for me, since I now have serious arthritis in nearly all my joints. I like the weight (yes!), the shape, the positioning choices and especially the Cool setting. I have to sit in a very straight chair when stitching at a table, and this lamp would be perfect. Thanks very much for the offer!

  117. Hi Mary,
    Persoannly, I love the sleek look of the lamp. I currently use an OTT True Lite, which is wonderful, but I’d love to try something different.

  118. I will love to have this lamp. I think that its color setting feature is a plus-plus. I hope I will get it.

    Sal from Costa Rica.

  119. I have been looking for a good task lamp for embroidery for a long time and this one is just the thing. I like how simple and sleek it looks. The ability to adjust the lighting in so many ways has to be the best feature. Then, to put icing on the cake, it is truely portable. Thank you for sharing the information on this lamp and for the opportunity to win one.

  120. The thing I like most about the lamp is the portability. I can take it with me when I travel.

  121. The flexibility of the Stella lamp appeals to me most. My aging eyes need all the help they can get! I think this lamp would keep the fatigue factor at bay. Thank you for the giveaway as well as the thorough review.

  122. I have used Ott lamps for years. This appeals to me as it has such wonderful lighting. I can imagine using this in the evening and feeling like I am working with natural daylight.
    Would love this lamp

  123. Hi,

    What a great shape for a task lamp.
    I like the flexible arm and lighting options. I sure would like to win one!
    Thank you Mary.

  124. Hi Mary, this looks like a great lamp. Very portable, easy to move from room to room. I particularly like that it does not give off much heat like so many other lamps. Looks like it would not take up much surface space.

    Thank you for a very generous give away. All the best.

  125. Aziz, light!

    That base would fit perfectly on the armrest of the couch where I do my stitching. I have a tall lamp with issues and definitely prefer a smaller and brighter light.

  126. I like the portability. I have a very large lamp that can’t really be moved easily, so this would be well used in many situations. What a great offer

  127. I immediately went to the Haystack website after you highlighted the Stella light. What I would give to own that beauty! As we get older we need more light. LED’s are the best and this is so sleek in design that it would look great with any decor. I have an Ottlite but after seeing the Stella I will save my pennies to purchase one. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  128. thanks for the review of the lamp — I like how adjustable it it, so it can be angled right where I need it. And the Pixar pose! hah! 🙂

  129. WOW! This light couldn’t give much more. I need good light when I’m working & this seems to do the trick. The adjustability is a BIG plus. The appeal is pretty basic. Fantastic ‘options’ to light up my world!

  130. I like the Stella lamp for its compact size and portability and I also like that it has different light settings without giving off heat. I am learning so much from the emails I receive from you. Thank you.

    Vera from WV

  131. What a “sweet” little lamp. Love the small base, it can set any where without taking up a lot of room on a small table, and easy to take to retreats as well.

  132. This light sounds like it would be easy to carry to class
    Also has a good goose neck on it for turning in any direction also has three different lightings. Which makes it easy on the eyes and gives you the light on different types of fabric. Which no other company has. Its a great little light all the way around. Would love to own one of these. Thanks for the opportunity Mary to win one.

  133. I love the flexibility of the neck, to get the light to just the right pinpoint spot. I have a nice floorlamp for working on the big frame, but my little desk for working on special projects has atrocious light.

  134. Stella light give away
    Hi Mary:thank you for another great give away! My favorite feature or the Stella is the 3 light modes. I think this gives the stitcher greater ability to differentiate between threads which are very close together in tone or shade. Anything which gives me the ability to see clearer is an enormous benefit:I have been blessed with poor vision also. Thanks again Mary

  135. I find the different light settings to be of special interest, as well as the fact that the lamp doesn’t generate as much heat as normal magnifier lamps do. I think this would be good to carry to classes and retreats where you are never sure of your light source and how much you will be able to have at your own table, lol. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  136. The clean lines and awesome light that the Stella lamp gives out are the reasons I like the Stella lamp. The cute, compact shape is just a bonus. With thanks to you and Needle in a Haystack for this incredible give away. Peace, Cynthia

  137. The shape of that lamp is amazing. I like the sleek small shape of the lamp & that the head is flexible. The older I get the more I have to move my lighting around. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win during this giveaway!

  138. Wow! The Stella lamp sounds fantastic. I like the idea of being able to change the light spectrum which I cannot do with the OTT light I presently own.


  139. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for the lovely give away! The small, compact size is most appealing since I spend most weekends at the cottage and have to transport my supplies quite a bit. Good luck to everyone!

    Chris Beresford

  140. Pour moi la lampe Stella possede un design tres interessant. J’apprécie les 3 différents éclairage, ses variantes d’intensité et surtout qu’elle ne degage pas de chaleur contrairement à celles que je possèdent. je serais tres heureuse de la gagner, elle faciliterait la realisation de mes broderie et dentelle le soir. Bravo a Needle in Haystack pour ce magnifique cadeau.
    Micheline Guil.

  141. I love the idea of cool true light. It is nice that it has mulitple settings. I would love to do MORE stitching with a great light. thanks!!

  142. Hi Mary,

    Thanks so much for yet another fantastic give-away!! What I like most about the Stella lamp is its look. It’s so streeeeaaammmmllliiiinnne. Love it!

    Best wishes to you,
    Sandra F.

  143. Whoa! Good lighting is probably the most important thing for all the crafts I do and I never seem to get it. My eyes are weak anyway and I am shamefully complacent about not making sure the lighting is optimal or even good sometimes, I am in such a frenzy to do the craft. Your giveaway is a generous humanitarian act – maybe qualifies you for nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize!? What a nice thing to do. 🙂 Many thanks.

  144. Good morning, I would love to have this lamp. I am 67 years old and do needlepaint embroidery. At this time I wear magnifying glasses, a magnifying glass around my neck and three lamps around me so I can see. Everyone makes fun of me and says maybe I shouldn’t do this anymore but I love it. I am working on a lake landscape right now and can only work on it during the day. This lamp would sure help.

  145. Wow – what a great idea. I have lamps but the Stella Lamp has such a smaller base, plus the flexible neck would make getting to my stitching a lot easier. And the lighting, being able to adjust it how great is that. What can I say but that there are so many things that make it appealing to me.

  146. I love everything about this light from its flexibilty, portability and different light settings.
    Thanks for the generous giveway!

  147. I love that I would be able to see with this lamp! I live in the north and light can be an issue at times. All the adjustibility on it is a bonus!

  148. The Stella light is fascinating. I would love to play with the different kinds of colors the light puts out. I also like the size. I take a lot of classes and not all the rooms are lighted very well so a light to travel with would be great.

    Thanks for putting out your awesome blog every day.

  149. I think having one portable light with the 3 different color wave lengths is incredible. This would be a good thing when taking photos without flash.

  150. After reading the review on this lamp, I am pretty excited about it. I’m a hoop user, and it will fit nicely on my table and be directional enough to use with my hoop.

  151. Oh my gosh, this is what I need. My house is 150 years old and very bad lighting. I usually have to go outside or very near a window to see what I’m doing.

  152. Thank you for the wonderful offer! The “dull” season is just around the corner for Wisconsin, where it is often cloudy most of the winter. The Stella lamp offers nice features to combat the need for better lighting and I like the slim design.

  153. I love her slim good looks and the fact that she appears to just be begging for company. No need to put this babe away when company comes to visit. That light will quietly invite stitching on a cold and dreary day and can go where I go. She might be the answer to the long winter evenings in the travel trailer at the beach. (Not much you can do at the beach after a late afternoon sundown.) What’s not to like about dear Stella?

  154. A few things in the review of the Stella lamp caught my attention. I like the idea of the adjustability and flexibility of the lamp both are conducive to travel even if it is just around the room or house / from desk to table to other work surface. Next, since I am getting older I too am on a quest to find a light that can help my eyes do their optimal work. My house is not well lighted with overhead lights so it is a challenge to do many of the tasks I like doing. Recently when looking at one of my practice long and short stitches in broad daylight I realized how much I really didn’t see when working on my project late in the evening the night before.

    Love the reference to the Pixar lamp so cute!

    I think that this lamp would also help with the teeny tiny itty-bitty beads I have been using to make jewelry. Can’t string them if you can’t see the even teenier tinier itty-bittier hole.

    Don’t even get me started on the threading needles issue… there aren’t enough tools on the planet but a little “BIG” light might help!

  155. Sounds like a good lamp for me. I do a lot of embroidery as well as other things, that need good task lighting that’s portable and I have nothing like it as yet.I particularly like the fact that it’s so adjustable both as to the lighting and the direction of the light. I’ve tried other things but they don’t work very well.
    Thanks for the great opportunity.

  156. Without good lighting and magnification, sewing would not be the enjoyable hobby that it is to me. The more I learn, the more difficult the project and the Stella Lamp seems like the perfect addition to my necessary ‘tools’. The light selections are a great concept! Sign me up.

  157. This would be fantastic to use for stitching, traveling or even reading. These tired eyes definitely need some assistance. AWESOME!!!

  158. Thank you Mary for this opportunity! It’s just been about a year now since I took up embroidery and have learned so much from all your posts. I’ve purchased a few lamps but none have been much help. What appeals to me about this lamp is its different color hues and the fact that I could have it so close without being “sunburned” from heat, which makes it sound ideal!

  159. I would love a chance to win the Stella light. I always like trying new lights, I have both Daylight and Ott lights and think the low heat of the Stella might be nice for me living in the deep south. By this time of the summer – i am SICK of the heat and sometimes I find myself sweltering under my light and just have to turn it off and quit stitching. thanks for Cathe Ray for the giveaway and you too of course ! thanks Melody

  160. I think when you get to a certain age every little helps regarding lighting. It would be wonderful if these could be bought in ENgland. As soo as I saw it I wanted one ……but alas it’s not to be……. Kate butler

  161. I like how you can change the temperature of the light. Plus it looks pretty sleek as well 🙂

  162. This little thing solves all the problems I have with my aging Ott task light. First is the amazing fact that it stays cool. My old one hadn’t been replaced because I couldn’t find a full spectrum that stays cool, until you told me about the Stella. Finally, portability is very important in my house. I’m disabled and anything I’m working on has to go up and down two stair chairs. Two because one wouldn’t make the turn on our small landing. Size and weight are important with anything I’m hauling up and down stairs. Stella would quickly become a close friend, helping me stitch and read. Truthfully, the thought of a helpful new friend these days is quite exciting!

  163. Honestly, the fact that this lamp has my name, Stella, grabbed my attention first. What deserves my attention is the sleek design that makes it easy to use anywhere. I work in different locations, and most task lighting is too cumbersome to move around. I would love to win the Stella lamp, as I would love to have good lighting anywhere I do needle work.

  164. I was so very impressed with the Stella Lamp. The most impressive factor was the variable lighting choices available! However, the weight and the stability were also impressive. The base of my “older” lamp must weigh 10 pounds and it still isn’t very stable.

    I’m finding, as I age, good lighting is an absolute necessity. I rarely am able to stitch at night , which was a favorite, productive stitching time for me. The stitches were appearing better to me than they did in daylight. I was removing a lot of them. Also, some threads, for me, require supplemental lighting on cloudy days. The different lighting choices would allow me to select the most optimal light for the more difficult threads.

    Thanks to you and Needle In A Haystack for the chance to have a Stella Lamp.

  165. I would love to win the lamp. I like the size and the brightness. It should be perfect for my redwork embroidery as well as cross-stitch. I also do hand applique. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

    Connie L.

  166. everything appeals to me about the Stella Lamp!! I’m a senior, so need all the light I can get to do my stitching. and living in SK, the days here in winter are short, so a really good light is necessary for stitching. the flexibility of the lamp is a major factor too. would be a great help to me for my stitching! Elizabeth from SK

  167. Hi Mary,
    Thanks so much for your review of the Stella Lamp and for this giveaway. You and NIAH are so generous and I love learning through your continued guidance.

    What do I like about this lamp? I love it’s design, the fact that it is “tabletop” and able to be easily moved/adjusted and it is portable! My eyes are a challenge for me and it limits me. It seems like I am on the continual search for the appropriate light and because of that, I am limited to stitching only at certain times of the day. I would love to have this lamp because it sounds like the answer to my problems and who doesn’t want to stitch more?

    Thanks so much,
    Susan S

  168. I live in a hot and humid climate. So thr fact that the Stella lamp stays cool is a very appealing feature!

  169. I would absolutely love to have this lamp! As each year passes I am having more and more trouble seeing the tiny details that I enjoying stitching! Even with other well known lights, sometimes I have difficulty seeing. I would be super thrilled to have such a great quality lamp to stitch by!!

  170. What appears to be most appealing about this lamp is it’s ability to be flexible.. while busy working this is exactly what is needed.

    Kind regards. Chandra Leigh

  171. I love the stella lamp. I think the lamp is very compact and easy to travel it. I love it.
    Embroidery greetings,

  172. Oh how I’d love to have a Stella light. I love that it has the three different light settings, it has a dimmer and is easy to travel with.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  173. Mary! What a fabulous giveaway! I’ve been lurking and loving everything going on (and the e books!!). This lamp appeals to me because of geographical and medical reasons-I have a form of rheumatitis which affects everything from hands to feet (and my eyes, they tire very easily now) so I’m “relearning” how to embroider with that. Also we are moving to the NW, where good light is hard to comeby-this would be a blessing in our new home where I actually will have a dedicated space! Thank you for the chance to win such an amazing product! For me the appeal is all about still being able to do something I love.

  174. Thanks for the opportunity to win a Stella lamp. The style is contemporary and the “footprint” small–a good choice for my sewing table.

  175. I absolutely love your website. The information on this lamp has been wonderful and I would love to win one.

    1. I love the different settings, which I believe quite functional. Your information on this lamp is extremely helpful. Love your website.

  176. I like the Stella lamp for its compact size
    and it has a very stylish appearance. Many
    nice features.

  177. I think the Stella lamp would be a great tool to have for the workroom! Its size, mobility and multiple light settings are what make this lamp most appealing. I feel I would be able to put it anywhere and use it for any project that comes way. The light settings would be especially helpful when working with difficult color schemes.

  178. This is totally shallow, but I think it just looks cool! The sleek design is so different from any of my antiquated sewing/embroidery stuff. I’m like a kid when it comes to anything shiny, new and different. I want it!
    As I’ve gotten older, I do appreciate the best lighting possible, whether I’m in a needlework class, or just reading a book. I will for sure be putting this Stella lamp on my Christmas wish list.

  179. Recently I’ve been researching for a new portable lamp for stitching and using at my sewing machine. I was very curious about the ones that could change the lighting color, but their price was out of my budget. This lamp has that plus does not produce heat and is adjustable, all reasons I’d love to own it. Thank you and Needle in a Haystack for offfering this giveaway

  180. Thanks for the review, I had not heard of Stella lamps before. What appeals to me is the lack of heat and the light choices. My current light gets very hot to work under. The lamp would be very flexible with the light choices for different uses. My husband would be borrowing it for some of his projects. Maybe we’d need 2. 🙂

  181. I like the sleek design the color black and the fact it is transportable. Really nice looking. I can use it on my bedside table or next to the sewing machine. Have been upping the magnification on my cheaters maybe this will help me hide the running stitch and back stitch better.

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