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Stella Lamp Give-Away!


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Yesterday, I reviewed the Stella lamp for you – it’s a nice task lamp that works really well for hand embroidery, other arts and crafts, reading, writing, and the like. It’s also a great lamp for carrying to workshops and classes.

Today, courtesy of Needle in a Haystack, I’m giving away a Stella! I’m excited about it, too – with autumn and winter coming on in the States and the days getting shorter, it’s a great time to add a little more light to your life!

Stella Table Top Lamp

Lighting for embroidery is really important, so I appreciate the opportunity to promote good lighting whenever possible. Without good lighting for your needlework, eye strain is inevitable, and a good outcome for your project is less likely.

So here’s your opportunity to own a Stella – the same table top version I reviewed yesterday.

Note: as much as I’d like to offer the give-away for the whole wide world, today’s give-away is only for readers in the US & Canada, for obvious electrical reasons.

Give-Away Guidelines

this give away is now ended – thanks for participating!

If you’d like to participate in today’s give-away, please follow these guidelines:

1. Leave a comment below, at the end of today’s article on Needle ‘n Thread. You can follow this link to arrive directly at the correct comment box. Comments sent via email or left on other articles are not eligible.

2. In your comment, answer the following:

What appeals to you most about the Stella lamp?

3. Please make sure that you leave a recognizable name on your comment, either in the “name” line on the comment form or in the comment box.

4. Comments must be submitted by Wednesday, August 28th, 5:00 am CDT (Kansas, USA). The winner will be announced Wednesday morning and will need to contact me with a mailing address.

See? It’s pretty simple! Do join in!

And I’ll be so happy to draw a name next week and send a shiny new Stella off to a new home! Thanks again to Needle in a Haystack for the opportunity!


(752) Comments

  1. Hi 🙂

    The thing that appeals to me most about the Stella lamp is the adorable Pixar pose :-), but, from a more functional standpoint I like the different light temperatures and that the light can be dimmed.

  2. What a nice giveaway. I enjoyed reading your review yesterday. I think what I like the most is how compact it is. Easy to travel with.

  3. Thanks to you & to Needle in a Haystack for offering this chance to win a Stella lamp. I found your review really helpful.

    I think the smaller, lightweight size is very appealing. Good lighting is so critical for stitching – it would be great to have this to take along, too.

    Thanks, Mary!

    Brohr4 AT comcast. DOT net

  4. I love the sleekness of the lamp. The fact that you can move the neck in every which direction makes it quite favorable. You were right, having this beautiful lamp during autumn and winter months would be fantastic!

  5. I really like that the color of the light is adjustable. My favorite stitching light is daylight and in the winter in NJ it is hard to get much of that. I would love to have this nice little lamp to take with me to stitch groups and guild meetings.

  6. Hi! Gosh it would be lovely to win a Stella lamp. After reading your article I spent ages looking at lamps online. I love the Stella lamp for more than one reason. I don’t have a lamp is a good one! More importantly, the photo where you show the flexibility of the lamp neck really spoke to me. I thought it was just great to have that kind of range. I have arthritis and tenosynovitis and have to change hand posture a lot so being able to change the light is important to me. Best wishes, April Hurst

  7. I struggle the most with good lighting. I have tried so many different lights with burns to show for it. This light really seems to have the light and adjustability that I crave.

  8. I love the long, flexible neck in this lamp! It would sit on the table just in back of my couch and I could adjust it to shine right over my shoulder!

    Awesome little lamp, thanks for the review and opportunity to win!

  9. What appeals to me is the importance of good lighting when working on a project. There have been times when I have had to actually go outside in the natural light to see a difference in colors to decide which would be the better choice. I also think that preserving our eyes is very important and anything we can do to help the process is a benefit.

  10. What appeals to you most about the Stella lamp?

    It looks easy! I have other lamps (not with three lighting selections though!)but you have to arrange them just right, tighten screws, (sometimes find a screwdriver) and do various things JUST to make sure I have the light in the correct place. By then, I’m nearly too tired to stitch! The Stella lamp looks easy, which would save me time and give me some pretty awesome light, without a screwdriver! Karen Gass

  11. I think the Stella lamp is awesome! I love how portable it is. I tend to move to different locations when I stitch and like things to be as portable as possible. I also have a small house so having a lamp like the Stella lamp that doesn’t take up much space is good too. I really like how it has the lighting options. I work in many different techniques and have found that having the same light for all, is not ideal. I love its flexibility. Completing different sized projects would be no problem with the Stella Lamp. I love one !!

  12. I love the sleek design and the powerful light. With fall and winter not too far off my stitching time will increase and this would be a huge benefit to my stitching preventing eye strain and better visibility of my work!

  13. What I like about Stella Lamp: it is slim, so it does not take a lot of room on the table; the portion of light is long and bright. The color matches with everything! Very nice design as well!
    Vilma Spreuer

  14. Honestly it does not appeal to me as convenient lamp. I am puting lamp next to me on the left side when I’m stitching. It has to be with longer neck to stand far enough so that I do not knock it down and close enough to get light to the right place. This one does not seems to have that. In addition light has to turn around at least some so that I would get light exactly to direction I need, but not to my eyes or ‘close to where I need’. Not sure if this one is turnable at all. In any case I am ready to try it, evaluate and write public appologies as well as positive notes if it would really serve the purpose 100% as expected.

  15. The Stella Lamp looks faulous. Slim, trim and offers ME the light I need in order to keep stitching…….as I have vision disabilities and can only “see” with one eye!!
    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  16. The Stella lamp is an amazing carry lamp to take to classes, that’s what I love. With the winter months coming, the more natural light we have the better we feel. Embroidery and natural light, what could be better.

  17. The adaptability is the feature I like very much about the Stella lamp — being able to change the effect of the light. That and light weight,always a big feature when you’re carrying all kinds of needlework supplies and bags everywhere!

  18. Hi Mary, Wow! This is a great give-away. You know, what appeals to me most is its aesthetics: I like the shape and I like the fold-up-edness. As for function, the ability to change the light types is great for me. I like it all! I can picture it on my work desk or at a workshop. Thanks for the great review; you can tell NIAH that it drove me to its website!

  19. I love the super adjustable neck on the Stella. Sometimes I need the light to shine in an odd direction. This lamp is perfect.

  20. Let’s see what do I like about the Stella light? EVERYTHING! I have been using Ott Lites for years now however unlike the Stella it’s “reach” is limited (it really needs to be very close to be useful (at least for me). The Stella seems to have a much better “reach” and it looks very stylish.

  21. I like the Stella lamp because it is only by using the Stella lamp that I am able to stitch at night, when I use it on dark areas I miss fewer stitches and being able to adjust the angle allows me to use it with any section of any sized canvas.

  22. What do I like best? hard to pick just one feature, but love that you can change the setting, and of course the fact that it is a “cool” lamp!

  23. I really enjoyed yesterday’s article detailing the Stella lamp…so much so that I actually checked it out on Amazon! (You weren’t kidding when you stated in the article that the lamp is a bit high-priced!) One of the best features this lamp offers is the direct-ness of the light. It’s definitely a TASK light, instead of encasing your entire work space in a large flood of light. I also like the dimmer option on it, as well as the 3 settings…making this a multi-task lamp indeed! Because the lamp isn’t too large, this makes it perfectly suitable for small workspaces. Thanks for introducing us to this versatile light!

  24. Your review if the Stella lamp sounds like just what I need. With my declining eye sught, the only place I am comfortable stitching is at home with my floor stand magnifier/lamp. At the end of September I am taking a two-day needlepoint class from ine if my favorite Canadian designers and even though I have a small portable magnifier, the light at these clsses are never enough – it would be lovely to have a small lamp such as the Stella to take with me to these classes.

  25. what an amazing tool. I have difficulty seeing but refuse to give up my favorite things to do…stitching!
    I LOVE the shape of this lamp and especially like that it can be placed so close to my work without getting in the way and give me accurate an accurate reading of the color I am using.


  26. I learned many years ago that excellent light is essential. Preferably a sunny window or the great outdoors but that is not always possible. I have used an Ott light for a long time (table & floor) and they have served well, but it is time to think about something stronger. The doc mentioned “catarac” the last time I was there — not good! The light weight, portability and especially the excellent light it would provide makes it very attractive indeed! It would be good to start while I decide which floor lamp to purchase. Thanks!

  27. What appeals most to me about the Stella lamp is the fact that there are different settings – the different colours of light and the fact that it is light and portable – for taking to the embroidery group gatherings and the doll club meetings.

    1. The Stella Lamp is one that works well for me, since I stitch on the go all the time. We are either home or at our cottage and the Stella Lamp makes it easy to transport. The clean design and powerful light is great for the coming fall and winter months.

  28. Aside from all the benefits you already mentioned, it appeals to me that – if EVER you had to dust your work area – one continuous wipe with a dust rag cleans the whole appliance! No nooks and crannies to worry about!
    So sayeth Hanny with a y

  29. Looks like a perfect lamp for what I need.
    I sew a lot of black garments (habits for monks),
    and black on black is very hard on the eyes the
    older you get….. So – pick me! Pick me!! 🙂

  30. Lighting , oh my goodness. As I get older it seems I can’t get enough lighting. The Stella lamps are wonderful. The light is bright without the glare, no blinding happening there. Any one would benefit from using this lamp , embroidery , painting and so much more. good luck to all.

  31. Nicely written review of the Stella lamp. I like that it is small so it fits easily on a tabletop and I like the adjustability.

  32. What strikes me first is the sleek look and compact functionality of the Stella lamp.

  33. I was most impressed with how the cold lamp is. Temperature is important to me. Plus I can get it closer to my face because of bad eye sight. Thank you Mary for possting a Give Away.
    Caroline Weber, CA

  34. I really like the fact that is so portable. I teach jewelry classes and the rooms don’t always have the best lighting. Thanks for the give away. I enjoy your blog very much.

  35. The three different light settings are very interesting as well as the small size so it would easily be to totable to classes or hotels. Also, the bendable ability so you can keep it out of others eyes.

  36. I really like the fact that this lamp is LED. Also the three settings are really cool. Thanks for the giveaway. I’d so like to have this lamp!

  37. As my eyesight is going with my lofty age, this lamp would be a Godsend for me. The lamps I have, now, just don’t light my sewing surface enough for me to see well enough to get a perfectly spaced stitch.

  38. The lamp sounds fabulous. Many thanks to Needle in a Haystack for their generosity. The ability to vary the type of light is fascinating, and here in Arizona where the temperature is always warm, a cool light source is always appreciated.

  39. My favourite feature of the Stella table lamp is the fact that the head of the lamp can be moved not only up and down, but rotated to give more light in certain directions.

  40. The most appealing thing about the Stella lamp is the variety of lighting. If I’m working on a project in the natural daylight, then move to a room light, it makes my project look different.
    The size is another bonus. I have no regular workspace,so being able to move it easily is wonderful. I also suffer from SAD, and the natural light would be a great help.

  41. I was impressed with the different color settings. LED lights are great in that they don’t get hot, but the quality of the light sometimes is a tad eerie. Sounds like they’ve done a good job engineering this lamp. I’d love to have one!

  42. This Stella light looks like it would be an awesome addition to any stitching room. I am an avid cross stitcher, quilter, knitter and crocheter (if there is such a word). I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba so the light factor is An issue as the winter months approach. I would love to be able to use the Stella lamp to assist me as I stitch away into the night. Thanks for this opportunity. I look forward to your daily emails.

    Deborah Smyth

  43. I live in an older house, which I love, but the lighting is poor. With days getting shorter and the school year starting (I’m a teacher), my only time to sit down with my latest embroidery project is at night. The Stella lamp would be perfect to work on my stitching!

  44. The Stella lamp looks wonderful. I was very impressed with the three light settings. I use a full spectrum lamp now to do my needle work under but you just turn it on of off. No choice of lighting types. I would love to be the winner of the lamp. I would definately put it to good use since the days are already starting to get shorter here in Boston.

  45. I like the sleek, streamlined design of the lamp which makes it conducive to efficient organization in a small sewing space. Also, its portability makes the lamp a good choice for packing and traveling to sewing classes or even to a vacation destination.

  46. I go to many events and stitch get togethers and this lamp sounds perfect.

    What appeals to you most about the Stella lamp?

    Really I was taken by many features but two of my favorites were the portablitly..being able to take it with you…many places I stitch with others really need more and better lighting.

    The other was your comment…”However, the neck on the lamp is super-duper adjustable, and you can manipulate it quite a bit to shine the light right where you want it.”
    This is what I really need!!! Sounds perfect!!

    Thank you for a chance to win this wonderful lamp.
    Judy Starkey

  47. What appeals most to me about this cute little lamp is that it would be compact enough to fit on my work table without taking up too much space and providing just enough light for my project which is in the same room as our computer and sometimes the overhead lights need to be off for the sake of other viewers in the room! With this lamp, I could be in the same room as everyone else and still work on my project!

  48. I own a number of OTT Lights but none of them seem to provide me with lighting that is easy on the eyes yet bright enough to do hand embroidery and smocking work without eye strain. I think the Stella lamp would be the perfect lighting to solve this problem.

  49. What appeals to me is the portability of this lamp, in addition to the different light functions. I enjoyed your in-depth review of this product. I just had eye surgery and hope to be able to “see” with more clarity.


  50. The thing that appeals to me most about the Stella lamp is the variable lights, and also the lower temperature of the bulb – I love my current daylight spectrum worklights, but they do warm my workspace up too much for summer.

  51. I have a good light, just not a great light. The Stella light sounds like it is adjustable and efficient. And, my Aunt Stella taught me embroidery. Thanks for the great job you do, Mary. We couldn’t get through the day without you.

  52. When I first saw the picture of the lamp it was the design that I found most appealing. The lines if the arm from the base are easy on the eyes!
    But with reading your findings pro and con, it is the different lighting features that make it a splendid lamp.
    I could take it to a friend’s house for stitching in the Crypt ( her basement sewing room ) where we all gather.

  53. The Stella Lamp appeals to me because of its adjustable light settings and is easily transportable.

  54. Wow! Elegant and functional – just what my tired eyes and tired-looking workroom need. The Stella Lamp would improve my life, and my embroidery and beading, while also upgrading my space. I might even get into workroom cleaning just to welcome it.

  55. What I love about this lamp is it’s colour adjustability, and the fact that it looks fairly portable. My current daylight lamp is firmly established beside my chair and cannot be moved, so this would be wonderful on my desk, or to take away with me. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  56. I love the Stella light. I got to see it in use at a quilt camp that I went to. The owner is a moda rep and was promoting it. I would love to win it:) I also like the tall one. And I believe it had three different light strengths. Perfect for sewing, reading or putting on make-up.
    Charlene O’Connell

  57. Thank you for offering another lovely give away! One of the Stella lamp’s most appealing features is the cool LED lighting. Working under an incandescent lamp can be toasty!

  58. I was so impressed with the review of this lamp yesterday. The 3 types of light available, the sleeknes and it doesn’t get hot. Wow, that would be so great to make stitching easier and more pleasant….very exciting to imagine working with this lamp.

  59. I love that this lamp switches from warm to cool to neutral light! That is so high tech to me. ^_^

  60. I am always seeking the perfect light. I am not in need of magnification (yet), but do require a good light. The three choices make a lot of sense.

  61. What appeals most to me about this lamp is the ability to switch color settings and that one of those setting imitates natural daylight.

    I am taking medication for rheumatoid arthritis which negatively affects my vision and has really challenged me when trying to do needlework; embroidery especially. I have been searching for a light to purchase but have not been able to afford one yet. I would really love to try this Stella Lamp.

    The other things about this lamp that I like are the touch controls – again because of my R.A. which makes it very hard to grab those little knobs.

    My hands and my eyes suffer the most from my R.A. and a lamp like this would definitely make my favorite pasttime something I can do a lot easier.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  62. This is a wonderful giveaway. I think the lamp is wonderful, but the thing I like best about it is the way the neck is super-duper adjustable. The next feature I like the most is that it is small.

    Thank you so much for doing this!

  63. I liked the idea that it was very lightweight and easily carried. So often we take classes and the lighting is terrible.
    Carol b

  64. The Stella light has so many great features, but one thing I really appreciate is no heat.

  65. Great lines, compact style, different light- What’s not to like?
    Thank you, Mary and NIAH!

  66. I enjoyed your review of this Stella lamp. I like the sleek design and the fact that it is light weight. Thank you for introducing this to your followers!

  67. Hi Mary,
    What a great give-away! I love and need good light and love the cool LED’s. I usually do my hand work seated on the couch with a table next to me and this little light would work great. I am also a quilter and have other lights on my quilting table adjusted towards the needle plate. This little light would work great there too. Thanks to you and Needle in a Haystack for the lamp.

  68. I have tried a million types of lamps. I could start my own lamp store with my collection! I would like one that really produces natural light. I have made many color and stitching mistakes because the lighting was poor; at least I’ll blame it on that. I would like to solve that problem.

  69. As the last of the red hot Mamas – can you tell it’s that time of live for this female? – I’d love a lamp that does not add heat to the room. I’m generating enough heat all by myself. LOL

    Aside from the heat issue, the 3 different light types from one lamp is something I’ve never seen before. It would make it much easier to select colors for different light exposure.

    Thank-you so much for offering this giveaway. Diane

  70. I like the different light temperatures feature. Some days my eyes are very sensitive to light and being able to change that might really help. Thanks to you and Needle in a Haystack for the giveaway.

  71. My worktable is dotted with lamps, mostly Ott. I would love to have a lamp that would let me have different settings such as the Stella. I could see myself stiching on different colored fabric with lighting that wouldn’t tire my eyes out so. Thanks mucho and love the newletter everyday!!

  72. I really like the 3 modes of light that the Stella light offers as well as the lack of heat it puts off. When you work for long periods of time on something, heat all around you can really make a difference.

    Alice DeMik

  73. What I like most about the Stella lamp is its sleek design which it seems would allow me to see more of what I’m working on, without the body getting in the way. I also like it’s portability.

  74. Ah, let me me count the ways I love this lamp…
    One, I love the neck of the light, the way it can turn its head to see my embroidery. Two, it comes in two colors…I would choose white and Three, I love the three light settings to illuminate my threads perfectly. Please pick me:)

  75. The combination of the light and eye lense adjustment is so important in accomplishing a project comfortably. (And is seems to be a moving target with age!) I like that the unit has the three levels of adjustability, and doesn’t add heat to the project. What a wonderful give-away! I’m sure Stella and I would become good buddies!

  76. I would LOVE the light color options. Sometimes different threads can be seen more easily in a slightly different light. As I get older, I am having more difficulty being able to see well enough to stitch – I think the Stella lamp may be the answer for me!!

  77. I love this little lamp – it’s so sleek and compact and would be perfect to stitch with as I sit at my table to work on my bigger samplers! Please enter me in your drawing! It would also be great to travel with as it’s thin and sleek and would be easy to pack…..

  78. I truly like the idea that one can switch to the different light settings. That is a function I have not seen in any lamp unless you change out the bulb. This would be such a helpful addition to my stitching area.

  79. Hello!!
    Thank you for this giveaway!!
    What I like the most is the compactness and easiness to travel with.
    Kind regards

  80. This sounds like a great light to take with me to stitching events! The lightness is a big factor in that. I am short so one of the cons you listed won’t be a problem for me.

  81. What appeals to me the most?? Gosh, the fact that you can dim the light is wonderful! I also like the 3 spectrum choice of lights! The bendability is fabulous too. I never win anything, so I don’t suppose I’ll be lucky this time either, but oh how I would love to win!!

  82. I love the design of the stella lamp! It looks easy to move around so I don’t have to worry about my kids breaking it.

  83. After reading the review yesterday I was intrigued and want a chance to try it out. When I was a younger person clearly differentiating colors and even threading a needle wasn’t as much of a challenge as it is now. The ability to have different types of light seems wonderful!

  84. This lamp appears to be well designed!
    Light is so important! I just can’t see my work unless I have lots of light.
    I’m leaving now to stitch with a group of people. A nice lite weight lamp would really be useful . As I’m packing my bag to carry all my “stuff”!

  85. I love that it’s LED so it’s cool burning and energy efficient and that super bendy neck looks like it will be easy to get the light just where you need it.

  86. This lamp would be a delightful help to me especially now that I’m dealing with cataracts. To have a lamp that was flexible to twist the glare away from my eyes and onto the work itself and with the options of several types of lighting and dimming this Stella lamp should help me tremendously when I’m sewing by hand or on machine.
    Thank you for your wonderful reviews along with your tutorials, I continue to learn something new each and every day. Barbara

  87. I love the sleek design and the quality of the light. I usually sit under a floor lamp while embroidering, but after seeing how well this lamp lit up your project (even on my cell phone screen) I was convinced that a good lamp is the way to go!

  88. I loved the flexibility of the lamp. My sewing machine has LED’s but I find I need light over a broader area than it provides. Thank you for this lovely giveaway!

  89. I love the “no heat” factor. My current Ott lamp gets to hot. Between menopause, red wine and the ott lamp it gets fairly warm doing my needlework! Can’t do anything about the menopause, won’t do anything about the wine so the lamp is the solution to happy sewing!

  90. What a wonderful give-away! Mary, your recent discussion on lighting has highlighted (no pun intended) the challenge to find the right light and use it. It seems I continue to think the lighting is fine for a project, just to have my eyes tell me it isn’t! It’s true, too, that the outcome always suffers, sometimes resulting in do overs.

    Thank you for offer this lamp!

    Betty in Matthew, NC

  91. I really like the design and the lamp’s features. Been looking for a good table-top light and Stella would be a perfect fit for me.

  92. I love the stylish sleekness of the lamp and it’s slim enough not to take up a lot of room. I have an Ott light but it’s very heavy and big fora table lamp.
    Thanks for the offer!

  93. I love this lamp! One can never have enough lamps to stitch with especially when inviting stitching friends to join you! There are several things about this lamp that I like but I especially like the fact that it covers a large surface area! Thanks again for the great giveaway!

  94. Wow! Two things impress me most about the Stella.
    One is that the tone of light can be changed, and changed so easily, too. The other is that it’s so flexible. The older I get, the more light I need. I’ve already had my cataracts removed, but still I need more light at 66, and my birthday’s this Monday. What more is there in store? I’m just oh-so-lucky not to have more serious problems than needing more light. Thanks for the information about this wonderful light.

  95. The Stella Lamp would be awesome to own. I am attending several sewing workshops soon and really need some light weight task lighting. I love the sleek look of the lamp but especially like the fact that it is so adjustable, both in position and in light settings. Please, please pick my number!

  96. The slim line and the color choices in lighting. This would be so handy to have when picking floss colors.

  97. this lamp would allow me to continue embroidering.AS being a person with vision problems it would also make a good reading lamp as it is portable.

  98. The Stella lamp’s most appealing features for me are the ability to choose the light “color” and the dimmer function. I have problems with glare and have tried a number of lights ($$!) with mixed success. This one looks like it might work out well.

    Thanks to you and Needle in a Haystack for offering this giveaway.

  99. Hi- I like the fact that the light has the three settings. Currently I use an Ott light, and I often find that the “light” just isn’t right, especially when I’m using my own color combos.

  100. I like the sleek style of the lamp, which looks like it would fit easily in small spaces. My older eyes are much in need of light that can be easily directed. Thank you!

  101. I love that the light changes from cool to warm. I can think of lots of times I have needed or wanted that when working with my cool, led, magnifier. I think it’s stylish too.

  102. Thank you for all you time. Learning all the the new stitches is great. I look forward to you and you e-mail. Thanks again,
    Joyce Mulloy
    3891 Shenandoah Dr.
    Oceanside, Ca. 92056

  103. I love all the features of the Stella lamp, mostly I like the unobtrusive size and shape. I’m an older stitcher and need good light or I mess up, so lighting is very important to me where ever I go. And the Stella lamp looks so portable for stitching meetings.

  104. Hey! This lamp is named after my mother! Who wouldn’t want a lamp named after their mom…who taught her all things fiber”y”. Besides, I’m getting old”er” and my eyesight isn’t what it used to be. I find the more light the better so that when I finish a project I don’t take a good hard look at it in the light and say..what was I thinking?!? That color doesn’t match at all and how did I miss embroidering that entire berry over here? (true story). Thanks Mary!
    Brenda Day, Wilmington, Ohio

  105. I love your test Lamp Review. I have learned so many things from your column and I do think you have saved me money many times! The Stella desk lamp sounds like just what I need. I have one of the big floor lamps with magnifier, but it is HOT! I also find it takes too long to get comfortable and then I have to get up for something. Love 3 light settings. Also like that it is small to move around. I will want to use it for other crafts as well. Hope I win it! Thanks for your post!

  106. Would love to have the new Stella lamp! Love the way you can change light settings and position it close to your work !!

  107. I love the portability of the lamp so that you can take it where ever you want to stich. It would be great to take to guild meetings where we stich and use it at home as well. The older I get, I realize how important good lighting is for good stiches. Thank you for this opportunity Mary.

  108. Great giveaway! I love the compact size of the Stella lamp. I like to sit at my sewing machine table to do needlework sometimes, and only have a small amount of space for tabletop lighting, so this would be perfect!


  109. I love the fact that you can easily direct the light onto what you are working on. It makes all the difference to be able to see your work surface and see the quality of your stitches.

  110. The Stella light is not only very functional (as I get older I appreciate more light) but also beautiful. I love it when functionality is beautiful.

  111. I like the Stella Lamp because it would relieve these tired old eyes not only with needle work, but my jewelery work and pyogrophy.

  112. I have just started receiving your newsletters and am very new to the world of embroidery. Your photos of projects are simply gorgeous and make me so excited to learn to do this amazing work. A beautiful lamp to help me on this journey would be a wonderful blessing and a great tool. Thank you very much, and have a fantastic day! Melissa

  113. The thing that appeals to me most about the Stella lamp is the different light settings. Secondly the ability to turn it in whatever direction is needed would be very helpful. I am having increasing difficulty doing my embroidery without a very good light so this light sounds like it would help me immensely.

  114. Wow! Love this sleek design. The ability to change the kind of light we
    need is marvelous. I would love to have this light sitting on my table
    as I do my handwork. Wonderful for these older eyes.

  115. Well….
    At my age, I know I’m getting old when I say this;
    “So that I can SEE!”
    is the very MOST appealing thing about this lamp
    you are offering!!
    I recently argued with my Dr. that “I (did NOT)
    have CATARACTS, Why-I was way too young!”
    I guess he MUST have been right!
    Because shortly after he said that, I ordered
    what I thought was the “Perfect” lamp!!! I needed
    It to help me see to create the MOST IMPORTANT
    Heirloom for my New Granddaughter!
    A Christening Gown!!!!
    (I was facing Heirloom Embroidering a 50+ year
    old pattern on the front!). Oh my! What a challenge
    in itself. It ended up, the light that I had ordered
    for this special project was TERRIBLE!!! But I
    was crunched for time, so I made it work,
    (for the ceremony that is!)
    After my sweet Baby’s celebration, I took a really
    good look at my “Hierloom embroidering” and I
    started ripping it out!!!! Oh YES I DID!!! I DID!
    In order for me to try and tackle this MAJOR project
    again, I MUST have a better lite or a should I say a
    STELLA LITE !!!???!!!!
    (not ready to admit about the cataracts ; )

  116. Good Morning!

    I love the fact that the Stella lamp is so compact and easy to travel with. Good lighting to sew by is always crucial but I love the ease of transport and it’s design is so appealing! Looking forward to hearing the winner revealed! 🙂

  117. Stella looks perfect for me, since I now have serious arthritis in nearly all my joints. I like the weight (yes!), the shape, the positioning choices and especially the Cool setting. I have to sit in a very straight chair when stitching at a table, and this lamp would be perfect. Thanks very much for the offer!

  118. Hi Mary,
    Persoannly, I love the sleek look of the lamp. I currently use an OTT True Lite, which is wonderful, but I’d love to try something different.

  119. I will love to have this lamp. I think that its color setting feature is a plus-plus. I hope I will get it.

    Sal from Costa Rica.

  120. Hi Mary,
    I think the Stella Lamp looks very compact and would look unobtrusive on a table.

  121. I have been looking for a good task lamp for embroidery for a long time and this one is just the thing. I like how simple and sleek it looks. The ability to adjust the lighting in so many ways has to be the best feature. Then, to put icing on the cake, it is truely portable. Thank you for sharing the information on this lamp and for the opportunity to win one.

  122. The thing I like most about the lamp is the portability. I can take it with me when I travel.

  123. The flexibility of the Stella lamp appeals to me most. My aging eyes need all the help they can get! I think this lamp would keep the fatigue factor at bay. Thank you for the giveaway as well as the thorough review.

  124. I have used Ott lamps for years. This appeals to me as it has such wonderful lighting. I can imagine using this in the evening and feeling like I am working with natural daylight.
    Would love this lamp

  125. Hi,

    What a great shape for a task lamp.
    I like the flexible arm and lighting options. I sure would like to win one!
    Thank you Mary.

  126. Hi Mary, this looks like a great lamp. Very portable, easy to move from room to room. I particularly like that it does not give off much heat like so many other lamps. Looks like it would not take up much surface space.

    Thank you for a very generous give away. All the best.

  127. Aziz, light!

    That base would fit perfectly on the armrest of the couch where I do my stitching. I have a tall lamp with issues and definitely prefer a smaller and brighter light.

  128. I like the portability. I have a very large lamp that can’t really be moved easily, so this would be well used in many situations. What a great offer

  129. I immediately went to the Haystack website after you highlighted the Stella light. What I would give to own that beauty! As we get older we need more light. LED’s are the best and this is so sleek in design that it would look great with any decor. I have an Ottlite but after seeing the Stella I will save my pennies to purchase one. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  130. thanks for the review of the lamp — I like how adjustable it it, so it can be angled right where I need it. And the Pixar pose! hah! 🙂

  131. WOW! This light couldn’t give much more. I need good light when I’m working & this seems to do the trick. The adjustability is a BIG plus. The appeal is pretty basic. Fantastic ‘options’ to light up my world!

  132. I like the Stella lamp for its compact size and portability and I also like that it has different light settings without giving off heat. I am learning so much from the emails I receive from you. Thank you.

    Vera from WV

  133. What a “sweet” little lamp. Love the small base, it can set any where without taking up a lot of room on a small table, and easy to take to retreats as well.

  134. This light sounds like it would be easy to carry to class
    Also has a good goose neck on it for turning in any direction also has three different lightings. Which makes it easy on the eyes and gives you the light on different types of fabric. Which no other company has. Its a great little light all the way around. Would love to own one of these. Thanks for the opportunity Mary to win one.

  135. I love the flexibility of the neck, to get the light to just the right pinpoint spot. I have a nice floorlamp for working on the big frame, but my little desk for working on special projects has atrocious light.

  136. Stella light give away
    Hi Mary:thank you for another great give away! My favorite feature or the Stella is the 3 light modes. I think this gives the stitcher greater ability to differentiate between threads which are very close together in tone or shade. Anything which gives me the ability to see clearer is an enormous benefit:I have been blessed with poor vision also. Thanks again Mary

  137. I find the different light settings to be of special interest, as well as the fact that the lamp doesn’t generate as much heat as normal magnifier lamps do. I think this would be good to carry to classes and retreats where you are never sure of your light source and how much you will be able to have at your own table, lol. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  138. The clean lines and awesome light that the Stella lamp gives out are the reasons I like the Stella lamp. The cute, compact shape is just a bonus. With thanks to you and Needle in a Haystack for this incredible give away. Peace, Cynthia

  139. The shape of that lamp is amazing. I like the sleek small shape of the lamp & that the head is flexible. The older I get the more I have to move my lighting around. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win during this giveaway!

  140. Wow! The Stella lamp sounds fantastic. I like the idea of being able to change the light spectrum which I cannot do with the OTT light I presently own.


  141. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for the lovely give away! The small, compact size is most appealing since I spend most weekends at the cottage and have to transport my supplies quite a bit. Good luck to everyone!

    Chris Beresford

  142. Pour moi la lampe Stella possede un design tres interessant. J’apprécie les 3 différents éclairage, ses variantes d’intensité et surtout qu’elle ne degage pas de chaleur contrairement à celles que je possèdent. je serais tres heureuse de la gagner, elle faciliterait la realisation de mes broderie et dentelle le soir. Bravo a Needle in Haystack pour ce magnifique cadeau.
    Micheline Guil.

  143. I love the idea of cool true light. It is nice that it has mulitple settings. I would love to do MORE stitching with a great light. thanks!!

  144. Hi Mary,

    Thanks so much for yet another fantastic give-away!! What I like most about the Stella lamp is its look. It’s so streeeeaaammmmllliiiinnne. Love it!

    Best wishes to you,
    Sandra F.

  145. Whoa! Good lighting is probably the most important thing for all the crafts I do and I never seem to get it. My eyes are weak anyway and I am shamefully complacent about not making sure the lighting is optimal or even good sometimes, I am in such a frenzy to do the craft. Your giveaway is a generous humanitarian act – maybe qualifies you for nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize!? What a nice thing to do. 🙂 Many thanks.

  146. Good morning, I would love to have this lamp. I am 67 years old and do needlepaint embroidery. At this time I wear magnifying glasses, a magnifying glass around my neck and three lamps around me so I can see. Everyone makes fun of me and says maybe I shouldn’t do this anymore but I love it. I am working on a lake landscape right now and can only work on it during the day. This lamp would sure help.

  147. Wow – what a great idea. I have lamps but the Stella Lamp has such a smaller base, plus the flexible neck would make getting to my stitching a lot easier. And the lighting, being able to adjust it how great is that. What can I say but that there are so many things that make it appealing to me.

  148. I love everything about this light from its flexibilty, portability and different light settings.
    Thanks for the generous giveway!

  149. I love that I would be able to see with this lamp! I live in the north and light can be an issue at times. All the adjustibility on it is a bonus!

  150. The Stella light is fascinating. I would love to play with the different kinds of colors the light puts out. I also like the size. I take a lot of classes and not all the rooms are lighted very well so a light to travel with would be great.

    Thanks for putting out your awesome blog every day.

  151. I think having one portable light with the 3 different color wave lengths is incredible. This would be a good thing when taking photos without flash.

  152. After reading the review on this lamp, I am pretty excited about it. I’m a hoop user, and it will fit nicely on my table and be directional enough to use with my hoop.

  153. Oh my gosh, this is what I need. My house is 150 years old and very bad lighting. I usually have to go outside or very near a window to see what I’m doing.

  154. Thank you for the wonderful offer! The “dull” season is just around the corner for Wisconsin, where it is often cloudy most of the winter. The Stella lamp offers nice features to combat the need for better lighting and I like the slim design.

  155. I love her slim good looks and the fact that she appears to just be begging for company. No need to put this babe away when company comes to visit. That light will quietly invite stitching on a cold and dreary day and can go where I go. She might be the answer to the long winter evenings in the travel trailer at the beach. (Not much you can do at the beach after a late afternoon sundown.) What’s not to like about dear Stella?

  156. A few things in the review of the Stella lamp caught my attention. I like the idea of the adjustability and flexibility of the lamp both are conducive to travel even if it is just around the room or house / from desk to table to other work surface. Next, since I am getting older I too am on a quest to find a light that can help my eyes do their optimal work. My house is not well lighted with overhead lights so it is a challenge to do many of the tasks I like doing. Recently when looking at one of my practice long and short stitches in broad daylight I realized how much I really didn’t see when working on my project late in the evening the night before.

    Love the reference to the Pixar lamp so cute!

    I think that this lamp would also help with the teeny tiny itty-bitty beads I have been using to make jewelry. Can’t string them if you can’t see the even teenier tinier itty-bittier hole.

    Don’t even get me started on the threading needles issue… there aren’t enough tools on the planet but a little “BIG” light might help!

  157. Sounds like a good lamp for me. I do a lot of embroidery as well as other things, that need good task lighting that’s portable and I have nothing like it as yet.I particularly like the fact that it’s so adjustable both as to the lighting and the direction of the light. I’ve tried other things but they don’t work very well.
    Thanks for the great opportunity.

  158. Without good lighting and magnification, sewing would not be the enjoyable hobby that it is to me. The more I learn, the more difficult the project and the Stella Lamp seems like the perfect addition to my necessary ‘tools’. The light selections are a great concept! Sign me up.

  159. This would be fantastic to use for stitching, traveling or even reading. These tired eyes definitely need some assistance. AWESOME!!!

  160. Thank you Mary for this opportunity! It’s just been about a year now since I took up embroidery and have learned so much from all your posts. I’ve purchased a few lamps but none have been much help. What appeals to me about this lamp is its different color hues and the fact that I could have it so close without being “sunburned” from heat, which makes it sound ideal!

  161. I would love a chance to win the Stella light. I always like trying new lights, I have both Daylight and Ott lights and think the low heat of the Stella might be nice for me living in the deep south. By this time of the summer – i am SICK of the heat and sometimes I find myself sweltering under my light and just have to turn it off and quit stitching. thanks for Cathe Ray for the giveaway and you too of course ! thanks Melody

  162. I think when you get to a certain age every little helps regarding lighting. It would be wonderful if these could be bought in ENgland. As soo as I saw it I wanted one ……but alas it’s not to be……. Kate butler

  163. I like how you can change the temperature of the light. Plus it looks pretty sleek as well 🙂

  164. This little thing solves all the problems I have with my aging Ott task light. First is the amazing fact that it stays cool. My old one hadn’t been replaced because I couldn’t find a full spectrum that stays cool, until you told me about the Stella. Finally, portability is very important in my house. I’m disabled and anything I’m working on has to go up and down two stair chairs. Two because one wouldn’t make the turn on our small landing. Size and weight are important with anything I’m hauling up and down stairs. Stella would quickly become a close friend, helping me stitch and read. Truthfully, the thought of a helpful new friend these days is quite exciting!

  165. Honestly, the fact that this lamp has my name, Stella, grabbed my attention first. What deserves my attention is the sleek design that makes it easy to use anywhere. I work in different locations, and most task lighting is too cumbersome to move around. I would love to win the Stella lamp, as I would love to have good lighting anywhere I do needle work.

  166. I was so very impressed with the Stella Lamp. The most impressive factor was the variable lighting choices available! However, the weight and the stability were also impressive. The base of my “older” lamp must weigh 10 pounds and it still isn’t very stable.

    I’m finding, as I age, good lighting is an absolute necessity. I rarely am able to stitch at night , which was a favorite, productive stitching time for me. The stitches were appearing better to me than they did in daylight. I was removing a lot of them. Also, some threads, for me, require supplemental lighting on cloudy days. The different lighting choices would allow me to select the most optimal light for the more difficult threads.

    Thanks to you and Needle In A Haystack for the chance to have a Stella Lamp.

  167. I would love to win the lamp. I like the size and the brightness. It should be perfect for my redwork embroidery as well as cross-stitch. I also do hand applique. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

    Connie L.

  168. everything appeals to me about the Stella Lamp!! I’m a senior, so need all the light I can get to do my stitching. and living in SK, the days here in winter are short, so a really good light is necessary for stitching. the flexibility of the lamp is a major factor too. would be a great help to me for my stitching! Elizabeth from SK

  169. Hi Mary,
    Thanks so much for your review of the Stella Lamp and for this giveaway. You and NIAH are so generous and I love learning through your continued guidance.

    What do I like about this lamp? I love it’s design, the fact that it is “tabletop” and able to be easily moved/adjusted and it is portable! My eyes are a challenge for me and it limits me. It seems like I am on the continual search for the appropriate light and because of that, I am limited to stitching only at certain times of the day. I would love to have this lamp because it sounds like the answer to my problems and who doesn’t want to stitch more?

    Thanks so much,
    Susan S

  170. I live in a hot and humid climate. So thr fact that the Stella lamp stays cool is a very appealing feature!

  171. I would absolutely love to have this lamp! As each year passes I am having more and more trouble seeing the tiny details that I enjoying stitching! Even with other well known lights, sometimes I have difficulty seeing. I would be super thrilled to have such a great quality lamp to stitch by!!

  172. What appears to be most appealing about this lamp is it’s ability to be flexible.. while busy working this is exactly what is needed.

    Kind regards. Chandra Leigh

  173. I love the stella lamp. I think the lamp is very compact and easy to travel it. I love it.
    Embroidery greetings,

  174. Oh how I’d love to have a Stella light. I love that it has the three different light settings, it has a dimmer and is easy to travel with.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  175. Mary! What a fabulous giveaway! I’ve been lurking and loving everything going on (and the e books!!). This lamp appeals to me because of geographical and medical reasons-I have a form of rheumatitis which affects everything from hands to feet (and my eyes, they tire very easily now) so I’m “relearning” how to embroider with that. Also we are moving to the NW, where good light is hard to comeby-this would be a blessing in our new home where I actually will have a dedicated space! Thank you for the chance to win such an amazing product! For me the appeal is all about still being able to do something I love.

  176. Thanks for the opportunity to win a Stella lamp. The style is contemporary and the “footprint” small–a good choice for my sewing table.

  177. I absolutely love your website. The information on this lamp has been wonderful and I would love to win one.

    1. I love the different settings, which I believe quite functional. Your information on this lamp is extremely helpful. Love your website.

  178. I like the Stella lamp for its compact size
    and it has a very stylish appearance. Many
    nice features.

  179. I think the Stella lamp would be a great tool to have for the workroom! Its size, mobility and multiple light settings are what make this lamp most appealing. I feel I would be able to put it anywhere and use it for any project that comes way. The light settings would be especially helpful when working with difficult color schemes.

  180. This is totally shallow, but I think it just looks cool! The sleek design is so different from any of my antiquated sewing/embroidery stuff. I’m like a kid when it comes to anything shiny, new and different. I want it!
    As I’ve gotten older, I do appreciate the best lighting possible, whether I’m in a needlework class, or just reading a book. I will for sure be putting this Stella lamp on my Christmas wish list.

  181. Recently I’ve been researching for a new portable lamp for stitching and using at my sewing machine. I was very curious about the ones that could change the lighting color, but their price was out of my budget. This lamp has that plus does not produce heat and is adjustable, all reasons I’d love to own it. Thank you and Needle in a Haystack for offfering this giveaway

  182. Thanks for the review, I had not heard of Stella lamps before. What appeals to me is the lack of heat and the light choices. My current light gets very hot to work under. The lamp would be very flexible with the light choices for different uses. My husband would be borrowing it for some of his projects. Maybe we’d need 2. 🙂

  183. I like the sleek design the color black and the fact it is transportable. Really nice looking. I can use it on my bedside table or next to the sewing machine. Have been upping the magnification on my cheaters maybe this will help me hide the running stitch and back stitch better.

  184. I like the fact that the Stella lamp does not give off heat from the bulb. Thank you for sharing the giveaway.

  185. We all know that our needlework is going to be viewed in different lighting–whether daylight or incandescent–and that lighting affects the way that colors play with each other. Knowing where a project will likely “live” after completion, and knowing the kind of light that it will have, may determine the colors used–so the fact that you can see the effect with the Stella lamp is wonderful!

  186. Lighting has always been a astruggle for me while doing needlework. In my old apartment I sat on the end of the couch nearest the window in order to get good light. Now that I have a dedicated sewing room I find that there can never be too many lamps 🙂 The feature that appeals to me most about the Stella lamp is being able to choose the color and brightness/dimness of the light. I haven’t seen that on a desk LED lamp before!

  187. Hi!
    I think the things that appeals most to me are the adjustability and the variable light settings!

    Heather in Chicago

  188. The Stella lamp seems like such a well-thought-out product made by people who understand the quirky needs of needleworkers. We work under all kinds of conditions and on myriad fabrics. So even natural light isn’t always the best solution. Stella does seem like a very accommodating lady. She shines in the daylight, in the evening and everything lighting need inbetween. How wonderful it would be to stay with a project throughout the day and night and not have to change because of shifting light. I think Stella would help speed up my stitching so maybe I could reduce my stash a bit. To be replaced with new stash, of course.

  189. Yes, I read your review yesterday and I was excited enough to go to their website. But I was disappointed when I saw the price as it is really out of my budget. I like a lot about it but mostly the appearance and the LED lights – no heat. I don’t have the central vision in my left eye and so I tend to work very close to my projects. Thank you for this opportunity. Also, thank you for your wonderful posts. I think I have saved about 99.9% of your emails!

  190. Hi, Mary!
    I can’t narrow down the Stella’s appeal factor to just one feature, so I’ll have to choose two: portability!! and the light color options. Thank you for sharing your review. I’m always happy to hear about new (to me) products and how they work for a real live stitcher!

  191. How exciting! I’ve been wanting one of these lamps for a while now. Why?

    1. Portable. I feel I’ve been missing out on group stitching activities because I don’t have a good lamp to bring.
    2. *Safe* light. I use a fluorescent now, and I worry about the long term exposure to UV rays. But to replace that lamp I will need a floor model…

  192. I was smitten with this light even before the review! I have a contemporary home and this light fits in so well with my decor that no one will think it is a task light! I also love how compact it is for travel. I go to lots of sewing classes and this would travel well and fit on a crowded work table. Thanks for the awesome instruction as well as this opportunity! I can’t wait for your next gem in my inbox!

  193. I love that the Stella light has natural light settings with LED bulbs so no heat! My older eyes need every bit of bright light they can get! A friend has one and she loves hers and recommends them too. Thanks for your great blog and a chance to win a Stella.

  194. So many wonderful features on this lamp….you do an excellent review. The flexibility, dimming capabilities and ease of transport are all fabulous. What a thrill it would be to win such a great aid to our passion of embroidery.
    Thank you for the inspiration you give us everyday.
    Vivian Desrochers
    52 College Crescent
    Barrie ontario L4M 2W3

  195. Hi – This is a great giveaway as we can never have enough light. For those of us in northern areas, we are about to go into the dark days of winter. My lighting never seems adequate. This lamp seems wonderfully flexible, making it a good option for stitching or table work. I also like the light temperatures as I’m always struggling with colors.


  196. Light for me has become so important as I have “matured” but since having 2 eye surgeries on the same eye since March light is now required. No handwork or machine sewing without lighting up my world! I especially like that Stella can be positioned to shine where ever light is needed and it is lightweight … another plus.
    Carol in Mesquite.

  197. I really like the contemporary styling of the lamp as well as the light options. I think I need it! Thanks for another fun contest, Mary!

  198. What a generous giveaway. Please convey our thanks to Needle in a Haystack. The cool operating temperature and adjustable light colors appeal to me. The suspense of a giveaway is always fun. Cheers, S

  199. I love this lamp. I like the feature that you may twist and turn it to have the light shine exactly where I need it. It would also be wonderful to take with me when I travel! Thanks for all you share with us!

  200. Having access to “incandescent,” cool, and “daylight” temperatures is obviously the main feature, and the one I’m most excited about. Portland winters tend to be dim.

  201. I love the sleek design of the Stella and will take your review of how well it lights. It certainly looks less cumbersome than the OttLite I’m using now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  202. I love how portable this lamp is. Great for toting to craft groups. Thank you needle in a haystack

  203. It is so versatile…from it’s flexibility, portability, and convenience of light output adjustment! Gotta have one!:)

  204. As I age, I find I need more light to embroider. I like the flexibility of this light for bringing the light in at the angle it’s needed and the 10 foot cord is good. Also the different light types are good and the led lights not getting hot. Sounds like a great tool.

  205. There is nothing like a good lamp to make needlework enjoyable. I even use an extra light at my sewing machine. I love the design of the Stella lamp – sleek, smooth – so Feng Shui and lovely.

  206. Wow! I really enjoyed your post yesterday about this lamp. I also do a lot of hand binding for Quilts of Honor on the couch and that would help out with binding to! Thank you for the chance to win!

  207. What a wonderful giveaway! I particularly like the multiple colors of light available and that it can be dimmed. It looks like a great tool. Thanks for this opportunity Mary.
    Dwyta from Spokane.

  208. I really like the modern, sleak look the Stella lamp has. Looks like it would be easy to keep clean and looking nice also. I don’t know the weight of it, but it looks like you could move it from one working area to another with ease and that would be a plus for me being in a wheelchair.
    I like too that the light dims to different temps. It would defenitely be a great addition to my sewing room.
    Thanks Mary for offering this lamp as a giveaway.
    Trish from SW, Colorado

  209. I would love to win this Stella lamp. There are two reasons I like this lamp. The first being its lack of emitting heat so the lamp head stays cool. Secondly it gives the embroiderer a choice from three different light (color) settings. I have not seen any other lamp offer this before.

    Barbara in Texas

  210. What appeals to me most about this lamp is its very stylish look! Most of the lights I see for crafting,needleworking,etc. are ugly! This light could blend right in with my décor,and of course being in my 50’s my eyes aren’t what they used to be,so I would really like using it to light up my working area!!

  211. I’d love to try this lamp – first the aesthetics appeal to me but more importantly as I get older the eyes are going and magnification/lighting have become very important. I have an Ott light and it works but I sense this would be a lot better. Cathie in Everett

  212. I love how adjustable this lamp is! From the super flexible neck to the different light settings. I would be able to customize this lamp to my needs which would be great! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  213. The feature that most appeals to me is the flexible neck of the lamp. So often you cannot adjust the light to the exact place you need it. Thank you.

  214. There are so many things about this lamp that appeal to me, but I think the one that has the greatest appeal is the different light settings. I like the idea that I could be working under a very white light, but then check the look of what I am working on under normal house lighting.

  215. I like Stella’s flexibility. Always looking for good lighting on those dark fall days. Thanks!

  216. What a precious tool to have ! Compared to other overhead lamps, this one does not take as much space and seems to be more efficient. In other words, this would be my dream tool ! Thanks for the opportunity.

  217. I like the different light temperatures and the fact that the light doesn’t get hot–I don’t need to add flashes of hot light to the hot flashes!

  218. HI.
    I have to say i cant wait for your email, every day.Thanks to you , I have learend so much, i hadent sewed,cuz i could not see, and thanks to a site called,to Hush Puppy, i got 700 strenth glasses,i COULD SEE..I love your teaching,and all your patterns, Thank you so much.
    I would love to get the lamp,Then i think i could see even better,But right now i sit in my north window,for the best light.
    Even if i dony]t win, it ok, cuz i just love your sit,and will always fallow you.
    God Bless to you and yours.

  219. I like how adjustable it is, both in the light output and where the light is aimed. It is also adorable!

  220. I love the sleekness of the lamp. At this time in life I am starting to need better light when working on hand projects. Also love the portability of it.

  221. Dear Mary,
    The Stella lamp appeals to me for all the reasons given in your article. But most of all because as I get older the more light the better to keeping stitching!! If the lighting is poor I put down the stitching or delay until daylight.
    The Stella light appears to be easier to move about my home or when I travel.
    Thank you and Needle in a Haystack for the opportunity to keep stitching! Marie

  222. What a great giveaway! I was intrigued yesterday when you talked about this lamp by the options to change the type of light. I live in a North facing apartment which is always dark and lighting is a huge factor in getting work done.

  223. I love so many features of this lamp. First is the design – so sleek yet retro. My craft room is very mid- century modern and I work at a frame that sits on a desk.
    The lamp would blend in and not scream “craft lamp”.
    Since my desk is in front of a window I like the ability to vary the lighting – which could reflect the time of day and amount of sunlight that comes in. It is flexible and can be as low or high as I need depending upon the thread count I am using. It is just a great lamp that so fits with how and where I work on my embroidery.
    I would dearly love to own this lamp. Thank you
    Darcy Walker

  224. Mary,
    I love the sleek look, but really love the light that it gives on your work. Good light is essential for good work and I believe this lamp would really help with lessening eye strain.

  225. I would love to receive the Stella Task lamp. I love the ability to change the temperature and the fact that it adjusts.


    Cup Harrison

  226. Hi there! I’m a new follower and I’m loving your blog. Thanks for all the work you put into it! The Stella lamp sounds wonderful. What appeals to me most is the three different lighting options. Thanks!

  227. what I find most appealing about the Stella lamp is the different settings. I do a lot of carving and have a floor model ott light that I use but it isn’t very convenient as I move my carving table back and forth from the living room to my craft room so the Stella could sit right on my carving table. I also do a lot of painting and it would be so handy for that as well as my needlework. Guess I like its portability also.Thanks so much Needle in a Haystack and yourself for offering this to us, I am keeping fingers and toes crossed

  228. I would love to have Stella come live with me! This lamp would be perfect because I do my embroidery projects while watching British mysteries on my computer & I’m also moving my project around to catch the light from the ceiling fixture. Stella would sit right on my desk and provide great light for me. I hope I win!

  229. Hi
    The Stella lamp is both practical and stylish, as I struggle with normal lighting to do my stitching, this Stella lamp will aid me in colours of threads and completing my stitchy projects, so I can stitch in the evenings too, yay!!! more stitching hours in the day.

  230. Great giveaway! Thanks to Needle in a Haystack. I already have 3 lamps of various types but this one really has something new…the 3 types of lighting. I think that’s a really clever innovation. I also like that it has no heat as I’m a very hot blooded person and live in a very hot climate! Thanks again for the opportunity to obtain one free.
    Sheila from CA

  231. Wow! This is the first I’ve heard of this product and I have just fallen in love! I’ve never seen such efficiency in a lighting product. They have included absolutely everything one could possibly need or desire from a lamp. This is not just a lamp it’s a powerful tool. If I have to choose the one thing that appeals to me the most though I would definitely say it is the 3 Color Spectrums feature. To be able to just push a button and see my work in all possible lighting forms is such a major convenience. It just has every option available to produce precise and beautiful works of art! If I don’t win this I will definitely have to find a way to fit it into my budget as soon as possible. I would also like to thank Needle in a Haystack and you for this opportunity as well. Your website is so fun!

  232. What appeals most to me about the Stella light is the fact that the older I get the more light I seem to require in the evenings & at night. Stitching in the evening or at night is nearly impossible for me and I do not have adequate lighting in my home for it, therefore I can only stitch during daylight hours!

  233. Hi Mary –
    I enjoyed your review of the Stella lamp and I would say there are several features that look good to me – how light and flexible it is, the varied lighting selections and the dimmer. Appears to have more variables that the current task lights I own.
    thanks for having a giveaway!

  234. I’m always looking for good task lighting, and a Stella lamp would be just the thing! My stitching group meets in a windowless basement room, and there’s never enough light. It would be great to have my own take-along. I have an image of all the ladies clustered around, trying to get their work in the pool of light.
    Nancy in Newport

  235. I would love the Stella lamp for multiple reasons. First, Stella was my grandmother’s name…need I say more on that. Second, I have a never ending battle with lamps. Not only do I do embroidery, read, etc., but I also fix jewelry or try to. I have gone through multiple lights trying to find the right one. I like that this one stays cool and is so adjustable. I would love to have the Stella lamp for my own.

  236. This Stella lamp looks small enough to be very portable which makes it great for me as I am always on the move and like plenty of light while I’m stitching. The fact that the light strength can be adjusted is a great feature as many times this is needed for best results.
    Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

  237. The sleekness of this lamp attracted me. It appears to be lightweight with the bulb area far enough away- so the heat of the bulb does not become uncomfortable.

  238. This lamp looks so streamlined, and unobtrusive. The lamp I have now is very boxy and can get in my way when working. I would love to upgrade to this new lamp.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  239. Stella is so cute! I love the LED lights in different temperatures. My husband would love not tripping over my floor lamp when I set up on the dining room table. 😉

  240. The Stella lamp does have an animated appearence which definitely gives her a personality. The Pixar pose is perfect. She will be a great addition to anybody’s work space.

  241. This seems like an excellent side table lamp because of its flexibility, plus the three light settings will make it especially helpful when stitching to reduce eye fatigue and also do accurate color matching.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  242. I love the Stella Lamp! Oh the convenience of having a light like this one to travel from room to room or from class to class. This lamp would be perfect for seeing those tiny perfect stitches! I love Needle N Thread and look forward to each new project. I thought I knew how to embroider until I found you. I love learning new stitches. Thanks for such a beautiful site to learn from. Bettyjo

  243. Hard to pinpoint just one thing, but I really liked the fact that there were three bulb settings. My sister and I can use this lamp for sewing, scrapbooking, embroidery, reading, crafts — it would be so very helpful to us.
    Maureen S

  244. I like the fact that you can have different lighting levels and colors for different situations. I also like the sleek design of the lamp. It would fit in nicely with my sewing space.

  245. Thank you for an excellent review of the Stella Lamp. I have been buying and on a quest of the perfect task light, or floor light. I like to embroider, sew, collage, paint and LIGHT is always soooo, soooo important… actually it changes everything.
    Colors, eyes, back, neck and stamina for me are all linked to good light. Thanks so much. 🙂

  246. Wow, thank you Mary and also Needle in a Haystack! I do a lot of needle point and hand stitched -embroidery & embellishing -crazy quilting. The Stella lamp appeals to me because the neck is long enough to extend over my work surface to light it up directly. What I have now is not bright enough and I constantly pull the lamp down by hand to see what my stitching looks light. Then I find mistakes. You can imagine trying to stitch in those tiny canvas holes LOL. Also the fact that it is cool to work under is great as mine makes me very hot – not good on a sunny California day. Needle in the Haystack is right in my backyard; can’t wait to check them out too!

  247. I like everything about the Stella – except the price is beyond my budget! Best is the short neck. So many task lamps with necks like Ott lights have such long necks that the base has to be set far away, out of easy reach. I like that this one can be right next to you.
    And I think it’s sleek looking. And cute in the Pixar pose! 🙂
    Hannah Allen in Sunny Sante Fe!

  248. I love that you can control the light temperatures. Although I would probably use the daylight setting most it would be helpful to have either a warm or cool light when needed. Thanks for the chance to win!

  249. A big thanks to you and Needle in a Haystack for offering such a generous giveaway. I love the design of the Stella. The adjustable mech gets the light right where you need it. This would be a great light to use with my table stand. Especially when I take classes.

  250. Thank you and Needle in a Haystack for this wonderful opportunity!! I’m not sure that I can narrow what I like most to just one feature. The portability is a major plus since I travel quite a bit. The fact that the color of the light can be changed is huge as is the dimmability. All three features are wonderful advances in the world of stitching!!

  251. I love the look, doesn’t look like it belongs in my husbands workshop! and that it is adjustable for these old eyes!
    Thanks for the great giveaway

  252. The flexibility is what appeals to me the most about the Stella. I also love how it looks which is almost as important to me as how it performs. I hate when something is ugly yet functional. I need beauty around me! That’s one reason I started crafting.
    –Amanda Price

  253. I like the sleek look of this Stella lamp I’ve seen many different ones that people carry with them . I did purchase a lamp from a different company once but turned out to be not so good.Perhaps this one is for me! Diana.

  254. These overworked needleworking eyes can use all the extra lighting available. I like the slim and lightweight look of this lamp. I have one of the first tru light lamps and they are not as trim. Thank you for the give away.

  255. Hi Mary, I have recently been checking out your light and magnifier reviews so this STELLA light opportunity came at just the right time! I like that it has 3 different ‘lights’ –so important for my needle work at this time, and that it’s lightweight as well. I’ve been working on needle painting and really practically have to go out on the porch to see!!!
    Here’s hoping! Thank you, Mary

  256. Mary, This sounds like a great new light source. Sad to say, as I get older, my eyes need all of the help they an get!

  257. I would love to win this great lamp , it looks like a perfect lamp to move where ever I need it in the house or take long to workshops , thanks so much for the chance to win .

  258. A person can never have too many lights or too much light in her stitching life. And having the choice of 3 different lighting possibilities in one lamp is such a lovely bonus.

  259. Thank you Needle in a Haystack for such a generous give-away.
    What appeals most about the lamp are many features! The three different lighting options, the flexible lamp neck and the smaller size are all great attributes. The lamp I presently use is limited in it’s bend-ability and I always find myself adjusting to it. Living in the PNW with winter, gray over-cast skies always creates a challenge to find good lighting for needle work!
    Thanks again. Ann in Vancouver.

  260. I love that the arm can twist to get the light at just the right angle. Also I am intrigued by the different light settings and which would be soothing to my eyes.
    Your reference to pixar made me laugh. Thanks for that.

  261. I love 2 things about the Stella: the LEDs font produce heat and are adjustable; secondarily, I like that it is lightweight. It appeals to me very much for embroidery and close work.

  262. WOW! After reading your review, I went to their website. Since I’ve tried several lamps and most of them burn me up, I was really interested in this one. I love the fact that it is a cool light and has lots of flexability to the neck. As I age, lighting has become critical to me and I seem to struggle to see better all the time. This is a great giveaway and thank you SO much. I surely do hope to win!
    Thanks again –
    Barbara in TN

  263. What appeals to me is the color adjustable and that the lamp itself does not get hot. Thanks to Needle in Haystack to for this give away.

  264. I like the variations in types of light available – cool, warm or natural. I fully get what you meant when you said that the touch controls might be a problem, i.e., not as easy to fix if broken. Since I seldom work at a table and rarely AT a table I’m not sure if it’s a good choice for me, but I have a friend or two who would be able to make good use of it. Thanks for your generosity both in time and in the sharing of your knowledge.

  265. I like the very modern look. Much prettier than an Ott light. I have never heard of a table light that can be dimmed.

  266. Hi, I found your review of the Stella lamp yesterday very interesting. What I like best about this light is the ability to vary the types of light from indoor, bright and “true” light. I also like the fact that it won’t get hot, one problem I do have with my other lights.

  267. Hi Mary, I desperately need this lamp 🙂 My eyes are so strained from working without my glasses on (I’m near-sighted) and in bad light. I do all my needle arts and crafts after my kids go to bed. So I’m at it from 9pm – sometimes wee morning hrs! Usually I’m sitting up in bed with my little 60 watt lamp..not good. That little lamp looks like a gem. I love the fact that it is portable and it looks sleek too! Thanks again for another great chance to win. Jean Tobey

  268. Oh my golly…that is the most incredible stitching lamp ! With so many lighting features I’d be able to stitch anywhere.. I am so happy that you find all these goodies for us – your Newsletter readers. Thank you, again and again.

  269. What a neat looking lamp. I’m short, never made five foot, so it sounds like a great height for me. The fact it doesn’t throw off heat is also a plus. It is a great size for traveling, too.

  270. You recent discussions of the effect of colors on the eye made me appreciate the way Stella (love that name for a lamp) lets you choose the color of the light falling on your work. All the other features impress me, too!

  271. This gives off wonderful light with a small footprint. As my work area is not large, this would be perfect.

  272. What an awesome give a-way! What appeals to me the most is the cool heat that LED lights give off, especially when it’s offered in 3 color spectrums and dimmable!!! I bought an LED flashlight and the brightness & no -heat produced makes it awesome. I didn’t think I would care for it but I plan to buy a lantern type one for power outages. I didn’t know they made a craft light in LED until you enLIGHTened us (pun intended). Thanks to you and Needle in a Haystack for providing a chance to win this incredible lamp.

  273. There are lots of things about this lamp that appeal to me – especially the ‘no heat’ aspect of it. Right now I am working on a vintage tablecloth and it’s HUGE – like a blanket! I am already a hot-bodied person (heh) and this makes cool lighting so important! what a fun give away!

  274. Thank you Mary for the informative article on the Stella lamp.
    There is so very much to like about it. My favorite feature is that it can be dimmed. The three color settings and burning cool really add to the wow factor of this lamp. And then……..there is that Adorable Pixar pose!

  275. I love the flexibility of being able to take the lamp with me….I don’t always get to stitch in the same place so I like having a good, lightweight light source to move around.

    I also like the 3 light settings which I think I would like – especially for different backgrounds which might be easier to see under different settings. Since I work on various colors this might help.

    And, I like the modern design. Who doesn’t want a light with some personality too????

    Love your website, Linda

  276. Hi Mary-
    I think the lightness of the lamp is really appealing. That comes to mind first.
    Next, I like its flexibility and light quality options.
    Thanks! Cynthia B.

  277. Thank you for the giveaway. I like that the light is very close to the user. I also like that the light intensity can be controled (for daytime and nightime use). I like also that it is “true color”.

  278. Like most of us good light is an essential to good work. I was particularly impressed with the ability to vary the intensity of light as well as changing the tint of light. Of course, having the flexible neck is always a plus. Thanks for the review and the information.

  279. What appeals to you most about the Stella lamp?

    I love how versatile it is and all the lighting options it has. It’s not a Florescent light like the ottlight…that one cost me a lot and didn’t work for me at all and since I live on a very limited income I can’t buy another.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this lamp.

  280. I love the contemporary look and the size of the lamp. My friend just bought one and they truly are a sewer’s de-light!

  281. Mary:
    WOW!!! Being on the back side of 86 heading upward, this lamp has all of the appeal that I can imagine. I have found that good light is all that I need to finish all my UFOs. I am whittling them down one by one to where I only am working on the last one. I have three more blocks to finish it and then it is already on my mind to finish.
    Thanks for the way that you encourage all of us who love to have your show available even tho’ we live in a rural area.

  282. It’s hard to choose a single favorite feature. The Stella’s lamp light weight PLUS the ability to choose between daylight or indoor lighting is a huge draw. I have an LED light box for tracing patterns. I find the coolness of an LED light allows me to work comfortably for longer periods. So an LED work light is most appealing.

  283. I have an Ott lamp, but what intrigued me about the Stella was the three different color settings! I would love to have a lamp with that feature while doing my hand embroidery.
    Thanks for this wonderful give-away!!


  284. It’s hard to choose what I like best about the Stella. Is it the fact that its LED light? Is it the adjustability so you can get the light exactly where you need it? Is it that you can change the type of lighting? Or is it that its so lightweight and portable? How can I decide? It just seems like a perfect light to me.

  285. This lamp is exactly what I have been looking for! My husband, an electrical engineer, has long restricted our lighting purchases to items that could handle LED’s – and task/desk lamps in that category are usually ugly or flimsy or (fill in the blank with a negative quality). thank you for bringing this product to our attention! I most love the daylight/cool light options, and want to find out about the floor lamp version.

  286. I specifically like the ability to adjust to three modes of light with the additional bonus of being able to dim the light altogether

  287. Thanks for the giveaway! I like how compact it is to take to classes. It will work for embroidery and my sewing classes.

  288. I’m using hand embroidery on a lot of my art quilts these days, and good lighting is a must. I love the idea of the different kinds of light the Stella lamp offers!

  289. Dear Mary,

    What appeals to me most about the Stella is the light weight. With ever worsening hands, weight makes the difference between doing/using something or NOT. Thanks for your generosity … hope we see that little usive squirrel again soon ???

  290. Two main things appeal to me about the Stella lamp is different types of light produced by the lamp and the lack of heat produced by the light.

  291. What is not to like about this lamp. I like the fact that more maneuverable than other lamps. I have lots of Christmas embroidery that I need to start on and this would be great to use. I currently use an Ott light but I cannot move it nor dim it. Sometimes I find it useless. Thanks for the give-a-way!!!

  292. Hi Marymentor: Oh Boy ! Could I use this lamp ! I love the sleek lines of it lending itself to “carry-me-anywhere” ! At the moment I have to make do with laying a lamp on the floor under my glass coffee table to trace patterns. Two obvious flaws : (1) light source too far away from the work surface and (2) gotta watch not to scorch my rug ! This surely would solve ALL my problems ! Thanks Mary – I really depend on your site to keep answering my questions 🙂

  293. I’ve seen the lamp in person and love the quality. The best part is the lack of heat. I live in a warm climate, with no air conditioning, and it gets very hot when embroidering under a standard craft light!

  294. I would love to win a Stella lamp. You can never have too much light. I like the fact that it does not get hot and the flexible neck. Looks like it has a sturdy base as well.

  295. Hello Mary,

    Another great give away on Needle’n Thread. The Stella Lamp would be a great help to me. I have a wrinkle in my Retina in one eye which is a hindrance to my embroidery. This lighting is spectacular because of its three major components of LED, Lamp and Daylight. Some lamps make things too bright and hurts my eyes. So I am grateful to find a lamp that will work for me. Thank you so much and of course, keep up the genius in you. Lorraine Connelly

  296. I love embroidery and handwork. The challenge is seeing well enough. My eyesight has been getting steadily worse for the last few years and that makes lighting especially important for me. I love that the Stella lamp offers the three “colors” of light and that it doesn’t heat up! This lamp has more to offer than any I have seen! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  297. Hi there! Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful Stella task light. I especially like the streamlined and compact shape as well as the seemingly large light area. I usually have to use a rather bright light in the evening and on cloudy day when I’m doing needlework of any type. It also take up little space and would be great to take on an RVing trip.

  298. I really like the table version of the Stella lamp! The size is such that it can be portable… if just to other rooms of the house where I may want to sit while embroidering. And there are so many great features packed into this one little lamp. The shape of the lamp light appeals to me, allowing one to lean into the embroidery hoop and get closer than my floor model ott light allows.

    All things considered, there is nothing I don’t like about this lamp : ). I am anxious to try the different cool/warm light settings too. Thank you for this opportunity Mary!

  299. I love that you can choose different color types. How great to be able to have the bright light to sew by, but then the natural light to check colors!
    Carrie Plane Nut

  300. I like that the Stella lamp offers the options of warm/cool/natural lighting spectrums. Colors look sooooo different in sunlight than they do in the shop so I expect this would let me see they way they’ll look inside or outside. Nevery mind that it is small and slim and cute 🙂
    Beth N in AZ

  301. How I would love to win the Stella lamp. My
    mother-inlaws Name was Stella. Go figure that
    one. Stella was a bright spot in my life. Maybe
    with a little luck.I may have another Stella in my life. Margaret G.

  302. I am really intrigued by the idea of different types of light. It would be wonderful to be able to choose colors and then see what they would look like under different lighting conditions. This ought to save a lot of guessing and wondering

  303. What appeals to me most about the Stella lamp is being able to travel with it. I’ve come to the point where I must have a light to stitch in the evening. And as you said, the days are getting shorter. I also like that there are three different temperatures. I find that very interesting! Hope I win!

  304. Thank you Mary & Needle in a Haystack! What appeals to me most about the Stella is the design/engineering department behind this little beauty. Either there is a quilter/embroiderer/textile artist on staff or the company has made listening to the customer their Job #1! Considering Cathe Ray’s review in addition to your own, the “pros” lists are long & “cons” lists are pretty short. And if neither of the current models suits to a T, pre-orders for the new “Edge” model begin Sept 1st. Having lost the battle with my Ott LED lamp, my search for a replacement has been a bust. Thanks for posting your review, links & video. Your giveaway is the cherry on top!

  305. If I had a Stella lamp last night, I would not have outlined my lamb with sage green instead of the grey I intended. 🙂 if I don’t win, it will definitely be worth saving up to purchase a lamp that not only prevents mistakes but gives joy on grey days! Thanks for all you do, Mary.

  306. I would surely love to win this lamp. I am always searching for a good portable l lamp.
    It looks as though this one would fill the bill. You wouldn’t have to worry about sun causing a fire with a lamp that is hooded that way. It certainly looks like a worthwhile tool to have.
    Rose from Ontario.

  307. Thanks, Mary, for another great giveaway.

    I love the shape of the Stella lamp. I also love the fact it can be dimmed.


  308. Thank you for your generosity, and NIAH too! I like the dimmability of the lamp, and also it’s design sensibilities.

  309. I am in the market for a new stitching light. I presently use an ott floor lamp. Maybe I would like a table top better.


  310. I like that the Stella lamp doesn’t get hot, but I love that the intensity can be adjusted. More times than not you need just a little light but the lamp I have is very bright when I turn it on, which makes my eyes tired and me cranky.


  312. I read your review on the Stella lamp with great interest… I know the days are getting shorter and I need good light to do my favorite things. I love handwork. My favorite feature of the Stella task lamp is the color changing ability, cool or warm, or both! I embroider, crochet, and hand sew clothing for myself and family members. I love crafting/sewing, and making up my own patterns. All of my favorite work needs good lighting for the obvious optimal sight, but also for color play with fabric and yarn. If I won, this lamp would get lot’s of love!

  313. I like the fact that it is portable. It can come with me anywhere.
    So often I have to go find light. This one can come with me!

  314. Having just broken the neck on my desk lamp, the thing I like about the Stella lamp is the movability of the neck and the ability to swivel in many positions so you can get the light where you need it. I also like the fact that there are three light positions so in the dark winter Alaskan days you can still see what you are doing. That is so important! Thanks for the review and the giveaway.

  315. I’ve recently begun stitching again after having cataract surgery. Light on the embroidery is critical and the lights I have are not really adequate. My eyes get tired very easily so the multiple light combinations are very appealing. I like the slim design because I believe it will fit perfectly beside my chair where I stitch without getting in the way of the other things I do in that location. I do travel and having a portable sewing lamp would be very useful; I could certainly use it where I am right now.

  316. I live in Puerto Rico which is a territory of the USA so I don’t know if I qualify but I’m 78 years young and I always need good lighting.Two things that really caught my attention was the 12 inch height factor. That would be perfect for me. The other was the fact that it doesn’t get hot. I have an old floor lamp and it get so hot, I have to use a fan blowing so my face and hand aren’t constantly wet. Good luck to all.

  317. What appeals to me most is that the lamp is radiates little, if any heat, but provides good light. I tried another brands portable, LED light and found the level of light it produced inadequate. Of course, this is one of the a number of appealing features. Thanks for your reviews on lighting.

  318. Hello,

    The timing is perfect on entering this give-a-way : ) I am currently looking for a light as I certainly am noticing how differently things look in the morning after working on a piece into the evening before. A chance to try the table light would be nice and then if the overall is what I need, perhaps purchase the floor light as I currently do hand held work and in a chair. The dimming feature seems like an excellent advantage.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  319. Good morning Mary ~ Thank you to Needle in a Haystack for this nice gift. I am about 90 miles from the store and enjoy going there a 2-3 times a year. They are always very nice and helpful.
    Good light to stitch by and to choose colors is one of the post important tools.
    I know exactly where Stella will go, should I be lucky enough to win her

  320. The Stella lamp sounds great! I like the fact that it is adjustable and has three different color settings. I would love to find a lamp that offers enough illumination to allow me to return to my needlework without the eye strain. I miss my favorite hobby!

  321. The Stella lamp has the most versatile light selection I’ve seen in a desk lamp. Also, I like the flexibility of the neck.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Mary. Another excellent give-away. Thanks to Needle in a Haystack, too.

  322. The two things that stand out for me are the LED lack of heat, then the variation in lighting. I’ve never seen anything like that feature.

  323. The thing that appeals most to me is the long, sleek shape….and the bendable positions….what a great looking and functional lamp. The fact that it is not heat generating is awesome!

  324. I love the sleek design. I really like that the neck can twist and move to where you need it. I like to stitch in the evening and it is hard to get good light. I have a lamp propped so the light shines over to my work area and then another light sits on the base of the other to hold it. It is quite the site. the Stella Lamp would make it safer and with how bright it is…well I might be able to see my stitching! I’m crossing my fingers!


  325. I like that the light can be dimmed and it’s extreme portability in its box — a handle is such a good add-on to be sure the user will get a good grip on the precious cargo! The Stella light would be a welcome addition to my stitching corner wherever we travel!

  326. First of all, thanks to Needle in a Haystack for the donation and to you for the great review. What I like most if all is the dimmability (is that a word?) of the Stella. That will be a big bonus for those times you only need a little light. Thanks Ann

  327. As my eyes get older, no matter what the glasses prescription I get, I need the best light possible to do the fine needlework that I so enjoy doing. To have a light that can be adjusted for just the right place is very important and then to add the feature to change to natural lighting is really great. Thanks to Needle in a Haystack for the give away opportunity.

  328. I love the sleek modern look, as well as th fact that the neck can swivel in different directions.
    Leah. Kabaker

  329. I have to say, I love that the brand is Stella! My dressmakers form is also named Stella! 🙂 On a more practical note, I think that it would be a great little lamp for the type of handsewing projects that I love.

  330. Sadly I,m in Cornwall England ( which actually isn,t a bad place to be , only it is raining today ! ) So I cant enter this one …but Good luck to all of you ! 🙂

  331. I have not done as many embroidery projects as I would like because of poor lighting in my work area. The Stella lamp looks like the answer to my lighting issues, with three options for light and easy of switching from one to the other, plus being easy to adjust to provide the best angle for maximum benefit. And winning one would certainly help the budget. Thank you Mary and Needle in a Haystack

  332. Wow, what a lovely lady Stella is & so efficient with her light temps & dimmer. I need her in my life of stitching!

    Grateful in Colorado for this opportunity

  333. I’ve recently noticed that my eyes just don’t see what they used to and I’m often complaining about not having enough light. This seems perfect to move around with me. I like the wider light path that it seems create, instead of a spotlight effect.

  334. I love the idea of an intense, bright light in such an attractive, compact package. Thanks to you and Needle In A Haystack for a great giveaway. Suzanne in PA

  335. What appeals to me the most is the 5 different light intensities, and it looks like a great travel light.

  336. I really like the clean lines of the Stella Lamp and the fact that heat does not radiate from the light; also, there is no distraction created by cluttered features. So glad you reviewed this lamp. I had seen it on a website and almost bought it. I have ‘not so good’ eyesight like you, Mary, and find that I often have inadequate light and must stop what I’m working on far too often to give my eyes a rest. Thank you for this opportunity.

  337. I would LOVE this lamp! We don’t have good lighting in our house and it would be great to be able to see what I’m working on clearly. That’s what I like most about this lamp!

  338. There are 3 attributes of Stella that make it a winner with me. One is that the quality of the light is a good bright white light over a good-sized area not just for reading a book. Second is it’s LED producing little heat; I like to close the door to my sewing room and it can get warm in there even with just a few appliances on. And third the neck is super adjustable and looks like it STAYS where you put it without having to tighten any knobs or readjust it as it creeps down like one I use.

  339. The Stella table lamp looks like a handy size and easily adaptable lamp for my embroidery and hand stitching projects. Sure looks like it’s good size to conveniently travel for fun days when stitching away from home, too. Handy!


  340. I like that it has a sleek, slim design that’s easily adjustable. I LOVE how it has three color settings for you to choose from AND that it’s dimmable. It would fit very well on my table top and not take up a lot of room and if picked, I promise to love the lamp!! Thank you so much for an opportunity to win one, both you and Needle in a Haystack are fantastic.

  341. I love that it switches between the different light tones- it would be handy for choosing colors.

  342. I love to read your reviews and find the product information and reviews so very helpful. I am so glad I came upon the blog one day and became a fan of it. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

  343. I like that it’s small enough for me to bring it from room to room – I have several places that I tend to work, and none of them have great lighting.

  344. Thank you for the review of the Stella lamp…I like the design…but mostly, I like the fact that it is LED. The longevity of the lamp is appealing, but moreover for me is that it would emit no heat while I work. Also, what a cool feature for the natural lighting to the cool shades…

  345. What appeals to me most about the Stella Lamp is it’s sleek design and large light source.

  346. Hi Mary!
    The Stella Lamp has a nice sleek design. It obviously could be used for anything that needs lighting, however, knowing that it would lighten and brighten my stitching is the most attractive prospect of using it.

  347. The flexibility of the Stella lamp appeals to me. I like to be able to position the light onto my project in many ways. The size also makes this lamp appealing.
    Indy Smarty

  348. The Stella!
    Versatile, Portable, Economical power usage.
    How can we ask for more? Did I mention sleek design?

    Needle in a Haystack, thank you for your generosity.
    Mary, thanks for your inspiring and useful website.

  349. I love the sleekness of this light. And also the maneuverability of it, making it easy to use just about anywhere.

  350. Love the sleek look and size. Also the scent rum of light that is available….very important when lighting your space at a retreat, for instance! Thanks for the opportunity!

  351. I do most of my embroidery early in the morning sitting up in bed. The Stella would be perfect sitting on my shelf-headboard and focusing light down on my work.

  352. I’m finding more and more that I have to have really good lighting for my close-up handwork. Finding a small lamp that has sufficient lighting has been difficult, to say the least. Smaller usually means less power and dimmer lighting, while bigger is usually cumbersome and takes up too much space in my work area, even though it may have the lighting I need. The Stella lamp looks like the perfect solution, and I would love to win one of my own! Thanks for the review and giveaway.

  353. I love the portable ability of the Stella lamp. I always need close, direct light on my projects when taking a class; overhead lighting never really helps and my eyesight tires easily. It would be interesting to experiment with the light colors to see which color helped with both the stitching and with maintaining the eyes.

  354. I read the review and watched the video. The three things that appeal to me are:
    1. Three light settings
    2. Portable
    3. The pose which will help when using with a sewing machine or hand work.
    Overall it looks like to be a useful, nice lamp.
    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  355. Retired but using my free time to learn embroidery – Jacobean and also Blackwork currently. Loving it, but a Stella lamp would be wonderful as the darker winter months approach so that I can continue to learn.
    With fingers crossed.

  356. I like the concept of three light settings and the fact that the light can be dimmed. Also, it’s a beautiful, functional, sleek “stitching tool”, something that enhances the pleasure of each project!

  357. What appeals to me the most about the Stella Lamp? That is a difficult question to answer for me. Let’s see. My answer would have to be “that the lamp neck could move in any direction to get the most lightning possible for my craft projects”.

  358. Hi, i am always looking for good lighting and are portable. It looks like the Sella is very portable. I visit my children often and they don’t have good lighting for needlework projects. I like the fact that there are different light temperatures and that you can choose. I also like the sleek lines and the fact that you can adjust the angle of the light easily.
    I really enjoy your reviews of different products. I bought a floor stand from your recommendation and review.


  359. Good, sleek looks aside, the most appealing thing to me is three types of lighting available at the touch of a switch. What a bonus to weary eyes to be able to change the color of the light according to the piece being worked on at the time. Very cool innovation!

  360. It’s portable! I love the light because I do not have my own “workroom” so I usually work at the table in th den. So that means big lights are hard to clean up, but this guy would be perfect!!!

  361. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a wonderful prize. I like this little light because I would be able to bring it to the different areas in my home where I stitch, bedroom, living room, den.
    Love reading your daily emails/facebook posts.
    Diana in Sioux Falls

  362. Thank you for reviewing the Stella light and for Needle in a Haystack for offering a giveaway. I am intrigued by the ability to change the look of the light. And the sleek look reminds me of Pixar logo.

  363. Thanks for the chance to win this lamp! My favorite feature is it’s versatility in directing the light where you want it. The next feature that appeals to me is that it is lightweight and easily transported from one location to another.

  364. I like to be able to spend time in the evening with my husband while he’s watching TV or working on his computer. The portability and flexibility of the Stella would let me do handwork with ease and still maintain family time, which is very important to me!

  365. Hello!

    Wow great give~a~way! Thanks for the chance to win these lovely lamp light. What is most appealing about this lamp is that it will give hours of great light to embroider my projects. And it will be a life saver for my eyes and to see the colors of thread better 😀

  366. The portability of the Stella lamp is what I like. I’ve got a big floor lamp that I love but I sure can’t take it with me when I go somewhere!

    The styling of the Stella is also a plus. It looks graceful and modern. Thanks for the great giveaway! 🙂

  367. Well, I’d love it. And who wouldn’t? I can’t have it though since I’m on the other side of the pond. But I wonder if you’d take a vicarious entry? Because there’s a lady in the states, I think she’s in Ohio, and I know she’d love it. I know because I love it, and she and I share a surprisingly large amount in common for two women thousands of miles apart who have never met. we formed a friendship because we both keep degus,and then found we share all sorts of interests from photography to embroidery. We have different disabilities but we tackle them in the same way,with optimistic good humour. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if she were reading this now! I’ll never meet her but she’s become a good friend and I’d love her to get this. So here’s a long shot punt on behalf of BETTYANN!

  368. What interests me about the Stella lamp is the LED adjustable touch lighting. Living with lupus, lighting is important because the UV rays of fluorescent and incandescent lighting can have negative effects if used too long or too close. I like the idea of being able to change the tone of the light to ease the eyes. Since LED is relatively new, not much is known how it affects those with lupus and UV issues. I’m always looking for new ideas and ways to get around the bumps.

  369. Wow! The lamp looks so conveniently slim-I like that & the fact that it’s great to bring a good light to class. Usually lighting there isn’t the best. And Anything to lessen my eye strain is a welcomed tool.
    That’s for the giveaway!

  370. That super-adjustable neck is my favorite part of the Stella. Thanks so much for the chance to win this!

  371. I do Japanese embroidery and a good light is very important and I really don’t have one .this looks reay good

  372. I simply adorable! I love the sleek look and shape. Also the shape of the bulb is better for me when doing hand work. It is also small enough at the base to sit on an end table without moving anything off.

  373. I love the sleek lines of this lamp but more than that I like the different light brightnesses. As one who suffers from migraines, I am always pleased when I can dim a light and continue on with what I am trying to do.

  374. Sleek little lamp with 3 light settings! My current Ott lamp is only led and I would love to be able to use the daylight setting or combine all 3! I would love to have this lamp looking over my shoulder as I stitch my next project :). Brenda in NW Fl.

  375. I would love to try the Stella light. Just like you, it seems impossible to find the correct light. I have about 4 that are o k It would be wonderful to have a GREAT light
    Thanks Mary and needle in a haystack for sharing

  376. As my junior high aged son has “borrowed” my task light for his desk, I would love to win the new Stella lamp. I like that it has three settings – warm, cool or “daylight.”

  377. I do a lot of needlework, and my eye sight is not good. I need good bright light to be able to see, and the light looks like it would direct well onto my needlework. I often have to quit, because the natural light or my regular light just doesn’t cut it.

  378. Oh, what a wonderful give-a-way! I was at a workshop that was selling them and they are so great. With my old eyes needing the right light for different uses, it looks like this is the best way to go with the different settings. I wanted to buy one, but just couldn’t at this time. I sure hope I win as this would be a real help.

  379. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for the review. There are so many products out there, and it is helpful to have a trusted person give a review to turn to when shopping for a new “toy”!

    The thing I like most about this is the choice of spectral light. There are times when I find it easier to see with the different kinds of lights, and depending on the fabric and thread colors, some lighting is easier to work with.

    Thanks to Needle in a Haystack, too!

  380. Love your reviews and the review of the Stella Lamp was very good. I like the flexibility and the that it is LED. It’s great that there is no heat given off!

  381. Wow…..lots of things about this light sound appealing. I like the 3 spectrum levels, and the brightness setting to control the light even further. I like the adjustable with turnable feature for the gooseneck feature. I like that it is LED so no heat is involved, especially on these summer days. the long life feature is very nice as is the low weight and portability. all in all, it sounds like a good light to have for my machine or hand work.

  382. I did like many things about the Stella Lamp, the option of intensity, the three variations of light, especially the natural light. The led light is great for saving on energy, and also for a lesser amount of heat. I too had to do some rearranging in my LR so that I can have a lamp over my left shoulder, it does make a difference. I felt like it is a little pricey, so it would be nice if I won it. Thanks, Joan

  383. What I love most about the lamp is how portable and universal it is. I can use it for my embroidery, or for any other project I’m working on, or even as a desk lamp for late night cram sessions.

  384. I love the little Stella lamp and the fact that it’s portable. I travel a lot and would love a good work light that I can take along. I would also like to try the different lighting settings too. Thanks!

  385. The most instantly appealing aspect of this lamp is the name, Stella is my mother’s name. After that, just the idea of actually stitching with good light. Thanks NeedlenThread for your generosity.

  386. Oh I really like the fact of the 3 lighting positions. Sometimes I just need only a small amount of extra light, and then other times, I prefer a brighter lighting.

    The swivel neck is cool too. I really like everything about it.

  387. I don’t really have much to say other than this attracts me because I have such poor lighting in my home in which to work by. Natural sunlight, though wonderful, only lasts when the sun is shining. It would be wonderful to have a lamp to work with that’s intended JUST for embroidery.

    The main thing that caught my eye when you reviewed this was the three different settings of light that come with it. That would make it wonderful for all different kind of lighting situations!

    That’s it I suppose, I have nothing clever to add~ So thank you and to Needle In A Haystack! Do love your site, it’s so very wonderful!

  388. I love the flexibility of this lamp, as well as how slender yet long the light part itself is. It looks well-suited to use in a small space, as well as portable.

  389. My current lamp is 25 years old and obviously not led. I really like the possibilities that the Stella light provides for tabletop stitching. Right now I get “all hot and bothered” when I’m working and sometimes it takes a little while before I twig onto the fact that both me and my lamp need a break! This review was very interesting, thank you. Evelynne

  390. I have been looking (and saving) for a light to stitch by for a while now. I have three very active boys that seem to spread out all over the house. I fine it easier for me to move my work area around the house than try and keep them out of an area. I think the portability of the Stella Lamp would work will for this. The light in the rooms I work in are all different also and the three light settings would come in handy. I have a clip on light that I found a IKEA on my frame now but it does get hot and really only has isolated light. It would be nice to have my entire project lit at once. Thanks for the great give-aways.


  391. Thank you for your honest reviews.
    I like the flexible light option and the portablility and flexibility of the light itself.

  392. I love the Stella Lamp for several reasons. The flexibility is a huge factor. In our craft we seem to be either at a drawing table, desk, sewing table etc … the Stella allows for those various heights & mediums! It’s ability to light an area w/o shadows & shading from it’s own base is also huge. I love that the neck has been extended so that you can have the light just where you need/want it!

  393. Hi-
    I really like the Stella Lamp. I dont have the best lighting in my home and I really think it will help in my embroidery endeavors! LOL Thanks for giving one away!
    kris 🙂

  394. Lighting is so important. What appeals most about the Stella lamp, is it’s name. I keep imagining Brando yelling Stella!!!! 🙂 But that aside, I also love that you can change what type of light your project can be viewed under.

  395. What appeals to me most is the simplicity of the light, its shape and form. It is very streamlined. On second thought what is most appealing is the ability to change light intensity and color. Well, maybe it is the carrying box and the lightness (no pun intended) of the lamp. As you can see I just love this light and would find it useful everyday.

  396. I read your review of the Stella lamp and it sounds exactly what I would like to have in a “project” lamp. I do needlework, as well as, needle punch and as I am getting older, my light is not doing “its job”.

    I have been thinking of ordering an Ott light, but this Stella is really more what I want. I would so love being the recipient of this special lamp. And, thank you for your excellent blog and your reviews.

    Best wishes, Dee

  397. I like that it has the variable color temperatures. My current lighting reflects off the TV and causes viewing issue for my wife. this will allow me to change the color when she is watching TV and still stitch.

  398. I am having more trouble seeing my work. This light sounds like it has enough options that it should work for all types of vision. It really sounds to good to be true. Would love to have it!

  399. I too like the Pixar pose. My favorite is the three light settings-cool, warm and natural. I would think that would be useful when working. The design is clean and simple.

  400. I really like the idea of have a true task light, and with so many adjustable features, it will be good for a variety of tasks!

  401. Because of her flexibility, because of her non heating light bulb, because of her functionnality I wish to be the one who will receive the lamp I need to work my embroidery with Stella

  402. Lamps, lamps, lamps…I am always on the lookout for bright lamps that will help light my emboidery/craft area…I know my family think I am crazy…. this light looks wonderful and bright …. thanks to Needle in a Haystack for the light for the give-away!

  403. The Appeal ?
    It looks (to me) almost like a person.
    It has a funny character look about it,
    so on some long nights, it’s almost like
    having company.

  404. Any lighting that improves my sight with close up work is a miracle in itself. I love the three settings and the long neck. The fact that the light emits no heat makes it a stupendous gadget.Thank you for offering the Stella Lamp give away.

  405. The Stella lamp could make my enjoyment of embroidery a 10! I have several physical issues but happily that does not stop me from my needle work projects. However eye strain is increasing daily. What a joy it would be to have the Stella lamp to extend the time I can embroider each day. What a wonderful give away you’ve chosen: there so many that would love to win. Thanks for a chance to be a winner.

  406. I really like the different lights feature and the way you twist the neck around. Thanks for the give-a-way!

  407. I love the shape – very organic and inspirational as I am working an original piece of needlework that I hope will flow as gracefully as the lamp.

  408. I like it because of the 3 light settings, flexible, cool to work under and light and easy to carry. We love car trips and a light that is easy to pack would be very nice.

    Patricia C

  409. I would love a Stella lamp! I think the BEST features are that you can change the type of light (warm, cool, neutral) AND you can adjust the brightness. What a wonderful difference those features would make to the visual-ness of the project you are working on!!!

  410. I like both how flexible and portable the lamp is. It would be perfect for taking to a class.

  411. A new streamline task lamp will all way find a welcome home next to my cozy arm chair. The improved light source will aid the creative thought process, and lend my over worked eyes that extra boost needed to complete my current midnight project. It’s all ways midnight stiitching, and design in my craftroom. Thank you for hosting another marvelous give-a-way.

  412. Oh my! Your giveaways are always great, but this one really caught my attention. Especially after yesterdays review. The review was great and I loved that it was dimmable & had different settings. Also, that cute little Pixar pose would definitely receive many squeaks of delight from my kids! Especially my daughter who is 8 & learning to stitch. Thanks!

  413. Hi Mary, I love the sleekness of the Stella lamp – it is a cool design, yet there’s great functionality too, as far as how it bends. My eyes are not very good either, so I need lots of light up close for embroidery and bobbin lace. The Stella looks like it would deliver that. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  414. Hi

    I love the Pixar pose, updated! I am getting to the age where I need task lighting for stitching and other close up work. This would be perfect. Having a choice of color (light temperatures) makes it great for a variety of tasks. Stitching wants the full daylight spectrum but sometimes for reading or other tasks, another spectrum would be wonderful. Dimmable is good also

    Thank you and thank Needle in a Haystack for this giveaway.

  415. I love that this light is so flexible and light, easy to carry around, and the different light levels is great when you need just a little or need a lot, and it’s not hot like the one I have to use now-too many times I’ve burned my fingers! Thanks for the chance at this great giveaway.

  416. Hi Mary,

    This light sounds great. I think what appeals to me most is that it radiates very little heat. My current lamp gets quite hot (which is nice in the winter but not so great during the summer.) I also like the more compact size.

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  417. STELLA!!!
    I don’t live On The Waterfront, and I don’t know Marlon Brando either. However I do know what I like and what I need. I have a small studio, a place for every thing and every thing in its place. Lighting is very important and direct cool lighting a must.
    So Stella would be ideal for my needs with her adjustment lighting. I like that she’s small, such a nice fit for me. My eyes will love her too. She will have a great home.

  418. The lamp is beautiful, sleek and should fit any decor. The lighting in my sewing room isn’t very good. Because of that, I often do my stitching and designing at the kitchen table. I would rather be in my sewing room where all my embroidery supplies are. With the Stella lamp on my table, I can stay put!

  419. I like the fact that it is portable, you can adjust the color settings, and the shape of the light itself. Would also work for sewing, quilting and reading! Thanks!

  420. I have many upcoming classes . The Stella light would be perfect to take to classes. Thank you for the Chance to win such a lovely and use gift!

  421. I love the fact that you can change the lighting from cool to warm on this lamp and it has the moveability to bring it closer to my work! I’ve gone through 4 lamps, none which work anymore. Not mention that no other task lamp has really wow’d me like this one.

  422. What I like abut Stella lamp is that is super adjustable and also that is portable, it is difficult to find good light when you go on vacation… Thanks for a this wonderful giveaway!

  423. I have used an otte task lamp. The most
    intriguing aspect is the choices of different
    lighting. Also what is important to me is to
    be able to adjust the lighting. I am short in
    height so I would not have to worry about it
    being to short. I don’t have the best eye
    sight so lighting is so very important to me!
    I would love the chance to be the owner of the
    Stella light. Thank you for the opportunity.

  424. OOOHH I love how sleek and light weight this is, and the ability to change the light color. My Husband does leather tooling, he and I could both use this lamp! What a fantastic opportunity. Thank you Mary!

  425. Thank you for providing this gift for one of us lucky stitchers. (Hope it is I)
    Your blog/website are always filled with helpful information and we all appreciate it, I’m sure. I learn something new every time I read here.

  426. The fact that it has three options for lights is
    a fantastic feature! I have night blindness and
    a good lamp is imperative to my tapestry weaving.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity.
    Janie Payne

  427. The portability of the lamp appeals to me the most – I’d love to have a lamp I can take to classes or move with me around the house. Thanks for the chance to win!

  428. Hi – This is such a great giveaway and here are just a few of the reason I would love to have this.
    This desk lamp was very appealing to me for several reasons. I have a small Ott portable desk lamp but it has issues that Stella answers.
    I like the fact that Stella has a long cord (I need move “stuff” around, also like the very adjustable neck, Ott can’t every seem to get where I need him and I like the fact that Stella has 3 light temperature, that is really cool, just like Stella.
    My sewing room would welcome Stella with open arms and then would be ever have a great time stitching, beading a embroidering.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  429. Thank you for the giveaway and thank you for your review. The flexibility and the three different lighting choices are especially appealing. The fact that there is no heat emanating from the lamp is a great plus especially since the lamp I’m using now emits a good amount of heat and tends to become uncomfortable.

  430. Last December we had a Stella light set next to a poinsettia plant; it was truly amazing! We thought the plant was red, but it changed from orange-red to pink/fuchsia-red to blue-red each time we pushed the button! Beautiful lamp and the bulb lasts for up to 13 years if left on 10 hours a day!

  431. Dear Mary,
    The advantages you mentioned in you review of the Stella lamp makes me sure that it is just the kind I need to put the light exactly where I need it.

  432. I enjoyed your review of the Stella lamp. I like that it has 3 separate light settings and that it is compact. Thank you for this great giveaway.

  433. Your review was very interesting. The feature I like most is the ability to adjust the brightness. My eyes are the greatest and I need good adjustable lighting.

  434. I have seen a lot of different lamps, but I love the simplicity of this one! Also the Pixar comment was really cite! I will now think of this as the animated ligjt

  435. I just reread my comment after I sent it and realized that there was a mistake. It should have read that “my eyes aren’t the greatest” and that is why I need good lighting.

  436. Please enter me! I am so blind I need lots of light to stitch, which I do at least four hours a day on average! I would live to win a Stella lamp!

    Hopefully, Barbara Thomas 🙂

  437. It’s a slick looking light fixture, but what I really like is its portability.
    I enjoy your reviews of new products. Thanks!

  438. Wow, this looks like an amazing lamp. what I like best is the great flexibility of the neck, the lack of heat and the different “shades” of light.

  439. Stella is small and won’t blind my husband across the room. I can aim it at my project and not shine it in his face.

  440. I got a chance to see this light in person. It is so nice looking! But what I like the most, is the fact that you can have a spectrum of colors, very crucial sometimes in color considerations, but also that it stats cool, not as hot as my Ott light. With my eyes getting “older”, I find that I need great lighting such as the Stella lamp to be able to continue enjoying my stitching the way I do. Since I am getting excited about embroidery, I really need this good light to indulge myself!! Thanks to NIAH for donating the lamp. I shop online with them, and find they are an excellent store to deal with !!!

  441. I love the light variety and the control over the brightness. I have challenges with my eyes and getting the light right is very important to me. It would help with needlework and quilting.

  442. Bright light is a good thing. That’s what Martha would say. It is essential when your 50 yrears old,wearing reader,s and working on fine count linen

  443. It is so cute!! I love the positioning – I think I could use it so well embroidering and as a spotlight on my sewing machine quilting foot. Thanks for the chance Mary and Needle in a Haystack.

  444. I like the clean lines and size. The best part for me is the LED that does not give off a lot of heat. I am always hot.

  445. Hi Mary,
    The Stella light appeals to me because it provides more than ample light over your work space. As I get older I find that I need all the light I can get. I also like that it is “dim-able.”

  446. I like the different light settings that are available and the fact it is also dimmable what great features. Thanks for the great product review.

  447. I really need good light to stitch, but not always as bright as my current lamp. So the dimmable feature stands out to me. But I also like that it is so flexible, portable, and adjustable to different kinds of light. I think it would be the perfect lamp to keep me stitching comfortably for a long time. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  448. This is the answer to so many lighting dilemas when crafting. I love it’s small size and the flexibility. The nice long power cord is a blessing too. There’s just not anyplace you couldn’t put this lamp and with 3 color spectrums, there are no more excuses for not creating beautiful work anytime, anywhere. Good luck, all! Bev

  449. Wow! Being able to change the kind of light really appeals to me. Even though it is good for stitching I get tired of the Ott light. Thanks.

  450. I like its light temperature settings, it’s lightweight portability and sleek style, and its positioning capabilities.
    I think it has all the features needed in close handwork of any kind, needlework, sewing, reading, and applique.

  451. What appeals to you most about the Stella lamp?

    Tri –spectrum- Technology.
    The flex neck to make it easier to direct the light where I want it.
    They are “touch” controls.

    Thanks Mary.


  452. Hi Mary!

    I love that it provides adjustable bright light without added heat.

    Thanks for all you do!

  453. Well, I’ve always had bad eyesight but the past few years, I’ve been having trouble when it’s dim in the apt. So, what I love about the Stella is the light adjustments. It would be great to have a really good lamp for cross stitch and for reading. Thanks, Mary!

  454. I like the flexibility of the neck. And, it is a very attractive lamp. Being able to choose which color of emitted light could be very handy. I also love the fact that it is LED technology, won’t add heat in the hot summertime, and is very energy efficient. This light looks like a real winner to me!

  455. What appeals to me most about the Stella lamp are the different settings for the light. The three different colored light and the different brightness levels. Because not all projects are the same.

  456. What appeals to me most is the fact that it is a cool (to the touch) lamp. Also, the fact that there are both warm and cool shades of light will help when I’m trying to separate shades of embroidery floss. Not only are some colors very close together, but older threads may not match the most recent color with the same number. The only thing I don’t like about the Stella Lamp is the price, so I need to win one to be able to own one.

  457. I am a disabled 54 yr old woman whose biggest passion is needlework. My eyesight is getting worse every year and I find it difficult to see my work. The Stella lamp has LED lights that are much brighter than the lamp I use now. I have difficulty with colors, not being able to distinguish one shade from another, and I think the different settings would help me a great deal to stitch more accurately. Thank you.

  458. I love that the Stella is so portable! I stitch in different rooms, depending on what else I have going on. This would be great for making sure I have good light where ever I sit!

    Your give-aways are always fun, Mary! I check out the sponsors and whenever I buy from them I let them know I followed their link from your site.

  459. I like it that the light is not hot.
    I love my Dazor, but it is hot.

    I am in need of a good travel lamp, and this one looks like it would be ideal!

  460. I like to do my handwork in the evenings, but here in Canada, the sun sets early, and stitching in the evening is not an option. The Stella lamp sounds ideal for stitching after the sun goes down and I would be delighted to have a brighter light.

  461. After reading your review, I would say the feature I like the best is the long neck. Due to physical handicaps, I do most of my stitching sitting on the couch. This light would reach over my work area, instead of having the light from the side.

    Mary in Oregon

  462. The size of the Stella lamp is one of the things about the lamp that appeals to me the most. Its unfortunate when you pay a couple of hundred dollars for a class but when you get there you need to have your own lamp. The lamp I have is way too heavy to take and the Stella lamp looks like it will fit the bill nicely – with it I can go to workshops again and not have to fight the problem of not being able to see on my own piece what to do because its too dark to see! Thanks so much for offering this giveaway and congrats to whoever wins!

    Suzanne Pratt

  463. This is the perfect lamp for me to take to classes or to our stitch in for our Guild. What a special gift from both of you. Thanks

  464. The stella lamp appeals to me quite seriously because I just turned 30 and my eyes are good but I don’t want to keep stitching without proper lighting as I have been. Thank you for this opportunity! -Kusuma

  465. My room is dark. Even when I turn on the lights there are still shadows that make it hard to see detail work. The Stella lamp looks like it throws good light, but won’t get in the way or cast inconvenient shadows.

  466. I love the idea of being able to dim the light. My eyesight is still pretty good but sometimes I need just a *little* extra light, like during the day. A night, of course, having the option to have a more powerful light would be quite welcome. Even if I don’t win, I have a feeling one of these is going to become a new member of my needlework household soon!

  467. I must throw my name into the hat for this one! My favourite aspect of this lamp is the fact that you can change the lighting spectrum. Another lovely giveaway Mary!

  468. I love the size. Hard to find a lamp that’s got so many functions and be small enough to have on a little side table. It’s adorable.

  469. well just in time! it seems the boys have broken every lamp in the house – i searched all day yesterday for a good light for my work! I like the fact that it’s a functional, beautiful lamp that I can easily hide:))

  470. Hi Mary,
    As an avid cross stitcher who often stitches in the evenings on projects with over 100 DMC colors, I especially appreciated learning about the new Stella lamp. With its functionality to change the brightness and color of lighting, the fact that this lamp is so stylish is just an added bonus! I have to buy one of these lamps!!

  471. Oh I’d have to say the different lighting settings are my favorite, hands down. I have really bad eyesight, which is a pain since I spend most of my days in school and all of my projects are usually left for late afternoons/evenings.

  472. I like the streamlined look of this lamp and that has 3 different light settings and can be dimmed. However, I usually sit on a couch, so the light may not reach far enough.

  473. I think the adjustable neck and choice of lighting sound ideal! If I don’t win I’ll have to look for one to try out.

  474. Oh, what a beautiful lamp! I love that it has a small ‘footprint’ on the table so that it doesn’t take up precious needles-thread-stuff room. But, most of all, I love that direct light that helps these eyes that have been peering at needlework for almost 70 years! Thank you for sharing with all of us and giving us the opportunity to have a Stella all our own.

  475. I think what appeals to me the most is the size and the ability to place the light where you need it to be. I sit at a table with the cross stitch or needlepoint in my hand or leaning on the table so this light sounds like it’s just what I need. The 3 light settings also appeals.


  476. The table top feature of the light with sturdy base is appealing to me. I recently moved my stitching station to the kitchen table, from the family room. I’m hoping there is less reverse stitching with less distraction and added natural light. Problem is that daytime stitching is over now that summer is gone…..hi Ho hi Ho off to work I go!

  477. I not only love the idea of being able to see my work better, but being able to transport that light easily is a great bonus!

  478. Mary, The lamp looks wonderful. It’s best feature is:the LIGHT. I do so much hand work that I can now not even enter a room with low light. In fact, I bought my current home on the basis of the light in it. Everyone who comes to my home comments on the light.
    Thanks again for another give-away.

  479. Have been looking for a good task light fir close work. This Stella light seems great!

  480. Your description of the Stella lamp made it sound wonderful — I’m always looking for better lighting – the older I get, the more light I need for my needlework. I like the way it can be “posed” and the lightweight size.

  481. I like the slim design and long light surface or the lamp. I find I cannot do much of any needle work without extra lighting. Thank you for the opportunity.

  482. LIghting!! it’s uplifting as well as necessary. I have a BluMax light and though I love it, I don’t love the heat it puts out. The thing I really liked about this Stella light is the fact that it doesn’t put out heat. My house doesn’t have air conditioning and it’s bothersome when the lamp I must be near is making me hotter than my hot flashes! LOL

    I’d LOVE to win this lamp, thanks for the opportunity to do so.

  483. What I like is that there is no heat and that the light can be adjusted as to intensity.

  484. I think the Stella lamp is sleek and nice looking. My favorite feature is that it does not get hot, and next would be that you can change light colors. Thanks to you and Needle in a Haystack for the chance to win!

  485. I like the fact that it is lightweight and can be dimmed. Traveling soon and know I’d love to take this with me. Most hotels, etc. don’t have adequate light for nighttime stitching!

  486. What appeals to me the most about the Stella lamp is the fact that there are several lighting strengths. If you are one to stitch on many different sized fabrics, this feature would come in very handy. I am, in fact, one of those stitchers who does vary her fabric and would certainly put this lamp to good use, if I were to win it! Thanks to Mary and Needle in a Haystack for offering us this great opportunity! Good luck everyone!

  487. The idea that the lamp has three settings and is dimmable and that it really lights up the area well I would love to have the lamp since I have bad eyesight and need to have a lot of light at all times when I am trying to work on a project

  488. I love the Stella light’s design the most of all its great features! It’s modern, sleek, and yet it lends itself to any décor. What can I say? It’s pretty AND useful!

  489. I just added a dozen (maybe a teensy bit more) embroidery patterns to my stash for this winter’s stitching. I really like the idea a a true light that doesn’t get hot. Wow! I’d love to have one.
    Adrienne in Oregon.

  490. Susan, from MN
    Mary I feel a little sheepish posting to your site in hopes of winning this task light. I have haunted your web site for a couple of years and often dug through past articles late at night. I have learned a great deal and truly appreciate your enthusiasm for embroidery of all types. I like that this light is not fluorescent, I can’t tolerate UV light and the Ott light has burned me as easily as if I had sat out in the sun. My sensitivity is related to the meds I take and I have tried many different work lamps in the effort to find one that I didn’t react to. A losing battle so far, but hope springs eternal and I will never give up my creative activities – I wear sun block inside as well as outside the house! Good luck to all who post.

  491. Hello,
    I enjoyed reading your review on the Stella Lamp. I think it is so important to have good lighting when doing any kind of hand work. The different options that are offered on one lamp is wonderful !! Thank you for the opportunity to own one (Thank you to Needle in a Haystack,too)!

  492. I’d love to win this. My aging eyes can’t seem to get enough light, especially at night. I’d use it for sewing and reading.

  493. Oh! Thank-you to Needle in a Haystack for the Stella lamp give away. Several features make it something I would enjoy using: cool LED light; cool, warm and neutral color options; dimmable. Sounds like it is very portable, too.

  494. Hi Mary,
    I like the slim overall shape of the Stella lamp – wouldn’t block your view at all. The ability to change the colour value and intensity is also very useful – a very powerful little lamp!

  495. I like the sleek construction. There are no joints to pinch your fingers and no ribbing to collect dust in!!! Plus types of lighting, plus it dims!!!!! A dream come true!! Barbara Warden

  496. Many, many things appeal to me about this lamp. And as the eyes get weaker and weaker with age, it is SO important that I keep finding ways to keep stitching. I like the 3-color choice. I have never heard of a lamp with a feature like this. Very clever — and very useful. Different times of day and different materials could make good use of this option. I also like the “cool” factor — I have tried every light on the market and drag the various ones to class with me — and after an hour of concentrated “class” stitching, where we are fairly confined to our seats and our projects, I get kinda warm. And us “age challenged” gals know how unwelcome that can be!! Thank you to Needle in a Haystack for this opportunity – and you, too, of course!! Thank you, Mary.

  497. I like both the functionality and styling of the Stella lamp. I was really excited about the lamp’s three different settings of light cast. I also think the flexibility of the lamp body makes it so practical and useful for different embroidery needs. The thing I like the most about the lamp is that its features made me forget that my eyes are no longer 20-20–something that happens to us all. I want this lamp!

  498. I love the clean lines and the light that it gives at the same time. That is hard to find in a crafting lamp.

  499. My favorite feature is that is has 3 light settings. What a wonderful gift for someone.

  500. Thanks for this great chance to win a Stella. I am most impressed with the light’s ability to change color settings. I work mainly with an Ott light but have discovered that where I hang a wall art item affects what my finished project really looks like. Warm light flooding on a project radiates totally different colors than a cool light. Can be quite scary and disappointing to finish a project and have the colors not what you wanted merely by where the item is hung. Stella would aid in seeing this difference as the work is created.

  501. Thank you for the great review on the Stella lamp. I find that as my eyes get older, I need more light. The most appealing feature of the Stella lamp is its sleek design and mobility. I handstitch every night in our living room while the family is watching TV. I like being with family but sometimes the light from our lamps is not enough to see the fine work that has to be done. The Stella lamp would be ideal!

  502. Helloooooooo,

    Aside from the wonderful functionality, look at one of the pictures. It’s a eye of a needle!!! For that alone, I gotta have it!

    Of course, your reviews are always wonderful too!!!

  503. I like the sleek look, and I really like the fact that the lamp can get in close to the work. How nice of you and Needle in a Haystack to offer one as a giveaway!

  504. I love the design of this light-very stylish!
    I also like the functionality. Two for one!!

  505. Hi,
    What appeals to me most about the Stella lamp, aside from the ability to have different kinds of light, is the flexibility of the neck, which would allow a stitcher to really get the light where he/she needs it. As I get older, good lighting is more and more important.

  506. Hi Mary,
    Your review on this lamp was great — and it looks like a very useful lamp. I love that you can adjust the color temperature so you can really see the true colors. I do a lot of realistic portrait painting and drawing, and it can be challenging to maintain the correct lighting conditions. It would be great to have this lamp for my embroidery projects so I could easily have the correct light available for my embroidery.

    Thanks for the giveaway,

  507. First of all, I’d like to thank you for your wonderful website. I’m relatively new to embroidery, having completed my first project last month and I don’t know what I would have done without your amazing knowledge! I’m currently using a “Pixar” lamp with an incandescent bulb which can get very hot if kept on too long. I tried a fluorescent bulb but didn’t like the effect. The Stella lamp would be the perfect lamp to use. I could stitch much longer without having to take a break for the light to cool down. Thanks again for your knowledge and inspiration!

  508. What appeals to me the most about the Stella lamp is the variety of the light itself…from bright for stitching to warmer for reading. All in all it would be a GREAT addition to my sewing corner !! Thanks for the giveaway !

  509. Thanks for the review Mary! (Always read your reviews and find them helpful) I usually work in hand or holding Q-snaps so I don’t think the lack of reach would be a problem for me. The portability and the ability to change light temperatures and NO heat is a great plus! I didn’t check the price on this lamp – is it as pricey as the Stella Sky?

  510. I too have very bad eyesight and need good lighting in order to stitch. The Stella lamp would be perfect for classes – I particularly like the fact that the head is so adjustable.

  511. I also live with low vision so having good lighting is a must. The three way adjustment for the types of lighting is wonderful! This is something I could use for hand stitching or at my machine.

  512. I have seen this lamp at a quilt shop demonstration and was totally Im impressed by its flexibility, sleekness and ability to produce natural lighting – it looks terrific!!

  513. Everything I read made me wish I had one, but that grin when she is looking directly at you is adorable. How could anyone resist? She is in the same catagory as my PT Cruiser, Josephine. They would be good friends. She can travel with me in Josephine when we go to join my friends in needlework!

  514. I love the idea of the Stella having different lights. My work area is in a basement with poor lighting which makes sewing and handwork a challenge. My eyes at 60 aren’t what they used to be!!

  515. How very important good lighting is. As the seasons shift, I am getting into the preparation for the long darkness of winter. The need for good light aiding accuracy of fine needle work.

    My grandmothers were both named Stella, and my middle name is Estelle, derived from their names.

  516. I love all the bright LED lights with adjustability and magnification, combined with the super duper flex AND portability. As I have ventured into finer embroidery I have found greater need for good light and magnification. A week long workshop in October coming up and Stella dear sounds like the ideal companion.

  517. How very important good lighting is. As the seasons shift, I am getting into preparation mode for the long darkness of winter, aware of a need for good light aiding accuracy of fine needle work.

    My grandmothers were both named Stella, and my middle name is Estelle, derived from their names.

  518. I like the different light temperatures of cool, warm and neutral. The lamp looks like a nice compact light to use and take with you to classes.

  519. I would dearly love to be the lucky recipient of this lovely Stella lamp! I think the fact that it does not get warm would be the most attractive thing about this lamp. Of course, the flexible neck, sleek design and portability would also be favorite features. Thanks to Needle in a Haystack for offering this generous opportunity.!

  520. There is a lot to like about the Stella Lamp. The one thing that makes it very attractive for me is the fact that you can change the color settings. This is way cool!
    Thanks so much to you and Needle in a Haystack for such a neat giveaway. You folks are also “way cool.”

  521. Stella looks like a perfect match for me!! We have a poorly lit house and Stella provides wonderful light of different hues and strength. I like the way you can adjust it to the area that it is needed at.It’s wonderful of Needle in a Haystack to have a giveaway of Stella!

  522. The thing that appeals most to me about the Stella lamp is flexible and the different light adjustments. Thanks for the opportunity

  523. Hi Mary,
    What an awesome giveaway =) thank you to both you and to Needle in a Haystack!
    What sounds most appealing about this light to me is being able to adjust the color of the light, what a great feature for making stitching easier on your eyes.

  524. I like :the cool temp,the three light settings,and the light weight. Your review was complete and heplful.I like to read user reviews before I purchase anything these days.
    Thanks for the field work.
    Karole King

  525. Mary, I have recently resumed stitching after many years of 10 hour days in the corporate world. I now have discovered that my vision isn’t what it used to be and I am very interested in the spectrum of light available with the Stella Lamp. It sounds like color work will be simplified, based on your review. I like its sleek design and am not persuaded that the lack of a conventional switch is a negative. Switches often go wrong on electrical appliances so this may be better. It would be interesting to try over time.

  526. Hi! Thanks for letting me try for this giveaway. I have been struggling with finding a good lamp. I was really interested in this one because of the ability to dim it. Where I sit I need task lighting but it can be too bright for my husband. This one should work very well.

    Thank you,

  527. What appeals to you most about the Stella lamp? It’s free!

    Seriously, as I’m sliding into middle age, my eyes require more light, brighter light and reading glasses to stitch. This light would help lighten (pun intended) the strain.

  528. I like the fact that it is so portable and it could be used any where since it is so adjustable the neck the lighting adjustments and the size I just love it!

  529. A dimmable light will making using in different lights in full sun or cloudy easier and batteries will allow use on camping trips.

  530. The most intriguing and valuable feature of the Stella lamp is all the different light setting and the fact that it doesn’t feel warm after long use.

  531. Thank you for the Stella light review. The feature I really would like to experience for myself about the lamp is the low-heat lighting. I enjoyed knowing that there are different light modes that are available to get a true picture of your work and colors selected.

  532. I recently met Stella lamps in person at a local show. The lamps are amazing, easy to use and transport, and well-made. They will definitely decrease eye strain and improve seeing all those important tiny details in a project. The staff was very friendly and helpful, definitely a company I would be please to deal with. Can’t wait to own one of these amazing lamps!

  533. I like to do goldwork but find the glare from the metal can cause eyestrain when working on large areas. With the Stella lamp I wonder if the various light settings and the dimming function would allow for a more controlled light which would cause less eye strain and longer stitching sessions. I would love to try this lamp.

  534. Aside from the functionality of the Stella lamp, I like the slim design and its pop modern look. I took up embroidery after I retired and good lighting is really a must.

  535. I read your article yesterday and today I wish I had it. My sisters-in-law got together today with sewing machines in tow to make a quilt for a fellow “sister in our heart” who has been in our thoughts and prayers. Well, you can only imagine a make shift sewing area for 3-machines, cutting table with ironing board and 3-old broads. I failed to mention the overhead light. As long as the morning sun was coming through the windows we were doing fine. The day progressed and the sun was overhead (above the roof). You ladies that sew understand where I’m going with this. We could have used a table top like the Stella lamp with its varied light spectrum. Once again, thank you for sharing your good finds.

  536. I love the portability of the lamp as well as different lighting that is available.

  537. I enjoyed your review of the Stella lamp. I think the ability to select different temperatures of the light without radiating heat are the most appealing aspects.

  538. Hi! I’ve had Optic Neuritis in both eyes leaving permanent scar tissue, and also horrible eyesight. I also have problems seeing true colors. I’d love to try the lamp to see if it helps with my eye problems. I’m like you and have tried just about every type out there!


  539. The Stella lamp’s dim-able feature sounds like just what the doctor ordered! I sometimes find that the more commonly available task lamps often seem a bit bright for me and create glare. The feature of being able to mix the light from natural to LED sounds like something that would be fun to try and see which is the best for the tasks at hand! Hope I win one so I can play around with this new toy!

  540. I like how portable and adjustable the light is, and the different color settings are a nice bonus.

  541. WOW. I would love this lamp for so many reasons.

    I think the thing I like most about this particular lamp is how adjustable it is. I embroider so much (and when I’m not doing that, I’m reading) that light colors, brightness, whether the light is above you and shining in your eyes instead of just your work…all have impacts on how comfortable one is going to be while working for long periods of time. Also, portable and compact is GREAT for me. I’m a college student in a studio apartment, hehe. Thanks.

  542. What appeals to me most is its size, I have a very small sewing area and being able to see my embroidery at night resembles a contortionist twisting and finagling trying to get one more stitch in, before my back snaps =)This little lamp has big benefits all wrapped up in a smart little size, I always knew good thing came in small parcels =)
    Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of another great give away.

  543. The thing(s) that impress and appeal to me about the Stella light are the adjustable temps and the portability. This would be ideal for me as I never seem to stich in the same place…

    Great give away!!

  544. I can’t decide which feature I like better – the different colors of light, or the fact that the lamp produces little or no heat. Both are features that I would really like to have, especially in the summer!

  545. Wow! The Stella lamp does everything. I use a Dazor floor lamp, and find that it is impossible for me to stitch without some kind of extra lighting. The Stella lamp appears to be the perfect solution to take along when we go to Texas for the winter.
    Thank you Mary Corbett and Needle in a Haystack for giving me an opportunity to own such a great stitching accessory.

  546. I like its appearance. It is very modern looking. I also like that it is dimmable as sometimes bright white light is too much when doing white work. I guess its the glare off the fabric….
    Thanks fir the wonderful reviews and giveaways.

  547. I could put that lamp to good use. My father had macular degeneration and now I was just told I have it in my right eye. My passion is embroidery and this lamp could help me now and in the future . Thank you .

  548. I think the control over how much lighting I can have is a favorite feature. That and being able to adjust the neck of the lamp. These days I seem to like the light right over my project. These days I just can’t do without good lighting and my reading glasses! Oh the pains of getting older!

  549. I have never seen the Stella light and am very intrigued by the design especially the different light settings. I would use this for a travel lamp and also supplemental light for my sewing machine.

  550. The Stella lamp would be perfect (size and brightness). We travel fulltime in our motorhome and needlework is my passion but the lighting is not the best and size is very important. I have tried several types but haven’t found the one yet.

  551. I really like this lamp. I like the different light settings and I actually like the size and adjustment of the lamp. I work in a chair and next to me is a shelf unit where my current cheapy lamp sits. That’s where the Stella would go and gently illuminate my world!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win this very nice lamp!!

  552. The best feature of the Stela light for me is its portability. Ni stitch with several groups at different churches, and lighting is always an issue. It would me wonderful to be able to bring a good light source that wasn’t too heavy or bulky.
    Kathy from McKinney

  553. I would love to be the recipient winner of the Stella lamp. I’ve been looking at task lamps for a while, but being the way I am, I don’t indulge in much for myself, but keep plugging away with (not really) “good enough.”

    What appeals to me about the Stella? First, it appears to be nice and flexible, allowing for different lighting needs. Second,I like it’s slim, tapered shape. It’s different!

  554. What a appeals to me about the Stella lamp is the color of light thaat is adjustable. This new tech will help us sewer/crafters to see much more clear on our grey, dull winter days in Canada’s long winter.

  555. I would love something that small and with so many options of light. It would be so useful for sewing, Smocking, and great for painting. The older I get the more important the lighting factor is to me.
    Sharon Carlen

  556. I too have poor eyesight and try many different lighting scenarios. I like the portability of this lamp and when I stitch my charts and lights sit above my stitching chair so good light is important.

    I read in the same chair and light from above is excellent and not getting hot is an added plus .

    Thanks for the opportunity to both you and Kathy

    Pat Lally

  557. This light maybe the answer to my stitching trouble . My eyes are slowing going and I am having trouble seeing my stitching . Also the size would allow me take it with me to stitching events. The fact that there is little to no heat coming from the light is also.

  558. The design of the Stella lamp is so sleek and unobtrusive. I think it would be nice to have it brighten up my work area but not have it be in the way.

  559. I like the look of Stella. She looks so sleek and black. I like the fact she is so portable, doesn’t get hot and she will dim too! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this wonderful lamp!

  560. What a fabulous lamp – your review is very positive, Mary, and I am always trying to discover the perfect lighting system. The features that catch my attention are:

    – variable lighting options which I have never seen on an LED
    – lack of heat,
    – portability and
    – flexibility of the light direction.

    It is also a design winner – so many light systems are ugly but I love the look of this lamp. Thanks to ‘Needle in a Haystack’ for supplying it.

  561. What a wonderful lamp. It is flexible, yet it doesn’t take up much room and it can fit into small spaces and it has three settings. Oh my, my, helpful and lovely,

    Shelia in Oklahoma

  562. The flexibility of the lamp looks like it would be so much easier to use than the clip on light I use now. I have embroidered since I was a child. I have recently started to stitch again after stopping for a few years after losing the eyesight in one eye. Lighting is crucial to me. I have not found a light the does not produce a glare or heat. I would love to try this lamp.

  563. Love the size of this lamp. I love doing needlework and being with my family in the evenings. The size of the lamp is perfect for my workspace in the family room. I also like that its portable and can be dimmed so as not to annoy my family. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway.
    Janice Stokes

  564. I am very impressed with the review of the Stella lamp. I would love to win it for my mother. She has a small lamp but the light is not ideal for embroidery. With the flexable neck on the lamp she would be able to move it to a position ideal for her and adjust the intensity of the light also. She is able to work only a while at a time so light is very important in the evening. Hope I win this one for her.

  565. I like the portability of the light. It can be carried easily to both the classes I teach and the ones I take.
    Audrey Bruner

  566. Good lighting is integral in creating needleart for passionate stitchers. Aging eyes demand it! This Stella lamp is especially appealing because of its portability in transporting works-in-progress when traveling.

  567. I like that the lamp is portable, so it is great to take to classes and retreats. Also, it has multiple light settings which is also a great benefit depending on where you are stitching. Thanks for the great review and the chance to win.

  568. I love the way it looks, so sleek and modern. It will help me out a great deal for needle work, thanks for the chance.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  569. This looks like a realy nice little desk lamp, the small size and very bendable neck is what appeals to me most and I have been thinking about getting one, although I will use it for my miniature woodworking and not embroidery.

    Elga (South Africa)

  570. Hi Mary,
    What appeals to me are the light color choices, warm, cool, & daylight. Also, that it is light weight and portable. Thank you again for another wonderful give away.

  571. I love the design of the lamp. Also the flexiability of same. I notice I need more and more light as I age. I like that I could take this on the road for classes and for vacation. I usually have something put in my bags as I travel. Love it.

  572. I’m always on the lookout for lightweight, portable lighting. I live in an extremely shaded area and light is a premium for me. I would love to give the Stella a try!

  573. Thank you for the good review and thanks to Needle in a Haystack for the give-away! What appeals most to me about the Stella lamp is the illumination! As a stitcher and crafter with aging eyes, good lighting is becoming more important all the time.

  574. Hi Mary – and thanks for another wonderful opportunity! This lamp appeals to me because of all the variables that can be adjusted. So many ways for the user to get a custom setting. I find lighting extremely important in doing close work – it can make such a tremendous difference.

    Thank you!
    Tomi Jane in MN

  575. Three light settings,cool to work under – because LED radiates very little (no discernible) heat,adjustable neck, dimmable and simple controls.
    I would love to own this lamp!!!!!

  576. What a cool looking lamp. The thing that appeals to me the most is that the lamp does not get hot. My current lamp gets a little “toasty” in the summer.

  577. This is a wonderful opportunity to be entered into a drawing for this fabulous lamp. This past year I’ve had two laser and two cataract surgeries and NEED good lighting for my stitching. Your review (as well as Cathe’s) has lead me to lust for this lamp and will pursuing purchasing it ASAP. Thank you for reviewing products and making me aware of what is available in today’s market. Many of us do not have a LNS and are unaware of items which could make our stitching lives more enjoyable.

  578. The thing that appeals to me most about the Stella lamp is the prospect of color matching under several different light colors without having to wait for daylight (in the evening)!

  579. What I like most is probably the sleek, stylish design. I have this really ugly, bulky, greyish/tan colored Ott Lite sitting beside a lovely porcelain ginger jar lamp on an end table next to the sofa where I stitch. It’s clunky and unsightly, but gets the job done. The beauty of the Stella would be a HUGE improvement over the present set up.

    Thanks for pulling this incredible opportunity together!

  580. I like the portability of the light and the variable lighting selections are the most appealing features. I have several Ott lights, but they are ungainly and heavy to transport, especially if you have a swing machine to lug as well. Thank you for doing this product review.

  581. What a generous giveaway! The whole aspect of the Stella appeals to me – the colour settings, the fact that it doesn’t give off heat, the different angles and it’s portability. Although I live in the UK I do have a US address just in case I win!

  582. I really like how portable this lamp appears and that the light color can be adjusted to fit the need. Also that the neck itself can be adjusted in so many ways.

  583. OH MY! How perfect can a light get! We are fulltime RVers and space is a premium. The Stella is compact and versitile, perfect for an RV! I have been searching for a replacement for my Ottlite because it is SO BIG, taking up too much room. Thank you, Needle in a Haystack!

  584. Hi Mary,
    Thanks so much to you and to the wonderful store, Needle In A Haystack, for this great giveaway. I have an Ott lamp and it has been doing its job for what I paid for it. This new Stella lamp sounds like it would offer even more mainly easing eye strain as well as being light weight for carrying around. I’d love to have a go and try it. Thanks again. Roxanne in Mpls.

  585. I love the shape of the Stella lamp and the size. When I travel I take my light with me as most places don’t have good light for stitching. The fact that the neck is adjustable is great and the LED lighting with no heat from it. The color settings are interesting but I don’t know how much I would change them. At this stage of my life I need good lighting.

    Thank you for offering it.

  586. I like the fact that it has the option of natural lighting, indoor lighting and a combination of both! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  587. My favorite feature of the Stella lamp is the 3 lighting color variations that are possible. Now I could customize for where the piece will most likely be seen. So often my thread choices made in the evening look not quite right the next morning. But who can always choose threads in the daylight!

  588. Please pick me!? I could seriously talk about the necessity of good lighting, how if you don’t have it, your work suffers! ( I’d love it really!!!!!) Space is a premium in apartment living, and that doesn’t take up space, is adjustable, and I can apply great lighting to embroidery and painting!

  589. The Stella Lamp is a great giveaway!!! I like the idea of the different adjustable lightening capabilities. Also the portability of the lamp!!! Would be so thrilled to win this lamp!! Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks so much for the opportunity to have a chance to win this!


  591. I like being able to choose the light temperature, light level, and the fact that it is led so uses less energy for that better light.

  592. I really like the fact that you can adjust the lamp for different lighting conditions. The fact that it is portable is a big plus. Alas, my eyesight is failing as I enter my mid forties, and I have been thinking of getting a portable lamp. I am beginning to have trouble stitching except in natural light. The Stella looks like one to consider!

  593. The thing that really caught my eye was when you said that it provided plenty of light. I find that in my Golden (?) years that I need more lighting so I can do better embroidery. Of course, being retired and on a fixed income doesn’t always allow me to purchase the really good lamps and this lamp sounds like just what I need. I hope I’m selected. Always enjoy your comments in your newsletters and appreciate you sharing your expertise with all of us.

  594. I would be delighted to have this light to use with my stitching. At 81, but minus cataracts, I still have some problems seeing clearly. Thanks for the opportunity to win such an honor. Sue Countryman, Bedford, TX

  595. I really like so much about the Stella lamp. It stays cool, has different brightness settings and is adjustable too. I would love to win this lamp . Thanks to Needle In A Haystack for this giveaway .

  596. I really love the style of the Stella Lamp and that it is so easily adjustable. My old eyes need all the help they can get.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  597. There are several things that appeal to me about Stella. It’s portable and it’s also sleek. I LOVE the fact that you can change the light’s different settings..that’s a great feature. The fact that it doesn’t get hot is great!! I sit under a lamp next to my chair and I’m sweating in a little while! Thanks for a chance to win. And the great job that you do with teachings us so much!!

  598. This looks like a wonderful light. I keep searching for the perfect one. I would love to try it

  599. While I really like the idea of recreating the setting that the piece would be used in outdoor, indoor or a combination of both (better for selecting the appropriate shade of threads…

    More practically, I am using a halogen lamp floor model – for my handwork and it really heats up my work area quickly – so, a “cool” lamp would be a big relief 😀

    At 5′!” with short arms – I do not feel that the height would affect my work so much as that of taller folks.

    Many thanks for the opportunity.

  600. A beautiful addition to anyone who does a lot of needlework, especially those of us who NEED good lighting.
    Enjoy your website very much–lots to learn!

  601. The Stella lamp is everything that my current lamp is not…sleek, not bulky and cumbersome, bright, with variable light settings. Would be lovely to have.

  602. I love that this lamp has three color settings – what a great idea! The sleek, small size is a definite advantage. I work on a frame that is clamped to a table so that the shorter height of the lamp would not be a deterrent for me. A really exciting new product!
    Eleanor from Regina

  603. I find the Stella lamp appealing because it has a sleek design and great functionality. I don’t have much space in my tiny apartment and this fits the bill. Great giveaway.

  604. There are many aspects of the Stella Lamp that appeal to me, but I think the three light settings is the most exciting aspect for me. What a lovely give-away!

  605. What appeals to me most about the lamp is the variability in lighting and cool temp while being able to change the direction or positioning of the light. I’m working with a “snake” lamp that I borrowed from my son’s room and the light is harsh and hot, and really hard to direct. I would love to try this one out!

  606. I love that it the Stella is so lightweight. It would be easy to move from one stitching chair to another, and not add heat! I have enough of that on my own! If it is that light it would be easily packed along when I go visiting so I could stitch anywhere!!

  607. I have a problem in my left eye, is something estrange, sometimes is like my left eye goes all around or I see black dots, the last optometrist that I saw notice that plus of course my vision is not the same and I need glasses like many of us. So a good lighting is the most important for me.If that came in a beautiful form much better. I think Stella lamp will help me a lot.

  608. I like that it is so sleek looking and that it appears to be quite adjustable.
    So no matter what the project or surface area it would work beautifully.

  609. This lamp appeals to me because I have no lamp at all at present, just the ceiling lights, and it seems really delightful to have the flexibility and power available in a small, portable light.

  610. I love the fact that Stella has different lighting settings along with how movable the arm is on this desktop model. It really allows you to see what you’re doing. Thanks for the chance!

  611. The color settings are most appealing to me, but the flexibility of the neck is also a great consideration. This looks like a great lamp! Thank you Mary and Needle In a Haystack for such a wonderful giveaway. 🙂

  612. The Stella lamp feature that appeals to me is that it is so light and portable. The lamp that I use is very heavy and since I don’t have a dedicated spot for embroidery, it makes it difficult. I would love this lamp. I could do my needlework whereever I wanted.

  613. I wasn’t going to sign up of this give-away because I have adequate lighting at home in CO, but I came to visit my husband in our new home in Rhode Island and oh my! I couldn’t see my stitches! Until I get a job back east, there is only one floor lamp in the living rom and it is positioned so far away that it throws very little light on my embroidery. Something with a relatively short neck would be perfect, because it could sit on the armof th couch and easily be put under the end table when not in use. I NEED a light, or I won’t enable to embroider at home any more. Now I understand better the trials of Victorian and Tudor women who stitched during the day near a window!

  614. Dear Mary,
    WOW- what a wonderful giveaway and thank you! This incredible lamp is- well- stellar!! It appears to do everything one could possible require. Seeing well is the first step in my embroidery journey and this lamp provides for good lighting from many angles. It is a very lovely gift and thanks to you and Needle in a Haystack for offering it.
    Peggy in NJ

  615. I love that it is compact and yet will provide the light when traveling! Thanks for the review and the opportunity!

  616. I have recently discovered the website. I am now, after breast cancer, spending a lot of time relearning why i used to have such a passion for needlework. Needle’n’threads is just what i was looking for. The tips, and the lessons are fabulous. As for the lamp, it is all i can wish for, to continue my trek . Needlework is nice, and requires such details but since the eyes are not working as well, this lamp will make it happen

  617. The size of the Stella lamp is most appealing to me. I also love the shape of it. Thank you for the chance to win.

  618. Thanks for your review and to Needle in a Haystack for the opportunity to win this little lamp.

    I really like how adjustable this lamp is. I love how the neck bends and that it can be dimmed. I also like how portable it is. Great lamp for on the go.

  619. Thank you for the detailed review and the giveaway! I’ve been trying to find a good task light for some time, and appreciate hearing pro’s and con’s of a product from a fellow seasoned stitcher. What I like most about the Stella is the varied lighting feature. Having three different settings would make the lamp more functional for use any time of day. My current lamp has one setting and is way too bright (and hot) for lengthy stitching sessions.

  620. I have tried several High Intensity Lights and I have burned myself on them.

    This looks neat and small.

    I definitely have to find a good lamp as the eyes are aging.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Deb Beam

  621. How did you know that I’ve been trying to find a better light to embroider under?! (spooky) I like the idea that the Stella lamp doesn’t radiate heat like my conventional floor lamp does. And, I especially like the size. Just right for my work table. Thanks Mary for the chance to win a Stella!

  622. Thanks for your review of the Stella lamp. The thing that most appeals to me is the ability to switch from warm to cool to mixed light temperature, as it allows me to test elements of my work under several lighting conditions. The flexibility of the neck also appeals, because I have struggled with getting lights “right where I want them” before.

  623. I would love too try a different lamp as I have bad arthritic hands. I have table top lamps and even had a floor lamp. It was a goose neck and didn’t realize that each time I moved the goose neck it unscrewed the lamp. Some one put a clamp on it but it finally fell and hit me in the head. The the stella lamp seems too have features that I think will be good for me. Bev Indian Trail, N.C.

  624. I like the flexible neck and the fact that you
    can change the lighting so easy.
    Would love to win this lamp.

    Robin Marks

  625. its so nice that you can shed so much light on things Like embroidery that i love.

    what appeals to me about this lamp after reading your review is its adaptability in changing its angle of light and the light temperatures too. besides checking out thread colors under the lights, those light settings would also be a great help in photographing finished projects.

  626. What do I like the most about the Stella lamp? I think it has personality! I also like the different light spectrums available.

  627. I like how small of a footprint it has; it looks like it would fit on top of the half-bookshelf I use right by my stitching area perfectly. And the different light intensities, that’s pretty nice, too.

  628. Thanks for the Stella Lamp review Mary. The fact that no heat is radiated appeals to me especially in a table, task lamp. I do not need any additional source of heat (could be my age!).

    Linda A
    Ontario, Canada

  629. Dear Mary,
    I like the settings, I must say I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lamp that had settings like that before. I think that would be pretty handy given the right kind of project or experimenting with different colors and what not.
    Thanks and keep up the good work Mary.

  630. The Srella Lamp has some incredible features… the ability to adjust the light warmth and the flexibility of the lamp to adjust to any angle make this especially appealing to me. I have significant arthritis in my hands and need to work in a position of comfort – having great light exactly where I need it would be of great benefit in reducing fatigue! Thanks again Mary!
    Warm regards,
    Ruth Lutz

  631. Most important to me is that the lamp gives very minimal heat. I like the lamp right above and behind my head. Most lamps make me hot and as a menopausal woman, this is not a good thing!! I also have a very small space for stitching, so the compact slim line is great. I look forward to seeing more on the new Stella lamp.

  632. I have seen this light in person and I have to say I had “light envy.” My stitching buddy had found it and pulled it out to show me her birthday gift. I will admit I kept moving closer and closer to share her lighting. Well lets say we were sitting rather close together by the end of the night. I have wanted one of my own ever since!

  633. I could mention her aesthetically pleasing sleekness – but what I really like about Stella is how compact and transportable she is! iI only have a floor lamp. Having a desk lamp is still on my “must purchase” list. Thanks for the opportunity to win her!

  634. I’m not an embroiderer, at least not as beautiful as you are. I do, however, love to read your blog, and cross stitch (from patterns – not that talented), and papercraft and knit and sew. I love this lamp, and would use it so much in my craft room. I’m always on the look out for a good tabletop sized lamp for my projects. I’m sure whoever wins your draw will put it to great use, but I sure hope its me! 😉

  635. Most appealing is the long arm, the bulb that doesn’t produce heat, and then the flexibility.

  636. I think what appeals to me about the Stella lamp is all the options it has. No matter what the project light is always needed!

  637. I like the flexibility of the Stella lamp most of all but being an LED lamp meaning less heat, the ability to change the light color, and the the portability are all great features too. I use a hoop so I just might have to buy me one. Thanks so much for this giveaway and your review!

  638. The more experienced my eyes get, the more they demand more and better lighting. Doing my first gold work project has tested the boundaries! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

  639. for me living in south africa this lamp is elegant enough for my bedroom were we spent a lot of love and memories are made it suits my colour scheme to the tea love its cute adorable and looks smart

  640. Dear Mary
    The Stella lamp has good ergonomic design (with twist section), it also look Creative. But it also should be wall mounted.
    Nirmala Jadhav

  641. Wow I have spent ages online looking at lamps! And I love the look of the Stella one, especially because of the different settings which would always be handy, and to be able to dim it if you needed. Plus I just really like the pleasing look of this lamp, it looks quite artistic and modern.

  642. Thanks for this opportunity. I think the possibility to change the color setting is really interesting and an unusual feature. I would love to work with this lamp!

  643. I love the warm incandescent lighting the Stella lamp can provide. I sometimes tire of the harshness of a daylight lamp, so having options in one lamp is great! Also like the dimmer feature.

  644. Thanks for the Stella Lamp review Mary. I like the fact that it serves its purpose very well with little heat or no heat.


  645. Hi Mary 🙂 What a wonderful giveaway you are offering. What I like best are it’s slim lines and flexibility. And you have said that it is quite portable, so for me, that is the holy grail, lol. Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderfully illuminating prize.

  646. Dear Mary,

    As I read your review of the Stella lamp, I was immediately drawn to it. I travel from one place to another in the New Orleans area. The lightweight, easy set-up light with great choices of lighting is awesome. I like that the different lighting is part of it because if I want to talk to someone, I’m not blinding them with my light.

    Of course, thank you for all your wonderful information that you provide. You really help a stitcher like me.

  647. I especially like the Stella Lamp because you ae able to manipulate the neck of the lamp to get the perfect lighting. I often stitch at the table with my work in hand so I believe it would be a good fit!

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the Stella Lamp.

  648. I really like the clever configuration of LED’s – and that there are finally LED’s that can produce a warmer-toned light!

  649. You mean besides the fact that it looks like its cousin works for Pixar? I love the fact that it has all the different settings – white, warm, mixed; dimmable, etc! It’s adjustable! And, heck, it’s a good light for stitching!

    Thanks Mary!

  650. Mary – Thank you for the review of the Stella lamp and the opportunity to win one! Lighting is crucial when working on a project so what appeals to me the most about this lamp is the ability to chose different lighting temperatures, dimming, and flexibility. The fact that this lamp is compact and portable just makes it more desireable. Sure would make the long winters in VT more enjoyable!

  651. the stella lamp would be a wonderful addition to anyones home not just a sewer or quilter. the streamlines make it a modern addition i wouldnt mind leaving out on my table all the time to help with my sewing or reading the local newspaper. being a relatively new sewer the stella lamp would be a valuable addition to my sewing area as i do not have adequate light and usually stop sewing at a certain time because i cannot see well any longer. i believe the stella lamp will provide the extra light i need to sew a bit later at night instead of my being forced to watch a t.v. show which i have no interest in.