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Embroidered Drawstring Bag Pattern: Circles


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In my kids’ summer embroidery class, the last project is a drawstring bag. I thought I’d share the patterns that we’re using to embroider the front of the bags. I just made quick sketches on graph paper, so this is a scan of a sketch – nothing fancy, but fun anyway.

This particular embroidery pattern for the front of the drawstring bag matches (at least a little bit!) the lining I picked out for the pink drawstring bags. It’s not a great sketch at all, admittedly, but it served the purpose. We taped the patterns to windows and taped the fabric over the patterns, and the kids traced them using water soluble markers.

Here’s the pattern. If you want to use it, you can click on it for a much larger version, and then resize it.

Embroidery Pattern for Drawstring Bag - click for larger version

Well, it doesn’t look like much, does it? The stitches used in it are the stem stitch for circle outlines, the buttonhole wheel, the lazy daisy, and French knots or beads where the dots are.

Here’s the photo again of the pink bag with the lining. We selected threads that match the overall color scheme, and some of the kids added a few “extra” colors to brighten things up.

The bags are about 7 inches across, so the pattern should be about 6.5 inches wide when sized correctly.

As soon as we start sewing up the embroidered bags, I’ll take photos and put together a little picture tutorial. They’re surprisingly simple and really fun!


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  1. I love this bag and design. I have been lookinf for a small bag pattern to hold all ipod “stuff” and I think this would be cute and perfect. Can you please post the pattern. This would make great Christmas gifts.

    Thanks for your wonderful site, Mary. I love it!

  2. I have been looking a VERY long time for a site that is as great as yours!! I feel I have found my comfort zone and unending resource to fulfill my passion for ribbon embroidery.

    Please continue with your excellence for providing such a seemingly endless haven.

    With All Sincerity,

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