Embroidery Pattern: Another Little Jacobean Motif


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Here’s another little Jacobean motif, great for any kind of embroidery, really. I like this one! It’s got three little leaves worked in simple stitches, and would make a perfect accent on anything, really.

The embroidery stitches in this one are simple stitches, for the most part: stem stitch, herringbone, chain or split, couching, darning, little cross stitches, French knots or seed stitch, and little fly stitches.

Here’s the pattern:

I always tell myself I’m going to DO something with all these patterns, but I have yet to stitch any of them. My “big project” right now, though, (aside from my real job) is filming stitch videos…! But maybe one of these days I’ll actually work one up, just for the fun of it!

Anyway, I hope YOU enjoy the pattern and have a chance to do something with it!


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