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Historical Needlework: An Animated Bayeux Tapestry – Fantastic!


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Straying from the norm, here’s a great little video that animates the Bayeux Tapestry (literally). David Newton has animated the tapestry for us, so you can see this piece of historical embroidery in action – live! with music and sound effects! It’s rather funny.

I came across a link to this little video on the Heritage Shoppe embroidery forum.

I have always liked the Heritage Shoppe website – they have some excellent information on there for needleworkers. If you have never been, or haven’t been lately, do check the site out. While you’re there, check out their Essays section – some excellent needlework reading. You might especially check out their article on thread grain.

I just had to share this video with you! I find the Bayeux Tapestry fascinating, personally. But this video is better than fascinating. It’s cleverly done! Make sure your sound is on to get the full effect. The boat crossing, with the poor sea-sick fellow retching overboard, made me chuckle – probably because I can relate! Note the comet at the beginning, and the battle scene at the end.

I thought it was well done, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

(PS The video was updated in 2009, so I’ve posted the newer version recently.)


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  1. The video is fantastic! Thank you very much. I’ve already sent the URL for this post to several friends. And to my husband.

  2. Dear Mary, what a fabulous explanation of the Bayeux Tapestry – “The Bayeux Tapestry Live!!” An Englishman who has replicated the tapestry was on the British Antiques Roadshow recently. He had spent 2 hours a day for 17 years stitching it, and had begun by drawing up the background first. He had seen it on display and thought he’d make one himself. (As you do!!) The work was very good. Unfortunately, he didn’t give his name but if you’re looking, it was in the 2013-2014 series of episodes and was filmed in a shipping port. He deserves a medal.

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