Drizzle Stitch Grandma Hair


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To go along with embroidery video tutorial for drizzle stitch, I thought you might be interested in a few photos of the drizzle stitch “in action.”

This is a little project I’m working on which may very well develop into a Christmas present. On it, there’s a Grandma whose hair is worked in drizzle stitch.

I never realized what a difference there is in working on black fabric, until I was doing so with predominantly white thread, by the way!

Drizzle Stitch Grandma Hair

So here’s a full shot, and you can see how the drizzle stitch works pretty well for producing curly hair.

Drizzle Stitch Grandma Hair

And here’s a closer shot of the stitches. They’re a blue-ish grey, by the way.

Drizzle Stitch Grandma Hair

I tried to get a photo at a decent angle where you could see the three-dimensional aspect of the stitch.

So there’s my Drizzle Stitch Grandma so far. I’ll share the rest of the project with you later!


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  1. Thanks! Yep, as soon as I finish it – it’s kind of a “weird” project, but fun. I’ll give a full update when I complete it. I’m half-way there!

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