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Really Silly Embroidery Project – Can you Guess?


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I’m working on a rather silly embroidery project – and I’m having So Much Fun with it! The problem is, I can’t “unveil” it right now. I have to wait until it’s finished. But in the meantime, I thought I’d share some photos of it underway. Can you guess what it is?

On this particular project, I’m trying to be somewhat diverse in my embroidery stitches. Originally, I thought I could manage at least 10 or 12 different types of embroidery stitches in it. Right now, I’m up to 10 types of stitches, with a few ideas for incorporating some more. So we’ll see if I can manage at least a dozen types of stitches, if not more!

Here goes, then:

My curly wool stitch on Santa's cap

Nothing too silly about this one: this is Santa’s hat underway. I haven’t done his face or beard yet. I’m testing my “curly wool stitch” in different applications with regular stranded cotton. So I’ve just filled the white space with stem stitch, and now I’m wrapping the stem stitch with stranded cotton, in “tubes” to form a wooly kind of ridgy look, if you know what I mean!

embroidered happy faces

These guys are having a good laugh. The top one needs “something” still – perhaps his huge mouth should be filled in with black…. I’ll see about that later.

snoozing clown and kid in cap

These fellows are a bit more sedate. I used bullion stitch on the clown’s hair instead of drizzle stitch.

Drooling propeller cap kid

Hm. I was able to get herringbone stitch in here (the red on the cap).

pudgy baby with bow and drizzle stitch hair

I still have some clean-up work to do on this pudgy baby. The white dusty stuff on the black cloth is from the silver pencil I used to draw out the face. Originally, there was going to be a pacifier there…. but it looked like a band-aid, so I skipped it!

little embroidered jack-o-lantern

And a parting shot, since Halloween’s just around the corner.

Welp – that’s what I’m working on right now! Can you guess what the finished product is?


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(11) Comments

  1. Well, it’ll be done probably in a couple weeks or so. Things are hectic right now! The stitch on the red cap is stem stitch used as a filling, the lines worked close together.

    Thanks for the comments!

  2. It’s very interesting…love your creativity 🙂 Are these two seperate projects? Because the top two pictures are in white background and the rest are on black.

  3. Hi, Meeta! It’s more or less the same project in a couple pieces…!

    I’m not making very good headway on it, actually. I thought I’d have a couple hours to stitch this evening, but no such luck. 🙁

    Ah well – tomorrow is another day!

  4. I was wondering the same thing. Two pieces? Will they be put together? I dont’ think its silly. I think its cute. The seeping baby is a doll. And the drooler is funny. I guess I’ll wait to see the finished project before I venture any guessing.

  5. it looks like the “few good laughs” stationery you did a long time ago. I still have some of that and use it very sparingly. So what’s the finished product going to be? Can’t wait to find out!


  6. I have been lurking on your site for a month or so. This is my first comment. I love your site. It has been extremely helpful to me.

    I think the top pictures look like sweat shirt fabric and the bottom is denim. So I’m going to guess it is a sweat shirt and jeans. The faces are so adorable and creative.


  7. Hi, Carolyn! Welcome aboard! I’m glad you find the site helpful!

    Well, you’re close – it is two things that “go together” – but not quite sweatshirt and jeans…

  8. could you tell me what stitch you used for the mouth on the girl with lavender and white bow in her hair.
    Your work is so cute.

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