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Embroidered Crazy Quilt piece from a Reader!


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Jo of New Zealand sent a photo of one of her recent pieces, on which she embroidered the little fuschia design I posted a while back. Her crazy quilt fabric postcard is really nice!

You can find the fuschia design listed in my list of hand embroidery patterns, which I just updated last night, if you didn’t catch it when I first posted it.

Here’s Jo’s piece:

Crazy Quilt Square with Fuschia by Jo in NZ

The fuschia makes a great accent on the square! It’s pretty, isn’t it? And I love the seam treatments! I keep thinking that some day I’ll do at least one nice crazy quilt square, just to try it – the attraction to me is the variety of stitches that can be used to embellish the piece.

Thanks, Jo!!


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  1. I’ve never seen the stitches she used on her seams. I am wondering if I have just never seen tehm before or if they are something she came up with on her own – either and original or a variation. Either way, I put one of them on my doodle cloth to remeber in future.

  2. I should leave this answer to Jo, but I think think they’re combinations of stitches, for the most part. Neat, aren’t they?!!

  3. I love the colors you chose, Jo, and how they look on the black fabric. I’m just wondering if you would actually mail this postcard or if that’s just what it’s called because of its size ? Nice work!

  4. Thanks Mary for posting the pic. I have downloaded all your designs, and a few of them are in the works.
    To your ‘anonymous’ commentor. All the stitches are variations on, what is known in the crazy quilting world as, “basic seam treatments”.
    Stitches I have used – the blue seam is herringbone, every second stich is ‘tied’ to make the ‘v’ deeper. Detached chain is on the upper side.
    The yellow treatment is fly stitch, done in a feather stitch formation, so alternating side to side. The flowers are chain stitch. The white seam is chevron, with a straight stitch.
    As for the postcard. Yes it will go thru the mail. You write on the back, add a stamp and off it goes. That is why I only put stitching on the postcards, the are more likely to make it thru the machines in one piece. I am not big into “mail art” but there are 100s of yahoo groups out there and this is all they do. They are wonderful to receive and the posties love them.
    If you email me I will send this one to you

    Mary I am surprised that you have not crazy quilted, I hope you do try it one day. I would love to see the results.

  5. Thanks for the explanation of the seam treatments, Jo. I noticed that fabric postcards are a “big thing” – like the ATCs that are big, now, too.

    I’d like to try crazy quilting one of these days. I’ve been stashing up little scraps of fabric here and there, and I was recently thinking (just last night, actually!) that I should make a cq project with it – like a little wallet or bag or something.

    Strangely enough, crazy quilting itself (the fabric part) doesn’t thrill me – it’s the embellishing part that interests me. So many possibilities – endless variety in treatments and embellishment. If I just didn’t have to put the ground fabric together first! I’m not sure why the thought of it is such a hurdle for me, but it is!

    I guess that’s more of a reason to just try it!

    Thanks again, Jo!

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