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Nature’s Lace Found in an Ice Storm


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The other day, I mentioned needle lace, cutwork, and embroidery. A day later, we ended up with an embellished landscape! Nature provides great inspiration for embroiderers, but I’m not sure how this week’s landscaps could be interpreted in thread and even come close to the original source of inspiration!

Regardless, I thought I’d share some quick photos of the ice storm that hit the Plains this past week. I received several e-mails from readers, hoping that all was well with me and my family. Thank you! Indeed, we were relatively lucky! Although I live in a rural town, it is still a town, and our loss of power only lasted about 12 hours. Neighbors out in the country are still living without power, with an estimated two-week wait! On top of it, the forecast says there will be more snow tonight.

Central Plains Ice Storm, December, 2007

Back yard photo – the woods are congested with trees – from red buds to elm and oak. In the winter, it looks bare and cold and stark. In the spring, a green and purple haze begins to form, the harbinger of new life. In summer, it’s thick and relatively lush, and in autumn, it’s actually just a dullish yellow. There are few things prettier in nature than ice coating trees. I love the lacy look.

Central Plains Ice Storm, December, 2007

From the front porch, looking up the hill. The trees are bowing quite a bit under the ice.

Central Plains Ice Storm, December, 2007

Bush in front of the porch. I love the red through the ice!

Central Plains Ice Storm, December, 2007

A little bit of a problem with a downed power line right in front of the house…

Central Plains Ice Storm, December, 2007

…and no wonder. This side-yard tree surprisingly didn’t cause any damage, though it looks as if it’s hanging for support on every power line available!

Central Plains Ice Storm, December, 2007

A little bit of a lacy fringe on a power line…

Central Plains Ice Storm, December, 2007

When the sun came out, things really began to look up! The finest silks, embellished with lace and diamonds, would look dull in comparison to this!

Central Plains Ice Storm, December, 2007

Thanks for your inquiries and good wishes. As you see, all is well on my end!



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