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Embroidery News and Musings… and some Disappointment


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A couple neat embroidery-related tutorials, some news from around the traps, and one little blurb of retraction, due to recent order-placing disappointments – that’s what’s up for today!

First, if you like ribbon embroidery, crazy quilting, and so forth, do check out some very nice tutorials that were put online this week.

Allison Aller of Allie’s in Stitches posted a tutorial on really interesting ribbon leaves (more like neat, soft-looking branches of leaves – they remind me somewhat of crepe myrtle – long branches of greenery with pink flowers at the tip). Also, check out the finished block while you’re there.

And a little news…

I received a nice e-mail from a friend who recently had the pleasure of working with the Gilt Sylke Twist from Plimoth Plantation. In case you haven’t heard it yet, this gorgeous thread, when released for retail purchasing (if released!), will cost somewhere between $22 – $25 per 35 meter spool. Now, I know it sounds like a lot, but let’s put it in perspective: a yard of Mokuba ribbon can cost anywhere from $10 – $40. For ONE YARD. Granted, ribbon covers more space, but not that much more! … Anyway, even at that cost, I think embroidery enthusiasts (especially historical embroidery enthusiasts) will indulge in a spool or two. Considering the expense of having to recreate this specialty thread, I think the price is absolutely justifiable. It’ll make a good thread for embroidery buddies to go in on…

And a little disappointment…

And finally, after well over a month of waiting for some kind of response or acknowledgement from Criss Cross Row, I am, for the time being, withdrawing my recommendation for this shop. I’ve ordered from them once in the past and did not have a problem, but since I recommended them for the gold #371 (for plaited braid stitch) last month and placed an order myself, I received only a confirmation e-mail, and have not heard from them since. I called several times to only get an answering machine (left one message on it) and have e-mailed innumerable times. I know that sometimes personal problems may interrupt the normal course of a small business, and I grant that may be the case here (although they certainly have updated their site several times recently, and especially this past week with new products from a trade show).

Anyway, I realize there may be extenuating circumstances, but eventually, someone should have responded to the various e-mails and the phone call. That’s just good business sense. And since I feel somewhat responsible for recommending the shop to readers who have also placed orders recently and been disappointed (according to email received), I wanted to apologize for the recommendation.

Generally, I do not endorse a shop I’m not sure of, but, as I said, I have ordered from them in the past and been pleased with their service… hopefully, it’s some kind of glitch and it will be worked out.

It’s rather embarrassing to even have to bring it up. But there you have it. I’m happy to hear any news or anything that would change my mind on this subject, so if anyone out there is familiar with Criss Cross Row and knows what’s going on, do let me know.

For the rest of life – I’m recovering from the flu (thanks for all the get-well wishes!), I haven’t done a whole lot of stitching lately but I have made some progress on my canvaswork sampler, which I really must draw to an end at some point (I’ll post pictures of it soon), and … the garage is Almost Finished! Work Space. Yippee! (Pictures of that coming soon, too!)


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  1. Regarding Criss Cross Row, you are not the only one who has experienced this kind of frustration in dealing with them. Yes, we have all read about the personal hardships and we all wish the family the very best! However, when one notices that there is web site activity, a simple explanatory email would be nice to receive. Have you tried Needle In a Haystack for this thread? They list it as a special order item. Or Thread Needle Street? Even if you don’t see it on a web site, inquire. It is distributed by Access Commodities, so anyone who carries the Au Ver a Soie products should be able to get the passing thread easily enough.


  2. Glad you enjoyed the tutorial!

    I do hope you fully recover soon, and can’t wait to see your workspace, and new stitching too. 😉

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