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Gilt Sylke Twist – I have a Sample and a Photo!


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Thanks to Joey, I have two snippets of the red gilt sylke twist from the Plimoth Plantation 17th century jacket project. All I can say is —- WOW.

This embroidery thread is exquisite. I could never have been prepared for the surprise, though, when I actually saw it. It’s much, much tinier than I expected! It is an absolutely fine thread, tiny, about the size of a heavy duty quilting thread. I don’t know how to measure the actual size of a thread, so that’s the best I can do in comparison.

The Gilt Sylke Twist is a bit stiff (because of the gold) but not super-stiff. The red is gorgeous – really beautiful. This is the thing: I wound a snippet around a little stick to see how it might look satin stitched. I think… I think it would look stunning!

Although I was taken a-back at the fineness of the thread, I have to admit that I think I like it even more, having seen it, than I did just having seen close-up photos.

Here’s a shot of the Gilt Sylke Twist next to a single strand of DMC cotton, so you can get an idea of the size.

Gilt Sylke Twist - new thread from Plimoth Plantation

I’ve already got a little “savings fund” set up for purchasing some of this thread when it comes available to the general public. I’m looking forward to its release! (In case you couldn’t tell!)


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(6) Comments

  1. I can’t believe how tiny it is! I expected something more the size of #8 perle cotton. Has to be tricky to make, hence the higher price.

  2. You and me both, and I’m told it will be some time before it is available.

    Ohh, lucky you to have a sample. I’m amazed at how thin it is, I expected a similar wieght to the soie perlee that is being used on the jacket.

    Being greedy, I had thought I’d like a set of the GST but now that I know the cost I shall have to think carefully which colours to choose or start a BIG savings fund :-O


  3. Hi Mary, we’re glad you like the thread, and we hope it will be widely available soon. Don’t worry about reviewing it at all, the only worry is that there’ll be lots of demand before we can provide any supply. But the more demand, the more likely there’ll be plenty of it. Thanks for the review.

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