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Embroidered Initials and Monograms – a Must Have Resource


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If you like the idea of monogramming or initialing items that you embroider, then here’s a fantastic book available that’s an invaluable resource for the embroiderer or the general crafter (or sewer… or card maker … or… you get the point!)…

The book is called Compendium of Ancien Artistic Initials for Vintage Style Monograms – a hefty title for an equally hefty book. It’s a collection of 3,400 letters ready to use on your craft projects or your finest embroidered gifts. The collectors are J.F. and F.A. Shepard, and they’ve put together a book that spans initial monogramming styles from 1840 through 1930 (with some attention given to any interesting styles as late as 1950).

It’s not a how-to book. There’s no text (except a lot of letters!). But the variety and the clarity of all the initials is a real sight to behold!

I purchased the book because of a love for vintage linens that are embroidered or monogrammed. The level of artistry that went into household linens and personal linens in days of yore fascinates me! And I like initialing personal gifts.

Book of Monograms and Initials for embroidery and all kinds of crafts

The nice thing about this book is that it isn’t limited to embroidery (not that I consider embroidery a “limitation”!!). If you make your own greeting cards, if you are into wood burning, if you paint boxes or whatever – this book would come in handy.

Book of Monograms and Initials for embroidery and all kinds of crafts - sample

There are pages and pages for each letter of the alphabet. Some of the letters are surrounded by decoration, and some aren’t.

So, if you’re looking for a source for initials and monograms, this is it!

You can purchase the book through Amazon. It’s just under $30, and well worth it. You will never have to look further for another initial pattern, that’s for sure!



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  1. I have the book and I second Mary’s opinion. It’s a wonderful reference. I can’t wait to try some of these…maybe next year. 🙂

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