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Reader’s Embroidery: Redwork!


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I like redwork – I think its simplicity is charming: pretty, delicate (or rustic, depending on the look), and normally executed with simple stitches. And of course, its usually red! I love red. Jeannine’s redwork square here is her first attempt (you’ll find it hard to believe she’s an beginner, which makes it that much more impressive!)

The embroidery pattern is from Needlecrafter, where you can find some nice vintage embroidery patterns, all cleaned up and ready to go. For the first time in ages, it looks like Needlecrafter is busy again! There have been new additions, and, although there are some broken links in the photos (and the pictures in the new gallery don’t display yet?), I’m excited to see that there may be life on the site again! So check that resource out for online patterns!

But first, check out Jeannine’s redwork square:

Redwork Embroidery: Lady with Basket and Flowers

This is a closer-up on the top half of the design – the stitching is nice and delicate.

Redwork Embroidery: Lady with Basket and Flowers

And here’s the whole thing! I love the feet and slippers, and the pretty dress!

I think the stitching is really well done on this! It’s nice and neat and tidy, and just the right delicacy for the design. Jeannine used DMC 814, which is a deep, rich red. I think it was a good color choice!

Congratulations on your first redwork, Jeannine, and thanks for sending the pictures along!

I’ve got a few other readers’ projects coming up soon. If you have pictures to share of your recent projects, drop me an e-mail and I’ll reply!

And in the meantime, I’m crunching an embroidery project this week – I started it Saturday afternoon, and it has to be finished this Saturday. I’ll show you photos tomorrow!


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(4) Comments

  1. Well done Jeannine – your stitches are so neat – I just know if I could turn it over the back would be just as good as the front! pretty design

  2. Thank you so much for the compliments and encouragement, you guys!

    Paula, it is a very good thing that you didn’t bet money on how the back looks! lol! – Jeannine

  3. Hi Mary
    I was going through the site magicembroidery.com where there are some nice designs. The stitches used are mentioned there but not sure which one is what. It will be nice if you can post some designs mentioning which stitch is to be used where. I am wanting to design a frock for my 4-year old daughter.
    Mrs Nagesh, India

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