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Reader’s Question: Embroidery Display Boxes … & E-Mail News


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I had a reader e-mail and ask me where to find wooden boxes with lids that display embroidery work…. or jars that have the same feature… So here’s a link to this resource for those of you looking for a similar way to display your work, and a little note about e-mail communications…

Nordic Needle has a great section of finishing accessories. The reader wanted somewhere in the US, and somewhere with good, quick service. Those of us who have dealt with Nordic Needle, I think, can vouch for excellent service.

You can find several types of boxes at Nordic Needle for displaying your finished embroidery project: lead crystal, porcelain, and wooden.

I hope that the reader who e-mailed me the question comes back to find the answer!

That brings me to the subject of e-mail communication:

I get a lot of e-mail through the website, and I really appreciate it and enjoy getting it. I think those of you who e-mail me with questions or whatever will vouch for the fact that I generally reply pretty promptly!

If you don’t hear from me, generally it’s because I can’t get through to you – on a couple e-mail “domains” (and especially on AOL), I get delivery failure notifications. Upon inquiring about this, I found that it may have to do with spam filters.

So… if you e-mail me and I don’t reply, and especially if you happen to be an AOL user, do check to make sure your spam filter will accept my e-mail (which is different from receiving the e-mail newsletter). After you’ve checked your filter and permitted e-mail from me, contact me again, and we’ll try once more.


Enjoy the resource!


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(3) Comments

  1. I found the following two sites a while back:

    Olde Colonial Designs:

    Sudberry House:

    I have not ordered from either of these sites, but they have many nice boxes and other items for displaying needlework, especially Sudberry House. A few years ago I bought a tea tray via ‘The Stitchery’ and I think it is from Sudberry. It’s very nice. I guess someday I’ll have to actually put a piece of needlework in it! 🙂

    This page from the Tristan Brooks site shows off products from Olde Colonial (some of the boxes are designated as such):


    Country Bumpkin has some nice round satin covered boxes (non-wood) with tops for your embroidery. Search on ‘satin box’ on their site. (Another project awaiting my attention!) I would like to know if there’s a source for these in the US. I haven’t been able to find one.

    Now, I digress…this has nothing to do with boxes, but I did run across it when I was searching for satin boxes and thought it was a really spectacular piece of needlework:


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