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A favorite online shop for embroidery supplies is Nordic Needle, located in North Dakota. Yep, they’re great for special ordering tools, supplies, and so forth, but did you know they also have general information about embroidery-related topics on their website?

I subscribe to the Nordic Needle newsletter – and lately, they’ve run some good information articles in there. For example, you’ll find three thorough articles on the different types of threads in some of their past issues: Threads 1, Threads 2, Threads 3. You’ll find all kinds of information about the various embroidery threads available on the market in those articles. Conveniently enough, you’ll also find links to the same threads on their website, in case you’re looking for any particular threads.

Under the Resources section of Nordic Needle, you’ll find some interesting stuff in the column on the left, including conversion tools (I’d like to see this category expand a bit), stitching tips and tutorials, and a whole slew of free needlework patterns.

I like the new look of Nordic Needle’s website. They recently revamped it, and I think, overall, it looks better and is easier to get around on, though I’m still “finding my way,” after being used to the old site for a while.

If you haven’t signed up for their newsletter, you might want to. It’s often full of useful information for the needleworker. I think, one of these days, they’ll probably change the purple background on the newsletter, too!

Anyway, when you have time to browse about, check out Nordic Needle – they’ve been around in the business for a long time, and they’re a good resource for information and supplies.

I hope your weekend went well and you were able to accomplish all that you wanted to accomplish! I managed finishing my current goldwork project and embroidering half of one baby bootie (a quarter of the way through the pair). Pictures soon!

Enjoy your Monday!


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  1. Thanks so much for pointing me to Nordic Needle! I don`t order from there so hadn`t seen all the informative articles…great reading!

  2. Hi, MJ –

    They’re handy articles for tidbits of information, aren’t they? I like ordering from Nordic Needle – they have practically everything, and if they don’t have it in stock, they can get it. Their service is always very good, too!


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