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Thread Conversion: Anchor, DMC, Soie d’Alger


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A while ago, I purchased an Anchor Fleur de Lis kit titled “Spring.” It’s a small square tablecloth. I thought it would be a fun, easy project for casual stitching. I started it (barely), but never got back to it. Rummaging through my boxes the other day, I came across the tablecloth, but realized that I had mixed the Anchor threads in with my other cotton threads, and had ended up using a lot of them in my summer embroidery classes…. Doesn’t it figure?

Around here, I don’t have access to Anchor threads, without special ordering them. But I’m not ordering any embroidery supplies for a while (my Resolution – hold me to it!). On the bright side, I do have a couple gift certificates that I’ve never used to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, both of which carry DMC. The question, then, is … can I convert the required colors from Anchor to DMC?

To figure that out, I set about look for thread conversion charts. A while ago, I posted an article about thread conversion charts, but in checking those links, I’ve found that most of them are now defunct. The woes of relying on specific websites for needful information!

In the meantime, though, here’s a good color conversion chart from Crosstitch.com. It’s an Anchor-to-DMC conversion chart (or visa-versa), and the fun thing is, you can select the thread numbers, click a button, and get an image of the color as well as the corresponding DMC number.

Thread Conversion Chart from Crossstich.com

You can select multiple color numbers by holding the control key down, and then you convert them, and get a nice chart indicating both DMC numbers and JP Coats numbers. If there isn’t an exact match, they’ll give multiple close matches.

Thread Conversion Chart from Crossstich.com

One other conversion chart that I think is handy is this DMC to Soie d’Alger chart. I’m a huge fan of Soie d’Alger, so this is a great chart to have, especially for designs that call for DMC, but that you’d like to kick up a notch to silk.

And finally, the resource of resources – Needlepointers.com has a huge list of color conversion charts around the web. There are several color charts for rather obscure threads on there, and there are a few links that don’t work, but it’s a terrific list and a great resource to have! Add it to your favorites for future use!

Few color conversions are exactly accurate – you’ll probably never get the Exact Same Color in a different brand of thread – but they’re often close enough that no one would be able to tell. If, perchance, they aren’t close enough for this particular project, I have absolutely no problem picking out what I’ve done so far and starting over. I’ve got about one-eighth of one side finished. No biggie.

What do you think about converting threads? Do you cross over between brands when you stitch? Do you have any good resources for thread conversion? Speak up!! Help the rest of us out! Thanks!!


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  1. I made a similar floss conversion tool, it is on my website (in Hungarian, but I think color codes are universal).
    The second entry on the page.
    You enter the Dimensions, DMC, Anchor or Puppets color code, and you get the converted codes for DMC, Anchor and Puppets. Also get the little color samples, and (if you filled the “stash” worksheets) the amount of floss you have in that color. Very useful, I can print it and use as a shopping list. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the information on the coversion chart from Anchor to DMC. Save me a lot of time and trouble as Anchor thread is not sold in my area, at least not where I go. I will now be able to complete my project. Thanks, Bonnie

  3. just stopping to say hello and to thank you for the great, great, really great help and teaching that you give to all your readers ( followers ) 🙂

  4. Hi Mary,
    am great fan of urs.i love all your work.
    ur blog is addictive. i don’t have words to express my happiness.you r amazing & ur work is unbeliavle, keep going. n many many thanks for the chart conversion, i live in india & here we only get anchor threads, for long time i was looking for a chart converter. you made my life easy. i just love you. thanks again, god bless u.

  5. Hi,I’m one of those who really love to do cross-stitching,i got one pattern but my problem is i can’t find any anchor threads in my place,they just have DMC threads.I hope you can help me on this,if this site have ny conversion threads of anchor to DMC?Hope you can send me a chart on your conversion.THANKS

  6. Hi – I cannot find the conversion color for DMC thread #3864. I like working with soie d’alger, but I do not see DMC #3864 on any of the conversion charts. It’s supposed to be a light mocha beige. Can you help? Thanks!

  7. It’s time I thanked you for your greatly appreciated site >>> so much information & help is offered. I do so enjoy the Embroiderer’s group I’m involved with & your site compliments this so well. God bless you for your generosity. Jen.

  8. I just found your info on thread conversion charts – what a find! I am about to experiment using both DMC and silk threads in the same motif. Has anyone done this and what kind of results did you have? Thanks, Mary, for the vast scope of your site!

  9. Thanks for your helpful information. And I know what you are thinking when you say you don’t need anything more. I just had 11 kits given to me by a friend who can’t do x-stitch anymore. So I need my fingers swatted when I start buying more patterns – those I just have to have type. Anyway, thanks for this great website and I will likely visit it again in the future.

  10. Your posts are very helpful and informative, do you perchance know of a conversion chart from jec to soie ovale? Many thanks and all the best!

    1. Thanks, Brad. I don’t know if there’s a conversion chart for those two flat silks – I don’t think there is one, actually. But, then again, you never know – I’ll put some feelers out to see if anyone has developed one in the last year or so. ~MC

  11. Dear Mary,

    Love your tutorials and website – could you tell me which of the brands of floss you prefer? Anchor, DMC or JP Coats?

    Most grateful x

  12. Hi, i need your help.
    Can i convert the required colors from Mez to DMC?
    These are the Mez numbers: 2, 111, 159, 162, 170, 225, 239,267, 268, 335, 360, 387, 831 and 881.
    I hope you can help me.

  13. Por favor será que me pode arranjar uma tabela de conversâo completa de linhas da marca Gamma para Ancora ou dMC eu tenho várias mas só tem numeros ate 3000 eu preciso daí para a frente tenho trabalhos que pedem a partir de 6000 se me puder ajudar desde já agradeço.

  14. I want to do a project that calls for soie d’angler stranded silk. I have a huge stash of dnc and would like to use the dnc until I get more proficient. Do you know where I csn find a soie d’angler to dnc conversion chart?

    Thank you

  15. Hi I’m wondering if you have a Soie d´Alger to DMC conversion chart. I can only see it going the other way DMC to Soie d´Alger? Where I live it is very hard to get Soie d´Alger and therefore I prefer to use DMC. I would be extremely grateful if you have one…

    1. Hi, Robin, sorry! I’m afraid I don’t have one. It’s a tricky thing – Au Ver a Soie has changed some of their shades and numbers in the recent past, so it’s hard to even know if any conversion charts are up to date between DMC and SDA.

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