Confessions of a Needlework Fanatic


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If you hadn’t noticed (I think you probably have!) I’m a needlework fanatic.

I was facing a little needlework dilemma recently, and I found a website that solved it. Unfortunately, it also caused my needlework fanaticism to flare up again.

My dilemma was this: I needed a variety of fabrics to make (oh, yes, here we go again) a pieced foundation for a small crazy quilt adventure. Now, if you’ve read my past history of crazy quilting attempts, you know I’m not a crazy quilter.

There’s something in me that would like to be, to a degree, but … there’s also something in me that doesn’t like piecing together fabric, which seems to be an essential part of crazy quilting.

BUT – never say die – I’m determined to try again. The difficulty is that I don’t really have a stash suitable for crazy quilting – nothing really interesting. I am just not a fancy-fabric hoarder (though I can see how attractive it would be to be one!).

I resorted to a website I’ve ordered from before and, for very little output, I was able to get a variety of fabric pieces perfect for crazy quilting.

You may remember that I mentioned a while back my resolution to refrain from purchasing any more embroidery supplies for a six-month span. I hang my head in shame. I have succumbed. In fact, I’ve succumbed all over the place in the last few days…. but, these were needs, not wants (the voice of the Justifier). I had to have the fabric for an upcoming project!

I probably shouldn’t mention the fact that, while I was fanatically exploring every nook and cranny of that website with that sense of starvation that comes from not having purchased embroidery supplies for the last almost-three-months, I happened to linger a bit too long over the Embroidery Threads section… where I happened to study too closely the Sassa Lynn threads… and happened to buy some. I probably shouldn’t mention the silk buttonhole twist, either. All six spools of it.

My conscience seems to be nagging me: I feel inclined to mention that I also had to binge a bit to replenish my depleted metal thread stash.

I feel like the cat that swallowed sixteen-million-five-hundred-and-fifty-two-thousand-three-hundred-and-twelve canaries.

And darn, gosh, and golly – I am so looking forward to the mail in the next few days!

I have glutted. And I am satiated.

But all that being said – HEY! I can’t wait to show you the STUFF!!


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  1. come, step over to the crazy side, you KNOW you want to!

    you are just gonna love the Sassa Lynne threads. I buy them buy the bucket load off etsy.

  2. Hey, three months is pretty darned good! I can’t get through three WEEKS without buying something. Can’t wait to see pictures of your new stash.

  3. I SO identify with you,Mary!!I have to drive 30 miles to my nearest,not very extensive, supplier….in Ireland that’s a lot longer than 30 American miles!!I haven’t yet ordered gold thread,hadn’t SEEN the real thing until I found your wonderful site…..I’m sort of hanging out…knowing that if I start ordering supplies I’ll get addicted!Ah! But Christmas is coming up……no, it’s not that I’ll need threads for making presents…just that I might just buy myself an xmas present!
    I wonder if you got the jacket photo’s??all the best,charlie

  4. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    I agree, Three – dangerous vow – better never to make it in the first place…

    Angie, good point on fasting. So maybe it is a good thing to make the vow!

    Yes, I will step over for a bit, Jo – but it might be a bit too crazy for me! I’ll let you know! Thanks for the tip on etsy – I’ll look the threads up there.

    Magpie, your limit is three weeks? I’m so glad there’s someone else out there with the same problem!

    Charlie – YES – I got the photos of the jacket – they’re gorgeous! I need to play e-mail catch-up this morning or this afternoon, but you’ll be hearing from me soon! Thank you!! As for the gold threads —– they would make a most Excellent Christmas present for yourself! Take the plunge!

    Thanks again, all –

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