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Heartland Needlework Shop Hop


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Next weekend, several needlework shops in the Topeka / Kansas City area are sponsoring a needlework shop hop. I’m thinking about this, musing, contemplating, wondering….

I love needlework shops – and I love supporting local needlework shops when I have the opportunity. I strongly encourage supporting your local needlework shop, by the way, because if you don’t, some day, it may not be there, and supplies will become harder to find and more expensive. Also, there’s something to be said for helping your local economy!

Anyway, enough soap boxing! About this needlework shop hop in the Topeka / Kansas City area… Do you realize how much trouble I could get into, going into FIVE needlework shops in one weekend? It would be a serious glut. It would also be a whole lot of fun!

Heartland Needlework Shop Hop Map

The five shops are located along the purple path indicated above. All told, the circle is about 200 miles (specifically, 199.6 miles).

The Shop Hop begins on Thursday, April 30th, and lasts through Saturday, May 2nd, so there are three days in which you can make the journey to all five shops. This is the way it works:

In the first shop you visit along the route, you pick up a “passport,” which you have marked for each shop you visit along the way. If you visit all five shops involved, then you can turn your passport in at the last shop, to be eligible for prize drawings (in this case, $250-worth of gift certificates). Along the way, the needlework shops also have their own “specials” going on, for people doing the shop hop. So it’s an opportunity to become familiar with some local needlework shops and at the same time, to enjoy some special deals.

The shops participating in the Heartland shop hop are:

The Sunflower Seed – Topeka, KS
Stitch-On – Lawrence, KS
Old Mill Stitchery – Liberty, MO (I couldn’t find a website)
C.C. & Co. – Blue Springs, MO
Two the Point – Overland Park, KS

I list them in the above order, because that’s the route I’d travel. I live quite a bit west of Topeka, which adds a goodly amount of mileage on the above treck.

I’ve been to three out of five of the shops, and am keen to visit the other two. Still, it’s quite a drive!

To hop, or not to hop – that is the question?

I’m definitely leaning towards “hop.” If I go, I’ll actually have to leave on Friday afternoon, visit the shops in Topeka and Lawrence before they close at 6:00, and then spend the night in the KC area. Then I could visit the shops around Kansas City in a more leisurely fashion, methinks, between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm on Saturday.

If you’re in the Kansas City or Topeka area, venture out along the route, and maybe we’ll meet up!


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(5) Comments

  1. A needlework shop hop sounds like a wonderful way to spend a weekend. If I lived near there I would join you in a heartbeat. I wish there was a needlework shop hop around here.

  2. I have been to 4 of the 5, as I live south of KC in Lees Summit. The one in Topeka is the only one I have not visited. I think I might visit that one and the one in Lawrence on Thursday. Then I would have Friday and Saturday to hit the ones closer to home. I need some coton a broder #20, so this will be a nice adventure.

  3. If I could carpool with others, I’d do it. It just seems like a lot of gas. I’m in Boulder, so also a bit west….so sad!

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