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Needlework Stash Give-Away Winner!


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Well, here ’tis – the winner of the May Needlework Stash Give-Away here on Needle ‘n Thread!

It was a long, laborious process this morning, arriving at the name of the winner of this package of embroidery threads and Other Various Good Things. Normally, I try to keep up with my “method” of picking the winners as the comments come in, each day adding the new names to an ever-growing list, which I finally number, then randomly sort. Then, I have the computer pick a random number, and there’s the winner.

Well, it sure beats writing the names on paper, cutting it up, and drawing from hat, which is what I used to do when I first started doing little give-aways.

But with 155 comments, and not having kept up with them as I normally do, it took me quite a bit of time to manage the whole thing this morning! Top that with an 8:15 meeting at school, and there you have my excuse for the late announcement of…


Who happens to be….

Magpie’s Mumblings! Magpie answered the question about thread organization thus:

To answer your storage question…my embroidery flosses are all wound on cardboard bobbins; my spools of pearl cotton are stored in a plastic container with a lid; and my silk ribbons are also in a plastic container. The containers I use are all the same and stack nicely on my shelves. Pretty much all my smaller needleworking supplies are stored that way.

When I begin a project I go through and pull out any threads I feel I might use and they, in turn, go into another plastic container or, if it’s a smaller project, they go into a ziploc bag.

Hm. She sounds a lot like me! I had great fun reading all the comments and seeing how people organize their threads and projects differently. If you’re feeling frustrated with your present organizational methods (or lack thereof!), take a look at the comments on the original post for the May give-away. You might find a technique that suits you and is easy and feasible to use!

Magpie, please contact me with your mailing address and I’ll get this off to you in the next week! I’ll be throwing in a couple little extras, which I hope you enjoy!

You know, each time I do this, I see many, many familiar names! I wish I could send you all a little something, but as a consolation, just know that we will be doing it again. In fact (oooooohhhhh….), I’ve got a good one coming up. Remember that I mentioned Trish Burr’s new embroidery kits? I do believe I shall be giving one of those away soon! So… keep an eye out!

Thanks, everyone, for participating, and for all your helpful information on how you organize your thread stash!


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(8) Comments

  1. Oh Magpie, I am so jealous. Good for you!
    I hope you love the stash stuff. I will keep trying.
    Oh, and when will you be over to organize my stuff? ha
    Janice Miller

  2. Hi-Mary, and Congratulations to the Winner. A funny thing-I always enter these lovely giveaways but this time for some reason I tried twice to submit my entry and couldn’t get it done right! So I figured it’s not in my hand of cards to try for this one! (I believe in such things!) So I’ll wait for the next and try again. Thank you Mary.

  3. I’m really “green” over here! 😉
    No really, what a fun blessing. I went so far as to think, “oh no, if I win what if I don’t do justice to such lovely threads and to the lovely gifter”. Thanks again Mary. It’s fun just looking and wishing and cheering.

  4. Oh, I feel so very blessed to win something from Mary!! Getting a chance to play with such wonderful looking threads is a dream come true.

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