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Oh NO! An Enticing Thread Sale…


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I can’t help it. I’m a thread junkie. And when there’s a sale, it’s Really Hard for me to resist – especially when it’s gorgeous needlework fibers like those made by Gumnut Yarns, among other delicious little morsels….

Right now, Needle in a Haystack is clearing out some threads! They’ve got a really interesting selection of grab bags for Gumnut Yarns different lines of embroidery and needlework threads.

Gumnut Yarns Crewel Embroidery Threads

The grab bags are a really good deal! For example, you get 10 skeins of Gumnut stranded silk (“Stars”) for $30 (regular price: $70). You don’t have control over the color choices, but they’ve done their best to group the threads by color families, so that they aren’t wild and weird mixes of color (thought sometimes, I like wild and weird mixes!)

Gumnut Yarns Crewel Embroidery Threads

Gumnut “Buds” (perle silk) grab bags are 10 skeins for $35 (regularly $85).

I like Gumnut threads. They’re soft and beautiful and feel really nice. The only type of their thread I’ve ever stitched with, though, is “Buds” (perle silk). I liked it. I’d love to try their “blossoms” (crewel wool) and “daisies” (fine wool) and some of their blends. Unfortunately, they’re very expensive threads, so the best way to get them, in my mind, is to get them on sale.

The names are a bit of an enigma, by the way. Here’s the list of thread names and what they actually are:

Blossoms = crewel wool
Stars = stranded silk
Buds = perle silk
Poppies = 50% silk / 50% wool blend
Daisies = 1-ply fine wool (finer than crewel wool)
Tulips = kid mohair
Gemstones = variegated crewel wool (discontinued by the manufacturer)
Aztecs = variegated stranded silk (discontinued by the manufacturer)
Jewels = variegated perle silk (discontinued by the manufacturer)
Opals = variegated silk / wool blend (discontinued by the manufacturer)

To view the shade ranges on each of those, click on the links of the names, which will take you to the Gumnut Yarns website’s color range pages. It seems all the variegated threads have been discontinued.

Anyway, back to the sale at Needle in a Haystack! Besides these magnificent grab bags, they’ve also got the remaining of their DMC Medici (discontinued by DMC) wool thread on sale for $.75 / skein, as well as the whole range of Danish Flower Thread on sale for $1.25 / skein. (The latter is listed on their sale page for $1.30 / skein, but if you visit the actual shopping page for Danish Flower Thread, you’ll see it’s $1.25).

So, some great deals there! I’m still sticking to my resolution (after last week’s needlework shop hop loot!), so I won’t be adding any of this to my stash! But if you have the opportunity to do a wee bit of stash building, then I figured you might as well know about the sale, too! Enjoy!


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(5) Comments

  1. And as a true junkie, you entice others to follow you 🙂
    Yes, I did order threads. I could not resist.
    I hope the customs won’t charge me with the taxes…

  2. Oh, duh. How did I miss that? I’ve been calling it “Gamnut” ever since I first heard of them! Sheesh. Gamnut. I wondered about the name. Gumnut. Australian! Got it – makes sense. Sorry, Australia!

  3. Off topic I know!
    I'm following your bullion/rose videos this morning, working my 1st bullions using a free Brazilian Embroidery pattern I found online.

    It calls for a cast-on stitch with 14 casts (7 pair). Would this be similar to needle tatting "pairs"? I know repeating the same 1st half cast-on in tatting is what gets the curving twist (which is what happened to mine) & by doing the 2nd half in pairs makes them lay flat. Same idea here?

    I didn't see a cast-on video…did I miss it? The cast-on stitches actually came off the needle easier than wraps so far. Need to buy some correct needles – no labels left with anything I have on hand says Straw/Milliner.

    Thank you again for the video tutorials. Enjoying these stitches I've been afraid to try for so long!

  4. Hi Mary,
    I´m Paul Phillip Evans from stitchinfingers.
    I hang my threads in a wood clothe hanger so I can see the shades together and rearrange them eventually while I make my embroidery project.
    Have a great day,

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