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Needlework Shops along the Way… Trip Update


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When we set out on our little roadtrip (we’ve topped 5,700 miles so far, and will be close to 7,000 by the time we get home – all in 15 days!), I had every intention of looking up as many needlework shops along the way as possible and stopping at them all. Truth is, I only made it to four! You might well say “You’re not home yet,” but the last leg, across the tip of the Texas panhandle, through the flatlands of the Oklahoma plains, and on into the prairies of Kansas, is not going to include any extra stops! It is time to get home!

The four needlework shops I made it to were Nordic Needle in Fargo, North Dakota; Threadneedle Street, outside of Seattle, Washington; Needle in a Haystack, in Alameda, California; and Lacis, in Berkeley, California.

I want to be Very Careful about the way I approach my review of these shops. I plan to write up an in-depth review of each shop, tell you what they’re like, show you some photos, and so forth. (I may even throw in some “trip photos” along the way…) Believe it or not, I don’t plan to gush, gush, gush over each shop. Rather, I’ll just be telling you about the physical aspects of the shop, the type of merchandise carried, and the service I received.

You might be surprised at my evaluations, actually. You already know I have “favorite” online shops, and each of these four have been on my “favorites” list. But there are certain criteria I like to keep in mind when actually shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, so I’ll be carefully looking at those criteria.

In the meantime, these are some of the things I’ve bought: some great books, a few threads I have never used before, some tulle for embroidery on net, some needles (well, you can never have too many, and why pay shipping?), a few accessories, some cutwork design transfers, a new type of Solvy I hadn’t seen before, and … wow, I’m not sure what else. I Wanted to buy a couple kits, but in the long run, I didn’t, for the sake of conserving funds. But at least I know what shops have what, so if I ever want to order, I can. The books, though – yes, I love the books I bought!

So, on this last day (hopefully!) of the drive home, as I set out from Santa Fe, New Mexico, I’ll be compiling and organizing my notes!

I still have a few more articles to share with you from other readers, too, by the way. Unfortunately, before I left, I didn’t have time to put them all together. But never fear – we’ll get to them after I get home!

I’ll be seeing you soon, from Kansas! After all, there’s no place like home!


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  1. Hello from Oklahoma. Sorry you were only able to go through the most boring part of my home state. Next time you decide to go to Oklahoma, go through the Northeastern area so you can see it is not ALL plains.

    There really aren't that many needle craft shops here. Breaks my heart for sure. We have a few that I know of but nothing really that amazing.

    Hope you have a wonderful trip and thanks for driving through!


  2. Hi Mary,
    I can't wait to see your photos. Please be generous. I'm also looking forward to your reviews. How quickly time passes. I can't believe you're almost home. Thank you for all the wonderful posts and beautiful inspirations. Drive safely.

  3. I'm close to Threadneedle Street, so I'm looking forward to your review. If only I had money… 🙂

    I hear you on the getting home thing – I did a trip about that mileage but in 30 days, and it was still pushing the limits of how much time we could stand to be in the car. Blech!

  4. Oh good, I'm glad you're going to tell us about them, because if I'm ever out those directions, I'll stop by if you give them thumbs up. 🙂
    I actually won't go to a shop south of Denver because of their horrible customer service. Instead I order from a teeny tiny little shop that just doesn't have the space, but is incredibly friendly and helpful.
    Hope your trip was fabulous. Looking forward to seeing what you got.

  5. Hi Mary,
    I never would have guessed from reading your blog that you are filled with wanderlust.
    Safe journey.
    Best wishes from Up North.

  6. HI Mary, hope you have had a good relaxing time and a big Thank You for taking the time to keep us informed about your trip and with readers' works. You really did a great job and that is a lot of miles to be traveled! Hope you got a lot of pictures and I know you got a ton of ideas and projects added to your present list.
    After traveling there is "no place like home", especially where all your needle work supplies are, and easy to get at, and easy to just sit down turn on the light and stitch!…..and the next best thing to stitching is access to the internet…can't wait to see the rest that you have planned for us….we have enjoyed the adventure, and safe trip the rest of your way!
    Thanks, Kathy K

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