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Home Again, Home Again – and Fireworks!


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Just a brief howdy here, to let you all know I am indeed home, blogging from my favorite computer chair, using my favorite keyboard, having taken a shower in my favorite shower after sleeping all night in my favorite bed, and now looking outside at my favorite fence, listening to my favorite birds, and getting ready to go drink my favorite coffee out of my favorite cup! Guess what? I’m glad to be home!

Today is the Fourth of July here in the States, a date usually celebrated with fireworks, picnics, and so forth. It’s good to be back home for the Fourth – but nothing can compare with the fireworks display I saw last night! After 14 days of Perfect Weather in every place we went – from Minnesota and North Dakota, to Glacier National Park to the moutains of Idaho, to Deception Pass to Seattle, to Crater Lake to the orchards of Oregon, to the Napa Valley and the Bay area, to the coastline of California at Monterey and Carmel and the California Missions, to San Diego and to the Grand Canyon, and finally to Sante Fe, NM – we had a really ideally beautiful trip in every direction! The last hour and a half, though, as we moved east along I-70, we were accompanied by an incredible storm, stretching our last hour and a half in the car to about four hours! Stopping now and then along the way when the driving got too rough, we crept towards home while watching the most incredible lightning display I’ve ever seen (and I live in Kansas, where we get the stuff fairly regularly!)

Though it was rather a chuckle to see the trip end that way, it intensified the pleasure at finally arriving home!

So, here I am! I’ll spend the day cleaning up from the trip, doing laundry, getting organized, going through my photos, and catching up with family and friends. Then, I’ll be ready to show you some photos and display my needlework purchases, some of which I’ll be sharing in a July give-away!

Thanks for the welcome home messages on yesterday’s post! I’m glad you enjoyed the articles posted while I was away! I sure am eager to get back to regular blogging, so I’ll see you soon!


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(6) Comments

  1. Hi Mary,

    Looks like you have had a great break and have loads to share with us. Thanks for the lovely updates along the way and it is great to have you back

  2. Welcome home! Hearing about all the places you've been makes me tired though…wow. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

  3. Welcome home! Thanks for your post about Mulberry silks, it inspired me to try them for a special project. They are yummy, and I'm so enjoying them. I've postd pcs on my blog.

  4. Welcome home Mary. I just learned the detached buttonhole filling stitch from your video. Your instructions are so clear and easy to follow and it makes so much difference being able to watch you do the stitch. What an incredible gift you've given all of us. Thank you!

  5. Hope you had a pleasant 4th July at home again, Mary!
    You are a nice person – this we all knew – but you are a nice blogger to your readers too.
    Thanks for all these posts you have written along your way and those you have written before your leaving. You are superb, Mary!
    Thanks a lot!

  6. Traveling is great but there is no place like home because that is where all my stuff is. No matter what I pack up to take with me to work on I always think of something else I wish I had! But I bet it was fun seeing new places an new ideas. I was still surprised how many blog entries you had! But I am glad you are back safe and sound. Can't wait to see the new ideas you have to share.

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