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Long & Short Stitch Book Give-Away Winner!


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Well, after a long weekend of watching comments come in on the Long and Short Stitch book give-away, and reading and enjoying all those comments, I sat down first thing this morning (at 5:30 am) to put together the drawing… and here’s the winner!

For this morning’s drawing, I did something a bit different. Normally, I keep an on-going list of names in a spreadsheet, and at the end of the drawing, I mix up the names on the spreadsheet (kind of like shuffling cards)… and then I pick a random number (via random.org), and the matching number on the spreadsheet wins.

This weekend, I didn’t have time to keep the spreadsheet, so instead, I picked a number via random.org, and counted down the comments from top to bottom according to the number generated. Either way, I figured, “luck” is still determining the winner, right?

The number generated was 6, and counting down the comments, I came to the sixth one down…. and that’s….

Hey, come to think of it, I could make YOU go back and count down the number of comments to #6….

But since I’ve already made you work hard enough for the give-away, by commenting – and not only commenting, but answering one of those off-the-wall kind of questions – I suppose I could just tell you.

As luck would have it – or more of what I would call a happy coincidence – the winner is Méri! Now, I’m always happy for whoever wins, but I find myself particularly pleased with this drawing for a number of reasons: Méri and I have enjoyed a good long-distance friendship thanks to our needlework blogs (she’s all the way over there in Portugal); Méri has been very generous to me – she’s sent me some beautiful fabric and threads and a great magazine from Portugal; and Méri has followed along with the long and short stitch lessons and been really supportive all the way through them. Congratulations, Méri!

I’m actually not a believer in luck. Happy coincidences (and even sad ones) are generally the work, in my mind, of a higher providence, and I like to think that through this “happy coincidence” I’ve been given the opportunity to repay a friend a little bit! Having said that, I think I was a little lucky myself this morning!

You still have another chance to win something long and short stitch related, though – don’t forget my other give-away ending on Wednesday (for a Trish Burr embroidery kit).

Thanks for participating!


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(10) Comments

  1. Ahhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!

    Mary!!! I'm so happy!
    Thank you, thank you!As always you are so Kind! What nice words you've written!
    And Thank you all of your readers – all so kind too!
    I'm out of Porto for two weeks, now I'm in Braga (do you remember I've talk about? The Portuguese Rome?)When I return home I'll send you an email – is it fair??
    I have acess my e-mail and read this post through the newsletter. Now I'm connected to the net by phone (besides it is too slow it isn't cheap…) so sorry the English!
    Thank you Mary, again! Soon I'll write to you by e-mail.

    A big hug!!!

    PS – Mary,you must take off my name from the other giveaway – it will be much fair.

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