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Trish Burr Kit Give-Away: Practice your Threadpainting Skills!


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As a follow up to the Long and Short Stitch Shading Lessons, I thought one more celebratory give-away would be just the thing!

Although the Long and Short Stitch Lessons series finished yesterday, you can still access the lessons here on Needle ‘n Thread, all in one convenient index which now features a finished photo of the long and short stitch sampler. Here’s the link:

Long and Short Stitch Shading Lessons

Now, I have to admit, the series was a lot of fun, but it was a lot of work, too! I’m somewhat relieved it’s over, so I can move on to some other projects and maybe work up a few more instructional series on other techniques.

You know when you finish something that you’ve been working on for a while, and you have that feeling of complete elation at having actually Finished? Doesn’t that feeling just make you want to celebrate? It makes me want to, and so I figured another give-away would be a perfect way to close the lessons.

So, here it is – a complete Trish Burr embroidery kit, for beginners:

Trish Burr Threadpainting Kit

This kit features realistic rose buds and leaves, perfect subjects for needlepainting. If you’ve worked through the sampler, you will have absolutely no problem with the kit, and even if you haven’t worked through the long and short stitch sampler, you still won’t have any problems with the kit, because Trish wrote it for beginners. The instructions take you step-by-step through the process of working the project.

If you haven’t read my review of Trish’s threadpainting kits yet, you can check that out for further details on this kit.

Also, if you’re looking for some beautiful needlepainting kits, you might want to take a look at Trish Burr’s website, where you’ll find all her kits available.

For this give-away, please follow these instructions:

1. Leave your comment at the end of this post on the website, not via e-mail, and not on any other post. If you are reading this in the e-mail newsletter, you need to visit the website, not just reply to the e-mail. To go directly to this post from the e-mail newsletter, click on the purple title at the top of the e-mail!

2. Please sign a name to your comment! You may use the “anonymous” feature on the comment box, but please include a name at the end of your comment!

3. Answer the following question:

What’s your favorite Trish Burr kit and why? (Visit Trish Burr’s Threadpainting Kits page on her website to see the kits she has available!)

4. The give-away ends on Wednesday, September 30th, at 4:30 am US Central time. Leave your comment by then in order to be included!

And while we’re at it, don’t forget that my other give-away ends this Monday. If you haven’t signed up to win Trish’s latest book on threadpainting, check out the original post and leave a comment there before Monday!

Have a terrific weekend!



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(111) Comments

  1. As always … very generous give away !
    Thanks soooo much for the lessons and the
    encouragement !

    My fav. kit on her site is:  
    African pygmy kingfisher – Needle painting Advanced,
    sooo beautiful.
    Once I finish with your lessons I will like to tackle 2 or 3 of Trish Burr's projects and this beginners kit will be a perfect
    start !
    Thanks to your reviews of her books here I have 2 of her books . Sooo looking forward to this winter (my schedule
    gets slower or should say less crowded), to sit and stitch !


  2. Mary,
    After looking at Trish Burrs kits I think my favorite is the Antique pink ribbon & rosebuds, the reason I like it is for the soft colors and the flow of the design. I love roses and rose buds even if the rest of my body does not. I think it would be a fun kit to do. I am just getting started in this stitching I have done a lot of needle embroidery but I am trying to learn you short and long stitch and crazy quilting.
    Beckie n Kansas

  3. OH! dear I wish you had not sent me that link. It has so many of the kits I would love.
    If I had to pick just one (not easy)It would be the Red poppy. It one of my favorite flowers. But to tell the truth I think I am going to have to sweet talk the hubby. I got a B-day coming up so I just might see if he will treat me.
    And Mary thanks for the lessons never thought I would finish but it's almost done.

  4. Mary
    I have 2 books of Trish Burr.I love look at her designs even I have not yet stitched one of them.
    the red poppy is my favorite kit because it's so realistic and it makes me dream to the fields in summertime.

  5. My favorite is the one you showed, the red rosebud!! I adore roses! I also love the kingfisher which is something I have done on my own, it didn't look as beautiful but I was proud of it jus the same.

  6. Hi Mary,
    I know you must be tired from all the work putting together the long & short stitch lessons…but, be aware that it was much appreciated! Believe it or not, the burgundy rosebud is the one Trish Burr kit I would probably buy. I love roses of all kinds & the bud looks like it might be an easier way to begin…
    Sheila from CA

  7. Dear Mary, answering your question, and coincidentally, my favorite IS the red rosebud kit from Trish because I'm just a beginner and it' so small and simple I figure "How Much Can I Mess THIS Up"…and it's perfect for neophytes like me. Thanks so much for your continuing help.. Judy in Pittsburgh

  8. Hello, Mary!

    Thanks again for yet another beautiful offer. A fellow stitcher recently introduced me to Trish Burr's website. I was caught in my tracks by the Kingfisher kit – it's definitely my favorite of her kits. I hope someday I can stitch well enough to make that beautiful bird! Trish's design is stunning!

    Didi from MA

  9. Thank you for your lessons. I've been doing so much wrong, and a surprising amount right!

    Gotta be the Kingfisher. I've done so many flowers, never tried a critter! And Trish does amazing critters.

    And thanks agian for all your time spent blogging.

    I don't think I would have kept up with stiching without your links and encouragement and designs, and I love my stitching.

  10. Mary, you are at it again, trying to whet our appetite. 🙂 MY favorite kit is the Antique pink ribbon and rosebuds because I love the look of the turning ribbon. Thanks so much.

    Martha B

  11. After checking out the kits, I think my favourite is the red poppy. My grandma used to have giant poppies in her garden and the design is just so realistic. I haven't had time to do the long and short stitch lessons, but I can't wait to start them.
    Catherine in Alberta

  12. Mary, Thank you so much for the lessons. I had been doing some on my own, and now I know where I went wrong. I love flowers, all kinds, so I would probably go for the roses and ribbon. But I have to finish learning how to do it first.


  13. Hard to pick which one is my favorite. They all are so wonderful. But, if i have to choose, I would say White Blossoms with blue berries. So peaceful and elegant.

    Donna Widerquist

  14. I love Trish's poppy, the hues chosen for the flower itself and the colours used to shade the leaf. Also, the poppy is a reminder of the lives of soldiers lost in wars, past and present. It would be a pleasure and an honour to create such a beautiful representation of the poppy, keeping in mind what it symbolizes while stitching.

  15. Trish Burr's instructions are very good. I've tried some of her practice designs in her Long and Short Stitch book. They are thorough and easy to follow. And the results are beautiful! I like he Pygmy Kingfisher kit as the detai, color and design are a pleaure to look at. I also like the White Blossoms With Blueberries kit. I find the contrast between the colors on the background she uses and the design to be rather calming and peaceful. Sorry, but it is hard to pick just one. Trish is a wonderful artist and I enjoy her work.
    Julie in Napa

  16. Mary, thanks as usual for the helpful info on long and short stitch. I had the idea down, but your tutorials gave me the info I needed to make it look less amateurish. My favorite Trish Burr kit has to be Antique pink ribbon & rosebuds. I like the balance of the design. While any kit Trish offers is a wonderful experience in practice, the Antique pink ribbon & rosebuds piece has the finished look of a complete piece of art to me.
    Thanks for your generosity and info as always…

  17. They are all lovely but the white flower with blue berries was my favorite. Thank you for the wonderful shading lessons. Your blog is amazing!

  18. Antique pink ribbon and rosebuds! I like the colors and flowers the best.

    Mary, I can tell that you're a teacher because you don't just ask for a comment, but create a mini-assignment.

    I'm a huge fan and LOVE your blog!

  19. THIS is actually my favorite kit, and I've been dying to get my hands on one.

    Thank you so much for doing these tutorials. They've helped me tremendously.

  20. My favorite is probably the kingfisher, just because it stands out–her flowers are lovely, and well-suited to the medium, but the kingfisher is just so much more surprising.

  21. For me it would have to be the red poppy, hands down. They are my absolute favourite flower (I've threatened my husband with divorce if he so much as THINKS about moving where the poppies are in our flower bed…right outside our bedroom window).
    Another lovely giveaway Mary; you are so generous.

  22. So far I have only stitched some flowers, I would probably vote for the kingfisher. It looks very realistic and challenging. Mary, thank you very much for your generosity. Your blog is great!

  23. The burgundy rosebud is very cute. The green sepal at the bottom of the bud uses long and short stitch so perfectly. It seems to only need one strand to create that look. Also, the color combo of the buds with the creamy linen is gorgeous.

  24. The Kingfisher! He's so cute.

    You're such a Trish enabler… I've already bought Redoute's Finest Flowers in Embroidery, so beautiful.

  25. While I love her flowers I think the African Pygmy Kingfisher is my favorite. He has such character! I am a huge birdlover! Paula in OH

  26. I LOVE the blueberry kit! I imagine that framed and hanging. OOOOOOOH it's amazing. Way to go Trish! I will have to purchase it after finishing my other projects.

  27. Hello,
    I think that the Burgundy Rosebud is lovely–so simple and beautiful. I especially like the leaves.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win,

  28. I think all of her designs are lovely, but I am partial to roses. Thank you so much for allowing me to win this beautiful gift.

    Rosalie W

  29. African Pygmy Kingfisher,Obviously.The whole project is absolutely splendid.The colors used are exquisite,the thread variety and use is just so realistic and for a crafter,the range of stitches used is incredible.My favourite would always be this only.I totally loved the picture when I saw it in your article earlier.Once you see it, you cannot forget it……

    Jyoti Jaggi

  30. What a fantastic giveaway. I'd have to go with the poppy as that is one of my favourite flowers. I think thread painting is perfect for the silky feelto the petals

  31. Thanks Mary for the absolutely gorgeous giveaway.

    My favourite is the African Pygmy Kingfisher as I am sure that it will be a challenge and the colours are stunning.

  32. hmmm, it's a toss up between the red poppy and white blossoms with blue berries. beautiful kits! and such great techniques to learn!

  33. My favorite Trish Burr kit is the African pygmy kingfisher. Why? It's pretty simple. I love pictures of birds and flowers can get boring sometimes. 🙂

  34. My favorite is red poppy. It's been my favorite since I first saw your review on them and went to see myself and it hasn't changed. That's my favorite because I just love how it looks. Thank you so much for the chance! 🙂

  35. Hi Mary

    Thanks for your long and short stitch lessons, I am now slowly working through them. I like Trish Burr's Red Poppy needle painting kit because the poppy is my favourite flower and it looks just like the poppies that grow in my garden. They give a splash of vibrant colour after the bleakness of winter. But I realise I need to start at the beginners level so the Rosebuds would be a good introduction. Regards Pam Hancock

  36. The African pygmy kingfisher is absolutely my favorite. It's cute and colorful (requirements to catch my attention) …also, it's totally amazing!

  37. Hmm, tricky question – I don't usually analyse why I like something or prefer one kit to another so I went to the website to take a peek and had to decide between pink ribbon and rosebuds or white blossoms with blue berries. I think I liked those two because they were less formal and static in design. It was the latter which finally got my vote because of those little fat round berries. They have such an appealing shape, I could just squidge them. Thanks for making me think!

  38. This is a toughie!
    When I look at the Burgundy Rosebud I think of the Elly Sienkiewicz applique I have done and think it would be a perfect addition to that collection. It is beautiful and also a 'beginner' so right up my alley!

    But, the Red poppy reminds me of more 'modern' applique I have been taught with the turning petals and I love reds. It would be a perfect accent to the new paint we have put in our family room!

    However, #1 has to come out for different reasons. It is the White blossoms with blueberries. This is not typical of what I am normally drawn to but I was strangely pulled in. I think the beautiful shading on the blueberries is one plus. The fact that this is a totally different color choice for me and would also be a nice addition that I would not gravitate toward would be great. Finally, it is something to shoot for….aim high! Work my 'rump' off until I am ready for that one. So the White Blossoms is it!

    Thank you for putting together these lessons and all in one spot together so we can continue to access them. I know you are aware, but you touch so many with your blog daily. I cannot imagine what your readership numbers! It has to be huge!

    Susan Robinson

  39. Hi Mary,
    I think that this is the best giveaway so far, because believe it or not I was only just admiring the Burgundy Rosebud kit the other day. I would definitely have to agree that that is my favorite one (especially considering the fact that I am a beginner too!)
    I hope I get this give-away more than anything else as it is perfect for me.
    Thanks a lot.

  40. Again, thank you for the wonderful lessons on this difficult (I think) stitch style. I've learned so much and have even recommended the tutorial and site to my stitching friends. You do such a wonderful job explaining everything, even to an old cross stitcher like me.

    I looked at the kits and although I love bright colors like the poppy and rosebud, I like the Kingfisher. Since I work with wildlife, it brings back wonderful times caring for these birds. They're so peculiar with their big beaks, obnoxious voices and adorable miniature feet.

    Looking forward to your next lesson.


  41. Easy–the one I will maybe accomplish when I am 90!!!

    The kingfisher is beautiful–the gradiation in coloer is superb!

    I can only dream and practice!

    Ruth Molenaar

  42. My favorite is-
    White blossoms with Blue Berries. I love berries in fabric, or floral arrangements, or in stitchery designs. If it has berries, I'm drawn to it.

    I've completed 6 of the Long and Short Lessons, and my reward for finishing was to be able to start Trish's book – which I already have. 🙂 Well, I've started on the first project, even though I haven't finished the lessons yet 🙂 I couldn't resist any longer.

    Thanks for the give away!


  43. Hi Mary, The African pygmy kingfisher is definately my favorite because I am a bird lover. I really want to learn how to make them look so realistic. I haven't achieved that advanced level of skill, but want to be able to stitch Birds of Alaska one of these days! Thanks for your lessons and the awesome give-away!
    Kathy in Kenai

  44. Hi Mary…
    Thank you so much for the wonderful instructions on this beautiful art. I absolutely love the Kingfisher and hopefully one day I will feel experienced enough to give it a try!

  45. My favorite kit is the White blossoms with blue berries because
    blueberries are my favorite fruit.
    I have always thought blueberries
    were a perfect object as a motif
    because of their shape and color.
    Pat Salada

  46. I think I like the kingfisher best–it's really striking and the stitch seems more suited to realistic feathers (which have a lot of texture) to me than smooth flower petals.

  47. It's the Antique Ribbon for me, definitely. I like the contrast between the rather rough linen and the delicate colours.
    This said: Thank you very, very much for those great lessons. You really are a giving person.
    Sorry for my terrible English, it's been some time since I last used it…

  48. Another very generous giveaway, wow!

    I love the White Blossoms with Blueberries kit – there's so much shadow and depth. It's very life-like.

  49. Honestly, I think I like the rosebud the best, both because the simplicity of the design really shows off the beauty of the technique, and because, as someone who's never done needlepainting before, I'd be less shy of giving it a go!

  50. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for the lessons n for this wonderful give away. As Trish Burr name is my favourite n I like to practise her Antique Pink RIbbon n Rosebuds.
    God Bless U

  51. Hi Mary,

    This is a fantastic give away, perfectly timed at the end of the stitch along series!

    Of Trish's kits, my absolute favourite is the White blossoms with blue berries, simply because of the colours and the elegant look. (and oh, I LOVE blue and white!)

    Thanks again for the lovely lessons!

  52. WOW!!! This s truly awesome…
    Two give-aways in a line is really really generous of you.

    My favourite is the Kingfisher kit – the blend of colours is awesome and it has a spectacular finish. The bird stands (err… sits) out with so much life.


  53. These are all so beautiful. I really like the Antique Pink Ribbon & Rosebuds kit. I like linen and the soft colors of the flowing ribbon. Although it's intermediate I would hope it would ispire me to practice more 🙂

  54. Actually, I like the rose bud you are giving away the best…and have thought about ordering it. Thanks for such a generous prize idea! (kathy shaw)

  55. The poppy kit grabs me the most – I'm not sure if it's just because I'm going through a red phase – we just bought red paint for the living room..

  56. Hi Mary,

    My ultimate favorite kit is the Kingfisher. I observe one in the aviary at the SD Zoo here in CA.

    He just sits there and watches his lady bird so it's easy to sketch him. His colors are so vibrant and Trish has captured them exactly plus he's cute.

    I've sketched other birds from the zoo and plan to use Trish's technique for all of them.

    I recently completed a pillow of birds (for my bird watcher mother) and I must say it came out beautiful. Threadpaint really does bring life to any embroidered creation.

    I'll be back at the zoo Friday as I will turn 54 years young. : )
    Thanks for the offer.


  57. Hm, I really like all the kits. I think my favorite is the kingfisher, possibly becuase I'm a sucker for those deep blues — and my eye always goes to the most advanced things (gets me in trouble sometimes, it does, but that's how we learn, right?)

    What I really love is the butterfly on the top of the web page (the one that's the click icon for contact). Not usually a huge butterfly fan, but that's not a "cutsy" one, it's very true — and if I'm a sucker for deep blues, put them with those gold/yellows and I'm gone 🙂


  58. Thank you so much for all the work you do for us. My favorite kit is the Red Poppy. I love the red and it looks so real. It reminds me of the Wizard of OZ and Dorothy falling asleep among the poppies. Thank you for the give-aways.

  59. I also like the bird — reminds me of my mother who collected bird images. Of course I would like the one that's most advanced.
    Thanks for your giveaway — you're so generous!

  60. I love the Burgundy Rosebud kit because it reminds me of my Grandfather. When he was younger he had organized rose beds but as he got older he would randomly plant them around his yard. It always tickled me to see and now that he is gone roses bring back very happy memories for me. I am in the process of making a crazy quilt with 12 blocks, one for each month. I intend to embroider a rose bush on each block in some random location!

    Thanks for the contest!

    Nita Carroll

  61. Mary, My favorite Trish Burr is the white fower with blueberries, being from the southern part of NJ we are noted for our blueberries. One of my frist embroideries on a group crazy quilt was a branch of blueberries and a branch of cranberries, representing south Jersey. Thanks again for all you share with us! Can't wait to get started on the long and short sampler that you have instructed for us…in watching your instructions, I have realized that some of my earlier embroideries, have had the long and short stitching in them that I have forgotten about. Once again you are responsible for awakening a sleeping giant! Thanks again!
    Keep stitching Mary!
    Kathy Kelly

  62. My favorite is the African Pygmy kingfisher because I love birds. Since I have only ever done outline stitching I am very excited to hvae found your website with such good instruction. THANK YOU

    Claudia Butler

  63. I like the Red Poppy best – I like the "flowing" quality of the design – other floral kits have the blooms sort of "bunched up" -the best thing about Trish's kits to me is the option to buy with or without the threads!

  64. Mary,
    I keep reading your posts and thinking about doing some surface embroidery – although I MUST finish the crossstitched Christmas stocking for our first grandchild and the sweater I'm knitting for her. I only have a half dozen other projects underway, but I love the look of thread painting. I like the red rose kit a lot and also the red poppy. It would be hard to choose.
    Liz in Tenn

  65. Hi Mary, I have to pick one kit as a favourite?? I guess i would go with any kit as any of them would teach me how to do this style of embroidery, but as i can only choose one, I shall go with "Antique pink ribbon & rosebuds" because I like the combination of the white flower & pink ribbons.

  66. Hi Mary,
    I love poppies, they are my favourite flower and as a child I always dreamed of seeing a field of poppies (in my country, this does not exist). Anyway, although they are my favourite flower, I think I like the

    "Antique Pink Ribbon & Rosebuds"

    best. They give off such a feeling of peace and quiet beauty, and I might just end up ordering it one day, when I've polished up my skills a little bit more, thanks to your tutorials.

  67. Hi Mary
    I would have to say that even though they are all beautiful I really like the "White blossoms with blue berries". I think that this would be a wonderful project to try.
    Thanks again for all the hard work with the long & short lessons I know that they will be put to good use.
    Take care
    Joan in Richmond, B.C. Canada

  68. Hii Mary,
    Thank you for the posts.. The lessons were awsome.. Good work..
    My favourite kit is "Antique Pink ribbon& rosebuds".. I really loved the pink, white and green combination.. its really beautiful..

  69. Wow, it is difficult to pick just one. Since I have to chose I would say the African pygmy kingfisher. It is a delightful creature. Thank you for the chance to win one of Trish Burr's kits

  70. Hello Mary! I would love to try this new technique (for me). My favorite kit is "White blossoms with blue berries – Needle painting" because of the choice of colours. They seem so real!!!! They are really beautiful!!!!!

  71. How can I decide which one to pick as a favorite. I love floral embroidery and any and all of Trish's kits are perfect.
    I was able to see a few of these kits at the Puyallyp Quilt show last year and I needed a tissue to wipe the drool. ha
    Thank you Mary for the opportunity to win this wonderful kit.
    Janice Miller

  72. It is easiest to say: I like them all. But it is so hard to chose only one… I was thinking and thinking and thinking and… Well, can I write all 5. They are wonderful. All of the… Okay, I'll write only two (but not the one, because I cannot do that). So they are White blossom with blue berries and Burgundy Rosebud. They are great.

  73. All of her kits are beautiful. My favorite one being the kingfisher! Thank you Mary for your lessons and fabulous give aways.

    Jean from Washington

  74. This was almost like a test just to pick my favorite kit. I liked the rosebud because I am a bigginer in thread painting and it looks like a great kit to learn shading. I Like the antique pink ribbon and rosebu8d because I love how the colors usred makes the picture look antique. I like the african pygmy kinbgfish because I like birds. My friends favorite thing is blue berries so the white blossom with blueberries would make a great gift. Iguess my favorite would be the poppie becaus it isn't a perfvect flower it looks realistic.

  75. Thanks for sharing your marvelous talent. I have looked at her site many times, and my absolute favorite is the red poppy.
    Judy Marteney

  76. I love them all! She does such beautiful work. I would have to say the Red Poppy is my favorite. I have a red poppy in my yard and wait for it bloom each year. I have her 1st. book which made me to want to learn thread painting and to improve my work. I love the real lifelike flowers and her bird is great!
    Debra Puma

  77. A little late in posting this comment perhaps!!
    I have one of Trish's books,Finest flowers". I love her work and have embroidered some of the flowers in her book, even though i'm pleased with the outcome, they never look as nice as her's!

  78. Firstly, thank you for your wonderful website. I just love reading your column. This coming year I will endeavour to never have idle hands. When I finish one project, I'll have another waiting. Happy Christmas. Claudette.

  79. May I say I so enjoy your website and especially your personal comments. In the new year I will endeavour never to have idle hands, when one project finishes I will have another waiting.
    I love Trish Burr's daisy spray kit with the pink rosebuds. Have a happy Christmas.

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