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Give-Away! Brazilian Embroidery Kit!


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Thanks to Sharon of Threads in Bloom, I’ve got a beautiful Brazilian embroidery kit – including EdMar threads, full instructions, and printed fabric, along with a mesh bag to store it all in – and a book that I’m going to give away to a lucky reader this week!

If you haven’t tried Brazilian embroidery yet or aren’t familiar with it, you might want to check out the Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery guild website, where you’ll find lots of information on the technique. Essentially, Brazilian embroidery combines regular surface embroidery stitches with dimensional stitches, to create a highly textured embroidery design. The threads normally used in Brazilian embroidery are twisted rayon (Edmar Threads are commonly used), so the overall effect of the style is colorful and textured, with a high sheen.

Threads in Bloom is an online shop specializing in Brazilian embroidery kits and supplies. Sharon offers many Brazilian embroidery kits that she has designed herself, and some of them are really beautiful! She sent this kit to me for a give-away, along with the threads to complete it and a mesh bag to store it in. So – here it is:

Brazilian Embroidery Kit Give-Away

For this give-away, you’ll get everything you see in the photo above – the kit, the threads, the mesh bag. Oh – and needles – milliners needles in different sizes. I forgot to include those in the photo!

Brazilian Embroidery Kit Give-Away

Inside the kit, you’ll find the design pre-printed on trigger cloth, which is traditionally used for Brazilian embroidery, a set of printed instructions that include diagrams of the various stitches, and the beads required for finishing the piece.

Brazilian Embroidery Kit Give-Away

The threads are beautiful, aren’t they?

Brazilian Embroidery Kit Give-Away

In addition to the kit and bag, you’ll also receive this book, Apples to Zinnias: A Dimensional Embroidery Project Book, which details how to make the alphabet sampler on the front cover of the book.

Brazilian Embroidery Kit Give-Away

Inside the book, you’ll find diagram instructions on how to complete the various stitches and combinations used in Brazilian embroidery.

So if you’ve been hankering to try Brazilian embroidery – or if you’ve been wanting to practice dimensional stitches – here’s your opportunity to try it for free!

To join the give-away, please follow these instructions:

1. Leave a comment below (on this article on the website – not via e-mail or on another post).

2. In your comment, answer the following question: What do you like best about Brazilian embroidery – the colors, the texture, the threads, the dimensional stitching, or….? and why? If you haven’t done any Brazilian embroidery, what intrigues you about it?

3. Make sure you sign some kind of name to your comment, if you post anonymously.

4. I’ll draw a winner on Friday, December 4th at 5:00 am CST, so leave your comment before then! Check back on Friday to see if you’ve won, and then, if you did, follow the instructions in the winner post!

That’s all – not too complicated, I don’t think. I hope not, anyway!

By the way, even if you don’t do Brazilian embroidery, this little package would make a great Christmas gift for a stitching friend!

Best of luck!


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(173) Comments

  1. So nice give-away! What I like in Brazilian embroiderey is mostly the vibrant colours, and the combination of stiches which makes it different from the tradionnal embroidery. Many thanks to Sharon and you to offer the kit to a lucky one!

  2. Oh oh, pick me! I just took a class on Brazilian embroidery and loved it! First, the colors and sheen of the threads is unmatched by any other. And then the textures are just so beautiful. And finally, there truly is nothing quite as satisfying as working a 40 wrap bullion and have it lay where you intended!

    Thanks so much for your blog, I love it.

    Colleen Strickler

  3. Hi, Mary! When I found out about your Needle'n'Thread I've discovered a whole new world of embroidery – and then started searching the net like crazy. Imagine my surprise when I found a guild about Brazilian embroidery – I'm from Brazil, and I've asked around, no one here knows about this kind of embroidery! So this is what amazes me the most: Brazilian embroidery is unknown in Brazil. Completely! I can't find anyone here that knows surface embroidery. So I'd really like to have that kit on my hands, to learn more about it. And to spread the word here, too, after all, there MUST be a reason for it to be called Brazilian – and surface embroidery is what I want to learn the most these days. (Can't wait to get the half-dozen books I've ordered… so much to learn, so little time!)
    Thanks for the give-away, it's very generous of you – as always! 🙂

  4. That is a beautiful kit! I love to do Brazilian Embroidery. I have been doing it for two years now and have done over 15 projects. I like to frame them and hang them on the wall. There is a "special" feeling one gets when completing a beautiful picture done in a 3 dimensional look. Hope I am the lucky winner!

  5. What a great giveaway – thanks for the chance at a win.
    I think it's the texture of this kind of embroidery that really grabs me. It just makes me want to reach out & touch it 🙂

  6. Oh Mary, this give away is just too good to miss.

    I just love trying new techniques and I've been itching to try my hand at Brazilian Embroidery for a looooooong time.

    I love the colours, texture and dimensional aspect but I think the biggest attraction to me is that it is so very different from any other embroidery I do.

    Good luck everyone 🙂

  7. …on a cold, grey, wet and wintry day just the thought of those zingy colours and intricate stitches catching the light evoke the spirit of Brazil – sun, fun and pleasure…what more could anyone want – and all wrapped up in this splendid prize!

  8. Wow, you are very generous with your giveaways, Mary!

    Brazilian embroidery…I honestly hadn't heard of it before reading about it on your site. Those threads look so gorgeous though..I can imagine how beautiful they reflect light combined with the dimensional embroider of this style! I'm sure it's one of those things that you have to struggle not to touch every second! I would love to learn how to do this style and to get a chance to work with those lovely threads, as well as read the book. The front cover is just so intriguing…the designs blow me away!

    Allie C.

  9. Mary, what a great give-away. I would love this kit because the threads are so vibrant. I have been wanting to try something like this and this kit would be a great way to start. Thanks for the give-aways. Merry Christmas. Sharon of West, Texas

  10. This is beautiful!!
    I saw a piece of Brazilian embroidery a couple years ago and just loved it! Haven't gotten around to trying it yet, though. The textures and dimension are what intrigue me!

  11. I am very new to Brazilian embroidery. I just love the dimensional look. The flowers look like you could actually pick them off the fabric! I have always wanted to learn this embroidery technique and this book would surely come in very handy!

    I am one of those people that long to learn but then worry that I will make a mistake so sit back and watch. With a kit plus the book I would have no reason to do that!

    Nancy Steele

  12. Hi Mary,
    PICK ME THIS TIME… have always wanted to try Brazilian Embroidery but have not to date. I am intrigued by it's texture and the way it use different stitches to get quite a stunning effect.
    Would be good to try something new!

  13. dear Mary , Brazilian Embroidery is still one of things on my to do list. The vibrant colours and texture intrigue me. Through the years I have taught myself many crafts through the medium of books and magazines. Sadly there is not much available in the line of this type of embroidery be it books, patterns or yarns locally. At least I can try for your give away. Thank you, Elza Bester.Cape Town

  14. oh such a beautiful giveaway..
    wish i will be the winner of this beautiful kit..
    I like the texture of the BE though i didn't see in real..
    and also I would like to try some stitches of caston family which are best goes with rayon threads..
    this kit is tempting me like anyhting..wish I could be the winner.
    Tahnk you Mary..

  15. oh I would LOVE to be included in the chance for winning your drawing! Brazilian embroidery..Something I've always wanted to try. I have seen it being done several years ago but have never had the nerve to try it myself! I love the threads used because they look so rich and spendy looking (maybe they are?) I don't have a source for supplies anywhere close to me so would have to mail order them. this little kit would be perfect to "try" this type of needlework.

  16. I have long admired Brazilian embroidery. I think it looks bright and sharp. Just getting back into embroidery after 40 years, this would be a terrific way.My name is Sue Ames at sueannames@gmail.com
    Thank you for the giveaway chance.

  17. Hi! Me again….I guess I didn't read the post so closely. I have not yet done Brazilian embroidery but have been wanting to try it. I have been so fascinated by all types of dimensional embroidery specifically.

  18. Dear Mary….Ya Godda love this kit! Especially including the book which expands our knowledge of various stitches. A great book to supplement my budding library on hand embroidery! I'm so pleased and gratified and encouraged by all your tutorials…to continue trying new stitches and materials and patterns! Thanks again So Much! Judy in Pittsburgh

  19. I have tried Brazilian Embroidery but not enough to say I know what I am doing. I have tried the Brazilian Embroidery threads and thought they took some time to master, they are rayon and tend to have a mind of their own. But this said, I really like the look of this technique and would love to receive a gift to futher the study of this technique. Thank you…sue

  20. Hi Mary,
    I have been trying to teach myself BE for the last week or so and have been practicing my stitches with locally available threads till I can get hold of the real thing.

    Brazilian embroidery with the rayon threads looks totally out of this world because of the sheen of the threads and also the colours available.

    Thanks Mary and Sharon for offering such a wonderful giveaway

  21. Hi Mary, I saw someone wearing a Brazilian Embroidery vest years ago, and I still haven't forgotten it. It was amazing! I would love the chance to tray making my own beautiful project.


  22. Last week I ordered a Brazilian embroidery kit (English Rose and Hummingbird ).
    I like the Brazilian embroidery designs and I am very curious about how it is done, the unknown threads and …. can I do it???

  23. Hi Mary
    This is a wonderful draw. I have been practicing Brazillian embroidery for a CQ round robin with CQI in January. I love the three dimentional stitches and of course the shiny threads add a lot too. I'd love to win this! Thanks!

  24. Winter is at my doorstep but I hardly noticed when I gazed upon the life-like vibrant flowers of the Brazilian Embroidery kit give away. Nothing beats the winter doldrums like stitching spring flowers! Sharalyn

  25. What a generous giveaway. Though I have yet to try Brazilian Embroidery, I love everything about it, the threads, texture, dimension, the detail. Most of all, I love your blog and all I learn from you. Thanks for all you do for your readers.

    Lynn D

  26. I love your site and read your blog regularly. It's a great source for practical information about the world of embroidery. I found BE a couple of months ago and wanted to try it, but was in the midst of a major move, so couldn't see trying at that time. Now is the perfect time to begin something new, and the Brazilian Embroidery project would be perfect to do. I love all types of embroidery and would love to begin a new form with the new year. Thanks for all that you do for those who love to work with needle and thread.


  27. Thanks for another beautiful giveaway, Mary. That Apples to Zinnia book cover is gorgeous. I do like Brazilian embroidery because of the ability to make florals dimensional. Less boring!

  28. Why do I love Brazilian Embroidery? In addition to the beautiful designs, the vibrancy of the colors, and the dimensional quality of this embroidery, I have never met a more wonderful group of people. The women and men (yes there is at least one male member) of this guild have such a generous spirit and are always willing to help out a struggling stitcher (like me!)

  29. I've been wanting to learn to do Brazilian embroidery for 30 years! I love the threads; they almost seem to glow with color.

  30. Brazilian embroidery has been intriging to me for a very long time. A dear friend that has Pancreatic cancer has done it for years and I have admired her work so much. I believe it is the dimension of the embroidery as well as the vibrant colors that attract me but also I would love to make the stitches. It doesn't seem difficult and this would give me to opportunity to share something with her. She is 84 and recently attended a craft seminar at a local college. She still stitches nearly every day and has a plethera of projects in different stages to admire. I would so love to have this kit.

  31. I've been doing Brazilian embroidery for years, and I think the thing I like about it most is that it is so different from any other type of needlework! Because of the dimensional aspect of it, and the rayon threads, people think it is really difficult–but it isn't! I also love the fact that it stitches up really fast! And I love the bright, almost gaudy, colors!

  32. Dear Mary:
    Thanks for another wonderful give away. As someone who majored in sculpture I am fascinated by the 3 dimensional aspect of Brazilian embroidery, but to be truthful it is the threads that are the real temptation. I hope your Thanksgiving was great. Here's wishing you a joy filled Advent.

  33. What a great giveaway!! I have not seen the real thing, but I am intrigued by the dimensions of the stitches. Looks like it would be fun to try.

  34. This is..wow..um, what was I going to say? Um. Colors! Yeah, colors and vibrancy and…ooh, SHINY!!

    Doing serious jump up and down going "ooh, ooh, ME!!MEEEEE!!!" here. The Apples to Zinnias book garnered an actual gasp and instant, total lust…I WANNA DO THAT!!

    *closing eyes*…*invoking calm*…ah, much better, can almost make sense now.

    The shiny intense colors and mix of stitches (FORTY wrap bullion? Ai! Whee!) is something that just calls to me in a fun and downright intriguing little voice…and I just gotta try this!

    Thanks, Mary and TIB…sure hope the ol' computadora picks me for this one, it would make my DECADE!

  35. Me please, pretty please: I can't resist the color and the texture of the threads! Those are gorgeous and make my fingers itch 🙂

  36. What a beautiful kit! I've been exploring Brazilian embroidery for a few months now and am totally captivated by the stitches and texture. Your web site is such a wealth of information on all things to do with embroidery.

  37. This kit will allow me to finally understand what is Brazilian Embroidery, I am learning stumpwork and lots of others techniques through tutorials and freebies offered by the Internet. These techniques I can learn and perform here in Brazil, because the materials are easy to obtain or replace.
    Brazilian Embroidery it is completely unknown here in Brazil, has materials, needles, lines and a lot of things I can only get through paypal, + books = an account credit card unbelievable!
    I would gladly pay the shipping and send photos of my progress. It would be a dream come true!

  38. Ooooh! How pretty! And I love the luscious colors of threads! I'm not familiar with Brazilian embroidery but adore the kit design and would love to give it a try! In fact, I'm pretty much a rank beginner to anything more complicated than simple redwork but am throughly enjoying the learning process and always learn so much from your postings. Please, please pick me!

    Judy in OKC

  39. Thank you Mary for another great give away! I have completed one Brazilian project which I framed and gave as a gift to a very special Aunt. I really enjoyed working all the stitches and was delighted with all the texture. I love having the opportunity to win this wonderful prize!

  40. Wow! I just loved the look of the kit you posted. I don't think I have ever seen anything so breathtakingly beauitful as Brazilian Embroidery. I have only been doing embroidery for a short while, I have always been a cross stitcher, but I have to say I love surface stitching and now I can't wait to try Brazilian Embroidery next just to experience the look it gives to the flowers they seem almost life like!!!!
    Carrie in Washington

  41. What a lovely giveaway. I love the texture and dimensional aspects of brazilian embroidery and would love to have a go. I am having my first go at stumpwork and this would be lovely to progress in this style of embroidery

  42. Winter will soon be at my doorstep…….but the thought of it was banished when I saw the Brazilian Embroidery Kit. The flowers are life-like and vibrant. No better way to beat the winter doldrums than stitching spring flowers. Sharalyn

  43. I just purchased a pattern for some hummingbirds done in Brazilian threadwork but I haven't collected the threads yet so your post today is perfect timing! I like the texture of Brazilian embroidery – a mix of stumpwork and surface embroidery. I've heard that the thread is difficult to work with but I'm ready to try.
    Kris Curtis

  44. Hi Mary! Please enter me in your draw. I have never tried Brazlian embroidery – yet. Over the past year I have gone from a die hard cross stitcher to an embroidery nut – thanks to your column. I love not only the eye catching colors but the dimensional aspects are beautiful. So many new stitches to master – and learning how to layer them. I would love to give it a try. Thanks! Kaysee

  45. What a LOVERLY give-away! I've always wanted to try Brazilian embroidery – the threads are so lusterous and the finished project looks fantastic! Whether mine would is another question.

  46. Dear Mary,
    I have found your blog three months ago. Every day I waiting for the next interesting post. Thank you so much. I'm from Germany and it's a little bit difficult to write all what I think. It's easier for me to read a english text.
    Now, Brazilian embroidery I have never done. I like the shiny threads and the texture of this embroidery. I like to learn many kinds of embroidery, maybe I have a little bit luck to get this nice kit.
    All the best, Katrin

  47. Lovely kit – I haven't done any Brazilian embroidery, but do love the texture/color combinations. It seems that you can make more realistic flowers, or if desired, totally not-in-this-world/fantasy flowers than can be done with "normal" surface embroidery.

    Samanta – it's interesting that Brazilian embroidery isn't being done in Brazil. I wonder if it's a case of giving an old style of stitching done in a new material an "exotic" name to try to boost interest in it? Or it really started in Brazil and fell out of favor, and no one remembers it?

    Mary – please do not put me in the drawing, I love the kit, but fear it would languish in my backlog of projects for quite a while. Good luck to everyone!

  48. Brazilian embroidery is next on my list to learn, having "conquered" several other types.
    I love the texture and realism of the finished product. The sheen of the thread makes me swoon–I love silk and rayon in all forms.
    Thank You,

  49. I adore Brazilian Embroidery! The colors are incredibly vibrant and alive, the thread is wonderful and lends a glorious sheen to the embroidery along with the fabulous texture that this art lends to my work (crazy quilting). It is beyond compare! Thank you for all you do for the needleworking community! Leslie Ehrlich

  50. Recently I decided to "rediscover" embroidery that I remembered enjoying as a young girl and add to my current fibre arts adventures. While researching the different embroidery techniques the brilliant colours of the Brazillian embroidery jumped out at me and I remember thinking how I would hope to one day be able to create something so beautiful.


  51. This is so gorgeous! I love to do embroidery & have heard a lot about Brazilian, but haven't gotten around to trying it yet. This kit looks like something that I would just love to frame and hang on the wall in our motor home (we are full time RVers).


  52. Hi Mary, thanks to Threads in Bloom for this great offer and to you also for passing it on.

    I have done some BDE and love the lush look of the threads and the raised embroidery; the range of colours through vibrant to muted.

    Nova makes wonderful tree trunks in bullions. Glory is stunning for fine leaves.

    To me there is no choice between thread/colour or embroidery. It is the whole that makes the perfection.

    thanks for including me,

  53. What do you like best about Brazilian embroidery? I love the 3D effects. I recently discovered silk ribbon embroidery and I am hankering to try this. Years ago a shop near me had classes that I never took and I still regret it. Justine

  54. Well, not for me although I think the designs are interesting and an unusual use of stitches in my rather limited experience, but I do have a friend who has recently begun embroidering again and would be thrilled to try Brazilian Embroidery!

  55. I love Braz embroidery. I retired about 4 years ago and wanted some embroidery to do. Took a class and was hooked. Belong to a local group of ladies and also to the Intl Guild. They have a seminar in Portland every year that is wonderful!
    Rayon thread takes some getting used to but is beautiful.

  56. I have been doing Braz embroidery for about 4 years. When I retired I wanted some embroidery to do. Took a class and was hooked. I belong to the Intl group and they have a lovely seminar every year in Portland that I highly recommend.
    I love your site. Have been getting your e-mails for some time.
    Very informative. Keep up the good work but don't know how you do it.

  57. Hi there Mary,

    As ever, tempting us with wonderful new forms of embroidery to stretch our knowledge and challenge us.

    I have never done any Brazillian Embroidery. Took your advice and visited the website………..Wow, I just love the vibrant and shimmering threads, just calling out to be used. The website shows us all how to recreate the stitches in a way that is so user friendly………It makes your fingers itch with anticipation.

    How I would love to win this fantastic give away. Good luck to everyone that enters. What a wonderful Christmas surprise this would be to win.

    Good luck everyone! Thanks as always for your site and the wonderful people that contribute to the "giveaways"

  58. Oh so pretty! I don't think I've really seen Brazilian embroidery before, but I really like it. The colors and the dimensional aspect of the stitching look great! I'd love to learn how to do this. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  59. Mary – This giveaway is fabulous! I have never tried Brazilian embroidery, but this kit sure sparks an interest. I have seen some beautiful samples of this type of embroidery and would love to give it a try. Hope I am a winner. Love your site and newsletter. Enjoying the new monogram letters – Thank You

  60. A friend gave a mini-course in Brazilian embroidery last year, and I was hooked. The threads are beautiful–fabulous colors and several different textures. And it is at a scale I can handle (with my poor eyesight and ulnar nerve damage).

  61. Hello Mary
    I just love any kind of embroidery. But what i love most about Brazillian embrodiery is the way the sticthes just jump off the fabric it is a beautifulwork of art and i would love to try it out.!!!!!!!!

  62. I'm a charter member of BDEIG–BE is almost the exclusive needlework I do. I just love the threads, it is just relaxing to touch them. This is a wonderful way to promote the art of BE. I'd love to win but it would be nice for a non BE stitcher to win. I'm looking forward to reading your newsletters. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  63. I've tried several Brazilian designs and love the bright colors and the dimensional aspect of technique. Your give-away kit is lovely. To tell the truth, I haven't seen ANY Brazilian embroidery design that I didn't like.

  64. Mary, The give-away is so generous. I thank Sharon and you. I've never seen Brazilian Embroidery before. The picture and book with sampler project are splendid a perfect giveaway for the holiday/winter season.The colors of the thread are exquisite with a sheen that makes want to reach out and feel the soft twists. I would so luv to this. I can picture myself in my recliner in my snuggi with a cup of cocoa. Stitching a vibriant picture thinking of spring.and the new flowers I'd plant, the sampler as a guide for future flowers:)I only sign up for a give-away when its something that moves me/touches me. Mary I have to say you know the true meaning of a give-way. I Ilook forward to your blogs. Iwish everyone luck Happy Holiday to all. yours truly Angelw

  65. Thank you to Sharon of Threads in Bloom and Mary for another great giveaway! I haven't tried Brazilian enbroidery but have long been intrigued by the dimensional aspect of it. Please put my name in the pot.

  66. I have not done brazillian work at all yet…….I love everything about the project when its done…the colors are just awesome and the texture is just beautiful……I sure would love to win it.

  67. I don't know a thing about Brazilian embroidery but am willing to learn! The threads alone are incredible, the colors and textures are to die for!!! Thanks so much for all you do, this blog has been a daily inspiration.

  68. Yes ! I take part of the give-away. What I like most about Brazilian embroidery ? The dimensional stitching. I suppose it is quite hard, and also so challenging !
    And above all, friday is my birthday, so maybe I will be lucky 😉
    Coeur de freesia

  69. HI Mary

    I have wanted to learn Brazilian embroidery for a while and that A – Z book has caught my eye several times. I find the texture of the Brazilian embroidery intriguing. With holidays coming up it would be a perfect time to learn a new skill. I love learning new techniques. Thankyou for the opportunity


  70. Hi Mary,

    What I like about Brazilian Embroidery is how life like the project becomes after every defining color is implemented in each design be it birds, flowers, fruit or whatever the chosen design may be.

    I love, love, love the Apples to Zinneas project.

    Thank you again for such a generous offer and Good Luck everyone.

    San Diego, CA

  71. I think I like Brazilian embroidery because of the super-tactile experience of it and the interesting way that you can use three dimensional space to create an interesting design. I've never tried it before, but I'd love to try 🙂


  72. I love the look of Brazilian embroidery! The three-dimensional shapes and bright colors; the shine; the lovely shapes of the flowers all appeal to me.

    I tried it once, with some success, but another try is really needed!


  73. Hi Mary,
    I LOVE Brazilian Embroidery!!! I have been doing it since taking a class at Omaha CQ retreat. I blends so nicely into CQ that I am addicted!! Congrats to the lucky winner!!

    Gayle in Missouri

  74. Oh Mary, this is so lovely! I have been wanting to try Brazilian Embroidery for awhile now, but am a bit intimidated by it. I think it`s the colours and shine of the threads that attracts me. It is just so pretty!

  75. I love Brazilian Embroidery! I love the colour, the dimensional aspect of the embroidery and how it used to replicate nature. The downside for me is I have used up all of my small stash of thread and I have not been able to find it in local stores.

  76. I like the texture of BE most especially if you add some boucle to the project. I have plans to make a white to light green pillow for wedding cushions if and when my Sons get married. I have visions of a christening gown or wedding dress with flowers arround the neck and bustline. too bad Im already married maybe Ill have a daughter in law in the future that feels the same way! I also love the variety of flowers you can make.

  77. wow, what a great giveaway! I've never tried it, but I LOVE how shiny and pretty it looks, combined with the raised stitches…it is so vibrant and eye-catching.

  78. As always, a fun giveaway Mary! I have dabbled a wee bit with Brazilian embroidery, but haven't done any projects using it. I like that it's dimensional and always looks so shimmery (is that a word?. Someone will be lucky to win this!

  79. Wgat a great giveaway! I tried Brazilian Embroidery years ago (like 30)and I love it. The colors are beautiful and the threads are yummy. I didn't have a lot of patterns so I would love to re-learn it with new patterns and ideas.

  80. This is the first I've seen of Brazilian embroidery, but I'm really interested in learning more dimensional embroidery techniques, so it looks interesting–and the threads are gorgeous!

    A question–I'm used to "trigger" describing a poly or poly/cotton fabric. Is that true here or is this a different kind of trigger?

  81. Ooh! I haven't tried Brazilian embroidery yet, but I'd love to! I'm only now learning how to experiment with dimensional effects in my embroidery (home ec class only taught me surface embroidery, sadly) and I would love to pick up a new skill. I'm a very tactile person, so the dimension really appeals to me. Also, the colors are so beautiful!

  82. Hi. This is perfect. I have recently become interested in trying some Brazillian embroidery. I am experienced in counted thread work, and I am itching to try something new. I love the dimensional stitching, and I have been looking at some kits, trying to decide which one I should try. The problem with that is they are all so beautiful.
    Dawn C.

  83. I learned how to do Brazilian Embroidery a few years ago. It is hard to choose what I like most about it. I love the threads. The colors are fabulous. And I love the results when a piece is done. People are almost always amazed when they see a finished pillow, picture, etc. I would love this beautiful kit.

    Dixie Crabtree

  84. oh Mary, Mary I want, need, desire, lust for this soooo badly! What do I like best about BDE? All of it!! The challenge of the threads, the invigorating colors! The dimensionality! The whole kit and caboodle.

    Waiting, waiting, until Friday, Ginger

  85. I am new to BE and am teaching myself – why just 2 days ago I tried my first bullion and made a rose – voila! – it worked. I have been putting it off for months, afraid to try because of all the things I have read. I should have tried it months ago. I love the raised dimension about BE and I am totally amazed what you can do with a needle and thread. Oh and the threads are an amazing rich vibrant color and they are twisted! in Brazilian embroidery. I joined the online BE group and have met some very lovely and interesting people from around the world. Thanks to Sharon of Threads in Bloom,for the donation to the group and Mary for keeping this site interesting and fun – BRoss-joyadvtr

  86. I am new to BE and am teaching myself – why just 2 days ago I tried my first bullion and made a rose – voila! – it worked. I have been putting it off for months, afraid to try because of all the things I have read. I should have tried it months ago. I love the raised dimension about BE and I am totally amazed what you can do with a needle and thread. Oh and the threads are an amazing rich vibrant color and they are twisted! in Brazilian embroidery. I joined the online BE group and have met some very lovely and interesting people from around the world. Thanks to Sharon of Threads in Bloom,for the donation to the group and Mary for keeping this site interesting and fun – BRoss-joyadvtr

  87. I absolutely love Brazilian embroidery! I have not done much, just a few rose bushes but I love the sheen of the thread and the texture. I love when embroidery jumps off the cloth!

    This is an absolutely beautiful kit and book. Thanks for the chance!

    Nita Carroll

  88. wow a gorgeous gift! I would love to win this and give as a gift to my friend.
    I have not tried Brazilian embroidery-what intrigues me is it's beauty. Kathy

  89. Wow, A brazilian embroidery kit as a give away! I really love the way brazilian embriodery unfolds its vibrant colors, texture with dimensional stitching. Thanks to sharon of threads in bloom, she shares a lot of information and designs. Wish to win this kit…and also wish if someone could scan the pages of the instructions and share it will all of us! Voila! just waiting for 4th Dec….This is a wonderful gift for …whatelse can one ask for! BE is truly messmerising, brings out the creativity in you while giving dimensionality to the work…they are so close to nature, Gods gift.

  90. Hi Mary,
    As usual you come up with the most attractive giveaway. How I'd like to win this one. Have been wanting for a long time to try my hand at three-dimensional embroidery, but… The colours, the threads, texture, everything appeals to me. Where I live, we don't have a wide choice of threads and I've mostly used stranded cotton, so the brilliant colours and sheen of your threads would really make a change. And the book… What a gorgeous alphabet.
    This giveaway will make someone a fabulous early Xmas present. Hope you have a very happy one.

  91. Oh this is beautiful!!!! I love it. I have never done Brazilian Embroidery, but have alway been drawn to it. The threads are so pretty, and I always want to reach out and touch it. I love any kind of stitchery that can draw me in like that. This would be a great self Christmas gift! Waiting and hoping,
    Donna the Pommie Mommie

  92. I have wanted to learn
    Brazilian embroidery but haven't tried it yet.
    The threads are beautiful ! I am wanting to learn
    how to do this beautiful stitching. The colors just look amazing! Thanks for giving this awesome giveaway Mary, someone is going to be a happy winner!
    Thelma Bradshaw

  93. Hi Mary,

    Your give-aways are always tempting. I like everything about BE, especially the final outcome is always breathtaking. Recently, I completed a small and my first BE project. Please count me in as well.


  94. Oh Mary, the Brazillian kit would fit nicely in my Christmas stocking! I've never tried it because I've never seen in person, only on the web which makes it look so difficult. This kit makes it look like I would be well armed for the challenge. As for Apples to Zinnias – Pretty please with sugar on top – Pick me!
    All the best to you and all the stitchers out there this holiday season. Karen in NC

  95. I've never done brazilien embrodery, but I would like to try. I like the colours, very much. For me it would be a great Christmas present. Thank
    you for sharing your work and ideas with us.

  96. Wonderful! Brazillian embroidery is so interesting. I love the dimensional quality and the bright colors. Please put my name in the hat –

    Katrina M.

  97. Wow!! Mary, this is a wonderful gift…
    This is the first time I'm hearing about Brazilian embroidery… But I'm attracted towards it at first sight because of it's bright colours and dimensional looks… This one looks like an embroidery which will stand out, literally 🙂

    Thanks Mary and Sharon for this great give-away!! Would love to be the lucky one… All the best for the lucky winner!!

  98. Hi Mary,
    I would love to win this kit and book. I have some Ed Mar threads and could use all the help I can get. I hope I win this.

  99. Please enter me! I've been wanting to try stumpwork, and the Brazilian embroidery seems to be a nice way to ease into that. Plus I really like the floral design and colors of the giveaway package.

    angie at angiebrennan dot com


  100. Susan from the UK
    Brazilian Embroidery has the Wow factor, the colours really shine and because of the different stitchesit really stands out. Pleasse pick me. We need cheering up in the UK.

  101. Hi Mary, I have never tried Brazilian embroidery, but I`m willing to give it a good try! I just love how the colors just POP out of the project. It`s as if each color is competing for your eyes attention.Thanks for another great give away.
    Karole King

  102. Hi Mary
    I continue to enjoy your site and read it daily, thanks for all the help and instructions. Now, as for the Brazilian embroidery I have only done one very small piece and found that what really got my eye was the colors of the thread. This would be a wonderful kit and really beautiful book to win. Thanks for sharing
    Joan, Richmond B.C.

  103. Wow, this would be so much fun! I haven't done Brazilian embroidery, but I'd love the chance to try. I love the bright colors and am really excited about the possibility of exploring new stitches and fibers!

  104. Mary, What a fabulous give-a-way. I have never tried Brazilian Embroidery but would love to try. The thread colors are awesome and I am interested in learning how to create that kind of dimension. Thank you sooo much.
    Jean from Puyallup WA

  105. Thanks, Mary

    I'd love to see you give more information on Brazilian embroidery. We have so many people who are desperately in search of lessons to do this beautiful embroidery. Thanks for the always informative website, too.

  106. Brazilian embroidery is so ALIVE. It is hard to keep your hands off the work–it just begs to be touched. I have only done 2 or 3 pieces of Brazilian and I have found the finished piece to be well worth the effort. The kit you are giving away is stunning.

  107. Brazillian embroidery is where I started to enjoy the dimensional work of embroidering. Since then I have added dimensioal stitches to most of my work. It is beautiful to look at, the colors, texture, dimension. It would be an honor to win this beautiful gift. Thank you for offering this gift. Whomever wins will truly love it.
    Debra Puma

  108. How kind of Sharon to make such a generous package for you to give away.
    Although I have seen Brazilian embroidery done, I have not tried it myself – yet. The hues of Edmar threads are subtle and the sheen beautifully soft. I know there are some tricky stitches, but who is afraid of a challenge? Flowers, especially in three dimensions, look so gorgeous when embroidered. I would love the opportunity to work this bouquet – even though I just KNOW there will be some unthinking along the way!

  109. Hi Mary – I like the 3 dimensional aspect of Brazilian embroidery, along with the vibrant colors. I have done a little before, and have yet to master the bullion knot….it is a beautiful stitch but I need some more practice!

    Thanks for sharing all the beautiful stitches, advice, and giveaways!
    Kathy in Kenai

  110. Hi Mary,

    Thank you so much for this awesome and extremely generous give away. I've never tried Brazilian Embroidery (and quite honestly, haven't come across it till now), but this kit looks so very pretty and I would love to give it a try. Always nice to learn new techniques 🙂

    Fingers Crossed!!


  111. Beautiful kit! I love the vibrant colours in this – I haven't tried Brazilian embroidery, but it's the colours that attract me everytime – seen throughout their artwork in fact..

  112. Beautiful give-away, Mary, and thank you, Sharon, for the opportunity to win this beautiful kit and the book. The book looks like a treasure and the kit would be a wonderful introduction to BE or to stumpwork.

    I have done three stumpwork pieces from Jane Nicholas's books and I've tried Brazilian embroidery (with the correct threads). I like BE a lot because of the diversity of colors and textures. If I could, I would own all the Ed mar threads.

    Thank you again for the opportunity, Mary. I love your website and visit every day, but this is my first comment. Now that I have come out of the woodwork may be I will comment more!

    Blessings to you,
    Ellen F. in Omaha, NE

  113. I have been thinking about Brazilian embroidery for the last six months…didn't know it existed until then. I want to learn how to do it because I love the dimension and it's beauty! That kit is so lovely!

    waterrose at mac . com

  114. OMG! Mary, you read my mind! I was looking for Brazilian embroidery instructions last week. I so want to learn this! It's the colors and stitches that fascinate me. It's a toss up between this and stump work, and if I win your contest, I know it was meant to be!

    NY, NY!

  115. Wow.. that is a beautiful kit. I have not heard of Brazilian embroidery but after seeing the pictures, I'm really interested in trying it out. I really like the 3 -d effect, texture and vibrant colors of the alphabet embroidery. I'd love to be lucky winner!

  116. I have never tried Brazilian embroidery and I know nothing about it. But I'd like to try it very much (as every new embroidery)
    Here our traditional embroidery is whitework, called "adinuke" and mereshka. Of course, we have some wonderful ecclesiastical embroidery examples. But other kinds of embroidery are new and I learn about them only from internet (of course, nowadays the most popular is cross stitching). So I would be very glad to try this embroidery and to learn more about it.

  117. Wow! I never knew about Brazilian embroidery before. It is truly beautiful.

    Thanks for introducing me to this "new" artform.

    Colleen Murphy

  118. I love the threads of Brazilian work. And I have been interested in the Watusi stitch. Takes me back to the 60's doing the Watusi dance step. Oh, my did I say that out loud!
    Anyway, it is such a beautiful give away I just had to put my number in the hat.

  119. I don't think I should win this or any other drawing because I read the posts of so many who are so far advanced compared to me…I just want to say that the Brazilian is gorgeous in texture and color but more I'd like to thank you for newsletter and your tireless and generous devotion to educating us about needlework…I am in awe of your attention to detail and your selfless gift of time in giving illustrations, descriptions, images which offer such an intimate view of needlework. Thank you.

  120. Hi Mary,
    Wow! I joined the group just in time to take part in the raffle. I haven't done Brazilian embroidery yet but it looks great. The colors and threads look absolutely inviting. The dimensional effects look really interesting to learn.
    Good luck to everyone

  121. What I like about Brazillian embroidery is the combination of sheen in the threads and the extensive use of buillion stitches. I've had one two hour class and like the small piece I brought home. I am eager to do more, and would love to win the give away and use it as my next step

  122. Oh!!What a great giveaway!! I may be the last person to know abt it:P I'd love to win this.Though I vent seen it in real,I always wanted to give it a try..hope I win this:)

  123. Hi Mary. How I would love to win that book. Alphabet Samplers are my thing.To be able to do a whole alphabet in Brazilian Embroidery, Wow.The sheen and texture of the threads is just wonderful.Many thanks for this opportunity.
    Hampshire UK

  124. I accidently found your website while hunting for a vintage embroidery pattern and fell in love with it. I just recently started receiving your newsletters and cant wait to try some of your techniques. I am a self taught stitcher and have been doing various types of stitching for about 40+ years. I dont know much about Brazilian Embroidery but would love to be able to be the winner of this give away and start a learning about a new type of stitching. Thank you for a wonderful website. Liz

  125. The beauty of Brazilian Embroidery touches me down to my very soul. The colors- pastels or brights- are so vibrant and beautiful! And to think that I could actually create an heirloom piece- how exciting! I look forward to many happy hours of stitching as I learn and master this exciting technique! susan

  126. I've never tried Brazilian embroidery before but I love the smoothness of the stitches. The thread – your work is so beautiful by the way – you are a real inspiration!

  127. This is a beautiful kit and I would love to try this type of embroidery. Your examples are so beautiful.

    What I like about Brazilian embroidery is the colors, they are truly beautiful and bold. Why I would like to try this type of embroidery is I love to learn new types of skills.

    Thank you for the lovely give-away.

  128. I would love to win this kit. What I like best about learning Brazillian embroidery is that it combines regular suface stitches with dimensional stitches. Since I am new at embroidery. I dream of doing kits like this. I am working on a crazy quilt and have just started the squares and I am learning more about the embroidery before I start embellishment. I was so happy to find all the embroidery information that I did on your site. It has helped me so much starting my embroidery adventure.

  129. I first about Brazilian embroidery in your site, which I joined not too long ago. I love this type of embroidery because it is so true to nature. If I win, I promise to complete the picture in the kit. Thank you for your website. I learned a lot from it already.
    Maggie C

  130. What a wonderful surprise. Whoever wins this will be very fortunate. I have tried a bit of this kind os stitching , I am not too good. I love all embroidery though. I was lucky. I was at a convent, in France, for three years and they taught me the love of needlework of all kinds. It is a constant joy for me. Ilove all the newsletters and there is not a day goes by that I dont have a needle of some kind in my hand if only for fifteen minutes….

  131. Hi Mary:
    Please include me in your drawing…I absolutely love the color and textures of the threads! Your website is a wonderful place.
    jcayemberg at gmail dot com

  132. Brazilian embroidery has always been a type of embroidery that I would love to learn. I am currently renovating my home after Hurricane Ike and have rediscovered the joys of embroidering. Recovering from a hurricane is like recovering from a death of someone you love. This time it is my house and my city. The colors and textures of Brazilian embroidery remind me of our town before the hurricane. Your daily email has been a source of inspiration and learning. Thanks for helping me keep my spirits up.
    Shamrock in Galveston, Texas

  133. Fascinating. I have not tried Brazilian embroidery yet, but I am very familiar with earlier forms of dimensional stitching, including stumpwork. I haven't made a cabinet yet (it's on my life list). This project would be an interesting dual exercise in flexing my stitching muscles in preparation for that opus, and in exploring the commonality and difference between modern and historical dimensional styles. Thank you for making this opportunity available!

  134. HI Mary, another lovely giveaway. I had not heard of Brazilian embroidery until I read your article, and since then I have found an old copy of a magazine which explains a bit more abaout it. From the photos I have seen, it looks similar to stumpwork.

    I guess my competition comments would be that, as I have not heard of this before, I should like to explore it more. Also, I'm not sure, but I dont think any of the Ladies at Guild have heard about Brazilian embroidery, so I think the Ladies would be interested to learn more about this style of embroidery.

  135. So pretty! People are so resourceful and creative if we use our abilities. Congratulations to the winner and I hope it is me because those colors and techniques are so pretty!

  136. Well lets just say I am up for any technique that will enhance my needlework. I had thought about Brazilian Embroidery and this is a wonderful opportunity! Thanks so much!
    Annie from Virginia

  137. Mary another fine give a way. so what about Brazilian embroidery do I like the most,would have to be the color first of all. they are vibrant and happy kind of colors and the stitch's used in the embroidery intrigue me the most. Yes this is on my list to try.

  138. I see Brazilian embroidery, like Casiguildi embroidery, being cousins of stumpwork, which I love. So I guess you'd have to say it's the dimensionality of the stitches.

  139. Ihave done alot of different embroidery but I have never done Brazilian embroidery. I am a color person and I just fell in live with the vibrant colors. I would like to try this type of embroidery. It looks very interesting with the colors as well as the texture.
    Sandy Breuer

  140. Having learned the basics recently and now learning at Lesage, I incorporate new embroidery techniques into my work, mixing different styles to find new techiques. Brazilian has been on my mind since a friend told me about it. The idea of another dimensional technique(besides stumpwork and dimensional gold/bead/sequin work) is probably what intrigues me most, a new way to create 3D "life" if you will, with just a needle and thread!

  141. First time I participate in a give away. I love needle work and the Brazilian embroidery comes at the right time. Next year I'm going to be a Grandma for the first time.Thank you so much! Yolanda PR

  142. Thank you for this opportunity to discover a new embroidery technique. I only learned about Brazilian embroidery by reading your wonderful blog and website. It is truly beautiful. What strikes my fancy is the vibrancy of the colors and the way everything stitched pops off the fabric – literally. I would love to win this kit and the fabulous book as well.

  143. Brazilian embroidery is the most beautiful type of art work that I have ever done. I have won blue ribbons at the state fairs, and watched the people as they gape in wonder of how it was done. I have several students that want to learn how to do it too, and this would be the greatest start for them. Thank you for your consideration. Donnalee Jackson, 10/18/11

  144. I’am a beginning Brazilian embroiderer. The People Program here in New Orleans offers excellent classes (needle work, dance, computer, writing, local history, etc.) including Brazilian embroidery. I especially like the texture and three-dimentional appearance of Braziliam embroidery. That’s what keeps me wanting to learm more about it.

  145. I met a lovely lady doing Brazilian Embroidery when I was on a cruise. I could not get enough information about this wonderful embroidery technique. Upon my return home I hit the internet to find out more. I am in love with the soft feel of the threads, the endless stitch selection, the beautiful flowers and creatures and the allure of a never ending selection of kits, books and printed designs. One might say I am a BE addict! Judith

  146. Hi Mary,

    I m Rayeesa Munshi So nice of you for giving such a nice opportunity i will love to wint this kit. i m always been fascinated by embroidery 1.In Brazilian embroidery i like dimensional stitching color texture every thing in that becuase it so catchy look like real flowers and leaves.I have tried Brazilian embroidery before this but with cone threads so this time i wish i could do this with EdMar threads if got this kit so excited to win …and you will be my Santa for this Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rayeesa Munshi

  147. My main hobby has always been creating recipes and entering them in national cooking contests; however, I have done some crewel and simple embroidery projects through the years. I am now eager to learn more complicated stitches to improve my brain function as I age while creating family heirlooms at the same time. I heard about Brazilian embroidery a few years ago and am now watching every website video to learn the correct way to work the stitches. The intense colors and three-dimensionality of Brazilian embroidery thrills me and I am ready to begin a new path in life–into the endless, magnificent beauty of Brazilian embroidery.

  148. I have wanted to learn this type of embroidery for years but was too intimidated. Last week at a quilt show, I took a brief introduction class and loved it. The flowers you can make with these stitches are just gorgeous! If you haven’t tried it because it look intimidating, if you have basic embroidery or crewel experience you can pick this up, it just takes practice.

  149. I always like learning new embroidery types so I have just recently started doing Brazilian Embroidery and I find everything about it to be my favorite parts. I love working with the brilliant colored threads that make the 3 dimensional flowers stand out so boldly and also my mood brightens with the threads. Brazilian embroidery is great in the way that you can add BE flowers to other embroidery pieces to make them extra special. The main reason I like BE is because I feel like I have really accomplished something when I complete a piece. My next challenge is to incorporate BE flowers into my needlepoint.

    Thanks so much to Treads in Bloom for the donation and to for Needle “N Thread for giving me a chance to win it.

  150. Hi there!

    My mother is looking for somebody that gives Brazilian embroidery classes. She has recently moved here from the free state and knows almost all the other types. Do you perhaps know who I can contact for this?


  151. I am too late for this give away, however, I visited a friend today that in years past did Brazilian embroidery, she had numerous gorgeous pieces framed and throughout her home. It was so elegant, so beautiful this is something I have to try. Certainly I fell in love with this art and I feel I have to try it.

    My friend is no longer doing the craft because of health reasons and says she cannot teach it. Googled and cannot find anyone in my area. I do so hope with the correct book of instructions I can accomplish something on my own. Is anyone ever self taught?

  152. I have been intrigued for years by the beauty of this needlework. The colors and the sheen of the threads cannot be matched by any other. I am finally ready to take the plunge and attempt this gorgeous craft.

  153. Hi Mary,

    Is it possible to get the embroidery kit of apples to zinnias? We used to have that hanging on our wall when we were growing up, & my daughter who is very ill, told that is the only thing she wants from her grandmother. I’m so sad because I can’t find it anywhere, & my Mom didn’t remember that my daughter wanted it.

    Thanks for website, and thanks for letting me know if you can find out.


  154. I LOVE Brazillian embroidery. The threads are incredible to work with because of their silky texture and vibrancy. The stitches make the pattern come to life with their 3D effect. The results are simply works of art!!

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