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Monogram for Hand Embroidery: Fan Flowers A


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Here’s a new series of monograms for hand embroidery. I’ll be posting the sporadically, as time allows for cleaning them up. This is a pretty monogram, and a little bit formal. I like the fan flowers, personally!

You can hand embroidery monograms in countless ways. With this particular collection, I think the small cross bars are well-suited to satin stitch, though they could be outlined and filled with seed stitch. The letter itself would look nice outlined in any type of stitch suitable for lines and curves (like stem stitch, split stitch, chain stitch, outline stitch, backstitch, whipped backstitch, etc.), and they don’t have to be filled at all. But if you like contrasts, and if you satin stitch the small cross bars, then the letters might look nice with seed stitch filling.

The fan flowers themselves? Well, it depends on the look you want. If you’re going for something formal, I’d satin stitch them. If, however, you want something a wee bit less time consuming, daisy stitch would work. If you use daisy stitch, I’d not necessarily draw out the entire petal on the fabric when transferring the design – I’d just but a dot where the petal ends and begins. Daisy stitch will change the look of the petals – they won’t look as pointy and palm-like.

I’m providing a small version and a large version, in .gif format here. You can also download the PDF and print it. The monograms should come out to 3.5″ tall and 6.5″ tall in the PDF. You can also enlarge or shrink the design as you wish.

Monogram for Hand Embroidery - Fan Flower Alphabet

Here’s the larger version:

Monogram for Hand Embroidery - Fan Flower Alphabet

And finally, here’s the PDF:

Monogram for Hand Embroidery: Fan Flower Alphabet – A

For different monogram alphabets, please don’t hesitate to visit my Index of Monograms for Hand Embroidery.

Favorite Monograms – PDF Collection

You’ll find this complete alphabet – along with 15 other decorative alphabets – all in one place in Favorite Monograms, a downloadable PDF collection of 16 monogram alphabets perfect for hand embroidery and other crafts.

Favorite Monograms for Hand Embroidery and Other Crafts

In the photo above, you can see samples of each alphabet available in Favorite Monograms.

Each letter in each alphabet in Favorite Monograms has been carefully traced into a clean line drawing that can be easily enlarged or reduced on a home printer or a photocopier.

The 16-alphabet collection is delivered as via a download link to your inbox shortly after purchase, so that you can begin creating right away! Priced at less than $1.00 per complete alphabet, monogram lovers can’t go wrong with this collection!

Favorite Monograms is available in my shop, here.


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(9) Comments

  1. Those stitching suggestions are perfect, Mary, for this monogram. Satin stitched monograms can get boring so using elegant varieties is so much nicer in my opinion.
    Rice stitches or actual little pearl beads filled in would look great, too as would laid yarn couched in a different tone. Some of the old needlework books have beautiful examples of elaborate monograms that are breathtaking to look upon. Thank you for another pretty set of letters.

  2. Hi Mary!
    I enjoy reading your blog and although I am not doing much needlework at the moment, it is inspiring to me as a digital designer in lots of different ways.
    Thanks for the monograms!
    Juno's Place

  3. Hi there Mary,

    Thank you again for yet another beautiful monogram, with fantastic suggestions of what stitches to use……………for those of us that have less expertise…………..I cant wait to try this one out and perfect my satin stitch.

    Like everyone else, I do so appreciate all the effort and hardwork into providing such a fantastic resource for us all

    Warmest regards,

  4. Hi!
    I am from Argentina. . First of all thank you so much for your generosity and share all your kownlege with us. As I a I am a bigginer in this matter I would like to know wich stitch is nice to embroidering a letter, I read that the satin stitch. I would like to give a towel as a present but I do not know how to make the finest part of the letter with that stitch. Also How do you embroidering the flowers between the letter.
    I hope you can understand my english. Again thank you so much. Mercedes

  5. Hello Mary,

    I used to do a lot of embroidery when I was young. Now I want to make monogrammed handkerchiefs for my parents. I love the Fan Flower “C” which is for my mom. Any idea when I can get Fan Flower Monogram for “R”?

    Nice website and great collection with tips.


    1. Hi, Rajiv – I haven’t quite gotten to R yet. The rest of the alphabet is on my list of things to do, but I haven’t had a chance to finish them yet. I’ll try to get to it soon, though! I’ve got a slot free for a hand embroidery pattern in the next week, so maybe I can finish the R for you and get it posted. I’ll try! ~ MC

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