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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Long & Short Stitch Lessons – in French!


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Elena over at Coeur de Freesia contacted me a couple weeks ago regarding last year’s tutorial series on long and short stitch lessons. She generously offered to translate the lessons into French, something that I jumped on with enthusiasm….

Elena will be posting highlighted lessons in the series on her website, Coeur de Freesia, with my permission. The lessons are available in PDF format for those who wish to have a copy in French. She’s got the first long and short stitch lesson up already!

Long and Short Stitch Lessons in French on Coeur de Freezia

For those of you who speak French would like an accurate translation of the lessons, please do visit Elena at Coeur de Freesia! Thanks, Elena!

Other News & Musings

I would never think to blame you all for a lack of sleep. But last night, I barely slept a wink, thinking of your ideas that you posted in the comments section, in answer to my request for input on contents for 2010 on Needle ‘n Thread. I should never let myself think too hard about these things before bedtime! Some readers have suggested some very good ideas, so I’ve been working out several ways to pursue them.

If you’ve got ideas of topics you’d like to see on Needle ‘n Thread but haven’t left a comment or dropped me an e-mail yet, feel free to do either!

Christmas is just around the corner! Aaack! Can someone please tell me how that happened?! I haven’t decorated (the tree is not up, nor the nativity scene – no lights on the house – nothing), and today I’m going Christmas shopping for the first time. I haven’t baked a thing, I haven’t thought ahead to doing anything fun with nieces and nephews…. nothing. I am, in short, behind.

All that being said, this coming week, I’m planning on a great Give-Away, courtesy of Trish Burr. I received in the post yesterday a couple copies of her new CD of Long and Short Stitch Projects! Thank you, Trish! The CDs contain step by step instructions for various projects featured in her books and in kit form on her website, as well as the full-size patterns, materials lists, etc. The only things not included to finish the projects are the materials, which you supply. However, I do have one of Trish’s kits that I’ll be giving away with a CD, so that’s coming up – look for it next week!

In between preparations for Christmas, I also have to finish my needlebook this coming week, so I hope to be able to share the finish with you on that, too.

What else is coming up? I suppose you’ll have to wait and see. And so will I, actually!

Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Mary, thank you very much for your kindness. I read English, but many Frenchspeaking embroiderers will be very happy with the translation of your gorgeous lessons.

  2. Dear Mary,

    I'm in the same boat, just got tree, just started cards and have baking and wrapping left to do! The list goes on. Can't wait to see your finished needlebook. I'm thinking of getting one to do myself. I love your idea of asking for topics to write about in the coming year. So far I have no suggestions other than continue what you are doing. I look forward to your posts everyday and enjoy learning about all things needlework! I am really interested in trying stumpwork this coming year so any beginners tips for that would be most welcome.

    Enjoy the season!! And thank you.

  3. Oh my goodness, Christmas -DID- sneak up this year. I still have a good amount of sewing to do, and baking, I haven't sent out any cards… so I think that may not happen at this point(!)

    I hope that you can get yourself sorted so that when Christmas actually comes, that it will be stress free and joyous. 🙂

  4. Hi, All!

    Thanks for your comments – I'm glad the French speaking stitchers have such a good translation from Elena. I love visiting her blog!

    Oh boy, oh boy. Christmas did sneak up. I spent the day shopping, trying to catch up in that regard. I ended buying a lot of tea. I don't know why. I hope my friends and family like tea! Just about every package I sorted upon arriving home, I found myself saying, "Wow. More tea." That's the kind of day it was!

    On the exciting side, I found out that Topeka, Kansas, has a mounted police force. On horses. Traffic was horrendous.

    May you all find time to rest and relax with your needle and thread, or at least in some creative way!


  5. Hello Mary !
    Just a quick message to let you know that I have posted the second part of the lesson concerning boxes (the big one).
    Have a nice Christmas


  6. Un grand merci Mary pour votre generositĂ©…et aussi un grand merci Ă  Elena pour le temps passĂ© Ă  traduire…c'est un vĂ©ritable cadeau de Noel.

  7. Hello Mary,
    I found your site on the net and I was appreciative but very bored because I do not speak English well enough, I just found the site of freesia Heart and I am grateful to all work Translation and I say a big thank you for allowing me to progress in this wonderful technique
    Happy new year for you !

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