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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Hedgehog Handworks Gift Certificate Winners!


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Time to announce the winners of the Hedgehog Handworks gift certificates!

Needlework Shop Gift Certificate Give-Away

It’s fun reading all your comments and seeing what needlework supplies or items you find enticing! I actually do read every comment before moderating it, and it’s hard not to jump in and reply to some of them! But since that would just cause me more work, I endeavor to keep my Big Mouth Shut during a give-away!

To tell you the truth, I was surprised at the relatively low number of comments on the give-away. I’m trying to figure out if the prize wasn’t enticing enough (heck, I’m practically envious of the winners! I’d love to receive a gift certificate to a needlework shop! – but that’s just me), or if I’ve lost readers by the bucketfuls since I switched to the new format.

But on the bright side, it’s like this: the fewer entries, the better chance you have of winning, right? Right! The two winners undoubtedly agree!

Here they are:

The $50 Hedgehog Gift Certificate goes to Deepa, who has fallen in love with cotton floche and would like to have the whole range! Well, this will help a little bit towards that, Deepa! Not quite the whole range, but a bit of it!

The $25 Hedgehog Gift Certificate goes to that lady who’s stuck down in the rabbit hole these days…. Susan Elliott! At first I didn’t realize it was you, Susan (there are many Susans in the world!) but I clicked on the name and found myself in Wonderland!

If you could both send me an e-mail with your current correct e-mail address on it, I will arrange the delivery of the gift certificates via e-mail as soon as possible!

Enjoy shopping!



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(26) Comments

  1. G’day Mary,

    Yes, I was surprised too at the small amount of comments. Gotta be in it to win it.

    So, congratulations Deepa and Susan. And if you were like me you would have benifited from participating in the browsing needed to enter as well.

    Thanks Mary, Kath.

  2. Congrats to both of you…
    Mary, I love the new format. I don’t enter because I have one once before. It’s so exciting to win!!!
    Annie in “It won’t stop raining in Michigan!”

  3. Congratulations to you both! I didn’t enter because I don’t do embroidery. I just hang out and admire all the beautiful work I see on this site (and recommend it to others). You two have fun shopping.

  4. Congrats Deepa and Susan.
    I didn’t enter because I was out of station to attend the wedding ceromonies..I never want to miss anyhting relate to embroidery that to different threads..:(
    I liked your new format Mary..

  5. Congratulations, I’m totally jealous 😉 I do still have some silks for you Mary too, if you still want them. I’m trying to clean up before my surgery and I’d like to get them out to you soon if I can. Otherwise they’ll get packed into the dark nether regions of my UFO boxes… 😉

  6. I did not enter. I entered so many other times and I never have seen my comments show up. So I decided that why bother to try.

  7. I do love your website, I have learned so much and if I sounded disapointed in my last message, I am sorry. Please keep up the good work.

  8. Congrats to the winners!

    Don’t be discouraged by the small amount of postings…lot’s of people just lurk and don’t enter…I know, because I am usually in that bunch. The prizes were great…and very generous of you!

    Congrats to you again on the new web-design…it looks great!


  9. Mary, I thought the giveaway was a great idea with wonderful prizes. However, I live near Lacis and Needle in a Haystack, and have also ordered from Hedgehog Handworks before so thought it would be great to let people who might not have access to such thread heavens have more of a chance to win.

  10. Hello Mary, I didn’t comment for the Give-away this time but it wasn’t because the prize was unworthy. It certainly was.
    Life intruded and I had no time to read through the Blog. That’s a pleasure for later.

    The winners are both wonderful embroiderers and will really enjoy their gift.
    Congratulations Deepa and Susan.

    It was a smooth changeover to the new format too.

  11. I thought they were very generous prizes. I didn’t enter since I am lucky enough to be able to afford whatever stitching goods I really want. I felt like these should go to folks who aren’t so fortunate. I’m not sure why I feel like that when it’s a gift certificate but not when it’s goods!

  12. Hi Mary,
    glad to see that my namesake has won.when I got the congratulatory call yesterday from one of my friends, I was shocked ,since I never entered the draw. So just came by to see who this lucky girl is.
    I wonder who she is:)
    Meri, its not ME :))
    Deepa from India.

  13. Congratulations to both winners who will have such an enjoyable time spending their vouchers. I am also green with envy 🙂

    It was such a generous prize, Mary, and I can only add that I think your new website is fantastic. It is so easy to find topics of interest. In truth I could spend hours looking round …. to the detriment of everything else 🙂

    Sorry to hear that some of you in the States are having bad weather. Here in the UK, we are having a lovely day after what has been a pretty miserable winter (and spring).

    Cheshunt, UK

  14. Hello there Mary,
    I haven’t been to your site for such a long time, my loss. Life got too busy! BTW the new layout is fabulous 🙂
    I am amazed at your talent and truely admire your enthusiasm to share the needle and thread so generously.
    Thankyou so much, Rosalie

  15. Hii All,
    Thank you sooo much.. I can’t believe its me… Its for the first time in my life I’m winning something… Sorry for replying late..
    I want to shout and celebrate this.. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…Thank you Mary..
    Love and Regards,

  16. Congrats to the winners!

    I love the new format, even though I still have to get used to it! I didn’t join in because I simply forgot to submit my reply heheh ^^;;

  17. Somehow I missed the giveaway, but I’m not sure I know what my favorite needlework supplies are. I’m still kinda new to this. I love both Susan’s blog. Not sure who Deepa is. Congrats to both winners!

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