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Millenium Embroidery Frame: Review


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Have you heard of the Millenium needlework frame? Well, you know I harp a lot on slate frames and on Evertite stretcher bar frames, and I do love them both. But today, I want to show you a different type of frame.

Perhaps … the Last Frame!

It’s true. I have a new love. It’s the Millenium frame, and I’ll tell you why as I show it to you.

Update, 2016: Due to an overwhelming amount of feedback from readers, I’ve adjusted my Pros & Cons list below. Please read it carefully! I still love the frames and their stand, but please be aware that lots of people have encountered some difficulties, which I detail in the Pros & Cons below.

Millenium Needlework Frame

The Millenium frame reminds me of a cross between several things: a slate frame, a Japanese embroidery frame, and the old Victorian needlework frames with the screw extensions on the sides. It is the best of three worlds.

Millenium Needlework Frame

It’s entirely crafted out of wood, and it is beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, though – it’s not decorative. The craftsmanship is beautiful. The frame “feels” good. It is solid – not cheap and wiggly or uncertain. You can tell by the feel that it is made to do what it’s supposed to do, which is to support a piece of fabric pulled to high tension. There’s nothing “cheapy” feeling here.

Millenium Needlework Frame

This is one of the side stretchers. Once the fabric is on the rollers (the top and bottom bars, just as they’re called on a slate frame), these side bars extend (with very little effort) by turning the wooden “nut” (in the forefront of the photo), until the roller bars are pushed away from each other and the fabric is completely taut.

Millenium Needlework Frame

The first thing I did with the frame was set up two pieces of fabric in it.

Millenium Needlework Frame

I’m not sure if the frame is supposed to take both the ground fabric and a lining fabric, but I know I often stitch with both, so I figured I may as well test the waters, right? It worked fine.

No – I take that back.

It worked Great!

Millenium Needlework Frame

I extended the side stretchers to the length I wanted, to see how well the frame would accommodate the Marian Medallion project. After all, I figured if I didn’t have to set up and lace up a slate frame again, or pin a hundred tacks into stretcher bars, I probably wouldn’t cry.

Above, you can see the side stretcher extended, pushing the roller bars apart and supply tension on the fabric. You can also see, in the top roller bar, the small dowel that fits into the slip of the bar, to catch the fabric. This little dowel is ingenious. I’ve tried split rollers before, where you feed the fabric into the split in the roller, tighten up the roller to pinch the fabric, and then go from there. But I’ve never been all that thrilled with the tension that resulted.

The tiny dowel that feeds into the slit in the Millenium frame holds the fabric taut. Not just “sort of” taut. But taut-taut. Super-duper taut. Drum tight (practically board-hard) taut. And it holds that tautness all across the width of the fabric. So guess what?

No Lacing!

Millenium Needlework Frame

In photos, it’s difficult to show how nice the tension is on the fabric. It’s firm and evenly tight, from one side of the fabric to the other. And it took practically nothing on my part to achieve this.

Millenium Needlework Frame

I’m able to clamp the top roller of the Millenium frame into my Needlework System 4 frame clamp, but only because I’m not rolling the fabric on this project. The exposed project area is what you see on the frame. The clamp on the NS4 stand really pinches that folded over fabric there, and if I had to use that bit of fabric, I wouldn’t use the frame clamp. Also, I have to rest the front roller on me or on the edge of a table, because the NS4 stand is not made to clamp round rollers. Needle Needs makes a specific floor stand (and also a lap stand / table stand) to hold the Millenium frame, but right now, I have to use what I have.

Now, to see how easy it is to set up your fabric on this frame and to get a better idea of what the frame is all about, I suggest watching the video for setting up the Millenium frame. The video demonstrates the whole concept much better than photos could.

You can watch the video on the Needle Needs website as well.

Pros & Cons of the Millenium Frame


1. It is So Easy to set up! Oh my goodness. I still can’t believe I set up an embroidery project on a frame this fast – it took me about three minutes to get the fabric situated in the frame. Once you’ve watched the video and tried it out once to see what it’s all about and how it works, you can set up a large embroidery project lickety-split.

2. The fabric is taut, from top to bottom and side to side. It is drum-tight, with even tension that’s just as good as slate frame tension.

3. It is well made. Nothing wiggles, nothing sticks and needs fiddling with or anything. The wood is smooth as glass. The frame works just as it’s supposed to work, without any grief along the way.


1. Update, 2016: Since I’ve received an innumerable amount of email from readers who have purchased products from Needle Needs, please be aware that there are some problems with ordering from the company. While my products came relatively quickly (way back in 2011), I’m not speaking from personal experience, but just from reader feedback. Here’s the rundown:

a. Especially if you are outside the UK (I’ve heard from Americans, Canadians, Australians, and even some UK residents on this point), the products from Needle Needs can take a very long time to arrive. At first, I was hearing from readers whose orders took 3 – 4 months to arrive, then 4 – 6 months, and then longer than 6 months to arrive, and lately (in 2016), I’ve been hearing from people who have been waiting 8 months, 9 months, and even over a year.

The reason for this is that the items are handmade by one person. They’re not made in a huge production facility and they aren’t stocked in a warehouse, ready to ship. Under those circumstances, as interest in their needlework frames increases, the wait becomes longer and longer.

b. The company has some issues with customer service. Email inquiries about orders – even when people have been waiting six months or longer for their orders – often go unanswered.

That being said, I have not heard from anyone who has never received their order – eventually, the orders do arrive. Some readers suggest calling the company if you are curious about the status of your order.

c. Payment seems to go through as the order is placed, regardless of how long it takes for the company to fill the order. Unfortunately, given the long wait times, this creates worry – most of the email inquiries I’ve received resonate with worry that they’ve paid for their product but are never going to receive it.

The Upshot: If you order items from Needle Needs, be prepared to wait for them!

2. Relatively speaking, some may find the price a bit high. For those of us who don’t live in the UK, there’s that whole question of shipping. BUT (there’s always a but – and in this case, there are several…), that having been said, it is hand-crafted of quality wood, it is convenient to use, and it works. You get what you pay for! Also, when it comes to shipping, those outside the UK / EU don’t pay VAT on it, and that goes a long way towards paying the shipping. And the other but: you can order one set of rollers and one set of side stretchers and fit a good range of project sizes on it.

The Millenium Frame, in Summary

The Millenium frame is a stroke of genius. I love it. I-love-it-I-love-it-I-love-it. Does this mean I will never use a slate frame or Evertites again? Well, not necessarily – I will probably use Evertites for little projects. But if this frame holds up like the champ I think it is through the whole Medallion project, I can see myself very strongly favoring it over the slate frame.


What about you? Have you tried the Millenium frame? Do you use it? Do you like it? Have you seen it in person? Your comments and input would be quite helpful to others out there facing the “What Frame to Get” question. Feel free to let us know your thoughts – leave a comment below!

Disclaimer: I wrote to Needle Needs to inquire about the cost of the frame including shipping, because several readers had asked me about it and I wanted to test it. I don’t mind investing in products to test, because I think it’s helpful for the whole industry and for you. Mr. Crane kindly sent me the set featured above, gratis. But I would not rave about an item if I didn’t like it. I don’t review items that I don’t love and use. And just to make it clear how much I like the frame, I forthwith ordered another size of side stretchers and two more sets of rollers. Eventually, I’ll invest in the third size of the side stretchers. This frame is a keeper, and I’m looking forward to long years of service from it.


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(225) Comments

  1. How perfectly lovely!!

    Your Marian Medallion is now going to be even more perfect…can’t wait to see it unfold…start soooon Mary!!

  2. I saw the frame in use at a craft show earlier this year. Katie Pirson, an RSN graduate, had some work set up on it. When I asked her about it, she could not praise it enough and said that she uses them for all her large projects, including gold work.

    Unfortunately they were not on sale at the show but they are VERY HIGH on my wish list.

    1. Could you please tell me if I order a 16 inch bar for my Millenium frame is that the area for stitching or is the bar 16 in and the stitching area smaller?

  3. Mary,
    The frame looks wonderful. I like that it keeps the fabric taut instead of having to constantly tighten it or like you said lace it up. That is quite irritating. I checked out their website, and I think I will have my DH get me one for Christmas.
    Thanks for a wonderful blog/website, your very inspiring.

  4. Both my mother and I have been using Millennium Frames for years they are fantastic – we have the floor stands as well – we wouldn’t use any other type of frame ever again. Needle Needs have a great range of sizes of widths of bars and 2 sizes of stretchers. I have really long bars which I use with the longer stretchers for tapestry – the stand makes it reaaly easy to handle and flip over for starting ans finishing wools. I have various bar sizes for my small stretchers – if I wish to move from project to project I just remove the stretchers roll the fabric around the bars and pop into a cover and then use the stretchers with another set of bars to start something new. This also makes it really easy to take your needlework with you – depending on your project – you can just take it easily apart- roll it up and off you go. It also means that it cuts the cost when you can buy the bars and stretchers separately as you only need one set of stretchers and just move them to which ever size bars you need. The tension it provides is like no other frame I have ever used and the fact that you don’t need to sew your fabric on is a chore I do not miss, and you definately don’t miss the fact it doesn’t stretch from the sides – it just works. I have the benefit of living in Scotland and Needle Needs come to shows near me a couple of times of year so i’m very lucky. Yes they are not cheap but I have had mine for many years and they are still perfect – you get what you pay for. I use them for mainly cross stitch, french boutis and tapestry.

  5. WOW! What I wouldn’t give for a set of these! I love how the stand works with the frame. I hate having to loosen knobs in order to get to the back of my work, so I had my cousin, who works with wood, make me a stand with notches that my frame would “rest” in. That way all I had to do was flip my frame over to get to the back of my work. Some of my pieces (I mostly do cross stitch and have some HAED designs) are very large and my stand will extend outwards at the sides to accommodate them, but I still have problems with the tension of my fabric, especially at the sides. This set up would alleviate all of my problems.

    This may just have to be my Christmas present to myself this year!!

    Thanks for the super blog. While I don’t do much crewel work, I do receive your posts every morning and read everyone of them. So inspiring!!

  6. Very small comment.

    I watched the video. Do the dowels come in different lengths to match the rods – he did not mention them in this regard.

    How heavy is the frame?

    Thank you for your introduction to this. Peggy

  7. Since I do Japanese emb. I am used to working with fabric drum-tight. I have been unable to achieve that same tightness on any other frame and can’t use my Jap. frame for other embroidery because it’s always occupied. This frame looks wonderful with one possible negative – no tension on the sides of the fabric. Evidently that doesn’t make too much difference or you would have said so but mightn’t that lack of side tension be magnified the larger the piece you work on? Not looking for a negative, just asking.

  8. Mary — you wrote “I wrote to Needle Needs to inquire about the cost of the frame including shipping, because several readers had asked me about it and I wanted to test it. ”

    Can you outline what the cost of a basic frame would be? I’m not sure what I’m looking at on the website. Thanks.

    1. Hi, All – Thanks for your comments. I’ll see if I can answer some questions:

      Rosina – It depends on where you are. First of all, to make a frame, you have to buy a set of “rollers” (top / bottom bar) and a set of side stretchers (side bars). You have to have at least one set of each of those to make up one frame. Obviously, if you’re ordering in the UK, you don’t have to convert currency, but you do have to pay VAT. In the US, if you’re ordering the 20″ rollers and the 8-10″ side stretchers, including shipping and currency conversion, you’re looking at somewhere around $100. The currency conversion for the cost of that size frame works out to about $77 right now, plus you have to figure at least $25 in postage.

      Cecelia – the fabric is tight from side to side and top to bottom. That’s why I mentioned no lacing. Otherwise, I’d have to lace it – but that’s what I’m excited about here. There’s no sewing on, and there’s no lacing. The tension is taut from top to bottom, and also from side to side.

      Peggy – yes, the dowel is as long as the roller bar it goes with. I haven’t weighed the frame, but it’s not super heavy. It’s lighter than my largest slate frame, that’s certain. If I get a chance today, I’ll see if I can weigh it.

      Thanks again for all your comments! It’s great to hear the enthusiasm, too, from those of you who have the frames and love them!


  9. The dowels come as part of the side bars, so are exactly the right length. The frames start at just over £50.00, but then you can buy different sizes of bars to fit them I just bought a new set of 16inch ones they were £16.00 plus delivery. Regards tension – I have the largest frame and have no problems with it. You can email them from their website and they will answer any questions you have. The weight depends on the size you get – but really I didn’t notice that they were any heavier than my previous frames.

  10. I have used these frames for several years – having tried umpteen others! They are great. I have several different sizes,small to extra large, and never use any other frames now.

  11. To help with a pricing idea, I went through the check out with 8″ bars and 8-10″ side stretchers I then used a currency converter online. The total was $94. to send it to the east coast of America. This is just to give you an idea. Can you say “I want one too” with me?!?!? Have a great day everyone!

  12. I think it’s been well established that these are wonderful frames, so I’ll just add that John Crane is fabulous for customer service. I ordered my first frame a few months ago, and incurred a bit of a mix-up with my payment. Mr. Crane was extremely patient and kind in helping me get it straightened out. You just can’t go wrong with a fabulous product and excellent service.
    One other thing I haven’t seen pointed out, is that it is very easy to change out your current working project, as the fabric is not stitched in place (as on a scroll bar), but just slipped into the tension slot. Terrific idea if you like to have more than one project going at a time.

  13. This is a brilliant idea! I cannot believe I had never, ever heard about these until now. Mary, thank you SO much! I’ve just bought two beautiful slate frames which I will keep using, but when I begin working on the long panels for a folding screen (a project in the future) I will definitely invest in one of these frames. It’s the not having to lace the sides that’s so appealing, especially when I would have to re-lace them over and over as I work a piece of fabric at least a meter long.

    For me, taking classes in the UK but traveling from Berlin, the fact that I can roll up my work and take it safely with me in a small space is another BIG plus.

    Yes, they are expensive, but as Janine pointed out she’s had hers for years and I’d much rather pay for something that lasts a lifetime than throw away things made cheaply. And really, they’re aren’t more than a good quality slate frame.

    Next time I’m in England you can be sure I”ll visit their shop in Somerset.

    Thanks so much for making this discovery for all of us!
    Liebe Grusse,

  14. Hi again Mary! I am very excited by your response for this product, and I’m sure I want to buy one for my different types of needlework! Now, it’s time to earn money so I Can buy it, lol! Lisette

  15. Oh Mary !! this rewiew makes me so happy, I have been looking for this frame for a long time asking to myself ” is this the right one ? ” I love screw type frames because I’m using a big old Victorian floor frame that works beautifully but need another one so this is the solution. And is surprising that fabrics is so taut without lacing, I hate lacing !
    Price ? when something is perfect price becomes secondary I believe.
    Thanks Mary for testing !!

  16. The frame sounds wonderful, but will it work with needlepoint canvas? I would love to find a frame that works with material and canvas.

  17. I own this frame with various sized side bars and have done so for 20 odd years now, together with the stand and various accessories.The quality is beautiful, second to none,It’s an investment,but will last a life time. Margot’s question of wether the frame will work with needlepoint canvas, YES IT DOES!! brilliantly well, and I have used the frame for that very purpose many times,the tautness is superb.You will not be dissapointed

  18. Where can we order these state-side? Or do we need to go through Needle Needs? I’m not having any luck locating a supplier.

  19. Drat!! Just when I thought I had the best possible solution for framing you found something else! If I purchase any more frames I’ll be running out of room.

    One question – is there any sort of limit to the material that works with these? I use Aida to experiment with blackwork designs prior to commiting to a more pricey material. Will the tension still hold. and will it hold with twill linen (my hands down favorite for crewel work)


  20. Hi Mary,
    I was wondering when you would discover these frames…. I had been debating for a long while if I needed yet another frame, stand etc. Over the years I have accumulated just about every stand, slate frame and scroll frame, stretcher bar etc. I finally decided to place an order for these frames and the stand and the lap stand and the small “Little wizard” frame… all sizes and stretchers and multiples of each…. In Germany they say “Wenn schon, denn schon” so yes, the price is high (based on the lousy exchange rate), shipping is over $100 plus there is a UPS customs charge that is just as hefty… BUT I never regretted any of the purchases – they work so well – the stand is excellent and the lap stand works well for smaller (not so wide) pieces… the Little Wizard works well for silk gauze and smaller pieces (less than 8″ high). I was so excited about these products that I recommended them highly to my Japanese embroidery and regular needlework class students and most of them ordered right away…I placed the order and they shared the shipping costs etc….I will actually be placing another order in the next few weeks again! So, all I can say is that I wish I had bought these frames about six years ago when I ‘discovered’ them – it would have saved me from accumulating many of the stands, scroll frames and stretcher bars as well as slate frames – have not used any of them at all since I got these. I do continue to use the traditional Japanese frames for my japanese embroidery but have done smaller goldwork, stumpwork and needlepoint pieces with these frames along with samplers, blackwork and crewel etc. So far, I can say that all the fabrics I have used work beautifully. All of John’s products are very well made by him but most importantly they will be the last set of items I will need for all my other needlework projects from now on. I highly recommend all his projects and his customer service… I appreciate his artisanship daily.

  21. Hi Mary,
    I am SO glad you wrote about these frames. I have not used anything of these frames yet, and feel this will help with making a better decision.

    The 4th photo above shows the 2 pieces of fabric with the Marian Pattern on top, ready for pouncing. When you pounce a design in the frame, do you have the fabric drum taunt before pouncing? Should the fabric be as tight as it will be when stitching? I guess what I am trying to ask is if there is ever a risk of design distortion if it is not done in a certain way, taunt verses normal tension, especially on large pieces. Does it matter? If using a light box or window, there is no tension on the fabric when the design is transferred.

    Also, in watching the video, it looked as if it were fairly easy to keep the fabric on grain or squared up when framing. If anyone could comment on whether they have had any difficulties with this, or with keeping the design on grain if they take it off and put it back on the frame it would be so helpful.

    Mary, when using 2 layers of fabric as you are on the Marian Design, will you just be releasing tension between stitching sessions, rather than removing the design from the frame completely, so as not to take any risks with layers shifting? And my last technical question for the day – what is the lining fabric that you are using on this project?

    Thank you so much for sharing all of your expertise with us!

  22. I have a needlework system 4 stand what problems would I have using this frame with it? I cannot tell from their site whether they have a clamp suitable. Thanks for your help and i love your messages.
    Audrey in Western Australia

  23. I bought the millenium frame a few years ago after seeing it at a craft fair in the UK. Its the only frame I use now – brilliant for any project. I took it to the Beating Around the Bush convention (Country Bumpkin) and whilst everyone else in the class wasted time pinning fabric to frames I was set up in a few minutes. I then got lots of requests from people about where I bought it. Well worth the price, the quality of the product makes it a lifetime investment.

  24. This is very interesting! As a cross-stitcher, I am just learning about frames and stands and looking for good tools to work with. Question: When using the Millenium frame, do you select one that is large enough for your whole design or do you select one smaller and plan to roll the stitched or unstitched part like you do with scroll frames? Another Question: Mary, on your NS4 I understood you to say you wouldn’t necessarily use the clamp. What would you use instead if you had the NS4? Love to have any feedback. Thanks!

  25. Dear Mary

    I’m so excited about the millennium frames I have just watched the video and with your approval Mary (I know that you would have looked at the product in great detail) I will definitely purchase the frame as they seem to be so flexible. Thanks Mary for introducing these to us I have never heard of them.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  26. The Millenium Frame looks wonderful. I have been using a frame that sits on my lap. I believe it was from Erica Wilson too many years ago. I can’t understand why no one else shows this sort, that sits on one’s lap. The only disadvantage to mine is that it is difficult to get the embroidery as taut as should be. I’d love to try the Millenium if I could have it sit on my lap. Would it be too “tippy” sitting on one’s lap?

    Barbara 11/16

  27. This frame looks wonderful. Your review really tells us the quality of it. I have never been disappointed with anything you have given a good review too. I also once bought a book before you reviewed it and I had the same negative feelings abiout the book once I received it.

  28. Hi Mary,
    These frames look fabulous however I am still concerned re: side tensioning. Your piece certainly looks drum tight!! I was wondering if given the choice of a slate frame ( already prepared! – I understand the time taken to prep can be enough to put many off using slate frames) or the Millenium Frame which one would you select. I purchased a needlework system 4 after reading your review and I love it. I am concerned that I may not be able to use the millenium frame on it (ie weight not fabric size).

    I have a complete set of slate frames however feel I might need a complete set of these too!!! Just thinking of the savings on postage-I am not sure that rationale works.

    I always look forward to reading your blog and love your honest reviews,


    1. Hi, All – Thanks for your many comments! I’ll be posting a follow up on the frame, to answer questions.

      In the meantime, to answer the question about tensioning, yes, the tension is taut all the way across to both sides of the fabric. To answer questions about the NS4 stand, it doesn’t work so well with the top rollers, because they are round, and the NS4 frame clamp is made to clamp square frames. But I’ve found a reasonable solution for now: I clamp the corner with the frame clamp (the ends of the rollers on the millenium frame are square), and I prop the opposite corner on the edge of the table. Works a charm. You have to change the direction in which you’re sitting, depending on if you’re right handed or left handed, if you don’t want the edge of the table right next to your stitching arm. I’ll post photos of that, so you can see what I mean, when I follow up with more in-depth answers about the frames. The frames are actually pretty light. I’ll weigh this one once I get a chance. But they aren’t “heavy” frames at this size. I haven’t tried the larger sizes yet, but I did order the 36″ rollers, so when I get them, I’ll let you know.


  29. Dear Mary

    I ordered the frame and phoned plusnet later as I hadn’t received the frames and they said surprisingly they had been inundated with orders since your review. I recieved my frame this morning Monday 21st November and its absoloutely fantastic its a dream. I’m going to order more side bars when I embroider bigger projects. Thanks Mary for your review.


    Anita Simmance

  30. I couldn’t agree more about the millennium frames. I have had 2 for many years, one small and one larger. I also have the floor and lap stands. I constantly use the lap stand so if anyone is thinking of buying one I can thoroughly recommend them. They are an investment as they are not cheap. I am in the UK so can get hold of them more easily. The lap stand comes to bits very easily so is useful for taking out to classes.The base sits flat on your lap and the side bars tilt to whatever angle you need to work at. I use a piece of rubber mat on my lap under the frame as it is made of such good hard wood it can slip off. If it lands on your foot you learn what solid wood it is made from. I found that out the hard way! The smaller Millennium frame sits neatly on the lap stand with no need for clips or fastenings. I also have the larger stand and frame which work together perfectly and you can also buy a clip on light and magnifier.
    A really good worthwhile investment in my opinion.

  31. Oh, how I want one of these, very very badly. I’ve a daughter in the UK. I think I need to have her bring one with her next time she comes home.

    That won’t be until the end of May, though…

  32. Do you have any idea whether this frame would work with needlepoint CANVAS? One of your viewers commented that it does but I don’t see how it could as canvas is stiff and not flexible. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hi, Florence – I haven’t personally tried it with canvas, but apparently, according to needlepointers who use it, it does! If I get a chance, I’ll try it with a canvas eventually. I don’t have any free rollers right now, so I can’t try it just yet. ~MC

  33. I ordered this frame after reading about it on your website, Mary and it was delivered today. What a wonderful product!!

    I am a needlepointer and it DOES work nicely with needlepoint canvas. I put a handpainted canvas, painted on 18 mesh, on the frame and it worked beautifully. I haven’t tested it on 13 count mesh yet.

    I did have a small issue because I had previously taped the raw edge of my canvas and the extra bulk of the tape made it difficult to fit the canvas down into the slot. Once I removed the tape from that little area, it was a breeze to set up the project. No tacks, no basting – just a great product and a new project ready to stitch!!

    I also treated myself to the table stand and it’s great, too.

  34. After reading your review, I put one of these frames on my Christmas list. Lucky me found it under the tree. After a bit of test-driving I concur that it’s about the best frame for ease of use I’ve ever seen. The fabric is beautifully taut all the way across and I am very particular about that. And just a flick of wrist acheives it. Now I’ve got another size on my birthday list! But, having said that, I’m not sure it’s perfect for everything. Unlike a slate frame or my Japanese embroidery frame that is pulled in all four directions, in order to get the tautness horizontally, the fabric is pulled vertically on the rods. This distorts the squareness ever so slightly. I doubt this would be a problem for counted work or most surface embroidery, but I’m not sure about something like goldwork where there isn’t really any give in the metal. I’m afraid those threads might lay a bit funny when the tension is released. I’m interested in hearing from anyone who may have tried it. Tina from Melbourne.

    1. I received my order in time for Christmas but it is only now that I am getting around to the project I had set up on it, and I am so thrilled with the result. I am working a hand painted canvas on 18 count and it is the best tension I have ever had on a canvas project. If you are a needlepointer you will love this frame.

      I too have a System 4 Stand and I have been clamping one end of the frame (the square part) to the System 4 and propping the other end on the arm of my chair. That works well or me.

      I have been watching the website as the Little Wizard frame has been out of stock and finally I called and spoke to John – he was at a craft fair but took the time to answer my questions. He told me the Little Wizard would be back in stock shortly, and that “the Mary Corbet blog” had them inundated with orders and that they were just now getting some items back in stock!

      My final question to him was about the dowels – I was concerned because they are so slender that I might accidentally snap one in two and I wanted to know if he sold extra pairs. He replied very kindly that the dowels were standard quarter inch doweling from any home supply store, and that they could cut to size and then sharpened slightly on one end with a pencil sharpener! That is good news as I see a trip to the Home Depot in the near future.

      I placed another order and I will have the pleasure of using these products with all of my needlepoint projects in the future.


  35. Hello From New Zealand,

    I just love your Millenium Frame…it looks so wonderful and easy to use. i am wondering if you could answer a question for me though. I do mainly needlepoint using needlepoint canvases. Can the Millenium Frame accomodate needlepoint canvases? I and several needlepointing friends are wondering, so i am e-mailing on behalf of all of us. I would appreciate very much if yoou could let me know. Thank you for your time and assistance.


    Patricia in New Zealand

    1. I haven’t tried it on needlepoint canvases myself, but I do believe there’s a comment here on the website from someone who has and I’ve heard from others who say it works with them… Plus, on their website, it also says it works with canvas. – MC

  36. Any chance you could find out when the Millenium frame/stand kits will be available to U.S. customers? I’ve checked over and over since the end of June and the Needle Needs site offers absolutely no clue as to when it will be able to take and fulfill orders. I e-mailed the company about three weeks ago and it said it would have stock available any day. I’m still waiting. I’m anxious to order a few of their products. Any information you can provide about when I might be able to do that would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Elaine, I ended up calling John himself because some items had been out of stock for so long. Because it is a small business and the frames are hand made he might not put them in stock until he has a certain number, but when I told him what I wanted he said he would put them on the website that night and I could order them. I see that they went out of stock very quickly after that so it might be just the luck of the draw. But, it might be worth the cost of a phone call to let him know specifically that you are waiting to order certain products.

  37. I am using a millenium frame and I LOVE IT. It is so easy to set up, and the fact that you can interchange bars means you can have two or three projects in the go at the same time. I cannot praise this fram highly enough. Yes it is expensive but will last for a lifetime.

  38. I have lots of variant parts of the Millenium system to deal with different types of project. And yes, I know it’s not cheap. But previously I always felt that whatever I had bought was a compromise. When I got my frame, and later the Necessaire stand, I have loved it,used and used it, and I no longer feel like I should be looking for something better.
    I had a small bespoke amendment made to my stand, and I was not made to feel like a nuisance. LOVE Needle Needs.

  39. soy de peri y me encata tus trabajos y los videos de tutoria son lo maximo el problema son los marcos no los consigo felicidades y sigue subiendo nuevos proyectos

  40. soy de peru y me encata tus trabajos y los videos de tutoria son lo maximo el problema son los marcos no los consigo felicidades y sigue subiendo nuevos proyectos

  41. Can you please tell me where I can purchase the Millenium frame? I live in the USA. Also can you give me a rough idea of the cost? Much appreciated!


    1. Hi, Cyndi – the link to Needle Needs is in the article above. The prices are all listed on their website, in British pounds, so you’ll want to use a currency converter (there are plenty online) to find the US pricing. The stand and one frame, including shipping from England, is still less expensive than many of our higher end stands over here (like the Needlework System 4). Hope that helps…


  42. Mary my dear if you ever get to read this as I realise it is an old postof yours in 2011.

    What is a year or two…

    I use the Millenium I have most of the sizes but not the stand as to get that the post would be horrendous.

    Not to be thawted I made myself an addition for the evertite stand of which I have several frames for that. It works like a treat and cheap.

    As to the millenium frame…I would kill for the frames. They are beautiful. Work a treat and so well finished.

    Running my hand over the smooth parts is like feeling silk velvet. No snags or pulls occur or having to tighten the edges. Like you I will still use the others but my milleniums are worth more than Tanzanite. In fact I have two of the baby ones.

    These frames are fabulous from large Jacobean projects to Trish Burr’s tiny birds. Great for any gold work.



  43. I was impressed with the reviews of the Millenium frame and despite the cost eventually ordered one.

    The web site said that the frame spec I was interested in was in stock and available.

    It has been almost two months now and still have not received it.

    Needle Needs seem to have a problem of perhaps too many orders, but I expressly ordered items that were, according to the web site, already in stock therefore just needed to be shipped out!!!

    Very disappointing customer service.

    1. Dear Baglady,
      at least you could place the order… i’m trying for almost 3 weeks to do that and I can’t. I sent a few emails without any replay, so I keep waiting for a miracle 🙁

  44. It took me a good long while to realise I was an Anglophile… and living in London for a year did nothing to discourage that. Reading through your blog has turned me into an embroidery nut, and I know that the combination of these two things meant that that video was interesting and informative. I am relishing your blog like a piece of embroidery… can’t get enough of it, but know I’ll be disappointed when I reach the end. I don’t have nearly enough praise and admiration for what you are doing for stitchers around the globe!

  45. Mary
    Many days down the road and the Millenium is a dream. Like you though I still have my evertites for the small of small.
    I am thinking of doing a Japanese embroidery and Milli will be used…..and…even though I made a an accessory attachment to fit my NeedleWork No4 stand I am going to throw all care to the wind and get the Millenium stand. Yes it is exxie but it is a must. I really do,love the whole Millenium System. No lacing and drooped sides and more time to stitch.

    I am sorry to hear that Baglady and Doina were having trouble getting a frame.

    I am in Australia and had no problem. I dare say it could be slow as these are hand made and are in demand. The web does at times say ‘in stock’ but not for long. So be patient and if you have your frames now you will be well pleased.

    Mary as always love your great newsy musings.
    Things to consider and try.

    Cheers to you and all.


    1. Dear Martha,
      I finally got the Millenium frame, but it took a lot of patience and many emails, until the miracle happened. I guess everyone has a different story regarding the ordering process and the waiting period. For me it was exhausting, I sent emails every other day without receiving any answers, but I read so much about this frame, that it became personal, I wanted it no matter what and I insisted as gentle as I could. I insisted so much, that the final price got bigger with 30 pounds on the invoice. But i accepted it anyway. So my advice to everyone who wants to get a Millennium frame, don’t insist too much, because sooner or later you will definetly get the frame, but a 30 pounds difference hurts a litlle bit too much (i felt like a fool).
      Besides this unpleasant experience, the frame is perfect and I love it.

    2. My Dear Doina,
      I am glad you have your frame.

      I have never had any problem really. Oh I had to wait a bit so I contacted Marisa and John. Marisa kindly told me that they are the only two who make the frames and stands and they are popular but they just when they are getting on top the next wave occurs.

      It is a cottage industry which makes me love the frames all the more as one person has put their all in making a piece as good as the next.

      I know it is frustrating but as you found out well worth it. I have most pieces now and every one is as lovely as the next. As odd as it may seem I rub the exposed parts of the frames if I am getting tense because my sewing is not just doing what I want. The wood is so soft its like stroking a cat, a real comfort.

      As for the cost or the 30 pounds difference on the receipt I cannot explain as all my frames have a very large postage on it. As does anything I get from America as I live in Australia. One thing I can assure you of is that my dealings with Needle Needs has always been pleasant and I trust them implicitly.

      If you feel aggrieved I would ask John or Marisa for an explanation as to how the the difference came about. I would also say it in a pleasant way.
      I don’t think you should feel like a fool as you only need an explanation. But ask nicely. Most of us in this day and age need to learn more patience.
      Catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

      I do not like the thought of you having bad feeling when you use your Millenium as they are such a joy to use.

      Doina, take a deep breath and write a nice email to Needle Needs and ask why there was a 30 pound difference.

      I know they do say out of stock or on order.
      Or you cannot make a purchase it does not register. I just write and say ‘cannot purchase items, refuse access at point of sale?’ And always I get a response.

      Sometimes I know if you want something sooner than later, you can get charged a ‘rush fee’.
      Which means your order is attened to first and it disrupts the line. I had $50 added to a pair of shoes I was having made and I too wanted them ‘now’. I never did that again. But I must say I have more than the extra $50 wear out of them.

      So my dear never go to bed grumpy, or cheesed off. It won’t solve anything. Get and answer.

      Thinking of you and wishing you the best and continued delight with your Millenium.

      Happy days Doina

      Kind regards
      Martha May

  46. Hi,
    I think a big part of the problem is they grew too rapidly to meet demand. Given the quality of the product and the uniqueness I think customers just have to suck it up and be patient – from all accounts it’s worth a little wait.

    As for the price different if you live in another country the price fluctuates due to exchange rates.

    I waited many months for things to be in stock and in that time the price when up and down a lot (I’m in Australia).

    Now I’ve ordered Marisa has said there is a bit more of a wait for packing and posting so I’m patiently waiting again (like a Mexican jumping bean so excited).

    Overall the customer service I’ve experienced has been very good – I just accepted that small business, high demand, quality handmade product = wait patiently, it’s worth it.

    1. Dear Mary and Mystonique

      There you are my dear Mystonique and Doina a little more patience is good for us all.

      I am trying to be patient here in Australia, I don’t know about you Mystonique but I am in the Blue Mountains at the moment and the cicadas are going for all they are worth. Their rattlings come in waves from 1 or 2 thousand doing a rattle to 50,000 and then fades away again, it is as if they a singing one note. Whilst like you Mary I too have many styles of frames. I have often hoped there was an answer to having just one or two types that would cover the wwhole gammitt of frames.

      Well I think I have found that in the Millenium. I do like the stretchtite for small jobs but just to do a little work is great and can be put in draw if working on another.

      Also as I have so many others let not be wasteful. The otheres still work but not just as good as the Millenium.

      I see Mary that you have your evertite in the Needlework 4 a great piece of equipemnt to.

      I tried it and did not fancy it for the Millenium frame as I could not get it tight enough and it does crush the fabric. So I made a holder with arms like the Millenium to fit the NW4. On a winner there. It works.

      So I do really admire the MIllenium concept, it is a one stop shop for me and my work.

      But in the end you won’t know until you try it.

      I can honestly say anyone who buys this item and does not like it could never be pleased.

      Seasons Greeting to all
      May your festive season be loving and joyous.

      Martha May

    2. It may be true that they are overwhelmed but that is when you realize you REALLY need to hire and train employees!! And in the four years they have been “overwhelmed” they have still failed to do this.

  47. I own now 3 Millenium Frames and 2 additional pairs of dowels, so I can work with all kind of sizes.

    I like the frames very much, but have to wonder that nobody seems to have the problem I have with the frame.

    If I start a new piece, I can’t get the side bars short enough to make working pleasant (I already ordered the shortest bars available). I’m thinking about sewing on more cloth, so I can get the starting area farther down, because stitching in the lower half works like a charm, but in the upper half I have to reach to far around the frame to feel comfortable. There is always some part of the frame in the way and I start to cramping up, while stitching.

    1. Veronika my dear

      Don’t blame the machine….but that will not help you.

      First have you watched the videos that Needle Needs has on their site?
      Under Tutorial Videos on the left hand side? Do it now!

      It is a big help in showing how to frame up and how to roll the piece up and down.
      The 2nd video shows you how to place a set size 12″x12″. The first video shows how to fix a more longer and rectangle size.
      John’s videos will apply to all and if you watch it a couple of times you will get the know of it.

      If you still have a trouble let me know.

      Are you working on your lap or on a stand?

      I hate working on my lap and have to use a stand. I have several I prefer now.
      When I started I used a couple of chairs or the table and used clamps.
      Got wealthier and bought the correct ones that are easier to collapse and take away and stay at home.

      I am sure if you watch John on the Needle Needs videos you will be happier.

      Happy sewing

      Kind regards


    2. Dear Martha,

      strange, I can only reply to my post, but not to your comment. Hope I do that right now…

      I watched the videos I found on the site, but I have to admit I did it before I bought my frames. Watched the setup again, after I got the first frame, but nothing more. I will go back now and watch everything, so hopefully I will figure out what I’m doing wrong.

      Oh, and I’m using a stand. The Lowery. I would have loved the NeedleNeeds Stand, but the feets were not far enough apart to work with my setup. I had problems with the big frame at first, but figured out a way now, to use that too without problems. 🙂

      Thanks for your advice!

      Happy stitching!


  48. Hi – I’m actively researching frames so have been working my way through all of reviews (thanks for sharing all of the great info!) Any thoughts on whether the Millenium frames would be suitable for smaller mesh (I.e. 18 or 24) needlepoint surfaces/”canvas”? Thanks.

    1. Mary and Barb
      Barb like Mary, I have not used the Millennium for canvas work. I believe that you can as I watched another video on the Needle Needs site by a lady called Nicola.

      Unfortunately she putting a stand together but she does use a frame to show how it sits on the frame and the work on the frame appears to Xstitch so I would say yes.

      Whilst Xstitch may not be quite 18 or 24 size, I have framed up ground fabric with a backing of unbleach calico.
      No problems.

      Hope that helps

  49. Hya!

    I’ve just had my name added to the pre-order list for the Needle Needs Kit 1 plus a pair of 36″ bars for a large stitch work I’m planning to do.
    The reason I really want this frame is the fact that you don’t have to sew it and it really seems like a simple setup, though it’s a very smart design!
    And although they are a bit expensive, I think it makes stitching so much easier, which makes it worth the money.
    I hardly can’t wait until I can get my hands on this frame plus the Necessaire stand.

    Thank you very much for your review, it made me even more enthousiastic about the Millenium Frame!


    Ps: I come from the Netherlands, so please don’t blame my English 😉

  50. I was watching your video on your millennium and drollery frame what now how does that work for every looks like to me it will Berkmore for cross stitching then Inverery and I was kind wondering on the price

  51. Mary
    I have nearly all of them and all loaded up.
    I am using it from Japanese Silk Embroidery and Beading to Crewel and petite point and white work.
    I have a variety of stands 1 is Millennium and a variety of others which I have modified to accommodate my Millenniums, Evertite and a couple of others.
    Yes the cost becomes prohibitive if you are out of England like Australia but after the first one I got and found how wonderful it is I would trade the kids to have one.(joke) truly though if you don’t find it the most useful and versatile of frames to use you are not using it correctly.

    Bias ??? you betcha.. Millenniums will do me.

    thanks Mary

    1. I just ordered a Millenium Frame + Stand + extra bars a week ago. The only big downside is that it will take about 1 to 2 months to arrive. What’s the reason it takes this long while the website said they are ‘available’? It already took me about 8 weeks on their pre-order list, which is, in my opinion, not a real pre-order list, but just a mail list, so they can tell us whenever the stands are online again.

  52. Dear Desiree,

    as far as I know, there is only one person manufacturing that frames. Combined with the huge demand that concludes in the long wait times.

    On the plus side, if there wasn’t a big demand, they probably would stop manufacturing these wonderful frames.

    I have now enough frames to stitch 3 projects at once, so I think I’m set for the future. 😉

  53. Little Wizard.. I’ve been waiting for a year now for this item to come back into stock.. Any word on when this will actually happen? Is there anywhere in the USA that is affiliated with Needle Needs? I have the millenium frame and I just love it.. Next will be their floor frame as the frame when continuously holding it,is somewhat heavy..I use my armrest to hold one end of the frame up, so a floor frame is needed.. Love the product..

  54. I have only seen the 2 video demos 1.) Nicola Parker 2.) The one done by the makers of this fabulous scroll frame- I love it! It will be my next big purchase. ….and I will recommend it to all my stitching friends.

  55. I just received my first Millenium Frame! I love it! I am trying to order the Floor Stand but I’m on the wait list. In the meantime I have clamped a piece of wood with two arm supports to my NS4 stand. This allows me to use the frame the way it was designed. It works. Love my NS4 stand too!

  56. I ordered this frame in December. Although their website says they ship within 28 days, it may take up to 3+ months to receive your order.
    Communication is very poor and your credit card is charged immediately and not when the item ships.
    I have been assured by members of an online stitching group I belong to that it is worth the wait.
    Patience is the key when ordering from this company.

  57. The frame looks wonderful, however, Needle Needs really needs to work on their customer service! I have many friends that ordered this frame and it has taken them 3-4 months to get it shipped to them and even then they have had no communication from the company at all to let them know it would take that long.

    1. I think it’s awful, I have all my expensive materials ( bars and stretchers ) and can not join it. I’ve been waiting months for a standard , they are becoming : awaiting stock . Multiple phone calls made, always got promises, and what should I do? A lot of mails sent , sometimes I got a reply , usually no response. I can hardly hold the embroidery fabric in my hands. This is due to arthritis in my right hand. That man should still be crazy after all these complaints. I’m going to ask my husband to craft a standard for me. He is quite convenient.
      Sorry that I write this, I ‘m a little mad at that man. Martine from Belgium

    2. Dear Martine,

      I understand you perfectly. I got lucky and got my frames in a reasonable time. I had payment problems instead and they didn’t care much that they made me pay 3 times, before they even started to process my order. They weren’t very apologetic either, so their customer service sucks, plain and simple. Looks like they have more and more problems to fulfill orders. I could recommend you another frame. There is another company now, that makes something nearly the same. Unfortunately they aren’t compatible with what you already got. So I assume, that won’t help you.

  58. I would love a referral for a similar system before I try this one. Seems like so many are having issues. Thanks

    1. Hi, Vicki – I don’t know of any frame quite like the Millenium frame, but a slate frame will give you excellent results – they just take a little longer to set up.

  59. I am writing to those who have been waiting for their Milleniums.
    I have had my Milleniums for years and I can truly say no others come near it.
    I was fortunate to find them early and before Mary got hers.

    Since Mary’s critic of the Millenium and finding that these were a superb and tip top frame set, NeedleNeeds have been beset with orders and I sure as these items are a BESPOKE item ( made to order) and there were only 2 doing the making and finishing of them, any interruption is a hold up of their work.
    If we continue to email and telephoning it would be one more hold up.

    Yes I do realise that we are eager to started on our work and would love to have the new frame to do it on.
    Can you imagine how frustrating it has all become for these two?
    I am waiting to get a few more sets of bars but in the meantime I am using my old slates and other frames.

    I ask that we realise as well, Marisa and John also have to have a life other than work. A child, illness all this can happen and they do have to have a break.
    We all have to remember that Mary’s word is gospel as is Oprah and a lot of people just have to have it. Remember the goose that laid the golden egg. People could not wait for the golden eggs and cut her open but all that happened was the goose, died. No more golden eggs.

    Best wishes from Australia

  60. Hello Mary, would you put pieces like goldwork and stumpwork on a Evertight? I hate Q-snaps and would like an alternative to a hoop. If you would use a Evertight for the small project would you use the tacks like you would in needlepoint? As far as the Millenium Frame what is a good size to order. I never had order sides etc. Thank you, Sandra

    1. Yes, I use the Evertites for Goldwork all the time, and they can also be used equally as well for Stumpwork. Yes, you always tack the sides, no matter what size project it is. Otherwise, there is no way for the fabric to be stretched on the frames. The size of the millenium frame depends on what size you need or want, or what sized projects you tend to work more frequently. On their website, they explain the maximum and minimum lengths for the various pieces. I find the 20″ horizontals and the small and medium sides (vertical sides that twist) are about right for me. But it depends on what sized work you plan to do.

  61. tried the link to the Needle Needs but the page is no longer available. Do you happen to have another address for this company?. I’d appreciate it.

  62. I started reading the comments then realized I wàs reading information from 2011. I like the idea of a history of good commeñts but would prefer to start out with the most current first. Things happen, businesses close or change hands and quality suffers. Is there any way to resort the comments with newest to oldest? Thanks

    1. The largest one can probably accommodate the 28″ side on the rollers, and you could roll up the 45″ inch side, but if it is 45″ wide, I don’t think they make them that wide.

  63. Mary just to let you know the Millennium bars go to 36″/ 90cm.
    As you say you could wind the short side on and work side to side. Not top to bottom so to speak.

    I don’t know if it would be feasible to go making it any larger as the stand would not be big enough and you would have to attach it to a couple of trestle legs with clamps.

    Maybe the rollers would have to be heavier to counter any bending. I don’t know about making the side bars any bigger or longer. The working area would be 45″ by 12″.
    If I were to send a question about that larger size I would not think if John could make long bars I don’t imagine him being able to do it until a he could get a break in keeping up with his bread and butter items he is flat out making these days to complete or just keep up with the orders he has now.
    I would also expect if you wanted to go to the head of the queue you may have rush price attached. Could be $100 plus the total cost of the item. People and I am not saying John would but if it were me I would ask for amount up front as people tend to cancel for no other reason they change their mind. The what do I do with a half made item that only one person wanted. Pay for the cost of the time put into it. I would tell the buyer. AS this is bespoke item there are no refunds for cancelations especially if commencement to make has begun.

    I know I would be more than very cheesed off.

    But I don’t think you will be charged for asking. The worst that would happen is NO.

    Jaclyn might like to try 50mm thick rods with flat ends the clamp can hold onto.
    Sew fabric onto the top and bottom of the work. Either make a sleeve then drawing pins added to stop the pole spinning in the sleeve.

    Clamp to the trestles.

    Hope that helps.

  64. Hi Mary. My congratulations for your great job. I also love to do embroidery.
    Where can i bought the millenium frame and the system 4 frame clamp

    1. Hi, Magdalena – the links to the company that sells the frame is in the article above. It is Needle Needs in the UK. The needlework system 4 stand and clamp are not really the best option for holding the Millenium frame. I recommend either the Necessaire stand (at Needle Needs as well) or Judy O’Dell’s just-a-thought stand, which you can find through google.

  65. I have been waiting over four months AFTER I paid for my frame and the only answer I get is that it is “processing” which tells me absolutely NOTHING.
    I am beginning to think I got ripped off from this company.

    1. Have no fear, you didn’t get ripped off. Their customer service and communication is VERY poor. It is not uncommon to wait 3-4 months to receive your frame. A US distributor would be helpful. Very frustrating. Just keep all your payment info and any emails you may have with them because it is going to take awhile.

    2. The following comment seems to have vanished, but I still would like to respond to it:

      “It may be true that they are overwhelmed but that is when you realize you REALLY need to hire and train employees!! And in the four years they have been “overwhelmed” they have still failed to do this.”

      Did you realize that this would mean a significant increase in pricing for the frames? Additional personal has to be paid, so the frames will get more expensive to cover that.

      I’m pretty sure most people who complain about the wait time, don’t want to pay more to get their frames faster.

      Besides that, this is a family business and it’s possible that they don’t want to hire additional personal.

      My only complaint to them is, that they ask for money way upfront. Customers are no banks that give out 0% loans. Ask for payment, if you are close to production. That is what lots of small businesses do and there you hear much less complaining about long wait times.

  66. I would like to order a Millenium frame, I have waited items for a long times before. I hear a lot of grumbling from some members of this group. I just want to know from Mary or some members if I show go for it and buy this frame.

    Thank you,


    1. Sandra,

      I did a fair amount of researching and having found nothing that is even close to the same design nor near the level of consumer review ratings. Then, I did what I always tell others who are looking at being put on a waiting list for the ‘perfect’ item. I put my name on the list. The item will not get here sooner whilst contemplating the purchase.
      I called them and talked with a gentleman, must have been John, and he said “there are about 250 names on the list, but, some of them may not want them anymore”. He said there has been such an increase in demand from the US. I live in Wisconsin, USA. He also stated that not everyone will get their orders by Christmas, which I thought was funny because Christmas was only 30 days away at the time. 🙂
      I’m preparing myself for a 6 month wait and will be only be delighted if I receive my order any earlier.
      Best of luck with your decision.

    2. Reply to Becky. Thank you for your response, I live in Wisconsin too. Do you know do I need a stand for this frame or can I hold it in my hands like some people do with scroll frames. I have a Mark2 and a System 4 but I thought I could us this also without a frame. Glad to hear from someone in Wisconsin!


    3. Dear Sandra,

      I’m not from Wisconsin, but I don’t think you want to use that frame without a stand.

      My smallest frame ~20inch width weighs already 800gr. I think it too much strain on my wrists.

  67. To all those who have been waiting for Needle Needs millennium frame, floor stand, etc. to become available: They can be ordered as from today!

  68. can I ask – is it possible to use short side bars for a square cushion, and move the material up and down as on my existing frame (probably a scrolling frame)? or do I need side bars which are long enough to accommodate the finished project?
    many thanks!

  69. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for your review! I just received my frame today, and was wondering if you had basted your ground and bottom fabrics together when you tested it above? I couldn’t see any stitches in your photos (but they are quite small).

    I’m not able to get the fabrics completely smooth across the frame, and I’m wondering if my basting stitches are poorly done and actually mis-matching the fabric placements. (I actually have a lot of anxiety around pinning/basting improperly if you can’t already tell!)

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

    1. Hello, a Mei-ling- I put the fabrics in the frame together and stretch them, and then I baste around the design area, to keep them together in case I had to remove the fabric from the frame before the stitching is completed. Once they are in the frame together and smooth, the stitching will serve the purpose of holding them together, so I don’t always find it necessary to baste. However, just in case, I usually do baste after the fabrics are in the frame. I have a hard time basting first and getting smooth results, although I know some stitchers do it that way.

    2. Hi Mary,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to respond! That makes so much sense, and it works beautifully. So far I’m loving this frame!

      All the best and thanks for everything you do!

    3. Hi Raye, from ordering to it in my hands it took 12 weeks. That wait is not for the faint of heart!

  70. On Saturday, May 21st, I will have been waiting for my order (which I paid in full) for 5 months. 12 weeks would have been nice. To make matters worse, I can get no reply to emails. I’m going to have to call. I will still be VERY grateful and happy when it does arrive, however.

    1. Wondering if you have received your frame yet? Today is day 96 for me but I have gotten 2 vague emails about how they are not like Amazon which is strange cause I never compared them to Amazon.

    2. To Lisa: Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) – call them and ask for the shipping date. I called them on Friday, 17 June to ask when I should be receiving the order I placed on 21 Dec. The lady I spoke with checked to see if it had shipped yet and it hadn’t but, it would be shipped that day and I should get it on Monday or Tuesday (20 or 21 June). I said “All the way to Wisconsin, the United States?” and she replied “Yes. You should get it on Monday or Tuesday.” I asked if they would send me the tracking information when it ships and they did. I couldn’t help but wonder if they were thinking I would forget that I paid for it and/or forget that I ordered it all together. Low and behold, it was delivered on Wednesday (22 June); it’s a beautiful and well made product that impressed my husband (I already expected as such after reading the reviews). Sure wish I would have called them months ago. Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) – call them and ask for the shipping date.

    3. Hi Lisa, I recommend calling the store itself. I don’t know who manages their emails let alone online orders. After a month from ordering my frame I called them once every week for about another month and managed to get my frame in 8 weeks from the day I bought it. They seem to prioritize phone orders over online because I think someone else manages them. Try giving a call 🙂

    4. I’ve been meaning to call but I live in Canada and every time I remember to call it is an inappropriate time there lol. Anyone know the time difference? Now after not getting a response back from my last email I’ll be calling like Rayne said every week but at this point they deserve daily calls but the long distance charges would be horrendous! Kind of like their email customer service 🙂 I’m super glad to hear you love yours cause honestly it’s the reviews of the actual product that have kept me waiting this long. This is the longest I’ve ever had to wait on an ‘available’ item. Thanks ladies and my fingers are crossed!

    5. It’s 11:30 AM here in Central Standard Time and it’s 5:30 PM in the UK. They are 6 hours ahead of Central Standard Time.

    6. So I called them this morning and spoke with a very nice gentleman about my order and he promised me that it would be sent out tomorrow:) I will give them the benefit of the doubt and wait patiently. He eased my concerns and I’m happy with the experience of the call. Looking forward to receiving my frame!!

  71. Are you in touch with Needle Needs who makes the millennium frame? I ordered one in two sizes. I received an invoice but links don’t work so I cannot find out anything about my order status. They don’t answer my emails. All I want to know is about when they will ship. A simple request. I know they are busy. But I should be able to get my order status. If you are in touch with them could you ask them to please check their email? Thank you and sorry to bother you with this.

    1. Hi, Karen – your best bet is to contact them by phone. I’m not in touch with them on a normal basis, but it seems that most folks who have contacted them by phone have had a quicker response.

  72. WARNING!!!! You will experience LONG wait times especially if you live in North America. They do not respond to emails and now when you call them they lie and tell you your frame that you have been waiting 16 weeks for will be sent out the next day and nothing happens. I was able to get ahold of someone on June 30, 2016 and was promised that it would be sent out the next day. I waited 2 weeks and again no response to my emails and now their answering machine picks up every time I have called. People need to be made aware of this fact before they order. I placed my order and paid for it on March 26, 2016 and still no response as to where it is. I will give them until the end of the month to respond or send out my frame or I will contact my credit card company to reverse the charges.

    1. It’s so sad, that they don’t seem to be able to change their payment plans. They make really good frames and if they would keep from charging people way before delivering, they wouldn’t get such a bad reputation.

      But I agree with everyone who is complaining. That is no way to conduct your business. At least none that doesn’t destroy your good name.

  73. I would like to buy one so that throw the system out. I have the first floor stand made of oak which I like but I want the stretch of the fabric is wonderful . Diana Scott

  74. The Millennium.
    If you haven’t tried it then you will never know true needlework bliss. I have the first stand as well and have converted several other stands to accommodate the frame as I have a few set up and on the go.
    The Millie as I call it is my last ever frame. It is easy to use and comfortable. The finish on the wood is superb to say the least. Set up is easy and quick.
    The Cons. I think that depends on what you are prepared to pay. To me it was well priced but the most annoying was the cost of postage. Postage is government not the seller of the product.
    For me to get it here in Australia the cost of postage is more than the product.
    It is the same with the postage from the States.
    The English pound is twice the Australian dollar and the US dollar I get 74 to 75 cents for my dollar. There is no equity when it comes to postage and the dollar.

    So save but you will not regret using the Millennium ever. MM

  75. Please let your readers know that they will have to wait several months (8 months to a year) to receive their frame. The quality is worth the wait but patience must be a virtue if they want one. I have been waiting 35 weeks and still waiting. Just spoke with John at Needle Needs and they have had an overwhelming response for their frames which speaks to the quality.

  76. I visited their site to try and order and the frame and stand package can’t be selected to even order. I asked their webmaster to provide a quote on US shipping and didn’t get a response. I would like to get an order in! Any suggestions welcome.

  77. Unfortunately, your update is correct. I have been waiting over six months, now.
    They do not answer e-mail queries, and I suspect that if I called (from the US) I would just be told the same things that you mentioned. I will try to keep hope alive, and believe that I will get something for my money, eventually.

    1. I placed a rather large order on November 28, 2016 for the frame, side bars, stretcher bars and the lap stand. I treated myself for my birthday. After reading all these comments I decided to give them a call. After several attempts, someone picked up the phone. I explained that I had placed an order and would like to know a ship date as I hadn’t received a response to my e-mails. I was advised that the website clearly states that there is a 12 week wait. I spoke with John and he advised that he had literally received 1000’s of orders for the holidays and advised it would be quite some time before my order would be ready. He advised there are only two of them working there and the demand has been great for their products. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I won’t have to wait up to a year as I’ve heard some women have had to. As you say Susan, I will try to keep my hope alive as well.

    1. Vicki, I didn’t order the stand, I ordered two frames, several scrolls and stretchers and the lap stand. I use lap stands for counted cross stitch. I ordered the frames after viewing you tube videos. I was impressed with the ability to get the fabric taut on the edges. Most frames and scrolls I’ve tried in the past pull the center of the fabric taut, but not the edges.

  78. I am one of the customers who is still waiting for their order. I paid in April, it is Dec 1, and no delivery yet. I would be much more understanding of the delay if I had received a personal response to any of my two inquiries instead of an automated reply.
    I am very disappointed. I would very much like to use this product. I completely trust Mary’s evaluation, and am impatient to start a project using it.
    I will wait, and hope that it eventually arrives, Christmas would be nice.

  79. I did finally receive my frame after several calls and emails. It was 8 months in delivery. They are very slow and only have a couple people working there and they have a working farm. I understand the frustration but the frame is beautiful and very well made – it is definitely worth it.
    I last spoke to John and he said that there is such a demand for the frames that it they are trying to keep up as fast as they can.
    I agree, they should definitely respond to their emails and their inquiries outside of the automated email. That would definitely improve their customer service.

    1. Debbie, do you mind me being personal and asking about the price of the telephone calls to the UK. I called a couple of days ago and John and I spoke for about five minutes, I’m curious how much that call is going to be? I think my biggest complaint is that they collect the money up front. I think it’s better business not to collect the money until the order ships. God forbid something happens to John, I’m wondering how we get our money back if something did. I spent over $500. I have a small internet business where I sell parchment craft supplies. I never collect funds from customers until I ship the order. All in all, I am very excited about receiving this product and will be patient and wait. In the interim I have purchased three hoops recommended by Mary and will use them until the fame comes in. I bought a cheapie hoop at JoAnn Fabrics to practice wrapping the wood in twill, it was very easy, so I’m hoping I get very good tension and taut frabic with the hoops.

    2. Glad that you finally received your frame, Debbie. I really think that this “company” should stop taking orders for a while. It is really approaching fraud for them to state twelve weeks wait, and then have the reality be 8 to 12 months. They had no problem accepting payment up front. I ordered the most basic of frames, back in early May, which was listed as ‘available’, and am rather annoyed that it is beginning to look like the only people who get their orders are those who call and harass them.

    3. Jerri Jimenez – it was minimal as I used my cell phone which has international dialing. I think a five minute call to John was around $1.50 USD. I think you can also put a deposit on the order and when when it gets ready to ship they notify you for the balance. A friend of mine ordered their frames that way and it only took 6 months because they wanted the money.

      I am afraid they do not put waiting time of 6-12 months on their site as no one would order if they have to wait that long. John did say that they got their wooden parts from somewhere in the north of England and had to wait as they are all hand-made. You can tell by the quality that they are hand turned, fitted and sanded. They are very smooth and a pleasure to work with once you get through the frustration of the wait.

    4. Debbie, that’s a very reasonable price. I don’t have international calling on my cell plan, I used by land line. I didn’t realize you could place a deposit on the order, I added things in my cart and then paid the full price at the end of the transaction. I have a feeling I’m going to have a very long wait. While John was nice on the phone, I had the impression or just picked up a vibe that I’m lucky to be getting one and I need to stand in line. 🙁

    1. Hi, Vicki – I have the Needle Needs stand, and that’s what I use for this particular frame. It’s a relatively small stand, but it holds the larger frames well. In the States, you can purchase a similar stand from Judy O’Dell. I’ve reviewed Judy’s stand and written a comparison between it and two others – the Necessaire (from Needle Needs, that you’re asking about) and the Needlework System 4 stand. You can read that review and the comparisons here: https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2014/12/just-a-thought-needlework-stand-review.html

    2. I don’t have the Necessaire stand yet so I prop the frame on the arm of my sofa and my knee. Works fine. I asked John to call me when they have stands ready for purchase as I did not want to wait another 8 months for a stand. Think I will check our the stands from Judy O’Dell as well.

    3. Mary, have you tried JAT’s stretchers and compared them to the millennium frame? I’m curious as to how they stand up against the millennium. I’m wondering if they may possibly be an alternative while I’m waiting for the millennium?

    4. Hi, Jerri – No, I sure haven’t! It sounds like folks like it, but I haven’t tried it myself. I have plenty of suitable frames that I’m happy with, and the budget just doesn’t stretch far enough to try every available type of frame! 🙂

  80. Mary, I can certainly understand and agree to that! The JAT stretchers (frames) seem to be relatively inexpensive, but the lap frame is quite pricy at $175.00. I’ve written Judy to see if there is a sale going on for the holidays. I mostly sew counted cross stitch on linen, I don’t care for Aida for large cross stitch pieces, and linen for cross stitch is quite thin and flimsy so I’m really looking for something that is going to pull the fabric super taut for good even stitches. If there’s a sale, I may try the JAT system and then give it to my mom when my millennium arrives. I’ll be happy to let you know how I like it if I do purchase it.

  81. Can any of you who have ordered the millennium frames advise if the plastic feeder card comes with the frame, or do you need to order it as an “add on” accessory?

    1. Do you mean the flat card used to push the fabric into the groove? Mine came with a card one – about the thickness of mat board. I don’t generally bother getting it out of the drawer – I just use a plastic ruler that’s usually on my project table to push the fabric in. Anything flat and somewhat stiff will work!

    2. Mine came with a heavy cardboard card. I thought I would use a discarded credit card or shoppers card. Mary’S use of a ruler is great as well!

  82. Yes Mary, that’s it. Today, after watching John’s video (again), I wondered if it comes with the frame since it’s listed as an accessory. I was thinking if it doesn’t come with it, I’ll improvise and find something to use.

  83. I do understand everyone’s frustration about the millenium frame delivery times but also feel that every time someone calls john to discuss their order, it is eating into his available time for making frames! I think it is now well established that there is a long wait since demand is way outstripping production. I think it unreasonable to think that a call is going to make your item a higher priority than that of someone who placed their order before you. I would add I’m sure I only paid 50% of the cost up front, with the balance paid when my frame was ready to ship?

  84. Hi Mary, I cross stitch on linen and in the absence of the millennium frame, and suggestions other than Q snaps? Thanks

  85. I have left needle need’s an email, regarding a 1-800 number to call them for that frame, I know it is handmade, and I will wait, since I have a lot of other frames, what’s one more,lol. and the best I hear. I live in Toronto Ontario Canada. I can’t get through to there uk number, Do you know if they have a toll free number to call and order it, my computer is slow, internet, not good, soon going to cut off, can’t afford it, would rather phone them for the order. if they don’t have a toll free ordering number , oh well. I tried. signed ricki

  86. I ordered a frame Dec. 22. 2015 and just received a call from Needle Needs 3 weeks ago saying my order was about to be sent. They also said they would email me the tracking information for UPS. I did not receive this email and cannot get anything but an auto-response from them regarding my order. So now it has been 15 months and I am still trying to be calm about the $400.00 I spent.

    Love your blog and site Mary.


    1. Oh my gosh, I ordered in October of 2016, I guess I won’t be hearing anything until 2018. I really do think they should stop accepting orders until they have caught up with the back load, it’s not fair to hold our money. If something happens to the guy, I guess we’re all out our money . . . 🙁

    2. I called them once a week for about a month. First time I called they said it would be a few weeks til they could send it out. I called again the next week and they said they would ship it the next day. Called again the next week and they said it would be shipped within the week. called again the following week and they said it should go out the day I called. the next day I got the ups tracking number. I understand they probably have many many orders. But I agree they should stop taking orders til they catch up. since you ordered over a year ago I would call them and say you’ve been waiting over a year. They are very nice to talk to and they would understand and should push your order through since you’ve been waiting for so long.

  87. I did call them back in December. They told me they had my order and it would be another 8 to 12 weeks. No word from them since.

    1. Keep calling, I would call once a week like Raye did. It’s one thing to take the entire payment upfront (that is the only way my order would go through) but, it’s a whole other thing to not follow through with delivery until being hounded for the product by their customers. They will not contact you – do not wait for that.

  88. If you are even thinking about purchasing this frame DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. I read all the great reviews about the millennium frame and was ready to wait for my frame to ship. That was now over a year ago and I have never heard anything from them. So I’m out over $100.00. I’m glad they are such a great frame and in demand but basically they take your money and you may get your frame, or most likely, they will never deliver it. Don’t even play the game with them. It’s ridiculous they can’t even respond to email but they sure want your money right away.

    1. I called them constantly. That seemed to be the only way to get my frame. I waited 8 months. Also, you can made a deposit instead of paying the full price. I would not order anything from them and pay the full price, only deposit, again. I do love my frame but they do not take their business seriously.

    2. I thought I should leave an update to my previous post. Two days after posting my comment, I received an email stating my frame was in the mail and I received my order five days later. Whether or not it was coincidence, I don’t know but I am glad to have my frame finally. If I was to do it all over, I would take the advice of several other posts and only pay 50% up front (I didn’t know that was an option at the time I ordered).

  89. Well, I’ve reached 13 months of waiting for my order. I sent another email asking for either my order or my money. Of course there was no response. Very discouraging; I tend to trust people in the embroidery world. Clearly I need to become more skeptical. I doubt I will ever see my $75, and am so glad I didn’t order more!

  90. Hello
    When you bought the millenium frame
    What size did you buy – they give you various options for side bar and top bar lengths
    Many Thanks

    1. Hi, Stephanie – I have the 20″ and I think the 27 or 30″ roller bars (top) and the small, medium, and large side stretchers. I’m more likely to use the 20″ bars and the medium small or medium stretchers. Before you place an order, you should be aware of the looooooong delays in delivery – you might read through the comments here. As long as you don’t mind waiting, though, it’s a great frame to have!

    2. Hi Stephany,

      I too have the 20 inch sidebars and four different roller (top) bars.

      Which one you need depends on how wide your stitching should be and you can’t put smaller ones on a wide frame, without getting problems at a certain point. Too small and your roller bars will bend.

      Don’t pay up front. Someone here mentioned that they offer other payment options (if you ask them about it) and I wouldn’t give them so much money loooong before I get my frame.

      I was lucky, did receive my orders in 4 and 2 weeks, but that was a while ago. These days it seems to be up to a year of waiting time.

  91. I ordered my frame and scrolls at the beginning of October 2016, spent around $600, I haven’t received them. I called them in January of 2017 and was told I would have them within a couple of weeks. It’s now June 13 and I haven’t heard a word from them. When I e-mail, I get a a standardized response telling me they’ve received my order and will ship within 12 weeks.

    1. Call him again. Not once, but every week, or every day. That’s the only way to get them. I have all sizes of frames, all sizes of bares and I also have the stand. And everything is SUPER quality. I love the Millennium frames.

  92. I live in the U.S. so I knew I was taking a gamble when purchasing this Millenium set. I ordered the screw extensions and rods from this company in May of 2016. I received the rods within a couple of months and have yet to receive the screw extensions and it’s now July 2017! Many e-mails and inquires and no response except a canned message. I don’t have any idea if the extensions have been shipped and gone elsewhere or might still show up. Money spent for something, that can’t be used, at this point. Be wary of this company unless you have a year or more to wait and/or just want to throw your money away on a chance you might get what you order. The company will NEVER REPLY to your e-mails no matter how nice or angry you might get.

    1. I found they only reply with phone calls. And, only deliver after multiple phone calls. Don’t waste your time with emails.

  93. When I ordered a set of these Millennium stretcher bars and rods in April of 2016 from this company I had already placed an order for a new needlework stand from “Just A Thought” Products (http://www.justathought.net/bl/?cat=16) so not wanting to duplicate a very similar product I waited for my English order to come in. Now it is July 2017 and I have given up hope that I will ever see this order completed so I have placed an order for the Just A Thought stretcher bars/rods replica product. Go take a look and you decide.

  94. I ordered the frame, prepared to wait, only to have my money returned – no explanation whatsoever. Multiple emails went unanswered. The customer service is HORRIBLE. As much as a desperately WANT this frame, I just can’t bring myself to deal with a company that cares so little for it’s customers.

  95. Hi Mary,
    I have been waiting since May 2016 for my Millenium frames. That’s 17 months. They have not responded to my multiple emails. I do not know what to do now. Any suggestions. Thanks.

    1. Hi, Susan -I would call them. You could also write and cancel your order, I suppose. Mythic Crafts makes a slate frame that’s just as functional (although you do have to lace the sides), and the turn around time is not nearly as long.

    2. Susan, have you received your Millennium frames yet? I ordered mine in November 2016. I received them yesterday. I was totally surprised and very happy. I ordered the lap stand and really like it a lot. The frames are very well crafted. I ordered five sets of bars ranging from 16″ to 27″ and the small and medium stretcher bars. I tried calling them about a month ago with no success and then followed up with e-mails explaining I had placed my order last November. I don’t know if that helped with them being shipped or if it was coincidental. I’m glad I ordered as much as I did. Now I want the floor stand and it’s not available for ordering. So I’ve sent more e-mails and placed an order for the end caps to the bars and an attachment for lap stand. I sure hope I don’t have to wait another 11 months. I’m seriously going to be an old lady by the time I receive the rest of the products I want. 🙁

  96. Hello,

    Just wondering if anyone else has received an order from Needle Needs recently…I placed an order in August 2017. Of course I am anxious to get my frames, but I am trying to find out what is a typical wait time and if delivery is getting any better. I knew what I was in for after reading reviews, but I guess hope springs eternal.

    Thanks for any replies,

    1. Hi Lori,

      I placed my order at the start of December 2016 and received an email yesterday that my frame is on the way and a tracking number. I would say you should have your order on the way by Sept/Oct 2018. Unfortunately, it now takes over a year because it is just one man making these items by hand.


  97. Could you please tell me if I order a 16 inch bar for my frame is that the stitching area, or is that the length of the bar leaving my stitching area smaller?

  98. I have viewed your product online and am very much interested to order one but, since I live in Alaska, I don’t quite know how to go about it. Do yon think you could get back to me on the prices and how long the waiting would be ? I really would love to own one … looks wonderful! Thank you, Diane. (Millennium Embroidery Frame – Needle Needs)

    1. Hi, Diane – if you google “needle needs UK” you’ll come up with the company that sells these frames. I don’t actually sell them – this is just a review. If you want to purchase from them, you might take a close look at the comments in the article. The time between ordering and receiving the frame can be quite extreme – I’ve heard from some folks who waited almost 18 months to receive their frames. Just so you know!

  99. I placed my order for the Necessaire on 4 April 2016 & received it today (4 December 2018). It took 956 days to get this beautifully made stand. Love the quality!

  100. Regarding my order, which was placed in June 2018.
    I haven’t recieved them as yet…but still hoping to receive them soon.
    I have emailed them a few times…but no response.
    However…they had no problem cashing my payment, which was immediately.
    Waiting patiently,
    Lynn Singleton

    1. I ordered in Feb18 and am still waiting… I am really glad that you guys are posting how long it takes… cause I thought it was just me. I really really want these.. so I will continue to wait more or less patiently. I just wish they would change the website to say it can take over a year… I woulda put away the goldwork projects earlier…. I left them sitting on my table in anticipation but they are all bagged up & labeled for when it finally does come. LOL!

    2. I finally got it!! I sent an email every couple of months just asking if it had been sent & lost or was still begin worked on? I got responses about half the time. They suggested I give a call to the workshop to ask… but I only have a cell phone & live in California & they are in the UK… so between the time difference & trying to figure out how to call internationally.. I was happy to get a response or 2 saying they were still working on it.

      In February 2019 I sent a “happy 1st anniversary” email. LOL!

      I got the frame in April 2019 and it was very well packed & just lovely! It was worth the wait! I know it is frustrating but I have a frame I can use for the rest of my life & I NEVER EVER have to lace up a slate frame again or have sore thumbs for a week shoving in tacks.
      To be honest, I HATE prepping a new piece of needlework. It stops me from doing so many projects I would like to do. NOW I never have to have to do that again.
      Was it worth the wait? 100 times YES!!
      Would I have liked to have known how long the wait was or gotten more communication? Of course, BUT I feel like what I have is something very special and very useful. It is not for everyone… but I am very very happy!

  101. I wish to order the millennium frame. Who do I order it from and will it take months to get to me.I live in Perth Western Australia.
    How much will it cost.

    1. The Millennium frame is sold by Needle Needs in the UK, so you will need to look up their website (there are links in the above article). They are moving a little faster with production these days, but it usually takes many many months (for some, up to a year) to receive the frame once ordered. You’ll need to do a currency conversion to see what the cost will be.

  102. This is a bad web site.I have tried to contact this site to resolve an order I placed over a year ago and have gotten NO response. You had no problem taking my money and not providing what you sell. If this is not resolved I will let every web site I can how you respond.

    1. Hi, Gary – I have heard that Needle Needs is shipping out frames at a steadier pace. Even though they have long waits, they eventually deliver. Some folks have had better response by calling them. You might look them up online and call them.

  103. Great products…. But really bad at answering e-mails…I finally received order, then they sent a second order….kind of frustrating .

  104. When I saw your post about the millennium frames, I just knew I had to have one! About this time last year I finally placed my order soon after market on Nashville TN. My order was placed and paid for on March 7, 2018. To this day I have not received my order. I had contaced needleneeds in UK in January and the company said “We are currently processing your order”, but as of today, I still have not received my order. I emailed NeedleNeeds again, but they have not responded. I am extreamy disappointed and frushtrated with this company. It makes me wonder if this is happening to other stitchers.

    Signed, extramily disappointed

  105. Hi Marie,

    Average wait time for orders seems to be 14 to 20 months right now. Hang in there. It took about 15 months for my order.


    1. Hi, Rosa – it depends on the size you order. You should visit Needle Needs to see what they have available. The link is in the article above. Thanks!

    1. Some folks use the Millenium frame with canvas – I haven’t tried it myself. The prices are all listed on the Needle Needs website. They vary in price, according to size.

  106. I just thought I’d update my experience with The Millennium Frame. Mine arrived for Mother’s Day 2019 and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it . It is a work of art and very tactile and I love it!! BUT My daughter ordered this frame over 3 years ago and in that time has had no correspondence returned , however the payment was taken immediately on order.

    Was the wait of over 3 years, the worry of what was happening and the cost involved to my daughter worth it I’m still considering that. No response from the vendor and having taken the money seems rather rude.

  107. I placed an order in August 2017 for two sizes of side stretchers and several different sizes of bars – approximately $400 for items plus shipping. I still have not received my order. I spoke to the man at Needle Needs in December 2018. He apologized for the company’s long delivery time, and said that my order would be ready to send “soon.”

    Twenty-one months and counting… : ( I know I will be impressed when my order arrives, but wow.


    1. Lori, did your order ever show up? So sad about the length of time because I, too, would love to own one but can’t wait two years!

    1. They offer to buy extra bars and stretchers in deference sizes. I want to purchase the millennium frame I think it come with 20” bars and 8-10” stretchers. So I want to get extra bars and stretchers. But I’m not sure what sizes to purchase. What sizes are most popular? What would you recommend?

    2. Oh, I get it! The frame is actually made up of one set of bars in any size you want and one set of stretchers – you don’t have to purchase the 20″ and 8-10″ but those are the most popular sizes. As long as you have a set of bars and a set of stretchers, you have a frame. If I were ordering extra, I’d go up one size in the stretchers and I’d go down one size in the horizontal bars (unless you stitch large projects, at which point, I’d go up one size in the horizontals as well).

  108. I placed and paid for an order in all innocence , I realise too late that this company are quite unscrupulous and take payment without fulfilling their side of the transaction at all . How sad that we are no longer able to trust people .

    1. Hi, Brenda – I’ve not heard of anyone not eventually receiving their order from Needle Needs. The orders take a while – sometimes, a very long while – to fulfill, as all their goods are hand made by one person. If you placed an order (and haven’t cancelled it), it’s pretty likely that you’ll receive the goods, but they may be a while coming. :-/ Have you tried calling the company?

  109. My order update:

    Well, I just received an email telling me my order from AUG 2017 is being processed! FINALLY! 26 months, and counting (not sure what “processed” means! Maybe they are just now being made!).

  110. Stitchers, sit down and prepare yourselves…my order of Millennium frames and extension pieces has arrived!!!

    I placed my order in August 2017. At the time all items plus shipping cost about $400. The website showed that you could pay 1/2 in advance and 1/2 later, like when your order was ready to ship, or was received. I could not get the website to process my credit card that way, so I paid the entire cost in advance.

    And I knew it would be a long wait. And I waited. And I waited. And in December, after approximately 2 years and 4 months, my order arrived.

    I haven’t even tried either of my frames out yet, but I did open the box and make sure the order was correct. All of the items are there, and the woodwork is lovely. I spoke to the maker at Needle Needs a few times over the last couple of years, and he is very polite and apologetic about the long delivery time. I wish their website was more honest about the fact that the delivery time is approximately 120 weeks (not 12), but they do ultimately deliver as promised.


  111. I am getting ready to work on my first big piece of tapestry. Are you able to use this kind of frame with a canvass? I’m guessing I couldn’t but I wanted to check.
    Thank you

    1. Hi, Renee – Do you mean needlepoint canvas? Yes, you can. But if you don’t have one and you’re ready to start stitching, keep in mind that they can take up to a year to deliver a frame! Some people have waited even longer….

  112. I just got my millenium frame and am very excited to begin using it. However, I wanted to use it for counted thread embroidery (primarily 32-40 count linen). I have tried several times but cannot figure out how to keep the linen threads straight. Vertically, it is very tight but the threads are not even horizontally, if that makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  113. Nice product but horrible customer service. I have been waiting for almost three months, for my order, and have not received it. I have not heard from anyone despite sending two e-mails. If I ever get my order I will never again order from this company.

  114. Now I have a millennium frame a big one for bigger projects and I find it very good better then any other frames that there is out, it keeps your Aida taut and doesn’t move at all I am waiting from needle needs for a smaller one so that I can do smaller projects on it; I would recommend it to cross stitchers I know that they are dear but you have it for the rest of your life.

  115. Two years ago I decided to try a new frame for my cross stitch. I haven’t been happy with the frames I’ve been using, they don’t hold the fabric tight enough. I heard about the Millenium frame and everyone seemed to be raving about it. It took several months to arrive. At first I was not happy. I had a problem getting the fabric into the bars, so I gave up on it for a while. Later I went back and gave it another try. WOW, am I glad I did. Once I got the knack of installing the fabric it was a breeze to use and how I loved how taut the fabric was. Today, I’m ordering more bars so I can use the frames for all (some) of my projects. I only hope my stand will hold the rather heavy, and long full coverage projects. Of course I could always remove my project from a frame and install another project, but I would rather have a frame for each project so I could just pick up a project and go with it. So here goes my $$$$. I plan to order a 30 inch. , a 27 inch (maybe 2) and several 24 inchers. They still won’t be enough for all my wips

  116. Thank you so much for the review. I saw this frame on Nicola Parkmans flosstube and was intrigued by it. Went to the website you provided. May I ask what size side stretchers and bars does the frame come with? If I click on more, or for more information, it gives me an error message so I can’t get any information. And did you also get the floor stand? If so how do you like it? Thank You

  117. Just so needle crafters looking for a frame, I ordered this frame with additions scroll bars in October 2021 and received the complete package in January of 2022. So just about four months total from ordering and receiving.

  118. Thanks for this review, I would never have learned about this frame otherwise. Question: do you think it would be possible to use a large piece of silk gauze in this frame without mounting it in a supporting fabric?

    1. You could use the silk gauze, but you’d have to put something in the groove on the roller bar parts of the frame to help hold the gauze in place. For example, a strip of heavier fabric, like a medium or heavy weight linen – or even a strip of wool felt inside the groove with the silk gauze – would work. Personally, I’d probably sew a heavy weight linen to the top and bottom of the silk gauze, and mount the linen in the slot rather than the gauze. I would be careful not to overstretch in the vertical direction – just enough to give a decent stitching tension without warping the “grid” of the gauze.

  119. What is the current turn around time from order to delivery? Trying to decide as I am doing a lot of moving and wondering where I could have it sent.

  120. Hello! I just ordered the Millennium Frame in October 2023. Just today I received a message that it is being shipped–this is mid-November 2023. Seems they’re running more toward timeliness! Looking forward to working with it. Cheers all!

    1. Well, someone sent me one once, and I tried it. It’s not really my kind of frame. It doesn’t quite do the job that the more traditional embroidery frames manage to do.

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