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A Tiny Bit of Long & Short Stitch


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Today, just a wee progress picture on the Medallion Project.

Ecclesiastical Embroidery: Medallion

The “legs” of the A are covered with long and short stitch, and my next task is to tackle the upper part of the A, which will also be long and short stitch in the same color of blue silk. The M will be long and short stitch as well, but in a lighter blue.

I do like this blue silk against the gold vermicelli background. I’m hoping that an outline around the letters will really “finish” the whole monogram off well. But I’m afraid it’ll be a little while before I get to that point!

If you’d like to see this project as it unfolds, feel free to visit the index of articles on the Medallion project.

And now – to work! Have a wondrous day!

If you’d like access to all the tips and techniques discussed in the Medallion Project, including complete step-by-step coverage of the Tudor-Style Rose, conveniently collected in one document, interlinked, referenced, and indexed, why not add the Marian Medallion Project e-book to your library? It’s packed full of all kinds of embroidery tips for undertaking a project like this, all in a convenient electronic format for easy searching.


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(7) Comments

  1. I think you’re right, the gold next to the blues will make it
    POP! I love the smooth effect of the long and short stitch, (I’m just not good at it) I guess I need to practice a bit more. It scares me to put it on something and then not have it look LIKE
    YOURS! I will keep trying!!!!!!

  2. It looks gorgeous! Initially, I thought that subtle colors would fit in gently, but this is really pretty and suitable to the design. Thanks for sharing!

  3. So, I feel like I’m going into withdrawl without a recent update on the medallion project. How are things coming the last fortnight?

  4. This would be a great test for the thimbles with the solid/firm tip you reviewed a few weeks ago. Which one will let you stitch thru the many layers and still give you the dexterity needed.

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