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Kitting Up!


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I spent the past weekend kitting up embroidery projects. I love doing this! I’m not exactly sure why I love it, but I do find great satisfaction in separating out supplies, counting things, fixing up little bags of thread, poking a variety of needles into felt squares – call me nuts, but I think it’s fun!

Bohin Embroidery Needles

Maybe one reason it’s enjoyable is because it’s fun to work with quality supplies. I’m growing fonder and fonder of Bohin needles, for examples. When I pull them out of their packets and stack them in small heaps on the table, I can’t help admiring their smooth “skin” and their perfect eyes!

Freshwater Pearls

Picking out teeny freshwater pearls with lustrous coats and putting them into tiny bags two at a time – what’s not fun about that?

Freshwater Pearls

Mixing in three small vintage buttons….

Freshwater Pearls

… adding a pinch of seed beads, some ribbon rosettes, a length of chocolatey satin ribbon….

Wool Threads for Hand Embroidery

… and adding all this to beautiful skeins of fine embroidery wool, spools of linen thread and silk thread, a piece of fine linen, a length of vintage cotton…

…and what do you have?

A great recipe for a beautiful embroidery project!

And now that the kits are all together, I’ll be announcing The Nesting Place online class later this week. If you’re interested in joining in, keep an eye out for the announcement! If you already contacted me about “Advanced Notice,” I’ve added your name to that list already (no need to e-mail me again) and you’ll get an e-mail before the class is announced here on Needle ‘n Thread. All details – including pricing – will be announced at the same time.

Whew! Busy weekend!


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  1. Eek! I’ve been waiting every day this month to hear about the next class. Fingers crossed that I make it in before it fills up!

  2. What is so good about Bohin needles? do they just make embroidery/crewel needles? i need to get more tapestry needles so i’m seriously asking. btw i received my hardwicke manor hoop from Hedgehog Handworks. it i indeed a good hoop. it’s all dressed and ready to work. i just need to get my fabric ready, pick out stitches and colors to use….lol

    1. Hi, Sharyn – I think what makes Bohin needles such good needles is the fact (seriously!) that they are actually made in France. They aren’t outsourced to a country where cheap labor and poor working conditions abound. The whole process of the making of the needles, from beginning to end, happens in the Bohin factory in Normandy. (In fact, you can see a picture of it here: http://www.bohin.fr/en/pageLibre0001072b.html) Now, the important thing to note is that France is known for their high industry standards when it comes to needlework items (and really, any “industry” in France – think food here!). They are meticulous about “doing it right.” And it shows in the products they produce. Most companies that “make” needles today don’t actually make them at the company’s factory where all the work is overseen by people who work for that company – they are sourced out to countries far away, where quality control is not necessarily assured.

      Bohin makes all kinds of needles – tapestry, chenille, sharps, etc. Unfortunately, they don’t make crewel (or “embroidery”) needles (to my knowledge) in the higher numbers (11,12). I’m hoping to see size 9 & 10 embroidery needles available here in the States soon.


  3. Hi Mary, I tried to send an email yesterday, but maybe it didn’t send so, I am sending one again. Would you please put me on the advance notice for the Nesting Place project? I would love to take an online class to learn crewel with you. Thanks!

  4. Hi Mary,

    I have a question for you please if you may answer it for me… You have spoken so lovely about the BOHIN needles… My question to you is for sizes 11 and 12 What needles can you recommend to use? Thank you in advance

    Jennifer G

    1. Hi, Jennifer – for 11 and 12 embroidery needles, I’ve been using Pony needles, available at Hedgehog Handworks. The only other place I’ve seen size 12 is Wendy Schoen designs. Hope that helps! ~MC

  5. Thanks for your response Mary.I know what you mean about outsourced products. i wanted a pair of hooked and pointed blade scissors for cross stitch frogging. i ordered a pair from an on-line store and they gave me excellent service but when the scissors came there was no point on the tip of the blade which defeated the purpose and which was that company’s selling point, the curved pointed end of the blade. i contacted the place i’d bought them from and asked them to check the blades of the rest of their inventory to see if just this pair was defective. they said they were all like that. convinced that the product i had received was defective i asked my only local needlework shop to order a pair for me. she had to place a minimum order of 3 pair. when they came in we looked at them and only “ONE” pair had the specialized pointed hook on the end of one of the blades as it should have been. the other two pairs were defective. where were they made you ask….lol…..Pakistan.

    i found the Bohin needles in bulk 25 needles for $5.50 and only minimal shipping at Anita’s Little Stitches so i’m going to give them a try. thanks for the reccomendation.

  6. Hi Mary,

    I, too, cannot wait to sign up for the Nesting Place class!

    My favorite embroidery needle is the Bohin #9 Crewel Embroidery needle. I am currently using them on a block of the month. I am using primarily #12 perle cotton and they work great. I purchased them here in Columbus, OH at a local quilt shop.

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