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Needlework Sneak Peek! Online Class Project


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I’ve been working behind the scenes on this little project and having so much fun with it, that I just can’t wait any longer to show you at least some of it! Hopefully, I’m not ruining the “unveiling” of the whole. I’m willing to take the risk, though – I just love this project! And I hope you will, too!

The Nesting Place is a beautiful little crewel needlebook designed by renowned needlework artist and designer, Bobbi Chase. It’s darling. It’s exquisitely detailed. And it’s beautifully finished.

The Nesting Place Crewel Needlebook

Combining a variety of embroidery stitches and techniques, and worked in three types of thread – Fine D’Aubusson wool, Au Ver a Soie silk, and Londonderry linen – the needlebook offers a myriad of learning opportunities in one accessible project.

The Nesting Place Crewel Needlebook

What do I love most about The Nesting Place? It’s hard to say – the design is endearing, the colors are simple and appealing, the stitches are varied without being difficult, and the whole piece is designed to teach several techniques that can be used in so many types of surface embroidery.

But I suppose it’s the finishing touches that really charm me – from the vintage coordinated lining fabric, to the fine Scottish wool insert embellished with a touch of embroidery, to the perfectly placed freshwater pearls, the needlelace edge, and the little Mokuba ribbon rosettes – every pretty detail is perfectly planned and placed.

The Nesting Place Crewel Needlebook

It’s a great little project!

With Bobbi’s blessing, I’ll be teaching The Nesting Place here on Needle ‘n Thread, in a six-week interactive online class that features full project instructions for stitching and finishing, unlimited feedback, step-by-step technique tutorials in clear photos and some video, the opportunity for group interaction, and all the encouragement and friendly help needed to see the student through to the end of this project.

This is a project you can begin and finish successfully, with help all along the way!

The class fee will include a full kit with all the materials needed to complete The Nesting Place. Class size is (very) limited, and registration will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration will be opening soon! Look for the announcement here on Needle ‘n Thread by the end of August, when I’ll show you the project in all its glorious little details. (Please note that this is not the call for registration – it’s just a sneak peek and a heads-up!)

Oooooh….. I can’t wait! It’ll be fun!


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(39) Comments

  1. Hi Mary,

    How exciting – sounds delightful and the sneak preview looks very pretty too!

    Will the classes be open to people outside the US, and if so will you have a postage structure to get the kits out to them?


    1. Hi, Anne – I will! The cost of the class will include postage, with an option for international. That’s one of the fun points of online classes – we can interact with people from anywhere, really, without the travel expenses! ~MC

  2. I already love it! Will the kit and/or pattern be available for purchase for those who can’t or don’t want to take the class? Because I gotta have those birds one way or the other!

    1. Hi, All! Thanks for your comments and enthusiasm! I’m very excited about this project! It’s a lot of fun to work!

      Moriah – thanks for the question! At this time, the kit will not be available outside the class. The number of kits that can be assembled for this project is limited, because the project features a vintage lining fabric that is no longer available. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, I’m afraid! The birds are really cute, I agree!

      Linda – yes, you’re right – it’s a great kit for a relative beginner. The project features about 10 stitches / techniques, all perfect for beginners and beyond.


  3. YAY! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    (Not sure if I’ll be able to do this one or not, although I’d like to as it looks really lovely, but great to know the option will be there for this or future classes.)

  4. Mary, the sneak peek for the on-line class has me wanting to start. Perfect for a relative beginner to try new stitches! Can’t wait to sign up.
    Cheers, Linda A

  5. Dear Mary

    You can count me in It looks absolutely gorgeous and it would be great to have online lessons with you and other stitchers, could you give an idea of what the fee would be. can’t wait for the registration.



  6. Thanks for answering my quesiton so quickly! Will just the pattern (not the whole kit) be available for purchase for those not able to take the class?

    1. Hi, Moriah – Thanks for the question! I’m afraid not. The design is owned by Bobbi Chase, and permission to use it extends to providing the kits and teaching the class only. In the future, of course, she may decide to release it – that’s up to her – but as far as Needle ‘n Thread is concerned, I can only offer the whole kit and class together. ~MC

  7. this online-class seems to be very interesting…I love birds,learning new stitches and techniques with new and different threads…
    I’d just liked to know about the cost of it as I live in France!!! but this project is very exciting…

  8. I can hardly wait! I love reading your tutorials, so I think a class with you will be a lot of fun, and very instructive. Although I did recently say, “If I sign up for another on-line class soon, my head will explode,” I think I will ignore my own warning, and eagerly await the actual announcement.

  9. Waiting…waiting…waiting…
    Looks like a beautiful project, I have two little girls who are very excited for this. Thank you for offering it!

  10. Hi Mary,
    This looks like a beautiful class. Do you have a cost and how limited is limited? Just wanting to know if I should glue myself to my computer for the registration. LOL

  11. I’m with Jeannette. I will be glued to the computer as well. This is the type of online project I have been hoping for. How will I be able to sleep tonight? This is worse than any teenager waiting for the opening of Twilight or Harry Potter.

  12. Hi Mary !
    I think you ‘re going to have a problem with this one, as there are so many of us queueing up for this class ! When i saw the little birds, i just went weak at the knees. Looking forward to registering.

  13. I’m adding myself to the ‘waiting on pins and needles’ category! I hope to be quick enough to register for the class before it fills!

    Marianne: your comment about going weak in the knees made me laugh! Great description!

    The little birdie faces just tug on my heart, reminding me of my late pair of companions, my Bittie Boys, a pair of Zebra finches that brought joy to my mornings with their song. I do miss them so!

    1. Hello, all!

      Well, I’m glad to hear that some of you are as excited about this class as I am! I was just working on the piece a bit (I’ve actually stitched it twice so far, and will be working up a third that has only some elements stitched, to use for photos and video). Normally, when I have to re-stitch the same project over and over again, I find it tedious. But on this one, every time I go out to work on it, I’m excited about it, and I have the Most Fun with it. My favorite part, I think, is the nest. I’ll have to show that to you soon! The birds, though, are cute, too. They look like they have something to say to each other. Not sure what.

      Concerning the queue – if there’s enough interest, I can run the class again, so no worries!

      Sue – yes, the materials in the kit are nice! They’re everything I like working with…. and you’ll have thread left over, too, for other projects. ๐Ÿ™‚


  14. Mary add me to the list,I have been waiting for you to offer a class…The next class I am hoping my kids can join in!Oh Now to find a Good online sewing class!

  15. Oh, Mary! How neat is this project!!!
    There are three (3) of us from the Crazy Quilt for Newbies that are very interested in taking this class. I had forwarded your daily newsletter and… no promises, but there might even be more.

    Thank you so much for all the information that you share with us. I appreciate it.
    Take care,
    Judyth in Kansas

  16. Hi Mary — I’m a long time lurker, delurking to ask if you could please give us some idea of the cost of the class. I’d like to budget for it, if possible.

    Thank you. Your site is a fantastic resource.


  17. Love your website. I just viewed your 2006 stem stitch tutorial and it was great. One thing though, I have to ask why three ads show up under your posting title before your blog text. It’s kind of strange.

  18. Hello Mary,

    I am so eager to subscribe to your lesson that I look on the site almost every hour (not that I have nothing else to do as my little grand son is with me…) and here in Belgium, it’s 9 AM and nothing seems to be published yet (the link to subscribe I mean). Is there another place I should look in or am I too early ? Looking forward to working with you and kind regards ! Cathy

  19. I too love putting kits together. Our sew club is having lessons on ribbon embroidery and I am assembling the kits. Can’t wait to get all that ribbon to cut and divide…..

  20. Hi Mary,

    Can you please put me on the advanced notification list?

    Also, since the class is so limited do you plan to send out the notification in the afternoon so that those of us on the west coast have a fair shot at getting to sign up – otherwise I am afraid it will fill up before we are even out of bed! ๐Ÿ™‚


  21. Please put me on your “Advanced Notice” list.
    Thank you.
    And soo many thanks for all the wonderful information you share with us.


  23. Oh my, this project looks absolutely beautiful and would be SO fun to stitch with your direction. I struggle to find time for embroidery, but never miss your daily newsletter. Please put me on your advance mailing list. I have learned so much through your website. Thank you for sharing your passion.

  24. I was so thrilled to read your newletter and then see the teaser photo of the project.
    Would love to take this class and dip my toes into learning from you.
    If I can afford it this would be a great Birthday gift to myself.

    As a side note I want to thank you for your website. I am doing the long and short stitch step by step from your website and feel more comfident in learning to make my stitches fill in and look like I know what I am doing.

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