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Silk Gimp – Give-Away!


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Why do Monday’s always get a bad rap? I love Mondays! They’re the start of a whole brand-spankin’ new week – hopefully, a week in which I can correct all the mistakes I made last week, and get all the things done I didn’t get done last week. I always view them as a mini-start-over.

So, to celebrate another glorious Monday, let’s have a give-away, shall we?

Following up on Friday’s review of the green color assortment collection of Silk Gimp, today, I’m giving away a green assortment pack to two lucky winners, courtesy of Access Commodities.

Silk Gimp Green Assortment

Each thread assortment comes with six shades, from a very dark green to a light goldish-tan appropriately named Gingerline.

Silk Gimp Green Assortment

Each of the six spools is wound with 10 meters of silk gimp. The thread is perfect for adding a little bit of dimension and a unique touch to any fine embroidery project.

Give-Away Guidelines

This give-away is ended – thanks for participating!

If you’d like to join in on the give-away, please follow these guidelines:

1. Leave a comment on today’s give-away article (not on any other article and not via email). Just follow this link to arrive at the correct comment area.

2. In your comment, please answer the following:

Why type of project do you envision for silk gimp, if you win the thread pack? Or, if you haven’t envisioned a project yet, that’s ok! Maybe you could tell us what it is about the silk gimp that attracts you to it?

3. Please make sure you leave a recognizable name with your comment, either in the “name” line on the form or at the end of your comment. If you have a name like Kathy, for example, please add something that will differentiate you from other Kathys out there. It helps to minimize confusion when the winners are announced.

4. Comments must be left by Saturday, September 28th, 5:00 am CDT (Kansas, USA). Winners will be announced on Saturday, and will need to contact me with a mailing address.

Anyone, anywhere may join!

Three cheers for Monday! Hope yours is a grand one!


(617) Comments

  1. I love threads. Silk Gimp might do lovely lace overlays on a needlepoint project. I also have a lotus feather fan that absolutely needs the darkest green!

    Love your way of thinking about Mondays. Today happens to be Mom’s 91st birthday, too. She will have cupcakes and enjoy every minute of the party. It’s not a bad way to live, is it?

    Happy Monday from your threadaholic friend,
    Jane/Chilly Hollow

  2. Good Morning

    Thank you to you, Mary and to Access Commodities for another great give-away. Silk Gimp is one type of thread I have not yet tried. I have been intrigued with this type of thread ever since you showed us the little tree you designed some months ago. If I had this thread, I would definitely use it for some sort of autumn themed project probably something along the lines of a tree with lovely autumn colours where the greens are starting to change into an array of golds and browns. This give-away would be a great starter pack. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win.

    1. Upon seeing the colour palette, I immediately envisioned embroidering upon a tea stained fabric an Asian inspired scene of an open nightingale gilded cage on a windowsill with a view of lush mountains and the sun perhaps setting behind them.

  3. I have no idea what Silk Gimp is, but if I won it I would give it to a very good friend of mine that does beautiful work with silks. She is always telling me how hard it is for her to find wonderful thread to work with.

  4. Wow! Those are such gorgeous colours and the lustre is fabulous. I have been working on a goldwork brooch and these would be great to add some colour highlights.

    Godalming, UK

  5. I would be thrilled to win the silk gimp. It looks like a wonderful thread to use.

    If I’m lucky enough to be the winner, I might use the thread to embellish the outside of an embroidered box.

    Thank you for all you do for the needlework world. I love reading your blog.

  6. I am interested in how the gimp might be substituted for or augment goldwork. Perhaps it would add shading and depth. I’d also like to see how the gimp works with various techniques and padding. What would Or nue look like over this thread?

  7. I’d love to make a family tree using these silks! I’d embroider all the leaves and do small Bugs and Animals among the Branches and the names of my Family! X

  8. I have been hesitant to use silk thread, mostly the expense I think :-). However, I really love to employ couched threads in my embroidery, so I think that this might be the way for me to dip my toes in the silk waters, or in this case trees! The greens in these threads are beyond glorious.
    Thanks for showing them to us.
    Mary D

  9. I am not too sure what I would do with them if I won them, but the colours of the threads are so beautiful I am certain I can come up with something! Thanks to all concerned for the chance to win some.

  10. I would love to try silk gimp! I can envision a flower garden full of texture and beauty! If I won the green pack, I would surely have to purchase colors for my flowers… but the stems, leaves and grasses would be taken care of. 🙂

    Thank you for the opportunity!

    Thearica Burroughs

  11. Thank you Mary and Access Commodities for this great give away. I have never used this type of thread before and the colors look so luscious that a leaf pattern comes to mind. What a great way to try something new. Thanks

  12. What would I do wit thise threads? Tough questin sunce theaere are so many projects I have in mind.

    But most probably I woud use them for some elvish embriodery for my carneval costume 😉

  13. I’ve never used silk gimp before, so I would certainly want to play around with it first! What a yummy thread. I have a complicated sampler going on just now and these greens would be perfect for the little tree that is going to be on it…

  14. What a fabulous giveaway! I am a thread junkie and silk thread is the bow on top of the present. I love working with it. I have a project idea based on the elements that Jane Nicholas uses in her stumpwork. My project vision isn’t stumpwork but doing the elements in a wild collage. I think this would be perfect for that little touch of dimension.

  15. I love the colors in this silk gimp green pack. I’m also really intrigued by the corespun thread and the way it looks. I’d love to experiment using the thread with some trees and leaves, an autumn scene. The silk has such a lovely shine.

  16. I am not sure what I would use them for myself, but they would make a great gift for a fellow embroiderer who uses these colors all the time!

  17. Remember looking all over for gimp when I first started making tassels 15 years ago. Love it for stumpwork as well.

  18. Right now I’m working on a Summer Tree from another group and would love to try it using Silk Gimp.I’m sure it would look great combining it with other silk and cotton threads.

  19. I am accumulating supplies to make a cq book from the American Songbird series of trade cards. I think the silk gimp would be just perfect to use on them.

  20. I love the colors, the greens! So perfect for my living room!

    What do I envision myself using these threads for?? Hmmm… I may have to learn a new technique… Or, I could use them for the outline of a blackwork pattern…

    Definitely need to ponder on this for awhile!

  21. I had never even heard of “silk gimp” before reading this article, but I absolutely LOVE the shape of this and can envision all kinds of projects using this, and the amazing texture that can be created! I am a super beginner, only having done cross stitch and plastic grid, crocheting and knitting, but am truly looking forward to venturing forth into a wonderful new adventure!

  22. I am starting to explore stumpwork and I am working on a garden design. If I were lucky enough to win the thread I would experiment with using it for the leaves on the trees (which currently have me stumped :)) – and other foliage areas.

    Thanks for the helpful article on silk gimp and how to use it. I will be ordering some to try it out. I love how your articles expose us to new things.

  23. I have no vision should I win. It’s beauty is most attractive, but I’m curious too because I’ve never used it before and would enjoy an opportunity. Thank you!

  24. Silk Gimp. Well, anything I can embroider with, I like. Something new to try, how exciting. Silk with shine, just lovely. I’m told by embroiderer’s of experience that I have the knack of thinking outside the box and developing interesting projects as I go. I don’t know but I do love to play and enjoy embroidery so, yes, I love people who offer new opportunities in embroidery and trying new ideas and threads.

  25. The silk gimp reminds me of all the embroidery my grandmother and her sisters did throughout their lives. My sister has a beautiful piece my grandmother did done on silk with silk thread. It is of a couple under an arbor, which has french knotted flowers covering it. This thread reminds me of that. As young girls growing up in Germany in the early 1900’s, my grandmother and one of her sisters were hired by wealthy families to do their sewing for them. As a token parting gift, my grandmother was given a beautiful cameo pendant by the family she worked for.

  26. I am a medieval reenactor and silk would provide a beautiful look at the leaves that I create on medieval hoods for people. These are my colors and I would love to use them to create my project.

  27. i’ve never heard of this thread and i’m very eager to see it in person. since it’s green i would imagine it would work well in a xmas project.

  28. This thread looks absolutely stunning. I need to do a bread cloth for the holidays and I think these threads would absolutely be perfect for a fall theme. I can see them being used for a fall leaf cascade design. Who knows, if I am feeling productive I may even try to do a bread cloth for my aunt for her Thanksgiving get together (but I will do mine first). LOL

  29. I am stitching a peacock and I can just visualize what shimmer this would add when stitched into his glorious tail feathers

  30. I love nature and green is my favourite colour.
    I would use the threads in a sampler of stitches that I plan to do using a tracing of leaves from a walnut branch from the backyard.

  31. I would love to try the silk gimp. I can’t imagine that I’ve not ever used it before. There are so many places that it would be the perfect thread . I find myself almost always stitching pieces that are earthy, and what a great way to begin.

    Cris Tilliss

  32. At last, a silk thread I don’t have to spin and dye myself which is what I have been doing since the 1970s. It adds texture to my fabric postcard which the sorting machine at the post office won’t crush.

  33. I have just started to follow your page a couple of weeks ago and it has inspired me to start hand embroidering again. I don’t have any projects lined up with silk but the post on silk gimp brought back fond memories of my great-grandmother teaching me to embroider with silk 45 years ago! 🙂

  34. The sheen of silk has always fasinated me. The different reflections that show up in different light is beautiful. I enjoy the depth silk gives to any project.

  35. just finished an initial experiment with silk thread. After seeing just how beautifully this “worked” am anxious to experiment with transferring designs from a book on long and short stitching – many of the designs are floral – they should be exquisite with these threads.

  36. I have never used this before and would love the chance to try. I am a garment sewer, and recently into Renaissance garb, and could see it used to trim a beautiful gown. I also am making a jacket that I want to elegantly embroider onto the center back and cuffs – this would be amazing! I am so incredibly tactile, I’ll bet this feels amazing in the hand! A little treat for the eyes and the fingers! Thanks for the opportunity! I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed!

  37. I am in the Cabinet of Curiosities class and would like to use this silk gimp on my cabinet. I think of leaves on flowers and trees and how awsome they will look. I am so excited that these silk gimps are making a comeback. To think that this skill of making the silk gimp was almost lost to us forever and now is going to be passed on is just so awesome. I love the silk gimp, I have the bright orange and would love to win the green set.

  38. I would love to use the silk gimp on the sampler of stitches that I am currently working. II am unsure which stitch I would take on with it but would likely consider the knot family. I am also intrigued with doing a monogram series and believe these threads would be just awesome! I love the range of colors in this collection and would be honored to add the threads to enhance the quality of my stash.

  39. I am working on a woodsy camp wall hanging for my mom and see lots of good uses of these colors in it.
    And I am a thread aholic. Lol

  40. Hi – The Silk Gimp is lovely. I’d like to combine it with other threads such as Brazilian rayon thread, cotton flosses, metallics, etc. and create a medieval type flower. The greens would look great.

    Thanks for this giveaway.
    Judy C

  41. I have just returned from a trip to England. My head is still reeling from the incredible needlework I was able to see at the Queens Gallery, Holburne Museum, and Sudeley Castle just to name a few. I would love to receive the silk gimp so I might try my hand at some of the techniques that were so amazing to appreciate in person!

  42. Thank you for the opportunity. I see fall colors and hope to try these in a project I am working on with fall leaves.

  43. So pretty! I would like to use this for a wedding monogram gift for my younger brother – maybe a fancy initial? Thanks!

  44. Dear Mary

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway, if I was lucky enough to win the silk gimp because of the thickness and the sheen and shine of the thread I would use it like goldwork for something that I would want to stand out like borders or lattice work or creating nature or some crazy embroidery which I think it would suit, or even vermicelli embroidery that would be different I envision something different and lots of ideas are cropping up.

    What is it about Silk Gimp that attracts me I like the thought that it is from the Au Ver a Soie silk range which is my favourite thread I like the silkiness the sheen and the shine and the ideas it provokes of what I could use the thread for.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  45. I have FOUR unfinished embroidery projects that are just crying out for the Silk Gimp threads! Please heed their call!

  46. I love the texture of this stuff! I do use memory thread already, but this has it’s own characteristics. I can envision it in traditional Jacobean-style stitchery, as well as wool applique for the sheen and texture. Wouldn’t it make grand stems and veins?
    Thanks for offering this package.

  47. I had a Feeling this would be the next giveaway!! I love the lustre and sheen of this thread. I see the Colors working well in an underwater Scene using dimensional embroidery.

  48. Ok, if Mary Corbett describes this thread as: ” a tiny, shiny, wormy-like thread, soft and supple, with incredible sheen, very manipulative, producing an absolutely unique result in the finished embroidery”, THEN I HAVE GOT TO TRY IT!! I’m going to get a blank canvas and try every possible stitch and manipulation of the gimp that I possibly can! It sounds like a fabulous threads to just let the spirit fly with!!
    Kate in CT

  49. The silk gimp looks like it will add great dimension to any project. I truly love green and know that I could use it in a crazy patch piece I am planning and hope to start soon!
    Happy Monday….always a fresh start.

  50. Hi Mary – thanks for another wonderful freebie! Gee, I would love to win because I would just like to touch this stuff. I have never seen it and it looks like it has texture. I’m a novice and I’m trying stitches on a wool crazy piece right now. I’d sitch in some of this liquid looking silk gimp in a flash!

  51. Until I saw this post I hadn’t thought of using it, so I don’t have anything in mind–yet. But I went back to your previous posts and I’m stunned by how beautiful it looks used in various ways. I could take a deep breath and plunge into something; I’m wanting a proper looking needlecase for instance, and why not indulge myself with this. BTW, I don’t really like the name gimp, although it is intriguing. It reminds me of “gimpy,” a negative term. How did it get associated with thread?

  52. Oooh! I love all,silk threads and can just see this used for dimension on trees in the quilt I am currently working on. This quilt has appliqués and embroider, it is perfect for limbs and trunks.
    As always thank you for introducing me to so many wonderful new things, and for the chance to be a lucky winner.

  53. I can see some beautiful stump work trees or a greenish underwater scene, coral & creatures & grass.
    My imagination is rioting.

  54. Because the giveaway is green, I think a garden would be the perfect place to use these fibers. There are so many options in the colors of leaves and flowers.

  55. I love the palette in this set of silk gimp! This would be great to doing some vines and work on trees on a couple of samplers I have! or for adding some texture on a needlebook cover with flower stems and leaves that I have in mind! Thank you for having the drawing!

  56. I’ve never used silk gimp but would love to experiment with it, and see what it inspires. It looks so lux!

    Thanks Mary!

  57. I love these greens. I have a large vintage canopy bed and have been planning on doing a valence for it in crewel but with modern twists. I would love to outlet many of the leaves with this silk. Just perfecct for adding dimension to the work and doing twisty vines or the occassion quote on the edge. Would love to work
    with this thread. Thank you

  58. Would be lovely to win this as I am always looking for new items to add to my handsewing needlework embroidery etc the colors look lovely.Best of luck to all readers who posted comments.

  59. I love all kind of threads. I use it for my Crazy Quilting. But this thread likes beautiful. I hope that I win .

    Embroidery Greetings,

  60. Don’t have any specific plans for the silk gimp – I just love the feel and sheen of silk in all types of textile projects. I am primarily a quilt artist, so the silk gimp may find its way into a quilt.

    Also, I love your attitude about Mondays. They really are a fresh start.

    Best wishes,
    Mary Ann

  61. I get excited experimenting with different threads, but silks are just the best. The ones I have used in the past, which are readily available at my local needlework shop, are Soie Cristale, Waterlilies, which are pure silk, and Impressions, a 50% silk and 50% wool. These are some if the threads I have used on a piece called Mystique by designer Carolyn Mitchell, and just loved the feel if them and how they lay on the fabric. It would be wonderful to try a new silk thread such as the Gimp Silk in your give-away in a fall piece I’d like to start soon.

  62. I would love to see what I can accomplish with this thread! The history of embroidery is so intriguing to me. I think it would be fun to incorporate this thread into a time honored design. Thank you for your fabulous blog!

  63. What gorgeous threads! I immediately thought of embellishing the landscape quilt I am making for a endowment auction for the university where I teach. It is a scene of the campus I see from my office window. Imagine, a prof who loves to sew! What a difference threads like that could make on the stitching for the ivys, etc. climbing old building walls and trellises.

  64. I think I would use this thread on a felted wool hollyhocks hold everything bag project I recently got at an embellishment class. The bag provides lots of opportunity for creativity and I’m sure the silk gimp would be an awesome addition. Thanks Mary for introducing us to so many cool things.
    Carol in Mesquite

  65. I do not have a specific project in mind – although one hovers in the periphery. I have never heard of silk gimp and would be curious to use it.

  66. When I moved here to Fallon, three years ago, I was mesmerized by Quail. In the Spring and Fall, they are everywhere. I wanted to do an embroidered study of one or two of them, but I just couldn’t get a good photo (they are quick little buggers). Well, a few weeks ago, we had a whole clutch of Quail move through the back areas of the Museum that I work for and I got lovely photos of the mama and papa with their brood of almost grown chicks as they scratched among the old farm equipment and building parts. It gave me an image of a 3d garden scape that I want to do. With quail among the ruins of Old Fort Churchill or one of our Pony Express Stations. The silk gimp would be a great thread to create the tumbleweeds and some of the vegetation, as well as some of the “artifacts” lying in the sand. So, that is what I would do if I got my hands on the silk gimp.

  67. Mondays are great – it’s my day with grandson! I just started getting re-interested in embroidery and started following your page which is so helpful. The silk gimp is not something I have tried nor do I think I can find it around my location. Love the color range!

  68. I have never used anything like this. I love stitching reproduction samplers. It would be interesting to see the texture this seems to add to the flowers, trees, etc. I really would like to give it a try! THANKS…Bonnie

  69. Gorgeous silk gimp – love the name and love the look and texture. I am just rediscovering the joy of embroidering landscapes and can you imagine how fantastic silk gimp would work for that, especially in those colours!! Thank you for telling me about something I had never ever heard of (again!).

  70. I have never worked with silk gimp, but I see it as another wonderful thread to either couch with or fill in laid back ground work, or leaves with the color palette. I have the perfect project.

  71. I would use the silk gimp to embellish a wool applique quilt I am working on. It would look beautiful couched around the leaves.

  72. Hi, Mary!

    You manage to make even Mondays brighter!!! I would just love to use these green shades of silk gimp to make … your adorable little tree, with a raft of tiny pumpkins nestled at it’s feet 🙂

    Thanks for your generosity,

    Cathy in PA

  73. I am a crazy quilter and I love trees. Perfect combination. There would be trees of all shapes and sizes in my work and now with Christmas coming up, my thoughts for this thread are endless. Thanks Krin

  74. I am working on elaborate pillowcases I found at an estate sale for my daughter’s wedding present. each pillowcase has four 8″ flower area on it and a 3/4″ border running around the entire pillow case. In between all of the flowers are smaller flower sprays as well.

    I would love to use the silk gimp on the leaves around the flowers for this very special project and gift for my daughter.

  75. Thank you ever so much to you, Mary and to Access Commodities. What a wonderful give-away.
    Wow, LOTS of ideas come to mind. I love the idea one lady had for a family tree. Yes, that would be soooo cool to use these with, and whether I win or not, I want to try that idea.
    I also think they would be soooo much fun to use in my miniatures that I have started painting and then adding embroidery for texture. I had alot of questions and good response to my first one. Alot of intrigued people. 🙂 They loved it when they found out it was embroidery (it was hard to tell once it was varnished and it was sooo cool, so much dimension added).

  76. Good Morning!
    I love to do stumpwork, and see this thread giving added dimension to leaves and vines. I would love to give it a try Thank you for the opportunity to win this lovely assortment of greens.


  77. Hm. Those are such lovely colors. I’ve never worked with silk gimp, but I’d love to experiment with the couching techniques to make something organic and nature-inspired.

  78. I would love to use the silk gimp on a current project of a needlehouse and also on my crazy quilt projects. I love the way silk looks. It is always just beautiful for stitches.

  79. Ah, Silk gimp thread is perfect for creating twisting
    rose vines. Im working on a project with Marie Antoinettes roses. I love the dimensionality of this
    embroidery thread. The greens would be a perfect

  80. I love crafts (ido knitting, crochet,jewellery, irish lace – Carrickmacross, in fact anything that can be called a craft. I have recently taken up embroidery again. I found some unfinished work of my Mum who died some years ago but it is only now that I could get myself to finish them. Thank you for your inspirational website. Noreen Bohane

  81. I think it would be beautiful on a book cover, either for a bible and/or an antique book. It could also be used to create a unique cover for your personal diary.

  82. I love the possibilities of Silk Gimp. I would at this point use it in vestment decoration (ecclesiastical use). But there are many uses I could foresee. I love the bright shimmery qualities. Lovely! I hope they become available soon.

  83. First and foremost I love texture, be it smooth or rough.

    I envision this couched in some sort of stumpwork landscape or plant – some sort of tropical plant with big lush leaves, maybe, or even a hummingbird. I know that’s cliché, but it just seems perfect for that use. 🙂


  84. I can see using these threads in 17th sampler and stumpwork pieces. I’m really excited to try it. Some of the pieces from this time look like they had thread we don’t. I’m hoping this gimp will fill some of that gap.

  85. This looks like neat thread. I love the texture when it’s packed together, like getting to paint in corduroy. Corduroy immediately cries “landscape.” For a future project I can envision hills and meadows, lots of them rolling behind one another in the gradations of color from nearest dark to furthest pale.

    I don’t mind that it’s Monday, but if it’s not going to be bright green anymore then I wish the Autumn colors would hurry up and get here.

  86. I have never tried silk or silk gimp, but looking at it, I think it would be an excellent way to add a touch of texture to a project. I am currently working on machine embroidered Christmas ornaments and could see adding a little hand stitched accent to them for an extra little kick.

  87. WOW, am I excited about this giveaway……….I love green…you see pink and green are my colors…I do embroideries with it………quilts with it……..and just love it to death. Greens remind me of the vibrance of spring. I can envision signing my quilts with this beautiful silk and also embroidering pillows.

  88. This product looks very interesting. I would use it on my crazy quilts.

    Whenever I travel I have my eyes open for needlework shops so that I can see what kinds of threads that they have. I haven’t seen the silk gimp anywhere however.

  89. I love the look of the silk gimp and know exactly what I want to use it for. I an working on a series of 10″ padded fabric squares featuring appliqued, embroidered, beaded birds against a leafy background and a song title. The one I am presently working on is “Listen to the Mockingbird.” I went to the website to actually order the gimp after reading your article, but couldn’t figure out how to order it online. Perhaps I’ll win this giveaway!!

  90. Thank you Access Commodities. What a great give away. The thread color pack of greens and brown figure heavily in all my projects and I hope to try them in some felted wool / quilting project. Will have to buy a pack even if I don’t win.
    Ann in Vancouver

  91. Thank you for the generous give-away! I don’t have a project in mind but would love to try the silk gimp and techniques for using it, since I’ve never used it before. I see it as a splendid addition to my needlework education,

  92. Anything silk is sublime. I’d love to do some couching. Perhaps some trees and vines and pumpkins and bats and …

  93. The silk gimp is so lovely. I can envision designing my own embroidery box and its construction would be similar to the Home Sweet Home by Country Bumpkin Publishing. I’d probably make some Tudor-style roses and use the beautiful green gimp for stems and leaves. Of course that would provide me with a reason to buy silk chenille threads to create the roses and goldwork supplies for the flower ‘centers’…

  94. I already know what I would use these threads for. I’m doing a cute owl on a branch and these would make great leaves and foliage.

  95. Mary, I would love to win the gimp thread! I would tat with it, and use it for dimensional stitches on my surface embroidery pieces. Plus, since I love green, I might just use it to make a green ‘pebble adventure’ embroidery.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  96. I would love to try the tree which you have put on your site! You are such an inspiration. The silk gimp seems to give life to this project.

  97. Somehow hit send on an unfinished comment…

    Anyway, I would use the silk gimp on a project for which I don’t yet have the instructions, but hope to have someday.

    Last year, Wendy White taught a needle class at Winterthur called “Tiny Turtle Thimble Pouch.” I couldn’t attend the class and Ms White does not have any more kits available. I’m hoping to get the instructions somehow, and when I saw this thread, I realized it would be PERFECT for the project.

    If not the thimble pouch, then most likely on a needlework casket I’m working on through Tricia Nguyen’s class.

  98. I am currently working on a green vestment for a friend who will be ordained in June. I would us the silk gimp for embellishment on the center pillar. Thank you for all you do, Mary!

  99. The silk gimp looks so lovely.
    I would use it to make flower petals and some dramatic outlining.

  100. I am always looking for something new to work with. This silk gimp would give me another avenue to explore. Luckily I have some wonderful friends that know so much more then I do and can teach me how to incorporate this gimp into stump work and other. I would be so excited to continue my education of the different threads and techniques.

  101. These threads are beautiful and I want to play with them! I love the greens–the colors are beautiful! I love textured, dimensional needlepoint and these threads could be couched to make some very interesting, beautiful patterns. Beautiful is the best word to describe these threads!

  102. After seeing your review of Carolyn Pearce’s book “Home Sweet Home”, I couldn’t rest until I had added it to my collection (where it happily sits now). I haven’t had time to start any of the projects, but I think I would use the silk gimp on many of the greens in the flower garden surrounding the cottage. Then of course I’d have to add more floral colors in the lovely silk gimp….!

  103. I have a cute owl embroidery that I am currently doing. These threads would be darling as part of the branches in the embroidery, and add a dimensional effect.

  104. Love the concept of these threads. Having been a boring ‘follow the pattern’ embroiderer in the past and plan to try some free style. These threads would. Be a wonderful piece of the experiment.

  105. Hi Mary,

    Reading about Silk Gimp from your last newsletter makes me think about making a centerpiece for my coffee table (about 12″ round) and perhaps some napkins. Since I’m reupholstering my sofa and repainting my home, winning this will make it a very nice gift for my Fall project.
    Thanks Mary,

  106. I have never used silk gimp before but the colours make me think of a myriad of autumnal leaves, curling around each other which I would embroider over the top of a piece of logcabin patchwork in the same tones. I would scatter the leaves just in a few places on the quilt top so that it looked as though they had blown across the quilt.

  107. What attracts me the most is the beautiful depth of the colors. When I look at those greens, I see the trees and other plants that could be made.

  108. I don’t have anything specific in mind that I could use the gimp for. It has a wonderful sheen so I would try and find a project that would take advantage of that property.
    Thanks for offering the giveaway.
    I like Mondays too. They always make me feel like starting a fresh project. Unfortunately, that often means ignoring the pesky things I haven’t finished the week before.

  109. Dear Mary, I would love to try this silk gimp as I have heard so much about it. I can imagine it being really useful for stumpwork, or to add a different dimension to goldwork. Thank you, and Access Commodities for giving us the chance to win a pack of these threads.
    Barbara in UK

  110. That silk gimp looks fascinating. I’m working on a stump work project, and those greens would blend in so nicely with the landscape. I’ve always enjoyed the 3 dimensional quality of stump work and this gimp seems to be another tool in my box of threads for achieving a more layered look. Thanks again for these opportunities that you and your retail vendors provide for us.

  111. Hi

    I love trying new threads. Since you have talked about them I have been thinking, what could I do with them. I think I want to do something with a jacobean look(17th century style). The threads would give some dimension to the work.

  112. Thank you, Mary Corbett for introducing me to this thread. It immediately got my attention because of the color and shine but also for its ability to add depth and richness to a project. I’m working on a tablecloth for a wedding gift for one of my daughters and using this thread in it would make it a priceless heirloom she would treasure and pass on to her children. Infused with love and worked with care it would turn an ordinary holiday tablecloth into a family treasure to be cherished for generations.

  113. I loved those threads when you showed them to us the other day. I wanted them for a project I’m working on right now. It’s a forest themed embroidery on the lines of my encrusted seashore. Hard to describe.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Heather M.

  114. Hi Mary,
    I have never tried silk gimp, actually did not know it existed. Would love the learn how to use it and play around with it. Very interesting thread. Thanks for all the info you give us. I would be totally lost without it. Thank very much for the give away.

  115. I love doing historically inspired needle work, crewel, canvas etc. The silk gimp would look so good in any of these projects.

  116. This is a glorious sunny Monday! I am really intrigued by the silk gimp, and I think it would be great fun to use in some stump work designs I’ve been planning to make, but first I am about to start an incredible Brazilian design of a jungle. It is made with two layers, a back ground of forest with a stream that has small stones mounted along the shore, and a front that is trees and vines with a cut out center, so I think it might make wonderful curling vines around and hanging off the trees. thank you for this opportunity. Lynn

  117. I love Mondays too; after reading your post on the silk gimp I was hoping there would be a giveaway in the future.
    I would use these beautiful threads in my crazy quilts. thank you so much for the chance Kathy

  118. I would love to win this thread to share with my Vestment Guild friends. It would be a wonderful addition to our thread painting projects, which we do for churches of many denominations. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  119. Good morning Mary ~
    I this moment I do not have a project in mind, however since ask the ?, I do have some thoughts forming.. It would be lovely added to Brazilian Embroidery – adding another dimension. Since I haven’t had a chance in the past to use GiMP I would enjoy the oportunity to experiment with it, adding to my Brazilian Embroidery designs. I am not a lucky one to win in drawings… may this time that will change. Sharon

  120. I have read about this Silk Gimp already and have
    not had the opportunity to purchase it and use it.

    The colors are fabulous. I would try to use them
    in a lattice work project with some silk ribbon
    and Brazilian threads.

  121. I have a project in mind that involves fairies and woodlands…. enough said!
    Silk is beautiful in any form and I do use it !

  122. This silk gimp in these luscious colors are screaming AUTUMN at me! I see this as surface embroidery on a warm caramel colored silk dupioni cocktail dress…some leaves, a few swirling vines around the neckline. I would love to win the thread pack and play a bit!

  123. I am working on a mixed media project and just experimented with some Tyvek. The results suggest a white apron blowing in the wind. The silk gimp would be ideal for the leaves and greenery of the trees it is blowing by and some of the moss. I am thinking Autumn Winds!

  124. I do not know what I would use the silk gimp for, but the colors are the earth tones that I love to use in my projects. For some reason the colors inspire leaf shapes in my mind, so I would probably incorporate that motif in my use of them. The silk gimp itself has such a rich texture to it and would add this texture to the interest of any piece on which it would be used.

  125. I would just love to win this. I do some stumpwork and think this thread would be ideal for that application. I have a pattern for a mirror surround given to me by the late Mary-Dick Digges that I want to start and would really enjoy using silk gimp on it. She had aimed to stitch and teach that piece but, unfortunately, did not live long enough to do it. I always thought that someday I would stitch it in her honor.

  126. Trees, trees, and more trees.
    The greens are perfect for embellishing crazy quilt blocks with beautiful trees.

    I would love to try silk gimp. You make it sound amazing to work with.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

  127. I would try to use them in some counted stitch project, perhaps with satin stitches, algerian eyelets and so on…
    If the type of thread cannot be used for that, I would experiment with it in freestyle stitching.

  128. have never used this type of thread before looks like it would be fun to use for leaves for a fall piece

  129. I don’t know yet what I would like to do with them. I need to do some work with them to understand how they behave. That is why I would like to have them. They look really great when I see what you’ve done.

  130. Hi Mary, Happy Monday to you too! I would use this silk gimp in combination with some of my other (prodigious) thread stash to stitch a tree of life sampler. The colors are so rich. Access Commodities makes such lovely and high quality products. Thanks to you and them for a great giveaway!

  131. Fancy that the giveaway is a collection of varieties of green—I have an affinity for gingko leaves. They are currently my favorite shape. I have a pattern I would love to interpret with the silk gimp, and I see couching within the gingko shape. Doesn’t that sound intriguing? And pretty? In my imagination it is.

  132. I’ve returned to embroidery now that I have retired. In the seventies I competed projects in crewel and cotton floss.. Recently I have attended an embroidery group in a town about 45 minutes away and saw the possibilities of using silk, something I’ve never tried. I am trying to form a similar group here in my community and would love to try a project incorporating silk gimp that would imtice others back into embroidery.

  133. I do not yet have a project in mind for the silk gimp. But, would love to see and touch it for that is what brings my inspiration!

  134. I have never used silk gimp before but from your description it sounds like something I could use in the garden canvas I’m working on right now. Another plus is that green is one of my favorite colors.

  135. I would possibly use the silk gimp on a casket I have planned for the future. I love the way silk gimp looks on all the projects I’ve seen.

  136. Oh my, the thoughts of projects swirling in my head! A forest scene does pop to mind first, but the family history embroidery and stumpwork project I’m planning keeps pushing through.

  137. What a wonderful giveaway. If I were eligible to win (because I am a Canadian), the thread colors would be perfect for a linen pillow cover that I converted from a blouse that my mom brought from Poland on her last trip. Since the edging is already embroidered in red, I am presently drawing leaves in the middle, thus my colors would be different shades of green, orange and red. Once I finish my practice of drawing leaves, I will able to go ahead with the embroidery, something which I was totally inspired to do by your wonderful examples. I haven’t embroidered since…..well in over OMG! 50 years. I truly am thankful for your wonderful inspiration!

  138. I love silk so this would be great. I envision using this silk gimp on a wool project I have working that is for Thanksgiving and fall/green/brown colors. It would be great for that extra touch of embellishment

  139. Inspired by the book 18th Century Embroidery Techniques by Gail Marsh, I’m working on an embroidery design for a custom jacket. I would love to incorporate this thread into the design. Thank you for this great giveaway and your generous sharing of information.

  140. When I see the colours and texture, I dream of a landscape in the evening. The deep, beautiful green and yellow colours will make lovely fields on hills and the blues will make a sky you can only dream off!
    I have never worked with silk, but I would love to give it a try.

  141. hi mary being a fairly new beginner i have not used this thread but love the colors. the colors are gorgeous and love the sheen of the thread

  142. The fantastic examples of monograms with flowers and flashes of fantastic patterns incorporated are worthy of applying the silk gimp as a project in the future.

  143. I have recently discovered eco dying and have had some amazing results. I have an idea to use these fabrics in a wall hanging with nine squares each containing a leaf out line with lots of free embroidery. The colours of the silk gimp has inspired an idea of some rich stitching with a few different stitches and beads.

  144. You had me at “Thread”. I’m an admitted threadaholic, and am always eager to try new things. I do lots of crazy quilting, and like using a wide variety of textures and weights of thread in my work.

  145. Hi Mary, Thanks for this fine give-away. I would eb thrilled to win. I would use it for an art deco design that was our guild’s summer challenge. I might be too late for this summer … but I might pretend I am in Australia and aim for the down-under summer!

  146. Silk gimp looks like a beautiful thread. I have never used gimp but love silk for its sheen and would like to try the silk gimp. I especially think it would make a beautiful couched lattice. Thanks for the give-away and for your daily blog!

  147. Thank you, Mary and Access Commodities, for this wonderful giveaway. The greens are beautiful! I’m not an experienced embroiderer, but would enjoy the opportunity to try something new. I looked back at your previous articles concerning this thread, so I might try one (or both) of these. Thank you again for the chance to win.

    Happy Monday!

    1. Oops! I accidentally erased part of the comment. I might try a tree similar to yours and/or the lattice work.

  148. Hmm, what would I use it for? Well, I think I’d need to see it for real first, then I could decide. So far as I can see from the photos, it looks like I might use it for couching as an outline thread for leaves etc, but I couldn’t say just yet. Let you know more if I win it!!=)

  149. If I win the silk gimp I’ll use it in my current embroidery project, Cardinals in Dogwood, to really bring out and play up the leaves in the dogwood. I think it will add a beautiful touch to the project.

  150. I am making 11 snowy white trumpeter swans in a pieced wallhanging. I have spent much thought in how to create their reflections and how to show “ripples” in the murky pond water they are floating in. Then, lo and behold, last week you solved my problem with your fabulous explanation of silk gimp which would certainly fill the bill for embellishment. Not to mention that the green color pack would be perfecto! Caroline

  151. I do ecclesiatical embroidery and I am envisioning a banner of the Tree of Life. These threads would be perfect for the trunk and limbs of that tree.

  152. I have never worked with silk thread before but these are just so pretty and make such a nice texture!! Or am I trying to bite off more than I can chew?

  153. Thanks for another delicious giveaway!

    I’ve wanted to try silk threads for awhile now, but since money is soooo tight I’ve been unable to justify the added expense (its one of the things I love about embroidery, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create amazing things!).

    Currently I’m working on a design that incorporates midievel lettering and I think this would be lovely used as couched lattice in the frames. It would add some luxe and dimension.

  154. Silk Gimp this is a thread that I have never used and actually had not heard of until Mary you sent out the email about it. I think this would be an interesting thread to experiment with I understand that couching is the best way to use this it would be nice to use for a piece that you would like to stand out on a piece. I think I would have to sit down and really experiment with this thread. It sounds very interesting and such beautiful colours.

  155. I would love to have these threads as part of my stash for working on my Cabinet of Curiosities casket in the future!

  156. It has silk in the title…what’s not to love about it?? 😀

    I would love to have it just to play with it. To create something colour co-ordinated on a piece of dupion silk and embelished with beads and some scrummy embroidery…*sigh* Especially if I could do it in time for my Mum for Christmas 😀

  157. Okay – I don’t have a project in mind for these fibres but I am sure that there is something in my stash of 250+ projects that would be calling out for these fabulous silks.
    It is the colours that are just calling out to me. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the colours.
    Heather from Sunny South Surrey

  158. After seeing your article on Friday I ordered two spools. would enjoy getting the other shades in order to complete an applique top am working on with embroidered highlights. Thanks for all your tips and ideas and broadening our knowledge bases with new techniques and threads.

  159. Mary, It would be wonderful to use silk gimp, as I have not had the opportunity to try it. Thank you for all the give-aways!

    Kind Regards,
    Linda Hayes-Trent

  160. I envision using the silk gimp on a project I am working on for my grand daughters. It is a forest setting with little woodland creatures. the silk gimp is so luxurious it would make the greens in the forest lush and outstanding!thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful product!
    ~Gin K~

  161. Hi Mary, thanks again for another opportunity to win something new (along with Access Commodities)!! Silk Gimp thread is very new to me and very intriguing! I fell in love with it when you published your Autumn Tree a while back! I want to do that very tree!!!! And with the pumpkin! This would give me that opportunity and trying another fiber that’s so beautiful!! I love stumpwork and the Silk Gimp seems to add so much depth to that technique! I thank you for always inspiring us and the many opportunities you give us!

  162. Your offer prompted me to take a closer look at the golden glow of Bidens aristosa, tickseed sunflowers, that are presently blooming abundantly along the Chesapeake Bay. Seemed to me the petals could be wonderfully interpreted with silk gimp on my Cabinet of Curiosities. What I discovered, when I zoomed in on what I thought were the stamen, is that they may actually be many, many tiny golden flowers that open up in the center of the “flower.” Now I really need to find silk gimp to interpret these seasonal sun flowers.

  163. What a beautiful give-away! I would love to have the stuff just to look at it and feel it but I do have a project in mind. My daughter was married this summer and I am still in the design phase of a picture/wall-hanging with a Celtic design for her and my son-in-law to commemorate their wedding, done partly in patchwork and partly in surface decoration. I had decided to try appliqueing some kind of cord or soutache to look like Celtic knot-work but I think this silk gimp would be ideal. I’m using blues and greens with gold accents so these colors are perfect for the project.

    As always, thank you for your wonderful blog and fantastic give-aways! Barbara B. in Ellettsville, IN

  164. Thanks for the giveaway! I love the thought of this thread–so I can imagine that having it in my hands would make me very happy. I am going to start an Elizabethan sampler and can just see this gimp in some beautiful leaves. I can’t wait until more colors are available–I’ll just go to town!

  165. I would love to win this thread giveaway to try on some fern embroidery. I have ne Dr worked with silk gimp. It looks beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win.

  166. Gimp has come a long way from the lanyards we made at camp to today’s exquisite designs we create on beautiful linens! I love how silk gimp brings added texture to our work. Lovely!

  167. Hi Mary,
    I would use the gimp to design and create a beautiful brooch. I’ve gotten interested in creating raised embroidery pieces as jewelry and this would be so wonderful use with gold or silver threads to make a brooch – maybe in the shape of a long, narrow leaf or even the stem and leaf of a delicate iris.
    Liebe Gurüße,

  168. I took a Craftsy class on crazy quilting last weekend, and I think the silk gimp would be really great to use on my project. I love the natural blending colors and texture. I am excited to learn more about embroidery and love your morning emails! Have a great week!

  169. You are an inspiration on a Monday in Great Britain. That has seen me dig out cupboards and wash blinds,when all I want to do is learn to stitch. I can’t wait to try gimp and everything else. So pleased I found you the other week.
    In the uk

  170. Wow! Another fabulous giveway! Thank you to all concerned for the opportunity to win this Silk Gimp. As I am just getting back into embroidery, I’m not sure exactly what project I would use this with yet. But I am sure I could figure out something and I would love to try working with it to see how it handles. Thanks again!

  171. Thanks to your recent post, I now know what the 6 spools of mysterious red thread I picked up an a thrift shop years ago are! Gimp! But not silk, rayon, I think. Nevertheless, beautiful and you have given me some ideas on what I can do with it, couching lines in a figurative work.
    I do love those greens though, such gems.

  172. What do I envision for the use of the silk gimp?. I admit that I was coming up with a lot of ideas for it when I read your review. I work on the Renaissance Faire/Scottish Highland Games circuit and part of my act is doing needlework. I would love to add some of this pretty silk gimp to a sweet bag as part of a floral vine, to outline some leaves or other elements to give some additional dimension to the piece. I think it would also be pretty to add some life to an embroidered coif. I see lots of things that this could be useful for.

  173. Dear Mary,
    For quite some time an image of a forest floor has been living in my head. Strange, unnusual botanical creations, moss, tiny drops of morning dew,stones just visible under the fallen foliage… green…silver… It is going to be stumpwork embroidery. I am not sure yet how it will look and what stitches I will use, but the color was clear in my mind from the beginning: shades of green and silver to depict the lush sheen of a moss covered forest floor. Silk gimp in shades of green – oh, so perfect!

  174. This is just what I would love for a small pillow I’m designing(for wedding rings)! Oh so lovely to put the feel of spring on this design. I should be so lucky today!

    Thanks for the opportunity to create yet another wonderful design.

  175. If I won this silk gimp thread I’d use it for trees and shrubs to get the texture, couched down, of course.
    I have some vintage silk gimp I got about a year ago. Every once in awhile I take it out and fondle it. It was apparently used for making buttonholes in a dress making factory. With the exception of 1 or 2 they are grey, black and brown. Perfect for the trunk and branches. Now all I need is those greens…

    Thanks Mary for another great give away.

  176. I imagine a thicket of trees, just at the onset of autumn. I’ve never worked with silk but I’m dying to try. I’m just moving beyond cross-stitch and I’ve learned so much since I started to read your blog. I just checked out a book on bullion stitch. Perhaps this thread would be good for my first effort at that stich. Good luck to all entrants.

  177. Green is my favorite color! Looking at it gives me an idea to use it for marshy looking reeds or stems for cattails, with some little dragonflies in the air around them!

  178. I am rekindling my love of embroidery after a long break — over twenty years. (What was I thinking?) Like you I am an academic by training and I love the scholarly approach you take on your blog, and your commitment to good teaching! I have never used silk thread and would like to explore silk gimp.

  179. I have never used silk gimp! I am working on a canvas that has vines and I think the silk gimp would be perfect, couched as thin tendrils. I can also see it couched as hair on one of my stumpwork pieces.

  180. I am not sure what I would use it for, but those are some lovely greens. I would enjoy playing with the silk gimp since that is not a thread I have used before.

  181. I’m a fangirl of 17th century embroidery. While not ready for the big projects like caskets and mirrors, but I’d really like to try some small pieces of stumpwork.

  182. Hi Mary,
    After I have read your review about the silk gimp, I thought that it would be something nice to add to my stash. I will sooner or later figure something out what to do with it. This yarn is not available locally and to get from the USA is rather costly. At least I can dream about it 🙂
    Kind regards. Elza Bester Cape Town.

  183. I haven’t thought of a perfect project yet for the silk, but I do a lot of medieval and War of 1812 reenacting. I’ve been wanting to make a very nice purse for my regency dress, which is made with a striped green and white material. If anything, that’s what I would use it for. I think it would go quite well with it.

    – Katie Buttons

  184. Love the texture it creates! I have a Christmas Tree project coming up and it would be perfect for making the trees pop out.

  185. I’ve never used silk threads before and I think I’ll go for some sort of sampler trying out new stitches.

  186. I might use these beautiful threads to highlight a tapestry that is underway, which is a forest scene, full of greens and more greens. Or, I might use them in a separate piece of surface embroidery. I would have a lot of fun in the deciding,

    Shelia in Oklahoma

  187. I would use the gorgeous palette of greens in a raised embroidery garden scene adding flowers in silk ribbon. The threads would be perfect couched into stems, branches and leaves. Since the gimp is so dimensional, I would love to incorporate it into stumpwork – maybe using it for the cord in corded trellis needle lace with a coordinating silk thread for the detached buttonhole stitches.

  188. I am creating a Christmas ornament using the outline of an oak leaf and an outline of my grandson’s hand (outline to be created on his 4th birthday in 2 weeks. His middle name is Oak and, instead of a Christmas theme, I wanted to do fall colors. The colors for this collection would be perfect. I have been tempted to work with silk but have never taken the plunge. I have created a pattern I am happy with. I need to stop planning and get started.

  189. Impossibly beautiful and in my favourite ĉolour family, I think it would fit well into my recreations of aerial views of the English country side. I would use it for furrowed fields with new growth, perhaps couched into the valleys of peaty coloured corduroy. I also see it as interesting french knots – like shiny new spring growth – interspersed into hedges created with wool french knots.

    Anyway, I would love to win this and begin experimenting,

    thank you Mary

  190. I plan to embroider a Leafy Head ( Green Man) and the silk gimp would be ideal to add texture and vitality.

  191. Ooooo, pretty. I’m a mixed media artist, so I’m thinking of picot leaves to accent the polymer and copper pumpkin buttons I just finished for a “Harvest” hand felted wool wall hanging I’m working on. It would also be beautiful incorporated into my macrame (yeah, it’s back!) bracelets and earrings with some copper leaves and glass beads. I love Mondays too. Best day of the week. Thanks

  192. Hi Mary:
    I love Mondays because I look forward to your daily Blog and miss it on the weekends.
    I have never used silk gimp and am always thrilled to try out new threads. Your articles always stir up creative juices and remind me again and again why I so love embroidery.
    Vivian from Barrie

  193. I love the look and feel of silk. If I was fortunate to win this pack. I would use it on my embroidered gift cards, perhaps a baby announcement and on some holiday ornaments. I think the colors are beautiful and would enhance many pieces.

  194. I see trees. The brownish green for the trunk, then leaves and more leaves. I’ll add some blue for the sky, but mostly the leaves. Maybe a hint of yellow too, as the trees here are just starting to change.

  195. Hi Mary
    I loved the look of the silk gimp in your Burden stitch sample and I’d love to have a go at that and the grid fillings in crewel work with it!
    Thanks for a wonderfully informative blog!

  196. I have never used gimp thread but would love to give it a try. I do a lot of crazy quilting so I would use the gimp for outlining some of the print on the fabric pieces; i.e., leaves or outline a flower with the green to show it off. A purple flower with green gimp outline is something I would do. I would also use it to fill in spaces and for decorative seams. I have just taken up canvas work recently and can picture using some of this in a design.

    Many thanks to you and Access Commodities for this give away. A very nice treat for some lucky people.

    Sandy in Golden.

  197. What wonderful serendipity! This was the year I was determined to start projects outside my comfort zone – to try new things and explore new techniques. For a long time I have been interested in tambour work -(or aari in India, and resht in Iran) – worked with a fine, sharp hook through a drum-tight fabric. I have been learning through web tutorials and a few email comments from friends. One trouble I have found is finding thread the right size and tightness to work well. I have experimented with fine tatting thread and heavy duty machine thread with passable results. But a big problem is the color – they just don’t make those threads in the fine range of colors that silk comes in. I have hesitated to invest in a spectrum of silk without knowing if its right or not. Now, just as I have a lovely paisley lotus drawing all laid out and ready to put on some delicious peacock blue silk, here is your talk about silk gimp. It just might be the perfect thing to make this project pop. You have certainly whetted my curiosity.

  198. I love to embroider but have not tried silk thread yet. My BFF’s and I are starting an embroidered sewing box this month from a book by Colleen Strickler called Winter Rose. It has a lot of dimensional greens so I need this silk gimp!

  199. I love your Autumn Tree and want to try making one, but want to put more green and make the tree look more like a White Ash in bloom. That would make it a Summer Tree. What you did with the trunk fascinates me and I do long to try to imitate it.

  200. I can envision the lightest colour couched into a trelllis work fan I’m designing in shades of ecru, cream and lightest tans. Would it be part of a trellis or would it outline the sections or maybe…
    I’d just love the chance to try it!

  201. J’adore confectionner et broder des sacs. Toutes sortes de sacs, des plus petits aux plus grands. Je ne sais pas encore comment je pourrais utiliser ces magnifiques fils, mais c’est certain que mon prochain sac serait splendide avec toutes ces belles nuances.
    Huguette Gagnon
    Québec, Canada

  202. i’ m just starting a class doing nine different flowers with laid work and different stitches in each flower. This silk gimp sounds great to work into the stems and leaves.Diana.

  203. I am not sure what I would use it for, but it looks so beautiful! Maybe part of a lizard canvas that is hidden away…Or would I need a new project to use the Silk Gimp? That sounds like a great idea!

  204. I would use this in a lattice project I am starting. I loved how you showed the possibilities of this thread in your post last year. I’m planning to use autumn colors, and these greens look like they would fit right in with some rich golds and browns.

    Thanks to you and Access Commodities for this offer.

  205. Inspiring to think of the texture, warmth, sheen and softness these threads would bring to my designs.

  206. I am so jealous that you have access to all those threads…living in South Africa we don’t have that choice. I would love to use it in my (bobbin)lace making as well as my creative embroidery.

  207. When you wrote about this the other day, I knew I wanted this thread. I am just starting out on ecclesiastical work, and I use a lot of gold threads. But my designs tend to bring in colour and textures from other threads and materials. As soon as I read your description I could imagine the pliability and lustre. It made me want to do a stole design using colour augmented by a flash of gold, rather than gold with a drop of colour as is my usual. I think it would be alpha and omega in red and gold, illuminated in a block of Morris-like vine leaves, grapes and ‘natural’ symbolism, interweaving like the initial letters in an illuminated manuscript. I’d be needing a lot of green… Please consider me! And THANKS for the chance!

  208. Ah, silk. I have spent wasted years working with mostly cotton and wool threads, only to have recently discovered silk. The feel, the refraction of light; well, I could go on and on but will spare you. I would love to do a table runner for fall with the colors, imagine all those beautiful leaves, just starting to turn, mixed with a small amount of red, yellow and orange.

  209. I would love to use the Silk Gimp on a stocking that I’m needlepointing for my daughter. I think these would make perfect tendrils on the greenery surrounding her name.

  210. I would use the silk gimp to embroider an insignia for my youngest son. He will graduate this week from Army basic training. The insignia has just the colors that you have shown – plus others. I have never actually seen silk gimp in person, but it does look lovely and I do so love thread.

  211. I have read about Gimp and it sounds like a very interesting thread to work with. Possibly in a Jabocean project that I have on hand or in a number of my crazy quilt projects. As a couched thread.


  212. I don’t have a specific project in mind, but I love doing embroidery on felt and the texture looks great for that.

  213. I’d love a chance to win some silk gimp. Have never used it before, but think it would be nice to use in my bead embroidery. I’m always looking for new fibres and components to add to my beloved beads in order to find my own style of embroidery. The palette would be great for an autumn project and as a november girl I love autumn colours.

  214. Oh Mary, what a wonderful giveaway. I am in the Cabinet of Curiosities Class and planning to stitch a floral casket. The green assortment fits so well into my stitching plans. Lee C.

  215. Dear Mary,
    I have been infatuated with early English embroidery for many years and the art of stumpwork keeps my dreams happy! I can picture using this wonderful silk gimp for any kind of “squiggly” technique in my stumpwork such as trying to make curly hair on my ladies (Gingerline looks perfect) or manes on the lions. There is so much dimensionality that can be obtained. This looks to be a great fun thread with which to explore new ideas. Thank you and thank Access Commodities for this grand opportunity!
    Peg in NJ

  216. Mary,
    I do silk ribbon embroidery and stumpwork.I’m working on a piece with dragonflies and ladybugs and flowers. I’d love to use it for the bodies and wings of the little bugs. Also I think it would be wonderful for the flowers. Combining all the textures and shine using the silk gimp would be beautiful!

  217. If I won something as elegant as this thread pack it would challenge me to find a project that was elegant also.

  218. I would use the gimp to try a forest of trees of various types and textures with a brown gimp lion or deer in the midst. I like the fact that gimp can be manipulated to take on so many shapes like bark and then various leaf types. I have thought about it using a crewel type design, but can’t envision exactly how this would work out.

  219. The silk gimp assortment in greens really excites me! As an artist in various mediums, I am always looking for a new fibers. I am inspired to use this beautiful silk in a landscape piece. I also have an idea to do a study in greens, using this gimp and glass beads; this would be an abstract piece. The lushness of silk is necessary to the smooth blending of my design idea. I am really inspired to get to my drawing table!


  220. I would use the different greens in embroidery on my crazy quilt seams. I am like you- I view Mondays a new start. Jane in MO

  221. How exciting to have a give away on Monday. Way to rock the start of the week and fall. I love your blog and always look forward to reading all the wonderful information as well as envy your beautiful work.

  222. How exciting! I would like to use it on a 17th Century based reproduction design – either embroidery or embroidery and stumpwork. Now that would be just plain cool!! And, as I say when buying green fabrics for hand appliqued quilts, you can never have enough greens. One of my most-used colors – for quilting or embroidery. Thanks Mary and Access Commodities!

  223. I am planning a project with the theme of autumn leaves, I haven’t got very far yet with the decision about threads – these silk gimps look very enticing. I haven’t used these before and would love to try them out.

  224. As an artist in various mediums the gimp silk really excites me! I am always looking for new fibers for a new experience. The green color scheme makes me want to work on a landscape design–needle painting. I am also inspired to do a study in greens, using the silk gimp and glass beads;this would be an abstract piece. The lushness of this silk would be essential to the blending of the design. I am ready to head to my drawing table!


  225. I’d love to try this on a Christmas project I’ve been envisioning. Silk might be difficult but I’m up for the challenge. 🙂

    Thanks for the blog! It’s informative and entertaining.


  226. I was really taken with the little tree design you shared with us previously, but I couldn’t find a supplier or a similar equivalent thread over here in the UK. I would like to try couching the thread and maybe combining it with some goldwork. The thread palette makes me think of oak leaves beginning to change into autumnal colours. I’m thinking of a spray of leaves with a cluster of acorns and maybe a little bug. I’ll have to do some natural history research to find an appropriate critter, if I’m lucky enough to win! Thank you, Mary. Have a nice day.
    Kathryn 🙂

  227. It reminds me of a tiny rope so I think it should be use as an outline. Perhaps even on its own to make a figure such as a star.

  228. Now that I am retired, I love Mondays. Another whole week to stitch and stitch some more. Am currently working on squares for a Xmas themed crazy quilt. The green gimp thread would be just the thing to add a bit of “special” to the stitches resembling leaves, holly and trees.

    I find myself wondering why it was given such a name as “gimp”. It surely is a very special thread that deserves a much more sophisticated name.

    Celebrate Mondays! It means that you have the gift of another week to stitch.
    Marianne Udell

  229. I would like to use the silk gimp as part of an EGA chapter program introducing our group to new threads they have not seen. Interesting programs can be difficult to formulate but we all love thread, color and new ideas to enhance our stitching.

  230. What I particularly love about this thread is its history. A 17th century thread that was lost to the needlework world and recently recreated due to the renewed interest in 17th century embroidery, especially raised work. Now that’s a story! I would probably use it as Lamora did – laid couching.

  231. I work with hand made felt and like to add stitching in various ways. These silk threads would be the perfect embellishment as they would stand out so nicely against the wool. Thanks for the give away! 🙂

  232. I love the beautiful greens in this pack and would love to use them on a pillow project that I am working on. I am working on slub silk and these have just the right amount of sheen. Thank you, Mary, for the opportunity to win.

  233. Oh! I know exactly what I’d use the variety of green threads for. I like to do applique and embroider on my designs. Lots of leaves–with veins! Green veins! Oh this would be wonderful to try! I’ve never have tried silk thread!

  234. Oooh! These beautiful colors give me all sorts of ideas for a fall-ish embroidery project! Oak leaves and acorns? Hmmmm…

  235. I am fascinated with the silk gimp. I do not have a project in mind right now, but I think it would be so cool to couch it, especially over the cord. Also, the texture looks really appropriate for leaves. A brown tree trunk would be really appropriate, I think. I think I would incorporate it into a goldwork piece. Thank you for offering a chance to try the silk gimp.

  236. How lovely! I would use these threads in an Elizabethan sampler I have started, stitched with silk and metal on a fine linen. It is made up of designs taken from period model books as someone of that era may have done for themselves. I have created a design of my own that is a series of turtles (my special animal). The greens would be perfect! Of course, I would have to work up some other designs to use them, maybe some trees with leaves in detached button hole stitch. I would be delighted to incorporated these spectacular fibers in my work!

  237. I just completed a fabric dyeing workshop this weekend. My design was “Leaves”. The silk thread palette would be a wonderful addition to my planned embellishments on my project.

  238. Thanks for the giveaway Mary! I would like to try this stuff on some stumpwork florals and greenery. I have a little bunny with a big fluffy cottontail who would sit just nicely amongst it all.
    I’ve been dying to try some.
    Jeanine in Canada

  239. I have some upholstery samples from long ago that I would like to make into pillows for my new house that I will soon move into. I have never worked with this product but would love to try.
    Carol from Oakmont

  240. I have never used Silk Gimp but can just imagine how beautiful it would be for cross-stitch. Thank you for all your good ideas and your web site, I love it!

  241. What a wonderful give- away Mary! I would use it on an applique quilt I’m working on as I love to embellish the applique pieces for more dimension- these colors would be perfect for veins on leaves or tendrils- the possibilities are endless!

  242. I would use these fabulous threads on my still-in-the-planning stages 17th c. Style Stumpwork mirror surround. There are just SOOOO many choices to make the planned start date for actual stitching keeps moving back.

  243. If I were lucky enough to win, I know it sounds overly simple but I would make two matching friendship bracelets (probably using the most complicated pattern and technique I could find).

    I just moved over 1000 miles away from my best and oldest friend and it would be fun to have matching handmade items.

  244. I’m not sure at this point what I’d do with this thread if I won it, but I swoon for threads in sets of colors like this. 🙂

  245. I just commented earlier, but I just remembered – I have to commend you on your amazing Liturgical embroidery work. (The lamb.) I just came across your site for the first time this weekend and I had to let you know, you boggle my brain!

  246. Love the look of the gimp thread. I am doing a wool quilt and would like to try it as one of the embellishment threads.

  247. I’d love to try the silk gimp in an underwater design I’m working on. It looks like a very special thread.

  248. Hi Mary, I think Monday may be a good day to start a new thread collection. I’ve never used silk gimp but I think it would be a beautiful addition to the other threads I use to embellish wool appliqué.

    If I win the give away I can use the next Monday to buy more colors!

    Kerry G.

  249. WOW – such pretty colors. I’ve never done any “gimping” – does walking with a bum knee count? Anyway – receiving these threads would be a great opportunity to incorporate some in one of my upcoming projects. As an added bonus it would be a great birthday surprise for me!

  250. When I learn to do silk ribbon embroidery (waiting on classes to be offered), I would love to silk gimp among the leaves & flowers. I’m drawn to it because of the two words “silk” and “gimp” Since I’ve never had either, curiosity is working on me.

    Thanks for this offer. Someone’s gonna be SO lucky!

  251. Hi Mary,
    Starting next week a new project together with 8 other ladies from our group. We will make a sweet bag in Marker embroidery. The main colour is black with a few accents in red. But instead of black i prefer dark grey and instead of red i prefer caramelbrown. So i think the caramel thread with this lovely shine will fit perfectly in/on/around my bag.

  252. I honestly had no idea that silk gimp existed until your post! I was drawn to your article about its uses and found myself contemplating the fun textures that could be created. I LOVE experimenting with texture and color, so the set of green shades would be quite fun to play with! I don’t have a specific project in mind just yet, but it would open up a whole new dimension of embroidery for me.

  253. If I won this lovely collection, I’d finally start the family tree embroidery project for my daughter. I’ve been wanting to do this since she was born, but now I’m aiming for when she graduates from college.

    Silk thread is beautiful, but I’m scared to buy it and think I need to have something really special to embroider to use it.

  254. I love reading your blog everyday! I would love to be included in you silk give away. Thanks for sharing.

  255. With all these greens I think leaves made with weaving stitches, I think they are very nice for adding the 3D feeling in cimbination with this kind of stitch.

  256. Would to love to win the silk gimp to use in my stumpwork.
    I think the luster on the thread would look great
    used on the trunk of trees or for stems of flowers.
    I look forward to your news letters with all the tips and advice, I think the videos of how to do stitches are very helpful.
    Regards Kath

  257. I don’t have a project in mind for this lovely thread just yet but I really like how it looks. I enjoy doing dimensional embroidery and would love the opportunity to add some of this silk gimp to a project in the future.

  258. Silk Gimp: thank you for a great gifts to give it / them away.

    I love using Silk Gimp for all type of Button Holes (anything you wear). But I like to try different colors. Silk Gimp button holes stand out very nice & clean. Also I used Silk Gimp with beads on back pockets of jeans too. The needle eye must have large hole to go thru & pull slowly. ( not too fast or else it can damaging partly thread

  259. Silk Gimp: thank you for a great gifts to give it / them away.

    I love using Silk Gimp for all type of Button Holes (anything you wear). But I like to try different colors. Silk Gimp button holes stand out very nice & clean. Also I used Silk Gimp with beads on back pockets of jeans too. The needle eye must have large hole to go thru & pull slowly. ( not too fast or else it can damaging partly thread

    1. I noticed it didn’t finished my last part
      Good luck to everyone of you. Happy threading!
      Erdna Pummell

  260. I am anxious to try this thread.I’m thinking of a cat among flowers for a first try, then the ships in a depiction of the Spanish Armada on an Elizabeth project I’m planning.The browns would make wonderful masts and planks.

  261. My rectulanger box top is going to have a stumpwork mermaid ignoring a merman holding out a necklace, the greens will go nicely on a 17th Cent tree on one side.

  262. Well, I’m in Tricia Nguyen’s ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ class, so it would go on my version of a 17th century embroidered box. I have tried out a small amount of the gimp already, and you’re right, it’s a unique, versatile and wonderful thread. This green family is exactly what I plan to use for the vegetation on the upper slope – so even if I don’t win, I’m eventually going to be buying some from somewhere.

  263. I have heard of silk gimp but never seen it in our stores or tried it so this would be the perfect opportunity!!! The green collection would be fabulous for fall and Christmas crafts. Thanks!!

  264. Hi Mary
    I did a free form embroidery class last weekend in Rotorua. I can see a place for these silk gimp colours in my piece and would love to win it.

  265. Beautiful! I’m not sure what I would use it for, but I’m definitely attracted to the shine and the texture of it. It just says trees and leaves. It also says really gorgeous lattice stitch. Thanks to you and Access Commodities for a lovely giveaway.

  266. I have not given much time to think of a project but I would love to do a sample similar to the one that was the example for this thread. It would be fun to pour over various book I own to come up with an idea.
    I would love to see this thread and be able to feel the texture. All threads are unique and this one really Intrigues me.

  267. On a cruise a few years back a fellow passenger wore a light green denim jacket that had been embellished with her own beautiful hand embroidery. My luck! Soon after I found a like jacket and chose a design. It has been a pending project until I saw your Fri. review of the silk gimp. I knew immediately this was the medium I needed to make my project take on life. Winning the assortment will rev up the game plan start and help move it more quickly to completion.

  268. You’re so generous with your give aways. I love the tree and trunk you showed on your sight but I think I would do some rambling leaves, then add an Irish Crochet rose flower here and there. Prettier envisioned in my head than in writing. I love embroidery and I love crocheting those roses so I would like to “marry” my two loves into one <3

  269. Hi ! Mary ! I am really getting into Jacobean crewel work right now ..the really old English patterns, giving me such a thrill and delight to see .
    I love these beautiful Autumnal shades…I love the way you Americans call it” Fall ”
    Fall …is my favourite time of the year !
    I would love to work these gorgeous threads into my crewel work . Daisy Debs in Cornwall England .

  270. The silk gimp colors are stunning and I love the sheen. Your post made me wonder if I could use it in making my felt jewelry; perhaps as edging on felt petals or to make closures. The silk would certainly add a nice luster. Thank you for a chance to get a lovely item.
    Carol b (Cl Crs)

  271. I don’t know what I would do with silk gimp yet, but it is so pretty and the tree you did with it just charmed me. I don’t think there is anything else that could have made the linearity of old, fissured tree bark so clear. It would be lovely as the flowing currents of water or air, too–well, maybe not the green exactly–and I could easily see it being in a crisscross type filling.

  272. I don’t have a specific project in mind, but I’ve been dying to experiment with new threads. I just haven’t had the funds to satisfy my creative ideas!

  273. If I win this pack I would like to give them to my innovative and award winning stitching tutor Shirley. She dows beautiful goldwork and mixed media project and I’m sure she would find a wonderful use for them. AND possibly design a project that she could teach us!!!

  274. Mary,
    I am preparing to do a botanical-inspired piece on ferns and think the green silk gimp would add extroidanary texture and depth to this particular piece! I love the variety of greens in this selection – very earthy and rich! Prior to seeing this, it would not have occurred to me to accent my work with these threads but the more I think about it, the most excited I am to get started!
    Warm regards,
    Ruth Lutz

  275. Not sure what I’d do with it but I know I’d find something interesting. It’s a thread I’d love to try.

  276. Happy Monday Mary!
    What a great give-away. I would love to win the Green Silk Gimp pack. I am starting to work on a “Dear Daughter” sampler for my Darling Daughter for Christmas. I would use the green threads for Celtic crosses and shamrocks. I have used the 3-ply filament Twisted Silk from Access Commodities and it is beautiful.
    Thank you.

  277. I haven’t envisioned anything specific, yet, but I love to embellish. Sometimes I don’t know when to quit!

  278. I have not had an opportunity to try this yet, so a sampler would be an excellent time to attempt using it. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  279. Oh Mary–you have the most fun stuff AND you share it with us! Thank You (& Access Commodities) for another great giveaway. While I could use green-family silk gimp with my AC silk purl for an EGA challenge project, it could be more useful for making lace. Mirecourt uses a finely wrapped gimp that is difficult to find in the US so I’ve been using DMC memory thread. The AC silk gimp looks finer & more elegant so it’s a win-win for floral motifs. The other possibility is for making “wire lace” — I’m registered in Kim Davis’ class in Pittsburgh next weekend. So it looks like there are more applications beyond embroidery/stumpwork. BTW–if I don’t win, I hope my friend Elizabeth Thompson (comment #50) does! She’s an excellent stitcher & might need it for EGA seminar in Louisville. 😉

  280. After reading the article on silk gimp, I immediately wanted to try some, but our needlework store just closed, so I didn’t know where to go to find some. I would probably start with a silk ribbon embroidery pattern, then progress to adding it in an embroidery project. The lady who managed the store that closed, wants to open her own store, and offer different types of needlework besides cross stitch, and I am the one she looks to for new ideas. The reason I’m called Fred is because my friend as 7 Sue, susan friends and family memberss, so her husband called me fred, and that is what the customers at the shop called me. Susie-fred

  281. I love these threads, they are wonderful for my needlepoint projects. In my area they are not available, so when I need a specific color I have to order on line, it gets expensive due to the shipping charges for just one spool, so winning this variety of colors would be lovely.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  282. I don’t have a project planned, but I just found your website and begun dabbling in embroidery a bit more. Crocheting gave me tennis elbow! I also quilt & generally craft my whole life. I don’t have much of a thread “stash” but these look wonderful! I was thinking of doing something with your alphabets for Christmas presents…but I’ve only just started to simmer with that idea…maybe on a stocking? I have 2 new grandnieces…maybe their names? we’ll see! thanks for your wonderful website (new to me) Barb in CA

  283. I would incorporate the silk gimp into work a Goldwork design I am planning featuring daffodils in an art nouveau style.

  284. I do not have a project planned. Yet, I love the colors of the thread and the texture looks amazing. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  285. Hi. I have been working on a stump work project using silks. I bet this thread would work just great with stump work. Trees , vines , grasses, etc.

  286. I love threads and would love to experiment with these. I think they would add some interesting texture to the crazy quilting that I enjoy doing. Maybe I could put some dimensional flowers on the blocks or some interesting seam treatments.

  287. I’m currently visiting Vermont and the fall colors are beautiful. I could see using this silk gimp any embroidery piece that I have pictured but have not yet finished designing. I have never work with the silks would be an extraordinary opportunity to both try this design andexperience working with the silk at the same time

  288. The reason I would like silk gimp is because I do not have any. It would be fun to make something goolish for halloween Perhaps some creepy crawlers on a wig. That should do it! But, on the other hand, I would make a tree, middle of a flower, bracelet braided. A number of things come to mind.

  289. I’m doing a project exchange with my friend who makes jewelry. I’m making her a Middle Earth-themed sampler, and this would be just glorious to use in it.

  290. I was in awe when I saw the silk gimp threads. I have never seen them before. And what beautiful colors! I am planning on a butterfly embroidery project as a gift, and these silk gimp threads would be so wonderful to use!
    Thank for the opportunity to enter this give-away.

  291. I have never used silk gimp before but I would love to use it to add dimension in my smocking. Many times it takes too many threads of regular thread to add texture.

  292. I would use it on some foliage I’m doing on a quilt. But first I would just hold it and touch it and drool a lot (but not on it!)
    Dwyta in WA

  293. I would love to try working with this thread. How exciting. You’ve really stirred my interest. What a beautiful pallet of colors. I don’t know what I would do without your wonderful weekly information!

  294. Thanks for the chance to win a new thread to try. I love greens, and
    This collection looks yummy. I would like to try this thread as a couched
    Thread in a needlepoint project, and for some tendrils and tiny stems couched
    On crewel project done with silk fibers.

  295. I’d enjoy trying the silk gimp on a Charleston wreath which has lots of leaves–and leaves are the hardest thing for me to stitch. Beautiful looking thread.
    Thanks for sharing the info about this new thread

    Cocoa Fl

  296. I love working with gimp with goldwork: in fact I was just looking at a piece in progress and drooling over the space-dyed gimp couched next to a nice gold passing thread that frames the whole piece. Using gimp is a nice rest from the more delicate threads – more forgiving, easier to handle, and with a bolder, richer result – and you can really build it up for glorious texture.

    Love reading your site!

    Eve M
    Brooklyn, NY

  297. thanks Mary for this opportunity.

    I have always used Trebizond or any silk thread that was thicker than most to give a dimensional look.

    My late sister was a beautiful designer and made a series of cards that I am hoping to make into embroidery using gold and I think the gimp would be a good compliment to this work, giving it a lovely depth.

    Kind regards


  298. I envision a spring scene, when all the leaves are just coming out and you see a million shades of green.

  299. I’d love to try the dark green silk gimp in the strong line (bones?) of parrots’ wings. I can see the lighter greens and ginger brown all being used around trees and birds.

  300. I would love the gimp silk. I have been wanting to try it since I read about it here. I was just waiting till they had more colors.
    Thank you!

  301. I would just love to incorporate these threads into some of my projects to give added depth, deffinition and color change. They sound wonderful to work with!

  302. I had never heard of silk gimp before but it sounds like a terrific thread and I’d love to try it – no doubt a project will spring to mind when/if the time comes!

  303. I don’t have a project going right now, but did read your posting on this gimp thread. It interests me because it appears it will lend a lot of texture to a piece of work, especially if used sparingly.

  304. I’ve never even seen gimp thread in person. It looks interesting, but I would have to fondle it a bit before I figured out what to do with it.

  305. I am very interested in trying this new silk gimp I can see how it would enhance my stitching projects. I have learned how to paint on fabric and I can use the silk gimp with that medium. Thank you for a chance to win the give-away.

  306. I want to start a “tree of life” panel, which is still very much in the design phase, but these lovely threads would be wonderful for the leaves. I am also doing Tricia W-N’s casket course and these threads would fit right in with my nature/mythology theme.

    Thank you to you, Mary and to Access Commodities for another great opportunity.

  307. I soooooooooo wisk to try these Silk Gimp threads!! They are not available here in South Africa – they lok Divine!!!!!

  308. I am getting ready to start on a project for each of the 4 seasons. I would use it on the leaves and vines involved in the seasons

  309. I’m starting to worry that I’m just in love with the idea of having any many different types of embroidery thread as I can get my hands on. Although I can see where the gimp would make some beautiful flowers and probably monograms. Of course, I would look at some of the projects you did first so I could get an idea of how it would work best. Thank you for the opportunity.

  310. This is a wonderful giveaway the silk gimp looks like such fun to play with I will just keep my fingers crossed and hope. I agree Mondays are great a whole new world awaits.

  311. What a generous gift. Thanks for the opportunity to win this luscious assortment of silk gimp threads. I can envision doing a landscape scene based on the mountain forests and meadows here in Colorado with this thread. My granddaughter said she thought they would make a nice moth also. I am sure there are many ways that this gimp can be used in my stitchery.

  312. The gimp Thread looks lovely. I’m not familiar with gimp and would love to try it. I do mostly surface embroidery with dimensional elements. I think the gimp would lend itself to interesting effects. I also love the color pallet of greens.

  313. The first thing I thought about is what beautiful leaves it would make on pumpkins or on Autumn themed landscapes. The colors are beautiful and I’d love to try this thread.
    Thank you!

  314. Good morning Mary,

    Thanks for offering this prize, I’m longing to try some of this ‘real’ silk gimp – I bought silk gimp after your early article, but it was NOT THE SAME 🙁 Like you I am a threadaholic! So, if I win this green pack, I will use it first as accents/texture on a felt ‘painting’ – check felt artist Moy Mackay to see amazing examples!

    Thank you again for sharing the love, Judes

  315. I have been waiting for these threads ever sense you first wrote about them and I’m hoping for more colors. I’ve just started to work with silk threads and these would be a great addition. I would think I would use these for stems and vines. I also think they would be good for bug legs on stumpwork bugs.
    Thank you,

  316. Hi Mary,

    I was so fascinated with your article on the silk gimp last week, that I went through ALL the articles you have posted on silk gimp! I love the green palette…I would love to try using this gimp in some kind of lattice work or lacing, or maybe even knot work…like maybe something Celtic-inspired, worked with the greens and maybe with some goldwork mixed in too! Thanks for all your inspiring posts!

  317. I have a project that has been sitting on the back burner for some years. It is of mosses and fungi on a rotting myrtle log inspired by the wonderful rainforrest walks I have done in my local area. The green gimps would be perfect for the coiled mosses on the rotting log. Thanks for enspiring me to get this project out again. I now know exactly how I will complete this piece.

  318. Hi, I am brand new to hand embroidery, but these threads look so rich and yummy. I think I would use them for leaves and a woodsy themed piece, with little flowers here and there. Thanks for the give a way.

  319. Hello Mary, This is a lovely giveaway, thank you. I would use this silk gimp in a Jacobean tree of life that I’ve been planning to start. I think it would be just perfect for the different leaves. Kind Regards Mandy Currie (mandycurrie@googlemail.com)

  320. I want to embroider a denim jacket for my 5 year old granddaughter. My jacket will have an ocean theme. I will use the silk gimp as outlines for my octopus, sea fern, and the lighter shade for sand dollars and starfish. I envision using various stitches with beading to fill. I am so excited to begin!

  321. Hi Mary,

    Trying Silk Gimp has been on my “Bucket List” of threads and techniques to use in future embroidery projects. I’m picturing these greens in some kind of forest or floral scene with lush ferns perhaps……

    Thanks for the chance to win a great give-away!!

  322. You offer such challenges to those of us getting back at stitching! These threads are a great example of trying something new.

  323. Oh, yes please. I will be doing a certificate class at the Royal School of Needlework and I can just see this used on my piece. I absolutely LUST for this thread!!!!

  324. I don’t have a specific project in mind. I would probably use it in a fall related project. I have the fabrics, but I need to learn/practice with floss before I use the gimp. I would use it for texture on a motif.

  325. I would use it to work on my casket in the Cabinet of a Curiosities class. I will need a LOT of greens!

  326. I’m thinking I would like to use some silk gimp to spice up some crazy quilt blocks I’m working on… Maybe seam treatments, or maybe mid-block motifs… Hmmm, so many possibilities…

  327. I know exactly what project I would use those beautiful silk gimp threads! A recent interest in stumpwork as well as what I call “wild, uninhibited embroidery” would benefit greatly. I’m doing a project that is sort of crazy quilt but wilder and represents the daily walk my husband and I take each morning. Mondays are wonderful now that I’m retired!

  328. Oh – I could see a flower garden with the shimmering silk gimp leaves of different shades. With my fading spring garden – coneflowers, butterfly bush, etc.
    I was thinking of embroidering some reminders of spring. Now will I need some bright silk gimp for the flowers? Oh, my, wouldn’t that be fun!! Thanks for the chance.

  329. Seriously, silk “anything” is wonderful for so many stitching projects. For this silk gimp…trees and vines in my crazy quilt projects! Thanks for the chance to win! Hugs!

  330. Thanks for the opportunity to win some lovely silk gimp. I am working on a Pansies for Remembrance crazy quilt in honor of my mother in law who is 96 with Alzheimer’s , I could see using the silk gimp on this project. Good luck to all who enter, thanks for all your hard work.

  331. Dear Mary,
    I have just the place. I could use some of this beautiful thread to embroider fine swirls and curls (as calligraphers do) to frame threadpaintings and lettering on a set of needlework utility items. Thank you Mary!

  332. Sheep and Hedgehogs! Ever since seeing your “tree” project using silk gimp months ago, I have wanted silk gimp to try my hand at getting the texture just right for sheep’s wool and hedgehog “fur”…even though these aren’t exactly the correct colors (a green sheep…?), still, having the silk gimp would give me good practice using this remarkable thread. Thanks, Mary!

    Patricia Tomita

  333. I don’t have a project in mind but I’d love to have the thread — any thread that is new to me intrigues me, so I’d love to check this out for myself. The colors are beautiful — love greens, so I’m sure I would find a use for it!

  334. I was a stitcher on the Plimoth Jacket, and Access Commodities played a role in the project. I went on “The Jacket Tour”, to hear what folks who handle the originals thought about the original materials. Thank you for this chance to have some of the marvelous “stuff” from Access Commodities!

  335. Don’t know yet. Have to see it in person and then the creative juices will start flowing!!!
    Yes, I too, like the way you look at Mondays. I just know today is Mon and tomorrow is Fri already!!!! lol

  336. I have just purchased a palette of greens in Cotton. I am planning a 3-D tapestry crochet picture and some beaded jewelry. The silk gimp would add incredible depth and texture to the projects.

  337. I don’t know quite what I’d do with the silk gimp! I’d want to try some couching, I think, maybe something along the lines of an Or Nue project.

    Greens are my favorite colors…hint hint hint. lol

  338. I have a project in mind – a daffodil panel, based partly on 19th-century botanical prints, with the roots and all. It’s to be part of an experiment – one flower, done several times in various needlework techniques. This silk would be couched for the leaves & stem, on an applique panel.

  339. I don’t know what I would use the silk gimp for. Sometimes you need to wait until it ages in a bit. I have been following this blog for awhile now and it has really broadened my embroidery horizons. Although I did not win (darn!) the purple pansy kit, I was inspired enough to try the class. I would love to have the silk gimp to see what it would inspire!

  340. I am intrigued by the roundness of this silk fiber. I wonder how it would look on some leaves filled with needlelace.

  341. Mary: What a wonderful way for one of us to feel and use this Silk Gimp thread. I would use it in my long awaited Crazy Quilt for the embellishments that it is waiting for. Thanks to you and your supplier for giving us the opportunity to enjoy it. I may even find another embroidery project for which I think it would be a lovely addition. Many thanks for all that you give to this community. I have learned so very much.

    Jane Georgia Gal

  342. I have never heard of silk gimp but would love to win to give it a try , I love the Colors you have shown here and they would be lovely to give depth to a project , thanks for the chance .

  343. Silk gimp – I envision this as adding dimension to leaves in an Ecclesiastical Embroidery project! I’m doing green leaves on a green background fabric. (Green is a liturgical color used for ordinary times in the church year). The design happens to be one found in your e-book “Church Patterns for Embroidery and Other Arts.” With doing a design of the same color on a background, (green on green), the silk gimp will help add both dimension and texture to the design. Plus the color assortment is exactly the color range I was contemplating for the project!
    Thank you for always keeping us up to date on the latest items to pursue our passions!

  344. Oh am I hoping I win these beauties, lol! I would start a soutache project right away! I have the new Soutache book, and I am looking forward to making a nice necklace:)

  345. I am working on a casket design and would love to use some silk gimp for trees or bugs… Thank you Mary for all you do for the embroidery world… I love learning from your expertise.

  346. I have been wanting to start a medieval tapestry. I have never worked with silk gimp before so I don’t know whether it would be appropriate but I would sure like to win and try it!!

  347. I don’t have a project yet but I can see myself trying to do a tree similar to Mary’.I love the way it is described as being very soft.

  348. My new daughter-in-law will be spending her first Christmas with us and I want to make her a special Christmas stocking. She and my son were married in front of a backdrop that featured the tree of life, on the wall behind them. I would like to use the silk gimp to embroider this tree on her stocking- the colors would be dynamic!

  349. Hi Mary another awesome give away, thank you.
    My daughter and I have been racking our brains over Christmas presents this year. So with a cuppa in hand we sat and drew a list, of course hardest to choose for was my parents her grandparents. Then we had the brilliant idea of a quilted and embroidered wall hanging ‘family tree’ with everyone’s name.

    Then I checked my emails and there were the threads, my mind is racing with thoughts of the tree trunk and leaves.

    A match made in heaven =)

  350. I have never worked with silk gimp and would be thrilled to have the chance to work with it. I have no particular project in mind, but I am enamored of silk threads, which have such a rich luster. I can imaging using the gimp to highlight an embroidery project. I am amazed at the range of available threads. I could spend hours in a needlework shop just looking at the threads!

  351. I have no idea!

    Maybe to do stumpwork leaves on a tree..

    I’m sure the threads will tell me what to do with them. They always do 🙂

  352. I Have not yet used silk gimp but my goal is to do some embroidery with silk threads and also gold threads instead of cotton. My work so far has been with cotton and I think it’s time to try something new. Also, your blog makes trying something new a little easier as you give good instructions.

  353. The first thing I thought of when I saw the beautiful silk gimp colours was nature! I can see myself using it in garden embroidery as well as embroideries of our natural bush here in Australia – perfect colours for eucalypts and other native flora – and the odd kangaroo and koala.

  354. I LOVE the colors! I make an ornament for my grandchildren each year and I would definitely use these for their special gift. Although young, they look forward to their unique gift each year and it would be even more special with such lovely threads.

  355. I love working with new thread and techniques and after reading your first article how you had used the gimp thread to make the cutest tree. I have
    been brain storming on what to do. So I have had a project i have been working on since april! It is a dragon and when I saw your review on these silk gimp threads I had a light bulb go off! and now I know i am going to use these threads for my green dragon. thank you for always inspiring me to think outside the box .
    happy stitching !

  356. I love the bright shine of the gimp it is gorgeous. I also love the shades. I am thinking a pillow made of linen. Then some hand appliquéd silk leaves might look fabulous done in the gimp. Orange and green shades with the gimp stitching them down would look great. conn_and_vans_mom at yahoo dotcom

  357. I agree. Mondays are a good start to a new week. A new beginning. I would love to have some of the silk thread to play with. My current phase is crazy quilting. It would be lovely to try some of it on a seam. I am truly a novice with embroidery and have only ever used DMC floss. How exciting it would be to branch out and try new threads.

  358. I would love to try couching Silk Gimp thread and I wonder how it would work as detached needlelace petals and leaves. I enjoy stumpwork and I can imagine using this beautifully lustrous thread in all of its colour groups. I love silk threads and would love to play with this one because it appears to be more textural. I could try it with some gold threads too. I would love to experiment with Silk Gimp!

  359. I have just recently been to an exhibition of Monet’s Water Garden paintings – the colours of Silk Gimp displayed would be beautiful example of an interpretation of Monet’s works.

  360. I’d like to embellish the tree of a project I’m currently stitching. And I’d like to use it in the Jacobean Swirl. I love the color and texture of Silk gimp. The sheen or shine-however you want to describe it-makes the color just richer.

  361. I don’t have a project in mind, though I would love to play around with the thread and see what I could come up with. Perhaps something decorative for my SCA embroidery. I’ve enjoyed reading your reviews on this thread, and I love the sheen that it has in the pictures. It looks like it would be an absolutely lovely thread to work with.

  362. The Silk Gimp sounds like an excellent thread to try on my crazy quilting! I’m getting so many ideas to try for embroidery stitches from your blog ~ many thanks for sharing so much knowledge!

  363. Thank you Mary for the lovely giveaway..
    I would like to use them to work trellis stitch. And also i would like to see if these threads are suitable for making the edging stitches like in the link given below..
    Mary will you kindly tell me the name/technique of the following stitch..I tried to work with the threads available in our place but could not get it right.

  364. I would love to try these threads out on a project that I have been thinking of – the project is a study of textures and this would be a wonderful thread to add to the mix.
    It would be great to win this one! Or win anything for that matter….

  365. Wow, this looks fantastic. I just love dimensional things as I feel they add so such extra interest to embroidery. This would be great to use in either modern or Elizabeth style embroidery … the possibilities are endless.
    Oh, and the colours are just divine!!

  366. I would love to try something natural — like a tree, or some leaves. I’ve never seen silk gimp in person, so I’d really like to try embroidering with it!

  367. I instantly thought of Silkworms when I saw the colours.
    The gimp thread would make perfect silkworms in various stages of development. My green leaves would be worked in Burden Stitch using the second and third darkest greens. Burden Stitch. I would make French Knots using the Gingerline colour for the eggs and Bullion Knots in the darkest green for the tiny newly hatched caterpillars (mine were almost black) with the next shade up from Gingerline for older caterpillars.
    Wendy in Tas
    PS In the photo the flaming orange coloured thread looks the perfect colour for Halloween pumpkins.

  368. Would love to try out this thread. I do alot of embellishment projects on wool and I have some silk thread but I haven’t been super impressed. Love your daily updates, take care –

  369. Mondays are one of my favorite days – have gone a whole day without hearing about what’s on tap at Needle N Thread – so back to normal is good. The Silk Gimp, new to my limited knowledge of all things thread, seems like just the thread to used for wonderful texturing or trying unusual stitches to see the effect. Do note have a specific project in mind, but would love to have a chance to try it and send comments back to you. Thanks

  370. OOOOhhhhh! What gorgeous silk threads! The colors just call for something special with trees, leaves and woodlands. Thank-you Mary and Access Commodities for the give-away. It would be a treat to learn to stitch with these beautiful threads!

  371. I don’t know exactly what I’d do with some gimp, but I’m intrigued by the tree trunk you made in your post about gimp, and the colors in this set match the crazy quilt I’m working on.

  372. I have only recently started trying some silk threads in my work – I love the feel, texture, and sheen it brings. Silk gimp is not readily available locally, and this give-away would give me a great opportunity to try something new and learn how to handle it. I am currently working on a piece with a Mackintosh rose theme, using silk threads on hand made silk paper. I can envisage incorporating the gimp to add some texture and highlights to the work.
    Jenny M, Sydney

  373. I am stitching my own design of a building.This has long columns and arches, I think I can use the gimp to outline these structures.

  374. New thread to try and new ideas, what else could one want? I would definitely love to play with a pack of green colour assortment silk gimp threads!

  375. I think your tree is so beautiful, I would do something similar with the silk gimp threads. They are so unique. I didn’t know there was such a thing until I started learning from you. Thank you!

  376. I am reproducing an embroidered tapestry that I did 34 years ago when I was expecting my first child. The tapestry is a medieval scene with ladies and gentlemen among the forest of a castle. Looking at your example, I think the gimp would enhance the 3-dimensional trees and bushes. Even without winning, I am sure to order some for the project.

  377. I’ve never used silk gimp, but am planning on beginning a drawnwork project, making curtains for my kitchen. I love the colors in this pack and they are right in line with my decor!

  378. I’m just starting to graduate from cotton to silk, and there are so many kinds!
    I want to do a sampler and just play with all the types of silk threads.

    Thanks for the opportunity to add to my collection!

  379. Though I do not have a specific project in mind for the Silk Gimp, I think it is pretty and so different from other threads that I would find a special way to use it. It seems to lend itself to autumn/Halloweeny themes and was perfect for the little tree you designed. Thanks for giving us this new design opportunity.

  380. This would be amazing in a stumpwork project I’m working on. You can’t EVER have too many greens. Everything has a little green in it.

  381. I’ve never used silk gimp, but I am intrigued. I’ve been wanting to do some stumpwork portraits of pets and I think it might work really well for floppy dog ears, or combined with finer threads to represent a shaggy coat. For the green pallet I can see how it would be perfect for creating texture to embroideries of plants. The colors are so beautiful! I love that olive-chartreuse color.
    Thanks for introducing me to silk gimp.

  382. A crazy quilt with a theme centered on the log house we built in the woods lurks in the back of my mind. Can’t think of any better threads for the embroidery than that set of green silk gimp.

  383. I am drawn to ‘dimensional’ embroidery representing tree bark, and I think this thread would be ideal as it has body and would build up some great texture.

    I will put my bid in to win again, you never know, one day it may just be me. But then again, maybe not. Someone or a couple of someones will have fun though, whatever the outcome and that’s the main thing.

  384. If I should be so lucky as to win this beautiful silk gimp thread I would share it with my friend Monika Kinner Whalen. Monika’s love of her prairie home is evident in her incredible stitched prairie landscapes.

  385. Thank you Mary and Access Commodities for sharing your knowledge and your products. A first attempt at silk ribbon embroidery –now, wouldn’t silk gimp be a fantastic partner!

  386. Hello Mary, I am intrigued with the silk gimp threads and would love to play with couching for some creative trees and leaves. The range of greens would work well with our native Aussie flora..so fingers crossed! Thank you for the daily dose of embroidery ‘”love” that pops into my email box every day!

  387. Ohh… I have a project in mind! I have this linen gown that is dying for something to add a nice extra touch to it. Something with some body, something that gives it that little bit of extra. The green would look magnificent on the natural colour of the linen.

  388. Really Mary, does one need a reason to want these wonderful threads in their stash! LOL

    I think I would just like to look at them for a while and understand their texture and then do a small sample to get a feel for stitching them. With this knowledge then I think I would be ready to work out a project to use them. I am learning Goldwork at the moment and they feel a natural to include in my final piece.

  389. I would love the addition of the green silk gimp to be used in my wool appliqué project. It would be perfect to embellish green woolen leaves adding texture and sheen.

    This project is neat because I have learned to use all sorts of interesting threads, needles, stitches. If I won the silk gimp I can add it to “the list!”

    Thank you for your wonderful website where I have learned so much.

    Sharon Angelo

  390. Hi Mary!

    You’ve done it again! Another giveaway that I can’t resist commenting on. The silk gimp looks to be the perfect thread for some specialty stitches on a set of needlework smalls that I am currently designing. Acorns, squirrels, oak leaves and branches, are the main design elements on these pieces and I’m having lots of fun with whimsical acorns stitched in several different types of threads using various raised stitches. The silk gimp would work well in combination with these and as a couched thread for branches and leaf outlines.

    I’m also taking some goldwork courses this fall and there are ideas brewing for future designs, incorporating metal threads. I can picture the silk gimp being incorporated into these projects, as well With the greens shading to gold in this set, it is a perfect choice for my design and would definitely be put to use, should it find its way to my house.

  391. I could see these threads being used on a couple of experimental projects I am doing – I am using stamped images on cheesecloth/calico and the gimp would really be the making of the project with the delicate texture it would add to the leaves in particular!

  392. This thread intrigues me. I would love to use it as embellishment on a floral arrangement I am thinking of starting. I can imagine lots of different stitches that this would work with. Could look a little like third dimensional/stumpwork on a nice linen would look great.

  393. The project? That’s easy! I’m plotting, planning, designing & drawing for my all-time dream project: an embroidered casket! Trish Nguyen has made my year with her Cabinet of Curiosities class … and it’s going to need a LOT of silk! Those greens would be perfect for the gum leaves in my Australian-themed design …

  394. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr seems they don’t want to sell these in Australia. I wrote to them and asked and they sent addresses of US places who will post to Aus but …….

  395. Hi Mary
    I recently did a lovely course with Allie Aller and I think if I was fortunate enough to get hold of these threads it would be put to good use embellishing one of my projects in this connection as I feel it would give the piece a bit of something very different having seen what can be done with it. Many thanks.

  396. As I complete a memory quilt for my father’n law, in memory of my mother’n law, who passed a yr ago from cancer, I have found excitement in having embroidery work in each square. As I continue to work on it, I have found that I think of the many other memory quilts that I can do for my daughters, my husband & I, and others that are dear to my heart.

    I would use this silk thread to embellish the greens in the bird, floral and outdoor themed squares that I work on.

  397. Having just transitioned from the student phase of my life to the looking for a job phase of my life, silk thread has been and will be out of my reach for a while. I would love the chance to build a design around these threads. At the moment I am exploring celtic designs and motifs, and would probably use these threads to make a small wall hanging in that style.

    Great give-away

    Ella from London

  398. To embroider with scrumptious silk gimp would be just sublime. I envisage an autumn landscape with couched trees and loop stitches for foliage on linen.

  399. Hi… am a dental surgeon by profession but love needlework the most.Am from India, and havent actually come across Silk Gimp here till now.
    would love to try it in some project which you have shown…cos I am learning lot of needlework frm your site

    i admit, I’ve to learn a lot of things..both in terms of materials and stitches..but am enjoying learning it from here.
    Tnx for having such a beautiful site which is accessible to pl like me from so far

  400. This I can see on an aid for silk ribbon embroidery embellishments on a cowboy/western shirt yoke. The gimp would make wonderful stems and french knots for buds.

  401. This would be perfect thread to couch a crab I want to make on a crazy quilt. I’ve been carrying this pattern around with me for about 30 years and I finally found a medium for the crab. I can’t wait to embroider him and one of those two lighter colors would be perfect!

  402. Ohhh, pick me, pick meee :)! I’ve been keen bead embroider (for fashion as well as jewelry) and been expanding my limits. Yes, beads have limits and now I am moving to goldwork, appliqué and leatherwork, just to add texture (slinky lines, beautiful spirals and smooth areas, dimensional details etc). I’ve seen this type of thread at my great-great grandmother embroidered cushions. Besides I love green color!

  403. I am taking a Jane Nichols class in stumpwork at the EGA seminar. The silk gimp would be great for the leaves, stems, and trunks in her designs. Green is my favorite color and the shadings in your collection are wonderful.

  404. Hi- I love the shine and texture of the gimp. I do alot of embellished embroidery, and the gimp will be perfect for grasses. leaves, trees etc.

  405. I’ve just started a piece incorporating beads and satin stitch mainly in golds. The texture of the silk gimp will complement the lovely texture of the beads and the smooth, silky texture of the satin stitch.

  406. OMG! I love the green assortment!I’m picturing some sort of Arabic type of design with the silk gimp as accent thread. I would put some blues in with it and make it a super pretty piece to hang.

  407. I am just being introduced to Silk Gimp, so I don’t envision a project just yet. The reason I am commenting is that I would like to say I love to try new supplies, gadgets, accessories, etc.

    If I win I know that in a short time there will be a project in the making.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Bobbie Perry

  408. I actually have something in mind which is unusual for me. I mix embroidery with quilting and beading. So I have a table runner pattern that has a fall scene that you embroider in the middle. The middle is surrounded with small pieced quilt blocks in multiple shades of green. I think this would be perfect.

  409. I start to embroidery when I start to follow Needlethread.com. The videos help me so much to learn the different stitches. Then I begin to embroidery decorative pillows with ruffles around. different kinds of flower and my friend’s name to personalize the gift. They loved. Could be wonderful to use the Silk Gimp to have a special touch in my work! Thank you!

  410. Why type of project do you envision for silk gimp, if you win the thread pack?
    I collect pumpkins and just adore the little pumpkin you showed us last week, so I will probably make tons of those!

  411. If win these beauties I’m not yet sure where I would use them – perhaps I could try a little piece of Castelo Branco embroidery and look at the result… maybe.

  412. I love the texture, and visual effect of Silk Gimp. The colors are to die for. Thank you for this give away, great prize..

  413. I’ve never used this type of thread…so would have to give some serious thought into which project it would best fit. The colors are beautiful and it would be fun to try it with different fabrics and stitches…thanks for the sharing!

  414. Dear Mary,
    First I want to thank you for your work at creating such a fun and interesting website. I look forward to taking a few moments as often as possible to read about embroidery and your website is a favorite. I really have learned a good deal from you. My inbox overflows with articles that I want to return to.
    I don’t know what it is about the silk gimp, but it excites me. Maybe in a past life I was associated with it. Who knows, but it is one of those things that I can’t wait to touch and explore the possibilities of. Your tree is just beautiful. When more colors are available I think a Mask would we amazing. With the green pack I think leaves, apples, and snakes would be fun. Also something camo might come to me. We have a special person in the US Army and these colors inspire me to make him a handmade Christmas gift. Thanks again for your website.

  415. What lovely autumn colors. I have never worked with silk gimp, but would love to try it. I am embroidering a table cover with leaves and acorns and the colors and texture of the silk gimp would certainly enhance it. It would be fun to add a bit of stumpwork and texture to the table cover.
    Thank you!

  416. I can see a busy forest with all kinds of leaves and little animals. I have been wanting to try this thread. I like to experiment just to see what happens.

  417. I have never worked with Silk Gimp before. I would love to experiment with it sometime. Looks like you need to couch it or twist/braid several threads and colors together and then couch them. I imagine a tree trunk and branches done with gimp could be interesting. Would love to try it.
    Ana-Maria from Cambridge ON

  418. Thanks so much for the chance to win this beautiful thread. I would use it to embroider seams on my crazy quilt! I’ve never used this thread, but it looks absolutely yummy!

  419. Beeeautiful! My favorite color green. And the shades are just beautiful!
    I e been wanting to try embroidery on a transfered image and this would be beautiful on one with a lot of trees.

  420. Holy Guacamole this lovely thread is causing a stir! It’s so interesting to read what others envision for uses with this lovely thread. Thanks to Access Commodities and to you Mary for making it available to some lucky creative individuals to enjoy. I see the light Gingerline gold thread couched into shafts of golden ripe wheat with the darker gold (Dead Gold I believe) added for dimension as the ripened kernels in the head of wheat. All the greens would make lovely textural designs depicting the prairie grasses that dominate the landscapes in my neck of the woods. I’ve always wanted to create a piece that would do justice to the beautiful bounty of those grains and grasses that grow so abundantly here. These colors and this thread speak to me of those things.

  421. It is hard for me to have a project in mind without feeling the silk gimp and then picturing its use. I am at a point in my handwork that I am branching out to use new and unusual threads and fibers in my work. Silk gimp is totally new to me and I would be excited to have the opportunity to try it.

  422. I love the funny name for a silk thread! Also love trying new threads on different projects, to make a little difference in their appearance.

  423. After years of counted cross stitch and stamped needlepoint canvas, I have discovered the exciting world of creative needlework. I had already found some great silk thread, but now I see I knew and used so little of what is out there. I would love to create a small design, be it flowers or butterflies, and using this thread would make it special.

  424. The few times I have been able to use silk thread on a stitching project, was a wonderful experience. I would enjoy the Gimp silk on a painted thread project I”m looking forward to doing.

  425. I’ve never used any type of silk threads. I don’t know of any stores in my area that carry silk threads. The silk gimp pictured here has me wishing to try this amazing thread. And, the colors are amazing!
    Bonnie in Chesterfield, VA

  426. Ooooo! I love silk thread! It is so wonderful to work with and looks beautiful! I would love to win this thread, Thanks for the opportunity!

  427. What gorgeous thread – thank you for this giveaway! It would look glorious in an upcoming angel project, perhaps an Autumn Angel. My mind is just dancing with delight at the thought!

  428. The type of project I envision for silk gimp is an embroidered neckline of a top , dress, or jacket, or details on a matching handbag. Embroidery with this thread will give the garment a special richness and dimension. The green palette is in season, too!

  429. Thanks so much for giving us a chance to win the silk gimp. I have been wanting to try silk threads and would love to win it! I am finishing up a crazy quilt for my sister-in-law. I printed family photos on fabric and made my crazy quilt blocks around the photos. She gave me mementos that I am attaching around the photos. I am embroidering the seams and embellishing to finish this project, hopefully to give to her this Christmas. I am sure I would find many uses for it on this project.

    As for Mondays, I used to dread them when I was working and always needed a longer weekend. Now I love them because every Monday I am so glad I can stay home and stitch if I want to do so!

  430. I have only recently picked up and started embroidery again. I have only ever worked with DMC embroidery floss. It would be exciting to work with something else. Mary your website and daily emails are inspiring. I recently printed one of your patterns and am working on a new project, but again I am only using what I know.

    Working with the gimp on a new project like my family tree would be exciting and your website is the guide and inspiration!

  431. Imagino o deslizar dessa linha em um rico bordado em linho….imagino
    Ficaria lindo…
    Estou participando e quem sabe, um dia venha a ganhar….

    abraços de Maria Filomena

    I imagine the slide that line in a rich embroidery on linen …. imagine
    Would look lovely …
    I am participating and who knows, one day, will win ….

    hugs Maria Filomena

  432. What a wonderful give-a-way. I’ve been eyeballing these threads since you first wrote about them. To date I haven’t worked with silk threads. Mostly because my hands are always snaggy from working with so much fabric. I can’t for the life of me come up with a project in which to use them but I love the dimension that they give. Thanks so much and good luck to everyone.

  433. I do Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery. I would love to use this silk gimp as outline on leaves, then fill it in with the BDE rayon threads. It would look so stunning.

    Mary in Oregon

  434. The look of the gimp is so different. A bit of sheen, but not metallic. The texture looks unique as well. Firmer than usual, might hold its shape and lay differently on the fabric. I’m wondering about a landscape with the golds for the sun and some flowers, the tan for the earth, and the shades of green for flower, shrubs, and stems. I enjoyed learning to dye and paint silk, now I’d like to stitch with it.

  435. I honestly have no idea what sort of project would result if I win this give-away. But silk gimp is so unusual, so lovely, so different from anything I’ve worked with before that whatever happens, it will be pure fun!

  436. I am teaching some young girls from my church to sew and the Gimp thread would be very good to use for some couching the shading would be great for leaves etc.

  437. Based on all your posts Mary, I am dying to try silk gimp thread. The tree project you did really made an impression on me.

  438. I would probably do some couched knotwork along the neck and cuffs of a jacket or shirt. I think that would be a very elegant use of the silk.

  439. I love the silk gimp. The selection of greens is wonderful. I can envision an embroidery with a patch of clover with a bug running along the ground.

  440. I would love to try this as stem work for leaves, possibly as the outline also. I have never worked with silk gimp before and the texture looks amazing. I can see using this with a Grandeur twisted silk for an interesting contrast and texture.

    Thank you for the inspiration.

  441. These are such beautiful threads! I would love to make something nature-inspired: the greens and golds remind me of early fall when the leaves are just starting to change. I’m relatively new to embroidery and would love to try couching with this silk gimp. I’ve never worked with anything but cotton and wool, but I love trying new things and these threads are positively inspiring!

  442. Mary, Those greens look delicious! I think they’d be perfect on a 17th century casket (sewing box) as leaves, or grass, or, perhaps, a caterpillar. I’ve not worked with the silk gimp, but any silk thread is a delight to stitch with and beautiful to see and touch. The potential to create dimension in a needlework scene is a wonderful thought! Thanks for whetting our appetites with such a wonderful “new” thread! Kristy in Linthicum

  443. A while ago you showed us a tree that you had embroidered using gimp. I would really like to try this gimp as it looks like it may stitch up in this pattern well and the tree is one of my intended projects. Thank you for providing someone with chance to win another one of your great giveaways. Here’s hoping it’s me.

  444. I have not used silk yet, but have some which I hope to use for a Elizabethan sweet bag. The Slik gimp looks like it would be great to do the stems and leaves with.

  445. I envision using these nice rich colored gimp threads in a crazy quilt pattern. It would make luscious leaves and stems for flowers. Hoe exciting to try these out. Thanks for a great blog. Your time is valued greatly by me.

  446. I have never used gimp. I have wanted to, but could not find it in any colors. I wanted to try it as parts of flowers and stems.
    I saw it crocheted in purses from the 1920’s

    Thanks for keeping us up to date on threads and tools.

    Christine. Redding CA

  447. Hello Mary,

    I’m a beginner embroiderer (at age 71!)and am enjoying exploring a whole new world of embroidery and have only just begun to explore stitching with gimp. What wonderful possibilities await.

    I’ve spent a few minutes gazing at the photo to what ideas popped into my mind. The texture was the first impression and the colours suggest a nature theme. I’d like to make an abstract design of the park where I walk most mornings. The colours suggest muted sunshine ( I walk very early in the morning as I live I the sub-tropics) the pathway, green grass and greeny brown trees. The stitches would include couching, chain variables, some bullion overstitching for a start.

    I love Mondays too – my morning walk is a great way to start the week, fresh air, clears my head, plans are made and my body sings as I swing along and enjoy and enjoy the beautiful palette of colours in the park.

    Thank you for your generosity, Mary and

    Happy stitching!

  448. Hi Mary ,
    Would have to be stump wok first them textured embroidery. What fun it would be.

  449. Hi mary,

    i’m mary varma from india. Thanks for this giveaway. This is the first time i’ve heard about these threads. I have no idea of what i will do if i win this thread, but i’d love to win it and i’d like to try a small pattern from my pattern book using this threads. Generally i like green colour so that is the colour thread that attracts me. Thanks.

  450. Thanks to you and Access Commodities for another wonderful give away. It may not be very original but the colours immediately said to me leaves and I have been toying with the idea of a stump work oak tree. If I were to win these, I would have the perfect excuse to add another project to my list 🙂

  451. Having never seen or heard of gimp thread I would love to experiment with it to see how crouching it can fill spaces. Jacobean piece maybe

  452. Silk gimp is perfect to outline many of the various elements in my 17th C Stumpwork Mirror reproduction.
    Thank you Mary for the give-away !

  453. I have draw a project with gold and insect wing and I would lie to add those threads to this project. Excuse the way I wrote in English.
    Thank, you are so generous,


  454. I’ve been embroidering pieces of a Nativity set for my godson over the years. The three kings will be coming up soon, and I think they’d look very stately with some couching.

  455. I don’t know what I would use it for right now as I have never used it before but I would like to give it a try.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  456. Mornin’ Mary!
    I have a photo of the beach near my home taken a few years ago in the fall. It has beach grass that has started to turn brown, so there are wonderful browns, yellows, and greens in the picture. I have wanted to stitch it because I love the colors and textures….that’s what I would do!
    Happy Thursday!

  457. I hate Mondays as I work full time in an office and Monday means back to work with very little time for stitching until Saturday rolls round again!
    I was fascinated by your article on silk gimp and I followed all the links to see your previous article and the tree. I’ve never worked with anything like this before, but your tree was pretty inspiring. I’d try to find a suitable leafy design to try the silk gimp out.

  458. I have a lovely french design of scrolls and leaves that I would use for this thread. I would stitch it on linen and add coordinating beads. It would make an elegant evening bag.

  459. Thank you for the opportunity to try this beautiful product! I would like to try using it on the Orna Willis bracket project I am working on.

  460. I had the privilege of working on a reproduction project at Plimoth Plantation with an unlimited supply of silks and it was a dream come true. I am now slowly accumulating a supply of silks and this prize would be a great addition to my own for a project I am planning entirely with silk threads!

  461. Hi Mary, I love thread and have a few different types but no Silk Gimp. I would love to win this so I can try it on a new project.Thank you and Access Commodities for such a wonderful giveaway.
    Love the way you look at Mondays wish everyone did.

  462. Thank you and Access Commodities for the chance at these threads! I love their texture. I think I would do an abstract, free form embroidery that contrasted the gimp with filament silk, with maybe some goldwork thrown in for fun!

  463. I can use this for embellishment on my wool appliqué. Veins in leaves would come to life with the dimension the thread would provide. And other embroidery stitches on crazy quilting, wow.

  464. These silk threads look lush- I would love to use them to embelish gifts for Christmas- I love the shadings for foliage etc.
    -Michelle Johnson of Novato California

  465. I would like to use the gimp to add to handmade christmas ornaments. It would look lovely combined with goldwork and red silk threads. With the variety of colors a whole set could be made,

  466. Hi Mary.
    I love to have a variety of greens for leaves, stems, accents. There are lots of different greens in nature and I love flowers so greens are for me 🙂

  467. Months ago I started a drawing from a photo I took in my neighborhood park of tree trunk with this neat-looking shelf fungus growing all over it, mostly grayish/brownish, and some leafy/mossy areas around the base. I got the basic outlines done and started shading in the bark and fungus, but haven’t finished it because I keep thinking it would work much better in embroidery than graphite. Silk gimp like this would be wonderful for the mosses and the shelf fungus.

  468. I did a little exploration of couched stitches and patterns a while back. I would love to revisit the couched stitches using the gimp. It sounds so wonderful! I can hardly wait to “feel”.

  469. What a great give away! I’ve been wanting to try silk gimp so I’d use it to create foliage on my historic embroidery. I’d also like to use it as a 3D oval or round frame at the center of a design. 🙂

  470. Hi,
    the colors and shine of the silk gimp is amazing! I am creating and stitching a piece a day for an entire year in the September 2013 issue of Vogue. It would be great to use some silk gimp on the magazine pages, the shine and texture of the silk, intriguing. Projedt on Instragram is under stitchapose and on flickr

  471. I believe this set of silk gimp colors would be a great addition to my Brazilian work I do. Would be perfect for outlines, or stem work. I can picture it already. What a great win!!! I also like stump work, as well as just Hand embroidery. Mondays are good, just a great day to go thread shopping.

  472. Hello, from croatia.
    i would like to make a tree, like the one you presented in one of your posts, for my daughter’s
    kindergarten bag.
    i’ve never used it before, so it would be nice to try it.

  473. I have no current project using silk but the tree you embroidered as a “demo” is so lovely it made me want to try it.
    Again, thanks for those giveaways.

  474. Dear Mary,
    I’ve never tried Silk Gimp but I think it would be lovely as a pillow. Somthing simple but elegant obviously in the fall theme, I really like the Jacobean style so maybe something similar to that.
    Keep up the good work Mary!

  475. I wouldn’t yet know who to actually use this thread, but it really awakens my curiosity. It definitely looks very pretty, and I am sure that should I win this beautiful give-away (thanks!) something would come to mind…

  476. These threads are gorgeous! I love the tree you designed and I can see how the silk gimp gives wonderful texture to a project. I think I would be tempted to use the silk threads in a project that was already started to give it greater depth and more oomph.

    Thanks again for your embroidery column. It makes my day!

  477. I’ve been wishing for an assortment of green gimp like this to try working a tree with hillock of grass below. Thanks for offering this to one of your lucky followers.

  478. Thanks for this give-away, Mary. I would love to have this gimp to use in historical embroidery – embellishment on clothing or maybe punto antico. It might look nice in needle lace as well…

  479. Hello, Mary I have not used silk thread of any
    kind. I am making a crazy quit and would love to try some.I use embroidery thread and pearl
    cotton mostly. Thank you!

  480. I am prepared my Christmas card design for this year. I think, given the colors are green, I would try to work the gimp into my Christmas card design. Otherwise I would use it in a needlepoint sampler that is yet to be designed to create some layered texture.

  481. Hello Mary,
    I mainly like this thread because of the cord structure and the silky shine. The gold/green colours are my favoured colours as I mainly embroider vintage type jewels. Have not used it before but want to soon start to embroider a small vintage purse with goldwork and pearls and would love to use this to create extra depth.

  482. Oh I love Silk! I have used the gimp that is twisted a couple of times, but not anything like this. I would love to use it in Brazilian Embroidery and see how it handles the leafs for the lovely cast-on flowers I enjoy. I have always washed silk fabric and would like to see how it washes when on a shirt. I love all different colors of greens and browns and this sounds so exciting to use.

  483. I have a kit from the 1960s for Crewel Embroidery. I’ve only done a few of the designs; I don’t remember what else there is to be done. I think that Silk Gimp thread would be great to use in one of these designs.

  484. I would so love to have the silk gimp. I have admired silk thread from afar for years since I can’t afford to buy it. I don’t have a specific project in mind, but I love texture and feature it in all my needleworks in some way. It would just be a blast to play with it like you did in your post.
    D. D’Amelio

  485. I would like to use this on an experimental Elizabethan design along with gold purls and silk threads.

  486. G’day there Mary,
    Crazy patchwork stitiching/couching. I love to use a touch of those Middle Eastern textiles with their greeny blue turquoisey analogous colours and a spot of complimentary to make them dance. These silk gimp threads would add the music to balance and harmonise the completed piece.
    Thanks Mary and Access Commodities.
    Cheers, Kath from Oz

  487. Silk always attracts me as it looks soooooo pretty when you stitch with it, and it feels good in your fingers. I love the sheen and sparkle of silk. It could be used a vine and leaves of wisteria, a grove of trees in summer or used to simulate a woven basket for holding flowers. You could just hold it and drool over it. I would love to add it to my stash for future use as stems and vines or maybe the edge of dragonfly wings for a stump work box top. Oh that really sounds like fun.

  488. I would love to use this thread to fill in the background on some stumpwork. I have never done any but I have seen what others have done and I could let my imagination run away with me while I imagined forests, woods, toadstools and fairies. What delight.

  489. I love the texture and in silk even more! It could go in numerous motifs in one of my numerous crazy quilt projects. It just looks like nature. Would love to play with it!

  490. I am chipping away at my cottage sewing box, and think the gimp thread would make a wonderful thatched roof. I’ve never seen Gimp thread, so I don’t really know. I do love to try new things. They inspire me.

  491. Green is my favorite color and always has been. I think it is because I love trees, bushes, flowers – anything in nature. I envision a quilt project of fantasy fairy houses and using the silk gimp with other threads to create mystical gardens.

  492. “Maybe you could tell us what it is about the silk gimp that attracts you to it?”

    It’s silk and it’s thread! 🙂 Okay, that was the short answer, but truly I do love silk and thread. Whether they come together in one neat package such as wrapped on a spool, or separate as fabric and trim.

    Green is my favorite color, and I love leaves. I have a thing for leaves and this thread would make beautiful shaded leaves.

    I suppose the last reason is because Tuesday is my birthday 🙂 and I’ll be 55. I think it’s high time I start my silk thread collection – I have collections of other threads, a few silks, but not near enough.

    Thank you for offering it 🙂 Karen who did live in Missouri, but now lives in Idaho.

  493. Hi Mary! I think they would add delightful dimension to any embroidery! I would love to learn who to use them for stumpwork. I absolutely LOVE the colors! Thanks for offering them in a giveaway!

  494. Honestly, I have no idea what I would do with the silk gimp but I’m sure if I had some I would think of something. Green (almost any shade of it) is my favorite color. I find threads in general fascinating and am always looking for something different I haven’t tried before. Thank you for ALL of your giveaways. I read your website every single day. I’m never, ever bored. And, yes, I was also waiting for a Mission Rose update.

  495. I have no specific project in mind for the Silk Gimp as I have just learned about it from your email but I am finding I’m embroidering more on my quilts and, as a result, different threads are fun to work with and give you such different results with even the simple stitches.

  496. Different shades of green would be wonderful to have. I hope to make a sacred heart using gold threads surrounded by a flower garden. I think the silk gimp would add such wonderful texture and color to the garden. Thanks Mary for all your wonderful work and your website. Truly inspiring

  497. Green is my favorite color and silk is wonderful. I don’t have plan but I do like wearable art, so maybe a tree on a denim jacket.

  498. What a wonderful product for so many uses. I am just re-starting with hand embroidery after many years doing other crafts, so this gimp really intrigues me.
    Thank you for sharing.

  499. I have not used this tread before and look forward to trying something new. I have just started hand stitching and this thread would make different stitches.

  500. Probably I would couch this on a biscornu or something for Christmas (it’s almost here!) Really I love the silk. It is so rich in every form, twisted, nubby, super smooth — it is the best.

  501. I love this thread, it is gorgeous to look at. I can see using it in a three dimensional project, like a floral stump work or something. I would find a project that would show off all the silky texture and beautiful colors. Or perhaps use it in that vermicelli stitch, on velvet? It could go on a velvet bust of a dress, with a long chiffon skirt. Now I want the dress I have imagined, as well as the silk thread!

  502. It you have already received my comment just delete this one. I have been under the weather so I do not remember if I did this or not. My love of all embroidery threads comes from my Mom who left me so many DMC threads, but no silk. So I would love to hold these in my stash until I can add some to my Crazy Quilt that I am planning to embellish.
    Thank you for all that you have taught me!

  503. I’ve not worked with silk gimp, since I am just beginning to do the types of needlework that use it. I’ve done 18th century samplers for years, and have recently become inspired to try some of the other types of “true” embroidery that use these types of threads after going up to see the Plimoth jacket and other early embroidery pieces when they were at Winterthur.

  504. bonjour,

    je verrai bien des fleurs, en broderie traditionnelle, mélange de plusieurs points, des fleurs pourquoi pas en stumpwork.
    à bientôt

  505. Hi Mary!
    If I won the silk gimp giveaway, I think i would use it in both needlepoint and embroidery. Even as texture on a cross-stitch project. I may even use some brown on the twigs for the bird needle case class i had with you…
    still in the queue to finish!
    Have a great day!!

  506. Just love the colors. They have such a Vintage look–so old and warm. Just starting to get into this craft (actually a quilter). Thought it would be nice to inocrporate it into a quilt. Need to start learning the sttiches and more about tranferring desings, threads and needles and I’ll be on my way. Thanks for sharing all you know. It truly helps!

  507. Hi Mary,
    The gimp thread is beautiful. I don’t know exactly what I would make with it, but I think I would make something for myself. Lately, all of my projects have been gifts.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome thread.
    Keep up the wonderful posts and projects,
    Diana in Sioux Falls

  508. I would love to learn how to use a thread like the silk gimp. Looks like it would work well for the Beautiful “Mission Rose” project that I would love to try.

    Happy Stitching…. Sandy in Montana

  509. Hi Mary!
    I love the versatility of embroidery. The only thing holding us back are the know how (and you have certainly helped us with that!) and the imagination.
    I plan to work beaded bezels around some agates and then embellish around the bezels with this lovely silk gimp. These colors will really compliment the colors of my stones.
    Thanks for this opportunity!!

  510. After 3 years of collecting the materials, I have just started “The Embroidered Village Bag” by Carolyn Pearce, and all is going swimmingly. There are many places on this whimisical,fun project to inject items created with silk gimp – it would be such fun. Thank you for your wonderful, informative website, and for this give-away opportunity.

  511. Dear Mary,

    I don’t know yet how I would use the Silk Gimp but undoubtedly it would be for something I am making for my granddaughters. The “greens” would be lovely in their rooms as they aren’t “pink” girls.

    I have never used Silk Gimp and I would love the experience of a new thread.



    P.S. I love your videos! What a great website.

  512. Hello,

    Thank you for once again offering a chance to win something!
    I would love to try silk gimp on some of my embroidery projects!! The color and silky sheen would add so much to a project!

    Thank you,


  513. Texture on some surface embroidery. Especially for doing a project for a friend who loves these colors. The possibility of adding a variety of texture is always fun.

  514. Hi! I love reading your daily words of inspiration. I just began Piecemaker’s 2002 Calendar that is crazy quilted. I would love to have this collection to help me with my seam treatments and my trees.

  515. Many thanks, Mary, to you and your suppliers for the give-aways you offer, as well as your ever-inspiring blog. Of the various needlework projects I’ve done, my favorite to work on (and, I have to admit, to show off) is a stumpwork scene I designed. It took me quite a while to gather the various and sundry materials I needed for it, which included some silks. However, I didn’t run across any silk gimp, and to me it cries out to be used in stumpwork. Were I fortunate enough to be a winner, some of the gimp would go into tiny stumpwork items, but most would end up in a project that’s only about half-formed in my mind: Depicting my husband’s and my moves around the states by the various designated state flowers, trees, birds & animals. (Laying out the design will undoubtedly be the most daunting part of this!)
    Why did it take me so long to run across your blog??? I’m so glad you have the archives!

  516. This thread is beautiful!! I am not sure, but think I might like to try it on a piece that I’ve also used some rayon thread…. it might be fun to see the two kinds of sheen in the same project….. Would love to be able to try it!!

  517. I have no idea what I would make with it, but I would love to try a different thread, I’ve only used DMC floss!

  518. Hi Mary,
    The silk gimp screams of depth and texture, texture, texture! I can see working it for the trees, autumn scenes, worked around and through buttons and beads, veins in fairy wings, stumpwork, lace work, in conjunction with goldwork … oh my!

  519. If I should win these beautiful silk gimp threads, they would be well used on a vestment set for green seasons — adding dimension and wonderful shades of green colors to the vines on the orphreys. What a wonderful blessing for both the embroiderer (me) and the pastor recipient!

  520. Wow! what a nice giveaway! There are so many shades in the green family & the giveaway prize nicely covers the spectrum

  521. I am very new to embroidery but have very embroidery-savvy friends who would be more than willing to give me guidance on a project. I enjoyed visiting your website and reading about the gimp. I really like how the tree turned out. Using it for couching was my favorite example. Looking forward to receiving the newsletter.

  522. Well, the project I’m working on now would have greatly benefitted from this gimp for the stems on the leaves — I think that weight would really make them pop. For an overall project, I’m loving the example the review showed of couching it over a cord for a padded effect. I think it would also really set off applique pieces when couched around the edges. It’s a beautiful thread.

  523. Wow! what a nice giveaway! There are so many shades in the green family & the giveaway prize nicely covers the spectrum.
    Since I’ve never used the Silk Gimp before, I can envision it adding a little bit of dimension to any embroidery project I decide on.

  524. This Silk Gimp looks fascinating! I am interested in historical embroidery, so if I got to work with this gimp, I would read up on the techniques and projects that it was originally used for. I would love to try my hand at historical embroidery using a historical thread!

  525. Hi Mary,
    My comment is not on the collection of Silk Gimp,give away, but on your Mission Rose goldwork project.
    It was so sad to hear the blunt emails you got on this beauful project. I enjoyed each and every email on Mission Rose and I so glad to get an update on it.
    Thanks again Mary. I am so thankful for your web site and emails. You are a blessing to many.

  526. I would have to touch the thread – stroke it,before deciding. I would have to see the shades of green as I know computer colour is not always accurate, before deciding.I would have to take my time, before deciding. But I see a garden of some sort – a spring or autumn one I think…

  527. I agree with you that Mondays aren’t all bad – although I probably wouldn’t have thought that before I retired in January! The only bad thing is that Mondays roll around so quickly, the older I get, and my life seems to be flashing before my eyes with little to show for it.
    The silk gimp is absolutely gorgeous, although I can’t say I have a specific project in mind. This set reminds me of a dear stitching friend whose favorite color just happens to be green, so sharing would likely be involved if I were to be a lucky recipient of a set.

  528. No project in mind but my goodness what gorgeous thread. I can imagine so many very fun uses! Never seen anything like it. I love dimensional fibers. You could totally play with it. My very real fear is that I’ll get addicted to yet ANOTHER fiber!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Maureen Des

  529. I would love a chance to win the silk gimp – I’m not sure how I would use it – guess that’s why I didn’t enter the contest the other day. Also – I have to say the mission rose project is looking gorgeous – How RUDE of someone to actually say those things to you about posting our “YOUR” project – if they are bored – let them just delete your email – there may be many other who are NOT bored. Personally even the things I am not interested in stitching I love reading about because of that reason – I will never stitch them but I am glad to know more about the technique history or whatever. You put a huge amount of unpaid time into your newsletter – I just wanted to say “thank you”

  530. Mary,

    I’m not sure exactly where I’d use the silk gimp, but I thank you and Access Commodities for the opportunity. The dimensionality of it leads me towards stumpwork, but we’ll see!

  531. I’m a threadaholic. I love the slinky look of the Silk Gimp. It seems like it would work well in stump work or a nice contrast in silk and metal work.

  532. The only time I’ve used silk gimp was to embroider a denim bag. That’s been a good while ago. I would love to try it again!
    Thanks so much for a chance to win this thread.

  533. Thank you for bravely admitting that you like Mondays! I have always loved the chance to start a whole new week with new goals to achieve and no more agonizing over anything that didn’t work out or get completed in the past week. Thank you again for that thought!
    The green silks would look so great to add the right embellishment to an applique project I am just now starting, so my fingers are crossed!
    And BTW, I appreciate your update today on the Mission Rose, I speak only for myself in saying that I appreciated knowing what is happening with it.

  534. Hello Mary and Everyone. I envisage using these threads to make shrubs and trees, maybe on the two new linen tea towels I was recently given. And I love the color green. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  535. I think silk threads are so lovely – and silk gimp is particularly pretty. I’d have to actually handle it to know for certain, but this looks like it would be the perfect thread for a project I’ve got brewing. I was lucky enough to go to Thailand a couple of years ago, and while there I visited a silk factory and bought some raw silk. I’m thinking that geometric shapes — inspired by traditional Thai designs — would be lovely on it, and I think the silk gimp would be an excellent addition to my plans.

  536. Lori from Mountain View here. I’ve never used silk gimp so I may be totally off my rocker, but it seems like a quick way to get some really neat texture. I loved your tree and pumpkin!

    Of course, if it’s tricky to stitch with….

    BTW, have you ever talked thread etymology? Where does the word “gimp” come from, anyway?

  537. If I win this give away of silk threads I will use to embroity pillowcases and stockings for Christmas to give to the childerns of great needs.

  538. While I dont have a specific project in mind, I do love silk, and goldwork. I would love to experiment with these silk gimp threads.., they look like the kind of challenge that is right up my alley! Thanks for the opportunity to learn about these unique threads. Regards:Amanda

  539. I have no project in mind for this wonderful gimp, and have not yet worked with silk, being a novice.
    I see all nature in these colours though, ducks, trees, foliage, even green monkeys I once saw on holiday in Barbados. I think of it is a new dimension as I particularly like texture in embroidery, and again thank you for the opportunity to win a lovely prize.
    Be happy every day Mary
    Mollie Spain

  540. Dear Mary, This is just to give a very big thumbs down to the 2 rude people who were bored with the Mission Rose. I despair over where manners and sensitivity have gone in today’s world. I deeply appreciate what you do, and every e-mail you send is a most welcome learning experience for me. I trust you lost no sleep over these mean spirited people who behave like play ground bullies in the world of needlework.


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