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Clover Wonder Clips – I am in Love with Them!


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I must be on a tool kick lately.

There are tools, and there are Tools, when it comes to the tools I like to use in my needlework pursuits.

The tools – those are the ho-hum, every day tools. They’re there, but I don’t think much about them. They don’t excite me. A roll of scotch tape fits into this category. I use it all the time, but it’s nothing I’d jump over the moon over (though, come to think of it, life without it would be drastically different!)

The Tools-with-a-capital-T – those are the ones that I am over the moon about. The ones that, through some serendipitous chance, we met, and every time I use them, I find myself gazing at them amorously, asking where they have been all my life.

Clover Wonder Clips

Clover Wonder Clips fall into this latter Tools-with-a-capital-T category. If you haven’t used them, you must. They will come in handy for so many things related to needlework.

I had heard of Wonder Clips before – a few readers have mentioned them here and there in comments on the website – but I never really thought that clips would be something to get too excited about.

Clover Wonder Clips

But they’re called Wonder Clips for a reason, I guess!

This is the thing: Wonder Clips, which come in a package of 10 clips or in bulk packages of 50, are small clips with large mouths and flat backs, that close flat on fabric or anything else you’re clipping.

As quilters probably know, they work well for clipping binding in place when preparing to sew it up. But if you’re not a quilter, you can expand that example to clipping flat any kind of hemming situation previous to sewing.

Yes, you can pin, but the clips are fast and painless, they hold hems flat, they keep the fabric pucker free, and they are a breeze to move as you work.

Clover Wonder Clips

Imagine working a hemstitch along a piece of linen, where you’ve turned up the hem to the line of drawn thread where you want to work the hem stitch. These clips are perfect for holding your hem in precisely the place you want it.

Really, the clips are fantastic for any kind of finish work!

Where were they when I was doing all those Little Things?!?!

If you’re working on any of the Lavender Honey & Other Little Things projects, or if you’re making Christmas ornaments, or if you’re hemming handkerchiefs – these little wonders are indispensable.

They’re great for holding a turned edge on needlepoint canvas. If you work in hand and roll your excess work, they make the perfect little clip for holding your rolled work in place.

Do you frame your own work? These guys will hold your fabric in place while you lace it up onto the mat board. And they won’t mark the fabric up, either.

Do you make fabric or embroidered boxes and the like? Oh-my-oh-my, you must get these. They will make the finish work So Much Easier!

Clover Wonder Clips

What makes them different from other clips, clothes pins, or the like? Well, first of all, they’re small – they are 1″ long. Clothes pins can hold onto things, but their length and weight are problematic – they get in the way. These don’t.

Even better is the fact that they have flat backs and flat sides to their mouths – whatever they hold is held flat, so that the hem or edge or whatever it is doesn’t pucker or wrinkle up.

Finally, they are marked on the back with 1/4″ and 1/2″ seam markings, so that you can place the clips precisely where you want them and they can aid in determining how much fabric to turn under, etc., when doing finish work.

The fact that they are red? Well. To me, it’s a bonus.

If you don’t have these beauties in your tool box yet, look for them through your favorite needlework shops! I am completely twitterpated by them and I’m constantly finding One More Thing they work great for.

If you try them, you’ll probably end up like me, whispering Where have you been all my life? every time you put them to a new use!


I mean it.

I love them.


Where to Find Them

If you can’t find Clover’s Wonder Clips locally at sewing, quilt, hobby, or craft stores, you can find them (and buy them in larger packages) right here through my Amazon Recommendations page, under “Embroidery Tools & Accessories.”

This article makes use of affiliate links, which means that Needle โ€˜n Thread may earn a small commission from any purchases made through those links, with no extra cost to you. Every bit helps! Thank you!


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(37) Comments

  1. yup…Amazon has them – 50 clips for $13.00 – free shipping from one vendor. 411 reviews – averaging almost 5 stars (someone did not like the fact you can’t run a sewing machine seam OVER them?)Looks like they do the job brilliantly!

  2. Well I never thought I’d see you raving about clips of all things … but you’ve convinced me! I shall look out for them next time I’m in the town with the quilting shop in – they’re bound to have them there, I would think! I think I’d use them most for framing – fantastic!

  3. You are so right. These are just about the most aptly named tool I’ve come across. Every stitcher should have at least 10 of them.

  4. I have been resisting buying the clips thinking that they would be one more “must have” item that I would never use. After reading your glowing review, I’ll have to get some.

  5. Mary, you are a girl after my own heart. I use the Wonder Clips all the time on quilt bindings but never thought beyond that use. What great ideas you have for them. I too am a tool addict ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Carol in Mesquite

  6. I love these too!!!!
    I have a big box of the small red ones, which is nice since they have their own plastic case. I use them for so many things. I really like how they have the 1/4″ and half-inch markings. So useful!!

  7. These are wonderful, for all kinds of things (my husband has some of his own)! The also come in a larger size (they are green instead of red) – a must for any tool basket!

  8. I love those lil’red clips, too! They are great holding binding in place on my quilts while I hand stitch, but I also use one to fold down the first side of my hexie fabric when doing English Paper Piecing. I don’t sew through my little die cut shapes, just sew the corners together and the clip works wonderfully. It’s small enough that it doesn’t get in the way or catch my working thread!

  9. I use mitten clips, but these look better! I’m only wondering if they have a slot where I could put a strap for the sides of fabric on a scroll frame, like I do with the mitten clips.

  10. I was reading today’s post and thinking I have to comment!! You said everything perfectly so I was wondering what to say as I was reading. Finally decided “Amen” was the only appropriate way to echo everything you said. And that is how you finished the post–great minds……..

  11. merci pour cette trouvaille, รงa a l’air vraiment pratique, je vais chercher sur internet ou en commander, ou au prochain salon ร  Paris.AMICALEMENT

  12. I’m working on the needle book from Lavender Honey &c, so I went on Amazon and ordered these (and some hoop tape — why don’t stores in Arizona carry hoop tape?).

    Thanks for the tip, Mary.

  13. I love these things. I’ve hen cutting strips of satin for a project & trying to keep the fabric square & even was time consuming & frustrating. Not anymore. A few of these along the edge & all the layers are held in place & I have even cuts in a flash! Oh and no bandaids on my fingertips. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I love them too. They are great for beading & for kumi braiding. I use them with my French knitter too. They are really versatile.

  15. I have a bag of green Jumbo Wonder Clips, and have just started using them for sewing. I like them better than pinning so far.

  16. I love these clips!!! I prefer to stitch ‘in hand’, and roll up the sides or ends of my fabric, then use the clips to keep the fabric rolled up.

    They’re also great when sewing up the binding on a quilt. But I’ve not been getting much done in the way of quilting; that takes time away from my hand needlework…

  17. I picked up the small pack of these on a whim and loved them so much I emphatically asked my husband for, and received, the bulk pack as a Christmas gift. I spend a lot of time at my sewing/crafting table so to say I use these little gems several times a day is not an exaggeration. The only downside to them is that they are so handy they tend to migrate all over the house. I’ve had to mark the box with the same red Touch-These-and-Suffer-The-Wrath-of-Mom ribbon as my good sewing scissors.

  18. I have some already for quilt bindings but you have given me inspiration for more uses. I would like some of the new JUMBO ones, I believe they are green but it looks like they have a curved top. I will have to check them out and I’m sure they will come in handy for something.

  19. For those who are having trouble finding these, they are available at Hancock Fabrics or through their on-line store among other mail order catalogs. I have both sizes and love them, but as a quilter prefer the larger size. For smaller projects the little clips are good.

  20. Mary, you’re such a hoot! Rarely do we get to wax lyrical or gush rhapsodic about any stitching item that’s NOT thread, thread colors or patterns, eh?
    Preach it, sistah!

  21. Oh oh oh!!! Where, oh where, can I purchase them?
    NOTHING like that seen down here in Australia, unless someone else knows of them.
    Mary they are just fantastic!!!

  22. G’day Mary,
    I thought the same thing when I found you…”where have you been all my life?”
    Thanks for the in depth revelation on these almighty clips.
    Aahhhh-Mmennn. Kath

  23. These now are items I want to have in my arsenal. I’ve seen them in stores and catalogues and wondered what they could do that ordinary clothes pegs (or bull dog clips) couldn’t. Definitely going on my wish list!

  24. Now I feel silly. I’ve seen the little clips at the store and figured “What’s the big deal?” I always use pins to hold my seams in place while stitching. However, pins bend the fabric and worse yet, they tend to stab me when I least expect it. After reading all the benefits of these cuties (yes, I love red too), I need to get some. I’m finishing up a quilt soon and these would be very nice. Then there are the Christmas ornaments I’m stitching that will need finishing. Perhaps tomorrow I need to do a little shopping.

  25. Dear Mary

    OK as you are so twitterpated by them I have ordered them from Amazon I can’t wait to try them out especially as I am currently embroidering the little things thanks for the sharing this can’t-do-without needle accessory so excited to try them and they were so cheap to buy. Thanks Mary.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  26. They now have Jumbo Wonder Clips, which are 2/5″ long and 0.5″ wide, with a hole in the back of the base so they can be hung up. They come in green and lavender. I’ll get the lavender ones.

  27. How neat, Mary. I’ve seen them and been tempted to buy some just for grins and giggles…but always needed something else more. isn’t it amazing what will ring our bell? a few months ago i bought a pack of little tiny spring clothespins (pink and blue) with the thought of using them on some baby ornaments and then found that every time i turn around i’m using them to hold something, i.e., like ribbons when i’m glueing them to make hangers for my ornaments, for holding little bits of paper together, for holding templates together….the list goes on an on. i buoght them cause they were tiny, cute and to me, at that time, simply irristable, but they have proven to be very useful and have yet to make it on any baby ornamenents..lol…and i recently bought two more packs….lol….see what i mean, they just rung my bell….

  28. These are great, just be careful buying on Amazon. There are bogus ones on Amazon that are not the same quality.Clover website has info on telling the real from fake. Easy way is to check that the information in 4 languages is written inside. If not they are not genuine. Got mine at walmart and they are great.

  29. I do some random quilting and purchased some of those clips in bulk from Amazon as you mentioned–an off brand. If you are wondering, they work just as well as the expensive Clover clips.

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