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A Wee “Embroidered” Casket – Fun!


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Tricia Nguyen of Thistle Threads sent along this really fun little freebie for distribution to embroidery fanatics everywhere.

If you’re a fan of 17th century embroidery, and especially a fan of embroidered caskets, you’ll love this little gift box that you can make with just scissors and a good glue stick!

I love it – it’s so cute!

Mini Casket from Thistle Threads

While it would probably take a good bit of time to embroider up a gorgeous stumpwork casket to use as a little gift box, you can hasten the process by using this cut-and-assemble paper casket instead.

Mini Casket from Thistle Threads

The mini casket features some really nice pattern elements which – enlarged on your computer screen or printer – could provide you with some fun patterns for real embroidery, too!

Mini Embroidered Casket Printable Pattern

Here’s the PDF for the printable paper mini-casket:

Paper Mini Casket paper box (PDF)

The paper casket assembles to a wee three inches high. You can find the instructions for assembly here, although it’s really just a matter of cutting on the outer lines, folding on the dotted lines and gluing all the tabs.

If you use a heavy card stock, you’ll end up with a little 3-inch high, uniquely shaped box, perfect for gift giving at your holiday stitching parties. You could fill it with little needlework-related goods, a couple nice skeins or spools of embroidery thread, or even some of your favorite chocolates or holiday treats!

If you’re inclined to, you can color or paint the casket first before assembling it, or you could print the casket on colored paper. The design area is somewhat small for coloring; I’ve found that very sharp colored pencils work best. And, if you want a slightly larger box, you can always enlarge the design on a photocopier and print it on larger heavy card stock.

All kinds of possibilities for fun gift-giving!

Thanks to Tricia at Thistle Threads for this fun little treat!

Sorry about the late blog post today. This week came to a strange end: the furnace here at home died the death – bad timing, as the weather is bitter cold – and that was followed by an area-wide power outage. A new furnace is installed, the electricity seems to be back on for good, the house is finally warming up, and life can now resume as normal. But if you’ve emailed and haven’t heard from me, or you’re wondering why this article is so very late on a Friday, now you know! Happy the weekend is here – time to Catch Up! Hope yours is a warm, safe, and productive one!


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  1. Bless your heart! Hope you have a warm, cozy weekend stitching something you enjoy. Thank you so much for the Mini-Casket pattern, which is calling my name. Janet.

  2. I love little boxes….thank you. I just made one – not colored – it’s darling.

    A tip I use is to scratch/score the folding lines so the folding is accurate and easier.

  3. This is really fascinating, Mary. Thanks for sharing that.
    Glad your heat is back on — that is no fun when your heater goes out, and many times that when the weather is so awful.

  4. Oh, what luck! When it rains, it pours! I’m so glad to hear you’re getting warm now. Thank you for the little box…so cute. Have a toasty weekend. Lauti

  5. Awe thats terrible! Im glad you have your heat and power back. Hope you have a nice weekend after this, you deserve it!

  6. Why not enlarge a part of the design (or the whole of it…) for some tambour embroidery ?
    The floral design make me dream of 48-hours days, with 24 hours dedicated to embroidery…

  7. Merry Christmas to me from Mary! I love the little box! Thanks to Thistle Threads for sharing. Just went thru Kansas before the ice storm in OK hit..it was sooo cold I am glad you got a new furnace fast!

  8. Dear Mary

    I’m so glad you got your heating mended it’s no fun being cold and I’m glad your back online missed you yesterday. I love the mini casket as you say it’s great for those little things and gifts I might try my hand at making it.Thanks for sharing this with us and I hope you have a great warm weekend look forward to your posts next week.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  9. G’day there Mary, and thank you Tricia from Thistle Threads.
    What a darling little casket. I’m itching to colour it. Have a good range of the Prismacolor artist’s pencils. Using different grades of graphite pencils would be interesting too though. Monochrome. A spray of fixative would be a good idea with graphite. Wonder how laminating it would go for graphite rendering? Should be able to score the fold lines ok I think. As long as it didn’t make it look cheap and plastic-y ( ‘-y’ to satisfy spellcheck!).
    So nice to think of you being warm again Mary, before knowing you weren’t! Am sorry you had that cold inconvenience and, no doubt, hot cost. No trouble keeping warm here at this time of the year, although our spring was back to front. In the 30s, and often high 30s, the first 2 months and then a cool November and even this 1st week of Summer has been low 20s. Predicted 36 tomorrow though!
    Cheers, Kath.

  10. Sorry to hear about the furnace. Down here where I live it isn’t nearly as cold as that! (But the heat is on anyway, and I brought in the potted orchids and ginger.)
    I love your little box idea and sent the link to some people I know for their enjoyment.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours, while I’m thinking about it, too!
    Karen in South Texas

  11. Ooh, not a good look losing both your furnace and the electricity. I hope all is good now, and you are warm and cosy again. I guess it gets very cold where you are just to complicate things. Happily it doesn’t get that cold here in southern Australia, only snows in the hills (usually), but it sure as heck gets hot in summer which is now. What I wouldn’t give for a nice big snowfall, lol.

    The little casket pattern is gorgeous, I love it. Thanks to both you and Tricia for providing it.

  12. Hello,
    My little stitching group is looking for a project like this. But getting the shape accurate has always been an issue for us. Thank you for this opportunity.
    I’ll send you a picture when we’re done. Thank again. Jenny Russell

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