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Little Flowers in Silk & Organza Ribbon – A Give-Away!


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Today, because it’s Thursday (which really has nothing to do with anything)…

…and because it’s the day before a glorious three-day weekend (which has everything to do with everything!)…

…and because it’s a cool and beautiful 50 degrees in Kansas this morning (which is enough to put anyone in a good mood in mid-summer!), I’m giving away a copy of Little Flowers in Silk & Organza Ribbon by Di van Niekerk, which I reviewed the other day.

If you’d like a chance to add this title to your needlework library, complements of yours truly, read on…

Little Flowers in Silk & Organza Ribbon

If you’d like to know more about this gorgeous book that’s both inspirational and instructional, please read my in-depth review of Little Flowers in Silk & Organza Ribbon.

The book is full of sumptuous embroidery projects worked in silk and organza ribbon and embroidery threads, with step-by-step instructional photos to help you create them.

It’s an excellent book to have on your shelf, if you are interested in silk ribbon embroidery, if you’re looking for unique three-dimensional embroidery techniques, if you’re keen to add ribbon embroidery to crazy quilts and the like – or if you just love beautiful embroidery!

Give-Away Guidelines

To enter today’s give-away, please follow these very simple guidelines:

The Give-Away is Ended. Thanks for Participating!

1. Leave a comment below (not via email – your comment must be left on the website, on today’s article – just use this link and you’ll get to the right place.)

2. Please make sure you leave a recognizable name either in the comment box or in the “name” line on the comment form, to avoid confusion when the winner is announced.

3. In your comment, please answer the following question:

What attracts you most to ribbon embroidery and makes you Really Want this book?

4. Leave your comment before 5:00 am (CDT – Kansas, USA), Tuesday, July 8th, and I’ll announce the winner that day. The winner will need to contact me within 48 hours with a mailing address.

The book will ship new from the UK, and the give-away is open to anyone, anywhere.

So, if you want a chance to add a copy of Little Flowers in Silk & Organza Ribbon to your own library, here ’tis – go forth and comment!

And have a terrific day!

(Oh, and by the way, no, I didn’t have to eat my hat yesterday!)


(545) Comments

  1. The book is gorgeous. I trim hats as well as embroider in ribbon, so this would give me lots of new ideas and techniques.

  2. I love how grandly, lusciously realistic the embroidery looks! Somehow ribbons have enough degrees of freedom that they can look perfectly just like a real flower. For my birthday this year, I got a slew of stump work books and I feel like this would be a perfect extension!

  3. A beautiful photo of a project always attracts me to a book. I always have to have it!!

  4. Another awesome giveaway! Silk ribbon embroidery adds so much depth the CQ which is why I’m attracted to it. I have another books by the same author and love the eye candy and inspiration it provides. I’d love to add this book to my library! Grovenore

  5. My dream is to be able to effortlessly embroider miniature flowers. This book would greatly benefit this dream, futile as it may be!

  6. Ordered it yesterday! Amazon says it will take 2 months – but it looks well worth waiting for. Thanks!

  7. I love the dimension of silk embroidery. It comes right off the background. You can feel as if you’re almost walking in a garden.

  8. I have enjoyed doing ribbon embroidery for way too many years now. One of my friends has this book and I have enjoyed Di’s work since I discovered her 6 years ago. I would dearly love to have my own.

  9. I have become addicted to crazy quilting – I love all the embroidery options! But I’ve never learned ribbon embroidery, although I’ve wanted to for a long time. This book looks like a wonderful way to learn, and I could add so much more depth to my crazy quilts. It would also be great eye candy! Thank you for the chance to win this book.

  10. What a wonderful book. I have come to love the Ribbon Embroidery so much i am teaching a class at our Feb. meeting of the Embroidery guild. This would be a great book to be able to show the ladies the different types of flowers to be made. And how easy it can be. I have used ribbon embroidery in my crazy quilts, lids on Mason jars, and so many other things. It would be wonderful to have this book my library of stitching book.
    Ronda Smith – CR, IA.

  11. Ribbon embroidery I believe is the closest thing to replicating real flowers and fauna…The 3D effect makes it more attractive for the eye to look at the project….This book would be a great starter book for those of us who have not started any stump work yet…A copy of this book in particular would be fabulous…

  12. Maliability Magic!
    It’s THAT simple and THAT fantastic!!
    (I got to have this book, no matter w h a t.)



  13. I am new to embroidery am am ver excited to get started. This book looks awesome and seems to give clear instructions and PICTURES!

    Keeping my fingers crossed

  14. I love what I see of this book! Almost ordered it from amazon the minute I read your review! But it is only available for pre-prder her in Canada. I love silk ribbon embroidery and I use it a lot in my crazy quilting. This book would give me a lot of inspiration for embellishing my quilt blocks.

  15. Such a gorgeous book. Would love to improve my skills in ribbon embroidery and stumpwork. Love flowers of all kinds and these are just sumptuous.

  16. This is a gorgouse book! Silk ribbon embroidery really makes the flowers come alive because they are so dimensional! They make any project come alive with color! It also doesn’t hurt that you can cover a lot of ground in a little time :)!

  17. Thanks for the giveaway, Mary!

    I love Di’s work. I have a couple of her books and several pieces to stitch. She has such creative ideas.

    There are two things I love about silk ribbon embroidery. 1) it does really fast! 2) it incorporates well with a number of other needlework techniques, making a “meh” piece a really great piece. It creates impact!

    Would love to have this book in my collection.

    Carol S.

  18. Ah, for this book specifically, what attracts me is the lovely daffodil design. I draw, paint and photograph daffodils, and the idea of a three dimensional approach is lovely. In fact the three dimensional experience is what attracts me a lot to ribbon work. Your review was great, too, sent it to all my embroidery guild members.

  19. Hi Mary,
    Thas book is rally for ME.
    I’ve always love to create using my hands. I’ve done embroidery and needlework from time to time during my whole life but I am more into it since I retired a year and a half ago.
    I’ve recently taken a correspondence course in Stumpwork. ribbon embroidery, which I haven’t done yet seems another way of doing 3D embroidery which interest me.
    And I am a flower lover and gardener and after a 4 months process I have started this week being a volunteer guide at the wonderful Montreal’ botanical garden.
    so you see, this book is meant to be sent to me.

  20. This is such a beautiful book and I would love
    to have it in my stitching library. The flowers
    are so life like that it is hard to believe they
    are made with ribbon. I’m sure this book would
    help give the confidence needed to experiment
    with this technique.

    Pat S. from Lebanon

  21. I would love to have this book because it makes my eyes hungry to work on embroidery. It’s a beautiful book & a really nice give-away to offer us. Thank you.

  22. I enjoy ribbon embroidery because of the lovely 3-dimensional and realistic effects you can achieve. But, I have always felt my efforts are lacking that “final touch” to make them really stand out. This book looks like a good resource to help me advance my skills. The photos are yummy!

  23. I absolutely love ribbon and being able to create such beautiful flowers would be thrilling. I am not a true embroiderer but I do like to dabble with stitches on felted projects and note cards. What a lovely note card (a gift in itself) one could make. I already bought this book for myself based on your fantastic review but an additional book would be a gift to my best friend.

  24. Oh, oh, oh…please, please, please pick me! It’s hard to pick just one reason why I want this book – the fabulous photography, the clear instructions, the inspiration it provides. It’s the total package!

  25. I have always admired the beauty of ribbon embroidery and am just getting started with my own projects! Since I am planning to retire very soon, I am excited to possibly start my collection with this inspiring book by Di van Niekerk!

  26. Your website has been so inspiring to me in getting me back to doing more handwork like I did back in the 70s. I’m currently hand piecing a quilt and want to do a beautiful flower garden piece. Since I can’t get out to actually garden, creating with ribbon is the next best thing! Btw, would love to have 50 degree am temps. That would be heavenly instead of our 85 degrees!

  27. I love the feel of the ribbons, the way the silk showcases their colors and the way the add dimension and texture to whatever piece I use them in. The illustrations and techniques in this book will expand my repertoire greatly. Thank you for the opportunity!

  28. I would like to win the book because I allways want to do what you show in your web. Simply Exquisite!!Thank you very much!! Kisses for you. Paula.

  29. Thanks for your column and for the chance to win this lovely book. I have been wanting to try silk ribbon embroidery for some time and since I also like embroidering flowers, this book looks perfect, especially since it includes all the basic silk ribbon instruction. I have ordered a few of the books you mention and have never been disappointed. Charlotte

  30. I have always wanted to try the delicate and yet complex ribbon embroidery and stump work but have been A.F.R.A.I.D. to try it.

    Having this book for the do-able gorgeous flower projects and as a reference would be just the ticket I need to push the envelope! I would be grateful to have a copy!

  31. SRE appeals to me for three reasons–it’s gorgeous, it works up quickly, and beautiful results are not beyond the ability of a newbie to achieve. I’d like this book because it looks as if it would help a newbie to get those good results!

  32. Once, when I was walking to Kindergarten I was walking by a field of California Poppies in Santa Maria, CA. I was so taken by them I walked into the field and sat down. I was only 1/2 block from school so I could see everyone. When I saw them file in for class I decided, conveniently, it was too late for me to go. I took a nap. When I woke up it was quiet so I played. It stayed quiet so I decided school must be over and walked home.

    Mom was so surprised to see me at 10 am returning she asked why I was there. I just said school was over for the day.

    I have no recollection if I ever explained what I was really doing.

    I have been distracted by flower quilts , flower embroidery and flower gardens ever since.

    Would love this book.

  33. This looks so beautiful! I just had a friend over and was totally inspired by her stitching expertise and I want to learn new techniques.

  34. Mary
    The flowers in the Little Flowers book are so beautiful!
    I love the poppies and would start there. Thank you for your morning emails. They are so full of happiness!
    Robin in NM

  35. I love the realistic finish Di has managed to capture, like an ever blossoming spring meadow! I would love to attempt these incredible embroideries! Thanks for the chance… Think I will have to get one of these books anyway!

  36. I have never tried ribbon embroidery before and would love to have a go. I spend a lot of time monitoring and recording the wild flowers that grow on our farm and often incorporate them into my embroidery. We are about to plant a 40 foot by half mile long strip of wild flowers on our farm as part of an environmental scheme and I would love to be able to try and translate these into a long ribbon embroidered panel to use when I do talks to schools. Gives me itchy-stitchy fingers just thinking about it!

  37. Hello Mary: I went to the Book Depository site after reading your review. I enjoy doing small pieces of crazy quilting with ribbon embroidery and although someone’s work like Judith Baker Montano’s is amazing, I prefer simpler pieces and these projects just seem to “float” off the pages. You are, as always, very generous to your readers with such gifting. Alice H.

  38. I love ribbon embroidery because these flowers look so real not only in color and texture but also being 3 dimensional. I want to learn this form of embroidery and to that end I am learning/honing my skills in basic embroidery this year so I can save and start working on learning this form of embroidery. Also, I just think flowers are the most beautiful things on the planet, which is one of the major reasons I have been drawn to embroidery in the first place.

  39. This looks like a beautiful book! I love all kinds of needlework & this would be a great addition to my skill set. How would I use this? My oldest daughter is getting married next summer & I would love to incorporate some of these designs into items such as ring pillow, guest favors, etc. Hope you can make my wish come true.

  40. Ribbon embroidery allows you to grow a beautiful garden without wallowing in dirt, getting sore knees or an aching back. My kind of gardening!

  41. I belong to a small local craft group which meets weekly. Guess what we are going to explore next session? Ribbon flowers! We intend to use ribbon flowers in card making initially but hope to explore further. If I could turn up with this book – how we would all love it!
    Enjoy your three day weekend.

  42. Thank you Mary for this giveaway… I have just started learning Ribbon Embroidery. I have enjoy this art because it gives your project elegance and a timeless look . I have so enjoy making monogram hankies for some of my friends as keepsakes for their wedding; as for the ribbon I like the sheen and the softness when using the silk ribbon and I also enjoy the texture. sometimes I just think that there is nothing more elegant than a ribbon rose with some small sprigs of flowers around it. I am trying to learn new stitches as well. Thanks again for the give away.

  43. I love the feel and look of the silk ribbon as its worked through my fingers. And, the colors are so beautiful

  44. what a gorgeous book! the photos make me feel like i can reach out and actually touch the embroidery.
    ribbon embroidery is so rich in color and texture, and works up so much quicker than floss. i find it especially suited to flowers, and i do love flowers.
    i’d love to add this to my collection and try some of her projects. thx

  45. What I like most about ribbon embroidery is its three dimensional look and the feel of ‘stitching more in less time’ because it covers more space. I hope through this book I can learn more techniques and get more ideas..

  46. What attracts me most to this book ? I think it must be my love of hand embroidery of any kind and the desire that I have to learn more and make beautiful things. Diana

  47. Hello Mary, I am attracted to ribbon embroidery because of the dimension it brings to the piece of work. I tried this technique years ago and was surprised that it wasn’t as difficult as it looks and, like nature, it allowed for variations (not mistakes!). I would like to try it again. Thanks for the review of the book and the giveaway. Happy summer!

  48. Good job finishing the Secret Garden flowers yesterday! I have a LONG way to go before I’m that far!

    What attracts be to ribbon embroidery is the 3-D effect it adds, but what attracts me to the book is the gorgeous pictures! I would love to recreate something like that!

  49. The book looks fabulous and what from what I’ve seen, has a number of techniques not covered in my other books. since I’m a book junkie by nature and love SRE, this would make a grand addition to both my library and my skill set.

  50. I enjoy the beautiful silk ribbon work that Di Van Niekerk displays in her own blogs, and envy the realistic blossoms that she and her followers create. This book would be wonderful to have just for the eye candy, but it would also be intriguing to learn how to do what they do, and perhaps use the technique in other designs as well. I’d love to have the book, and appreciate the opportunity you are offering.

  51. The photos in this book are fantastic, and its been on my amazon wish list since you reviewed it. I have been playing with 3 Demential embroidery for a while and it would be good to have some additional inspiration.

  52. What a wonderful book….as much for the eyes as the hands and mind. Who knew you could do so much with little bits of ribbon and tiny beads.
    It is so nice of you to think of us and offer it in a giveaway. Thanks a bunch, Mary!

  53. I am starting an art quilt, pond scene. I plan to use lots of ribbon art flowers, bugs on the quilt. Just the images you showed are soooo inspiring!

  54. I love ribbon embroidery. It’s quick and gives absolutely amazing results. This book takes this style to new heights. I’d love to give the designs a try, and increase my skills at the same time!

  55. What attracts me most to ribbon embroidery is the lustre it gives my work,also the 3D effect makes the stitches come alive. Di van Neikerk is a very talented ribbon embroiderer, her book will help me in this art.

  56. This book is beautiful! I really like the daffodils! The colors! The projects! The inspiration! 😀

  57. Tuesday morning I read your review . I was blown away by the works you shared with us. Then I spent an hour checking out Di van Niekerk’s website. By the end of the day I put Di’s how to DVDs (all three) into my Amazon cart and I ordered her kit that goes with them. Now I’m looking forward to the deliveries. I’ve never done ribbon embroidery before. I’m rather excited to learn something new. I would say your review was inspiring and costly too (haha). Thanks for sharing.

  58. I just love the look of ribbon embroidery. It tends to be a type of embroidery that goes fast. I have always loved cross stitch, but now with my arthritis I find it hard to do a nice project without my hands aching and having to stop. I find I can do ribbon embroidery easier and it looks so beautiful when finished. I am interested in trying stump work and this book looks like it has wonderful detailed instructions. I would very much love to win this book and start making Silk ribbon and Organza embroidery projects! Thank you for the chance to win! ~Ginny~

  59. I love the soft look of the ribbon, the dimension it gives embroidery,the beautiful colors, and the beautiful pictures that can be “painted”!

  60. I love all types of embroidery and needlework. I have wanted to try silk ribbon embroidery for many years and I would love to win this book so I can give it a go! It looks like a stunning books full of gorgeous details. Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. I love silk ribbon … because it would be a great way to add more detail to the hand dyed silk fabrics, scarves and handbags I create.

    I love your gorgeous projects in my email box each day … more inspiration that fuels mine!

    Thank youfor all the good information you provide.


  62. I have tried silk ribbon embroidery and really like it. It is relaxing and just plain fun to do. This book looks wonderful. I had never heard of these authors. Would love to have the book.

  63. I would really love to win the book. I do silk ribbon embroidery as well as Brazilian embroidery and incorporate both of them and this book would be a wonderful source of inspiration.

    Happy 4th of July.

  64. I’ve been embroidering since I was seven years old, and no other form of needlework brings me more joy and satisfaction than ribbon embroidery. Now I look back at the years I spent cross-stitching as a very sterile period of my life, when I was stitching to have something to do, and many times my only creativity was in rebelliously choosing my own color palette (oh, wild child that I was!). Ribbon stitching gives me enormous room for my own choices in creativity. And Di — ah Di — is a constant inspiration; how I’d love to see her new book.

  65. With ribbon embroidery one is able to create the beauty and grace of a living flower quite simply. This book has a variety of beautiful projects with wide appeal that can be used in so many interesting ways.

  66. I REALLY want this book for the wonderful photos, the fabulous instruction, and because I’m just itching to try my hand at ribbon embroidery. I already do Brazilian dimensional and have plans to try stumpwork soon so it just follows that I want to also try ribbon embroidery. I want to be able to make those flowers that look SO REAL. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful give-aways.

  67. This book is a must-have for the beautiful photography alone! I consider myself a beginner in silk ribbon embroidery, but find it very doable with good instruction. I would love to have this book and learn how to make some of the flowers I see pictured. Since I’m a visual learner, the photos of various steps would be such a help. Thank you for this offering Mary!

    1. I’ve wanted to try ribbon embroidery along with the many other classes I have taken but was always to late or early whenever we arrived.Our home for the past ? years has been a RV so I’ve been able to take classes at local needlework shops very often in different types and materials and love all I have met. Pat in RV

  68. This book will expand my range as a fiber artist. I have done many pieces using ribbon embroidery and stump work, but there are motifs in this book that explode my imagination! The designs are gorgeous and I long to try the daffodil piece. All of the artwork is so elegant, and will inspire me for years to come. What an amazing artist the author is!

  69. I love the way ribbon embroidery gives a piece of work dimension and depth. It always amazes me the different ways that someone can use a particular medium to make such beautiful stitching pieces.

  70. I have saved all of your tutorials and I am so drawn to this ribbon embroidery because of its 3 dimensional quality. I am very anxious to try making the beautiful flowers. So cheery.

  71. Well, it’s a gorgeous book! I have been wanting to learn to do ribbon embroidery for a few years, but time and esp. money are wanting. At least I could learn lots of things to do in the future when I do start, right? 🙂

  72. I love the way ribbon embroidery gives a 3D appearance in embroidery.

    I am new to ribbon embroidery so I think this fabulous book could inspire me in many ways.
    I would love to have this book in my library.
    Thank you.

  73. I love ribbon embroidery because it adds so much dimension to my crazy quilting while still being very delicate. And I love Di’s books although so far I’ve only been able to afford one. So I’d LOVE to win this latest book.

  74. This book is wonderful!!!! I have tried ribbon embroidery and feel as if this would be a great help in furthering my art of making ribbon flowers! They are so pretty and so dimensional!! Thank you, Mary, for the opportunity of winning this gorgeous, informative book! Keep us in stitches always!

  75. Why do I like the ribbon embroidery in this book? The textures & the near-to-real results – if I squint just a *tiny bit*, I feel like I could reach out and pick a real flower. And it’s simply great eye candy to boot!

  76. Oh! So glad you didn’t have to eat your hat! lol! 😀
    It’s a beautiful 62 this morning, over my way. Such a wonderful thing to have when it’s the third of July! (in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway)

  77. Hi Mary, Just want to let everyone know what a wonderful experience I’ve had with ordering from Di Van Niekerk. Renn is fantastic to work with. I have ordered twice in the last month. My packages arrive quickly from South Africa (I’m in Canada), are very secure in their packaging, and Di’s ribbons are beautiful. A great group to work with. Colleen

  78. I love the 3d effect ribbon embroidery gives and have just the place on my shelf for this lovely book.

  79. I have gotten hooked on Needle n Thread! I am doing quite a bit of wool embroidery (Sue Spargo)and use your site for “lessons”!! And thru this I want to do some embroidery for Church and Silk Ribbon embroidery. You have planted some seeds that are taking root! JoAnn

  80. Hi Mary, after your review I added this book to my wish list. It looks fab and I like books with good instructions. I’ve been following a few of your lessons and recommendations. I like to combine different techniques in the same pieces so I’d love to add ribbon embroidery to the mix.

  81. So far I haven’t done very well in non-counted techniques, though I have done some silk ribbon embroidery as accents. Those little flowers look just beautiful and small is something I think I could handle, especially since there are good instructions. It would be a lovely addition to my reference library.

  82. Ooo. I am so excited about this giveaway. I love that ribbon embroidery is made of luscious silk and is dimensional. I am a beginner embroiderer and would love to use this book to enhance my skills. Don’t the roses on the cover look marvelous? Mary, Thank you for your generosity.

  83. I would love the have this book. The pictures look beautiful. I have done a little silk embroidery but would like to add this to my list of things to do.

  84. Mary,

    I think what most interests me about ribbon embroidery is that, like surface embroidery, the manipulation of the medium produces something that is so different than what you started with. And from what you shown, it’s so different that what I’ve completed in the past. I REALLY WANT this book because it nudging my creative juices. It’s been several years since I’ve used ribbon embroidery in a project. And nothing like this! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  85. Oh, my! A give-away! After I read your article yesterday I sighed and moved it to my needle n thread folder. I knew I could never afford it. I wanted the book because all my needle work is done for my church ministry- 36×36 quilts/wall hangings for the elderly or ill. I know this silk flower-making is not practical, and I do try to make quilts/wall hangings that are practical, so they can be washed easily, but the thought of making something so pretty for someone who would smile when looking at it just got to me. Thank you for the chance. I will look at it as “someone who could do more good than I” got the book when the decision is made. Marilyn jones

  86. I have followed Di’s blog for a while and was afraid to try ribbon embroidery until Karen Phillips-Shwallon was featured in Needlearts and the pattern was for a small basket of ribbon flowers. Have taken 1 class from Karen ( a great teacher) and I am hooked. I like that Di features other’s embroidery along with her own. I would love to have a copy of this book.

  87. Mary, other than a simple embroidery stitch that I learned from my Mom, I cannot imagine my learning process without what I have learned from you. It is much improved by getting and using all that you have taught me, and with info, I wish to keep learning about uses of ribbon embroidery. I have never ventured into this arena to embroider.
    Thank you for maybe I will be a winner this time.

  88. I’ve been a big fan of Di’s work for a long time and have many of her books. I love to use ribbon on my needlepoint canvases. I love the texture and 3 dimensional quality that ribbons bring to my work.

  89. this is another on my ‘I must try’ list. I have a least 10 techniques on that list so far.

  90. What a beautiful book this would be to own…I totally agree with you Mary…to describe this book in three words..Lavish-Lovely-Luscious!;)Would love to own a copy of this book and try my hand at a few of Di van Nieberk’s beautiful projects.Breathtaking ribbon flowers are georgeous!

  91. I saved the information you sent about this book because I loved it! I do Brazilian Embroidery and think combining the two would be beautiful and fun to try. So hopefully, I will win the book! I also make flowers to replace bows on my packages and with my cardmaking. Just love crafting and love making new ideas. Thanks for the generousity that you share with your teaching and sharing.

  92. Why I’d love to receive this book? Because the pictures remind me of childhood summers in my Mothers’ English garden. Picking posies for her and making rose petal perfume with my sister (which really made us smell less like roses and more like the compost pile). And because I can only grow cactus with any abundance in my Texas garden. So I would love to ‘grow’ these little beauties in my home.

  93. Hi Mary,
    I love Di’s work. I have done some of her projects and have a couple waiting. I love her books and her ribbon. If I should win I would have to get some ribbon. (OH DARN). So whoever wins congrads.

  94. This book looks so luscious! What’s NOT to love about SRE? The texture, the 3-D realism of the flowers, the luscious sheen of the silk… it’s all yummy! I love combining SRE with Crazy Quilting. I have a few SRE books, but would LOVE to add this one to my library as well. Thanks for the chance. Love your blog and look forward to your posts every day.
    Linda H.

  95. I would love to have this book as I have done a little ribbon embroidery and I find it fascinating. I like the appearance of the finished product and would like to really get involved in this technique.

  96. Ribbon embroidery is so delicate and reminds me of my great-grandmother. I would love this book to help me improve the skills at ribbon embroidery that I do have and so I can pass it to the next generation…
    Peace, Cyn

  97. I am attracted to ribbon embroidery especially because there are so many applications for it. I recently did ribbon embroidery on a pair of crochet like shoes I had purchased very inexpensively and they look so custom. The uses are endless and fun. I love the new ideas in the book, some flowers and ways to make them I have never seen before. It’s looks exciting to try new ideas and projects.

  98. I would love to have the book. I have NEVER done silk ribbon embroidery but have wanted to give it a try. The pictures are beautiful and life like.

    My daughter is getting married July 12th, so I am hoping for grandchildren who will require projects!!

  99. Mary, I was hoping you would offer this as a give- away.
    I love the delicacy and the sumptuousness of silk flower embroidery.
    As I love flowers, it was a natural attraction. And, I love embroidery and, I love silk! What could be better?

  100. Oh, Mary, just when I think I’m safe from needing a book because it’s not a technique I have an interest in, you find a book that I still HAVE TO HAVE! I tried a ribbon embroidery class years ago. I knew it was out of my comfort zone (free, not a counted technique) but it is soo beautiful. Sure enough, I decided it wasn’t for me! From your review this book seems to have foolproof step by step instructions, which is a real confidence booster! I love 3 dimensional embroidery and plan to do more raised/stumpwork embroidery.

    You recently reviewed another book that I initally didn’t think I would want either. I need to go back and find that one too. Thank you for finding such wonderful books and presenting such detailed and thoughtful reviews!

  101. My thread embroidery is very detailed and I cannot seem to make it 3-D enough. Not having attempted Stumpwork and little experience with ribbon embroidery due to hesitation using ribbon – the twisting and securing, I love the beauty of the results. This book brings the detail of the projects to life. I do read thoroughly on different methods and styles and definitely find it a positive learning method. While I find the mention of a “glue stick” a little scary (I tend to glue my fingers), the book sounds wonderful in its step by step instructions and especially with the stitch dictionary included. I would love this book to guide me in learning little flowers in silk and organza ribbon. I do love books!!!

  102. When I was in my twenties ribbon embroidery was the first type of embroidery I tried. I think it is so pretty and love how the flowers come alive on the fabric. If I had the book, I would enjoy flipping through the pages gazing at the beautiful flowers.

  103. I did not do ribbon embroidery before and after seeing your review on this book and seeing some of the pages, I am truly inspired to learn it and use with my other techniques.

  104. Silk ribbon embroidery and all types of embroidery/hand work is a technique – by learning these techniques you keep the dying art alive – may this art be passed on to others. It fascinates me the beauty and talent that some have –and by having their instructions at hand I may get a small portion of their talent and I too can pass this art on

  105. I love Di’s work and have done my best to collect all of her books. I have learned to do ribbon embroidery using them which I enjoy to the max. Knowing this is her latest book it is at the head of my want list. It would be wonderful to win it.

  106. I am an avid gardener with flowers everywhere, to make up for the 6 months of winter we have in MN. I would love to learn to embroider the flowers in this book. Working with the beautiful colors and feel of the ribbons will make the winter go more quickly.

  107. I love silk embroidery and think this new book looks fabulous. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Happy stitching.

  108. I love the colors and depth of design of the flowers. I immediately went online to look for supplies. Yesterday, I was in NYC and tried to find the book in a large bookstore but alas, I didn’t find it. This book really got the creative juices flowing.
    Carol b(cc)

  109. I’d love to get this book ; I’m found of all types of embroidery with special mention for goldwork, ribbon, stumpwork and needle painting ; what I’d like with ribbon is that you can create 3D projects, you can adapt your creation with so many types of ribbons ; I already have some books of Di van Niekerk and the review you made about this last book is very attractive so yes, I’d love to win this book.

    thanks so much four your blog also, it’s so full of good advices.

    Anne-Marie from France, St rémy les Chevreuse

  110. What attracts me to ribbon embroidery is how it looks so realistic, it makes you take a second look to see if it’s real or not. Very eye-catching.

  111. I love embroidery and the sumptuousness of ribbon added to fabric is just divine. I adore flowers and this book would make a wonderful addition to my library as I make a lot of items for Charity and would enhance my work making it desirable to buyers which would make more money for Charity.

  112. This is such a beautiful book…. the flowers look like you could pick them off the pages….

    I would love to own this wonderful book…

    thanx for giving me a chance….

    take care, Claire

  113. I love the way ribbons make a piece look real, whether it is roses or lovely little for-get-me -nots. The review that you gave of the book, plus the sneak peeks of the instructions have made my creative energy long to get my hands on this book.

  114. Beautiful pictures! They make my fingers itch with desire to try one. Your review stated this book has very detailed instructions and will be good for a beginner as well as an experienced stitcher. I have used silk ribbon in canvaswork, but will be new to this and am eager to start. I had checked it out on Amazon, saw the 2 month wait and put it on my Wish List.

  115. I would love to win this book. I haven’t done an embroidery project, for quiet some time. I think this is the book to get me started again.

  116. Since I was a little girl I was always sewing and had a joy in watching my mom embroider. Till this time I love colors and textures. I would love this book to bring out more of the imagination when viewing the beautiful pages.

  117. What a beautiful book! I have always admired ribbon embroidery and wanted to try it. With this book, along with my other books, I will certainly work on a project – I saw a few projects in the book I would love to create.
    Thank you Mary!

  118. Mary, thanks for the chance to win this beautiful book. I would love to have Little Flowers in Silk & Organza Ribbon to learn more about ribbon embroidery. I am mostly self-taught and from your review the other day, I can see that there is so much more that I need to know! I have other books but they don’t have the level of instruction that this book provides.

  119. This book would be a perfect addition to help in the stitching of the crazy quilt pieces I started some time ago. What an inspiration!!!! Love it.

  120. The thing that I love about ribbon embroidery is the 3 dimensional quality of it. It’s so tactile, it makes you want to be able to reach out and touch it! I’ve started collecting images from Pinterest for my own reference. “Stunning” is the only word to describe it.

  121. The illustrations are beautiful! I am intrigued with 3D stitching – It makes the work so much more realistic looking. This book looks perfect to start me on my way!

  122. I love silk ribbon embroidery! It’s faster than regular embroidery or crewel and dresses up store bought clothing.I was absolutely blown away by some of the 3-D pictures. I enjoy stump work and I can see combining some of her techniques into a unique design.

  123. My first encounter with silk embroidery was 30 some years ago. I bought Judith Montano`s book at a quilt shop & made quite a number of projects with basic stitches, but Di`s book– o my it`s the bomb! A must have for me. Crossing my fingers. Thanks for the freeby opportunity.

  124. I recently discovered silk embroidery while making a journal for my daughter in law and loved how realistic and beautiful the flowers were using silk. I’m in love and want to learn more!

  125. Ribbon embroidery — it is so fun, beautiful, and delicious! In fact, my friend and I consider it to be the “cake decorating” of needlework. Dessert Sewing. Immediate gratification. And this author is one of the best on the subject. Every one of her books that I have is such a treasure. And, of course, I will be NEEDING this one, too!!! Thank you, Mary. Happy 4th!

  126. I really don’t do ribbon embroidery much, mostly as part of a crazy-quilt project. However, it is quite useful to add to surface embroidery pieces, because it achieves certain effects not easily achievable with threads. One of her photos was of a project with daffodils. The use of ribbon to make daffodil leaves with their turned-back look is perfect for ribbons. That’s what makes me want the book – not for ribbon projects, but for individual techniques and effects that I can use with surface embroidery. Books on surface embroidery don’t often include information on ribbon use.

  127. I would love this book because I want to do more silk ribbn embroidery. I do some crazy quilting and it would be perfect to add more silk ribbon embroidery to my work. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  128. I’ve been in love with silk ribbon embroidery since I first discovered it some 20 odd years ago. It amazes me how stitched works can so closely mimic what we find in nature…and it lasts forever. So delicate and vibrant. I love creating and to be able to create such beautiful things feeds the soul.
    This book would keep me blissfully happy and wonderfully occupied, with plenty of time between now and Christmas to get busy.

  129. In reading your overview of the Little Flowers book inspired me to learn more about silk ribbon embroidery. I have done a little dimensional embroidery and really enjoyed process. Having this book would most definitely improve my skill level and give me many hours of pleasure.

  130. Just ordered Di Van Niekirk’s latest bookfrom Amazon. I have several of her books and love each of them. I have ordered kits directly from her and they are wonderful but quite expensive. Sometimes the shipping is more costly than the item ordered. I have found it nearly impossible to find the ribbons needed. A local quilt shop carried some ribbon but not much selection. Any thoughts on where to find ribbons. Secret Garden is exquisite.

  131. My passion is crazy quilting, I think it’s so pretty to work with silk or organza ribbon.
    Di explains it so clearly. I have a few books of Di, but not yet.
    I hope I win the book.
    Greetings, Maria Mulder from the Netherlands.

  132. Ribbon embroiderie reminds me of all things ‘feminine,’ something that I feel is sorely missing in our current generation. I loves flowers yet am not the best at gardening. This book will make me feel that I truly can make my own garden, including myself, grow and thrive. Thank you for this give-away opportunity. Have a wonderful 4th of July!

  133. I just love the daintiness look of the flowers. I would dearly love to add this to my library of stitchery books!!!

  134. I have never tried ribbon embroidery. I have longed to try it, as I am intrigued by the true 3 dimendional aspect of it. I do surface embroidery, am loving the Secret Garden Project, and I do needle point. We have a wonderful local needlework shop, Mindy’s Needleworks, and she carries the most gorgeous hand dyed silk ribbon of all types and I drool over them when I go in but don’t have a clue how to use them. This book looks very impressive and beautiful and I love my needlework books. I love your website. Thank you for the hours of enjoyment you have given me with your projects, patterns and tips and how to do them. Sincerely, Deborah Marshall

  135. To recreate the beautiful embroidery in this book would fill my soul with a lot of satisfaction. The colors, the textures, the ingenious embroidery and imagination that went into these creations are astounding. We should all be so talented.

  136. What attracts me to this book is that I never knew you could use ribbon in embroidery! This is a whole new world that has been opened up for me and I can only imagine the potential that is in this book!! I love all that you share with us, I have seen such beautiful things that I never would have found by myself! Thank you!!

  137. I love that ribbon gives the embroidery an added texture. I have never tried it before but would love to start!

  138. So great that this give-away is open to Europeans, too! I am always shedding crocodille tears when I see the beautiful stuff 😀

    Thebook reminded me of my grandma, who used to do ribbon embroidery on jumpers. I hated them as a child but miss them dearly now. Incredible what a lively cute look the pattern in the book have…

  139. I have always loved silk ribbon embroidery. It is so dimensional and can come right off the sheet. I would love this book to help my technique.

  140. I love Di’s books and projects. Her newsletter is always full of eye candy. It has been awhile since I did any silk work and I would love to have some new inspiration.

  141. I just looked at this book yesterday on Amazon. I have bought some of her books and a kit from her web site. I do Brazilian Embroidery, cross stitch and have just started thread painting and silk ribbon embroidery, I would love to have this book, I can’t get over how beautiful this craft is.

    Thank You, Nancy McCrillis

  142. What a beautiful book!! I enjoy both surface and Brazilian embroidery but have not done any with silk ribbon. The photos from the book shown in the review compel me to give it a try. I would love to add this book to my embroidery book collection!!

  143. Hopefully this is before your 5pm time zone as its 5pm uk now and fingers crossed you post to the uk? As I would love this book xxxxxxxxx

  144. Thank you for finding gorgeous books to review. You are helping to keep fine handwork loved and alive.

    Rhonda Weddle

  145. There is something very special about ribbon embroidery – It makes flowers sweeter and stand out among the many leaves – I would love this book. Thank you so much for the chance.

  146. All I can say is wow! I love handwork and especially flowers. Would love to try my hand at these gorgeous flowers. Silk ribbon is something I have dabbled in and I can just see these flowers adding to quilting or clothing… oh so many choices. This book would be a lovely addition to my home!

  147. I love the dimension of ribbon embroidery. I have a crocheted basket my grandmother did on a towel for me over 50 years ago. I have put it on a piece of linen and want to embroider it full of flowers. The ones it that book would be perfect for it. Your site is an inspiration to me daily. Thank you so much.

  148. Oh, Mary, I would love to win this book! SRE is one technique I have dabbled with, but I would like to learn more, and improve my skills. What appeals to me is the dimensionality of the silk ribbon work. I love how it seems to shimmer as light touches it. Thanks for the chance.

  149. Ribbon embroidery always makes the most realistic looking flowers! Flowers and gardens are my favorite subjects to embroider 🙂

  150. As I have always loved the realistic look of ribbon embroidery, it would be awesome to have this book for inspiration and instruction. Thank you, Mary, for your wonderful web-site!

  151. Mary, how timely. I just purchased some ribbon and some ribbon needles to try my hand at this type of embellishment. I have fallen in love with the look of the roses and felt I just needed to try some. Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  152. I would love to have this book as I think the flowers, butterflies and especially bees are AMAZING and would really love to learn to do them. Like many of your avid readers I am mostly self-taught (and my grandma and mom helped!) and have not been able to branch out to much three dimensional work yet as I have a really hard time finding the best place to start. On another note, I rely so much on your tutorials and reviews to help me improve. Thank you so much for giving me my daily fix of embroidery know-how!

  153. Wonderful review, it made me want to go buy the book right away. I love tiny floral ribbon embroidery on both antique an modern doll clothing.

    thank you,

    Kathy Singleton

  154. Dear Mary

    It is the country I was born in, South Africa, I have not been back in more than five years. Having seen the amazing flowers grow wild with energy and joy, it is just wonderful, that Di Van Niekerk capture it all so beautiful with silk ribbon and thread. I would love to win this one just to feel hugged by home!

  155. I am always attracted to the delicacy of ribbon embroidered designs. They impart a vintage feel, and femininity to flower designs. And the color palette can’t be surpassed. This book would be so inspirational to the recipient!

  156. I have done stump work but never ribbon embroidery. It has always been on my wish list…some day.

    This glorious book has whetted my appetite to really make an effort to explore the delicacy of ribbon embroidery.A long time ago I cut out an ad for a business in California which specializes in the ribbon used for this kind of stitching and have it in my file full of hope. What an incentive it would be to own a copy of this book.

  157. Comprehensive, detailed, and delightful comes to mind as I look at the photos from Di van Niekerek new full color book. I am thrilled she not only presents fabulous ideas for projects, but also gives a tool list. There is nothing worse than sitting down to start a project without the proper tools. All of her books are wonderful. It would be a delight to own one of them with such beautiful flowers. Flowers are especially meaningful to me since my husbands death. I have fond memories of flowers he give weekly during our marriage of 37 years. To try recreate Di van Niekerk’s flowers would leave a lasting memory of my husband’s generosity.

  158. OH! how Beautiful, You could pick the flowers right off the page! I love ribbon embroidery and these directions look so easy to follow. Ribbon embroidery makes everything so soft and romantic. I would love this book!

  159. Oh, Mary! My heart went pitter-patter when I saw the first picture on your blog of this incredibly beautiful book. I love, love, LOVE Stumpwork and 3 dimensional needlework. I immediately went to Di’s website and literally drooled over the gorgeous creations there.
    I will admit it. I am lusting after this book and the idea of being able to pore over it like a child over brilliantly rendered illustrations in an exquisite fairy tale book! My love of Stumpwork concentrates on nature – flowers, bugs, birds, etc. They are living and breathing in Di’s world!
    I would treasure this special, special volume in my collection and would be inspired to bring it to life!
    Thank you for your site and for bringing us needleworkers to another level in our passion for the art! Blessings, Connie :0)

  160. I love ribbon embroidery and have worked it with metal threads, I have also done stumpwork but not together. I would love this book to kick start a new chapter in my embroidery journey. I love your blog by the way, best wishes Fiona

  161. What a book for motivation… And well written instructions as well. When I visit the sick in the hospital and at home, I like to bring a card and a little something. Chocolate, of course, would be my first choice (definitely not straw hats!). But so many times there are dietary restrictions or fresh flowers can’t be brought in because of the bacteria that can develop in the water, even when changed daily.

    SRE would be an excellent choice! I am a newbie to SRE and would definitely need clear instructions to get me started. An SRE card would provide enjoyment to the young and old alike, male or female. With small children they would need adult supervision to fully enjoy this “sense”sation for developement.

    I do believe that it would be a great supplement to my other embroidery books. And using it, along with your website, should make it easy as pie!

  162. Dear Mary,
    I read Di’s blog weekly and surf her website often. Her instructions are always clear and thoughtful. I imagine the book is just perfect.
    I saw photos of the book in her website recently and found the chamomile (of which I drink at least 5 cups daily) absolutely adorable. I do ribbon embroidery and would just love to win this book, which I cannot afford to purchase.
    Thank you for the opportunity. You made my day when I saw your e-mail today!
    Have a happy and safe 4th!
    Doris HH

  163. Love what I see of the book. It attracts me greatly because I like to embroider with realism and I love flowers. This book combines both aspects.

  164. This book has the best detail I have seen in a long long time. It brings back memories of my grandmother and making crazy quilts with her. I would love to try my hand at this art form again and this book would greatly help in that venture!

  165. Ribbon embroidery, especially with the silk ribbons in a wide variety of widths provides opportunity to add delicious textures in the folds, twists and crevices created by the formation of the stitches lifting out of the ground. The delights of colour combinations and the variations with hand-dyed, add yet another dimension tempting observers to stroke and touch the textured surfaces. The thought of having this precious resource makes me smile as I look forward to opening the wrapper to take in the images showing how others have used with these magical threads and inspire me to put my own marks onto fabric.

  166. Members of my Embroiderers’ Guild of America Chapter, National Trail Stitchers, are enchanted with the color, dimension, fluidity, and beauty of ribbon embroidery. We are about to begin a workshop on the subject. We have a chapter library into which this book would go if our entry is drawn.

    Thank you for all the information and inspiration on your website.

  167. This is a gorgeous book! I often make special heirloom baby blankets for mothers having a little girl using ribbon embroidery. Generally i start with the first initial of the last name in one corner of the blanket and then let my imagination take over with sprays of ribbon embroidery intertwining the initial. Every blanket is different and always loved by the new mother. i would love to add this book and the new designs to my book collection. i am always open for new and beautiful designs!!

  168. I am interested in this book since I want to do a ribbon embroidery project on printed canvas for my family reunion in 2 years. If I start now, I may have it done in time.

  169. This is a stunningly beautiful book! What I love most about ribbon embroidery is the dimension. This would be an exciting addition to anyone’s library. 🙂

  170. The flowers jump off the page in this gorgeous book! I love silk ribbon embroidery because of the wonderful colors, the tactile pleasure in working with the ribbon, and the stunning results that can be achieved. I would love to add this book to my collection!

  171. Silk flowers bring a new dimension to my needlepoint. When the light hits the silk flowers the needlepoint comes to life. I want to reach out and touch the flowers. This book would be a wonderful resource.

  172. I absolutely adore her ribbon embroidery and really would like to achieve that level of reality in any work I’ve done.

  173. I think the thing that attracts me about ribbon embroidery, which I haven’t tried as yet, is the great impact you can get with what appear to be just a few stitches – and the ribbon colours available are so beautiful. It looks as though this book has some beautifully composed designs so I would love to have the opportunity to give them a go – and the layout and stitch diagrams look to be really clear too.

    Godalming, UK

  174. I have wanted to do silk embroidery, but have been a little intimidated. After reading your review of the book, I feel I would have the confidence to start. I grew up with five girls in a small town, and even at our Senior status, we meet once a year. Of course we bring each other homemade gifts. I would love to give them something made with silk embroidery on it!

  175. I love the 3 dimensionality of it. While texture can be achieved with plain floss, the ribbons just add such a great pizzazz! This book sounds amazing. Love your review.

  176. this book is beautiful and would be a great start to learning ribbon embroidery!

    thanks for another wonderful giveaway.

    Love your site!

  177. I love ribbon embroidery because it is beautiful and 3 dimensional. Every project I have done has been extremely rich and beautiful! I would like this book to help me learn new techniques. Also to get some new project ideas!

    Thank you!!

  178. Silk ribbon embroidery can be bold and beautiful. The book looks like it offers some wonderful ideas that can be used on any type of embroidery project. Thank you for the chance to win.

  179. This book is simply wonderful. I look at all your posts and others in embroidery and stumpwork and think, I wish I was as talented as that! I would love to learn from this book and hopefully it would give me confidence to give the ribbon embroidery a go and to be able to create those wonderful butterflies….. I have always cross stitched… which is great, but I want to create something with more texture and something really beautiful. 🙂 I want to create the WOW factor!!!! 🙂

  180. This book would be a great addition to my library for my growing addiction for handwork!

  181. What attracts me most to ribbon embroidery is how realistic some of the things (particularly flowers and plants) can look and how the 3D-ish-ness adds to the effect is lovely.

  182. I love the three dimensional and realistic look of ribbon embroidery. This book has very clear pictures which will allow my imagination to fly.

  183. Love all of your reviews on interesting books. I like ribbon embroidery for the artistic feel of the work. It is also very satisfying to watch the flowers emerge from pieces of ribbon.

  184. I love the embroidery -ideas of Di van Niekerk- everything is so naturalistic and real that one must only reach out to pick the flowers- this book was announced for a long time and it looks absolutely gorgeous! also the possibilty of embroidering small and “common” flowers and add them to many things is so nice. it would look very nice in my stitching library and would often been taken out….

  185. OK, so I ordered the book on Amazon… I just got the notice the order was cancelled due to lack of merchandise. BooHoo. So you KNOW I seriously do want this book.
    It is beautiful. It has wonderful ideas, and I am sure great instructions (I have several other books by her), it looks to be exactly the direction I would like to go with my art (I paint and then add embroidery to it), and because it adds 3-D to my work. I am wanting to do more 3-D, so have been adding the embroidery and getting great reviews. 🙂

  186. I’ve always been a huge fan of vintage ribbon embroidery and have been working up to attempting to do some of this delicate needleart myself. The ribbons now available are so luscious, with such an array of delectible colors, and the end results so lovely and sculptural they literally take my breath away. I would love to have this volume in my stitching library. Thank you for the opportunity. Wishing you a wonderful 4th of July in KS!

  187. I think what attracts me is my love of flowers, and how realistic flowers can be with silk ribbon embroidery. As much as I love some of the looks you can get with regular embroidery (like Trish Burr’s flowers), these ones look so real, I’d be tempted to see if they small as good as the real ones!

  188. I love ribbon embroidery it gives me a way to do beautiful work on my crazy quilts that stand out more so than other needlework. There is very few books that are out there that stands out as much as this does!

    I am very thankful for those that take the time to put there talent out there for those of us that can learn and teach others from it.

  189. I have a cache of beautiful silk ribbon that has been waiting for me to find inspiration; I found it in your review of this beautiful book! I clicked the link to Amazon and bought it (I thought). This morning I received an email telling me my order had been cancelled because it was out of stock! But then… I found this chance to win the book. Oh, happy day!

  190. Having worked for a florist, I love the possibilityof learning to create unique floral designs with silk fibers and selecting different combinations of flowers. Also excited about creating designs to frame as a shadow box. And share techniques with my ANG chapter. My stitching fingers are crossed in hope of winning!

  191. O.M.G. Yes I want it – what kind of stitcher would NOT? Okay the operative word here (2 words) SILK and FLOWERS!!!! Not shouting, squeaking loudly cause I’m so excited to see this book. lol I used to be a gardener, working in my flower gardens all day. Due to health issues I’m no longer able to do that. And being a lover of all things silk (and silk ribbon embroidery always being something I’ve wanted to learn) this would just be the best of both worlds. Crossing my fingers till Tuesday! 🙂 And thank you for showing it us.

  192. I like ribbon embroidery because of the texture of the ribbons combined with the different types of flowers and it all adds up to thousands of possibilities. This book will expand my repertoire for my crazy quilting.

  193. OMG! This is awesome and inspiring. Living in North Jersey, the textile arts are almost dead. But finding Mary renewed my interest in the embroidery I used to do before all the businesses went under because of the new embroidery machines. This is something I can do in the living room sitting near my husband instead of being upstairs by myself quilting. Oh, I’m still dreaming of what I can do here…

  194. I really want this book because I love the look of ribbon work and silk ribbon embroidery. I have tried to teach myself how to do it, without much success. I’m hoping this book with the beautiful pictures and instructions will help me make my efforts look better.

  195. Hi Mary, I would love to win this book! What attracts me most to ribbon embroidery is the realism of the flowers and how they would compliment stump work additions. I really want this book because I would like to learn this technique to use in conjunction with stump work and thread painting (both of which I am learning right now). The projects in this book are absolutely gorgeous and I would so love to make them!
    In Christ,
    Gail Jones

  196. this is perfect!! I love ribbon embroidery because it takes lesser time than thread and also the result is more beautiful…. I’m planning to start working on a saree… this is my first time… so this book will be a lot helpful…

  197. I would like to more in silk ribbon, has I have taught my stitching group all I know. It is amazing to me how flat ribbon and a little “know how” can make embroidery come alive. This book would help me get some more people started in silk. Thanks so much for the time and effort you put in to make this website so wonderful!

  198. I would really love to have this book because it shows how to make the flowers and colors “lift off” the pages. I am new into the silk embroidery and I want to learn all I can in all the right ways. This book should show me some of what I want to learn. Besides it is a beautiful book. I love the colors.

  199. Dear Marie,
    Glad for: you didn’t have to eat your hat.Your site is a true festival, lessons, comments, knowledge and gifts, this is “the best”. Thank you very much Mary and great weekend of three days to you. I know, this is the party to nationnale U.S.A.

  200. I have such an emotional response to silk ribbon embroidery. It’s like a Muse calling to me. I’ve completed only a few little projects, but I want to do more! More!! More!!!

    Becky from Kansas, now in Kentucky 🙂

  201. What attracts you most to ribbon embroidery and makes you Really Want this book?
    I would cherish this book, every since I first saw ribbon embroidery on etsy i have been in love with it, the flowers look so soft and beautiful and I love the 3D effect they make!

  202. Realistic and awesome look of ribbon embroidery work makes me crazy to get started with this is inspirational book.. love the look of this great book and waiting for it… Take care ..

  203. I’ve never done ribbon embroidery before though I feel very much tempted! In fact I’ve got all the materials required to start. I think having this book will just get me over the edge!! Its a gorgeous book and I just love it. Thanks for the chance to win Mary.

  204. What a wonderful opportunity to improve ribbon embroidery. I do know the basics, and would love to be able to have my flowers look more realistic. This book would be a great way to understand how to make a garden grow. I am always eager to learn and improve.

  205. Wow I am delighted that you have reviewed this book. I am intrigued with flowers and have looked at so many books not knowing what to invest in so I can add another skill to my resume. The photos and articles seen to be perfect for the beginner and pro. What a great book to add to some ones library.

  206. Why I really, really want this book? Oh, where to start! You had me at “how to use wires effectively and…make butterfly wings.” My forays into the world of dimensional embroidery have been unsuccessful so far. I would love to learn these techniques!

  207. Absolutely gorgeous look. Very realistic looking so the beauty of a flower shows through. This will be in my library, but I just ordered some books so need to wait for the next round I order. I love all kinds of needlework and enjoy knowing the history of the different kinds of needlework. Have just started doing ribbon embroidery and am enjoying it very much. I only have 1 book on ribbon embroidery along with one on stumpwork and Brazilian embroidery. It would be a very exciting and memorable day to win this book.

    Thank you for being soo! good to us. The information you share is the greatest.

    Have a wonderful day. Gay

  208. I love ribbon embroidery because it is pretty, pretty, pretty. Did I say pretty? Just sayin—


  209. I love the three dimensional look of ribbon embroidery. This picture reminds me of the botanical books of flowers and plants that were done in the 1880’s.

  210. I have another of Di’s beautiful books, but have not tried any of the projects as I’ve never done ribbon embroidery. I have finally started my first crazy quilt, at the ripe old age of 69, and need to learn how to produce ribbon embroidered flowers. Thank you for the opportunity to win this excellent (per your review yesterday) resource without depleting my purse.

  211. Oh! How I love this embroidery!! It is so beautiful I want the DVDs and books and all! Thank you for sharing this with us, Mary. I always avoid opening your email before others, Mary, because I go into dreamland and don’t get my chores done! 🙂

  212. I’m attracted to how pretty and delicate looking silk embroidery is. I’m an absolute beginner but I think the instructions are detailed enough that I want to stitching everything in the book.

  213. I have done embroidery since my grandmother taught me when I was 7 (in the 50s) When my 4 daughters were in their teens I learned to do ribbon embroidery and it became my passion for many years. When 1 of my daughters requested that I add ribbon embroidery to her wedding gown, We had moved to a little country town in Oregon where there were many wildflowers along the creek and the roadside, So she chose an array of colorful flowers for me to embroider on the silk dress which she designed & I created. I would love to add this book to my collection and get back to creating the beautiful flowers that bring back such cherished memories.

  214. I love little flowers and ribbon embroidery, and the book looks so well laid out and beautiful.

  215. Hi.
    I look forward to every one of your posts…please keep them coming!
    Thank you…

  216. I am so awed by the wonderful items you have made and your willingness to share them with us! Tahnk you!!!!

    1. I am so awed by the wonderful items you have made and your willingness to share them with us! Thank you!!!!

      I would love a copy of the book because it might help become motivated to start a project using all the ribbons I have collected. The beauty of the ribbon and the flowers would be like having my garden all winter.

  217. Silk Ribbon embroidery is my passion and I love all of Di’s books. i would love to add this one and learn some new techniques.

  218. I have never tried ribbon embroidery, but when I saw your review of that book yesterday I immediately wrote my friend, who also gets your newsletter, and told her I was hooked. I make little birds and I think the combination of those ribbon embroidered flowers with my little stuffed birds would be perfect. I love the 3D looks of the projects in that book and really want to get started with ribbon embroidery.

  219. I REALLY want this book!!! I have done a little bit of ribbon embroidery and it might just be that I am too anal but I have not been hugely happy with the results. Maybe the book will have some tips to improve my skills.

    Besides – it is just too pretty.

  220. This is a beautiful book. The pictures and descriptions look clear and inviting. I have done ribbon embroidery in the past and it is delightful to do and to see. I even made hand dyed ribbon in a class. I am pretty sure every one of these projects will find a place in my home – or
    CHristmas gifts for family. Thank you for showing it and for offering it.

  221. I put this book on my wishlist as soon as I read about it in Di van Niekerk’s newsletter months ago. The flowers are just gorgeous so how can anyone resist this book? I’d love, love, love a chance to win it!

    Flowers can be such a cliché, but I still love them. I grew up with a dad that was a keen hobby gardener (and with time also the most flower interested of the workers responisible for the flowerbeds in our municipality) and had the family farm to fill with his favourite florals and fruit trees. He died suddenly and unexpectedly last autumn so now my sis and I are inheriting the gardens. We also have some land so often as a kid, the whole or part of the family would go for walks in our little grove, enjoying the wild flowers as well as the cultivated ones in the garden.

    And it was flower making that attracted me to ribbon embroidery: it’s was such a perfect medium for creating life-like flowers. Not just a stereotypical five-petal flower, but flowers copying real flowers of all kinds. I mean, my first love is beads and embroidery floss, but ribbons are just the perfect material for creating petals and leaves.

    I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t done much ribbon embroidery. When I buy gorgeous ribbons, especially hand-dyed, I worry about ruining them or wasting them on an ugly flower. It’s a money thing, I embroider and bead on a very tight budget. The ribbons are just too precious to me and I keep saving them for a special project — but end up, therefore, not using them at all… It’s bad, but I’m trying my best to get out of that mindset and just create. After all, the idea with ribbons, beads etc is that not only are they beautiful as they are, they are the medium to create something even more gorgeous.

  222. I have always loved the look of ribbon embroidery. Don’t know why, it just looks more like a ral flower. I would love to have this book to learn how to embroide some of these flowers for my three granddaughters.

  223. What attracts you most to ribbon embroidery and makes you Really Want this book? First and foremost, you’ve given it such high regards it will have to become my “Bible” of ribbon embroidery, which I have never attempted to do. I have read a lot about it online, looked at may different articles of clothing, etc., have started collecting beautiful ribbon (and have quite a nice assortment) but have not decided on a pattern. I am hoping this book will lead me in a direction I can follow.

  224. Dear Mary I love all Di books and most of them adorn my bookshelf. She was my big inspiration to do ribbon work as well as needle painting. She opened a whole new world for me. The only official training I ever had in embroidery, was when I attended a workshop sponsored by Di. I was hooked from that day on.
    This is more a tribute to her as well as to you Mary for giving me the courage to do things I never thought I would be able to do. My deepest thanks to you both .
    Kind regards , Elza Bester Cape Town. xxx

  225. I have always loved ribbon flowers in embroidery samples. I have many antique garments that have tiny ribbon flower trim and I’ve thought how wonder to know how to do this kind of work. Thanks for all your time and encouragement in all we do. Martha

  226. I love to work with ribbon it is such a pleasure to see the finished product looks so realistic. The photo’s look so beautiful and such clear instructions it must be a joy to work from.
    Just hope it is my turn to be so lucky.

  227. Mary! Another fabulous giveaway. I would love to have this book, simply for the beauty that it is. I don’t ‘do’ silk ribbon embroidery any more than I do any single kind of embroidery. My work encompasses all types of stitches and this book looks like it could give me some inspiration.

    Heather M.

  228. Little Flowers in silk is so appealing because of the fabulous way it looks so real. Makes a person keep watering can close, so the flowers won’t wilt in this NC heat. Lol. That’s how real the flowers appear. Would live to try it!

  229. Oh Mary, I can’t tell you how much I want this book. I’ve been looking at it even before you reviewed it and wishing I could justify buying it.
    I envision this type of embroidery on sashes for wedding dresses, or even trimming shoes with it.
    And I just love the delicate elegance of the ribbons. I would love to be surrounded by spools and spools of beautiful ribbon.

  230. Silk ribbon embroidery can generate dimensional effects that give you realistic flora. The pictures you showed of daisies and lavender are so pretty! I am interested in learning better techniques and more stitches so I can create the beautiful flora I see. I also want to extend silk ribbon embroidery to subjects beyond flora and this book would help to do this. One example in mind is using silk ribbons for birds.

  231. I absolutely adore ribbon embroidery, especially since I suffered a stroke. It has become a definitive measure enabling me to stimulate my dexterity and hand coordination. It is the ultimate expression of love and peace. Aside from the supreme pleasure ribbon embroidery has given me, I love to gift my embroidery creations as well. I would absolutely cherish the book in this giveaway.

  232. I love beautiful embroidery! In my dreams I am capable of producing such lovely work. And the ribbons! I would want this book just to gaze longinly at all of the beautiful ribbons.

  233. Have been a quilter for a long time, but interested in crazy quilting. Just learning ribbon embroidery, this would help alot! My crazy quilting would sing.

  234. All the books by Di are fabulous!
    This looks like being a treasure as all the others.
    The dimension of SRS attracts me!
    Thanks for another gorgeous giveaway!

  235. I enjoy all forms of embroidery and look for ways to incorporate the various forms together. These little flowers would be a delightful addition to my needlepoint samplers.

  236. I never do this kind of embroidery, but want to learn it. This is an good book for learning and I thought Di van Niekerk is Dutch in her forfathers.
    Thank you for the give away, a lovely idea.
    Greetings from the Netherlands

  237. I would love to win this book because I love Dimensional and Stumpwork.
    I also have a largish collection of embroidery ribbon waiting to used for that special piece.
    I can never resist buying a few each time I go to craft shows and quilt exibitions.
    Love your site have learned a lot and recommened often.
    Brenda Beer Somerset

  238. I like to do 3 dementional patterns. have done bow ties and stars with dementions. Want to try flowers now

  239. I was blown away with your book review. I’m relatively new to embroidery needlework embellishments and was directed to your website as a great learning site. The inspirations are boundless. This book is inspiring me to try to set my goals to attain that level of needlework. And I absolutely love the scale of the floral work. Not oversized and chunky. This book will not only be a great addition to the library, but a great learning tool to learn the correct techniques from the beginning rather than unlearning bad techniques.

  240. This book is lovely. I actually just designed and finished my own little crewelwork garden and I’ve been playing with different ways to create flowers. This book looks like it would be beautiful inspiration. 🙂

  241. I have always loved ribbons. I love old fashioned silk flower corsages, or the ribbon flowers, usually violets my grandmom had. I love how ribbon can be worked and manipulated to realistically resemble a flower’s stem, with all of its bumps and twists and smooth areas. I love how you can pull it or unravel it to make it look like roots of a plant, or a bulb, or tendrils. Recently I used organza ribbon my needlept shop uses to wrap purchases with and made jellyfish bodies with it on my npt. canvas, guess what- they look pretty authentic!

  242. I really love ribbon embroidery. I have a lot of silk and organza ribbons and I think that this book will really help me to use them in a wonderful way. I am autodidact and I am sure this book will help me to perfect my techniques. It is always a pleasure to read you every day. I learn a lot with you. Thank you.

  243. I fell in love with ribbon embroidery several years ago when I was first introduced to it at the Needlework School at Calloway Gardens. I immediately did as I always do and began to buy every book I could find and yards of silk ribbon and began to experiment. I have been teaching and practicing the art for about 15 years. This book is exquisite! The flowers seem to jump right off the page even if the page is flat. I would love to own it.
    Audrey Bruner

  244. So beautiful the silk ribbon embroidery is. I would love so much to have such book.

  245. I LOVE the look of this book. I have been following your blog for a while and have stopped quilting to give me more time to crazy quilt & stump work. I am hopelessly hooked. I would love to do the flowers in review. I will try and figure them out. It would be fabulous if I had the instructions.

    Thanks for the review!

  246. I am just learning to embroidery with silk ribbon……..and I am hooked! Just looking at those realistic daisies makes me drool…….
    the book would keep me busy all summer 🙂

  247. Ribbon Embroidery is so intriguing in the laying of the silk ribbon to achieve the floral forms. Whether lying flat, or twisted, or stitched through… well this is what I want to learn. Such artistry can be achieved in this medium.

    Thank You for the opportunity to win this fabulous book. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY !

  248. I’ve always thought ribbon embroidery was beautiful. I’ve drooled over the books by Judith Montana for her ribbon embroidery and crazy quilting. Ribbon embroidery is lovely because it has the soft texture as real flowers do and their 3-D look. I’d love to win this gorgeous book.

  249. Enjoyed Mary’s review. She pointed out all the things I look for in a great how-to book. Detailed instructions, good supply list and best of all, the little extra tips so I can replicate the project successfully. I would truly love to have Little Flowers so I can learn and share the techniques with the young ladies in my family.

  250. I love ribbon embroidery because, of course, it’s so beautiful, and it’s usually much easier than it looks. Lots of payoff for your efforts! This particular book goes into organza ribbon techniques, which I think should be fascinating.

  251. I love all types of needlework and I am drawn to ribbon embroidery because of its unique beauty. I am a beginner and this book has awesome step by step instructions and pictures which will really be helpful to me on taking the next step to challenge myself to try harder pieces.
    I love your emails and look forward to receiving them almost everyday!!!

  252. I love needlework of all kinds but few have caused me to gasp and my heart to skip as did ribbon embroidery the first time I saw it. And there is a lot of beautiful ribbon embroidery out there but no one else designs with ribbon as does Di van Niekerk!
    Her designs are charming, her execution is flawless and her inspiration must be Divine. Only the most perfect embroidery can withstand such absolutely clear photography!
    Di’s work is my aspiration and I could use some pointers on making butterflies.

  253. I have never tried ribbon embroidery but it’s on my list of new needlework stitching to try. I have always loved ribbons since I was a little girl going through my grandma’s sewing room fondling all her fabrics and ribbons. I am fascinated by how a piece of ribbon can be turned into beautiful and realistic looking flowers. I would love to have this book because it is lovely and even if I don’t try ribbon embroidery for sometime, I will be able to dream while looking through the pages of gorgeous ribbon embroidered gardens in this wonderful book. Thanks for the chance. Teal

  254. I love the richness of silk embroidery. The first thing I noticed about your post today, even before I noticed your generous give-away, was the way the daisies “pop” in the picture. Then I noticed the bees and other flowers. How marvelously creative. Perfect patterns to practice your lessons! Thanks!

  255. I am having a birthday on the 23rd of July and can’t think of anything I would love to have more than this book on Silk and Organza Ribbon. I have tried all sorts of flower embroidery and have always wanted to try ribbon. This would be my chance. I love the way the silk ribbon looks and the organza just enhances the whole picture. Thanks, Mary for the chance to win this book.
    What fun!

  256. Di van Niekerk’s new book Little Flowers in Silk & Organza Ribbon would make decorating my Casket of Curiosities take on a whole new dimension! Would I pick flowers from all the places we’ve lived, all the continents, or leave a message as tussey musseys do? Whatever I’d choose, the directions and pictures look fantastic! I’d love to “say it with flowers!

  257. This embroidery is beautiful. I have always wanted to try it and have even gone so far as to buy the supplies. Then the fear crept in and I put it away. This book looks so encouraging and makes me believe I CAN do it!

  258. What draw me to ribbon embroidery? I love the dimensionality! And I NEED it for my library because I don’t have it!!! Thanks for the chance to win it.

  259. I started working with silk ribbon about 3 years ago along with crazy quilting. I love it, wish I had started years earlier! I love the threads I work with, but there is just something sensuous about ribbon. I would very much like to add Di’s new book to my library. Her work is so fantastic.

  260. Oh I would love to add this book to my collection! I just love the dimension and softness SRE can add to a stitched piece. I have done some ribbon embroidery but one can never have enough knowledge on hand stitching and never enough eye candy for inspiration.

  261. Hi Mary,
    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Those flowers all but jump off the pages. I can’t imagine anyone not intrigued by their life-like qualities and beauty. To learn how to make them- what a thrill that would be!! Thank you so much for this opportunity.
    Peggy in NJ

  262. Just an exquisite book for any embroidery enthusiast! Would love to win it!!!

  263. I’ve just recently started to work with silk ribbons. I just love how flowers, leaves and vines look when created with beautiful silk ribbon. I have used these ribbon flowers on crazy quilt blocks. I need much more practice and this book looks like a excellent reference for me to continue learning.

  264. I attempted some small pieces of ribbon embroidery and the book you reviewed is enticing me to do more. I would love to have this beautiful book and I’m particularly interested in the opportunity to read the instructions that they are providing along with the beautiful pictures. thanks, helen

  265. What a great book offer. Ribbon embroidery looks so real/dimensional. I’m learning crazy quilting that includes silk ribbon embroidery and this would be a fantastic book to have. Thanks for the opportunity. Darlene

  266. The book looks absolutely fabulous. Your description has it on my “lust” list. I am a long time embroidery and love the luster and texture that silk ribbon flowers can add to a surface. This book would provide tons of inspiration for a long time to come.
    Nancy G C

  267. “Little Flowers in Silk & Organza Ribbon” is like finding a fairy’s secret journal of “How to Create Your Own Personal Garden.” The plentiful lush illustrations, made me want to start a project, immediately. The detailed instructions include fun graphic stitch examples, presented in a clean, precise and easy to follow manner. It is a beautiful book, and how much I admire the authors!

  268. Can’t believe how realistic the ribbon flowers appear. Would love to stitch a year-around inside garden for my house. Really brighten the winter months, plus no allergies or weeding.

  269. The layout and instructions in this beautiful book is something I could do. Not forgetting the fact that I love flowers, real, appliquéd, embroidered and imagined. Those wafer-thin daffodils remind me of my home in England in March so I’ll bet I’d learn ribbon embroidery. Plus it would be another technique I could pass on to my 4 daughters and 3 granddaughters.

  270. I love ribbon embroidery because it creates the most beautiful flowers – nothing else comes even close. They are more delicate then stumpwork ones and seem to wave off the fabric. Why do I want this book? Because I love the project with the daisies – white daisies are so simple and yet to perfectly summer. And I hate being in my garden this year and being eaten alive by mosquitos, so why no make some instead?

  271. Embroidery has always been my first love. Recently it has helped my recovery from the big “C”. I’ve never tried ribbon embroidery but have the silk ribbons which I cannot resist. This book appears to be a great teaching resource. Thanks for the opportunity.

  272. Oh, my, it is such a beautiful book!! I have stitched stump work with everything EXCEPT silk ribbon! I would love to learn how to use silk ribbon and be able to include it in my stump work pieces! Thanks for the opportunity!

  273. I am working on designs for Christmas. This book would be perfect for what I want to do with the ornaments. The colors are beautiful and the flowers are exquisite.

    Thank you

  274. Silk ribbon embroidery is magical. It engages senses of sight, touch and imagination. I’ve made two small children’s books using this embroidery which both children were so excited about and the excitement lasted past the first look. I’d love to create more complicated pieces and see that this beautiful book could be just the right inspiration for me.

  275. Thank you for offering this give-away!
    I like designing projects and this book would help me come up with unique designs. I would love to do a project on Wisconsin wildflowers. I only plant natives on my 77 acres and would love to promote planting native wildflowers through stitchery! 🙂
    Thanks again!

  276. I am addicted to Crazy Quilting. I can embroider but have not yet been brave enough to attempt ribbon embroidery.I love all of Di’s post and I would love to have this book 🙂

  277. I would love the book. I have bought some ribbon in the past to try the ribbon embroidery, but since I do not know how, it (the ribbon) has sat in my stash. This book would definitely be a great addition to my “How to” Library and would be used greatly – and I might add quickly. Thanks for your web site and all the information I have picked up from it.

  278. I find myself in this moment of my life at a crossroad…i have to decide if i continue to do a boring job with no satisfaction but quite secure economically speaking or blow everyting and follow what my heart desires: BE CREATIVE at any cost!!!For this i took some time up from my actual job and think about it!!
    I always done creative activities: embroidery, high fashion couture,silk flowers,fabric painting, recicle and upcicle, and so many other…invested a fortune in books and spent hour and hours of my free time browsing on various themes…I follow your site dear Mary for many time and your rewies tutorials and professional advices were more than gold…this book can be a valuable asset for me as completes what i already do for my passion!! anyway good luck to everybody and follow what your hearts desire: ALWAYS!

  279. I’ve done a couple of small pieces of silk ribbon embroidery and learnt how to do it from the Internet. I would love the book as it would give clear instructions and provide ideas to enhance my embroidery projects.

  280. This book of “Little Flowers in Silk and Organza Ribbon” is a beauty that anyone would love. I have done some silk embroidery, and would love this book.

  281. I have not seen anything quite so stunning as this book. The flowers are so realistic. I should love to win so I could try my hand at such fabulous ribbon embroidery. I’ve never tried ribbon work but it looks fun and this would give a me great foundation.

  282. I would love to own Little Flowers in Silk & Organza Ribbon…..What attracts me to ribbon embroidery is the beauty of the ribbons and the flowers that are created with these ribbons…..This book will help me increase my skills for creating unique and lovely 3-Dimensional flowers….Thank you for giving me this opportunity
    Arlene Harris

  283. Ribbon embroidery looks so pretty and also useful for evening bags and other such little essentials. I love adding texture and low relief to my embroideries. The book looks beautiful and the projects enticing so I would proud to own it.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a lovely tome.

  284. I love the 3-D effect of silk ribbon embroidery and also the fact that it works up quite quickly makes this an endearing type of embroidery work for me.
    I would love to have another book on silk ribbon embroidery for new ideas. This book looks absolutely gorgeous.

  285. Years ago I got into a bit of a disagreement with my smocking teacher about the proper way to make a fly stitch. We were using them as the calyxes of bullion rose buds. She insisted that there was only one “right” way to do the stitch.

    However, I believe that any stitch, regardless of fibers or ground material, has only one purpose: to create the effect that you want. If you make a stitch in a particular fashion and it creates that effect, then the stitch is “right” whether it looks like the samples in a book or not.

    Silk ribbon gives me fantastic flexibility in interpreting any given stitch. I can make a tiny rose with 2mm or a full blown rose with 7mm and they look nothing alike. I can make flowers that are neat and tidy, or something that looks like an impressionist’s English country garden, full of abundant, blowsy blossoms. I can make long, graceful stems and leaves with only a few stitches, or create flowers that stand off the ground fabric with wired ribbon. The variety is simply endless.

    Di van Niekerk’s books are always a treat. Her interpretations are vivid and inspiring, no matter what threads she is using. I’m looking forward to getting a chance to see what she has done with this subject. I’ve joined the Cabinet of Curiosities, and wouldn’t be surprised if something from this book will go well on my cabinet when I stitch it. Thanks for the contest!

  286. I love the life likelook of ribbon flowers and ribbon work is one of the easier of the embroidery techniques. I also love the fact that it is so easy to hand dye my own ribbons to get just the right look. Di’s work is just amazing, her books are full of wonderful inspiration, good technique, tips and I just want this in my library!!

  287. Good grief! I love the looks of this book! Whoever wins is going to be one lucky stitcher. Thanks, Mary.

    I love doing silk ribbon embroidery. It’s about as close to instant gratification as there is in the embroidery world. I really like the 3-D effect that you can achieve. So realistic. This book seems full of good advice and drool worthy projects and that’s what makes me want a copy.

  288. I love the way ribbon embroiry looks, although I have never tried it. I would love to be able to read the book to learn more about it!

  289. I was eyeing this visual powerhouse of a book on your website. Stunning!! Ribbon embroidery is so luscious because of the dimensional and textural aspects. What a lovely give away!! Thanks for bringing this one into the spotlight.

  290. These flowers are so realistic I can just about smell them! I have so much to learn in embroidery and this book will be an excellent way to learn ribbon techniques. Thank you!

  291. I love a walk in the garden no matter the time of year and that is what ribbon embroidery looks and feels like. It’s the closest in look and feel to real petals and soft leaves and is easy on the stitching fingers. I have previously added ribbon embroidery on our daughter’s dresses (collars, fronts and on sleeve bands) when she was little. Hopefully she will have a daughter one day who can wear them again. This book has such beautiful flowers–my faves are the daffodils, lavender and wild roses. The detailed pictures/instructions in the book are wonderful AND there are kits available on her website or individual ribbons–perfect! Who wouldn’t want this book!

  292. Oh Mary, now you’ve hit the right nerve, I’m a great fan of Di van Niekerk and have collected all her books over the years, this one is on my Amazon wishlist. I love silk ribbon embroidery and used to teach in South Africa, now I exchange ATCs and Postcards but still love it and use it in my crazy quilting. This would be a special one for me. Kind Regards Mandy Currie

  293. My mom has the most beautiful gardens, with all sorts of wonderous flowers. I think it would be very neat to be able to make her garden in miniature so that she can have some beauty to get her through the winter!

  294. I would love to win this book! I am soooooo attracted to these because I did them as a child with my Granny. I am now 60 years old and this brings back tons of memories!

  295. What a wonderful give away.

    I put this book on my wish list as soon as I read your article the other day. I love Di’s work and someday hope that my ribbon work will look half a good as hers. I love books….all kinds of books. I don’t think I could ever own a Kindle or electronic book because I would miss holding a REAL book in my hands.

    Thanks Mary and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  296. Oh this is a gorgeous book, and I would love it – I have become stale in my ribbon work and this would be the much needed impetus to get me going again.

  297. I love ribbon embroidery because it is so beautiful. I was going to wait for this book to be available in the US, but I would love to win it.

  298. DEAR MARY

  299. I love this book & it’s on my wish list. I like to make anything with ribbon from flowers worked on netting to ribbon embroidery. I like the texture and there are some many gorgeous ribbons out there, you just want to pet them (or drool on them). Thanks for a chance to win such a great prize & Happy 4th!

  300. The attraction of this book is not just the wonderful, easy to follow instructions and the exquisite photos but the study in nature. Beauty for beauty’s sake.

    What a joy to behold!

  301. I would to have this book because I love silk ribbon embroidery. I took a beginners class about 8 yrs ago and have loved it since. Sadly, our last needle work shop closed awhile back and now there are no more classes or even a store to buy from. This book would hopefully give me the direction that I would need to keep up with this beautiful craft.

  302. Gardening and needlework are my passions. I spend most of my too-short-summer working in my flower beds. If I had this gorgeous book I could spend the too-long-winter creating a garden with ribbon. I absolutely love the 3D effect of the ribbon embroidery. I worked up a small kit some years ago but have never really found patterns or supplies to work with. If I don’t win this book I may have to buy it instead of another perennial! 🙂

  303. I love the book and the 3d of ribbon embroidery. I think it is something I need to add to my repertoire!

  304. I don’t know how to do ribbon embroidery as I am a relatively new comer, albeit, very enthusiastic, to embroidery. I would love to learn how to do this especially using such a beautiful book.

  305. I have great plans for some embroidered art for the new little nieces in my life that involve Mr. Rogers recommendation to ‘grow ideas in the garden of your mind.’ I find it beautiful and refreshing. This book would help me come up with beautiful designs and pieces.

  306. I am making a small quilt to encourage a friend who just lost her husband. I am using regular hand embroidery and want to integrate some small silk ribbon flowers into the design. I need a book to help me with the flowers.

  307. I love how ribbon embroidery can seem to leap up off the fabric! This particular book also has some amazingly lifelike flowers in it, not just squashed kinda-looks-like-a-flower flowers.

  308. I love the dimension and depth that ribbon embroidery gives … not to mention colour colour colour! I have dyed my own silk ribbon and would love the opportunity to use some of it in one or two of the projects in this book. Our guild project this fall is crazy quilting and oh how lovely ribbon would look on this.
    So happy about the hat. There is no tea in the world that would make it palatable. 😉

  309. I have dabbled in silk ribbon embroidery and want to do more. I think our modern lives lack the beauty of delicate embellishments. Thank you for all of your wonderful give-a-way books. If I am not the lucky winner I will have to put in a request for my birthday.

  310. I love the dimension of Ribbon embroidery, the fantastic colors of ribbon and relative simplicity of the stitching. For me it is a win win. Di’s work is simply amazing for me she is the Queen of ribbon embroidery and I love everything she does. Her new book looks fantastic!

  311. Hi Mary
    What a lovely book (from cover to cover)I love the realism of the flowers. One feels you can pick the flowers from the book and put them in a vase. I love three dimensional embroidery and this book would assist me with my stumpwork project I am working on at the moment. I love books that are useful and educational and this one sure is both.

  312. I love silk ribbon embroidery! It is the sculpture art of embroidery. Not only can you use a variety of embroidery stitches, but you can shape and mold those stitches. Along with additional threads you can use ribbon to create a piece with dimension and movement. Di is a master at combining all these elements. You can create a piece of beauty and have so much fun with ribbon, threads and needle.

  313. I love silk ribbon embroidery. It gives such a punch of color and texture to a design, and in a short period of time, because the ribbon is wider than the usual thread.

  314. Ohhhh, when I saw the picture of the strawberries, for fear of sounding too gushy, I felt like I was 5 again and my mother was reading me a storybook .It just touched me and I wanted to touch it. A journey back 60 years ago! I would certainly enjoy a book such as this and learning from step 1 how to embroider in 3-D. What fun! June Locke

  315. Oh Mary how I would love to win this. I love Di”s work and have completed three of her flower fiaries kits for the grandchildren which they proudly have hanging in their bedrooms! Di has such unusual and innovative techniques and I would love the opportunity to learn more. Thanks for yet another competition x

  316. This book shows off ribbon flowers in all their opulent and luscious glory! A beautiful ribbon blossom makes me want to pluck it right off the page. I can’t think of anything much more satisfying than to learn how to create them!

  317. I love Di van Niekerks books, I have started doing some ribbon embroidery recently and borrowed one her books from our local library! Love her intricate and realistic designs! Having just recently broken my ankle, I intend to spend my recouparation time stitching and practising my ribbon embroidery! So this book would be a really great to have!

  318. I enjoy surface embroidery but have done very little ribbon embroidery. I would love a great ribbon embroidery book 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  319. As an avid gardener, artist (oils) and embroiderer, silk ribbon embroidery really lends itself to flowers and plants. I have a five year old granddaughter who is such a feminine little girl – the more frills, flowers and fantasy the better. I’d just love to see what I could come up with, for her, from the book. Your web site is just amazing. I’ve bought so many books after reading your reviews that I know this book wouldn’t disappoint me.

  320. the beauty and wonder of creating different objects like flowers, grasses, etc fills me with great pleasure. I have embroidered some of her astonishing patterns and found it very fullfilling!

  321. This book is so beautiful. It can turn a dreary day into a ray of sunshine. What I love about it, is the amazing true to life creations on every page. One could marvel at all the fantastic illustrations. The photos are so pleasing to the eye making each page a sweet adventure.

    If I win this book I would be thrilled to share it with family and friends. Everyone whether they embroidered or not would benefit from such a work of art. The Little Flowers in Silk & Organza Ribbon Book is Awesome!

  322. Di Van Niekerk is the bomb! A super-prolific artist and author I know, but I’ve never learned any of the techniques she teaches. And I’m excited about her new book – adding ribbonwork turns basic embroidery into a mixed-media event, and I love the 3D effect of stumpwork. I think this does for stitching what fabric and beaded embellishments do for basic scrapbooking – makes the project something you just want to not just look at, but reach out and touch.

  323. I love the effect of ribbon embroidery, and love to use it to embellish clothing. I always get oohs and aahhs when I wear something with ribbon emb. The book would give me lots of new projects.

  324. Fell in love with stumpwork when Jane Nicholas came along. Then along came Di and Oh my! What she does with ribbons is not possible. I just drool over her pictures when her e-mails come and then I wait for her next book to appear on the publishing scene? Would love to be able to browse through this at will,
    Both for the instructions as well as the pictures. thanks for reviewing it.

  325. I love the delicacy of ribbon. embroidery. The flowers are the closest to real life of all crafts. My name is Susan Middleton.

  326. My skills and creativity are minimal with ribbon embroidery. I found Stumpwork several years ago and can’t believe to texture and detail displayed in the flowers using silk ribbon. I would love to give it a try! This book looks delightful and full of ideas.

  327. Years ago, I bought three lovely little books on ribbon embroidery, gave one to each of my two daughters, then finally gave the third to my daughter-in-law after she admired it. Never did replace my own. Would love to be the one to receive this one.

  328. Oh Mary,
    when I read your review of this beautiful book, I ordered it at once. I have done a bit of silk ribbon, and am always looking for a new approach. If I should be the lucky winner, I would give one to my friend who is just starting in ribbon work. Your daily newsletter gives us lots to talk about, and we enjoy reading it every day.
    Thanks for the opportunity to own this beautiful book.

  329. How beautiful. I would love to win this book, but if I don’t I will buy it. Couldn’t possibly live without it. Well maybe I’d live, but it would make me happier to have it.

  330. I simply must spend some time with this! It reminds me of work my mother and grandmother did especially in the winter when they were inside more. I will definitely learn these techniques. The dimensional look of the work and the ribbons combined with embroidery is truly an art. I have a feeling that this could be translated to many different canvases.

  331. Love flowers and love the way they pop with ribbon embroidery. Ribbon Embroidery allows one to create so many varieties of flowers in a realistic way. Would love to try it and this book would be the inspiration.

  332. What attracts you most to ribbon embroidery and makes you Really Want this book?

    I believe I am attracted to ribbon embroidery because it is “touchable” and it is exquisite! This would be such a wonderful book to learn from. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Jane Thomas

  333. I love flowers. I am a botanist and an embroiderer. Ribbons are wonderful to work with making three dimensional art work. The book looks beautiful with great pictures, designs and explanations. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  334. I devoured your review of “Little Flowers in Silk & Organza Ribbon”, enlarging every picture, going to every link referenced. You really hooked my interest.
    Same day I went to our regional library to place my name on a wait list — “Little Flowers” was not even on order! I am hoping that my request to purchase it will be granted — not just for me, but for all those people who would love the book if they knew about it.
    Your offering the opportunity to vie for a personal copy is terrific. I do want to win! I want to hold my own copy of “Little Flowers…” in my hands, leaf thru it, read it carefully and then share it with my granddaughter who is attracted to needlework but hasn’t found her niche yet.
    And, if push comes to shove and the library doesn’t order “Little Flowers”, I will give my copy to them — after my granddaughter & I have thoroughly enjoyed owning it.

  335. Your review of this book made me go straight over to Amazon and add it to my wish list! I was so inspired and want to make some quiet books for my family and friends! I think that would be so fun and beautiful to do!

  336. What a beautiful book!
    I’m not putting my name in for the giveaway because I’m sure there are people who could make better use of it, but it just might go on my Christmas list or something…

  337. You know when you admire the look, relish the touch but are just that little bit afraid of failing to produce such a beautiful result? Well I have recently been inspired enough by your blogging to register for a ribbon embroidery class. I believe this book would not only help me with inspiration, but dare me to take one more step after one more step. Very exciting.

  338. As a biologist, I fall in love with any embroidery that depicts the natural world. This book would be a fantastic reference to create realistic embroidery projects!

  339. The colors of the silk and the type of 3D that you can achieve are what most attracts me to silk ribbon embroidery. I love all her books. What a feast!

  340. Flowers are such happy bits of color and texture, and I love to embroider them.

    I have not done silk embroidery in several years, but have a piece of crazy quilt inherited from my aunt, and would love to fill it with beautiful stitchery —- esp. flowers, so this book would be a wonderful guide,

  341. This is a beautiful book. I retired from nursing three weeks ago and discovered your website the following day. Since then my interest in embroidery has been rekindled I have bought linen found threads, hoops, transfer paper and even ordered threads for whitework from the site in France. I have been working on a pillow top using one of your Monogram letters. Thank-you so much I had forgotten how much I enjoyed doing handwork. Your blog is wonderful cannot tell how much I have enjoyed reading and viewing the videos. Thank-you

  342. I’m a BIG fan of Di van Nierk. I love, love, love her work! Can’t wait to get a copy of this book.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  343. I love all her patterns and realistic all the flowers look. Her work just takes my breathe away!! In my wildest dreams I wish to achieve the skills she has!! i just drool when I see the work she does…it’s not a pretty sight!! She does the best flowers ever!! Thanks so much for a chance at this book.

  344. I love this book! I think my attraction is based on the beautiful colors, the sheen of the ribbons, the elegance… I could go on and on.. Just a lovely looking book.

  345. This book has inspired me to try to capture natures beauty.As it is 3D it reflectseven more of nature. I only hope I can do the work and inspiration justice.

  346. Thank you Mary for offering the book to win. I have never done ribbon embroidery and have never been blown away by it UNTIL you reviewed this book! It all looks so life like I would love to have a go one day and until then I could drool over the beautiful pictures.

  347. I love the texture you get with ribbon embroidery. I’m really intrigued and want to try embellishing some of my tops or skirts.

  348. I’ve always admired ribbon embroidery but been daunted by the details – the essentials needed to get started. This book looks like the PERFECT answer. The photos in the book don’t even look like embroidery – more like real flowers that are popping off the page. Thank you for the reviews of such wonderful resources. The book is definitely on my wish list if I don’t win the give away. Love your website and look forward to it every day! Thanks for all your work.

  349. This book energizes and enriches my ambition. The flowers are lovely fresh and delightful and I would love to be able to add it to my library and to my talents. Thanks for the opportunity.

  350. Hi Mary,
    I so enjoy and teach silk ribbon embroidery in my area, the way the stitches meld with each other and catch the light is such fun.
    I was afraid the technique would fall out of favor when our local shops stopped carrying the ribbon. This lovely new book shows it’s still alive and well!
    Thanks for another fun giveaway and my very best to you.

  351. I have seen some ribbon embroidery and always admired it but thought it must be more difficult than “normal” embroidery so have never taken the plunge. Your review of this book and those gorgeous photos that show ribbon flowers (are they really ribbons and not real live flowers????!) took my breath away and I believe I *must* try this! Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of this book! I already added it to my Christmas list the minute I read your review, but would be so thrilled to have a copy now.

  352. That is a great looking book. I would enjoy the step by step instructions.

  353. ummmm……”My name is Mary Anne and I’m a bookaholic”. Is that a good reason to covet this book? Thanks Mary for a chance to win a copy!

  354. I have done silk ribbon embroider and love the way the flowers look so realistic and beautiful–except in miniature. I have never done Organza Ribbon Embroidery but it looks like a perfect partner for the silk ribbon. What fun it would be to learn how to combine the two. The book would be a perfect guide for learning the technique. I can’t wait to try it!

  355. I love the feel and look of silk embroidery ribbon. I like to do silk embroidery flowers on my cardigan sweaters. This book would give me some new ideas and be lovely to peruse on an afternoon.

  356. I’m a crazy quilter and this book would be crazy helpful. Thanks, btw, you have made me SUCH a better embroiderer! I made monogrammed pillowcases for a friends wedding and they were so happy. You’re quietly spreading happiness!

  357. My mother did beautiful silk ribbon embroidery and never taught me to do it. I am sure with the book I could learn….she is not here to teach me anymore. I seem to order the books you review after I don’t win them!!!!

  358. I just ordered my first silk ribbons so I can begin exploring silk ribbon embroidery. I do all kinds of crafts, but silk ribbon embroidery is just so gorgeous and can be blended in so many ways with other forms of needlework to add dimension. Loved your review of the book and it looks perfect for a beginner like me. I’m in love with the lavender and chamomile project!

  359. I’m fascinated by inthe possibilities of ribbon embroidery – adds depth and texture to the floss, and just seems to expand horizons!

  360. I have never done ribbon embroidery, but I am fascinated by it. I would love to have this book to get started learning this beautiful work.

  361. I love to re-create (or try to re-create) nature scenes with needle and thread. My preferred needlework medium is needlepoint, but ribbon embroidery can easily be adapted to work on needlepoint canvas. I am eager to learn this technique to increase my needlework vocabulary. The author’s work is beautiful and very inspiring.

  362. I have always been attracted to ribbon embroidery. My mother became very good at it, but I haven’t done any in a long time. Just looking at the illustrations would be a pleasant way to pass a summer afternoon, but instructions on how to make those beautiful designs would be ideal. Every since you showed the book the first time, I began to wonder where my ribbon were. I found them, but they need ironed before I can stitch with them.

  363. What makes me REALLY wish for this book is the same desire that ribbon embroidery calls out to me: I adore organza ribbon. I adore it so much I have an enormous stash that unless I learn how to use it in embroidery from this book, the organza could become my sole inheritance left to my two sons! Best of all, the ribbon embroidery is about creating flowers. What could be better than combining those passions for embroidery and for flowers?!

  364. I love ribbon embroidery and have a great deal of fun and creative time designing and teaching small projects to encourage students to take the plunge into the beauty of silk ribbon embroidery. It would be wonderful to add to my collection of great ribbon embroidery books!

  365. Oh how I would love this book. Today I actually completed my first attempt at ribbon embroidery. It was a very simple kit I purchased at a church yardsale. I’m sure someone had originally purchased it with great intentions of completing it, but alas it found it’s way to me and my stash. What are the chances that you would post a ribbon embroidery give- away the same day I decided to try my hand at it. The stars must have aligned! So if I am lucky enough to win I promise the book will find a good home with someone eager to do more ribbon embroidery.
    With warm regards, Lisa

  366. Di Van Niekerk is truly the queen of ribbon embroidery, the flowers look so real. I love embroidery of all kinds and gardening too. If I win this book, I would make something beautiful to enjoy during the cold Midwest winter…long after my flowers have faded. Thank you for the chance to win such a lovely book.

  367. I like silk ribbon emb because the silk ribbon is so intrinsically beautiful that it is hard to go wrong. It stitches up quickly and is very forgiving. I would love to win this book as you can never have too many embroidery books.

  368. I love ribbon and ribbon embroidery. Flowers and leaves look so beautiful and real. This book looks like it takes it to another level, the photos are amazing. I would love to add it to my collection and try some of Di’s designs. Great giveaway, thank you.

  369. Imagine on a cold winters day with the wind howelling and the snow blowing creating summer blossoms with a needle. Ahhh magic

  370. What attracts you most to ribbon embroidery and makes you Really Want this book?
    OH WOW the colors pop out and I think i could really make something beautiful….even ideally lovely

  371. I absolutely love flowers and I want to learn to create dimensional flowers from ribbon. I have been looking for a ribbon embroidery book and this is the most beautiful book I have seen. I am aware of the author’s work having seen it on the Internet and I would like to thank you for the wonderful review and a chance to win this book.

  372. Is it to late? I hope not. This book is beautiful! Would love to have it as inspiration for future embroidery projects. Especially for handbags. Thanks for this wonderful give-a-way.

  373. The book looks absolutely beautiful. I have never tried ribbon embroidery. I have dabbled in other types- Brazilian, Swedish weaving, chicken scratch, counted cross stitch and Hardanger. I also like to crochet and do a little Pysanky! I just need to retire from teaching so I have more time!

  374. I was amazed by the realism of the gorgeous projects in this book when you reviewed it the other day. I was taking a little break from grading final exams (I am teaching at a seminary in Kenya), and the flowers were so refreshing. I would love to learn how they were constructed. Moreover, as you pointed out, it would be a lovely coffee table book.

  375. This book is truly fantastic, I have never done ribbon work before. This book plus your review has inspired me to give it ago. I just loved the Poppies, so would definitely do that one first.

  376. The embroidery looks so alive. I love it! I’d like to increase my skills and broaden my scope and I think this technique would be a good place to start.

  377. I like so much to embroider, that I think the book is awesome!!! and all the tecnique you give and share qith us!!!!! happy to be part of this fantastic group of talented people

  378. Such inspiration. Need I say more??!! As a beginner this book would be a great help.

  379. I love embroidering in different style.I would love to have this book to try this new style in my wardrobe.

  380. Hi Mary,

    Ribbon embroidery looks very realistic. I have done some ribbon embroidery on a pillow cover and my kids fights to get hold of that cushion every time I uses it 🙂 May be I can create one more pillow and end the fight by using some designs from this book?

    -Viji Sunil
    Chennai, India

  381. I would love a chance to practice this technique.It really brings a piece of embroidery to life. Blessings

  382. Color, texture, dimension, oh my! What a fantastic feast for the senses and the mind! I love learning and teaching new yarn and needle crafts. I homeschool my kiddos and would LOVE to use this book in our learning! Thanks for the opportunity and for sharing. Peace

  383. This is the most beautiful and inspiring embroidery book i have ever seen. It has everything that i want. Gorgeous flowers that are three-dimentional and so realistic. I would be very happy to own this one!!!!

  384. I had a go at SRE with a kit, but failed miserably, so I’d like this book to give it another try. It’s such a versatile technique and looks so lovely

  385. I couldn’t believe how beautiful and life like the embroideries were in this book when I read your review. I love the delicate quality the ribbon gives petals and leaves but also the way the ribbon can be made dense and be built up for texture. I would love this book! If I don’t win I think I’ll have to buy a copy anyway!

  386. What attracts me most to ribbon embroidery and this book in particular is the realistic look of the flowers you are able to create. Also love the romance of ribbon embroidery!

  387. I think silk ribbon embroidery makes a striking impact in crazy quilting, my embroidery specialty. A new book may help me improve my technique, which is not at nice as I would like.

  388. I am self taught in many crafts. This book makes me feel the anticipation of a child at Christmas, as it is so beautiful, so what I need, so what I really desire to own. Will I win it? I truly hope so as I am so anxious to hold it in my hands, and give my eyes and heart a feast of beauty.

  389. Since I began to crazy quilt almost 8 years ago, silk ribbon embroidery has really captivated me. I want to incorporate it in to my work but I want to be good at it before I do. I have purchased most every title and DVD that Di van Niekerk has available to study and learn. I would love to win this book and add it to my library for more learning tools.

    Thearica Burroughs
    Henderson, NC

  390. My son is autistic and love a piece of ribbon to roll for sensory reasons. Would love to be able to show him another use for his collection!

  391. Oh, silk ribbon…my heart just flutters even at the thought of it! The ribbon comes in so many colors and, the different sizes and types make creating so much fun. The internet is full of artistic examples that would rival Mother Nature’s own creations…making it a wondrous adventure just to view these inspirational stitchery. This book is sure to provide hours of inspiration!

  392. This is a beautiful book. I love ribbon embroidery & have been a fan of Di Van Niekerk’s work for a long time. The silk ribbon flowers just jump off the pages of this little book. I would love to add this book to my library.

    Thank you,
    Patty Shipe

  393. Ribbon embroidery adds such depth and dimensionality to any project, it’s wonderful! And her books are always glorious. I would love to add this to my library.


  394. Oh Mary, what a gorgeous give away.
    I first saw ribbon embroidery in the Inspirations magazine the you recommended a few years ago.
    I have now (thanks to your little videos)improved many fold in my embroidery and have been yearning to start with the ribbon.
    I have been collecting ribbons in jars from all sorts of places including on clothes where they us them to hang the clothes up.
    This beautiful book would be the perfect place to start. I went onto Amazon after you reviewed it, but will have to save my pennies.
    Oh and nothing to do with the competition, but my daughter now follows you as from a couple of weeks ago. Marvellous.
    Thank you Mary for this and for your daily dose of inspiration.
    Take care

  395. The book looks marvelous. I would love to learn ribbon embroidery. In fact I’ve been holding on to an advertisement for a silk ribbon company in CA hoping someday I’d be able to learn about this beautiful art

    I’ve done 3 dimentional stump work, and from your review,understand that ribbon embroidery also has a 3 dimentional aspect. Lucky indeed is the person who has this guide.

  396. I love this book and would love to have it. I sew a lot of crazy quilt and would love to be able to include ribbon embroidery into my crazy quilts. Di van Niekerk’s work is so beautiful. I don’t have any of her books, but would really love to have this one. She is a genius when it comes to ribbon embroidery. I think you could call her ‘the ribbon whisperer’! She does have a way with ribbon. Thank you for this opportunity. I’m certain that who ever does win, will enjoy this book for a very long time.

  397. Wow! If this book could help me make flowers that looks like I just stepped out in a garden this is the book for me. I would rejoice if I could make the flowers even 1/2 as good as in this book. Thank you for your newsletters, your insperation, the eye candy you send to my email inbox, and the especially your tutorials. Without them I would have to stop attempting to do needlework and I would miss doing it so. If I would win this book you would see fireworks coming from my house.

  398. I like ribbon embroidery for me, It is a spectacular embroidery, 3D. It is also a delicate embroidery.
    You are so generous, Thank you


  399. Dear Mary,
    What a lovely opportunity for a lovely book. I thoroughly enjoyed going through your review and would love to learn to handle ribbons and threads as shown in the book. It is so delicate, her color and design sense truly pleased me. The flowers are so pretty and made me feel refreshed.

    With best wishes from a sunny, warm and muggy morning in Florida,

    Cookie Ziemba

  400. I have always loved working with silk and organza ribbons. They can be so elegant and so versatile. I have used them on everything from sweater vests to embroidery cases.. I love the way that they wash up when used on a linen blouse as well as baby clothes. I have even used them on denim overall and a matching peter pan color blouse for the child that doesn’t care to wear dresses. I would love to use this book as a launching point for my next unique project.

  401. Ribbon embroidery allows me to feast on vibrant colors of silk. What a wonder to manipulate these ribbons with various stitches and see fascinating floral shapes in your embroidered garden all year round but …especially in the dark, dreary days of winter.
    Carolyn, Freehold, NJ

  402. Oh, what a lovely book. The shop I use has all types of gorgeous ribbons and I’ve never been inspired to try ribbon embroidery –until now! While I prefer needlepoint, this looks exciting and I cannot wait to get into this form of embroidery.

  403. I just finished embroidering the 50 states flowers for a quilt and loved the process. What a treat it would be to experiment with more 3-dimensional embroidery–it may make a nice accent to the sashing for this quilt I’m finishing! I actually have an area on the state quilt (to fill up the placement) where I could do a linear insert of mixed 3-D flowers! Wow–that would look wonderful!

  404. Little Flowers in Silk & Organza Ribbon book looks wonderful. I love 3D. I love when there is dimension in the piece and certainly ribbon embroidery does it. Having this book would up my game in embroidery and it would be so much fun doing it.

  405. Oh, my! For two days now I have been drooling over the book. You find the most spectacularly, wonderful books. I make cloth art dolls and use embroidery, ribbons, flowers, beads, etc to embellish them. They are so much better to dress than children – they never fuss and will wear whatever I chose to put them in.

  406. I have several silk ribbon books all with fairly large flowers. I am a doll maker and would love to have a book with small motifs to use on my dolls. I also do Brazilian embroidery and would love to combine the two. I like the dimensional aspect of the silk ribbon and the Brazilian. I have always been one of those the smaller the better. Thanks and Happy 4th. Linda Berget Palmer Alaska

  407. I really appreciate the intricacy and creativity of this book’s techniques. I think it would make a great addition to any library, particularly those interested in embroidery, as I am.

  408. What I love most about this book is that the subject is flowers – I love my gardens & love having flowers in any form in my house.

  409. Love the texture & dimension that happens when stitching with ribbon!
    It’s beautiful and dramatic. I would love to learn more about this tecnique and spend happy hours playing with beautiful ribbons and gorgeous color!

  410. This book looks really wonderful. I love flowers and have been wanting to try silk ribbon embroidery. I’d love to have this book.

  411. Whoopee! What attracts me MOST to ribbon embroidery is its ethereal beauty. It’s dimensional and fairly quick to complete. Why I want this book? Well, I’m ready to buy it on Amazon and if I could win it that would be awesome! Thanks, Mary!

  412. I’ve admired silk ribbon embroidery from afar for years, but never dared attempt it. With this book in hand, however, I think I could actually accomplish Something Beautiful. I would love to have this book! Thank you, Mary, for all you invest in us.

  413. I haven’t done much embroidery with silk ribbon but I am hoping to start adding it to my landscape pieces for added dimension. In fact, I’m hoping to purchase some bulk 4mm white silk ribbon to dye myself. I’ve been looking on the internet but haven’t found a suitable source yet. Any suggestions?
    Also that book looks very interesting. I could find a lovely home for it :). It would certainly be helpful in creating my own floral and grasses to use in my work. Thanks for the chance to win.

  414. Bonjour,

    I work silk and organza ribbon since many years. I love those materials and all the possibilities they offer.

    Di van Niekerk is not only a skilled but a creative embroiderer. I would be very happy to win a so gorgeous book.

    I read you daily and I wish to let you know how instructive and interesting I found your letter. BRAVO !

    Have a good day.


  415. Why do I really want this book? Because I love the feel of silk ribbons when I stitch with them. Because silk ribbons are pretty and I want to surround myself with pretty things. Because it’s a book about silk ribbons and you can never have to many of those. I could go on but you probably get the drift 🙂

  416. Flowers are so beautiful. I have loved gardening so. Now, due to life changing happenings, my gardening involves planting on fabrics with needle and threads. I would like to become as expert in creating silk embroiderd gardens. This book would afford me the opportunity to plant gardens again!

  417. I’d love to add this book to my collection I have a quilting project waiting that requires me to add some ribbon embroidery work to it and this book would assist greatly in learning how to embroidery with silk ribbon. Thanks for the chance to win it

  418. Nothing is more exciting than replicating with near perfection the beauty of nature in silk ribbon. As much as I love the flowers in my garden, that much more I find creating them on a fabric canvas immensely pleasurable. I am such a fan of Di’s work and Really Want to be able to study the book’s examples to inspire my work. Thanks so much for your work, Mary, and the chance to win this book!

  419. I really like the fact that it is smaller flowers. I do Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery and can see myself combining both of these techniques into a wonderful project.

    Mary in Oregon

  420. Ribbon adds texture,excitement and realism to embroidery.As I read your review of “Little Flowers in Silk & Organza Ribbon” I thought this is the book I need to complete the chuppa I started 5 years ago for my daughter’s wedding.It was used at the wedding. 75% of the chuppa is complete. The 25% that is incomplete is the ring of flowers surrounding the words. Of all the embroideries I’ve completed over the years this is the one I would love to hand down as an heirloom.

  421. SRE is an important part of my CQ repetoire. Recently I’ve been substituting narrow organza ribbon for the silk and am pleased with the translucent results. I love the silk colors and the manipulitity of the ribbon. I use the overdyes as well as the solids. The “Little Flowers” book should be an excellent source of inspiration. Barb W, MO

  422. Since I lived and lived in isolated areas, I taught myself through books. Goldwork, Brazil stiching, and stumpwork. I am trying now ribbon work! Since then, I try to teach for free any one that wants to learn. Please please, I would love this book as a few Hutterite ladies and I are trying by gosh and by golly to teach ourselves ribbon work without a book! Only what I have been able to find on web. Soon I will be losing that as I am going to a area that hadn’t it. Please please please ! Happy stitching all and good luck on the book.

  423. The realism and the texture! They look like they should have scent! And these photos and how-tos are so well done, this would be a wonderful addition to my stitching book collection.

  424. I am an embroiderer and quilter and i like to try new ways and methods . in my library I have embroidery and quilting books but unfortunately we do not have many books in hebrew and most of them where brought abroad. A book on Ribbon embroidery will be a very useful addition to my collection and will help me learn a new skill .

  425. I make doll clothes and this would be a wonderful addition to my library!


  426. I love this book! I have always wanted to learn ribbon embroidery, particularly for clothing for my granddaughters, but also for some special projects.

    Thanks for including me!

  427. I love silk ribbon embroidery because I feel it can be very modern, simple or complex, a bridge to the past. I love how versatile it is. O love adding buttons, pearls, beads and do-dads.

    This book looks divine. There are some unusual techniques. I think the stitch quide looks very helpful and clear.

    I like the book and the embroidery for the same reasons, they are visually stunning and lovely. I love the ribbons, needles and just all the wonderful accutramonts that go with this.

  428. I am starting a crazy quilt project and can see that these ribbon techniques would be perfect additions.

  429. I am just starting a crazy quilt project and this would be very inspirational instruction.

  430. I haven’t had much chance to give ribbon embroidery a try. I would love to get into making Crazy Quilts and that would be a lovely way to embellish them.

  431. Amo bordado em fita, ficaria muito feliz em ter esse belo livro, com ele aprenderia muito, pois sei muito pouco ainda, sou uma aprendiz!

  432. I’ve recently ventured into stumpwork in the last couple years & love the beauty & texture of it. Di’s work is incredible! I have several of her books but haven’t been brave enough to try anything from them yet. This book would be a fantastic addition to anyone’s library. I would Really Love to win it, so I might finally be brave enough to try Di’s fabulous designs! Thanks for chance to win!

  433. I have read well over 400 replies and find this community of embroidery artists fascinating. So many creative and interesting women to join with.

    This book made me fall in love. What else could it be when my heart started to beat faster, had to catch my breath ,eyes were as wide as a child’s on Christmas morning. In fact I keep going back to enjoy the emotion all over again.

    It is with pure joy to thank you once again for finding and sharing such an amazing resource. Such fun to anxiously await the give away too. We will all share the excitement of the lucky winner.

  434. I enjoy and use her books in my ribbon work. I have been waiting for this book to be printed as it would be a great addition to my library.

  435. I’m a poppy person too & have enjoyed using silk ribbon embroidery in the past because it washes well in wearable art. Those plump strawberries tempt me too and such a book might expand what I stitch for others. Glad for your review & this opportunity, Chris in SF

  436. I love silk ribbon embroidery because it is so rich, shiny looking and it’s raised effect. Also it is not extreamly difficult and you can cover a good sized area in less time than most other embroidery. I have most of her other books and would be excited to win this one. Thanks for all you do mary.
    Robin marks

  437. The beautifully realistic flowers here would be wonderful to add to so many different projects. I have not done much ribbon embroidery, but would love to develop my skills in that technique more and this book would be the perfect inspiration and encouragement! Thank you much for offering it!

  438. Sometimes it is nice to own something just because it is beautiful – this book definitely falls into this category. I would, of course, try some of the projects, (I also love the chamomile) but most of all I would just enjoy looking at it over and over – dreaming of my next project.

  439. Beautiful, beautiful book. I like the softness of ribbon embroidery – the materials are so lovely. I would try new techniques with this book. Not to mention stroke the pictures!

  440. Hi Mary! I love ribbon embroidery and incorporate ribbons where ever I can find an excuse to do so. The only bad thing is that here in Alaska no stores carry the ribbons, so I have to order on line or stock up when I go outside.

    I would love this book because 1) It’s beautiful to look at and 2) it will inspire me on my next projects!

    Thanks for the opportunity and for the wonderful blog!

  441. I have attempted ribbon embroidery for my crazy quilts. I would love to have this beautiful book for my library. I have been following your site for a few months now and have learned a lot so far. Thank you for your inspiration.

  442. The light feeling in combination with the 3D effect is what speaks to me. I think there is a lightness to ribbon embroidery in comparison to stumpwork – I really like both but have not yet dared to try ribbon embroidery. When I read your review of this book lots of ideas came to my mind of where I could see ribbon embroidery adding the extra to make things really something (I also sew to my own wardrobe a bit and I could for examble imagine an evening gown with poppies in silk). the book looks really inspirering.

  443. Love this book,the flowers jump right off the page and look so real. Full of admiration for such craftsmanship. Makes me want to start stitching 🙂

  444. I’ve been really into silk ribbon techniques recently, having just prepared a class on rouched silk ribbon flowers for our EGA Chapter. Would love this beautiful book, both to learn and be inspired from it. I would leave it out on my coffee table to inspire others as well.

  445. I love silk ribbon embroidery for the beautiful texture of the silks, and the challenge of placing each stitch just so. Also, it’s fast! This book would really stretch my skills, and teach me something new.

  446. I think it is the ribbon itself that I like best about ribbon embroidery. It can be light or rich, and I love the way it reflects the colours around it. Di is a master, and she knows all the best ribbon stitchers, so I know this book will be a treasure!

  447. The dimensionality of ribbon embroidery attract me to it and I Really Want this book because your review convinces me that I could learn ribbon embroidery techniques from this book! (And I loved the look of the pages you included in your review.)

  448. I haven’t done much ribbon embroidery, but this book would inspire me to try much more — the photos are so beautiful that it is hard to believe that the flowers aren’t real. This would be a great book to have!

  449. Mary,
    Thanks for another great give away! I love silk ribbon embroidery because of the dimensionality and the beautiful colors. I would love to have this book because of her detailed instructions with so many pictures. Hard not to be able to do this! Thanks again.
    Sheila in CA

  450. Hi Mary!

    I love the way ribbon work creates a very realistic looks in just one or two stitches and I would like to be able to really use the pretty satin and organza ribbons I have in my stash, so the book would help me to get going with some ideas….

  451. Hi Mary,

    I absolutely love to stitch with silk ribbon
    and the look it gives the stitches. I would love
    to win this book, the techniques with the ribbon
    and the organza are awesome and learning from a
    master stitcher would be such a learning experience.


  452. We just had a ribbon embroidery demonstration at our ANG chapter in May. The teacher brought items to show. Stunning!! This book would help get me started in a new direction with ribbon embroidery. The flowers that this technique can produce are gorgeous.

  453. I love ribbon embroidery because it is gorgeous! And versatile! I like to embellish sweaters, baby clothes, shirt pockets, etc.

  454. I’m interrest to look this book. I work with ribbon, I like the texture and 3d effect.
    J’aime beaucoup lire vos courriels.merci

  455. This book comes along at a perfect time! Have just taken a class in Ribbon Embroidery given by a woman who does the most amazing flowers and leaves on felted hats, bags, etc. She dyes the silk ribbon that she uses in variegated colors that turn the flowers, leaves into a natural garden!! Am working to perfect my skills, and have been searching for a book that would advance my skills!! The ribbon gives a depth and color illusion that cannot be achieved with cotton or silk thread!! Exciting!

  456. The silk ribbon embroidery pictured appears to leap off the page. I love the 3-D look of the work!!!!

  457. I just love texture in embroidery, and ribbons add such a delightful dimension. It’s really surprising what interesting effects you can get from ribbon that you couldn’t quite accomplish with thread. I would love to have this book for inspiration in my own designs as well as the instructions for the book projects.

  458. I love silk ribbon flowers as they are dimensional. I use this type of inspiration for my pictures. The book is a keeper! I would love have it in my libaray.
    Debra Puma

  459. My mother was an avid embroiderer and I remember thinking as a kid that the back of her worked looked as good as the front. She has been gone for 40 some years now but I till think of her when I embroider and I am still using her oval steel hoop. I aspire to be a s good as her some day and this book might help put me in the running. Thanks for your offer!

  460. The beauty of the flowers. They look so real! Elles sont magnifiques, le réalisme des fleurs est surréel. J’aimerais apprendre à réaliser un tel travail. Je suis fortement attiré par tout projet dans lequel on y retrouve de la texture et du relief. J’aurais enfin la chance d’expérimenter un tel projet. Bonne journée!

  461. The book looks quite yummy! I’ve just learn to do embroidery for crazy quilting and would love to add ribbon embroidery. The book has beautiful pictures that I could look at over and over.

  462. I love texture in most of my favored art forms,and ribbon embroidery makes a plain ol’ piece of fabric alive with texture! I learned to do ribbon embroidery while I was recovering from my hysterectomy and kind of associate the work with “freedom.”

    I subscribe to Di’s website and love her work; she is such an inspiration! This book would be a treasure in my house!

  463. I love the beauty and dimension that silk ribbon allows. I would love town this book. I own all of her others and they are beautiful.

  464. Dear Mary,
    Firstly I just want to say, I empathise with your “slump”. I sometime go on ‘strike’ from my own planned program. It usually doesn’t take long before I realise I’d rather be working on my projects than “wasting time” doing anything else, and especially not eating your own hat.
    I love the three-dimensional realism of ribbon embroidery. Those bumble bees with the camomile and lavender are spectacular. The combined master talents of Di van Niekerk and Marina Zherdeva in one book with full project details from woe to go, and beautiful pictures into the bargain …………..Yes, that’s a book I REALLY want.

  465. Thanks Mary! I would love to win this book. I used to do lots of silk ribbon embroidery and have quite a stash of ribbons. I am very interested in the use of a glue stick. That would make those ribbons behave. Great idea. I now use glue sticks in quilting and am all for it. My fingers are crossed.

  466. Thank you Mary so much for the opportunity to win this book. These books are so exquisite the directions so very very good and to be able to stitch flowers like them would be a dream come true.Ever since I was a little girl my dream has been to embroider lifelike flowers that you want to smell and pick.A refreshing relief when we seem to be drought stricken more often than not or bushfires!!!
    With love and appreciation for all your input Chris M

  467. Hi Mary,

    My first attempt at ribbon embroidery was as a gift for my mother. I embroidered a bag for her (yep I tend to jump into things in a big way), it was daunting at first, but exciting too and the finished result was amazing, it gave such a wonderful 3D effect to the main rose I was thrilled.

    She uses it as her go to knitting bag every time they are in the car.

  468. The first time I saw ribbon work I was hooked. The realism aided by the softness of the ribbon and delicious colours draws me in like a moth to light. I am familiar with the authors work and web site. I just love the beauty of her work!

  469. I Love silk ribbon embroidery and I also design and teach this form of embroidery. the FLOWERS look so real and the colors that either can be dyed or bought are wonderful, and leaves are so much fun. I lust for this book I hope that I am the lucky winner. Jo McHENERY

  470. Mary..What a lovely book!
    I have always wanted to have a go at ribbon embroidery :)This looks to be a great starting point.

  471. This is such a lovely book. I am just learning silk ribbon embroidery and this book would serve as wonderful inspiration and instruction. Mary, I really enjoy your website and the emails. Thanks for providing all of this information to embroidery enthusiasts.

  472. I regularly knit purses and vest -it seem to me the techniques in the book would greatly enhance these projects- would love a copy

  473. I have seen a picture of this beautiful work done by a friend of mine. It is amazing how it turns thread and ribbon into works of art. I have also seen on Pinterest.

  474. Ribbon embroidery is so structural. The stitches are lifted off the fabric making them come alive. Who could not love it?
    Why this book? It’s not just flowers, the insects are fabulous and seed pods too! This looks like a great tool to learn insect stitching techniques.

  475. I love silk and ribbon embroidery because by it’s very nature, it lends a degree of dimension to any embroidery piece to which it is applied. By the essence of the silk ribbons & organza, the embroiderer is intrinsically given license to be more creative, and to impart realism into their piece that would otherwise be difficult to re-create. When I retire in about 1.5 years, I plan to spend time experimenting with silk & ribbon embroidery in combination with other types of surface embroidery. Thank you for your wonderful web site.
    Gaithersburg, MD

  476. Silk flowers add life and depth to stitched flowers and surface embroidery – even if used sparingly they enhance other techniques around them.

  477. I was able to purchase a large bag of silk ribbons via Kijiji. Many colours. I have been researching how I might use the ribbons in both conventional and unconventional ways. This would be a perfect addition to my resources. Thank you.

  478. I love to do silk ribbon embroidery.It is not precise, you never know how it is going to look/be.(mine) There, you know I don’t always follow the rules and have some June’s stitches that are difficult to duplicate. But just add a few beads here and there and your flowers look perfectly beautiful and real.
    + receiving lots of attention. Then you can teach people not to touch, just admire.
    My sheep from Lavender & Honey is so cute. Finishing instructions, fabulous. Hedge hog next.

  479. What attracts me most? I have admired and drooled over this artist’s work for a very long time. I would love to learn from her book and her example.

    I looked at the poppies. They are so life-like. She has a wonderful way of imating life. I’d like to learn from her teaching.

  480. I like texture and so I like the texture and 3D effect that ribbon embroidery gives a piece. I also appreciate the approximation to realism in the finished project. I like new challenges and this book would be a real help!

  481. “It’s an excellent book to have on your shelf, if you are interested in silk ribbon embroidery, if you’re looking for unique three-dimensional embroidery techniques, if you’re keen to add ribbon embroidery to crazy quilts and the like – or if you just love beautiful embroidery!”

    ALL the above!!!! I haven’t done silk embroidery in years and am just starting to embark on learning stumpwork for my “Cabinet of Curiosities” project. This book sounds like the perfect place to refresh and to learn new techniques. Thank you so much for that excellent review!

  482. The book looks wonderful. It is so hard to find any realistic looking embroidery patterns. I miss the days of being able to find real books at a real bookstore. I hate the thought of ordering everything online.

  483. Wow, what a fantastic resource! I love floral anything and this book is so realistic. Combining stumpwork and ribbon embroidery is something I’d like to explore. Being mostly self taught the book would be a great addition to my bookshelf. Thank you Mary for the chance to win a copy of this terrific book.

  484. the gentle gleam of ribbon always captivates me & when i see the dimentionality it imparts to an embroidered piece i’m always compelled to pause & absorb it in detail ( whether or not i really have the time to spend )the vignettes are akin to reading a fairy-tale to me.

    my own forays into exploring this medium have been hit & miss so far as i’ve been more-or-less simply experimenting on my own & haphazardly picking up tips on the net catch-as-catch-can – a picture book with tutorials would be immensely helpful – as well as time/ribbon saving 😉 !

  485. I love how Ribbon embroidery captures the beauty of nature and still holds it’s essence in the art form. For years i saw peeks of it here and there always wondering what the art form was called so i could look it up and learn it. I only recently discovered it’s name. I have flipped through a few books in the store, the few I found on it. It would be my first book on embroidery but rightfully so beings ribbon embroidery is what drew me to embroidery in the first place.

  486. Such little flowers to embroider in silks and organzas catch my eye. Not tiny flowers, but little. Poppies that quiver, daffodils that twinkle, daisies that smile, and lavender that pops – who would not want such a book to cherish?

  487. I have become so enthralled by the absolute beauty of intriguing three-dimensional embroidery. It is something I hope to incorporate into my senior studio work in my last year at school!

  488. The book looks absolutely fascinating . I love ribbon embroidery n would simply be ecstatic if I could win it so that I could try to create the lovely designs that are portrayed!!!

  489. I enjoy crazy quilting-If I were to win this book I would put it to good use. The flowers in the book are beautiful. I have always wanted to learn how to do silk ribbon embroidery. Thank you for the chance to win this great book.

  490. Embroidery in any form I love it. No matter what the reason flowers say it the best, it always inspire and encourage, beautiful silk ribbon flowers make a pretty addition , It is three dimensional art which is giving depth as well as width and height to it and look real. This book will be a new addition to My Collection.
    Thank you
    Nirmala Aniruddha Jadhav

  491. Ribbon embroidery, especially flowers has fascinated me for a while, but I never seem to get up the gumption to try it out. The gorgeous pictures in this book might be enough to make me do just that.
    Thanks for the lovely review and giveaway!

  492. The flowers in this book really come alive! I’ve never been so moved by SRE as I am now after reading the review. The designs also have a contemporary look which I love.

  493. i belong in a little nook on earth called Kottayam in the state of kerala in India…i had fallen in love with hand embroidering my sarees with locally bought satin ribbons. one stitch with a ribbon covers up ten stitches worth of space with an anchor skein! Not to mention the 3D effect..perfect for impatient embroidery persons like me!
    i thought it was my own technique until i came across your post with those pretty pictures popping out of the book…if only i could reach out and touch them. my little girl has started her first embroidery project in school and i can picture her eyes popping out when i show her our own special book all the way from england!

  494. I have just taken up an old UFO. I had stopped near the end because the making of a wired flower was too much for me. Recently I decided to forge on and I love the results and the process actually was no that hard. I want to do more and this book is just what I need.

  495. Hi,

    I love the delicate precision of threads, creating crisp outlines and detailed flowers, but ribbon embroidery is like an impressionist painting – flowers are not accurate, but are true.

    Oh dear, I think the lateness of the hour here has made me wax slightly poetic 🙂 I did think for a moment that the daisies were real and photographed on the book for artistic effect! What a marvellous effect to try out!

    MJ Down Under

  496. I have done a little ribbon embroidery but need lots more practice. This book has such clear instructions and the designs just jump out of the page. It really is a “must have” for my embroidery library.

  497. I really like the 3D look of ribbon embroidery. It appeals to me and looks like a fun thing to try.
    A good instructional book is a great way to start, especially when it has some great projects you love.

  498. I love the textural nature of silk ribbon embroidery. I am hoping to embellish some clothing for a special little girl and use some silk ribbon embroidery if I can learn to be more skillful than I am now!

  499. Hi Mary!

    Thanks for another fantastic book review and giveaway! I’ve done ribbon embroidery off and on for ages and am most attracted to it because it is relatively quick to do and can be very realistic. I have a long denim vest that I ribbon embroidered years ago and I still get lots of compliments on it every time I wear it. I love DI’s books! They are always beautifully photographed and her instructions are great! I’d love to add this one to my library, especially for Di’s suggestions for the narcissus and chamomiles and I’m sure it would inspire me to pull out my silk and organza ribbon collection and get creative!

  500. I’m in the middle of a big project and at a crossroads, book might help with which road to follow.

  501. I have been doing floral embroidery for years. It claims the most titles in my stitching books(among them a number of Di’s) and files and I have to say that it is my favorite embroidery technique, though I like all types. I would love to add this to my others. Thank you for the opportunity to maybe do so

  502. What attracts me most to ribbon embroidery-there are so many! First of all, I love how realistic flowers look when using ribbon to embroider. Then, I like how quickly silk ribbon embroidery works up and fills in space. What really makes me want this book is Christmas is coming rapidly and this book would enable me
    to make many gifts in a fairly short amount of time.:-)

  503. Amazing work!. I recently retired and decided to learn to make a Baltimore Album quilt. Your blog has opened me up to a whole new world all of which I can include into my quilt. Those flowers would be a great addition. Love them. This stuff is so much fun. I know you put a great deal of time and effort into your blog and we all appreciate it. It is fun stuff. Thank you again.

  504. Floral Embroidery claims the most titles in my stitching library. i have been doing it for many years and must admit it is my favorite technique. To manipulate silk ribbon into life-like flowers is truly a satisfaction. I have a number of Dii’s books and they are truly exceptional.

  505. Hi,
    Thank you for a chance to win this beautiful book! After your review ,it immediately went on my wish list for Christmas or Birthday -either one will do! I would love to win it instead!! Your question was thought-provoking. I love silk ribbon embroidery for the simple elegance but also because of 3-D effect makes it pop off the page. It makes flowers, bees, butterflies and nature look so gorgeous and natural!

    I would like to honor the women in my life by making a portrait of them framed with beautiful silk embroidery. I think a black-and-white photo framed with the flowers and ribbons would really be something special to do in their memory.

    I was taugh some of the basic stitches as a child, but didn’t create anything of real value until just recently! After I found your blog my passion for this beautiful art form really kicked in! Now I wake up and the first thing I do is read your post and the second is start stitching. LOL! I’ve given up breakfast preferring to make a smoothie instead because it’s faster and allows more stitching time. I also stitch every chance I get on breaks, lunch time, waiting in the drive-through.. Crazy, I know.

    As a beginner, I’m practicing my stitches by making 3 hello kitty pillows for my sister’s grandchildren. I am almost done the third one. Yay! I see many more stitching projects in my future, and I would love to have this book to add to my small library. Thank you for all that you do and thank you for the joy you brought to my life!



  506. What a great book….I love that the projects look like anyone can do them. I have no ribbon embroidery books so this would be a first to add to the growing list of things I’d like to try.

  507. This book is beautiful. I envision beautiful clothing embellished with a field of flowers,a baby blanket with beautiful colors and textures for my soon to be great grandchild’s fingers to explore,and the inspiration to start the crazy quilt that I have been collecting scraps for for years. Maybe, an embroidered journal of the Victorian garden I am restoring this summer. Or maybe………..

  508. I love ribbon embroidery as a possibility to create very realistic picture. And this book would be a great start learning this embroidery. Di van Nieker’s books are great teachers.

  509. Ribbon embroidery is the perfect needle art to teach a beginner! It is so much fun to watch eyes light up when a new stitcher sees what beauty they have created. Hooks them on handwork every time :). I would be so happy to have this book to add to my library. I have been a Di VanNiekirk fan since her first book crossed the pond.

  510. There are lots of book available on the subject of ribbon embroidery but this one is so special, because it’s texture. I love the three dimensional look. The poppies are my favorite from the review. I need this book! Louise

  511. This book is unbelievably beautiful!! It makes you feel as if you could just reach in and create a gorgeous bouquet that would “wow” everyone who saw it!! I am always looking to learn new things and techniques to bring my embellishment of my needlepoints to the next level. I know that this book would definitely help me to accomplish that!! 🙂

  512. I an attracted to SRE for its softness and dimension. I would love to have Di’s new book< I do a lot of art quilts and it would be fun to add new flowers to my work

  513. I’ve worked with ribbons to create some of my most favorite embroidery projects. The 3-D, jump-off the fabric nature of these flowers and insects appeals to my senses both in the creation process and in the enjoyment later of viewing my creation and sharing it with others. It’s a wonderful embroidery medium and a great addition to an embroiderer’s repertoire. I highly encourage ANY embroidery enthusiast to try it out. It is SO much fun!!!! I would love to own this book to give me even more ideas. (And it’s my birthday – so what a wonderful birthday present it would be!!!) Thanks for providing a chance to own it, Mary.

  514. It is my dream to be able to create such luscious,creative piece of work.
    I lack the confidence in my abilities and a book that you have personally
    reviewed will be a precious treasure.
    I love all that you share Mary,you inspire creativity and I look forward to your daily updates,I have learnt so much from you.
    Thank you for all your guidance.

  515. I can scarcely believe that it’s possible to learn how to make these beautiful flowers from a book! I would love to have a copy of the book, in hopes of finding out for sure! Thank you for the opportunity.

  516. Dear Mary,

    What a lovely book! Twenty years ago I was doing lots of silk ribbon embroidery, mainly stylised, using techniques from Judith Baker Montano and Jenny Bradford. I’ve added beads, heavy silk threads etc…

    Then I went back to work.

    Now I’ve lost my confidence! I would love to start again; I’ve got a beautiful stash of organdie and silk ribbon, as shops sold thing out cheaply when the ‘fad’ died down. I’ve done a little bit, but I’d love to try more realistic flowers, as well as my dense mass of colour. This is just the book I’d love to lead me through it.

  517. I am a crazy quilter and for the first time in years I am really having time to work on my art. This awesome book would add a new dimension literally and figuratively to my art & help me make the best use of my ribbon collection.

  518. What a lovely book! I have dabbled with easy, easy embroidery and have no idea where to start to do something a tad more difficult and yet not be frustrated. This books looks amazing. A lady who is the owner of one of our LQS (local quilt shops) offers ribbon embroidery classes and I am always in awe of her work. I think ribbon embroidery would be beautiful on quilt blocks and make a stunning quilt. Someone is going to be thrilled with this book. It has to be an amazing book. Thank you for the giveaway.

  519. I started ribbon embroidery using a kit about 30 years ago–gee whiz! I feel old now! Anyway, I haven’t found the guts to expand beyond the constraints of pre-made kits yet. The kits I have used were thrift store finds and sometimes the instructions were missing. This book has such detailed directions and beautiful pictures! I think it may give me the confidence to go “off book”. It would be as close to having a professional instructor as I can get! Thanks for giving us the chance to win this book! You are so generous!

  520. Oh my goodness!
    I would really like to win this book so that I can learn the nifty tips and tricks for making silk ribbon look so real. Those flowers look like they were fresh picked from the garden!
    …and I find that bee totally irresistible!

  521. Ribbon embroidery Is so Beautiful! I saw it on a PBS program and had to try it. I have been “teaching” myself.. trial & error but having lot’s of fun. This would be such a great learning Tool.
    Thanks 🙂

  522. I love ribbon embroidery mainly because of the textures which can be created, the mix of colours, hues, so perfectly matched to flowers. The work and books of Di van Niekerk is completely amazing, but so easy to follow, I would love this book, thank you Mary for the chance to win and your never failing e mails to us.


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