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Tanja Berlin Online Blackwork Class – a Give-Away!


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Have you ever pondered complex blackwork embroidery designs and thought, Gosh, I’d like to learn how to do that!

Well, here’s your opportunity! Tanja Berlin is hosting an online blackwork class for beginners, and she’s just opened up registration for it.

Better yet, she’s offering one of you the chance to take her online blackwork class for free, along with the materials kit, stretcher bar frame, and tacks – everything you need to work the class project.

Beginner Blackwork Embroidery - Online Class

Normally, I don’t run overlapping give-aways on Needle ‘n Thread, but since Tanja’s blackwork class registration is time-sensitive and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to offer someone the class and kit, I thought it would be ok to do this the same time I’m giving away a copy of Crewel Intentions.

You’ll forgive me, won’t you?

Say you will!

So, today’s give-away is for the following:

1. The blackwork butterfly kit (which you can see above and below)
2. Stretcher bar frame and tacks (to fit the fabric size)
3. Online class tuition – which includes 3 PDF files with step-by-step instructions and participation in the online class forum

The total value of the give-away is $65!

Beginner Blackwork Embroidery - Online Class

Tanja’s class – which is perfect for absolute beginners and serves as an excellent introduction and preparation for more complex forms of blackwork – runs from March 6 through April 3 this year, and registration is open until February 23rd. You can find all the registration information for the beginner blackwork class here.

Give-Away Guidelines

If you’d like to enter today’s give-away, please follow these guidelines:
This give-away is now closed. Thanks for participating!

1. Leave a comment below, with your name (no anonymous entries, please) or nickname. If you’re unsure of where to go to leave a comment, just follow this link. Comments by email or left on any other article on Needle ‘n Thread are ineligible.

2. In your comment, please answer the following:

What’s your favorite type of embroidery?

3. Leave your comment by Friday, February 6, 5:00 am CST (Kansas, USA), and I’ll announce the winner that day, which is the same day I’ll be announcing the winner of Crewel Intentions. You can definitely enter both give-aways – it won’t decrease your chances on either!

The give-away is open to anyone, anywhere, so if you’re dying to learn blackwork, leave a comment! Heck, your chances are much better than winning the lottery, after all!

Good luck!


(417) Comments

  1. This is just absolutely gorgeous. I am quite an accomplished stitcher but I have never done any blackwork and would love to learn how to do it, with help of course. Please enter me for this competition. Hugs Patti xxx

  2. My favorite type of needlework is cross stitch and counted cross stitch. I would love to win this class and kit. It looks wonderful!

  3. Thanks for this opportunity to win this class. My favorite form of embroidery is surface embroidery where I add applique or use colored pencils to add color and depth to the design.

  4. Bonjour Mary,
    I was just on Tanya`s site yesteday and was contemplating buying this butterfly. I love Blackwork and Neddle painting. I made 2 birds form Tanya`s kits and I find her instructions clear and precise. Hope I can win the give away, I would like to compete for your beautiful fish.(still in love with it)
    Thank you.

  5. Oh My, I would love to win this class!! I have admired black work and red work too but never learned. Thanks for making this giveaway available. I don’t mind you doing two giveaways at once… LOL

    1. Oops I forgot to say my fsvorite… it would probably be what ever I am doing at the moment. I can’t say I have a favorite since I pretty much love it all.

  6. Crazy quilting is still my favourite type of embroidery but I do love Tanya’s designs and would love to try one.

  7. What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

    My favourite type of embroidery is counted work, cross stitch, but I love adding in specialty stitches. And with your site, I have learned quite a few. It has really upped my stitching game.

    Thanks again for the chance to win 🙂

  8. I love stumpwork. I’m new to it, but I’ve been practicing and I just love it. I can’t get over the 3D effect – it’s just awesome.

    Thank you for another wonderful giveaway.

  9. Most of my embroidery is used in crazy quilting, but I enjoy all sorts of embroidery! And I am very interested in learning about the things I have just played with once in a while. Last year I worked along with the Secret Garden project, but with a different scene. My work is not near the quality of your work, but it is a great way to relax for me. Blackwork is one of the things I have looked at, but not yet started. It would be nice to be guided by an expert!

  10. While I love looking at embroidery, learning about embroidery, I have not ventured very far with actually doing embroidery. I love table linens and making them, so the stitches I’ve actually done are simple ones like stem stitch, french knots, satin stitch. You get the idea. But the type of embroidery I’m most fascinated with is stumpwork. Someday, I may actually give it a go. But, in the meantime, blackwork is right up my alley and the class and kit would be perfect for this beginner. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. What a great class! I don’t really have a favorite type of embroidery, but I find myself more and more fascinated with blackwork. I just love the geometric aspects to it.

  12. I have to comment on your first sentence first. Yes I have pondered and yes the answer was yes. I have always wanted to take a class from Tanja Berlin also. The butterfly is gorgeous. I have a liking for anything butterfly as my constant companion is a little 5 pound Papillion. I am in a wheelchair and she spends her days sitting in my lap. My favorite embroidery….anything surface. Right now I am concentrating on needle
    painting. I also always have a redwork piece going, usually a kitchen towel, that I can pick up and take to appointments. I do that with redwork because it is so interruptible. Thank you so much for the chance. I will be keeping my fingers crossed. Here is hoping.

  13. It is hard to choose which is my favorite form of embroidery but I think it is a toss up between crewel work and cross stitch. I do all and love it.

  14. My favorite embroidery is cross stitch but this black work makes me want to branch out and try something new.

  15. I love that Tanja added some color in this piece, just enough to make it more enjoyable and set off the butterfly. Her blackwork pieces are exquisite, and her needle painting and everything. I don’t really need another project on linen (trying to get away from that for the time being), but this looks like a nice introduction for someone.

  16. Yes, yes, yes! I’ve always wanted to try black work and butterflies are my “signature” thanks for bringing this to us. Hope I win. 🙂

  17. My favorite type of embroidery is hard to pick. In fact, my favorite of anything is. I think I have Attention Deficit Craft Disorder. I embroider, crochet, knit, make lampwork glass beads, paper quilling, you name it, I tried it.

    At the moment, I’m trying to finish one of my cross stitch UFOs from 4 years ago and at the same time started on a needle painting sampler armed with Trish Burr’s book. Only two things going on!

    Blackwork can be another of my-sanity-saving-challenges I can take in between work, kids, cooking, and whatever I have to deal with 😉

  18. What kind of embroidery do I like to see or what do I enjoy doing? I love to see the most sumptuous, intricate embroidery I can find. I can sit and look at every little thread, taking it in and appreciating it. My skill level doesn’t allow me to produce what I love the most. I’ll keep plugging away and maybe get there eventually.

    That’s why I’d love to win this one. I love blackwork and don’t have a clue how to do it. To win a beginners class with all the materials would get me started. Seems like blackwork should be harsh with all that high contrast, but I find it light and delicate and I want to learn.

  19. This looks like a wonderful project — thanks again for offering this give away. My favorite embroidery type? It is very difficult to say. My favorite to look at are Whitework embroideries — Schwalm and Montmellick, my favorite ones I’d like to try right now are stumpwork and goldwork, and the favorite ONE is whichever one I happen to be learning/working on at the momemnt! I am doing a chikankari embroidery piece at the moment and it is a lot of fun.

  20. Gosh, it is SO hard to pick a favorite–I love SO many. I guess pulled and drawn along with whitework are in the forefront now, but I am absolutely enamored of blackwork…so much so that I desperately want to do Tanja Berlin’s blackwork elephant. She recommends making some easier forays into blackwork before tackling that one, so this would be a perfect start! Fingers crossed!

  21. I love to embroider, it is my passion, I like trying out all different embroidery techniques, my very favourite is Crewel embroidery as there is such a wide variety of stitches in one piece, so you are never bored, I have never tried blackwork, so the online class would be a brilliant way to learn

  22. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for offering this wonderful give away. I’ve taken 2 classes from Tanja: Goldwork and Needle Painting and they were both terrific. She is an excellent teacher and everything is explained extremely well. My favourite type of embroidery is Freeform embroidery.

  23. My favorite type of embroidery is counted cross. I love how pretty the finished work is and also the simplicity of direction. I also like crewel for the pretty stitches. I’ve done Blackwork but since I have never had anyone formally show me how, I end up cheating and using backstitches. I would love to learn how to do it correctly.

  24. Why not ask which is my favorite ice cream? I love crewel embroidery, canvas work, surface embroidery, and I will be trying some pulled thread stuff soon. Add blackwork to the list; I love the look of it.

  25. I’ve not had a chance to delve in to a lot of types of embroidery as I am still learning some of the basic stitches. I recently got Tanja’s needlepainting book after seeing it here on your site and can’t wait to tackle it! Her instructions seem clear and easy to follow so I would love to participate in her online class to learn a bit about blackwork and expand my skills!

  26. Tanja Berlin’s classes are really wonderful. I would love to win this one. It’s hard to pick a favorite type of embroidery, but I love stumpwork and needle painting.

  27. Mary,
    My favorite type of embroidery is either redwork or cross stitch. I love the way redwork is so beautiful and complicated with only one color. Thank you for this giveaway!

  28. Would love to win this. I thought I knew what blackwork was, (just using black thread, LOL)when I was doing a huge Halloween quilt (12 blocks). But again, I’m wrong. They say you learn something new every day and I certainly do. Thanks for the opportunity.

  29. My favourite type of embroidery is ever changing! At the moment I am enjoying some relaxing needlepoint but soon I will be looking to brush up some crewel work.

  30. My favorite is counted cross, just because that’s all I really know. I am ready to try something else.

    My mom’s on-line name is Memingwanz, which (supposedly) means ‘butterfly’ in some American Indian language. I think this would be perfect for her.

  31. I love whitework embroidery. The beauty and delicateness (is that a word???) of the white-on-white is so lovely. I’ve never tried blackwork, but would love to win and give it a try. Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. What is my favorite kind of embroidery?

    That’s easy!

    My favorite kind of embroidery is BEAUTIFUL embroidery!!!! Of any type!

    But Ido think I have a special attraction to thread painting, which I have never done…

  33. Honestly, I do not have a favorite embroidery yet.

    I am still too new. There is so much that I see that I want to learn like Goldwork, Blackwork, and one and on. here is such beauty in needle painting — Trish Burr is inspiring. Crewel Work is wonderful especially the Jacobean.

  34. I enjoy all forms of embroidery. In particular blackwork, whitework, goldwork and painting with threads. Hapsburg Lace is also one that I really enjoy. Thanks to Tanja and Mary for this opportunity.

  35. I really love recreating historic samplers on linen. The more different types of stitches the batter. I really have a difficult time with black work portions of samplers. Instead of the running stitch worked every other stitch and on the return filling in the blanks, I use a back stitch. Not the same stitch, but then I get through it. I think a beginner course Tanja will be teaching. I’m hoping that my fear of black work would be eased.

  36. Honestly I haven’t figured out my favorite type of embroidery, as I don’t even know them all yet. But from what I do know so far I would have to say I love all folk types of embroidery, with the different traditional patterns and customs, that are used for decorating clothing and traditional pieces. Whether it’s a floral pattern, simple pattern, or complex geometric pattern, I love them all. Maybe someday I will be brave enough to try them myself.
    Thanks Mary!

  37. Over the last year I have tried many different types of embroidery but at the moment it seems to be bluework that has captured my interest. I want to learn all different styles and blackwork is very near the top of my list of what’s next. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and all the helpful tips your blog provides.

  38. My favorite type of embroidery is counted work. Would love to take Tanya Berlins class, she is so talented.

  39. Mary, right now my favourite type of embroidery is free-form surface embroidery, although as I learn more, that could change. I tried Blackwork once and learned a little, but winning this class could teach me a lot more. Thanks for the chance.

  40. my favorite type of embroidery is crewel. i just finished tanja berlin’s kit jacobean tree with bird it was fun and challenging at the same time. her kits are wonderful with plenty of directions and supplies. i have enough crewel threads to work another project. i was just on her web site looking at the kit of the month wild rabbit and might purchase but i should try a beginners needle painting kit first as this one is more advanced. i would love to take one of her classes as well as learn blackwork. thanks for the give away

  41. Freehand embroidery is what I love doing, but I have always wanted to try Blackwork. I’m a big fan of it and have thought about doing it for years! I would really love this opportunity to learn how to do it.

  42. I would so enjoy trying my hand at this pretty buttercup done in black work…I have wanted to perfect my hand work and this is the time to start and and a good place to start…Thanks for the invite.

  43. My favorite needlework is cross stitch but I would love the opportunity to learn black work from an expert.

  44. Though I enjoy many types of embroidery, cross stitch is my favorite with hardanger a close second.

  45. Any type of surface embroidery is my favorite type. Don’t like to be restricted and plenty of options to choose from.

  46. Thanks for another wonderful giveaway, Mary and Tanja!

    My answer to the question would probably cahnge depending on the day, but I love needlepainting. Amazing what can be done with thread!

  47. Hi Mary,

    I love all embroidery. However at the moment I would say needle painting is my favorite. I have tried to teach myself blackwork and for some reason it alludes me. Very frustrating as I love the clean graphics blackwork can produce. I so hope I win this class because I am lost when it comes to this type of needlework.

    Barbara La Belle

  48. Pick a favourite? That’s downright crewel… 😉

    While I’ve never done it, I love the look of drawn thread work. I need to get the nerve to try it one of these days!

  49. I really love all forms of embroidery, and my favorite techniques changes with the season and mood. :o) Right now, my current favorite technique is stumpwork.

    I would really love to take this class! Blackwork, especially reversible blackwork, fascinates me.

    Thank you and thank Tanja for this opportunity to win a spot in her beginning blackwork class.

    Lisa Dunn

  50. My favorite type of embroidery is freestyle embroidery using wool–I especially like landscape scenes.

  51. Two lovely give-aways in one week, you are spoiling us!

    I love all embroidery but my favourite type is Japanese embroidery.

    Black work is one technique I have never tried and I intend to sign up for this on-line class (if I am not successful in the draw 🙂 )

  52. What a gorgeous butterfly done in blackwork embroidery. I can’t say that I have a favorite type of embroidery. I have done lots of cross stitch over the years and some brazillion embroidery, but I think I enjoy doing freeform work the best. Finding new stitches and techniques to try and learn, that is what really excites me!I would so love to learn the blackwork embroidery, thank you for the chance to win a place in Tanja Berlin’s class! 🙂
    ~Ginny K.~

  53. I really love to do needlework! My favorite is reproduction samplers. However, I do love blackwork and would really like to do more of it. I have not done a lot of blackwork but find it really fun to do.I would love to win this!!!

  54. I’m still trying to figure out what my favorite kind of embroidery is. I’m still very much a beginner. I’ve tried a very basic blackwork cow, a Jacobean sampler so far, and a couple sundry mishmashes. Now that I’m hooked (too bad we’re not talking crochet; missed pun opportunity), I need to build up some of my skills; this would be the perfect opportunity.

  55. My favorite is Hardanger. I haven’t done a lot but have enjoyed the few pieces I have stitched. (Even tho most of my stitching is cross stitch.) I would love to learn blackwork! It would be another challenge!

  56. My favorite is still band samplers with lots of specialty stitches and bead embellishments. I am doing more canvas work and learning different stitches so that is becoming my number 2 favorite. Thanks for the give-away. I have done some blackwork, but really don’t know the correct way to do it.

  57. Thank you Mary. At the moment my favorite embroidery is my current project which is Schwalm, but I could never just do one type always. Next will be crewel, then stumpwork, blackwork, needlepainting….

  58. How fortuitous! I’ve been obsessively looming through all things blackwork for the past week looking for a project to try out this new to me technique 🙂 All things embroidery are lovely as far as I’m concerned.

  59. G’day Mary,
    Overlapping give-a-ways? Bring em on!
    Blackwork has forever intrigued me and I’d love to work it, but, because I can’t seem to help trying to work things out in my head first I’ve found it baffling, like doing a complicated maze without a pencil and rubber!
    Having said that it might seem a contradiction to state that my favourite embroidery is patternless freeform. A kind of meandering with stitches, tucks, folds and the odd gathering of beads and french knots for stepping stones and beckoning pathways.
    Wonderful opportunity Mary and Tanja, thank you.
    Cheers, Kath from Oz.

  60. I like counted work. Crossstitch, but mostly because it is generally uses less specialty threads than canvaswork, which are difficult for me to buy.

    I really like blackwork, but haven’t done much of it. I have been drooling over Tanja’s patterns for years and would love to take this class!

  61. Hi Mary,
    Even though I follow your letter faithfully and store them for future reference, I haven’t embroidered in years. This would be a good project to get back into it, and I could use a refresher class. Thank you so much for all you do.

  62. I love needle painting, but end up doing more counted canvas since it’s easier to see the holes!

  63. I love so many types of embroidery. It really depends on what day you ask me and what I am working on at the time. Right now, I think it is a toss up between goldwork and Elizabethan embroideries.

  64. It’s so hard to pick a favorite when they are all so much fun! I really enjoy doing surface embroidery, especially with satin stich and bullion or French knots for extra texture. Blackwork is a type I have always admired, but have not yet tried. Thanks for the chance to change that 🙂

  65. This design is beautiful,and I love to learn new techniques. It would be a thrill to win this kit and
    begin to learn another method to create a new sampler using Blackwork.

  66. What a wonderful opportunity to learn something new. What is my favorite type of needlework…ALL OF IT. Sometimes I like to do a complicated bit of stumpwork; at other times counted cross stitch. Most of all I like needlework that challenges me to learn something new, new techniques, new stitches. Sharon

  67. I have done quite a bit of surface embroidery when I was younger but right now my favurite needlework is counted cross stitch. I would love to win the class!

  68. Thank you thank you for the chance to win this but please don’t ask me to choose. Does it involve a needle – awesome, does it included thread, okay I’m hooked. At the moment I’m learning Stumpwork and love it, got to thank my kids for this

  69. I think goldwork is my favorite (even though I’ve never done much), with long-and-short embroidery following right behind.

  70. This is one I have never tackled. I do goldwork, but in spite of making ren fair costumes, I never got around to blackwork. I’m looking forward to other comments concerning this.

  71. What a lovely blackwork piece! My first love is counted work on fine linen. I enjoy samplers and have recently been drawn to smalls that require interesting finishing techniques. I do enjoy Blackwork but I have to be honest that if I were to receive this kit I would gift it to a special friend who just turned 90 last month. A year and a half ago the doctor gave her 6 months to live (due to congestive heart failure). When she was at her weakest she could not stitch and felt life wasn’t worth living if she could no longer stitch. Her stitching friends rallied round her to find things she could stitch and she latched onto Blackwork. Today she is thriving once again and is teaching stitching in the retirement home where she lives. She would be thrilled to receive this lovely kit.
    Susan Mol
    Fort Wayne, IN

  72. Cross stitch is the embroidery that I am currently doing and with samplers that includes some embroidery stitches. However I have wanted to learn blackwork for a while now. This is an exciting opportunity.

  73. I love lace-like whitework embroidery combined with a bit of color using other embroidery techniques.
    This blackwork project is beautiful! To design a beginner’s level project so lovely – who wouldn’t want to learn blackwork?

  74. I am new to embroidery so all I have done is the back stitch, stem stitch, satin stitch and french knots. I would love to try doing this butterfly, so I hope I win! Thank you for the giveaway!

  75. My favorite type of embroidery is the one I’m working on at the moment! This gives me a lot of flexibility, as I often have more than one type of project going at once! I have recently been experimenting with blackwork and enjoying it immensely- I’d love to have a chance to win this class!

  76. My favourite type of embroidery would be surface embroidery using a variety of stitches. I have been wanting to try blackwork for quite some time and would love to win the kit. I am learning lots from this website. Keep up the good work!

  77. My favorite type of embroidery is crewelwork. There is something laid (excuse the pun) back about wool that just makes it a pleasure to stitch.

    That written I also enjoy the occasional blackwork. It is so different from crewel with its organized precision. That’s why I’d like to take this class. It’s such a contrast to what I know that learning it would be fun.

    Thanks for offering this give-away and telling us all about Tanja’s class.

  78. I have just recently tried Brazilian embroidery and it’s really fun. I mostly do hardanger, but I would love to try black work. Thank you for all of your great stitch tutorials.

  79. I have to say that my favorite form of embroidery must be cross stitch, as it is the one I keep going back to…that said, I love to try it all. Many years ago (20?) I started an EGA blackwork course, and moved…never got back to it. This gorgeous butterfly would be perfect for wetting my feet! Thank you for the chance to win a spot in the class.

  80. So pretty! I love the delicate flowers behind the butterfly.
    My favorite type of embroidery right now is cross stitch, but I have been dabbling in specialty stitches in samplers and want to try some surface embroidery soon.

  81. My favorite type of needlework is anything counted….especially blackwork. Tanja is an excellent designer and instructor .

  82. I’ve never tried black work and this is a wonderful give-away! My favorite type of embroidery… hmmm… difficult question! I love the look of thread painting, but have never been able to accomplish it to my satisfaction.I love doing white work, red work,and vintage style color work as well as cross stitching. I also enjoy crazy quilting and embellishing it with embroidery and ribbon embroidery. It’s all beautiful and fun and so hard to choose a favorite!

  83. Favorite embroidery? Tough! But could be Crewel work! Trained by Elsa Williams — that’s how long I have done it! Am trying to learn other techniques — blackwork I have attempted — not very satisfactorily! Am trying to perfect! Love your newsletters — really expands my work!

  84. My current favorite to look at is Brazilian embroidery, though I’ve only just barely started to learn to actually stitch it. 🙂 We’ll see how I feel after I complete my first project. My other new type is needle painting, which is incredibly fun!

  85. My favorite type of embroidery is pretty embroidery. I long for things of beauty around me. I’m currently learning some of the surface embroidery from Needlenthread while working on a baby announcement/baby dedication wall hanging for my niece’s daughter!

  86. My favorite type of embroidery is just about anything that is counted thread – cross stitch, hardanger, pulled thread, needlepoint (with lots of stitch variations).

  87. I love redwork embroidery! This black work is something I would really like to try. Thank you Mary for the Give-a-way!

  88. I like any kind of counted thread work, but I have yet to try blackwork. It’s on my list.

  89. My favourite type of embroidery is Brazilian Embroidery and surface embroidery. I have always a counted thread embroidery on the side to keep the ability to stitch counted type of embroidery. My favourite favourite technique for counted is Blackwork. I am not a beginner but I love the project. I am sure that I could learn something new from Tanja.
    Excuse the way I write in English my first language is French.

  90. I love goldwork and anything 17th century. I started a blackwork project a few years ago on my own, and would appreciate the opportunity to really learn how to do it. Then I might could finish what I started!

  91. I love surface embroidery with variety. Variety of stitches and textures. I’ve never tried black work and I’m intrigued by the complex looking stitches that work together to create the textures.

  92. Such a cute blackwork project!
    My favorite type of embroidery now is surface embroidery mainly because that’s all I’ve done. I like the variety of stitches involved and the different end results from traditional to more modern feeling. I’d love to explore other types and this class would be a great opportunity. Thanks!

  93. Wow!!!That would be so nice to win .I have never done any Black work sure would like to know how.
    I have only done surface hand embroidery and cross stitch.

  94. This Blackwork design is truly inspired! I am a huge fan of blackwork and would greatly appreciate this give-away! Thank you, Mary, for always being an inspiration!

  95. Mary,

    If you would have asked me what my favorite embroidery type was 5 years ago, I would have said crazy quilting. However, since I found this blog, my favorite is whatever you are demonstrating that day!

  96. I love blackwork and I love that she added that extra omff to it with the gold cording looks real nice.
    Thanr you for sharing your knowledge wit us.
    Busy fingers

  97. My favorite type of embroidery is Crewel embroidery. I think wool is a lot more forgiving that thread and I like the stylized figures of Elizabethan and Jacobean embroidery. I would like to get better at other sorts of embroidery, especially blackwork as there are many interesting historical patterns that I would like to try to reproduce.

  98. Forgot to mention my favorite needle work is Jacobean.And I also love doing paint embroidery.
    Thak you Marry.

  99. My favourite type of embroidery is crewelwork, but I’ve been intrigued by blackwork ever since (thanks to you, Mary!)I learned such a thing existed. Thanks for yet another wonderful give-away opportunity.

  100. What’s my favorite kind of embroidery? Any kind I can get my hands on!

    No kidding, I guess it’s surface embroidery.

    Thanks for the opportunity at this beautiful giveaway.

  101. I think my favorite type of embroidery right now is silk ribbon embroidery. But that could change when I learn black work.

    Thanks for another giveaway.

  102. Blackwork is my all time favorite. I have taken Tanya’s Love Birds class. Super teacher! And several other GCC classes in Blackwork, so, I really shouldn’t be trying for this one … and I wouldn’t … except that I have a collection of Butterflies … so I couldn’t resist. It is good that you will announce the winner before the deadline for signing up, that way I will have time to sign up on my own if I don’t win. (And I seldom win anything.)

  103. My favourite kind of embroidery is whatever I’m learning at the moment. I love exploring new ways to stitch and currently, and very conveniently, blackwork is my newest obsession. I would be very, very happy to win this giveaway!!

    Thank you Mary, for all you do!


  104. I have always wanted to try blackwork, but I was afraid to try it without someone to aske questions of.

    My faborite embroidery is pulled thread. My friend and I get together and work on these porjects.

    Thank you

  105. I think cross stitch is my favorite, it is certainly what I have done most. I like redwork and blackwork, but have not tried them yet.

  106. I love so many types of embroidery but I don’t do them all. I guess my favorite is jusrt regular embroidery. I love learning all off the different stitches and knots. I look at it like I’m drawing with the thread. I’ve seen a lot of blog posts lately on blackwork and I’m very interested in learning it. Thanks!

  107. My favorite embroidery technique is crewel embroidery. However, I have been following your blog for about a year now, and had no idea there are so many techniques in the world of embroidery. I would love to learn some new skills, including black work and working on a frame! I have always used a hoop.

    BTW, Mary, I love your blog! I look for it every day and as soon as I finish a hand-pieced quilt top I am doing, I would like to start a crazy quilt and incorporate as many fun stitches as I can! Can’t wait!!

  108. I love the look of Blackwork but have never tried it. This would be a starting point. Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone. P.S. Mary, the links in the email didn’t work–says error- file not found. FYI. Luckily, I knew where to find you anyway. LOL.

    1. OOOps, forgot to say that I love just reguler surface embroidery and I add a tad to just about anything standing still.

  109. My fav is crewel – mainly because it is what I have the most experience in. I would love to try the beautiful butterfly.

  110. Those are lovely! I haven’t done a lot of blackwork, and I would love to practice with butterflies.

    I mostly do surface embroidery with DMC thread, pretty straightforward stuff. I just finished a purse with one side panel embroidered with bullion roses and granito wisteria, that was a great project.

  111. I’m not sure I have a favorite form of embroidery. But, if I have to give a category, it would be counted thread … in all of its aspects. I do mostly counted cross stitch but have dome most of the other counted versions. I don’t do as much blackwork as I could, but I do love it.

  112. Oh, wow, gosh, two giveaways!

    Blackwork is actually my favorite style of embroidery. It is also the one I am not very good at…yet! (I’m not sure why; it’s not as if the stitching is drastically different from “regular” embroidery.) I long to stitch a large piece in blackwork, but I’m still in learning mode and doing lots of little practice pieces.

  113. My favorite embroidery? Any kind I can do!!! I was unable to do any embroidery for almost seven years after having a series of micro-strokes. I’ve only been able to resume in the past year or so because of better living through chemistry. A new medication (prescribed for something else) has improved my fine motor control so I can again do all sorts of embroidery

  114. Pick me! My favorite embroidery is…anything with a needle! Love to do it all, but not counted cross stitch.

  115. I like working with things that relate to the structure of the linen itself, rather than surface embroidery.

    I suppose to some extent you could call them counted threadwork, but I don’t find satisfaction in things like counted cross stitch, so I am hesitant to use that label.

    But yes, Blackwork, Hardanger, Pulled Threadwork, Drawn Threadwork – those are the things that excite me most. In some way they feel very organic to me, for want of a better term.

  116. I love any kind of needlework!! Counted Cross stitch, hand/crewel embroidery, silk and metal, bobbin lace, needle lace, knitting, crochet, tatting, quilting, drawn and pulled thread, you name it. Love the butterfly project!!!!!

    This part, can you delete it? I “think” I have a baby dress from the Philipinnes that could well be pineapple cloth. If and when I come across it, I would LOVE your email to send you a picture. Friends of mine were missionaries over there and after my daughter was born, they went back for a visit and brought it to me!! It is light green, beautifully embroidered!!!! Thanks! Linda

  117. My favourite at the moment is cross stitch, but I would love to try blackwor. It looks so sophisticated.
    Thanks for the chance.

  118. Hi, Mary. I was just looking at this class yesterday, thinking I would love to take it. I have little experience with Blackwork and this design is so cute. My favorite type of embroidery is white work, but I love trying things I have not done before. Thanks for the give away!! Sandi

  119. Wow, this is a hard question. I think right now my favorite type of embroidery is surface embroidery, although ribbon embroidery is a very close second. What I love about surface embroidery is the freedom. You have this one flat surface and a wide range of stitches you can use and everything from there is up to you. Two people can start in the same place and wind up with their own, uniquely beautiful projects.

  120. I enjoy embellishing with embroidery been working on curtains for a narrow window in my kitchen and was reminded I am suppose to be working on a lamp shade for my daughter. I have not tried blackwork yet but love learning new ways to embroider. Thanks for letting us have a chance at the give-away. Janet

  121. My favorite embroidery is all of it! There are a few types I haven’t tried yet, but surface embroidery should fit the bill. In my mind, that includes cut work, white work, cross stitch, pulled work, all types of stitches–you name it.

    Blackwork has been one type I have been itching to try. Fingers crossed.

  122. One of my favorites is stumpwork, but would love to learn blackwork and butterflies are my favorite as they remind me of my Dad.

  123. A class with Tanja, a fabulous teacher, is like winning the lottery. Although my favourite is whitework (pulled thread) I have dabbled in blackwork but have never taken a class. I would like to, and know that I would learn lots from Tanja. I forgive you for having two concurrent giveaways (but what if I win them both!! 🙂

  124. I’m very new to embroidery world, but I love doing Victorian style petit point. I think most highly I admire raised goldwork which I haven’t tried yet. Neither blackwork, so thanks for the chance!

  125. My favourite embroidery to look at is cut work and hardanger (I’m not very good at either but love to look at!). I love doing cross stitch and am starting to learn blackwork.

    Thanks so much for these give aways, they are like a free lottery ticket for me, they allow me to dream for a while of a time when I can stitch and not have 1,000 things calling for my attention!
    Techiya in Ontario

  126. Wow, the class looks truly amazing. I have never done an online class before. As to my favorite type of embroidery, probably needlepainting but I can’t say there’s really only one type and I find blackwork very exciting.

  127. These butterflies are exquisite Tanya !! (as usual) My favourite type of needlework is pulled thread, with blackwork a close second. Thanks for offering a free kit.

  128. I LOVE Silk Ribbon Embroidery, i want to learn how to do this so badly! its so beautiful! and I am intregied by Sashiko Embroidery reminded me of the beausiful papers used for Origami, and Japanese wall art.

  129. My favorite type of embroidery is cross stitch because that is the type I am most comfortable with. I have done one black work embroidery and enjoyed it so much that I really want to do more and think I will take the class anyways if I don’t win.

  130. My favorite type of embroidery is a variation of redwork. I use Inktense pencils to color in and shade the design and then use hand dyed floss to add details. I have always loved the look of Blackwork, but never tried it. This sounds like a terrific way to try Blackwork in a manageable way. Very pretty design.

  131. My passion for the last 10+ years has been needleturn applique. For some reason, I am finding it to be less satisfying and am venturing out of my comfort zone to explore a different form of needlework. Blackwork has always intrigued me—so, for the moment I will say that this is my favorite! I would love to have this opportunity to learn this!!!

  132. Hi Mary
    The timing of this give-away is perfect as I intend to start learning blackwork very soon – hope luck is with me!
    As to my embroidery preference, it seems to change over time: at the moment I´m enjoying whitework and drawn-threadwork.
    Keep well.

  133. I have to say that surface embroidery is my favorite since it really is the only one I have any experience doing. I search Pinterest admiring the different styles and types and wishing that I had half the talent. Winning the blackwork class would give me an awesome opportunity to expand my limited embroidery skills.

  134. I enjoy using basic stitching (back, chain, etc) to make gifts for my friends & family. I love, love, love butterflies and would so love to win this package.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  135. I love all types of embroidery! My favorite today is counted thread work, because of the sweet little band sampler I started yesterday. Really hoping I will get around to some stumpwork later this year, then that will be my favorite. It’s all good!

  136. My first love is counted work and I have done some blackwork before but never added the gold as shown on the lovely butterfly pattern. My daughter moved house in the autumn and asked me last week why I hadn’t stitched her something to hang on the wall in the new house! As this is the first time she and her boyfriend have a garden the butterfly would be lovely as they are working in the garden to attract birds and butterflies. So if I were to win this package I could make a lovely housewarming gift for them.

  137. I love all types of embroidery! But, I like the look of needle lace / drawn thread work best. Having said that, I would not turn down the chance to do Tanja’s blackwork workshop. I took a thread painting class from her years ago and enjoyed it.

  138. Jacobean crewel work is my favorite, but then I haven’t tried blackwork… This is a great embroidery offer. Having an expert, offering an online class at a reasonable price is a way to pass on many arts and crafts.

  139. I’ve always admired blackwork and would love to give it a try. My current favorite type of embroidery to work is surface embroidery using lots of different stitches and some embellishment.

  140. Mary,

    You keep doing this to us. How can we possibly pick our “favorite” type of embroidery. I have been wanting to do one of Tanja’s projects forever and this just might the be ideal time to try one out if I were to be lucky enough to win. Even if I don’t I think I might sign up ….


  141. My favorite embroidery is Brazilian embroidery, but I love counted work. I would like to see more counted work incorporated into BE. I would love to take this class so I can help get this integration started.

  142. I must admit I think my favorite is needle painting, but my mother did several blackwork pieces a number of years ago and they are just gorgeous. “Simply” stunning. I would love to learn this type of embroidery. Who knows, it might just become my favorite!!! 🙂 So many types to learn, so many types to love.

  143. This is an extremely generous giveaway!

    I prefer cross stitch to all other embroidery, because it’s the one I’m most comfortable with–though that may change as I practice the others more, I think.

    (the nickname is azteclady)

  144. My favourite type of needlework is hardanger followed closely by blackwork. I’d love to win this class from Tanja. June

  145. Currently my favorite is needlepoint, but I enjoy dabbling in lots of others too. I’ve really wanted to learn more about blackwork, so this class would be perfect.

  146. I would say my favorite type of embroidery is cross-stitch, but that’s mostly because that’s what I’ve done the most of. Blackwork is definitely on my list of things to try, but I haven’t got around to it yet.

  147. My favourite type of embroidery is standard surface embroidery such as you would use for samplers, I dont know its proper name. I would love to win this prize as I want to extend my range and blackwork is very appealing

  148. Although all types of needlework take my fancy I am particularly fond of blackwork. This combined with my love of butterflies and all that attracts them seems like a match made in heaven.

  149. I like to do counted cross stitch and am practicing surface embroidery, but I think crewel work is beautiful, and I’ve always been fascinated by the execution of blackwork.

  150. I love love love blackwork, but have no time to take a class right now, nor should I be starting yet another project. That being said, I would love to have my good friend Rhonda win this opportunity. She is such a great lover of needlework and blackwork in particular. She also loves small projects!!! I would love nothing more than to enter my friend Rhonda Readman in this contest, and to have her win!!!

  151. I absolutely love to cross stitch. I always have to have something on the go. I like giving them away as gifts to friends and family. 🙂

  152. I’ve been sewing since I was a Brownie and cross stitched my Mom’s name on a red and white gingham apron, which I have now and cherish it. If a needle is involved, I’m a happy camper. I have never done this type of work before, but I have beautiful linens that my great Aunts made that have been passed down to my. In fact, my bedroom pillows have beautiful red work from Aunt Lorena on them today. Appreciate the contest.

  153. I am currently a fan of cross stitch and needlepoint, but I drool every time I see your work. This butterfly would be a great way to get my fingers itching for blackwork embroidery!

  154. My favorite type of embroidery is whatever type I happen to be working on at the time. I love to learn new stitches and styles of needlework so if my “favorite” is always changing. I especially love to learn old forms of needlework that are maybe not as popular as they used to be. It makes me feel part of those needlewomen who’ve gone before us and makes me part of that heritage.

  155. My favorite type of embroidery is Crewel Work. It is the first type I tried. There is just something about working with wool threads that is enticing and soothing to me.

  156. My favorite type of embroidery is simply surface embroidery with long sections of stem or chain stitching. I have never tried black work, but it looks fascinating!

  157. This would be so much fun to win!! My favorite type of embroidery is English Smocking. I love making clothes and embellishing them for little ones.

  158. My favourite type of embroidery is any style or technique it just must engage me, challenge me, and engross me – and hopefully creates something which I can be proud of.

  159. I am usually pulled to needlepoint, but have longed to learn blackwork. If I win, I would enter it into my local county fair. My guild is trying so hard to pique interest in hand embroidery and this would be a wonderful example.
    Thanks to you and Tanja for the opportunity to expand my love of needlework.

  160. Ah!!! So hard to choose my favorite embroidery technique! For now, it has to be Goldwork, since I have been tackling that lately. However…..I LOVE counted thread and especially Blackwork. I just started a counted cross stitch (for the first time) and I would be beyond thrilled to take a class with Tanja and work that beautiful little Butterfly!

  161. The butterfly is beautiful. I’m a cross stitcher and am now learning how to quilt and am also doing redwork embroidery mixed in with the quilts. The redwork is basically backstitching. Would love to learn the blackwork embroidery.

  162. I’ve been doing needlepoint for over 40 years and have been experimenting with other techniques. I’ve added a small amount of blackwork to some of my projects and would love to become more proficient in this type of embroidery. And learning from an expert like Tanya would a wonderful opportunity

  163. I love needlepoint and freehand embroidery, especially. I would love to learn the blackwork technique – this class looks wonderful!

  164. I am relatively new to the world of embroidery. I found this site at the start of the hummingbird project which made me want to expand beyond quilting. I also am interested in needle painting. There is something neat about the blackwork as well. So little time and so many interesting projects!

  165. Oh how can I say just one is my favourite technique – I love so many of them, so I guess my favourite is the one I am currently working…. by blackwork is high on my list!!

  166. Favorite embroidery to do or to look at? I love to look at almost all types of embroidery, especially crewel, ribbon and thread painting. So far, the only type I’ve been able to finish is crazy patch work. I love working all the stitches!

  167. I absolutely love blackwork. I’ve only done a very small piece so far. This butterfly is so beautiful and would be great for spring. 😉

  168. I ordered rhe kit, I love blackwork bu I have difficulty counting (I’m easy to confuse). My best worw so far is needle painting and crewel. I did some blackwork, some goldwork and just about anything with needle and threa. I always love to learn something new.

  169. My favorite kind of embroidery is definitely blackwork. I love that it can be reversible; I love the way you can play with shading while using only one color of thread; I love the way the patterns change as you get closer and closer to the piece. It’s also very much in my comfort zone: I am a very mathematically minded person, and the simple geometry of the designs, combined with the complexity of tesselation that it leads to, speaks to me. I fell madly in love with it the first time I saw it, and the more of it I’ve done the more it seems to speak to me.

    I would love to take this class. I’m mostly self-taught and it would be a wonderful opportunity to actually see blackwork explained in a logical manner, and to see how an expert thinks about it.

  170. Crewel work has always been my favorite, along with counted cross stitch which I am partial too. I really do want to learn blackwork and have been following Blackwork Journey with Elizabeth Almond.

  171. I love the look of intricate detail of Blackwork but have never tried my hand at it. This would be a fantastic chance to learn how to do it from a Master.
    Thanks for this opportunity, Mary,

  172. Most of my projects at the moment are cross stitch, but I absolutely love a pair of satin stitch roses I did a while ago. I also have a special fondness for backstitch and/or bead embroidery on clothing.

  173. Hi Mary, I am an absolute beginner who has just started with counted cross stitch and has now fallen in love with blackwork. All those incredible Tudor clothes! Thank you for offering this online class giveaway, what an opportunity to learn!

  174. My favourite (as it’s the first I taught myself) is still cross stitch, though I am in the midst of a real love affair with Jacobean work at the moment. (I am about to enter the competition for Crewel Intentions too!).
    What a fantastic prize, to get the class AND the materials! No complaints here, Mary!

  175. I love the blackwork! I have never done blackwork but have always wanted to learn. I have been stitching antique samplers and have gained so much knowledge from a stitching group I belong to. So hands down at present this has been my favorite type of embroidery!

  176. Ooh, I really don’t think I can choose just one as my favourite. I think I’m going to have to go with something a little more broad. I love embroidery that enhances practical things like motifs on curtains, pillow cases, sheets, serviettes, chair upholstery the list could go on and on! I think learning some blackwork skills would be perfect for me to add a little something to a set of bed linen!

  177. All is forgiven, Mary!

    My favorite embroidery is crewel work; Jacobean, to be precise.

  178. A couple of friends and i are currently exploring Canvaswork/needlepoint. I guess i’m trying hard not to have a favourite so as not to just do one style but whitework, blackwork and our needlepoint are ones that currently excite.

  179. Hi, I think at this time my favorite type of embroidery is white work and red. I am an embroidery beginner and I would love the opportunity to learn something as beautiful as blackwork. I hope I win!!!

  180. Hardanger has always been a favourite. At the moment I’m also enjoying some redwork and some stumpwork.

  181. Hi Mary! Thanks for the chance to win!
    My favorite type of embroidery is silk ribbon embroidery, but I’d love to learn blackwork.

  182. My favorite type of embroidery changes quite often; my newest passion is ribbon embroidery with white silk ribbon and coloring with alcohol based markers!

  183. Wow, what a great giveaway. I was just looking at this class on Sunday. My favorite type of embroidery is surface embroidery on crazy quilts. I have plans to learn some new-to-me styles this year including blackwork and needle painting. Thanks for the opportunity.

  184. My favorite embroidery has always been crewel. But, I do love the order and rhythm of blackwork. I would love to take this course, but currently am unable to afford any more classes. Tanja’s work is beautiful.

  185. My favorite type of embroidery is counted cross stitch. I love how detailed cross stitch patterns can be! However, cross stitch is the only embroidery I know how to do. I’d absolutely love to learn blackwork!

  186. I love stitching of all sorts!! I work mainly one over one with silks. it would be fun to learn a new skill!! 🙂

  187. Thank you for the chance to win. I have wanted to take one of Tanja’s classes for ages. Blackwork is one of my favorite techniques, but I recently fell in love with shadow work.

  188. What a generous giveaway!
    My favourite form of stitching is cross stitch.
    I keep eyeing blackwork and thinking I should try it, but have never gotten up the courage.

  189. I Love Canvas work but have always wanted to learn Blackwork and have had my eye on Tanjas web classes. I have done some of here thread painting kits and her instructions are wonderful.
    Her Blackwork pieces are beautiful and sure would love to learn this technique. I think all embroidery is great and beautiful But canvas work has been my favourite I love Carolyn Mitchells work and I do her Patterns. This is a great give away Thank you Mary

  190. My favourites are blackwork and goldwork, personally; I’m not sure why, but they just appeal to me!

  191. i love counted cross stitch. Have recently been introduced to thread painting. It’s all so much fun. Thanks for a chance to win.

  192. I love all sorts of embroidery, but I am especially fond of silk shading. Not that I’m very good at it yet, but the effects are so beautiful when it’s done well.

  193. Most of the embroidery I’ve done is counted cross stitch, but I’m ready to try something new. This blackwork butterfly looks like it was made for me, a lepidopterist since childhood!

  194. Mary, thank you for offering this wonderful give-away! This is such a coincidence. I have been looking at blackwork for several months, thinking I would love to try this beautiful needlework. Yesterday I decided time is wasting and if I’m going to do it then I’d better get started. I checked out “Blackwork Made Easy” by Lesley Wilkins from our local library. When I came to the part where it says your work must be the same on back and front and follow a pattern, etc. I was dismayed and returned the book. But Tanya’s on line class for beginners sounds perfect. Maybe I CAN do it! My favorite type of embroidery is any piece that turns out decent enough to give to a relative or friend.


  195. Crewel embroidery is my favorite, because my mother stitched so many beautiful things. But now that so many embroidery techniques — thank you for your demos — are being used on needlepoint canvas, I’m learning to marry the two.

  196. I have done counted cross stitch and needlepoint and enjoy both in different ways. I would like to expand my horizons into embroidery and this blackwork introduction seems like a great way to do that! Thanks for the timely give away.

  197. What a fantastic prize and learning opportunity! As for favourite embroidery – I’ve dabbled a bit in many types – cross stitch is my most practiced with monochrome samplers a favourite at the moment! 🙂

  198. There is so many needlework techniques, each filling a need and time. I don’t have a favorite as I love them all. But for the time in my life I find one that suits. If it involves a needle, some thread, and some fabric, it’s my favorite.

  199. my favorite type of embroidery is usually the project I am working on at that moment. Lately that has included surface and cross stitch with needle painting thrown in for good measure!

  200. I really enjoy counted cross stitch, which I learned over 40 years ago. I will occasionally get the urge to do basic embroidery and make pillowcases like my grandmother did. Blackwork seems like a very elegant decorative needle art and I would like to try it very much.

  201. Such a difficult question!! I can’t choose just one favorite, every embroidery have your charming and magic!

  202. Mary, I have to admit my favorite form of embroidery is whatever I am working on at the moment.

  203. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for the giveaway. Thanks to you and Nordic Needle, I no longer know what my favorite embroidery is. They are all beautiful. I now have a separate “To Do” list just for embroidery projects.

    I regret putting down the embroidery projects in the 80’s when I started working full time. I taught myself the art in the 70’s when companies like Creative Stitchery was around and that was my only frame of reference. I have projects done in Paternayan yarn and DMC floss.

    This small project would fulfill the Blackwork item on the To Do list. _=D

  204. Tanja’s design is very lovely. I really like the tiny flowers in the background. My favorite embroideries are raised embroidery and ribbon work. I am hoping to move past looking at books and actually do some projects involving stumpwork, goldwork and Japanese silk embroidery. I have never tried blackwork and this looks like a great learning project. Thanks for the chance to win!

  205. Right now my current favorite type of embroidery is crewel work. But my favorite changes from day to day, so… if you asked me tomorrow, I might say something different. 🙂

    Thanks for doing another give-away, Mary!

  206. Help, I can’t choose a favourite! All I can say is that the type of embroidery I am currently working on is my favourite (crewel work at the moment).

  207. I love all types of Whitework. However I have been teaching Hardanger since 1983. I enjoy incorporating blackwork into hardanger and other counted thread samplers. I also love butterflies. I would be honored to be able to do this piece. Please enter my name in the competition.

  208. I love all types of embroidery. It has been many years since I last did blackwork, and now this has got me thinking about getting back into it. A lesson would be nice to win to update me on what I may not know.

  209. So far my favourite type of embroidery is silk shading. I love the challenge of grading the colours and introducing light via thread. But I’m still a beginner! I’d love to learn Blackwork techniques, especially after seeing this gorgeous butterfly!

  210. My favorite form of embroidery would be whatever is in my hand at that moment! However, I’ve not done blackwork so it might be my new favorite if I’m lucky enough to win the giveaway! I actually wish I could narrow down to one or two favorite types as I might get more finishes! Thanks Mary!

  211. I like anything counted thread. Right now I am considering some needlepoint rugs. Just bought a century home that needs some rugs. Crazy or what?

  212. I’m not sure I can say what my favorite type of embroidery is as I enjoy looking at all needlework. My favorite to do would be counted canvas work or samplers with many specialty stitches.

  213. A favorite technique–that is such a hard question. There are very few techniques that I have tried that I don’t like. It’s true I like some more than others, but a favorite: blackwork is certainly in the running. But whitework, canvaswork, needle painting, all are favorites. Any one of them gives such a sense of accomplishment when they are done. But I can’t choose just one.

  214. I enjoy surface embroidery.
    Blackwork just happens to be on my to do list in 2015. You know what they say, timing is everything:)
    Thank You for creating such a GREAT online resource!

  215. I love counted cross stitch and have just completed a design that my Mum bought 30 years ago and never started (!). Now that that is done I would love to try something new for myself so would love to win this butterfly. Thank you for a lovely site – it’s so interesting learning new stitches here.

  216. I would love to learn how to do black work. Currently my favorite is Crewel embroidery.
    Thank you,
    Cheri Harter

  217. Hello,

    My favorite embroidery at the moment is cross stich, but only because I think it is the easiest! I have always wanted to learn to to Blackwork, because it looks so lovely and delicate.

    Thank you!

  218. Hi Mary – it’s all gorgeous, it would be hard to choose a favourite. Needle painting and whitework would have to be at the top of my list to look at. The patience, time and skill put into each piece is always inspirational!
    Thanks for the give away!

  219. I am loving my crewel! Just finished 2 projects. As I am getting older and my eyes aren’t the best I still can see and do the challengeing stitches.
    But I would be so happy to win this!!
    Good luck to us all!! 🙂

  220. I love cross stitch but coinsidently I got a book last Sunday to try to teach myself Blackwork as I have always wanted to learn it. Maybe fate. I am in Australia so hope this doesn’t stop me being eligible.

  221. Favourite type of embroidery? That is a very difficult question to answer! I love them all! If I have to pick one though, my current obsession is canvaswork.

  222. My very favorites are needle painting and goldwork, neither of which have I attempted (yet!). Someday! 🙂

  223. I have to admit, I can’t pick just one. My two biggest loves though, are surface work and needlepoint. Blackwork is on that list too!

  224. I am always AMAZED at embroidery. The subliminal shading is intriguing. I am going to have to try this when I retire….hopefully soon!

  225. Thank you again, Mary, and Tanja too for this great opportunity.

    I really don’t know what my favourite type of embroidery is as I haven’t tried several styles yet, including blackwork. This may be my opportunity. although just now I am heavily into freestyle embroidery using different threads and stitches in one piece. As far as looking at it, my favourite is, um, well, everything. I love studying pieces to see what has been done and I really love it when you Mary pull a piece to pieces, so to speak.

    If perchance my name is pulled out of the computer by the gremlin, but Tanja feels the postage is too much, I would happily pay for that component.

  226. It is difficult to give one favorite technique, but I do find counted work the most relaxing, yet challenging.

  227. Favorite technique is hardanger, but am starting to fall in love with drawn thread. There is something about the geometic nature of hardanger and the elegance of both hardanger and drawn thread that just pulls me in.

    I would love to do these little butterfly patterns so I become more familiar with Tanja’s techniques before tackling her peacock.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  228. I think my favorite is surface embroidery. I have always wanted to try blackwork! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  229. Hi Mary
    I’d like to try Blackwork – it’s something I haven’t done yet, and I’m having a lovely time being a little butterfly (like in the picture), flitting around trying all sorts of different things, to see if it works for me.
    I really love goldwork, and have ambitions of doing something eclesiastical – but I’m having so much fun at the moment that it might have to wait awhile.

  230. My favorite techniques in Embroidery are Specialty Stitches and Hardanger. Blackwork has intrigued me but I am one of those “absolute beginners.” Retirement suits me well as I devote an hour or two each day for my stitching passion. Life is good! I enjoy learning new techniques!

  231. This is a difficult one to answer simply. I learned basic embroidery when I was 8 years old, taught by my aunt Lucy. Since those years long ago, I have tried and learned many ways to embroidery. I never learned Blackwork so I must learn how to do it. My favorite is what ever I am doing at the moment

  232. My favourite type of embroidery – anything that is counted!

    Thanks for chance to win this wonderful class.

    Trish (NZ)

  233. Cross stitch is my favorite since it is easy. I would love to try blackwork. It does not seem too difficult.


  234. I prefer long and short stitch, but am doing a needle book project where I want to incorporate many types of embroidery and would love to learn blackwork.

  235. I really love “Stitch Fun” type embroidery – fun –
    small projects – with simplistic stitches. This
    particular offer seems very interesting and something I would like to try – maybe some form to my style.
    Thank you for the chance – this is a very generous offering. I am very excited for the chance.

  236. It’s so hard to choose-threadpainting is so beautiful. Blackwork is dramatic, I think. Jacobean is gorgeous and ornate. I love so many more than I can do!

  237. I have been such a fan of Tanks Berlin and can’t wait to do one of her black work design this is the one I want to do. Thank you Linda Tomelloso

  238. blackwirk is a technique I have wanted to learn for a long time. Would love to take this class. Winning the opportunity would be awesome.

  239. I love the designs and colors of Jacobean Crewel Embroidery. I also love the feel of linen and wool so that is my favorite. I stand in awe of stump work and gold work, but have not dared to try them yet.

  240. Mt favorite is cross stitch. But I would love to branch out and try new things. The butterfly piece is beautiful and caught my eye right away!

  241. I am a beginner at any form of embroidery but I do like the look of blackwork and would love to learn how to do it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  242. I am fascinated by the lovely patterns possible with blackwork and would love to take a class from Tanja Berlin!

  243. up until recently I only did crewel and a little red work when I was a young girl. I’ve been exploring different types and can’t choose one. Jacobean definitely is beautiful but seeing this black work may become my newest favorite. I would love to give it a try.

  244. Thanks for the great giveaway, Mary! I have taken classes from Tanja and her kits are wonderful. She is also a very, very good teacher. I think my very favorite embroidery technique is needlepoint. This is where I started, and I find the canvas is very kind to me. Many years later, I have a whole lot of very favorite embroidery techniques. Usually, whatever I am working on at the moment. I took a class in boutis quilting this weekend and am finding it a lot of fun!

  245. I hoestly cannot definitely say what is my favorite type of needework! I love it all and am always looking to find new techniques to learn. Thanks for these giveaways!

  246. My favorite type of embroidery to work on is counted cross stitch. I’ve done a few test strips of blackwork but never a whole project. It seems similar in many ways to counted cross stich.

  247. I think my favorite type of embroidery is anything that doesn’t have a time deadline! I enjoy it for the relaxation and enjoy a challenge, but I don’t like having to rush. I have never tried blackwork, but I would like to! Thank you for the give-away excitement!

  248. My favorite type of embroidery is samplers of any kind – I love the samplers from England and Scotland from the 1600-1800. I have been intrigued by the caskets that they stitched and finished. Blackwork is just one of the types of work that can be found on several of these and I would love to do more.

  249. I’m currently working on a table runner kit designed by a Roycroft Renaissance artist. I very much love Arts & Crafts designs. Thank you for this opportunity 🙂

  250. Hi Mary, My favorite type of embroidery is almost anything containing butterflies! I love crazy quilt stitches and put them on lots of things. Butterflies have been special for a very long time and this kit looks oh so sweet! Blackwork is a huge favorite too! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  251. Hi Mary,

    I would love to win this give away! I have been busy with a blackwork project recently and love every minute, so in principle I am not a real beginner.

    My favourite embroidery is certainly long and short stitch, but as I am not very happy with what I ‘produce’ (the results are clumsy and untidy looking), I fall back on crossstitch and, lately, blackwork. Both of these relax me and at least the results are close to my expectations.

  252. My favorite type of embroidery is the kind I learned at my mother’s knee. It didn’t have a name! We just embellished tablecloths, dresser scarves, kitchen towels and such with simple stitches and whatever embroidery thread we could afford. It was simple but beautiful.

  253. Well, I’ve only done cross-stitch and hardanger so I suppose they would have to be my favourites. That said, I would love to try this blackwork class and perhaps have a new favourite!

  254. I would have to say cross stitch, ribbon work, shadow work… Cheez I would have to confess that I enjoy looking at and relishing in the tactile pleasures of embroidery! Haven’t tried blackwork or crewel yet … but there is always a chance when one has the passion, my passion for embroidery was ignited at the age of ten…. I don’t think I’ll ever loose it!

  255. Hi Mary,

    Thanks a lot to you and Tanja Berlin for providing this opportunity for your die hard fans :). It is difficult to mention just one style alone when you educate us on so many different varieties. But I like crewel work and would love to learn white work, gold work and black work.

    -Viji Sunil, Chennai

  256. My favourite embroidery right now is surface embroidery but I truly think I love all forms of stitching. The beautiful designs produced by talented embroiderers such as Tanja make stitching life a joy. Thank you Mary and Tanja for this wonderful opportunity to be in this give-a-away.

  257. My favorite type of embroidery is surface embroidery. I’ve wanted to learn blackwork for a long time, this would be perfect.

  258. I have done a lot of counted cross-stitch and crewel work but have never tried blackwork. Looks interesting.

  259. Dear Mary

    I don’t even clasify as a beginner in any type of embroidery but I have been reading your website fanatically for the past few months and have started creating a library of embroidery books following your very thorough reviews. I have been strangely drawn to blackwork ever since I laid eyes on your blackwork fish. It is like making doodles with a thread and it seems very enjoyable not to mention the striking results.I would love to learn and create beautiful pieces however being a mum of two toddlers and with a full time job leaves me just enough time to read about embroidery and admire the work of others. Thank you for the inspiration. Polina

  260. I would like to say blackwork. I’ve done a couple of little projects, I’ve watched several TV series on the Tudors, and pored over the paintings, admiring the embroidery. But a real lesson would be fantastic.

  261. Blackwork has always been my favorite style of embroidery, that is why this class would be so wonderful! I am really a newbie when it comes to embroidery, so any help would be appreciated very much!

  262. Hi Mary. Currently my most favorite type of embroidery is Blackwork. Really. 2014 was my first Blackwork attempt. Our EGA guild did a class for a 15-sided biscornu. It was fun. I know there is a lot more to learn about it and would love the opportunity to take Tanja’s class.

  263. Hi Mary,
    My love affair with Crewel is not over yet but I have to admit Goldwork is toying with my affections. New on the scene is Blackwork, I completed my first piece in 2014 and will be learning more at my local Guild this year.

    What a great opportunity to learn a whole lot more!

  264. Morning Mary
    I think you may have asked this question (or something similar) in a previous give away. And my answer is still the same – whatever I’m currently learning to do. Although my addiction to learning new things has moved on a step, it’s now got to the point that so long as I’ve bought the necessary stuff (pile of silk ribbon to learn ribbon embroidery, bag full of wool to start a crewel project), I don’t even seem to have to start a project to put it aside and move on to the next thing. Now, where can I buy a book on learning blackwork, just in case I don’t win . . .

  265. I love your site, unfortunatly in England there doesn’t seem to be the sparkle that I get when visiting a lot of the American online sites. I wish I lived there so I would be able to go to all the different groups. I’ve attended one with a group of ladies on a Jane Greenoff trip to Willuamsburg last year. Because we enjoyed it so much. A grop of us are going back to Williamsburg in December to attend a course they hold there every year. I love to try new forms of embroidery, and the one on offer looks great. My normal form of stitching is cross stitching mainly on linen but also hardhanger

  266. Thank you for the inspiration you give others and for the opportunity to learn so much more outside the personal comfort zone. I have enjoyed doing counted cross stitch, but have finally started learning to do Hardanger which I have admired for many years. Have a blackwork project on the “to do” list, but don’t know how, so this course would be a wonderful way to start. Thank you Mary for the chance.

  267. I am a beginner in every kind of stitching but crosstitch, I would love to learn blackwork because it looks beautiful!

  268. Oh but this is beautiful!
    I’ve never done blackwork before so this would definitely be a great chance!
    My favourite type of embroidery is the counted types…I cross stitch mainly and enjoy drawn thread work and hardanger (the little that I have done!) Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  269. Thank you for this opportunity. My favourite type of embroidery is Stumpwork . I haven’t done any black work since I was at teachers college over 40 years ago. It would be interesting to have a go at it now!
    Best regards

  270. Hi Mary,

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE t do this butterfly! I have always wanted to try Blackwork and haven’t gotten around to it yet.



  271. My favourite embroidery style to do myself is currently counted cross-stitch.
    However, I am fairly new to embroidery and my favourite style I am aspiring to is needle painting.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful butterfly kit.

  272. My favorite type of embroidery has long been counted cross stitch… because I didn’t know anything else ! My grandmother has tried to teach me whitework, but I was only ten and longed for playing instead of staying sitted with those … (can’t be written…) stitches.
    I discovered tambour embroidery two years ago and dived into it with a lot of pleasure, after mastering that little tricky hook, of course ! I am now beginning to learn Lunéville embroidery (tambour beaded embroidery). I LOOOOOOVE it !
    I’ve never tried any blackwork, but I’ve always admired the impression of density or lightness given only by the variation of stitches. I don’t often enter a give-away, but this one…

  273. I like counted thread techniques as they give me confidence in my stitch placement. I love the look of goldwork but it makes me very nervous. The combination of blackwork with a touch of gold looks like a fun introduction.

  274. My favorite type of embroidery is surface embroidery, but really I like anything to do with flowers or insects.

  275. Favorite embroidery type (to admire and to try to learn) is crewel. What I enjoy doing more is blackwork and pulled thread. Love this butterfly, would love to win it.

  276. I am so new to embroidery but I love counted cross stitch. I would love to win the butterfly as I am taking online classes to learn the proper way to embroidery all the stitches.

  277. I mostly enjoy counted thread embroidery, canvas work,cross stitch,petitpoint etc. I would love to have a go at blackwork and the pattern is delightful.

  278. Bonjour,
    La question estquel genre de broderie aimez vous?
    Je pense et pour ma part, que pour une brodeuse, il est difficile de dire laquelle on aime.Il y a des préfèrences certes, mais quelque soit le genre de broderie, le plus agréable est qu’elle soit faite avec plaisir, passion et amour.
    Voir un ouvrage prendre forme au fil des points est un plaisir que seule les brodeuses connaissent.
    Je ne pense pas avoir répondu à ma question, c’est juste mon avis.
    A bientôt

  279. My favorite type of embroidery is the wool appliqué and embroidery I do for my quilts. I also make crazy quilts and embroider all the seams. I would live to learn to do blackwork embroidery and butterflies are the symbol of our group Parents of Suicide in rememberence of our children who lost their lives to depression and suicide. Thank you!

  280. I’d like to go back to embroidery, its been awhile since the last time I made one. I’d like to try crewel, for I haven’t tried it, but a good refresher course will get my mojo back.

    Thank’s for the opportunity.


  281. Have done some Blackwork, but nothing on this level just basic edging and bookmarks. Would love the chance to do something so pretty. Especially like the touch of color.

  282. I love Brazillian embroidery! The three dimensional flowers are gorgeous! Making a doilie for my first project. About 2/3 done.

  283. Jacobean, it is so rich and the stitches can be adapted beautifully to embellish wool appliqué.

  284. That’s actually a pretty tough question to answer since I always like trying new techniques but…. I would have to say crewel. Everything about it is fun. style, colors, textures….

  285. Good Morning,
    Another wonderful giveaway! I would be so happy to win this one, it is so
    beautiful. And Mary, thanks again for continuing to inspire us . We love all types of embroidery and are looking forward to adding Blackwork to our acompliments. Barbara

  286. My favourite kind of needlework is Canvas Work but I love anything to do with a needle. I have been broadening my horizons lately and have tried a little Blackwork. I would love to have the chance to do more.

  287. I think my favorite would have to be whitework, but I would love to try my hand on blackwork – maybe then I will change my mind! Thank you for the give-away!

  288. This is such a pretty design. I would love to win the class materials kit. Good to see Blackwork being taught again.

  289. My favorite type of embroidery is anything counted. I do a lot of cross stitch, but I love counted specialty stitches! I have done a little bit of blackwork, and I’m fascinated by the way shading is achieved with the density of the stitching. I would love to explore this further in the class.

  290. My favourite is cross stitch, closely followed by blackwork. I am hoping to learn needle painting this year though!

  291. Crewel is my favorite to do embroidery but I really love the look of delicate black work. I would love to learn it, but as far as I can see it really is not something you can teach yourself, at least for me!

  292. What is my favorite embroidery technique is not an easy question for me to answer. I do Hardanger, cross stich, beading, canvas, etc., etc., etc. This question made me think, and the answer is canvas!

  293. My favorite is counted cross stitch with some specialty stitches tossed in too! I’ve wanted to try black work for a long time and this would be a great way to learn! Thanks Mary!

  294. My favorite embroidery is on muslin using floss and using the ABC’s to Creative Stitchery by Marion Nichols. It uses all creative stitches and you can create numerous designs and beautiful embroidery with a pattern or free hand.

  295. I use creative stitchery by Marion Nichols to design embroidery on muslin with a pattern or free hand to create beautiful and lasting embroidery pieces.

  296. I would love Blackwork to be my favorite embroidery. I have always wanted to attempt it, would love this opportunity to learn. Have loved doing my Crewel work pillow.

  297. My favorite type of embroidery is cross stitch. Its not complicated and the colors are wonderful to use. I like to grid the fabric before starting so that I will be able to follow the chart clearly. The most fascinating challenge is trying to work with Aida that is 28 count – its in my work to be done box in storage (smile). I am still trying to work on that one There are so many kits that you could be home and there is a blizzard outside and not mind at all.

  298. My favorite form of needlework is needlepoint, but I do enjoy other types of hand work. I haven’t done blackwork for many years so I think this would be a wonderful refresher class. I have admired a lot of Tanja other works and I think she is very talented. My friends who have taken her classes in the past have all said she is a fabulous teacher.


  299. WOW this is amazing, a wonderful give away, Thank you so much for this. I love goldwork embroidery and insects so this would am amazing class to do. The black work will add another dimension to it. I am working on an insect sampler at the moment and these little butterflies would be lovely to add to it, I am doing each insect individually and mounting them on a fabric covered artist canvas as a collage. I have done one with bees using as many different forms on embroidery to depict the bees. Will send a picture? Many thanks again for this kind gesture and I hope i will be the lucky lady. Thanks for all the hard work that goes into your amazing website. Kind regards, Heather Basson, Cape Town South Africa

  300. I am a beginner, I haven’t tried very many techniques or styles yet but I do enjoy surface embroidery and would love to try out this blackwork butterfly!

  301. My favorite type of embroidery is so difficult to settle upon. I’ve been doing lots of counted cross-stitch lately and find it is fairly simple as long as I pay attention to the chart. In between, I found combining embroidery stitches with beads adds variety and zip to pieces.
    If I have to pick a stitch, I’d say it’s the one I’m doing at the time. Today, it’s cross-stich. Once I learn blackwork, my answer will change.

  302. My favorite type of embroidery to do is surface embroidery using cotton floss on white linen, following vintage patterns. I have been dipping my toes into needlepainting and would love to learn blackwork, as it would be a big departure from my previous work.

  303. My absolute favourite is whitework, so it seems apt that I may have the chance to try blackwork too!

  304. My favourite type of embroidery to do is crewel embroidery, especially Jacobean or Jacobean-influenced designs. I am concentrating on this in order to improve before moving on to other styles. There are many other embroideries that I would like to do with an improved skill level.

    Thank you again for your generous offer.

  305. My favourite is crewel stitching and I would love to try my hand at Blackwork stitching along with Laid Thread which this butterfly incorporates. Being helped by an expert would be magic.

  306. There are many interesting types but the satin stich is the one I like the best. The way you can make a surface come alive is like magic.

    On the other hand the blackwork is often with intricate patterns that I also lke.

  307. I have being trying to learn some of the designs associated with Elizabethan blackwork. This is my current passion. Thanks for offering the chance to learn more about blackwork. The butterfly is beautiful.

  308. Oh, I would love to win this wonderful class by Tanja. I have always wanted to take a class in blackwork and just have not had an opportunity to do so. I love the idea this is for a beginner, because that is really what I would be. It is a lovely design also. I have seen so many lovely designs that I would love to do, but had to turn away from them because I don’t have the skill set to do blackwork.

    I guess I would have to say counted cross stitch is my favorite type of embroidery. I also love hardanger.

    Thank you for a chance at this wonderful opportunity.
    Judy Starkey

  309. My current favorite is crewel. But I went through a long cross stitch phase, and I’ve done a little bit of everything. But I’ve never really tried blackwork (although it’s what my girlfriend mostly does) but perhaps I should. It has some of the design freedom of crewel, but with that reassuring grid behind it like cross stitch. 🙂

  310. Hi,
    I would just love to win this giveaway have done a bit of blackwork but would enjoy a class done by Tanja.
    Hard to pick a favourite embroidery technique as I enjoy so many of them. However, I guess that it would have to be stumpwork as I really enjoy doing this.
    Joan from BC

  311. My favorite is anything counted, so I’d love this project I think. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  312. I think my current favorite would be counted thread–not just using cross stitch but using a variety of stitches as in a band sampler. I have contemplated trying to teach myself black work as I think it is absolutely gorgeous but haven’t attempted it so far. This class could be just what I need! Thanks for the wonderful give-away offer!

  313. My favourite embroidery is anything I an working on at the moment but if I had to pick one it would be crewel or surface free form such as bullion roses. At the moment I am working on a goldwork butterfly in a cyber class from Alison Cole

  314. I have done several pieces in red work and also blue work. I would love to try this intricate piece and have the opportunity to attend Tanla’s online class.
    At the moment I’m working in thread painting and enjoying it very much.

  315. Right now it’s hardanger, because I can stitch anywhere without having to carry around a pattern and worrying about missing a stitch.

    I’ve been wanting to take one of Tanja’s classes for a while so I’d love to win the kit and class.

  316. Dear Mary, Well you ask my favourite really it comes down to what I am working on at the moment and that is a stumpwork piece following on from a class given by Alison Cole. However I enjoy all forms of embroidery and have attempted many but not Blackwork. Thank you, Julia.

  317. Wow!! I would love to win the Blackwork class from Tanya. She is a fantastic teacher.

    I would say that any kind of surface embroidery is my favorite; however I have not found any type of embroidery or stitching that I do not enjoy.

    Thanks so very much for all you do for us, Mary.

    Gay S

  318. My favorite embroidery is the one I’m working on at the moment. There are so many wonderful techniques and I love to learn. It is the process that keeps me going. Each project has it’s own wonderful moments.

  319. I love fine embroidery of any kind and would love to add black work to my list. I love the delicateness of fine embroidery. To do an online course on black work would be great.

  320. My favorite type of needlework is counted, especially Hardanger. I love the beauty as well as the challenge. I would love to learn more about blackwork in a class setting as I have only worked from books in the past.

  321. I will often use blackwork patterns on my crazy quilts (with the help of waste canvas) and have often thought I would like to do a ‘real’ piece. I love cross stitch and ‘regular’ embroidery.

  322. Until very recently I would have said Jacobean Crewel embroidery, but I have recently been taking a Goldwork class and real enjoying it!

  323. Dear Mary,
    My favourite type of embroidery to stitch is whitework. No colour decisions necessary. My favourite embroidery to “want to do” is thread painting, especially of animals. I have never attempted blackwork but it looks complex. The blackwork elephant Tanya has for the Advanced Class is absolutely stunning!
    Thank you Mary and Tanya for this opportunity.

  324. Hi Mary, my favorite embroidery right now is canvas work. I have done a little blackwork but have studied Tanaj’s website and been anxious to try some of her designs. This might be the perfect opportunity.

  325. I love it all, but right now I would love to win the blackwork kit so I could try another look to embroidery, which I dearly love.
    I just turned 69 and it’s time that I won ‘sumpin!
    Huggers, Tamara

  326. I’m not sure what my favorite style of embroidery is, there’s so many! Lately I’ve been looking at a lot of Japanese silk work and Jacobean work.

    Thank you for offering a spot in this amazing class!

  327. My favorite type of embroidery is counted cross stitch, but I have been looking at blackwork and thinking about giving it a try.

  328. My favorite is needle painting. I did my first bird following instructions from the Inspirations magazine, but for the details in the how’s to, I followed Needle’n Thread. Thank you Mary! (For the blog and your videos) I do cross stitch only the basic for scripture when I do my greetings cards. But blackwork and for beginners and with an online teacher. WOW!

  329. I am torn between counted cross-stitch and Hardanger embroidery. I like the regular rise and fall of the needle and the basic geometric shapes that are created.

    Thank you for the nice giveaway! 🙂

  330. My favorite kind of embroidery is counted stitches, not necessarily cross stitch, but I can’t think of the name of it right now.

    My mother’s favorite was blackwork, once she learned how to do it. I have never figured it out. I have several patterns and some kits, so I’d really like to win this class.

  331. I love every kind of stitch work I can get my hands on but I do love jacobean embroidery probably the best.

  332. Hello mary and embroidery-friends,
    What is my favorite type of embroidery ? I answer almost all types !
    For the moment, it’s goldwork, tomorrow … Why not blackwork. The problem and the reason for applying to this give away is that i never tried, have no books about it and would like someone like berlin to guide me in the process of learning and who knows… Like it. Moreover, i like the design, somewhat less dark than what i usually see and using … Golwork threads as well.
    Thank you so much for giving me my chance…
    Have a beautiful day

  333. Je suis française et ce serait un véritable plaisir mais surtout un honneur d’etre la gagnate de ce super projet ! Je vous demande de bien vouloir m’inscrire dans la liste des particpantes au tirage au sort.
    (I am French and it would be a pleasure but also an honor to be the gagnate this great project! I ask you to please register in the list of particpantes the draw.)
    Je pratique la broderie point de croix et hardanger et j’ai essayé le blackwork qui fut un vrai régal.
    (I practice embroidery cross stitch and hardanger and blackwork I tried which was a real treat.)
    Pour l’instant, je préfère le hardanger mais si je pouvais m’améliorer en blackwork, j’en serai vraiment enchantée car j’ai vu de merveilleuses choses
    (For now, I prefer the hardanger but if I could improve my blackwork, I would be really excited because I have seen wonderful things)
    Thanls a lot for this

  334. I love crewel embroidery! I love the intricate work that goes into making it. Thanks so much for another great giveaway! 🙂

  335. Tanja’s blackwork is absolutely amazingly design. I’m really hoping that I’m successful at being chosen. I’d really love to make that butterfly and have it framed properly onced finished. It’s truly an amazing prize and gift. Thanks for the opportunity Mary. Plus thanks on providing the information on the up and coming online class. I will take a look at the costs. That too would be marvelous opportunity to do providing it’s not too expensive as I’m on a strict budget. Fingers crossed.

  336. Mary, I am a needlepointer but thanks to Jane Wood, I have discovered your website and am amazed at the wealth of talent and ability with your fingertips. Thanks to you 😉 I am contemplating taking the leap into goldwork and embroidery! This butterfly sounds like a “gentler” way to dip my toes in to the world of embroidery. Thanks so much for your generosity in sharing all your talent with a needle!

  337. I love learning new types of embroidery but I guess my favorite is counted cross-stitch–there are so many types of stitches that you can use. I have never done any blackwork but I really want to try it.

  338. Hi
    Asking which is my favorite type of embroidery is like asking which is my favorite child. I find all types I have tried enjoyable. I like to switch from one to another to keep fresh when I wilt on a project. I have recently tried Blackwork and find it fascinating. So much to learn. How do I find the right trail to make it reversible? The Butterfly looks like something I would be able to complete. Thanks for all your tips. You have helped me through some tough spots.

  339. For 20 yrs, I copied and embroidered wrought-iron registers. I had always used just a few stitches(backstitch, French knots, a bit of satin stitch). THEN, I discovered your website!!! This butterfly is (my favorite — black — and this is the perfect opportunity to learn “real” blackwork!!

  340. I have always wanted to learn blackwork but have not got there yet – it would be a dream-come-true to learn with Tanja.
    Whatever the outcome, thank you, Mary, for all the work you make available to us all – its inspirational and life-affirming. So good that you shared the ‘Who am I?’ I think most of your readers knew it was a genuine person, not a team as you have such a consistently expert, encouraging, professional style.

  341. Hello there,

    My favorite type on embroidery is crewel, but I like a lot the geometric aspect of the blackwork embroidery.

  342. I am still so new to embroidery that I’ve only used a few different types of stitches on a small number of projects. Of the embroidery I’ve seen other people do I love the look of beaded surface embroidery the most.

  343. What a lovely butterfly! I’ve never done any blackwork, but would love to learn. My favorite form of embroidery is cross-stitch, or was . . . I don’t see well enough anymore to work on the hardanger I used to love, but I think I could manage blackwork. Now I like to do redwork.

  344. Although I do a lot of counted cross stitch, I really like Blackwork and Whitework. My experience in both is very limited, mainly following a chart as best I can. I would love to have a real class and online works great.

  345. I would have to say my favorite is counted thread be it on linen or canvas. I’m a numbers person so I like to count (i’ve caught myself counting the lane divider marks on a roadway 😉 )That’s why I like blackwork. And if I don’t win the contest I will just have to sign up with Tanja anyway!

    1. Thanks for posting this comment — glad to know I’m not the only one that counts ordinary things…window panes, ceiling tiles, etc. I definitely love counted cross stitch.

  346. I enjoy all types of embroidery both machine and hand but my absolute favourite is Blackwork. The different patterns and the use of different thickness of thread to create more further interest

  347. Currently I am very much into canvaswork, but there are so many other techniques that I really enjoy, including Hardanger and Brazilian embroidery. I have completed a few blackwork pieces, but they were not reversible in the true blackwork style, so I would love to learn how to really undertake a blackwork project correctly. Thank you for the give-away offer, Mary.

  348. Counted Cross Stitch is my favorite, but I’ve been wanting to give blackwork a try ever since I first heard about it. I would love to win the chance of getting the kit and the class!

  349. what a beautiful blackwork pattern, I would love to do this course even though my favourite embroidery type is surface stitching.
    Winning would be a double bonus as 6 Feb is my birthday!

  350. My favorite embroidery currently is Cross Stitch. It’s like a meditation for me. I have not looked at Blackwork much. I took a look at Tanya’s site and I’m ready to get started! Thanks for the giveaway!

  351. My favorite type of embroidery to do is blackwork. I’m teaching myself how to do it but learning from someone who actually knows would be awesome. However my favorite type of embroider to slobber over is anything Jacobean, the more colorful the better, with beads and metal threads it’s very intimidating but absolutely amazing to see.

  352. Hi Mary… Thank you for this opportunity. I want to join in the class. I don’t know about blackwork. I would love to learn this and get a kit. I am from India. My favourite embroidery is Gota embroidery. It so simple but looks very rich. I love your videos. They are awesome. It helped me a lot. Love ya bye…

  353. I’m doing cross stitch mainly, but also have kits of other things. I really love Jacobean design. I tend to gravitate to traditional flowing designs with interesting and intricate details. I like to incorporate beads. I’m still learning new things and so consider myself lucky to have found your website.

  354. When I think about embroidery that I like, I think about two things. My favorite type to look is goldwork (especially if it is not in some photos, but in museums or in use). But if the question is about the types that I like to do the most, this is absolutely different story. And I do not think that I have my favorite type, because it changes very often. Maybe my favorite would be “the new one” that I didn’t try yet.

  355. Hardanger is my favorite, I like the geometric designs and love “cutting” weirdly enough. I also enjoy working hardanger designs combined with drawn or pulled work. Blackwork comes in a close second, but I’ve only completed a few pieces and would appreciate learning more about this technique.

  356. Hi This blackwork butterfly looks like so much fun. I enjoy surface embroidery, especially smocking and blackwork. Then I have a love for flowers and butterflies. Thank You for your website and all you you do help us. Sylvia Hunsinger

  357. What a beautiful gift for someone- Thank you
    What is my favourite? At the moment I am working a Goldwork butterfly, in a cyber class, and enjoying it very much. Very much a beginner, but coping with all the different threads and techniques.
    The butterfly in the gift would be a super introduction to beautiful blackwork; I have had a “taste” of blackwork at my local guild, and fell in love with the way it works.
    Here’s hoping!
    Thank you, Pauline Newman

  358. My favorite type of embroidery is cross stitch. But since I’ve joined my local chapter of the Embroiderer’s Guild I have tried quite a few other techniques such as silk ribbon work, needle painting, stump work, fabric painting, bargello to name a few. But I still consider cross stitch to be my “love at first sight” technique. Within that I consider blackwork to be a variation and I enjoy the little I have done to date. I would love to win the class with Tanya Berlin and would enjoy working on the butterfly.

  359. Every time I start a new kind of embroiderer I think, “This is my favorite. It’t can’t get any better.” Right now it is regular surface embroidery. Generally simple stitches in fun designs. I guess I don’t feel qualified to answer the question just yet. But with another 30 years I should be able to.

  360. Right now I am working on story book squares that I started 65yr ago. When I finish them I will continue my Brazilian projects. I always have a plain simple embroidery packed so when I go in the car and waiting for my husband (he is a talker) I have something to do. Thanks for the dedication. Your knowledge is amazing.

  361. I am a counted thread lover but also think goldwork and Jacobean crewelwork is beautiful. I haven’t done much blackwork though!

  362. I have admired blackwork for some time, but never tackled it. I’ve done lots of cross stitch and love projects with lots of specialty stitches. Thanks for arranging this generous offer

  363. Hi Mary – My favorite changes from time to time. Over the years (ah hem..decades….)crewel work with wool still tends to be my favorite. However, this month I seem to be focused on blackwork in various colors. So when I saw this I was elated!

    Thanks for all the great posts and the great giveaways!

  364. Hi Mary
    Sorry to be so late, had difficulty finding the page, I would love to win this kit, I tried last year for Tanya’s butterfly thread painting, didn’t win, so bought it. I enjoyed every minute of it and couldn’t wait for her next lesson each time, her feed back is so accurate and helpful. Hope I am lucky, thanks as usual.

  365. Though I do a lot of freestyle embroidery my favorite is hardanger. Thanks Mary and Tanja for the give away.


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