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Goldwork Jewelry – Kits Give-Away!


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To kick off the month of August and the first week therein, I thought this morning a good time for a give-away!

On Friday, I mentioned Tanja Berlin’s new Etsy shop, where she’s offering kits and digital downloads for a number of her designs, including some neat little goldwork and metal thread embroidered jewelry pieces.

I can think of several reasons for wanting these kits, though they might not be the reasons you’d expect. I’ll let you in on them below!

Tanja thought I might want to give away a couple of the kits to readers here on Needle ‘n Thread, so today I’m giving away one of each. Read on to see how to enter the give-away. It’s quite simple, I promise.

Goldwork Embroidery Kit: Pendant

If you’re not familiar with Berlin Embroidery, located in Canada, you should take a look at Tanja’s website. She offers many types of embroidery kits and supplies, and especially a wide range of goldwork supplies.

Tanja’s kits are quite special. Unlike commercial kits (and even some designer kits), Tanja’s kit instructions are, in one word, thorough. Her instructions are hard to beat. They’re written with the beginner in mind, and they take you clearly through the entire process of stitching the project.

Three good reasons for trying these kits!

Reason #1: They’re a great way to learn basic goldwork techniques.

If you’ve wanted to dabble with metal thread embroidery and you’ve never gotten around to giving it a try, here’s a fun way to learn some techniques!

Goldwork Embroidery Kit: Brooch

Reason #2: They offer a fun way of finishing small embroidery projects.

Have you ever wanted just a “little something” to stitch on, but had no idea what to turn it into when you were finished? This happens to me all the time! I like to have something going – especially something small that will finish up relatively quickly – but what do I do with it when I’m done stitching?

Once you learn how to finish a free-standing object like this to use as a piece of jewelry, you can apply those finishing techniques to create other objects as well.

Reason #3: Well, who doesn’t like to accessorize, or know someone who does?

Handmade accessories are in! These are particularly snazzy and unique. For those who aren’t accessory or jewelry prone, they’d make terrific gifts for friends who are.

Give-Away Guidelines

If you’d like to take part in today’s give-away, please follow these guidelines:

This give-away is now over. Thanks for participating!

1. Leave a comment below, on today’s article on Needle ‘n Thread. If you’re reading this via email, follow this link to the comment form. Comments sent in via email or left on other articles on the website are not eligible.

2. In your comment, answer the following:

What project do you like best, among those offered in Tanja’s new Etsy site?

I’m quite taken with the fox, personally. He looks just like the one that visits my backyard regularly!

3. Leave your comment by this Saturday, August 8th, at 5:00 am Central Time (Kansas, USA). I’ll randomly draw two recipients that morning, first for the pendant and then for the brooch, and announce them here on Needle ‘n Thread. The winners will need to contact me with mailing information.

And that’s it!

So, if you’d like to get your little stitching digits on one of Tanja’s new jewelry kits, join on in!


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  1. Hi Mary,

    The metal pendant on Tanja’s Etsy site is my favorite. I love embroidery and am ready to learn metal/gold work. I also like to create jewelry. This would be the best of both worlds for me.

    Barbara LaBelle

  2. This one is the most beautiful and worth the time to complete: Floral Swirl Modern Jacobean Beginners Surface Hand Embroidery Kit. If one is to take the time to do needlework, it should look like something a machine can’t do. This is it!

  3. I have always wanted to learn goldwork, so thanks for the chance to win! I think my favorite among the projects is the fox. It looks so soulful.

  4. I would go for fox. She is just portrait of my little sweet daughter who knows how to put parents round her little lovely finger πŸ™‚

  5. Mary,

    Thanks for the giveaway. I love Tanja’s goldwork projects. What a great gift and also a way to learn goldwork techniques. The items on her etsy site all all great but I find I am always drawn to pansies (favorite flower) and would have to say that these would be may favorite projects to work on beside the goldwork!

  6. The metal thread pendant is my favorite, but I also really like the Jacobean embroidery kits.

    Thank you for this giveaway!!

  7. What a fun give away! I adore the cute little burrowing owl, but I am trying not add more than a few new projects for every one I finish, and I have a partially stitched rabbit of Tanja’s thread painting. The gold work designs look wonderful, so I would love to make up one of them.
    thank you, Lynn

  8. I love the blue bird pattern. I actually love them all, but that is the one I saw first. I also adore bunnies <3

  9. I love the Hapsburg lace intermediate runner. It’s so elegant. I’ve never done any lace before and I would love to give it a try.

  10. I am a fellow Etsy seller and I would like to welcome Tanja to Etsy!
    Regarding Mary’s question of which project I like best in Tanja’s new shop, I have to say I love both of the purple pansy needle painting embroidery kits. I was admiring them when I first read about Tanja’s new shop in the daily Needle n’ Thread emails, and I have “favorited” them on Etsy.
    Thanks for entering me in the drawing for the metal thread embroidery kits! Sincerely, Jeannie

  11. Love love love!!!
    The love birds!
    They look like a newlywed couple that can’t get enough of each other

  12. Hi Mary,
    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I took Tanja’s lovebirds blackwork online class, and was blown away by the detailed instructions she gave. Being a great artist is one thing, but being able to teach with the beginners in mind is another thing. All her works are beautiful and i am tempted to try her needle painting kit…..need to finish my Alison Cole’s project first…i also need another 24 hours everyday !
    As always, i keep reading your blog last so i can take my time and relish everything that you share with us. Kudos and thanks !!!

  13. I like the “Floral Swirl” best on Tanya’s site. I’ve never tried Goldwork and am planning to do so soon. Thanks for bringing different embroidery techniques to our attention. I look forward to your emails.

  14. I have lingered over Tanya Berlin’s website for a long time. I have a book on gold and metal work embroidery and hoped that some day I might have a chance to own one of her kits or take one of her classes. She seems so talented in so many forms of embroidery. She has a new black work elephant, though not in metal work, seems to capture the essence of the animal. Her little purple pastel pansy flower calls me today. The colors and shadings are so delicate. Thank you dear, Mary, for today’s post.

  15. Would love to try my hand at one of tgese kits.
    I especially love both Eastern Bluebird kits. Here in NE Ks we have had a good crop of bluebirds this summer and I have enjoyed watching and listening to their songs on my walks.

  16. First, a confession. I am not by nature a patient person.
    Second, I have taken several gold work classes through ANG.
    Third, I have not been pleased with my work which I think stems from fact The First (above).
    Fourth, Tanya Berlin is a super star embroiderer and very well-respected teacher.
    Fifth, I really like the lines, design and colors of the round gold work piece. I would have ordered the finished piece if it were available. In spite of my previous lack of success in gold work, I’m considering about the kit since I saw your link in yesterday’s newsletter.
    Sixth, maybe I’ll win it here instead and finally conquer a few gold work techniques.

  17. Grrr…decisions, decisions! I love the metal brooch but that little blue bird is really working hard to win me over. Him and his buddy, the owl. Do I have to pick one? I can see my daughter wearing the brooch and she is the one I usually stitch for.

  18. I would love to try one of Tanja’s projects. I have done needlework all my life and have not done this. They are gorgeous!

  19. Good morning Mary! Thank you for sharing Tanya’s Etsy site with us. I love all of her cross stitch meets black work motifs! Such darling kitties and bunnies. But the colors in her other kits are so lovely. Again thank you for the introduction.

  20. I really like the pendant with the tear drop shape. Love how there are different colours and stitches which are combined simply to create this lovely gem. It also looks like a great project to learn about using metal threads.

  21. I love the pendant. After years of pillows, framed pieces, etc – I am now into wearable needlework so I can interest others in this wonderful art form. I have made cuffs, embroidered store bought clothing , even embellished tennis shoes.
    I would love to make the metallic pendant. Thank you

  22. My favorite is the black butterfly. I have a number of butterflies in different types of embroidery. I just finished a small gold work kit I bought in London. I find metal work challenging but fun. I like challenging myself with new techniques. Tania kits are beautiful and I want to try one of her pendants.

  23. I like either the pendant from today’s contest, or the floral swirl Jacobean surface embroidery. I do follow Tanya through her blog and admire her work. What a good giveaway!

  24. It is not easy to pick one favorite from Tanja’s Etsy site! I am very much a beginner embroidery student, and I was very much blown away by the implicit promise of the many beginner kits offered, that such beautiful and impressive work could be made accessible to me as a beginner! My favorite was the “Bunny meets Cross stitch and blackwork,” but honestly, I’d really love to learn finishing techniques, as I like to make small gift items for family Xmas presents, and I might consider getting one of the jewelery kits as a gift to myself! (I secretly aspire to make dachshund imagery in small embroidered pins!).

  25. The Hapsburg Lace Bookmark kit is my favorite. I keep special embroidered bookmarks in several of my embroidery books so I can easily find my place as I am stitching.

  26. HI Mary,
    Thanks for another interesting post – have found so many interesting sites through your messages! Personally, I’m intrigued by the Carrickmacross lace sampler Tanja has on her site. I’ve recently done a bit of whitework and would love to do more, and the range of techniques covered in this sampler seems really comprehensive. Plus, the fabulous idea to display these sample pieces behind glass!

  27. Mary, these are both amazing. I have never heard of this embroidery and it is beautiful. Would love to win either of these and also learn more about the craft. Thank you for the chance to win your give away. Connie

  28. A foxy lady definitely. I really love the metal thread pendant, the colours, the gentle curves, fantastic.

  29. I have had the pleasure of doing a Tanja Hapsburg Lace project and I have been eyeing her purple pansy kit (I am a real pansy fan). I make off-loom bead weaving and would love to add goldwork to that set of skills.

  30. Her shop is beautiful, and I have had my eye on the jacobean and the goldwork kits for a little while, although I have to say I am itching to try goldwork – but it is so intimidating to think of having to get a bunch of expensive supplies for a project I may not like. These kits are perfect, nice and small and easy to complete, but should give a good idea of whether goldwork is for me!

  31. I would love anything in the beginner sections. I especially like the eastern bluebird.

  32. What a lovely opportunity! Thanks for the chance to try one of the jewelry kits. My favorite is the bluebird; he’s quite charming!

  33. All of her items are very pretty but I believe I’m attracted to the pendant and brooch you highlighted in your newsletter. I was quite taken with the swan and it’s reflection as well. Thanks!

  34. I like a lot of Tanja’s designs and drool over her site all of the time. On her Etsy site, I think my favourite is the blackwork butterflies, but it’s pretty hard to choose just one. πŸ™‚

  35. I like the metal pendant best. The colors are so exciting. I am also intrigued with blackwork meets cross stitch, especially the swan.

  36. The pendant and brooch are gorgeous! I would love to learn gold work. My favorite of the others is the Eastern Bluebird.
    Thanks for the drawing chance!

  37. Thanks for the Give Away! I like the Baby Burrowing Owl because they’re so cute in person! And I like the Eastern Blue Birds. I like birds in any form.

  38. yes, please! The brooch is perfect as all three of your reasons apply to me. Wonderful designs!

  39. These are beautiful pendants and my teenaged girls would love them! Also, I agree that the fox is amazing, but the pansies and the birds are also something I want to do. Thanks for sharing this site. πŸ™‚

  40. I looked at Tanja’s Etsy shop a couple of days ago and immediately was drawn to these broaches as at the moment I am undergoing a cyber class in gold work run by Alison Cole. It is the first extensive gold work I have attempted although I have dabbled in a few gold work borders before! I am thoroughly enjoying new techniques at the age of 66 which proves you are never too old to learn and I have been stitching since I was a girl under my mother and grandmothers tutelage! I would love to win one of the broaches to gain instruction from yet another marvellous artist. Thank you for the opportunity Mary.

  41. I am partial to the little bird with the blue head. So sweet! Tanja’s metal work broach is stunning.

  42. I really like the blackwork meets cross stitch swan – it’s very clever to use the reflection inanother techniue so effectively. I’d love to win one of Tanya’s kits and learn to finish a pendant so neatly!

  43. I like the owl best, but if I had to order just one thing, it would be a pennant. I don’t k ow what I would do with another little picture, but I would wear the pennant.

  44. What a great giveaway, I had bookmarked Tanja’s shop when you mentioned it last week! My favorite kit is the teardrop-shaped goldwork pendant, very unique and I would love to learn this technique.

  45. I’ve always liked Tanja’s Hapsburg Lace Eyelets and Lace Hand Embroidery Kit, especially the gold on black version.

  46. Hi, Mary, I look forward to reading your very informative website. I have learned so much. Tanya’s Etsy site has beautiful work and a variety of materials and skill levels. Her shading is very delicate and realistic. Thanks again for more opportunities for growth. Kate

  47. I rally like the gold work jewelry kits…especially the pendant. I’ve never tried gold work before and it intrigues me! I know just the person who,would love this if I made one πŸ™‚

  48. I love the Clear Purple Pansy kit. The way the colors blend together is amazing. So glad Tanja has made her kits available on Etsy.

  49. My favorite item on Tanja’s new etsy site is the Blackwork Lovebirds. I saw this a while back and pinned it to my needlework board. All of her work is awesome and the goldwork jewelery looks like it would be fun.

  50. What a thrill to be introduced to Tanya’s Etsy site!
    The blackwork, goldwork, needle painting…all beautiful. I’m drawn most to the blackwork cats.
    Thank you for the give away….learning goldwork has been on my ‘to do’ list.

  51. As a project that I would actually attempt because I haven’t attempted any authentic embroidery (only what I refer to as hacking – embroidery on knitted felted projects and some sewn appliques), I would choose the jewelry pieces. The colors are fun and I do love pendants and brooches. The two different blue bird projects are darling though. If I was a dedicated talented embroiderer I would definitely want to do these.

  52. Wow! Tanja does amazing work! I am torn between the baby owl and the Floral Flourish. I would like to try gold work.I have done some beading but just this year have really gotten back into embroidery. The internet has opened up many new worlds for me!

  53. Hi Mary,

    Thanks to Tanja for giving some of us the opportunity to win these lovely jewelry kits!

    Personally, i love the blackwork lovebirds, they really are adorable.

    henriet simons

    1. Hi Mary
      I’ve wanted one of Tanja’s gold kits for a long time. I think my favorite on her Etsy site is the needle painting wild rose, but it was very hard to choose.

  54. The Goldwork pendant is eye catching. I love Goldwork and very much would enjoy making this kit.

  55. Loved Tanja’s site. I like the love birds, the jewelry kits, the blackwork kitties and reflecting swans. I ordered the floral kit and will try a jewelry kit next. Thanks for pointing out the site. It is a great way to try new techniques!

  56. Now that’s not fair! I put myself on a needlework budget until I finish some projects and you give us this site!!!
    Several favourites popped up:The tear drop pendant is first-I’ve never seen it before.
    Then came the blackwork butterfly and the Hapsburg mosaic bands. They would make lovely travel projects

  57. Hi Mary,
    I would love to win one of the pendant kits. I have so many things on the go now and sometimes I don’t want to do any of them, so this would be perfect. And if I can learn to turn my bits into jewellery even better. I found sewing embroidered pockets on my husbands shirts went over like a lead balloon!

  58. Hi, Mary.

    I am enchanted with the metal jewelry. I started doing needle and thread beading to make jewelry not too long ago and just love it. I find the metal very intriguing–and it might help me overcome my basic dislike of working with metallic thread.

    Here’s hoping!

  59. Mary,
    My favorite kit on Tanya’s website is the Floral swirl. I really love the look of her goldwork.
    I have visited Tanya’s website several times before. I have been wanting to give one of the goldwork kits a try but as always concerned about spending the money. Perhaps one of these less expensive kits might just do it.
    I love her work. It is exquisite and someday I would love to take one of her classes.

  60. The pendant is my favorite. I love different kinds of jewelry that you don’t see in the stores.

  61. Would love the “Cross Stitch meets “Blackwork – Contemplation” kit to make for my daughter’s “cat wall”. Known as our very iwn “crazy cat lady – she currently has 9), her family room wall has pictures of cats in various media ranging from stained glass to photographs of past feline friends. Would make a grwat addition to her wall.

  62. Any of the pansies, since pansies are one of my favorite flowers. Thank you for the giveaway!

  63. I really love the pendant! Very neat to make a beautiful pendant from metal threads. Love it!

  64. I’ve fallen in love with the pendant on Tanja’s Etsy site. I’ve been wanting to try gold work; this looks like the perfect project to at least get a taste of it.

  65. What a nice thing for both of you to do! I love the Hapsburg Lace Sampler Runner – it is stunning although that fox is very cute too πŸ™‚

  66. my favorite is “Floral Motif Modern Jacobean” but the jewellery items are truly delicious and I’d be thrilled to win one!

  67. It’s hard to limit myself to just one favorite, I like so many. The pansies are gorgeous, the kitties are adorable, the goldwork is beautiful, the wild rose is stunning and I would like to try the Jacobean projects. If I have to pick just one I would choose the rose since they are my favorite flower.

  68. I like both the bird beginner kit and the teardrop pendant. While the fox is beautiful, I am just a beginner and it’s labelled as intermediate.

  69. The fox is quite sensational but as a counted thread worker who is slowly coming out of her counted comfort zone, I think he is probably a step to far for me at the moment, so my favourite kit within my comfort zone is the modern Jacobean floral swirl.

  70. I really like the Metal Brooch! I have done a lot of embroidery, but never anything like the Metal Brooch or the Metal Pendant. I think it would be really exciting to try one of them! Thanks so much for the chance to win one of these lovely projects!!

  71. Let’s try again. I would love to conquer my fear of goldwork with the brooch and Tanya’s terrific instructions. I love the little burrowing owl on her Etsy site, but first I need to finish the Red Poll kit from Tanya that I am working on. Thanks to you , Mary and to Tanya for this kind offer.

  72. They are both beautiful but I love the colors in the necklace. On Etsy site it’s a hard choice. I partial to the birds and the pansies because they are perfectly lifelike. Her designs are superb.

  73. The jewelry by Tanja Etsy’s is perfect. I have stitched some gold work but would like to learn more, The pendant is a perfect size and will make a great gift for my BFF. I have just relocated from Fla to NC and miss her very much.

  74. They’re all beautiful! But I am most taken with blackwork and think the shading it creates in the Blackwork Lovebirds Embroidery Kit – Just the Two – of Us Beginners Hand Embroidery Kit is awesome!

  75. HI Mary! I Love Love the hummingbirds!! they are something that I enjoy watching out in my garden every day!!

  76. Hi Mary.

    I like all the needlepainting kits, but I especially adore the fox, he looks so serious and focused.


  77. The bluebird on the blooming branch is my favorite. Flowers & bluebirds remind me of Momma & Daddy.

  78. The Goldwork Lion is absolutely gorgeous, my friends call me the “cat lady” so it is so appropriate. I love the colors in the pendant and broach. Doing handwork is relaxing and learning new techniques and styles are fascinating to me.

  79. I have never tried any metalwork so this would be a great first to start – that brooch is lovely!
    I really like the crewel kits but the baby owl kit stole my heart ❀️

  80. I absolutely love the two little bluebird kits on Tanja’s Etsy site! They are so sweet looking and the small size seems completely doable to someone who has never tried needle painting.

    Thanks for offering the opportunity to win a goldwork jewelry kit! Those are quite lovely too. πŸ™‚

  81. I’m in love with her blackwork cats. there’s just something about them… The pendant is nice too πŸ˜€

  82. I really like the black-work rabbits. But I also like the bright colors of the metal/gold work kits. As I am a beginner for metal/gold work, trying one of these out would be fun!

  83. hi love the pendant, it’s the first time i have seen such an embroidery so i am impressed..
    i also love the swan black and white reflection

    not expecting to win since i live the uk and postage would cost you a fortune, but thanks so much for sharing

    i have put the pendant on pinterest eve x

  84. Hi Mary,
    Ooh love Tanja’s new jewelry pieces and would love to be a winner! I was fortunate to be able to take a class with Tanja earlier this year and my favorite piece on her etsy site is the Baby Burrowing Owl in needle painting. I love it’s expression! This is the class I took with her and she is probably the most thorough teacher that I have ever taken. Her skill with a needle is just mind boggling! Thanks!


  85. I just love Tanja Berlin’s Goldwork Pendant….stunning !!!..what a wonderful way to learn Goldwork

  86. It is a very hard decision to pick my favorite. I have been thinking about ordering the broach, but would order the little wild rose and some blackwork as well. All her work is fantastic, but would love to add the pin to my very large collection. I would be the hit of EGA to have a Tonya Berlin kit.


  87. Either of her goldwork kits. In fact, if i don’t win (and knowing my luck I won’t!) I’ll have to go and purchase one to try.

  88. Dear Mary
    I’m not sure whether the giveaway is open to me over in the UK, but I thought I’d comment anyway. I love the embroidered and shaded birds although as a beginner to embroidery, I’m not sure I could produce something as beautiful as the shading shown here. I also really like the cats too…
    Best wishes

  89. I love the Hapsburg lace samper Runner intermediate hand embroidery. Really pretty! Thanks again for a wonderful give away.

  90. Its really hard to just choose one that I like best but I think I’ll go with Blackwork Butterfly with 28 Count Fabric. I’ve never done blackwork and its something I’d like to try so I have Tanja’s site bookmarked πŸ™‚

  91. Oh my gosh, combining embroidery with jewelry making — seems too good to be true! I have a weakness for birds and strong graphic designs, so I have to choose the reflected swans in blackwork. As always, thanks for drawing my attention to beautiful work on the internet!

  92. I love the fox too – but also the field mouse and many of the birds. They are all great. I really like the pendant, both colours and design. I have done a little goldwork but only a tiny piece. Really interesting and different.
    Thanks for sharing.

  93. I think my favourite of the designs in Tanja’s Etsy store is the needle painted Eastern Blue Bird, although I am really taken with the Hapsburg Lace needle case!

  94. Although I like the fox, as well, I’m drawn to the crewel kits, and my favorite is the Floral Swirl Medium surface embroidery kit.

  95. The brooch is my favorite piece and is small enough to try gold work. I have started one of Tanya’s thread painted blue birds and agree her directions are thorough. The clarity of her instructions is why I think I could complete one of her gold / metal work pieces on my own.

  96. Tanja’s pendant is just the thing to dip my toes into goldwork embroidery. Personally the piece that caught my eye is Hapsburg Lace Maze.

  97. I love the Cross Stitch meets Black Work, Swan Relections pattern. The effect is very cool and looks like it would be fun to stitch. I also adore the Brooch Metal Thread Embroidery Kit. The colors in it sing to me!

  98. The brooch and pendant are wonderful pieces and I think the bluebird on the flowering branch is oh so sweet.

  99. How is it possible to choose? I love the pendant but I also love the bluebird, the butterfly, the lovebirds…….Tanya’s work is a great addition to Etsy!

  100. This is a difficult choice but, I love the thought of learning to create jewelry so my favorite is the Metal Thread Pendant. I want to learn gold work.

  101. thanks to you and Tanya for this opportunity. I would really like to learn how to finish a small piece of needlework like you described. My favorite of Tanya’s kits on etsy is the Eastern Bluebird on a pine branch.

  102. I like the butterfly. I like the idea of such a colorful insect done just in black, with the difference in the stitches to indicate color variation. Edging the wings in the cord pulls it together nicely.

  103. Hi Mary,
    Tanja’s etsy shop is fabulous, thank you for showing it to us, there are so many beautiful kits and so few hours in the day! I’m torn between the rainbow tummies on the blackwork lovebirds or trying needlepainting with the baby owl.
    Many thanks to Tanja for donating kits for a give away and to both of you for providing so much inspiration.
    Kind regards

  104. Pendant Metal Thread Hand Embroidery Kit. This is my favorite. Hope to win. Thanks you for having this contest.

  105. Hi! I’d love to learn to make the pendants on Tanja’s site. I also love the Cross-Stitch-Meets-Blackwork sleeping kitty, primarily because I’d love to make it for my 7yo daughter who LOVES cats (while I, unfortunately, am allergic to them!) She’d love to hang this piece in her room.

  106. I am a total sucker for both Tanja’s designs and Hapsburg lace so I would have to pick her Hapsburg Lace Maze. I have been wanting to try some gold work lately and I think this would be a great way to start.

  107. I am a big fan of Tanja’s work. I’ve taken classes from her, purchased several kits, and just signed up for her blackwork cats class. I’m very familiar with her needlework.

    Even though I know she does goldwork, I like the new pendants the best because they are so very different from other stuff she offers. The purple one at the top of your post is one I would make myself!

  108. Dear Mary

    I have always have had pleasure to play with needles and threads. At this moment I try to find someone in Holland to teach me gold embroidery. In the meantime I have learned myself all kind of stitches from your website and from books.
    I do like the Hapsburg Lace Eyelets and Lace Intermediate Hand embroidery kit.
    I hope my written english is not too worse! You understand:I am from Holland.
    Marijke Namink

  109. Oh my goodness. The pieces you are giving away are stunning. I have never done gold work so this would be a new skill for me. I love a challenge.

    As for my favorite Etsy item, the pansies, hands down. I LOVE pansies.

  110. I love both the fox and the owl, but maybe the little owl just a little bit more. Just love those eyes!

  111. I love to be inspired, and the the brooch and pendant are just the right size. I have numerous books on Gold Work with projects, but almost all of them are far too ambitious for a beginner,and I never start one.

    1. Mary,
      My comment is waiting my modification, but I can’t figure out how to get to it. I just wanted to add: there are lots of cool projects on Tanja’s page, all of them tempting, but I’m particularly pulled by the Blackwork Lovebirds Embroidery kit. I do Black work already, but the color and details of this kit are well thought out

  112. I haven’t tried goldwork yet, but the pendants are stunning.

    I have to say my favourite are the Hapsburg lace kits. I’m a sucker for samplers.

  113. The Floral Swirl and the pendants catch my eye. It is a lovely gift from Tanja and her kits and instructions are amazing.

  114. Hi, Mary. First of all, what would we do without your guidance! Thanks for all you do.

    I also love the metal pendants (round and teardrop). They are gorgeous, as is everything on Tanja’s etsy site.

    Susan Turpin

  115. Good Morning after a tiring night of house repair…
    This web site is terrific, like having a cup of tea and embroidery work shared with an acquaintance.
    So, the most interesting and needed instruction type gold work from Ms. Tanya’s Etsy shop is the metal thread brooch kit… Since I am interested in Medieval art and sewing for puppets/dolls the metal thread brooch is gorgeous and the gold work fits into this sewing-as an amateur embroiderer that I am. The work fits on small costumes. I give all of my work to children that are in need.
    The mother’s and their daughters there fore have an opportunity to visit a small type costume museum in my work. I wish the work was not so difficult with arthritis, but it may keep my hands and fingers supple. Thanks for all of your ideas Ms. Corbet…

  116. Emboridery Kit: Floral Motif Modern Jacobean Beginners Surface Hand Embroidery Kit. This is my favorite of Tanja Berlin’s designs, but it was a close competition!

  117. It’s so difficult to chose from all the lovelies in her shop. Now that I finally retired I plan to branch out with my stitching and what a fun way to do y.

  118. I have never created anything with goldwork…so I am intrigued with the pendant! Thanks, Mary and Tanja!

  119. The Floral Swirl, Blackwork Butterfly, and oh, the Pansy. Hard to pick and choose, but any one of Tanja Berlin’s kits would be thrilling to win.
    The Red/Gold pendant appeals especially to me.
    Thank you for this opportunity and to Tanja for her generosity.

  120. I’ve always wanted to try making jewelry and these designs are stunning. I would be proud to win one. Live your daily emails. I’ve learned so much from them. Thanks. Madilyn dunlap

  121. While I must say that the fox is amazing, I really was taken by Tanya’s Metal Thread Pendant Hand Embroidery Kit. It is quite stunning and I have never done anything like that before. Thank you.

  122. Hi. Thanks to you and Tanya for this give away. I would make the brooch first as it is just bite sized enough and then I would use it as a button on a piece of knitting. Maybe as a shawl pin or a big accent button on a sweater. I like the idea of trying a little snippet to see if I like the technique and it be so Portable and manageable. Cheers. Elayne.

  123. Aside from the cool jewelry which is not only gorgeous but also appealing since I’ve never done any goldwork, I like the blackwork landscape. Very Art Deco feel to it.

    Thanks for the chance to check this out for free! Ann

  124. I’d have to agree that my favorite is the fox,too, although the bluebirds are also a favorite of mine. All Tanja’s designs are lovely…

  125. The Hapsburg lace runner looks like a fun project to work, and would make a great runner. Thanks for the chance to win.

  126. I’ve done just a beginner’s gold work project but had no idea there were other colors of gold to work with – how exciting! I’d be thrilled to learn more about this technique with Tanya Berlin’s guidance. Thanks for the opportunity!

  127. I love the pendants. Gold work is so beautiful. I’m a novice at it but would love to add to my skills.

  128. I am a big fan of Tanja Berlin since taking a class from her at the EAC Seminar in Ottawa. I would love to win a Goldwork kit.

    Love reading your blog. I have learned so much.

  129. the jacobean embroidery kits are my favorite. her kits are wonderful having just finished jacobean bird with tree. It would be nice to try the new gold work kits as i am very much a beginner with gold work they would be a good place to start learning. thanks for the give away. mary sue c

  130. My favorite of Tanja’s projects: “The Hapsburg Lace Sampler Runner” … my eye is out to find additions to my crazy quilting love. Very interested in learning more using gold/silver threads.

  131. The blackwork designs appeal to me. They remind me of stitched versions of delicate, intricate paper cut work patterns. I am so attracted to the gold work designs, but the outlay for materials has stopped me. Even if I don’t win, I think I’ll try a kit. Thanks to you and Tanya for this opportunity.

  132. I find these goldwork jewelry pieces to be fascinating and would love to try one. All of Tanya’s projects are beautiful, but my favorite is the Blue Bird on Blossom Branch.

  133. I looked around the website and I’d have to say my favorite is the pendant that you featured today. I’d love the opportunity to work with the colored gold since I wasn’t aware that was available. Thanks for the opportunity!

  134. I love the necklace. Just love the green in it. Love how all the fixings enhance the gold work. Thanks for bringing this to us (and all the other wonders).

  135. Hi Mary. Thank you and Tanya for another give-away. The gold work jewellery pieces are lovely, I particularly like the pendant. There are lots of wonderful projects on Tanya’s etsy shop and I would be hard pressed to pick just one but if I could only have one, I would pick the Eastern Blue Bird on Blossom Branch (or the burrowing baby owl – are you sure I can’t pick two … or three …)

  136. I have done two of Tanja’s samplers and her instructions are so easy to read. Have been very pleased with the results. Would love to try her pendant as I really love the colors and have never done a small project like this.

  137. I like the beginning lace scissor pocket and the beginner blue bird project. Both are very nice and reasonably priced.

  138. I have been real interested in the needle painting and have started a piece from Tanja. I like the bluebird. I saw the Goldwork jewelry on Tanja’s website this weekend and would love to try it

  139. This looks like something I really would like to try. It is exciting and most interesting. I would dearly love to try it.

    Your posts are teaching me so much.

    Thank you for all your time and effort.

  140. Good day Mary,

    What did the Fox say?
    He said he loves Tanja’s Etsy Site!

    My name is Misty and I am new to hand embroidery. I really like the the Red Fox Needle Painting Embroidery that Tanja offers on her new Etsy site. Thank you for the chance to win a gold work kit!

  141. I almost ordered this kit. It is so lovely. I especially like Tanya’s thread painting kits. I have completed one and have another to begin.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this lovely goldwork kit.

    Peggy – Portsmouth, VA

  142. Mary,
    I love the bluebird on the branch. I’ve tried having bluebirds on my farm for many years. They come to my bluebird houses every year but other birds destroy the evgs or babies. πŸ™ If I could stitch this kit, it would be a way to have my very own bluebird that could never be taken away! πŸ™‚
    Thank you for offering giveaways.

  143. I have never done gold work and would like to try it with a small project. I do need good notes with it – that is promised.

  144. The baby owl calls my name with those piercing eyes yet obvious softness of a youngster needing to be cuddled and taken care of.

  145. The Hapsburg lace runner is my favorite. I could do that one while learning something and it’s elegant.
    I’d like the kit for the jewelry (either one) as I ordered a gold thread kit from Berlin Embroidery and immediately became intimidated; I bought how-to books, I saved your posts on gold embroidery, etc, and never started it. Hope it’s in acid paper somewhere. Maybe something smaller would be a good start.

  146. Hi Mary, i’d like to win be cause I’ve never done gold work before.
    On Tanya Berlin Etsy site, I prefer the baby burrowing owl with its fluffy feathers.

  147. Absolutely stunning! I joined the local stitchery guild so I could find out how my years of cross stitch looked against “real sewers”! But in the last six months I have been exposed to such a variety of exquisite techniques….I like the black work star the best as I have just completed a few bookmarks in that..but the gold work is my next step so I hope I win!

    Keep up the great work!

  148. I love the Brooch Metal kit. The colors are so vibrant and the design is beautiful. I have definitely marked Tanja’s shop as a favorite to go back and check often. One of the things I want to do when I retire in April is hone my embroidery skill. This would be a perfect start!

  149. I love the blackwork star kit. I am a newbie so as much as the pendants appeal to me I know my limits. πŸ™‚

  150. I love the baby owl for a challenge and the blackwork reflected-swan for simple elegance.

    Nice site Mary – thanks for the heads-up

  151. Happy August, Mary!
    Thanks for the giveaway – what a great way to start the month πŸ™‚
    I am a sucker for flowers, so I like the wild rose – flowers and PINK – my favorite color – perfect combination.
    Fingers crossed that I win!
    Carrie PlaneNut

  152. I love the cross stitch meets blackwork cat sitting and looking into the distance. He reminds me of the Japanese woodblocks by Hiroshiga

  153. I love the designs on Tanja’s Etsy site. I’m doing wool appliquΓ© with embroidery stitches. I would love to try gold work jewelry. It would make a nice portable project.

  154. I love the jewellery projects – such good size projects to start with. The colours are stunning like many of the precious stones.

  155. My favorites really are the broach or pendant but if I had to chose another it would be one of the pansy. My 98 year old mother died in January and pansies were one of her favorite flowers. She always thought they had little faces.

  156. I like the fox also but my favorite is the pansey beginners kit. It looks to me that using the purple threads would make it easier to see any mistakes with the long and short stitches.

  157. Oh my gosh! How to pick a favorite? I love the pansies and the cats and the love birds…. But if I was going to pick just one I think it would have to be the Wild Rose. Needlepainting is something that I would dearly like to try one day and I just love the colors in this piece.

  158. Such a lovely site…thanks so much for showing it to us! The goldwork rooster is so gorgeous, but way outside my comfort zone! The little thread painted field mouse captured my heart! Hugs, Kathy

  159. Mary, thanks for offering this giveaway! I like the Cross Stitch meets Blackwork Landscape piece on Tanja’s Etsy site.

    Hope your week is wonderful!
    Nancy πŸ™‚

  160. The “Cross-Stitch Meets Blackwork – Swan Reflections – Beginners Hand Embroidery Kit” is my favorite. Slightly complicated reason why: I’m an English hornist and one of the prominent solos in the repertoire is “The Swan of Tuonela” by Sibelius. I played this fairly recently and Tanya’s depiction of the two swans (a white one and a black one) in a manner where it can be displayed with either swan “up”. (I’ve ordered the pattern from her Etsy shop! One more thing on the “to be stitched” list with the bonus of some excellent instructions for the blackwork parts!)

    Tanya’s goldwork pendants look glorious, and would give me a chance to play with the colored metal threads. SO, thank you and Tanya for the chance to win one of the kits!


  161. A difficult choice, but my favorite article is the large butterfly in blackwork, shown several times in the etsy shop. I have collected butterflies since I was a child and have done blackwork for a number of years.

  162. Hello, Ms.Mary!

    I think Ms. Berlin’s kits are all lovely, and the goldwork pendant would look great on my DIL at Christmas.

    The birds compete with the flowers for my greatest affection.

  163. Hi Mary

    I like pansies no mater the color. Ready to try the gold work jewelery especially the round one.


  164. Actually, if I have to pick only one of Tanja’s projects to call my “favorite” it would probably have to be her new metal thread pendant kit! I have several of her kits in my stash right now, just waiting for time to get them started, but I’ve just recently been introduced to gold work, and I’m itching to do more.

    Thanks to both you and Tanja for doing this drawing –
    Mary in MN

  165. HI Mary,
    Thanks for this opportunity. You are very right about people, myself included, who want to try something new without having to invest a fortune to find out if we like it. This exactly describes Goldwork to me. Alluring, but confusing and so expensive. Where do I start!? The gold work pendent would be my number one choice.
    Tanja is to be commended on her many very nicely put together projects. So many lovely things! I like the embroidered burrowing owl as it reminds me of the owls my husband and I enjoy photographing in the spring. The chicks are so cute!
    The blackwork hummingbirds are fantastic, too! Blackwork is so pleasant and would make a nice grab-up type of project.
    Thank you Mark and Tanja for this give-away and thank you Tanja for your beautiful work. I hope you do well with this.

  166. Other than the pendants (which I love), I am a big jacobean fan so I love her two pieces.
    Thank you

  167. Wow, I never thought there would be a giveaway I could try for! I have just been exploring embroidery for the first time, thanks to Pinterest, and found your blog, also thanks to Pinterest. I have learned so much from you! Just finished doing the “heart o’ flowers”, as a sort of stitch sampler, and I’m much better at satin stitch now than I ever thought I would be, thanks to your tips. Did some needlepainting on it, too πŸ™‚

    I’ve been reading your entire blog from the beginning – I’m up to December 1st, 2011, and one of the things I’ve wanted to try has been goldwork. Sure hope I get a kit! You make it look like such fun!

    As for Tanja’s Etsy store, that’s a hard pick, but I would have to say the Wild Rose needlepainting. My daughter loves wild roses, and I would love having the practice with such a lovely design, then give it to her. She embroidered roses on a muslin handkerchief for me years ago, when she was about 10.

    Thank you for sharing your expertise – and your fumbles! I laughed so much over your “crewel” rooster, and other problem projects. I love how you share the mistakes as well as the successes.


  168. My favorite piece on the Etsy site is the Carackmoras lace work. I liked it so much, I have ordered it for myself. I love the small pieces and the lovely way it is displayed.

  169. I’ve actually been drooling over these little kits, but haven’t wanted to order one until I got a bit caught up on other projects. (Yeah, I know.)

    Not surprisingly, I’m very taken with these kits, but of the others, I think I like the owl best. So much personality in such a little bird.

  170. Hi Mary, the sweet baby owl’s eyes folllow me and I love him so!! Though a very close 2nd is the pendent.. Thank You

  171. My favorite of Tanya’s new etsy projects is the floral swirl. I love Jacobean style embroidery and the addition of metal threads really makes it zing!

  172. I did not see the fox you referred to when I clicked on the link but I do love the Harebell on Blue Fabric. Thanks for all of the information you provide. I have learned so much.

  173. I love the metal pendant. It would be a great learning piece for me.
    Second favourite would be the blackwork butterfly, but it is really hard to choose.

  174. The Red Fox is my hands down favorite. I took Tanja’s online course for it a year ago and there is no one who provides better instructions. By doing the online course, I had the instructions she provides with her kits as well as extra extremely detailed instruction that I could down load. I love my Red Fox.

  175. My choice of design from Tanja’s Etsy site is the Eastern Blue Bird on Pine Branch. Tanja is one very talented needleworker with such a wide scope of techniques that she has mastered. Her designs are always appealing to me. I do metal work and have ordered from her many times and would really enjoy working either the pendant or brooch. They offer a fresh way of working with metals that is so attractive.

  176. Being a Libra it is very difficult for me to pick (decisions are not my strong point), but I think the Eastern Blue Bird is adorable. It was the first thing that caught my eye, so I’m going with that!

  177. I like the bluebird best. I would love to be able to stitch that well.

    I have a collection of goldwork threads for a project but I have been afraid to start. A small project like what Tanya offers would be a perfect way to learn and get some experience so that I could tackle my project.


  178. I have taken several classes from Tanja Berlin & thoroughly love all her projects … & her directions are so easy to follow! It’s kind of hard for me to choose a favorite, because I do enjoy all the various embroidery techniques that she designs & teaches. Right now, I’m into Jacobean embroidery so I will choose the blue and green one shown … Floral Motif Modern Embroidery.

  179. Kia ora Mary
    The wonderful thing with Tanja’s shop is the variety of kits enabling the use of different embroidery techniques, which makes it hard to choose. The blackwork lovebirds? The needle painted bird? The floral crewelwork? And now metalwork! They also are of a size that is not too daunting for the novice stitcher like me. I think I would go for the little blackwork lovebirds first. Very cute! Hope your New Zealand followers are eligible.
    Thanks for the inspiration

  180. My favorite of all of the kits are the pendant and broach metal thread embroidery.
    The bluebird would also be a lovely project!

  181. What a great give away! Thanks for offering it!
    I have to say my favorite is the owl. It’s so cute!
    Thanks again!
    -Heather S in Chicago

  182. Oh my, the white on blue Hapsburg lace pieces are stunning. I have loved lace all my life and collect it with a passion. Can’t get enough. What fun it would be to stitch those offered on Tanja Berlin’s website. Thanks for the giveaway!

  183. Although I’ve been eyeing that blackwork butterfly for awhile, I’m quite taken by the Carrickmacross lace medallions. They remind me of my Aunt Beatrice and her hand-stitched Carrrickmacross tea linens. I remember her singing to me at bedtime when I was very young: “Thread in me basket, Carrickmacross, Carrickmacross, carry me ‘cross the bay.” (In her thick, Cork accent.)

    Being that I have accepted that goldwork is just not a skill I will ever master, please do not enter me in the giveaway! Someone else should win.

  184. I love the little blue headed bird sitting in the Cherry tree blossom. It reminds me of the lovely garden my parents created at their retirement bungalow with a magnificent cherry tree grown from a sapling – the birds loved it. Sadly they are no more but the cherry tree and visiting birds live on.

  185. Hi, Mary.
    Thanks to both you and Tanja for the great giveaway. Of the jewelry pieces, my favorite is the pendant. Looking at her full site, I love the baby burrowing owl. His face is amazing. I’ve been wanting to try both metal gold work and needle painting. Embroidery is so varied; there’s so much to learn!

  186. Hi Mary, thanks to you and Tanja for the great giveaway! I have taken courses from Tanja and stitched her kits … Lots of them … And you’re right: her instructions are complete and detailed. In addition she offers online support! If you can take a course from her face to face, you will experience one of the best instructors EVER! I would love to win her new gold work kit. On her etsy site, I am particularly attracted to the simplicity and warmness of the rabbits in the black work/cross stitch kit although I like the goldwork brooch very much, too!

    Thanks, Dale

  187. Wow! went to Tanja’s website and was impressed with the projects…pendant would make an amazing gift to make for a special person in your life.

  188. I think my favourite is the Hapsburg Lace Sampler Runner. I love the look of the white on a coloured background and am a sucker for band samplers. Hapsburg Lace is something I mean to try at some point. I do agree that it is great to end a project with a finished product – so many things end up sitting in the drawer!

  189. The Eastern Blue Bird on Pine Branch Needle is the one I am drawn to. I favor birds as a decoration throughout my house and as gifts. Also, there is an eastern bluebird that visits my back yard. I look at him and think it would be nice to do him in embroidery. This kit would do nicely for that work.
    Thank you for the recommendation.

  190. Hi Mary, thanks to you and Tanja for the great giveaway! I have taken courses from Tanja and also stitched her kits … Lots of them … And you’re right: her instructions are complete and detailed. In addition she offers online support! If you can take a course from her face to face, you will experience one of the best instructors EVER! I would love to win her new gold work kit. On her etsy site, I am particularly attracted to the simplicity and warmness of the rabbits in the black work/cross stitch kit although I like the goldwork brooch very much, too!

    Thanks, Dale

  191. Hi Mary,
    I love the Carrickmacross Lace kit. I stitch Japanese Temari Balls and am a Zentangle Teacher, so I’m always drawn to patterns. I’d love to learn the metalwork techniques and somehow apply them to my art. Thanks for holding the Giveaway.

  192. I would like to try “Eastern Blue Bird on Pine Branch Needle Painting Embroidery.” I love birds! There are so many kits on her esty page that I would love to try! Such talent!

  193. The beginners scissors case looks like a nice challenge, but I also like the neckless bead work! The website looks good and user friendly. Lots of nice pictures of what Tanya has to offer! Very creative!

  194. I had hope to be able to take a class from her this fall when she is touring after the EGA Seminar. Her work is incredible. The Eastern Bluebird on a Blossom Branch is so lifelike. Having the opportunity of stitching any one of her pieces, either in metal or embroidery would be an honor.

  195. The fox is beautiful, love the hummingbirds and would love to make either the pendant or the brooch.

  196. Wow, so hard to choose, they are all so lovely. My favorite of the metal work is the brooch. Of the thread painting I’m torn between the wild rose and the little bluebird on the pine branch. So beautiful, all of them. Thanks for sharing Tanja’s web site.

  197. I love the stitch kit of the blue bird on a blossom branch.
    Thank you for the give away, I’m hoping that I win. Yeah!

  198. I like the hummingbirds best on her website. And the necklace on the contest. Her pansies and johnny jumpups (?) are so precious!

  199. Ooo, all the kits are lovely. My favorite is definitely the Blackwork Butterfly. So classic yet modern looking. My daughter and I both love butterflies. Trying to pass down my love of needlework with following generations. My six year old grand daughter is keen to learn.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these beautiful kits.

  200. Do I have to choose only one? I like all of them! But if I must choose I’ll go for this one:
    Embroidery Kit: Floral Swirl Modern Jacobean Beginners Surface Hand Embroidery Kit



  201. I’ve been wanting to try Goldwork for a long time. A kit sounds wonderful. I like so many of her designs, but my favorite goldwork kit is the pendant.

  202. I like the blue bird and the butterfly. I am in my retirement years and am enjoying embroidery again. I didn’t realize there were so many techniques.

  203. I love Tanja Berlin’s projects, all of them, and I’d like to do them all but time doesn’t permit. However, I’ll do my best. I need to take some beginner courses. I do love her blackwork, needle painting and especially her metal and goldwork. I am just learning how to work with metal/goldwork.
    It would be fantastic to win one of her kits.

  204. I love the pendant kit but having been born in Alberta, the wild rose has to be my favorite πŸ™‚

  205. Oh boy, another technique to learn. Seems like every time I turn around there is another technique I just have to learn. I like the little owl on Tanya’s Etsy site. If I learn this technique I just might have to order him.

  206. I thought the blackwork butterfly was beautiful. I saw Tanja’s new Etsy store on Saturday, and it was fun to revisit it.

  207. Good morning. Tanja’s site is wonderful! I especially love the Swan Reflection embroidery. The pendants are terrific, too. Thanks. Beth

  208. My favorite of Tanja’s kits offered is the Hummingbird Haven. Hummingbirds were my mother’s favorite, so they make me think of her.

  209. Hi Mary,
    I hope this will not disqualify me, but there are 2 very different projects that makes my heart do a little flutter. I LOVE the circle brooch. I connect with circles in all of my crafts. Sometimes they are just fun, other times they signify the “completion of”….life, finishing ufo’s, philosophies in my life and so on.
    I have the same feelings about lace. I collect lace, use it in most of my projects, especially hand made cards and fibre arts. The thought of me being able to actually make lace also makes heart flutter.

    Donna D

  210. I have to say that I was surprised when I first looked at her shop. While most artist tend to stick with one type of embroidery, she has several delightful options to choose from, and while I have always leaned toward thread painting, her blackwork birds made me want to try blackwork for the first time. The jewelry kits are also wonderful and unique. As far as picking a favorite goes, that is tough, all of her kits are awesome. She is a very talented lady.

  211. I would really like to try the metallic needlework. The designs are very nice and just my style. I also would be very interested in experiencing the project instructions for this type of work. While I haven’t created a project using metallics, I have collected several books on how to do it!

  212. I like the goldwork brooch and would love the opportunity to further my skill in goldwork with it!

  213. I am fond of Tanja’s Eastern Bluebird on Blossom Branch. I love to see the blue birds that visit my yard in the spring and sometimes nest in the blue bird house. Thanks for this nice give away and I would love to try my hand at a little gold work project.
    Mary Ann,

  214. have not tried metal work and would like to try it. the small project would be good start.

  215. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for another give-away.

    I’m partial to birds, so I like the two blue bird designs.

  216. Mary,Thanks for the giveaway .i loved all her work but to be very specific .. I really was attracted by needle painting kit ,really should mention my favorite one is the eastern Blue bird on blossom branch.
    I would love to learn metal thread embroidery.

  217. Hi Mary,
    So excited about the little kit giveaway. Have been thinking about gold work for a while, now.
    On Tanja’s etsy site, I am really drawn to the grumpy-looking little bluebird.
    I might even give him a try.
    Thank you!

  218. i love the goldwork pendant. I’ve made some jewelry before but the goldwork looks so fun. Many of her kits interest me but I need more practice.. Thanks for the opportunity to try these beautiful kits.

  219. I love the embroidered brooch that is metal, years ago I did a silk and metal group correspondence course with the EGA and loved
    the outcome. This looks like something I could
    do and it is usable as you said to give as a gift
    or keep for myself. Would love to win any of her
    kits. Is very unique, thank you for the opportunity.

  220. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for offering this chance to win a beautiful kit. My favorite on Tanja’s website is the Rose painted embroidery. I love roses and all flowers and this image looks so delicate, elegant and simple.

    I would love to try gold work and that pendant is absolutely stunning!


  221. Hard choice to pick just one, but I think I finally narrowed it down to the Embroidery Kit: Floral Swirl Modern Jacobean Beginners Surface Hand Embroidery Kit

  222. I love these pendant and jewelry designs. The colors are marvelous and would go nicely with my apparel. It’s perfect that it is jewelry but also encompasses embroidery at the same time. I’ll have to check out her site. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  223. Goodness, picking a favorite is a challenge. If I has to pick one, I think I’d go with the Eastern bluebird, though I do love both te pendants and so many others. Love all the inspiration and instruction on your blog!

  224. I was looking through Tanya’s site over the weekend and was most interested in her Hapsburg lace kits. I particularly like the one called, “Hapsburg Lace Sampler Runner” because of the variety of stitches it incorporates. I would love to win one of her goldwork kits too, however, because I have not worked with metal threads before and either of her jewelry kits look like a good place to start! I have used beads and a number of techniques to create my own jewelry and this looks like it would be a fun new way to expand my skills.

  225. Oooooh her Etsy shop is fabulous. That fox, however, is the best of the best. We also have a resident fox, and call him Reddy. I should really get that and do his portrait.

  226. The metal thread pieces look gorgeous. I also like the Hapsburg Lace Sampler Runner. Thanks for the chance!

  227. How does one choose from so many awesome needleworks? I am into Jacobean type especially the traditional Jacobean tree but trying it in miniature but am impressed with the white work designs. Ready to try goldwork and feel either the pendant or brooch would be something I could tackle. Thanks for the opportunity to win! jc

  228. What a tough question since I am a huge fan of Tanja’s work! But I do like those 2 little blackwork lovebirds. And the jewelry is a great idea.

  229. So, excited to see gold work on a small scale since I’m very recent self-taught surface embroidery.

    My favorite item on the site which is now on “my wish list” is Floral Motif Modern Jacobean (green).

  230. Love jewelry and hand work. Love the pendant on etsy but gold work and metal are new for me. Would live to win and could use this on my wool work.

  231. I have taken several classes with Tanya and will always try to be in one of hers when available.
    I love the lower of the two pendants.

  232. I love most of her designs but my favorite is the Hapsburg Lace Sampler Runner on blue canvas, followed closely by the Eastern Bluebird

    Thanks SO much for introducing me to her designs!

  233. Gee Mary, you gave us a tough question, there are so many beautiful designs. I like her Thread Painting, especially the Red Fox. But..to choose which one I would want… Can I choose 2… one of the Gold work pieces, they are amazing and 2nd, I would have to choose the Red Fox.
    Thank you and Tanja for the chance to win one of her lovely designs.

  234. Hi, Mary, the piece I like the most on Tanya’s etsy shop is the Hapsburg Lace Maze Sampler. First I like that it continues the lace tradition by capturing the lace patterns for current and future needlework ears. Second, I like the variety of patterns in the piece and the design. Thanks for your interesting and informative writing. I look forward to the daily email from you.

  235. Hi Mary,
    I have admired Tanja’s Hapsburg Lace Runner, but I would like to try to learn metal work. This kit sounds like a good place to start.

    Pamela Abbott

  236. Dear Mary:
    I have used gold threads and beads in my needlework and knitting projects for years but never a goldwork/bead specific project. A little intimidated, scared maybe..In Tanja’s jewelry I love the colors and the abstract design. I am ready to give it a try! On Tanja’s website I like the Hapsburg Lace Maze as a visual journey. Each time I look at the maze my eyes follow a different road to a new embroidery design, and I am a great fan of whitework too!

  237. I welcome the opportunity to learn goldwork jewellery. My favorite piece is the blackwork butterfly – I’ve been eyeing it for a while now…

  238. Hi
    I really want to try her eastern blue bird on blossom needle painting kit. The colors are so beautiful and vibrant.He looks like he could fly away at any moment.

  239. Wow….I am intimidated to try goldwork. It’s so beautiful. I must say I fell in love with Tanja’s purple pansy. Thread painting is so gorgeous. Thanks πŸ™‚

  240. The pendants are very interesting. I make beaded jewelry and also have completed a few cross stitch projects. Combining both is something I would like to try. The embroidery pendant is my favorite item on her site.

  241. Thank you Mary! Tanya has such a scrumptious selection of kits! So difficult to choose a favorite! The metal work brooch reminds me of my four grandchildren, Christmas, and winter rainbows – three of my most favorite things. The Pansy is my birth flower and I so love purple! The little blue birds and owl are so adorable! They remind me of all the little baby birds that one of my daughters is always saving – last week it was a pair of baby mockingbirds that fell out of their nest. Their Mom and Dad let my daughter put them back into the nest and would let her monitor them. But they wouldn’t let my daughter’s husband get anywhere near them! And the Rose, my favorite flower! Too many to call one a favorite!

    And for me, a person always on the move the small projects are perfect. The gifts I make are always small so I can take them with me to work on in my spare moments.

    Thank you so much for sharing Tanya’s Etsy site with us!

  242. I like the burrowing owl–we have them in the area and I’ve actually seen them on walks and such. They are cute, stumpy little guys!

  243. The Hapsburg lace samplers are divine, but I have a fondness for blackwood and that butterfly is gorgeous!

  244. Hi Mary- the blackwork kits are fab especially the butterfly but as I like to try new techniques IΒ΄d go for the Hapsburg lace kits first! Keep well.

  245. Thanks for the giveaway. My favorite on Tanja’s Etsy site is the Baby Burrowing Owl. It makes me laugh so I’m sure I’d have fun stitching it.

  246. Hi Mary. Wow Tanya’s kits are amazing – I love the Eastern Blue Birds, but I don’t think I would be able to do them justice as I’m just a beginner. Thanks for the chance of a giveaway! Jean.x

  247. I just had Tanya’s robin on a blossom branch framed and it’s beautiful. Her directions are so precise and detailed. What a joy to work on her projects! Love your blog and have all the supplies for the hummingbirds!! Hope to start that project soon!

  248. I especially like the Bluebird on Pine Needle Branch. I’ve not tried needle painting before, and this project looks doable. I am particularly impressed with the description of the organization of the kit, the directions, and the numbered template for the threads.

  249. I love cross crafting, using many materials in combinations that please me. I would love a nice kit, but best of all, you have introduced us to a new artist, and I love that!

  250. Hi Mary,

    So many beautiful choices in Tanja’s Etsy store. I’ve really been drawn to blackwork lately and want to give it a try. I love the Blackwork Lovebirds – Just the Two of Us. I’m seriously considering that one for purchase. Would love to try the goldwork and having a small project is less intimidating for what seems like a challenging technique.

    Thanks to both you and Tanja!

  251. I love the lacy look of Hapsburg lace. I think it would be wonderful to do one of Tanja’s project each month.

  252. This is a very generous offer.

    I like her metal thread pendants, but the item that really catches my eye is the Carrickmacross Beginners Lace kit.

  253. What an awesome giveaway! My favorite is the goldwork pendant! I love the Hapsburg eyelet and lace sampler as well, but I almost bought the goldwork pendant kit last week when you first posted about it, but couldn’t just now. So wonderful that you’re able to do a giveaway.

  254. Tanya’s work is amazing, as is your blog! I would love to win one of her kits and the necklace featured on your blog is one of my favourites.

  255. The pendant is one I would love to try. Caught my eye immediately! I am a lifetime stitcher, but have not tried this craft. Beautiful work. Thank you for the chance to win. Also a chance to say how very much I learn from your website.

  256. I like so many of her designs, it’s hard to choose. However, the pendant is my favorite this minute. I’ve taken a class from Tanja and agree with you about her instructions!

  257. I have been getting started on needle painting and would love to learn on The blue pansies, which are so beautiful. I enjoy the process of watching the creation of beauty as the stitches are laid down. This is a perfect way to experience instant gratification in the creating process.

  258. I have looked at Tanaj’s website several times and have always been tempted by the black work star. I would like to try the gold work on the pendant. Thanks for having this contest. Linda

  259. I love All the blackwork cat kits. I love cats so I guess that is why I like the kits so much

  260. WOW – such beautiful work and kits – I made a list of my faves, and it just kept growing – its hard to say which I like best – I Loved the Eastern Bluebird and the Blue flax – then there was the Goldwork Phoenix – I could go on and on – Her patterns were exquisite, and it seems her directions are very well written so anyone could understand, even if you did not speak her language. thank you for bringing her to our attention. I LOVE your blog.
    Nark R.

  261. I love tanjas projects especially the cat on the cushion it would make the perfect gift for someone

  262. Oh, what *don’t* I like??? I have had several of her kits on my wishlist for quite a while now. The Schwalm kit is amazing, I would so love to have that. Any of the Jacobean style kits, the goldwork Harebell, Lion, Peacock Feather, Ram and Sampler, and now the new Brooch kit… the list goes on πŸ™‚

  263. Hi Mary,

    The teardrop pendant has really caught my fancy, and I’d love to get some more experience with goldwork. I am also intrigued by the Floral Swirl Modern Jacobean kit. Jacobean designs always appeal to me, and the kit includes organza and kid…what a fun and unusual addition! I’m fortunate enough to have attended a class taught by Tanja so I know firsthand how detailed her instructions are, answering every possible question a student might have, and providing lots of well-explained tips on how to improve one’s stitching. She’s a great teacher, and a genuinely nice person!

  264. While I love any of Tanja’s needle painting kits (my favorites being the blue bird and fox) I would have to say that if I am not lucky this week for my birthday I will have to order the metal thread broach or pendant (probably pendant) kit

  265. I love everything Tanja Berlin does. Out of what she has in her Etsy shop, I like her blue bird with the pink flower. It says pine branch but it looks more like a bush of some type. Whatever it is, it is gorgeous.
    Mary in BR

  266. Hi Mary,

    After a lot of thought I decided that the one I like best is the “Embroidery Kit: Floral Swirl Modern Jacobean Beginners Surface Hand Embroidery Kit”.

    Close runners ups were the “Beginners Hand Embroidery Kit – Blackwork Butterfly with 28 Count Fabric” and the “Beginners Hand Embroidery Kit – Eastern Blue Bird on Pine Branch Needle Painting Embroidery”

    Tough decision as they are all lovely!

    Cynthia M.

  267. My fave is modern Jacobean. Cover of Inspirations #76 will be my next major start, then I will complete the gold work pendent!

  268. Such beautiful kits! I have looked at the kits available and what a hard choice! They are so varied and all lovely in different but I think I would have to choose the pendant metal work kit as it would be something completely new to me and I love trying out new techniques! x

  269. I just learned hoe to do basic gold work last year and would love to learn more about it. Thank you for the heads up on the shop.

  270. Thanks for another fun give-away! I especially liked Tanja’s blackwork/cross-stitch design “Contemplation”. I love cats but due to my husband’s allergy, I can not have one. The next best thing just might be stitching this design. Thanks for letting us know about Tanja’s new Etsy site. Best Wishes Karen

  271. Hi, thanks for bringing Tanja’s Etsy site to our attention. I love the baby burrowing owl, I think he will have to find a home in my house.

  272. I love the blue pansy. When I was young my favorite aunt always grew them in her window. Every time we left her house she would pick one for me which made me feel so special.
    They are my feel good flower.

  273. That pendant is lovely, and I’ve been looking for a reason to learn goldwork, and I think a small kit like that would be perfect.

  274. I love Tanja Berlins web site. I love the new project wit the blackwork cats and the goldwork pendant and brooch.I. would love to have the brooch because I think that it is more versatile. I hope you pick me.

  275. Blackwork Lovebirds or one of the Embroidery Brooch kits. Everything is so lovely and what a generous giveaway. Thank you to both of you for giving us the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful opportunity. Judy C in NC

  276. I love the pendant and broach kits as I like making different jewelry items and braids to hang them on so hopefully my luck will be in this time
    Beryl (South Yorkshire)

  277. Both pendant designs are beautiful and my style and typical of Tanja’s talent. I don’t win things often, but for this I thought I would give it a try. I would be proud to show it to my friends who make a lot of jewelry.

  278. Oh my, what a generous giveaway–thank you, Mary!

    I have three favorites from Tanja’s Etsy store: the two Hapsburg lace samplers and the blackwork butterfly. However, they are all winners, frankly.

  279. I love the eastern blue bird. I think Tanya is such a great teacher and designer. I have done several of her pieces and I had a lot of fun with them.

  280. I would have difficulty choosing between the bluebird and the fox, as I like stitching creatures that actually look like real ones. Then again, her Jacobean Florals look like they would be fun!

  281. Good morning! I spend much too much time absorbed in your blog every day! I read and reread – trying to absorb the information, keeping the bits I can use immediately, committing to memory the bits I know I will use later. Thank you for that!

    My passion is redwork even though I do everything, so I am naturally attracted to the blackwork pieces on Tanja’s site. Today I am especially drawn to the swans in her Cross-Stitch Meets Blackwork – Swan Reflections piece. It looks like an fun, easy piece that would make a lovely gift for a special someone in my life… maybe I’ll download that pattern πŸ™‚

    One more item on my queue!

  282. Of course I could not pick just one. The Wild Rose or the metalwork pendant. Both are gorgeous.

  283. Blackwork Cat – Contemplation is my favorite. Anything kitties jut really makes me happy! This one actually is something I’ve never heard of though. It’s called Blackwork? So it would be something new!

  284. You probably wouldn’t consider “EVERYTHING” an acceptable answer – though it is the most truthful answer. I received on of Ms. Berlin’s books as a birthday present. Her instructions are just great. I am currently learning long & short stitch. I haven’t ventured into shading yet, but it’s next on my list. Given that, I think that the “Bluebird on a Pine Branch” would be my choice if I could only choose one kit. It’s not that I don’t love the blackwork kits, and the goldwork kits, and the flowers, but you did say 1.

  285. Wow! Her pendent was amazing. Always something new to learn and so little time! πŸ™‚

  286. I have always loved the pansy kits, but haven’t stitched any of them. The gold work pendants look just amazing, and the idea of on-going tuition and critique is brilliant, especially for someone living in New Zealand who does not have the luxury of attending classes with international designers and tutors.

  287. Very interesting. I’m an old hand at blackwork in its many forms, but I have not had occasion to use the various types of metal thread in Tanja’s kits. Therefore, my favorite project is the round metallic brooch. I like the colors, use of the properties of the various metallics, and the proportion of the internal geometry. Overall it looks like a fun, small project for learners. -kbs

  288. I really like the Floral Swirl Modern Jacobean kit. It looks like something with a lot of love put into it.

    Kathleen Stone

  289. Hi Mary,

    Though they are all exquisite, I narrowed my favorites down to the owl and the eastern blue bird. Both are so realistic and look like watercolors rather than embroidery. Such detail. The gold work looked like a beaded amulet. Amazing.

    Regards, Joan

  290. What a brilliant definitive project. I really want to develop these skills and this would be an ideal way of doing this. Whilst both designs are great, I prefer the pendant.

  291. Hi! I’m torn. I’ve always wanted to try metal embroidery and the small kits look like the way to go, but I absolutely love the bluebirds and the fox. I, too, have foxes in my backyard, but I don’t have bluebirds. I love birds and have birds everywhere in my house.
    Sandy Black

  292. I think my favorite is the blackwork ‘contemplation’ that kitty looking out the window is something I have many memories of, I would like to give goldwork or metal thread embroidery a try and the pendant or broach would be a very doable try it out size project.

  293. Thank you for the giveaway! The fox is indeed amazing but the baby burrowing owl has stolen my heart.

  294. Thanks to both of you for offering a chance to win such a generous giveaway. Choosing one favorite is tough- they’re all amazing! I think, though, that the Floral Swirl Modern Jacobean Flower would be fun to stitch with all the different stitches & such happy colors.

  295. I like the pansys and the comments she makes about instructions in the details. I also like the pendant and the colors used in the geometric pattern

  296. I love, Love, Love Tanja’s site and work. Choosing just one of her kits is very difficult! I think I’d choose the Hapsburg Maze Sampler because I haven’t done that technique…….or……or.

    Mary, thank you for your wonderful articles and instruction. I have learned so much!

  297. Tanja’s Hand Embroidery has very elegant designs. It is not easy to pick the one I like best. The Modern Jacobean kit is really beautiful. My Sister had Lovebirds in her yard in Harlingen, Texas so those really caught my eye. To my surprise the Blackwork Butterfly will have to put them at #1 on my list. I really enjoy anything butterflies, I just never that a Blackwork embroidery would be on that list. The delicate detail is what really caught my heart with the Blackwork Butterflies. Awesomely Beautiful!

  298. This is the one that I like the best.

    Emboridery Kit: Floral Motif Modern Jacobean Beginners Surface Hand Embroidery Kit


  299. Anything to do with birds gives me pleasure so the Eastern Blue Bird on Pine Branch immediately drew my eye, thread painting is a very beautiful aspect of embroidery and Tanja’s work is exquisite.

  300. It’s impossible to pick just 1. I’ve had tanja as a teacher and love her. I’m leaning slightly towards the bluebird sitting in the blossoms, but then I really love the goldwork broach, or maybe the fox, or…..

  301. Mary Mary – each day brings fresh inspiration not to mention a “give away”. Thanks so much. I too am partial to the fox.
    Gerry Bates

  302. I’ve been drooling over her site since I red your post. I love the Eastern Bluebird. It’s so realistic!

  303. Ooh, that fox is beautiful! If there was one I would get, it would probably be the blackwork mandala. I love geometric designs but I’ve never ventured far into blackwork.

  304. I am very fond of the Floral Swirl Modern Jacobean Beginners Surface Hand Embroidery Kit. I think it’s beautiful and a great way to try out several techniques.


  305. The Floral Fantasy has been my favorite, but I love the new metal jewelry. I have done some silk and metal stitching but was never just wowed by the process. This new jewelry might really just knock my socks off.

  306. I like the Crosstitch meets Blackwork, especially Relaxation. This looks like one of my cats doing what they do best, relaxing!

  307. OMG – Do we have to choose just one thing we like from Tanja’s etsy items that we like??? LOL!

    Seriously, she has beautiful work, but my eye was drawn to the blackwork butterfly and the pansies. While I love the metal work pendants, I’d be too scared to try my hand at them. I just don’t have the experience to venture into that technique.

    Great job!

  308. I love the peacock feather, I’ve never tried the metal gold work before and loving embroidery as much as I do I am ready to try something new. Thanks for the opportunity.

  309. I love blackwork. And butterflies so my fave would be the blackwork butterfly. But I do like the new pendant designs and one would be a new challenge for me.

    By the way, I also have smaller projects to finish as ? Could you do a post someday on ideas for these smaller works? Perhaps other readers could come up with ideas. I think I’ve produced more needle books and pincushions than I can find recipients for!

  310. I’ve wanted to take a class with Tanja. My favorite is the Eastern Bluebird on blossom branch. I might have to do the bluebird on pine branch first since I’m just learning needle painting πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to learning something about gold work if I win the kit. Thanks for offering it.

  311. Hi Mary
    The purple pansey is my favourite, it shines with happiness. The goldwork jewellery is also very unique and loverly for a beginner.
    Kind regards

  312. The Schwalm Sampler was my favorite–beautiful and instructive. Upon seeing the METAL THREAD PENDANT KIT I have to put it as #1 because it is also beautiful and instructive, pendants are my favorite jewelry, and because it’s small enough to finish.

  313. Beautiful work, but I’m really drawn to the Hapsburg Lace pieces, particularly the scissors case and the bookmark. Would really like to try them . . . but the metal/gold work pieces are also spectacular, especially the pendant.

    Thanks for the opportunity to become acquainted with Tanya’s work and for hosting this give-away.


  314. Everything is so pretty I had a hard time choosing just ONE favorite, but since I really want to learn needle painting, the Eastern Bluebird on a Pine Needle branch comes out on top for me.

  315. Hi Mary, it is thanks to you that I discovered Tanja Berlins online classes last year. I started with her fox, I had never done needle paining before and with the naivity of a novice decided to take this class. In the beginning it was very daunting but with Tanjas excellent notes and commentary I soon thought about how each stitch should be placed. I am so proud of how it has turned out and it now hangs with pride on my wall for all to admire.
    I have since completed her blackwork butterfly and her lovebirds which are wonderful. I have also made some wonderful online friends from these classes.
    I am thrilled that Tanja has opened an Etsy site and would love to embroider everything.

  316. I love 3 different kits. both of the metal embroidery kits and the bluebird. I enjoy seed bead embroidery incorporating natural gemstone elements and Shibori Silk Ribbons. All jewelry.
    I never thought of using metal threads for embroidery and I think this would be an interesting challenge as I am always ready for the next new trend.

    Margaret Hagopian-Slack

  317. Tanja is a wonderful teacher. She taught at EGA national in 2014 and is on the schedule for 2015. She’s also one of the “touring teachers”, moving around the US. Our EGA chapter is now doing one of Hapsburg designs as a chapter multi-month project (special deals for groups!). Instructions are excellent! I love the new pendant/pin … a great way to learn to handle metal threads. Her needle painting designs are so life-like and the detail in her blackwork designs is unbelievable. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I love the little owl.

  318. I love the birds! I’ve been wanting to embroider a bird for a long time, but haven’t had the confidence to begin. This might just bethe place to begin!

  319. I found it hard to decide there are so many beautiful kits to choose from but I havelong wanted to stitch some Jacobean work so perhaps that would get me started.
    Granny Rae

  320. Would enjoy working with gold work. Tanja’s Pendant Metal Thread Hand Embroidery Kit is my favorite design.

  321. I love the Eastern Blue Bird on Pine Branch Needle – very lifelike and also really cute. He looks so serious. πŸ™‚

  322. I like the cross stitch meets blackwork kitties but I’ve already made those so I’d have to say the beginner’s embroidery pansy. Gorgeous.

  323. Pendant Metal Thread Hand Embroidery Kit is my favorite of the Metal Thread kits. However the beginner kit of the cat is so charming. I do love kitties. Thanks for the opportunity.

  324. I love, love, love the red fox needle painting. We have several that live in our woods, drooling over the ducks, almost daily.

  325. The kits I like the best are the blackkwork meets cross-stitch ones. I like all of the cats and the rabbits. I have purchased one, but haven’t worked it. Of the goldwork kits, I like the pendant the best. I also like the flower kits.

  326. Can I choose one of each technique? No? In that case, I like the Hapsburg lace runner (white on Wedgewood blue) best. Although I don’t think I’d have any trouble doing it, as I’ve done lots of counted work, I haven’t specifically done Hapsburg lace, and it would be fun to try.

    The two metal thread pendants are interesting for the reasons you mentioned. Also, by the time she died, my mother’s favorite technique was metal work. We kept saying she should give me a private class when I visited her, but we never did it, and then she died. I inherited a lot of metal threads, and decided I had better take a metal work class to see if I liked it or not. I did, and have taken two more metal work classes, and would love to do one of these pendants, too.

  327. I like the blue bird or pansies or violets. Lol she has some pretty designs.
    Thanks for the opportunity

  328. Oh that is an easy question. I went over to her site the other day when you posted about it. I have long been an admirer of her. I want two of her kits right off the bat…the Blackwork Lovebirds. I use to raise Lovebirds. I had a breeding pair. Whenever they had a clutch I would take the nestlings away at one week and then hand feed them. That way they were used to people, could get by on being an only bird as they would mate with their human and were such loving little birds. When I would first take them away they would hardly have any feathers and would have to be fed every 2 hours around the clock. Exhausting at the beginning. She has captured their essence in these blackwork kits. I have never done a large blackwork piece. I would love to. I also have never done goldwork. Winning one of the kits would be delightful. Thank you for the chance.

  329. Can one participate form Argentina? I like the Jacobean embroidery kits very much. I’ll have to try that kind of embroidery some day. Maybe after a bit of goldwork?

  330. I love the Fox as well, but the metal work looks like the most interesting to learn.

  331. I’m totally in love with Blackwork Lovebirds Embroidery kit – What You Looking At? – they are an amazing mix of a life-like portrait and geometric texture. It makes me think of Klimt and his fabulous dresses and backgrounds.

  332. Tanja is an excellent teacher — and (you are right) her instructions are superb! None better. I have done a bit of her thread painting kits as well as a blackwork. I think the one that attracts my attention right now is the Floral Swirl. While I am not a “beginner” — there are many fun little things going on in this piece! I would also like to try the metal pendant. Let’s see if I get to!! (Thanks, Tanja and Mary)

  333. I find the Intermediate Hand Embroidery Kit – eastern blue bird on blossom branch to express a sweet gentleness found in nature; and I find the Embroidery Kit: Brooch Metal Thread Hand Embroidery Kit to express and exciting, abstract, jazzy emotion …. so different from each other, yet both so appealing

  334. I love the purple pansies! I’d have to do them and the yellow one too for starters. My daughter would go for the blackwork cat though. Of the two of us she’s a much better stitcher than I. Thanks so much for pointing us to this new site.

  335. Ever since I discovered your Needle-n-Thread, and saw you working on the gold work, I’ve wanted to try some. I’ve done embroidery since I was a child, but never tried gold work. I love to learn new things that most other people don’t even feel that they can or want to learn!
    By the way, I love your site! I’ve learned sooo much! (I love the stump work, and am trying hard to get comfortable with it.)
    Obviously, I’d love to win a kit! Thanks for the opportunity! Elaine

  336. I’d have to say I like the ‘floral swirl’, the design would look amazing on a cushion & I love the colour scheme.
    Also, although not a project, I like that in her etsy shop Tanja has chenille needles in more sizes than seem to be available on her actual site so I’m going to be ordering some of those…
    The exchange rate on the Cdn $ is killing me right now! (I’m in Canada) and I’m very happy we have an amazing needlework supplier north of the border. πŸ™‚

  337. Hi Mary

    I love any embroidery with flowers. Any of Tanja’s pansy patterns would be lovely to work on. It would be a great way to try and master long and short stitch.


  338. I love either of the two metal thread projects. It brings together my hobbies of bead weaving and fiber stitching. Also love the Jacobean floral, either one.

  339. So many things to admire.I found it hard too decide on just one that i liked.The Owl looks so cute,the bluebird and the flowers.Thanks for a chance to win.

  340. Narrowing it down to TWO: The Carrickmacross Beginners Hand Embroidery Kit will include Tanja’s usual thorough instructions in a technique which beckons; The Intermediate Hand Embroidery Kit – Eastern Bluebird on Blossom Branch is too lovely to miss.

    Thank you Tanja and Mary.

  341. I just love the exquisite blackwork butterfly. How kind of Tanja to donate two of her kits for you to give away.

  342. Hi Mary, thank you for sharing the new projects that Trish has to offer. I love the Baby Burrowing Owl needle painting. Beautiful and a fun project to learn from Trish.

  343. I really like the jewellery pieces – all ofthem but by far my favourite would be the Eastern Blue Bird on the Blossom Branch

  344. Wow, her designs are amazing! I think my favorite product on her Etsy site is the:Cross-Stitch Meets Blackwork Cat – Contemplation – Beginners Hand Embroidery Kit
    The necklace and broach kits are lovely too!

  345. Thank you both for the give away =)
    My favourite (one of many) is the baby Burrowing owl, the eyes just make me want to hug him and keep him safe.

  346. My favorite is the Love Birds Blackwork called Just the Two of Us. Thank for the contest!

  347. The beginners Eastern Bluebird is lovely and maybe something I can handle.

    Thank you for the giveaway. I’ve been dying to try goldwork.

  348. I would love top learn how to needle paint with the Eastern Blue Bird on a Pine Branch kit!

  349. Besides the gorgeous goldwork pendant and brooch, I love the blackwork butterfly picture. Hmmm…… Where is my credit card!

  350. I adore the bluebirds! I’ve never seen her designs before, so thank you for introducing her. What a lovely giveaway!

  351. Hi, Mary πŸ™‚ The Eastern Blue Bird is precious. Also, I enjoy learning new techniques. I had never seen the metal/gold work that you have shown above. It looks very interesting and would be fun to learn.

  352. I am completely mesmerized by the pendants you displayed and would love to have the opportunity to work with one of the Tanya’s kits I have done a bit of beading but this opens a whole new realm of jewelry making.

  353. In terms of her Etsy shop, my favourite is the Eastern Bluebird. The kit of hers I would most like is spectral butterfly (available on her ‘old’ site) … one day.

    Her jewellery kits are very cute.

  354. i just Locke ALL her kits, but I think that the Hapsburg lace kits are just beautiful. I make bobbin & needlelace so they fit right into my loves!
    Thanks for this chance ladies! J

  355. It was tough choosing a favorite on Tanja’s site, but I think I’ll have to go with the fox too. I just want him to jump out of the frame and tell me what he is thinking so hard about!

    As for the lovely metalwork kits, they are both too lovely to pick a favorite.

  356. Mary
    You always do this to me. What project do I like? Really, they are all wonderful! So I will chose a project that takes me to a happy place. Last year we had a baby owl fall from our pine tree. Mama and papa owl were so upset. Hubby put the baby in a metal cage to protect it from all the predators overnight then made a nest in a bushel basket and placed it back in the tree. What amazed us was the parents seemed to know we were bird friendly. What a joy it was to watch this family up close and personal. So I chose Tanja’s owl. The pendants are fabulous!
    Donna Williams

  357. I like the metal brooch. It would go with everything and give me an opportunity to learn a new type of embroidery.

  358. In Tanja’s kits I am absolutely taken with the “Hapsburg Lace Sampler Runner Intermediate Hand Embroidery Kit”. I’d just love to learn some lace techniques!

  359. How to chose? As I have recently learnt black work, any of those would be fabulous but as gold work is next “on my to learn ” list any of those would be great.
    Many thanks for telling us about this beautiful shop and organising the give-away.

  360. All the projects are lovely, and I would be happy to stitch any one of them!
    I was especially intrigued by the instant download choices. Imagine–one click and you are ready to go. Tsk. Tsk.
    But to pick just one: the metal thread pendant would be my choice. Metal work has always defeated me before, but this looks small enough to have some chance of success. Plus, with Tanja’s excellent instructions, I am sure to have a completed project in no time!

  361. Hi, Mary,
    I love the gold work pendant. For a while now, I have been wanting to learn gold work, and this kit looks like a good way to begin. I love all of Tanya’s kits. She is a very good teacher.

  362. The fox is indeed beautiful, but my favorite is the blackwork lovebirds. I am so happy to see hand work appreciated once more in this ‘oh so hurried world’.

  363. Tanja’s Blackwork Fuchsia to lessen the disappointment that my elderly next door neighbor tore out my fuchsia plant during time when our shared fence was being repaired…he said it looked like a weed. Your features on Tanja’s needlework convince me instructions would be great.

  364. Hi Mary, I really would like to try making the
    Brooch Metal Thread Hand Embroidery Kit as I have not yet done any embroidery with metal thread. It will be something new to learn. Thank you and Tanja for the chance to win one of her kits.

  365. Dear Mary,
    I look at the beautiful things you make with gold work and I am slightly intimidated. I think a kit would help me get started. However, I want to start work on an iPad cover. The readymade ones are all so ugly. I am going to order the crosstitch and black work hummingbird as an oval center, with couched, gold braid, surrounded by a screen of embroidered vines and flowers. Do you think that might be too busy?

  366. I love the teardrop pendant. I have never made jewelry from goldwork, but I have done several goldwork pieces. I love goldwork, and if I could afford to do it, it is the only technique I would work on. I have done lots of beadwork, but I think Tanya’s pieces would be a great addition to my “stitched” jewelry.

  367. Oh gosh, how do you pick just one? They’re all beautiful! The hapsburg lace looks divine even though I’m hopeless at counted works.

    Natalie Finck

  368. The modern Jacobean kit is my favorite. My bedroom has a few Jacobean motifs. I would love this kit, so fresh and soothing to the spirit.

  369. I love the baby owl. A great introduction for me to needle painting and a terrific present for my owl-collecting sister too.

  370. I’ve never been a real fan of jewelry making, especially needlework jewelry. Somehow the pieces were never quite my style. However, I love Tanja’s new goldwork kits! All those lovely colors in goldwork! What fun that would be! The traditionalist in me was also attracted to the Carrickmacross Lace. What pretty dainty little pieces.

  371. Hi Mary
    I have had a couple of attempts at Goldwork and am hooked.
    Those jewellery pieces are absolutely stunning and I would love to win one.
    Thank you for your very informative newsletter – I have learned so much from you.
    Many thanks

  372. I love everything on her site! But my favorite is the goldwork pendant! Plus I’ve been wanting to try this art form for awhile. Mary I really appreciate all the work you do on this site!

  373. I love the fox too but just the color combinations are the most fascinating ways to show off the stitching.

  374. Good Morning Mary

    My favourite kit is the Goldwork Necklace, as I love bling. I have two of Tanja’s Hapsburg Patterns which I also looking forward to completing soon.

    Pauline Cosgrove-Haggerty

  375. I love whitework, the magnolia is beautiful. That would be my first choice.
    P.s thank you for introducing me to tanias website, lovely goodies there!

  376. I am amazed by the metal thread broach and full of ideas I might make of my own once I learn this technique. Thank you so much for showing us.

  377. I have never tried true goldwork, but these kits really spoke up – loudly and said “try me”. I love how they look like a piece of a celtic knot design and the colors are beautiful. I haven’t seen any gold work that had so many color in the metal threads. Love these kits!!!!

  378. I am amazed at all of these beautiful projects. I would love to have the pendant kit as an introduction to this beautiful embroidery.

  379. I just love the bluebird. Since we’ve retired we have loved watching the birds in our backyard, but haven’t seen too many bluebirds.

  380. Love the Cross stitch meets blackwork cats – I have a fondness for both cats and blackwork!
    Thanks for all the stitching goodness you so reliably blog.

  381. The depth and richness of the colours used in this piece of jewellery is wonderful and the pattern simply but elegant – wow.

  382. Mary, as with your blog, I appreciate the variety of Tanja’s new Etsy site. You offer something for all skill levels. In my opinion, Tanja’s Etsy also presents options to the novice as well as the more experienced embroiderer. I’m planning to visit Tanja’s shop again soon for the bird kit. So lovely!
    Thanks, Sue

  383. I like the fox. I am all about foxes lately. Our band sings a song about ” The Fox went out on a chilly night, do you know it? And I have a handmade Fox jig doll with a red coat to play when we sing the song, but I digress. I do love her designs and hope her Etsy shop is successful.

  384. I would like to get the brooch kit. For Christmas my friend and I usually try to find a different jewelry item to exchange. Not only is the brooch beautiful but it would be a hand made gift which I think areimportant gifts to give.

  385. I love the cats and the pansies. Thanks for the opportunity. I would love either of the beautiful pieces.

  386. She has so many great kits! I think my favorite is the Eastern Blue Bird- so much personality! (Plus, as a rank beginner, a kit seems like a not-to-terrifying way to begin.)

  387. hard choice, I love the cats, but the Kit: Floral Motif Modern Jacobean Beginners Surface Hand Embroidery Kit looks fascinating and would be something new for me! FYI I think(but am not certain) that the teardrop and round metal kits have both options included to finish as either pin or pendant

  388. Hi,
    I really love the Floral Swirl modern Jacobean beginner’s surface embroidery kit. I would love to stitch this kit.

  389. Hi Mary! I would love to win either of these pieces! I followed your link to Tanya’s site and really enjoy her work. I so enjoy my daily message from you – I have picked up so many tips and tricks, and share all your beading ideas with my sister. And I love your shop!
    Thanks, Diana

  390. The pendant is my favourite piece on Tanya’s Etsy site. It a new idea of hers which really appeals to me. A new technique is really intriguing to learn. I know her instructions are really good as I have other. Kits of hers. I love her designs but this is a standout. I love embroidery work and learning metal embroidery would be awesome and apiece of jewelry on top of it all Wow

  391. Hi Mary,
    There are just so many projects to love on Tanja’s site, yes the fox is sooo life like and I love the floral swirl, but being a cat person I just adore the Cross Stitch meets blackwork cat. I think I am going to have to go back and order him. The pendant would be a great way to get a little bit more up close and personal with some gold work ggg
    Thanks for organizing this contest and thanks to Tanja for supplying the kits.

    Cheers Judy
    S E Qld, Australia

  392. I love the fox and my favorite is the blue bird. I would also like to try the pendants
    If that is the gold work you were referring to.
    She does such a good job taking her drawings to the finished embroidered piece. Thanks for all the fun tips and reading material that Mary suggested lately.
    So many beautiful pieces. I got a little involved reading and each article led to another and another. Then your whole morning has passed by!
    Thank you Mary for such a candid and humorous email every day!
    Robin in NM
    BTW. I won the Breath of Spring contest and I am happily stitching away. I’m making colors a bit different than they suggested so I will be happy to show you all when I finish. December maybe!

  393. Howdy Mary,

    I love the Lovebirds “just the two of us” in black work the best, but the gold work pendant is gorgeous and would be fun to make then wear. Thanks a bunch.


  394. I was immediately taken by the Eastern Blue Bird on Pine Branch Needle Painting kit. The bird has real personality and is my favorite on Tanja’s Etsy site. I am excited to think about learning how to combine metal/gold work with jewelry as accessories. Pamela R.

  395. I just love the little lovebirds! They are so beautiful and such a creative and effective use of blackwork.

  396. I went to Tanya’s ETSY site, and what nice things she has! I am hard pressed to pick just one favorite. I love the fox, and the blackwork lovebirds, but I also like the samplers; especially the ones done on Blue. I’ve never done metal work like this before, but “try something new” is my mantra!

    I would LOVE to win anything from this talented artist, thanks for the chance.

  397. What a choice! The pendant gets my first choice, but some of the hapsberg lace designs look very enticing too!

  398. Hi Mary!

    Oh these pendants are wonderful and what a smart way to get “just a taste” of a new technique! I’d love to win one and learn some goldwork techniques.

    Of the projects listed on Tanja’s site, I adore the fox (my son has red hair and loves foxes). I also like the Hapsburg Lace samplers.

  399. I really like the blackwork love birds. The shading in them is wonderful. Also the brooches in multi-colored metallics are very interesting.

    Overall your introduction to Tanja Berlin’s website sent me looking and discovering some new-to-me needlework.

  400. I really like the baby owl. The fox is magnificent too.
    There are so many to choose from- all wonderful.

  401. The baby burrowing owl… or the Carrickmacross Lace… or one of the modern Jacobean kits… πŸ˜€

  402. I really like these metal pendants they look like a great way to experiment with metal work in embroidery.

  403. I like the Hapsburg Lace Beginners Scissors Case Hand Embroidery Kit. I love all handmade lace and this is the ideal kit for learning this technique.

  404. I am particularly taken with the needle painting designs, but would love to experience gold work. Since I like wearing brooches, this would be a perfect project for me.

  405. Hi Mary,

    My favorite item on Tanjas web site is the Swan Reflections cross stitch/blackwork kit. We have a swan in my neighborhood pond and the swan reflections reminds me of the swan paddling around the pond.


  406. I would dearly love to try one of the Jacobean kit. Very simply because I can’t find the yarn in Fairbanks AK. I have several books on Jacobean embroidery and am anxious to try one. My current project passion has been the Trish Burrs long and short embroider. Mary thank you for the L/S tutorials. You saved my sanity!

  407. I love Tanja’s work on Etsy, one of my favourite is the Eastern Blue Bird on Blossom Branch Needle Painting Embroidery, pretty difficult to pick a favourite. I love the goldwork pendant and brooch. I have done a beginners course, so would love to practice and extend my skills in this area, which some gorgeous jewelry at the end of it! What more can a girl wish for!

  408. Hi Mary!

    It’s hard to pick a favorite because they are all wonderful! I especially like the pendant and it would give me a chance to try gold work!

    Thank you for your news letter. That is the first email I read every day!


  409. I love Tanja’s design and own a number of them, including that cute fox! My choice from her etsy site would be Blackwork Butterfly

  410. “Emboridery Kit: Floral Motif Modern Jacobean Beginners Surface Hand Embroidery Kit”

    In spite of the typo in the title, this design is lovely and I have a serious weakness for all things Jacobean! It’s a beautiful kit!

  411. Embroidery Kit: Brooch Metal Thread Hand Embroidery Kit. Love this. I have not tried the metal/gold work.

  412. This is not an easy task…the fox is great and so appropriate since I live in the Fox Valley. But the bluebird would be a perfect companion to my Robin on a Branch, a class I had with Tanja. I love the new direction she is taking with the jewelry kits, so it would be exciting to win one. But my true favorite is her blackwork elephant class…but it’s not on Esty. Do I really have to choose just one?!

  413. The metal brooch is really cool. I keep thinking that would be really neat as the top for a cool shawl pin but I think my favorite are her Hapsburg Lace, especially the white on the blue/gray fabric. Thank you so much for sharing her Etsy site. Also, as an FYI for everyone, those little scissors with the sort plastic covers are really great scissors for the price!

  414. The jewelry is unique – what a great statement piece. The bluebird on the tree branch is my favorite!

  415. I am thrilled that Tanya is on Etsy…I’ve been quietly ‘following’ Tanya since I met her at a shop in Calgary called “The Purple Needle” – at least I think that’s where I saw her work first and it was just beautiful! I just love the cat related projects on Tanya’s Etsy shop.

  416. I have been following Tanja’s newsletter and thought I might like the Hapsburg Lace until I saw the goldwork. I have only done one basic goldwork piece, taught by Margaret Kinsey, but the colors and design of Tanja’s pieces are just amazing. Thank you for the opportunity to try to win this.

  417. I love 2 of Tanja’s kits, the Blue Bird and Hummingbird Haven. My mother passed away last year and she was an avid bird watcher. Both of these kits remind me so much of her and I’d love to stitch either one in her memory.

  418. I love the Hapsburg lace piece. I’ve not seen anything like it and have put it on my wish list! Mazes are a favorite garden of mine and this combines two of my passions – gardening and embroidery. Love it!!

  419. I just love the Blackwork Butterfly on Tanja’s Etsy site, but the Brooch in metal threads is a close second. I have wanted to learn both, butt supplies & teachers are thin on the ground around here. Now I know where to find kits I like for my winter stitching!

    Thank you so much for “Needle ‘n Thread” and for the encouragement you give to those of us who need it so much!

  420. I love the metal pendant with the blues and checking out the etsy shop I also really liked the wild rose and the fox. I’ve never tried this type of metal embroidery and it would be a fun challenge.

  421. My very favorite (hard to choose because I love the jewelry and the bookmark kits) is Hapsburg Lace Eyelets and Lace Intermediate Hand Embroidery Kit. I am like a raccoon and love things that are shiny and glitter.

  422. I love the baby Burrowing Owl. It looks so real that one could pet it although that would probably be a bad idea!

  423. These are fascinating! I am torn between the metal thread embroidery brooch and the cross stitch meets blackwork cats. But they are all spectacular! As a needlepointer, I rarely think of my craft in terms of jewelry but this is genius! Thanks for introducing me to Tanja’s work.

  424. I am really, really taken with the Brooch Metal Thread Hand Embroidery Kit. I love all the other kits, too, especially the cats, which make my heart melt. But that brooch is really cool and unusual.

  425. I loved all of them, but if there was one that stood out at first glance it would be the swans. I like the idea of it being simple but depth is added with the reflection

  426. The little burrowing owl snagged me from the moment I arrived at the page. I would adore seeing those big eyes greeting me each day somewhere in my house. I can almost see him tilt his head as though to say – “and what’s on your mind now, my friend?”

  427. Good day Mary. I am not ready to start metal/goldwork work yet, but the pendant/brooch project from Tanja Berlin is lovely and I just wanted to drop in and say so. How lucky for me that Tanja offers them as a finished product so I can at least I can help to support the technique. Red Fox is a design full of foxy character. The pansies and roses are beautiful, as is the little Bluebird but one day in the not too distant future I really want to work the thread painted Field Mouse and the Wild Rabbit. … so much to learn, so little time … Wishing every one in the draw good luck !

  428. Hi,
    I love Tanja’s site on Etsy. I especially love the blue birds as the hairs are feathered and blended/shaded so delicately. I would llove to try one of the metal/gold brooches. They are striking and make such a statement. Thank you for sharing the site with all of us. I might just order the lovely bluebird – or the Jacobean design!

    Kathleen Magonigle

  429. I love the red fox too. How realistic and lifelike it looks. And to think its EMBROIDERED! The marvels of skill and technique.
    Thank you, Tanja and Mary, for the opportunity.

  430. I love the Red Fox. The birds and flowers are wonderful too. But the Red fox is my favorite. May have to get the kit and add it to my projects. Thanks for sharing.

  431. I have been embroidering for years now and can do anything from simple to Stumpwork to bobbin lace (when I do not get mad at it and put it away in a closet). I have done simple Goldwork in the past and want to do more. I am also returning to college to get a Masters of Art in Art for Embroidery and other fiber related art. Having this kit and learning to do more complicated Goldwork will a great thrill and help me towards my goal of getting my masters degree. In addition to that it is something that I can add to my resume to help me stand out in the normal everyday crowd when applying for teaching positions in a college/university setting.

    Happy Stitching!

  432. Yum! Love her designs. I’m most drawn to the modern Jacobean flower, but the Hapsburg lace maze looks fun, too. Thanks for the giveaway, Mary!

  433. I have to pick the goldwork pendant as my favorite – it’s just gorgeous! Goldwork is on my stitching bucket-list, so I’d love to win one of the kits and finally give it a try πŸ™‚

  434. These goldwork kits are great! My favorite projects on Tanja’s Etsy site are the Beginner Needle Painting kits. I love the pansies, but I’m really drawn to the wild rose, so it’s a toss-up. Thanks to Tanja and you for this opportunity, Mary.

  435. My fave is the the sweet little bluebird. And I really like the shots of how the pieces can be framed. I’m always a little unsure how to frame my embroideries. Lovely work.

  436. My favorite on Tanja’s Etsy Site is the Blackwork Star Beginners Hand Embroidery Kit, the design is so pretty and I would love to learn this technique! Thanks for the chance!

  437. hi

    I love the love birds. M mother in her 90s has taken up painting and I have a pair of lovebirds she painted for me,

  438. Love the Blackwork Butterfly!
    Would love to win!!!!
    Would love to try this and expand my knowledge πŸ™‚

  439. My first reaction to picking a favorite was to choose the Jacobean kits. Jacobean designs always catch my eye. Then I saw the Carrickmacross Lace pieces floating in a glass frame and I knew that had to be my favorite. Gorgeous!!

  440. I really like the floral swirl, it is something I aim to complete for my project for the year. In the Northern Province of South Africa, an African tribe paint there homes in bright colours in geometric patterns and the brooch and pendant remind me of that. Awesome, well done and thank you.

  441. I love the church on the hill. It reminds of the two years I lived in Connecticut. I love the two cats as well as they remind me of my two girl kitties. The broach is beautiful. I love how it turned out with the colors. Thank you for sharing her etsy site. Now to save up some funds to have fun!!

  442. I am a birder and love the Eastern blue bird. Love how Tanja makes them so realistic!!

  443. Hi
    Difficult choice, until I saw that serious little owl gazing out of the screen at me. Who wouldn’t want him on their wall?

  444. I’ve been thinking about having a go at metal embroidery for a while. So as much as I love blackwork (sorry, Lovebirds), my absolute favourite of Tanja’s kits is the metal pendant.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win such a lovely kit.


  445. The Eastern Blue Bird embroideries are beautiful. I have not done any silk shading yet and would love to learn how to do it…

  446. The Red fox is my favourite, BUT it was very hard to choose. The needlepainting is something I strive to do, I suppose I am a bit scared of my stitches not looking so good as Mary’s or Tanja’s.

    If only they were her to show me in person LOL!!!!


  447. I like the Eastern Blue Bird on Pine Branch and Wild Rose Needle painting on Tanja’s Etsy site. I am a very beginner in Embroidery and I will try to get a kit and make myself improve. I’d like to thank Mary Corbet for her How To instructions. You are the best!!!

  448. I love her Blackwork butterfly and has been psyching myself up for some time to tackle it.

  449. I have been working on shading techniques and would like to advance my skills. The intermediate Eastern Blue Bird on Blossom Branch embroidery kit looks like a good challenge for me to accomplish.

  450. What a great kickoff to my personal favorite month, I always love a good kit to help when large products feel like they’re not going anywhere and you need completion confidence boost.
    I like her Floral Swirl Modern Jacobean Beginners Surface Hand Embroidery Kit. I haven’t tried anything Jacobean so that’s a bonus for me.

  451. Hi Mary,
    I really like Tania’s goldwork brooch, the coloured metal threads are really eye-catching! My next favourite would be the pansies – they just look so nice, and Tania has used beautiful threads that have a lovely sheen. She is certainly a talented embroiderer.

  452. Beautiful goldwork, I’m just a newbie at this stuff. The etsy shop has many beautiful pieces, I really like crewel. Thanks for sharing

  453. Morning, Mary!
    I have to say, it’s certainly hard to choose just one project. I love Contemplation and Relaxation, because I’m a sucker for adorable cats πŸ™‚ For purely visual appeal, Swan Reflection is amazing! Thanks for the chance to win and for Tanja for offering that lovely sample up.

  454. The jewelry is wonderful! I am working on the Blackwork Lovebirds. I also like the pansy.

  455. Unique gifts are my signature and I can add a bullion stitch to most everything. The colorful necklaces are bold, colorful and so very interesting. Must fit this class into my busy schedule. Thanks for sharing this link!


  456. I like this pattern best:

    Eastern Blue Bird on blossom branch.
    He looks as if he would fit in anywhere and I love the blue head colour.
    I guess foxes are not my favourite animals. Though the embroidered “Bro. Fox looks very real indeed he would not be my 1st choice to stitch.Congratulations!

  457. While her fox piece is beautiful, I like her blackwork butterfly. She has a nice variety in her Etsy shop.

  458. Pick one – I just can’t because I love them all – been a fan of Tanja’s work for a long time!!!

  459. Wow – so many gorgeous designs. I love that the kits are for small projects. My favorite I think is the pendant with metal threads – the one you have pictured on this post. But I am also drawn the Hapsburg Lace projects as well as the Jacobean embroideries. Both of those are techniques I am currently playing with. The kits are very reasonably priced so I may use that resource in for learning projects in the future.

  460. So many beautiful designs on Tanja’s site. It is hard to decide. The fox is gorgeous, but I also like the blue bird. I know someone who would love the swan design and it would make a great gift. I personally like the hummingbirds also. I’d love to learn how to do gold work and I’d love to make some hand embroidered jewelry to give as gifts!Thank you for the chance to win some beautiful design kits!
    ~Ginny K.~

  461. I do love that pendant, I love wearing necklaces. What’s not to love about her site, I’m with you, that fox is amazing, but I am not advanced enough in my skills to tackle him, but that little blue bird is going to make it on my Christmas list.

  462. Hi Mary, I really love the floral swirl for the things that I can learn. I am trying to understand how Jacobean embroidery and applique fit into my quiltmaking. I love it. But just for fun and to improve my skills in long and short stitch and thread painting I would love to get the blue bird on the blossom branch just because I love blue birds. But then, the fox is a cutie too…

  463. I am amazed at the creativity people have. This is just beautiful. I would love to try this! I have picked up embroidery after having been away for many, many years. I am have the best time rediscovering the beauty of embroidery!

  464. It would have to be a tie between her Hapsburg Lace Maze Sampler and the Cross-Stitch Meets Blackwork cat. Both are exquisite.

  465. All of the kits are exquisite but the purple pansy is my favorite. The goldwork pendant would be a great way to learn a new technique.

    Sandie Roze

  466. My favorite and a “new” needlework medium for me is the “Embroidery Kit: Hapsburg Lace Eyelets and Lace Intermediate Hand Embroidery Kit.” I want to try my hand at Hapsburg lace. Thanks!

  467. The fox and bluebirds are gorgeous, and the owl’s eyes are just so striking! But the thing that stuck out to me the most was the geometrical designs on the blackwork kits. I just love the look of those!

    I make jewelry as well and can’t believe that I never thought of combining embroidery and jewelry before! I am intrigued by Tanya’s design for the brooch, so this has opened up a whole new world of possibilities!

  468. Hi Mary – I love Tanja’s designs and think these jewelry kits are absolutely gorgeous.
    My favorite from the website is the Eastern blue bird. He/she seems to have quite the attitude.

    Thanks for this give away.
    Judy C

  469. I was not aware of Gold work until now. This looks like a beautiful piece of hand work that would be a fun, small project…. I think I need to try this! Tanja, your work is gorgeous! I really like the pedant and brooch, the colors are rich and beautiful! Your bluebird is precious too!

  470. Tanja”s Etsy shop is very interesting for anyone with an eye for the beautiful hand work. I liked the Lion , the phoenix and the still life. They all reminded me of Narnia story books, Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix and still life paintings of great masters.
    To have any one is like bringing to life these books I have enjoyed reading.

  471. All the kits are gorgeous – but if I had to pick one, it would be the Floral Swirl

  472. I have to say I am with you, Mary, on the fox being my favourite. Certainly a masterful piece of threadpainting…although I have to say I was quite taken with the Hapsburg lace sampler on the antique blue ground…so different!

  473. Oh, this is a hard choice. I think I have to go with the butterfly. Entomology is a hobby of our family, plus blackwork and gold work both intrigue me. I really love the colors and design of the pendant, too. I may have to put that one on my Christmas wish list anyway!

  474. I think the needle painting kits are beautiful, but I’m not quite brave enough for them yet. I think my favorite right now is the blackwork swan

  475. I am hard pressed to choose just one piece as a favorite from Tanja’s work, but I really like both the hummingbird and the butterfly blackwork pieces. Thanks for the opportunity to win the giveaway.

  476. I must admit, the fox is also my favorite, as I am a wildlife artist and foxes are one of my favorites. But I also really like the pendant. When you first posted about her I was drawn to that one. It looks like it would be fun to do and a great way to learn a bit about goldwork embroidery.

    Request also: I looked at her website and the shadow work pieces look fascinating. Mary, would you do a post on something like that? Where can we see examples, maybe show us the stitch and how it’s done, are there other stitches ever used, or just the herringbone, etc. I’ve never seen that before and would love to explore it more, but not sure I want to do a project until I would understand it and know more about it. I can’t really tell from the small photos of her kit.

    1. OK, so I go looking and you have (no suprise) demoed the shadow work, but because of it being a letter I guess I missed it (I am not as “into” lettering as things like thread painting, etc.) But if you have any great links to other places it could be seen, I would much appreciate that. Thanks. Carol, the blonde who doesn’t always remember. LOL.

  477. These are beautiful! I have been wanting to try gold work and these look like a good introduction to it. Thanks for all the wonderful sites you introduce us to.

  478. I love all of Tanja’s work but my favourite is the Cross-Stitch meets Blackwork Hummingbird Haven. I just love hummingbirds they are amazingly beautiful and elegant.
    Thank you Mary for all your inspiration and knowledge. I have learned an amazing amount from reading your blog.

  479. I’ve been interested in learning goldwork techniques, and the small brooch seem like a great project.

  480. The pendant and the brooch are quite beautiful and I’d love to work on the pendant. The pendant will make a beautiful gift for my niece. It will look perfect with her very proper business suits and would give them a bit of brightness.

  481. I’ve done some goldwork, but just that in gold. What a delightful variation on the techinique! I love wearable art. Thanks for the introduction.

  482. I love the blue/ black pansy. I would like to try some different types of embroidery, thread painting and gold work are bog new to me.

  483. The metalwork brooch is my favorite project in Tanja’s new shop. Having taken her Lovebirds cyberclass, I can attest to how clear and thorough her directions are. I would highly recommend ANY of Tanja’s kits — you’ll learn a great deal and get a ton of support from her.

    What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  484. I’m also in love with the fox! He’s always on my someday list. His painterly stitching is amazing. Her pendant is lovely!

  485. All the projects are lovely, just beautiful. I really like the blackwork swans. Of course anything with birds.


  486. I enjoy embrodiery very much and learning something new keeps the craft alive for me. I would very much enjoy learning metal/gold work. It’s beautiful!!!

  487. Tanya’s projects all look amazing but I would love to try one of her blackwork kits. The lovebirds look beautiful!

  488. Tanja’s products are wonderful, to pick just one I’d pretty hard to do. I did find the Goldwork teardrop is probably my favorite. Thank you Tanja.

  489. I love all the blackwork cats – I think my favourite is the one curled up in the oval frame.

    And yes, I am going to sign up for her blackwork cats online class πŸ™‚

  490. First of all Mary, I must thank you profusely for introducing me to a Canadian source for needlework! Those are few and far between, so I immediately bookmarked the site when you mentioned she was from Canada.

    As for projects, I love the Eastern bluebird. I’m a huge admirer of needle-painting and have most of Trish Burr’s books. This is just as exquisitely stitched an example of needle painting as any of Trish’s work. I have a new stitcher to inspire me. Thanks again for the heads up!

  491. Beautiful kits. difficult to choose. I think I like best the landscape design with a tiny church.

  492. I love all the bird and flower embroideries, but my favorite would be the Eastern Blue Bird on the blossom branch. Thanks for the opportunity to win a metal work kit by Tanja. All her kits are lovely.

  493. Now that I have read thru the whole posting and checked out Tanya’s site OMG – I love the pendent and would wear it everyday – but first I would need help making it. Pick me PLEASE!! πŸ™‚

  494. Hi Mary,
    I have a number of Tanja’s kits and they are all excellent. On her Etsy site, I particularly like the modern Jacobean floral motif the purple pansy and the blackwork butterfly. I love the metal brooch and pendant kit because the colours are gorgeous and it is a piece of embroidery that can be used, i.e worn, rather than framed and hung on the wall. Thanks for offering a give-away contest.

  495. My favorite is the pendant. I’ve never worked this type of project but it sure seems like fun to try. I would love to win.


  496. the metal thread pendant is my favorite but i also like the Blackwork lovebirds embroidery kit

  497. I think my favorite is the gold work pendant. I’ve always wanted to try gold work. Thanks.

  498. I love of things is Tanja’s Etsy shop,but if I had to choose only one, then it would have to be the Embroidery Kit: Floral Swirl Modern Jacobean Beginners Surface Hand Embroidery Kit.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  499. I love many of the items on Tanja’s etsy site, but I think I’m most fond of the Eastern Bluebird on the branch. I love needlepainting in general & this one looks so lifelike! Of course, the goldwork jewelry is so beautiful too. I may have to indulge in several projects from Tanja, even if I don’t win anything. Thanks for sharing the website & the chance to win one of the kits!


  500. Oooh. Pretty. I am not entering the drawing because I have yet to learn how to embroider, but my dream is to someday learn needle painting. I really like the pansies, especially the Beginners Clear Purple Pansy kit. I have bookmarked Tanja’s site for when I find the courage to start.

  501. OOOOOOOooooo I love the jewelry – 1st because it is jewelry. I am interested in the kits because you say the instructions are thorough. I am always trying to stretch myself. Since there are few people who embroider in my area, I need to find projects with instructions that enable me to work on my own.
    Thank you for a wonderful newsletter and a fantastic web site!

  502. I need time(weather) to be able to work all that you propose us!!!! Too many beautiful projects and a single life! On the other hand I appreciate(estimate) to be able to learn again and again .Chez Tanja the peacok feather on the black fabric(tissue) or the rose to tudor or finally any, because they have all charms to them

    so thank you for all !!!!

  503. I love the pansies. Such a cute, happy flower. I would like to learn metal/gold work and these seem like just the ticket. Thanks for your hard work.


  504. The projects are all gorgeous, but I think, I like the needlepainted birds best! I think the metal/goldworked pendants are a fun way to try this technique – love the idea!

  505. I like the modern Jacobean floral motif kit the best. It makes Jacobean embroidery seem less intimidating.

  506. I love “Metal Pendant Thread Hand Embroidery Kit”. I love handwork, making jewelry and wirework and this fits the bill! And of course .. it is shiny and sparkly too!

  507. The Eastern Bluebird on a Branch has captured my eye and I would love to spend evenings this winter thinking of their return while working on this. Thanks for introducing us to Tanja’s website.

  508. What a treat – thank you both Tanya and Mary. I’d love to try gold work. On Tonya’s new Etsy site I like the eastern blue bird needle painting for beginners.

  509. I love that pretty little Wild Rose or either one of those pretty purple pansies. Pansies are such happy little flowers!

  510. Tanja’s website shows her projects beautifully. I have
    two favorites: the blackwork butterfly is a perfect small project and the Jacobean floral motif is lovely with mixed materials, especially the leather. The goldwork jewelry designs are striking – guess I have lots of favorites!

  511. Mary, I have two daily emails that I look forward to…one of those is yours. I have been a needle worker for many years and I enjoy your variety. I have a collection of goldwork supplies but have not as yet taken the plunge. My favorite item on Tanja’s website is the pendant. My oldest daughter makes beautiful jewelry and I’d love to make her something that unique. Thanks, Maryann

  512. Love tanjas site
    She has great kid and awesome classes
    Have taken two classes in black work and gives help in anything you buy
    Would love to take the gold work class

  513. I really love the Wild Rose needle painting embroidery kit, but I would also love to win the brooch, so I could learn the gold work technique. Thanks so much for offering this give away, Mary, and thanks to Tanja for providing the kits!

  514. my favorite embroidery on tqnjs site id blsckwork but it would be fun to try the gold work kit as well love the little bluebird kit

  515. I just found your needle thread website and I LOVE it. I did some limited embroidery years ago and I was wanting to get back into it now that I have more time. I absolutely love Tanja’s pendant metal thread kit. It would look stunning worn over a solid black top.

  516. Hi Mary,

    Your give-aways make me so happy πŸ™‚ What a great way to learn gold work! These are really lovely little jewelry pieces.

    My favourite project on Tanja’s Etsy site is the Embroidery Kit: Floral Swirl Modern Jacobean Beginners Surface Hand Embroidery Kit. I love Jacobean and have yet to tackle a project with both the Jacobean style and gold work in combination. I will have to give it a try sometime.


  517. I have to pick just one?! I love the bluebird but the cross stitch/blackwork cat caught my attention as well.

  518. Wow! Everything is so beautiful, but if I had to choose a favorite… uh… hmm. It’s between the fox, the owl, and the blackwork butterfly… but I’ve got to choose the fox! It’s so realistic, and foxes are one of my favorite animals- they’re both adorable and regal, and this piece represents that well. Thanks for the giveaway! Congrats to whoever wins! πŸ™‚

  519. A favorite? How does one find a favorite? I love, love the flowers, any of them….all of them. The rose, pansy and violet are so lovely. And then there is the bluebird. I guess I will have to choose him this time. all are beautiful. Thanks to both of you for the opportunity.

  520. I am in awe of such beautiful pieces of art. I would love to try on of her kits. I love small projects. I love the pieces of jewellery and the very realistic nature’s art. So inspiring. Hard to choose a favourite. But I would love to start with the jewellery.

  521. I can’t believe the burrowing owl could be a beginner project! Guess that one is my favorite.

  522. My favorite piece in Tanja’s Etsy shop is the intermediate level thread painted bird. The work is delicate and the colors are lovely.

  523. All of her work is amazing. I would love to try the round gold thread broach. Something I am not familiar with, but enjoy learning anything new. My mom just turned 90 years old in June. She is a true Southern Lady and loves to dress up. I would make this for her and she will get so many compliments at the Retirement Home she lives in.
    Thanks for the chance to win in the give-away.

  524. I’ve been wanting to try one of her blackwork kits for awhile. I really like the love bird projects, but I haven’t done any counted work or cross stitch so might want to start with a butterfly or the cross-stitch meets blackwork kits.

  525. I would love to create the metal brooch. I’ve never worked with those fibers. Most of all, I want something for myself, just a little something for me to wear.

  526. Love these jewellery pieces- modern take on traditional techniques but for my favourite project I would choose the Hapsburg lace scissor case as it is a technique II have never tried before but makes something useful too.

  527. The purple pansy (for a needlebook) or the blackwork cat with its back turned – “Contemplation” – because that’s how I usually see cats . . . it’s perfectly (purrfectly?) feline. And a couple of her books, eventually.

    I have a black hat that really needs that round brooch!

  528. I love ordering goldwork supplies from Tanja and her new etsy site looks great! I like the needle painting kit of the robin on the branch and also the pink rose I love the colors!

  529. Thanks so much for the giveaway! My favourite piece is actually the round brooch – I’ve never worked with metal threads before, and it’s so colourful and fun! – but I’ve always loved her Blackwork Butterfly, and the Wild Rose Needlepainting Kit for Beginners is gorgeous too πŸ™‚

  530. I’m a jewelry person and do a lot of bead embroidered jewelry so it’s no surprise is that my favorite is the teardrop pendant with the circle a close second. I love these designs! I really did look at the etsy shop and love the modern Jacobean designs also.

  531. Hi Mary!
    I love any of Tanja’s work! I love any of the birds….can’t decide which one. Thanks for the give away opportunity!

  532. These are cool. I would love to create one of them. I haven’t embroideered in a long time, but tjis would be a great project to start back on.

  533. I’m loving the “Floral Motif Modern Jacobean Beginners Surface Hand Embroidery Kit” – I like both versions but the blue tone one is my favourite. I can see so many ways to incorporate this into bigger projects.

    Thank you Mary and TanjasHandEmbroidery for this opportunity to learn.

  534. I really like the pendant best. I have never done anything like this and would love to learn how to do gold work.
    Dee Hintz

  535. I love the Eastern Blue Bird on Blossom Branch! I also want to thank you for the great watermelon tutorial you published the other day. I can’t wait to start it!


  536. I really like the broach. I like all her stuff really. I have been going back and forth for months about taking her needlepainting class. It is something I would love to get into as I have tons of projeCT ideas but with a full time job aND young family……

  537. I have stitched several of Tanya’s kits. Her instructions are so thorough. I particularly like the pendant and know I would enjoy stitching it. But I would be thrilled to win either kit. Thank you for doing this giveaway.

  538. What project do I like best, among those offered in Tanja’s new Etsy site.
    I love the pansies, they are so beautiful and colourful. Pansies are one of my most favourite flowers.

  539. I am particularly taken by the blackwork lovebirds project. My Mom (now dead) was very fond of birds and had several pairs of lovebirds over the years.

    πŸ™‚ Linda

  540. I’m attracted to those Jacobean designs and the Hapsburg Lace Sampler Runner Intermediate Hand Embroidery Kit looks like a fund variety of stitches. The metal thread work is something I haven’t done yet!

  541. I love the Eastern blue bird thread painting but enjoy challenging myself to learn new techniques. What a great way to start on these splendid projects.

  542. birds,foxes and flowers oh my!
    it was almost impossible to pick a favorite. more shocking is the one i was most intriqued by happens to be stitch i have never been brave enough to tackle…the blackwork love birds- just the 2 of us-
    they seem to beckon me to embrace their complexity and love.i sure i hope win, to give me something out of my comfort zone.

  543. Hi Mary!
    I’m a fairly new blog subscriber and after looking over Tanja’s etsy site, I have to say I like the Baby Burrowing Owl the best! Living out in Harney county, OR, we have some of the burrowing owls nearby and they are always fun to spot!
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  544. I very much like the jewelry kits. However as I like Jacobean embroidery best, my favourite kit is Floral Motif Modern Jacobean. I like Floral Swirl as well but I prefer the colours in Floral Motif as I love blues and greens.

    Thank you and Tanja for the offer. Obviously I would be delighted to win one of the kits – it would be a chance to learn new techniques.

  545. The metal pendant looks just the thing to make for my no 2 daughter for her 40th birthday and I have always wanted to have a dabble with metallics and didnt know where to start. Just gorgeous Thank you Mary I look forward to your emails every day you are a kindred spirit !!!!
    Chris M Australia

  546. All the projects are lovely, but I think the blackwork lovebirds and the metal embroidery pendant are my favourites.

    Thank you Mary and thanks to Tanja for this great opportunity.

  547. How do you choose just one??? Today, I have to say that I’m quite taken with the metal threads projects, but if you ask me tomorrow, I might have to say the little bluebird is at the top of my list. So many choices, so little time!

  548. I like the baby burrowing owl the best. It was hard narrowing down just one.

    Mary in Oregon

  549. Dear Mary,
    My choice is the Eastern Blue Bird on Pine Branch Needle Painting Embroidery. The little fellow looks wonderful.

  550. Tanya’s needle painted items are always fabulous and I love them, but I am none the less drawn to the lace and blackwork projects. If I have to pick just one (HARD to do!) I would pick the blackwork rabbits…or the landscape, or one of the lace kits, (I love the blue fabric and white thread combo), I told you I couldn’t pick just one!

  551. Hi Mary,

    I think the Eastern Bluebird on the branch is the one that I am drawn to. I have never tried gold work embroidery but Tanja’s small kits seem like a perfect way to dabble in something new!


  552. I am rather new in the embroidery world, but I was fascinated with the metal pendant. I love the concept that it is something small and when completed it is a piece of jewelry that can be worn and used. Metal/gold work sounds completely different from anything I have seen and I look forward to the challenge.

  553. Thank you for all you do. I am so excited that you are giving away a kit from Tanya. I have had the privilege of taking classes from her and she is great!!! My next project to do from her is Carrickmacross Lace, but have wanted to try Goldwork and do not know where to start. This would be a great way to try it. I also love her Hapsburg Lace kits.
    Have a great day and happy stitching to all of you.

  554. I love everything that Tanya Berlin does. I would like to try some of her Hapsburg Lace sometime. I may have to order one of her pendant kits! Thank you for NEEDLENTHREAD. I’ve printed several to share at an EGA retreat.

  555. No, no, no; I don’t want to choose just one. It can’t be done! But if I must make a selection I would love to try the Hapsburg Lace. In particular the Maze kit. It looks like a lot of fun to work on and the fun would continue when others try to solve the maze. A gift that keeps on giving!! Thanks for the chance to receive a gift such as this. Love everything you provide Mary!!

  556. I love the phoenix! It is probably too difficult for a first project but would make a stunning broach on a little black dress.

  557. I it so difficult to chose only one project… I like too the most. And these are “Pendant Metal Thread Hand Embroidery Kit” (its colours, form and all idea is just perfect) and “Floral Swirl Modern Jacobean Beginners Surface Hand Embroidery Kit”. I would like to stitch both of them one day.

  558. As much as I, too, admire the fox (I had one for a pet fifty-some years ago!), the goldwork pendant is my favorite, and I dearly hope to win it. There’s one kit from the British source you recommend that I’ve craved, but the shipping makes it prohibitive. These kits are lovely and just the right size for a gold-work novice.


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