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Bridging the Stitches, Virtual Threads, the EAC, and a Give-Away!


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Have you heard of Virtual Threads? Or the EAC?

I’ve written many times about the Embroiderers’ Guild of America and I’ve mentioned their online chapters (Cyberstitchers and Rocky Mountain Web Stitchers).

And I’m sure I’ve also written at some point about the Embroiderers’ Association of Canada (the EAC), too! But I don’t know if I’ve written about their online embroidery group, Virtual Threads.

The groups are certainly not mutually exclusive. You don’t have to live in the US to be a member of the EGA, nor do you have to live in Canada to be a member of the EAC. You can actually be a member of both groups, no matter where you live.

The EAC has some noteworthy things going on in the near the future – one of which is their 2018 seminar, which is hosted in part by Virtual Threads. I thought I’d give a quick shout-out about the seminar today, and follow that up with a give-away for some of their fundraising calendars, which are more than just your typical stitching-related calendar…

Prince Edward Island

I know! I know! It’s an odd picture to kick off an article about a needlework seminar, isn’t it?

But what caught my attention about the 2018 EAC Seminar was, first and foremost, its location.

I have a soft, squishy spot in the middle of my being for Prince Edward Island. The photo above is from a vacation I took there with family and friends seven years ago, and while the picture – shot with a pocket point-and-shoot – might not be that artistically impressive, it embodies so much that I loved about PEI: The beautiful shores. The green grass, the red earth. The open skies. The small villages. The friendly people. The simplicity. The peace. It is a lovely place!

So when the folks from Virtual Threads asked if I’d mention the seminar and tell folks about their calendar, I couldn’t really resist.

After all – PEI and needlework?! What could be better?

You’ll find a complete run-down of the classes and other activities offered at the 2018 EAC seminar, Bridging the Stitches, on their seminar page, here. They’ve got some great teachers lined up, including Jenny Adin-Christie, Tanja Berlin, Alison Cole…and a long list of others.

Virtual Threads 2018 Designers Calendar

One of the fundraisers for the Seminar is this 2018 Designer’s Calendar. You can read all the details about the calendar here, but in a nutshell, not only does it feature a new piece of needlework to look at each month, but the piece featured is a free project that calendar purchasers can download with the link provided.

I think that’s a great idea! So you get not only the calendar, but you get access to instructions for thirteen embroidery projects.

Virtual Threads 2018 Designers Calendar

You’ll find the following projects and techniques featured in the calendar:

Glitterfly by Alison Cole (goldwork)
Across the Sea by Liz Almond (blackwork)
Heart to Heart Phone Holder by Linda Brenner (goldwork)
Feu d’artifice by Nicole Gelinas (Brazilian embroidery)
The Pool Ball by Ginny Thompson (Temari)
Buttons & Beads Wool Book Cover by Barbara Gilbert (surface embroidery/beading)
Triscornu by Diane Scott (surface embroidery)
Let the Good Times Roll by Terri Bay (embroidery)
Canvas work Nametag by Lorene Salt (canvas work)
Cockerel Hornbook by Jeanine Robertson (Sardinian knot stitch)
It’s All About the Hat by Carolyn Mitchell (canvas work)
Colourful Seasons by Carol Storie (canvas work)
Hardanger Strawberry Ornament by Kim Beamish (Hardanger)

Virtual Threads 2018 Designers Calendar

I think it would be a fun challenge, to work your way through a year of small projects, following the calendar. One a month – and one left over for good measure!

Virtual Threads 2018 Designers Calendar

There’s something for everyone in the calendar. And the projects are definitely manageable. Over the course of a year, you’d enjoy a good variety in needlework and learn a lot of fun techniques!

And even if you have to change the date of Thanksgiving – well, I suppose that’s ok, eh?

You can find the 2018 Virtual Threads Designer’s Calendar available here, with instructions on how to order it.

Calendar Give-Away

This give-away is now ended. Thanks for participating!

Virtual Threads offered five copies of the calendar – and access to the projects – for a give-away here on Needle ‘n Thread, so I took them up on it for you!

To join in on the give-away, please follow these guidelines:

Give-Away Guidelines

1. Please leave a comment below, on this article on Needle ‘n Thread. If you’re not sure where to comment, just follow this link and it will take you directly to the comment form. Comments sent in via email or left on other articles are not eligible.

2. When you fill out the comment form, use the name and email lines for your name and email address. Use the “comment” box for your comment, but please don’t leave personal information in the comment area. I will contact the winners by email, so double check to make sure you enter the correct email address on the email line of the form.

3. In your comment, answer the following question:

What’s your dream vacation destination, and would you take your needlework?

4. Please enter your comment by Saturday, November 18th, 5:00 am (Central Standard Time). Winners will be randomly drawn on Saturday, November 18, and announced that day.

That’s it! Easy peasy! Join in the give-away, or jump on over to Virtual Threads and order your own calendar before they run out!

And if you’re headed to PEI next July… I’m with you in spirit!


(580) Comments

  1. My dream vacation, particularly related to stitching, would be either England or France with a chance to go few some historic needlework! That said, I almost always bring stitching along with me on trips as I love having something to do in down time or while waiting.

  2. PEI is one of my dream sites to visit. I cannot imagine a more perfect trip that one that combines a visit to a lovely place with one of my favorite pastimes – embroidery. The calendar looks to be a treat. I love having little projects and love learning new techniques. Your website has taught me so much! Thank you.

  3. I am lucky to have been brought up in a province neighbouring PEI and spent a part of just about every summer there while growing up. I still go back to visit. It is a magical spot. My dream vacation is Tuscany, and I can envision sitting out doors, sipping Chianti, and stitching on a white work piece. Recipe for disaster? I would embrace the challenges of red wine+whitework!

  4. I have multiple dream vacation destinations: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Alaska, or anywhere in Canada, including Prince Edward Island (blame Anne of Green Gables for that one)!

  5. I want to go to New York with my family and YES of course i will take an embroidery project with me; there will always be time left to make some stitches, during the flight, in the morning while the rest is still asleep (i am always very early awake) and after dinner while the rest is watching the television………

  6. Oops, forgot to say, I always bring along needlework. It keeps my hands and mind busy when there’s no actual scenery to be admired.

  7. There are lots of places in the world that I would love to visit, but I dream of going back to Scotland, especially the Highlands. I’d definitely take needlework with me, maybe a “blank canvas” because the landscape is so lovely, green and craggy and inspires me to create a landscape in thread.

  8. My dream vacation is to ride the Orient Express, end to end.

    Would I take my stitching? I don’t leave home without it (oh, except maybe to the grocery store). I have at least a “pocket project” in my handbag all the time ( waiting for food at the restaurant….) and for times I know there will be a wait (Dr office, auto repair….) I have a project box, all the materials and tools for at least one block or object

  9. Wow, what an amazing calendar idea and collection. A beautiful array of different projects to keep one entertained throughout the year. Thank you.

  10. Ah, the question. Sorry, didn’t read ahead. I’m taking several trips for the holidays; to Rhode Island and New York. I’d definitely bring my embroidery.

  11. My dream destination would be to visit the Cinque in Italy and travel around the Italian Riviera with my husband, who is from Italy. I would certainly bring my embroidery. What better thing to do on a long airplane ride?

  12. My dream vacation would be the Outer Banks in fall and spring and Prince Edward Island in the summer. Of course, I picked these places so I COULD bring my needlework with me. What beautiful settings to stitch in!

  13. I would love to get this calendar that you have mentioned here. I am already registered to go to Bridging Stitches in PEI and I’m so looking forward to it. The only other place I’d love to go and take my stitching is Vancouver Island, BC, on the west coast.

    thanks for all your wonderful information about many and varied things to do with our stitching.

  14. My dream vacation would be Ireland. I can see myself running down a green, plush mountain side with clear, blue skies and nothing in sight except my husband trying to keep up behind me….”Catch me honey!”

    Would I take my needlework? I Never leave town without it. If we go anywhere over twenty min. I take it. Hey it one less stitch to sew to completion.

  15. I like to visit many places where I haven’t been before but I do visit my ancestral village about every 2 years or so and I simply love the place. When I go there I do take my needlework with me as I know I will be spending a lot of time indoors. If I am visiting a place as a tourist and looking to go places, then I don’t take it with me as I simply won’t get anything much done and probably make mistakes.

    Manasi Ranade

  16. Hi Mary – Thanks for the give away. My dream vacation for stitching is Hawaii. I’d sit on the beach and/or pool and stitch away with a cold drink close at hand.

    Maybe I should plan such a trip!

  17. My next dream vacation is actually a visit to PEI this summer. I have already registered for the EAC Seminar in July so I definitely will be doing needlework. I would love to win one of those calendars . I lived in PEI for five years in the late 1960’s and I am really looking forward to returning to the island.

  18. My dream vacation would be to attend a Royal School of Needlework workshop, either here in the US or (preferably) in London.

  19. I would love to go on a leisurely river cruise, whether in the US or overseas. Having a suite would sure ratch it up a notch. I would definitely take my needlework with me. I always do when I travel.
    Carol b

  20. My dream vacation would be to go to India. India fascinates me and I would love to see it. I would not, however, take any needlework with me. I don’t like stitching on transportation (planes, cars, buses, etc.); I find my hands and work just get dirty and grubby feeling much too easily. I can stitch at home; on a trip I am there to explore the area.

  21. Dream vacation: oh lots of places I’d love to go! For one dream vacation: A relaxing tour through the Rockies. Window shop a bit, poke around in museums and such (hubby and I both like history, science, and western art), hike around a bit (more of a stroll!), drive around a bit, eat a lot, etc. But we also need “down time” of just sitting in the motel room reading, relaxing, and… a little needlework.

  22. My dream vacation is actually a stay-cation, where everyone who puts demands on my time and energy takes off to go have some fun and leaves me home alone, with all of my creative stash! This could last about a week, then I’d miss them too much and need them to come home.

  23. Amazing, I’m from the US and just joined EAC this month! Right now my dream vacation would be to go to the PEI seminar and take Tanja Berlin’s chipmunk class. Wouldn’t take a project with me, of course, because I’d have my project there.

  24. My dream vacation is a cruise to the Greek isles. I might take needlework with me or shop for it on the trip.

  25. What could possibly better than a needlework seminar. I am sure the teaching and learning of new techniques and brushing up on the oldies will be over the top. I can only imagine.

  26. My dream vacation would be to South Australia. Adelaide to be exact. I would love to attend the Beating Around the Bush Needlework Convention. I would definitely bring my needlework. I would love to take some classes. It looks extraordinary!!

  27. My dream is to take a needle work tour of Great Britain to experience past and present embroidery. And of course my current needlework projects would travel with me in my favorite project bag!

  28. My dream vacation would be to England with my sister and be able to take a class at the Royal academy of needlework.

  29. PEI and remembering Anne of
    Green Gables. I sigh.

    I live in the fourth largest city in the US, not by choice. A vacation to
    a mountainous region or a small
    coastal village would be ideal. I want to be out in nature.

  30. My dream vacation would be Hawaii. I will roam around the beach durin the day time and will spend the evenings/nights stitching to my heart’s content.

  31. My dream vacation is the railway trip across Canada on the Royal Canadian Railway from Newfoundland to Alaska. And my needlework goes on every trip I go on, so it would surely be there. How amazing would it be to stitch in those glass topped railroad cars?

  32. Definitely Canada, I love traveling to Canada. Love BC and especially Vancouver Island. But dream vacation would be to return to Nova Scotia. My pictures from a trip there in 2010 look a lot like your pic of PEI, which is not surprising. Must visit PEI. Of course I would take needlework, are you kidding?

  33. Australia and New Zealand, and their needlework is a big part of the reason. I always take some stitching with me!

  34. Dream Vacation? Traveled around the world with the military both as a military member and then as a dependent, so saw lots of wonderful places. Vacation? I’d love to go back to Liechtenstein and roam through those mountains again, drop into the Black Forest of Germany and soak up that culture. And would I take my needle work, you bet – and my camera so I could come back home and try my hand at art embroidery with some of my pictures. Dream vacation? Yes, definitely back to Germany and Liechtenstein.

  35. Oh, boy – my dream vacation destination is the Shetland Islands, and YES I would take needlework – wooly, warm, and wonderful Shetland wool to knit for sure. I don’t know about traveling with embroidery as I need really good light due to not-so-good eyes. But a small project with a sheepish theme, would be hard to resist taking 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win this calendar – looks lovely!

  36. Mackinac Island is a dream vacation for me! No cars allowed, only travel by carriage, or on foot!! and to see living history !! My needlework would fit right in!! No cords or battery power needed! 🙂

  37. My dream vacation would be to visit Alaska again, and I definitely would take my needlework with me!

  38. My dream vacation is coming up this winter – a trip to Australia and New Zealand! I’m certainly taking some stitching along. And I’m planning to stop at every needlework store I can find along the way!

  39. I’m not real picky about vacation spots – as long as I’ve got some good books and some needlework, I’m a happy camper. Though after saying camper, perhaps I should add indoor plumbing!

  40. My dream vacation would be somewhere that has a forest to walk through, a lake or any type of fresh water to swim in, some fun history sites to visit for day trips, and cool evenings. Yes, I would bring a quickie type stitching project, although when I have in the past I never seem to get around to stitching.

  41. I don’t do much traveling or go away from home often, but several year ago I did have an opportunity to go to Ireland. It was a dream vacation and my hope is to one day return to the same B&B in a little village called Doolin. It was just the perfect place to stay while taking day trips all up and down the coastline. And yes, even back then, I took my stitching along with me. There were a couple of days when I wanted nothing more than to just sit and watch the countryside, which I did manage to do by way of sending my family off for their daily excursion. Stitching, sipping tea, eating pastries — what a wonderful time it was!

  42. I would love to go to Victoria Island and would take my little projects to work on in the beautiful outdoors.

  43. Oh my dream vacation would be to Western Europe, including Great Britain. It would include visits to museums with textile collections (particularly samplers), as well as places such as the DMC factory and Sajou. And, of course, it would include classes at the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace!!! So I don’t know if I would take my needlework with me as much as I would be buying new stash and start projects from classes.

  44. My dream vacation would be to the British Isles. First stop, Ireland to see and learn more about Irish Lace crochet. Next, Scotland and a visit to Hadrian’s Wall and a peek at some beautiful kilts. Last of all England and the Royal School of Needlework for some instruction and eye candy. I crochet and embroider and have Scottish ancestry so I would love to travel the isles for a month or more. Someday…..

  45. I have been very lucky enough to travel to wonderful places in and out of the USA. I love the Grand Canyon area. The grandeur of the canyon but also the natural surroundings. I find them inspirational. I always take stitching with me and notebook for future inspiration.

    1. I agree about the Grand Canyon. My dad had always wanted to see it and I always said “It’s just a big hole in the ground”. One year we took my parents as a Christmas gift. OMG, it is so utterly peaceful and awe inspiring. It is a treasured memory.

  46. The calendar looks lovely. I see a couple of projects that would jump to the top of my priority list immediately. Hope it will be mussel season when they gather in Prince Edward Island.

  47. Dear Mary, PEI and Anne of Green Gables, is another piece of the puzzle. It is on the bucket list and your photo capture the beauty perfectly.

  48. What a great calendar have in your sewing area. Each month would bring a beautiful inspiration to try.

  49. My dream vacation is to visit Australia and specifically to attend the Country Bumpkin’s Beating around the Bush or whatever it is called. I would like to visit neddleshops.

    Yes! I would take my needlework.

  50. My dream vacation, was/is the Inspirations magazine Mekong River cruise which ran in May 2016, and which I really, really, really, wanted to go on. It seemed to have everything: the fabulous classes, the exotic locations, the convenience of cruising. This would be perfect.

  51. My dream vacation is to go to the Galapagos Islands. I would definitely take my stitching, as always. I have a t-shirt that reads “If I Can’t Take My Stitching I’m Not Going”. It gets chuckles at my guild meetings and needle work shops.

  52. My one of my favorite vacation places to visit is my sister’s house in Florida in January. Winter is fairly long and cold in Buffalo and this is a great escape. I take a project with me but also have found a fabulous cross stitch shop nearby- the Golden Needle. I stock up for my next few projects every January.

  53. I have often day dreamed about the International Fireworks Festival in Quebec City, Quebec –Fireworks every night and a beautiful historic city during the day! Of course I would take my embroidery with me — and a sketchbook!
    I would also enjoy exploring Canada coast to coast, including PEI!

  54. My dream vacation destination is the low country or any shore along North or South Carolina. I can see myself on an upstairs balcony overlooking the Atlantic with my choice of stitching projects at hand. I’m actually working on a beach cross stitch that would fit in perfectly. I would shop for a sweet grass basket to hold all my supplies.

  55. My ideal vacation is anywhere near water with cozy chairs to relax in. I usually take books to read and something to stitch. Some stitching or quilting projects have travelled many miles!

  56. A return visit to PEI would be lots of fun, but that isn’t my dream vacation. The easy part first: I always travel with at least one needlework project. It makes the plane flight seem so much shorter. Stitching is also a calming end to a busy day, and every travel day is a busy one for me. My dream vacation is a trip to Austria which would include visiting the local folk art museums. Since, I don’t speak German, I would take my granddaughter who has been studying German.

  57. I’d love to take my stitching to Austria to visit my son. I’d love to see the mountains and the old buildings. What a dream this would be.

  58. My dream vacation destination is a bucket list item. I’d like to finish seeing all 50 US states and all of the Canadian provinces. So I guess it is multiple trips. As to whether or not I would take needlework, I take it on every vacation.

  59. My dream vacation would be to take my grandkids to Scotland, the land of my ancestors.
    I always have an embroidery project of some kind on vacation and find time to embroider while there. I usually come home with more projects from the spot or country I am visiting!
    I just visited New Brunswick and Nova Scotia at the beginning of the month! Beautiful areas!! Would go back in a heartbeat!

  60. One of my favorite vacations was on Whitby Island. I always travel with some form of needlework. Something small if it’s a short trip or a larger project if I’m staying at one place. I love to stitch.

  61. I was lucky enough to visit PEI many years ago. Would love to attend the EAC seminar there in 2018 but it’s not going to be possible. My dream vacation would be a stitching tour of Great Britain, including attending a class at the Royal School of Needlework.

  62. I am new to the world of embroidery and I love this world. So much to learn, to know, to practice. This calendar is such a good idea! A retreat on PEI would be a dream come true!

  63. The calendar sounds wonderful! Thanks for this giveaway.

    My dream vacation destination would be any of the national parks. My husband and I are planning a trip to Yelllowstone and Gkacier next year. I probably will not take any needlework because I tend to pack in a lot of outdoor activities.

  64. My dream vacation would be
    In the rockie mountains in B.C.
    My needlework goes with me all the time so yes I’d be taking it with me . There is a small waterfall just outside of Banff where you can sit and do needlecraft A gorgeous place

  65. Hello,
    I have two dream destinations. I want to see aurora Borealis in Norway and I want to cross the panama canal on a ship. I just cannot leave my needlework behind no matter where I go.
    Thank you,

  66. My dream vacation destination is the world. There are so many places I want to go and visit I can’t name just one. Of course I would take my needlework with me. Part of vacationing is sitting in a park, on a riverbank, or on the beach working on something and watching the world go by.

  67. My Dream Vacation! Well, Prince William Sound is on my Bucket List. They harvest some of the BEST Oysters I’ve ever had. And yes, I take my needle work with me when I travel.

  68. There’s so many places I’d love to visit around the world & explore needlework in all of them! I think my absolute dream vacation though, would be to Australia to the Beating Around the Bush seminar. The lineup of teachers is incredible & I would take as many classes as I possibly could. Then it would be off to explore Australia & New Zealand. Of course there would be projects taken along to stitch on while traveling.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this fabulous calendar. All the projects sound lovely.

  69. My dream vacation puts me on Washington Island….part of Door County in Wisconsin. I am there to attend a stitchery workshop at Siever’s Fiber Arts School and of course I’ll bring my stitchery along! And my wonderful husband!

  70. My dream destination would either be in Portugal at my sister and brother in laws holiday home, being joined by my brother who lives in Canada, or a trip to Canada with my relatives. As I am currently on chemo I can only think about a holiday some time next year if all goes well, but it is something to aim for. Of course some stitching would be done as I have so many projects to finish.

  71. There are so many places I would love to visit but right now I would like to go someplace where I can just sit and stitch and not be tempted to sightsee. Someplace warm like San Antonio (since I have already been there and done the sightseeing).

  72. I would love to go to Tuscany. Would I take my needlework with me? You bet, I carry a piece of needlework with me wherever I go. You never know when you might have some down time. Fifteen minutes here and there accomplishes many stitches.

    The calendar looks absolutely fabulous and what a list of contributors.

  73. A trip to museums like the The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, England. I’ve perused their files online and actually found Scarlet Letter pieces I’ve completed.

    An alternate would be a cruise through/around Scandinavia, above the arctic circle, etc. This has been on my bucket list for many years.

    Take my needlework? I go nowhere without my needlework. Not shopping or running errands, but family visiting. I may not always have the opportunity to work on it, but I have it with me. I tried decades ago to stitch in the car on long a trip, but it’s impossible.

    I’ve been stitching for 47 years, completely self taught. My love these days is antique samplers. I stitch daily, some days for hours. I only have five pieces in the works today. My stitch love has meandered over the years. Today I’m into tent stitch.

  74. I have been fortunate to go to so many places, but the one that I keep thinking of that I haven’t seen yet is Iceland, the glaciers, the Northern Lights -all of it. And of course I would take my needlework, I always do when I go away. I carry a special pouch containing home-made mini sampler kits for Christmas ornaments. Small, easy to pack, always ready -and away I go!

  75. I didn’t even have to think about the answer to this question. My absolute dream vacation is an 8 day, 7 night quilt cruise to Jamaica. Just learning and stitching, no cooking no cleaning…..I get tingly just thinking about it.

  76. My dream vacation is cruising down the Danube and visiting all the towns along the way. My needlework goes on every trip – dream or not.

  77. My dream vacation is a cabin on a lake in northern Minnesota. yes, I would take my stitching.

  78. My dream holiday would definitely be somewhere by the water but in the north with rugged shorelines and windswept waves . I would probably work on something warm with wool such as Deerfield or felted appliqué and I’d be sitting outside in the fresh air wrapped in a woolen shawl.

  79. Oh my goodness. After checking out the web site I am in love with the needle painting class with chipmunks and the magnolia revisited. My fantasy vacation has been for many years to take a trip for needlework classes. There are none in my area. I have thought that the Royal School of Needlework would be the ultimate. Looking at the line up of classes I would consider attending that function a fantasy come true.

  80. It would be a thrill to win this needlework calendar — I’m sure there are several pieces featured that I would love to stitch!!

  81. Such a beautiful spot for the perfect vacation, Prince Edward Island. I could be “Anne of Green Gables”, what could be better. The perfect destination ❤️♥️ Of course I would take my needlework, it goes where I go….

  82. Hi Mary, that’s an easy question. My vacation dream would be to take a course at the Royal School of Needlework in London!

  83. Dear Mary

    My dream holiday destination would definitely be one of the Crewel Work Company needlework retreats or tours which I wistfully often look and dream about going on. These would incorporate visiting historic castles, stately homes in beautiful surroundings and looking at beautiful antique embroidery pieces, learning embroidery from the wonderful array of expert needlework teachers such as Philippa Turnbull and others and to meet and talk about embroidery with other enthusiasts and I wouldn’t need to take my needlework as it’s included in the tours and to experience eating in wonderful historic buildings. Oh so wonderful, sigh. Thanks for sharing these beautiful calendars and for the really lovely give-away.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  84. I had just a tiny taste of Rome, just a few hours, but fell in love and dearly want to return for an extended stay. Yes, I would bring my current project, but can’t say how muc I would actually accomplish. Thanks for the nice giveaway.

  85. Would love to recieve this calendar. Have been to PEI several times, an experience in sights and history. Now, cannot travel anywhere. Need some finger and eye candy.

  86. My dream would be a European tour starting in Scotland and working my way down to Italy and the Italian Rivera. I would of course bring a portable project, there is tons of time on flights, waiting in airports, trains etc.

  87. My dream place would be Italy, where during the day you could sightsee and walk and get exercise and then snuggle up to a fire in the evenings and do some needlework. I have just been to Ireland, where it was quite rainy, and I did take my needlework – so it was wonderful. We lit fires and stitched and chatted. Absolute bliss.

  88. I have never been to Prince Edward Island but would love to go after you mentioned it I did some research and it is beautiful.I also love the calendar and would to have one.

  89. Put me back in sunny Spain – large plazas, amazing museums, friendly people, and wonderful food. I take ALWAYS bring embroidery when I travel because it fills the time if there are delays of any kind – inluding people or machines!

  90. Italy – and yes I would take needlework, a small project that can be tucked away in my carry on bag.

  91. My dream vacation would be a cabin in the mountains next to a flowing stream with a lot of time for needlework. Dream on girl!

  92. Right now my big wishes for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation would be a Canadian Rockies train ride. I love the mountains (even though I’m afraid of heights) and the outdoor scenery. It would lend itself well to taking my embroidery also although if I’m gone for more than a day or two, I usually take my stash with me anyway.

  93. First, I always take needlework with me on trips. I can smock in the car, embroider on a plane and there’s always down time to do some stitching on a trip.
    My dream vacation would be to go to Australia and visit the Inspirations store. I was a subscriber to AS&E. I still subscribe to Inspirations. Even if there is not a project I want to stitch I love the articles and the beautiful pictures. Also I love beautiful calendars.

  94. My dream location has always been (1) The Lake District in England and all of Ireland. I just finished the audiobook, Anne of Green Gables. (Loved the first two books so far) Hence, now, (2)Prince Edward Island is on my “bucket” list.

  95. My dream vacation is to spend a month in Paris exploring the city and the surrounding countryside. Of course I’d take stitching and I’d probably buy more while there!

  96. Add to the comment above, I hate to fly, so I bring embroidery and pens and markers to sketch on all trips. (Crossword puzzles in case we sit on the plane for hours!

  97. My dream vacation would be to return to the Hebrides and Orkneys of Scotland, where I traveled for the first time two years ago. On that vacation I finished a cross stitch piece for my first great niece — and now I have a second to work on, so I would bring needlework again!

  98. My dream vacation hopefully won’t be just a dream for too long. My sister and I are planning a trip to the UK so she can visit her friend in Ireland and then I think she wants to go to Wales and Scotland and probably England. She says only two weeks, but I would prefer a month at least. But I have never been on a real vacation before, and never out of America, so I would love to just be gone for a while to somewhere else where I could just enjoy myself 🙂 and yes, I would absolutely take my work in progresses and maybe even start a couple 🙂

  99. I would absolutely take embroidery with me on my dream vacation somewhere on an island in the Mediterranean Sea! I take embroidery with me whenever I travel. And, even though I use a digital calendar, I still love a good wall calendar to look at every day! Thanks, Mary.

  100. My ideal vacation spot is anywhere away from all interruptions, no phone reception, no land lines. I would love to go with stitch loving friends. My hand sized needlework always goes with me wherever I go and if I have a holiday in the UK (where I am from) I try and fit my sewing machine and one larger project in as well.

  101. I’ve been to Paris and Rome several times but would love to go back. I’d take my embroidery to Paris and visit that lovely little needlework shop I keep reading about on several needlework sites. Can’t remembe the name right now but it starts with an S. I’ve never heard of an embroidery calendar but I’ve purchased the annual calendar from Keepsake Cross Stitch for many years and have made several things.

  102. My dream vacation would be a week of stitching with a master embroiderer in a village in Ukraine, preferably whitework technique. And yes, some form of embroidery travels with me.

  103. I’d love to take a river cruise on the Rhine River. I ALWAYS bring a needlework project with me and try to bring something that will be a special souvenir of that trip.

  104. My dream vacation? There are so many! I think my favorite place to go to is Lancaster Pennsylvania. I love poking around in the little shops and perusing the handmade items, especially the quilts. Would I take my embroidery with me, yes. Would I have a lot of time to embroider? Probably not. I go with friends and they like to shop, shop, shop! But I do find some down time to stitch a little!

  105. Great giveaway! My dream vacation is Australia and I would take my needlework to work with all the fantastastic embrioders there!

  106. My dream vacation is Bali and my stitching goes with me every where so it definitely goes on vacation.

  107. My dream vacation would be to take one of the needlework historical and class tours in England. Of course a long stop at the Victoria and Albert museum to see the textiles. And I would take a small needlework project to channel the inspiration from seeing all the needlework wonders.

  108. My dream vacation would have to be a world cruise. My husband and I have been lucky enough to be able to have taken several shorter cruises over the last 10 years and hope to take several more (if our retirement budget permits us). I always take my needlework with me. It helps pass the time on flights and during the long waits in airports. Also, there is usually a needle working group on board. Frequently the ship offers a stitching programme as well. It’s always full to meet other stitching enthusiasts from all over the world.

  109. I yearn to go back to Europe to visit what family is left in Hungary and Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic and Slovakia). I haven’t been there since I was in my 20’s and am now 62. I do email my 2 cousins in Hungary and love the Old Country. I love to visit with my cousins who do Hungarian embroidery and yes I would definitely bring along needlework of different sorts to work on together with them!

  110. My dream vacation would be to rent a house for a couple of months in an English city, such as wells or York, and get to know the area thoroughly. I would hope to join a needlework community there and take a short course. Another drea is to take a residential course at the Royal School of Needlework.

  111. I’d love a fully catered cozy cabin in Maine with a view of the ocean for at least a week. I’d catch up on needlework and take walks.

  112. My dreams for vacations are about water in some form or other, by a lake, by the sea, a stream, a waterfall. Someplace with a view and a place to sit and relax and stitch. I always take one or two projects to work on as I enjoy time away.

  113. What a terrific calendar!
    My dream vacation might be to either Scandinavia or Australia (maybe for Beating Around the Bush?) & I take my needlework on all my vacations. Thanks for the giveaway!

  114. Oh goodness, my dream vacation is 2 weeks in Bora Bora. And yes – I would totally take embroidery! Probably more than one project.

  115. My dream vacation is Disney World. I would take my needlework along. I never go anywhere without it, I can usually find some time to relax and work on it.

  116. Dream vacation…..it would have to be India and I would be so busy looking, looking, looking that I do not think I would have time to stitch! I would however come home ‘full of colour’ and busting with inspiration I am sure.

  117. I think a small island…maybe off of Greece would be delightful. Rent an old home – furnished with everything you need…including cook and chauffeur. I am working on a ratty pair of jeans that I love. I have drawn on them – now embellishing with beads and embroidery

  118. My dream vacation is to the orient. I would love to have an extended vacation to the orient. Alas, as much as my husband likes to travel he has no desire to go. And
    yes I would take along my needle work.

  119. My dream vacation is to visit Italy, especially the cities of Rome, Florence and Venice and I would not dream of going away from home without some portable needlework. By that I mean no canvaswork mounted on a frame. When we are driving, I do take my canvaswork mounted on a small lap frame.

    We just returned from a week-long trip to Las Vegas and I still took cross-stitch embroidery and my set of 5- and 7-inch hoops. I generally stitch at night while listening to favorite television programs. In Las Vegas we were out at night so I stitched during the day.

  120. IMy dream vacation would b got the U.K. I want to visit the remaining mills making fabric, including the islands. I want to visit the fiber celebrations around the area and. of course, the museums which contain numerous textiles and embroidery. I would definitely take some projects. It is habit forming and relaxing.

  121. My dream vacation destination is in my own country India. There are so many embroidery styles to be explored in my country, it would take a life time to see and experience it all. I dream of visiting the Kutch, Bhuj regions just to see the embroidery in person. I wish to see the Toda embroidery in southern India, the kashmiri embroidery up in the north. Oh, I could go on and on.. 🙂

  122. I have not been to the west coast yet. I would love to see the coastal areas of northern California. I would most definitely take my needlework with me I would be so lost without it.

  123. I would love to take a European River cruise and go to all of the embroidery shops possible. I see them advertised on PBS a lot and they look like a wonderful way to tour beautiful destinations. Since I would be have a major shopping spree I wouldn’t bring a project from home-I’d start one from my shopping trips. I have a few years until I retire to save the money so hopefully it will one day be a dream come true!

  124. Cambodia – I’d love to see Angkor Wat. Of course I’d take an embroidery project. I take one on all vacations! 🙂 If I was going somewhere as far from my normal as that though, I’d try to buy some local fabrics and threads and learn a new technique there.

    1. My dream vacation destination is the Grand Canyon. If I could go when there are no crowds I would take my embroidery.

  125. Dream destination? That’s a tough question as there are a dozen or more places I’m longing to see: Lake Louise (and PEI) in Canadr, the Plitvice Lakes NP in Croatia, Sun Moon Lake, East Coast Drive and Kenting NP in Taiwan, Lake Baikal in Russia then the Trans-Mongolian express to Beijing, more or less anywhere in Sweden, the Norwegian Fjords, Liechtenstein….

    Would I take needlework? Possibly one or more small and/or uncomplicated projects to keep me occupied whilst in transit. I rarely get much stitching done whilst away from home – although I’ve often taken it. I plan to frame a goldfinches cross stitch soon that was worked in 3 different countries. 🙂

    Anyway, if I have to pick one, let’s go for the Italian Lakes and me stitching away happily in a hotel garden with a beautiful lake and mountain view.


  126. I would love to take one of those needlework retreat/vacations like Lady Anne’s. Maybe in another lifetime… a bit less aspirational would be a walking vacation in Switzerland and yes, of course I’d bring my needlework.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  127. My dream vacation is the Hurtigruten voyage up (and down again) the coast of Norway. I’ve taken it 6 times and am always ready to go again, and yes, I always take my stitching. It’s 11 days of stitching, in ever-changing scenery; what more can you ask for?

  128. Hello Mary! Thank you, once again, for hosting a give away! My dream vacation destination is Ireland! I have always been mesmerized by the lush green and friendly people. I don’t think I would take my needlework as I would not expect to have much time to do any work on it, spending too much time exploring and visiting! I would love to shop for yarn though, as I suspect they must have stellar yarn from local sheep! Someday I might get lucky enough to go.

  129. My dream vacation is a trip to Australia – and I would take my embroidery with me for the lengthy plane ride and late evenings.

  130. My dream vacation. Wow. So many places to go. Iceland. A summer in the hills overlooking Florence. Your post reminded me how Much I Loved PEI, so now I want to return. My needlework goes wherever. A small hardanger piece or 1000 circles to turn into “hexies” for a quilt or something else that doesn’t need a lot of space in my carry-on bag.

  131. Well, after seeing the pic in your blog, PEI is the place to be!! Oh, YEAH, I never leave home without my needlework.

  132. I would love to go to Iceland and probably would take a few smaller projects for cold nights by the fire.

  133. My dream vacation is a cabin in the woods by a lake. And I always have a stitching project with me, besides a good book. To just seat quietly and enjoy nature stitching is what a vacation is all about.

    Thank you for this opportunity.


  134. My dream vacation would be a beachfront house in Hawaii with beautiful sunrises or sunsets. I’d definitely take my needlework!

  135. My dream vacation would be to go to England and spend a month at Jenny Adin Christie’s studio taking personal tutelage.

  136. I would love to travel to england and scotland and visit the castles and the local fiber industry. I would of course take my embroidery so some elders could teach me their heritage skills.
    thx for having so many contests.
    Love your work.

  137. My dream vacation is Paris and Provence with a visit to DMC as well. Oh yes I would take my needlework. I always travel with at least one project. I’ve had many fun conversations on planes, trains in air clubs and hotels . People are always interested in what I’m working on. And the story of where I stitched or knitted the project adds to the history of the project. I once met a NFL player who does needlepoint. That was unique.

  138. Prince Edward’s Island has a community tapestry, I believe, that make this a doubly inviting location. However, if it is to be a dream trip, I think I would have to choose Great Britain; there are so many attractions that relate to embroidery and history. Unfortunately, my travel is “virtual” and www is my transportation.

    The projects in the calendar look like attractive options that would enhance stash, in any case. Thanks for the opportunity.

  139. My dream vacation would be to travel to Patagonia! The far southern tip on South America. I absolutely would take my stitching with me although with everything there is to see their I might not get much done!!!!

  140. My dream vacation would be a trip through the British Isles. If it could somehow include a jaunt to a good spot for seeing the northern lights, it would be perfect. Those are the top 2 trips on my bucket list.

  141. Five years ago I took an African Safari. I would go on another in a heartbeat. Some simple traveling stitching would be great as Africa is a long way from Albuquerque, New Mexico and all those flying hours, layover hours would be a good time to enjoy some stitching!

  142. It would be a lovely visit to PEI for a vacation. YES I take needlework on vacation. It’s packed before my clothes!

  143. I would love to go to Japan. The Japanese treasure everything I love. Hand-woven Komono, Katazomi, double sided embroidery, and indigo plus knitting.
    I would take my embroidery as I always have my envelope with a hanky project in my backpack.

  144. Mary, my dream vacation would be able to stay at the Biltmore in NC. I would take my needle project with me of course! There always is down time to sit and relax.

  145. My dream vacation is a cruise to the south sea islands. I would definitely take some needlework along to pass the time at sea.

  146. My dream vacation would be a trip to Norway, and YES I would definately take my needle work with me. I would do my needlework mostly on the plane and before bed!

  147. What a joy to look at such artistry every day of the year. Also, the patterns to go with after you fall in love with the project. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Happy Stitching

  148. My dream vacation would be to the Royal Needlework School with classes at Hampton Court in London. Yes I would take my needlework with me.

  149. I’m actually going on my dream vacation mid January to cruise the Hawaiian Islands!! We sail for 4 straight days from Los Angeles, so I need something to occupy my time. Of course I will be taking some sort of needle work with me.

  150. England would be the first choice for me as needlework vacations go. It is hard for me to travel, I read about all these seinars that are ususally held at the East coast, so therefore, I have to miss. No one seems to come to Southern California to hold such events, and I never see any shows/exhibits related to embroidery held in my area. Quilting is the only big deal every September in San Diego’s Convention Center.

  151. My dream vacation would be to Inverness, Scotland where my grandmother was born and visit relatives still there. Mary, a distant cousin, does needlework and we could chat and enjoy ourselves together. Would love the calendar as gift to her. Thanks for the opportunity.

  152. Thank you so much for mentioning the seminar. My dream vacation would be somewhere on the ocean, not too hot but nice and warm and sunny so I could sit outside and stitch watching the waves and occasionally taking a break to go for a dip. 🙂

  153. My dream vacation spot is the Galápagos Islands. I always take stitching with me, and if it’s a car trip, I pack my portable frame stand too. Thank for the give-away! (PS: I drove to PEI from Halifax a couple of years ago while on vacation in the Maritime provinces. I agree with you about PEI. We definitely want to return.)

  154. Since my teenage years (many moons ago…) I’ve wanted to visit the eastern US and Canada. But living in New Zealand, thats not easy. Canada/New England in the fall is on my bucket list including a trip on the St Lawrence, which, hopefully, would include an embroidery workshop. I’m absolutely dumbstruck and in awe of some of the embroidered landscapes of the area. They are inspiring to say the least!!

  155. My dream vacation is a sort of day camp just to sit in a park on the Ohio River in downtown Louisville, stitch my embroidery and talk to people who pass by.

  156. Hi
    My dream vacation would be to Sardinia and take a look at all their embroidery techniques. I always take my needlework with me in case I have to wait. The calendar looks wonderful and fun.

  157. My dream vacation would be the Rockies, and yes I would take my stitching (and a camera).

  158. What a wonderful calendar filled with stitching projects. I love it! I think my dream vacation would be to go to Europe. My husband would love to trace his family roots which he believes might be in Austria-Hungary and Germany. I think mine are in France, England , Scotland and Ireland. It would be a nice vacation/genealogy quest. I would bring a stitching project to work on, I always have a few in progress! Thanks for the chance to win the wonderful calendar and for the info.

    ~Gin K.~

  159. I’ve always wanted to go to Samoa. I grew up hearing my dad tell stories of his time there, and I’ve always wanted to go see it and visit with the people there. And Scotland: what could be better than wool plaids, bagpipes, and castles!! I’d take either place!! thanks for hosting this giveaway! 🙂

  160. My dream vacation destination is Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, for an African safari (wildlife viewing only!). I don’t think I would bring my needlework into the wild with me — I like needlework as a calming activity at home rather than as an accompaniment to adventure.

  161. I have been fortunate in my life to travel the world. Now I enjoy domestic vistas.
    I would love to take a cruise of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway. Of course my stitching would come. What a delightful day to stitch and sit on the deck watching the world sail by – maybe even doing small projects from the calendar!


  162. I will take my embroidery to any and all vacations and my dream location would be back in Kansas among my friends & family. jc

  163. Prince Edward Island is on my bucket list of places I would love to visit! So beautiful! And I always take handwork with me wherever I go! Would love to win a calendar! Thank you so much for offering this opportunity!

  164. My dream vacation is to Paris! I love the city and see something new every time I go. And, yes, I would take my needlework. I take whatever I’m working on at the time on every trip I go on. There is time on the plane, train or even in the car. Evenings in the hotel or relaxing time during the day. Anytime I get to sit I am stitching something, doctor’s offices, parking lots. You can always fit in a few stitches.

  165. It is hard to pick just one destination. It could be Alaska, Hawaii, Galapagos, Canadian Rockies, Australia or almost any European country. I always take some kind of needlework on trips to occupy myself on trains and buses.

  166. My dream vacation is a Cunard cruse to Australia. And Yes! I would take my needle work. We went on the Cunard Trans – Atlantic cruse (South Hampton to New York) right after I took a Needlework Class at Hampton Court in London at the Royal School of Needlework. The crossing was smooth and perfect for needlework. What a joy it would be to sail and stitch again!

  167. My dream vacation, hard one. Probably Canada or maybe South America. Would I take my needle work? Yes, if I can reorganize it all. I have the fortune to be able to live in three different parts of the world, but that frequently means I have left something somewhere. And if it’s an airport or airplane. It’s gone. And this past year I have lost something with every trip I’ve taken. So maybe my dream vacation would be just staying in one place for a change!

  168. I would love to win a calendar! My dream vacation would be to England to see as many museums as time would allow. Probably would take a small needlework piece to work on at night while I’m resting.

  169. As I am now over 80 I think my dream destination would have to be in the British Isles. I have done quite a lo of traveling overseas in the past. I old definitely take some embroidery with me and it would probably be an embroidery holiday.

  170. My dream vacation site is Venice, Italy, I was there once for a short visit, however, I would love to spend more time there and do some needlework.

    I never go anywhere without my needlework. It is the first thing I pack.

  171. My dream vacation would be a class at the RSN in Hampton Court, England, although there are many needlework retreat destinations that would be a delight to attend! When I fly, I always bring along some needlework to fill in the hours on the flight, as well as wait times in airports. For road trips I generally pack some sort of handwork and hopefully do put in some stitches!

  172. What’s your dream vacation destination, and would you take your needlework?

    cruise around the
    Mediterranean and I would include needlework

  173. The projects shown are so cute and the ones listed sure has my interest peaked. Love your site and am enjoying all the info you share. I love learning new techniques, I feel that even if you have years of experience in a craft, there is always something that can be learned. Thank you for the chance to win this interesting calendar.

  174. My most wished for holiday destination would be Tsilbi old quarter in the Republic of Georgia. This country has so much history, a glorious Christian heritage, a stunning musical heritage of polyphonic singing, The mountains are soaring and the valleys…I could rave on. Such a place has a rich embroidery tradition and I would no more go on holiday without my embroidery as not breathing. The calendar would be ideal, with its projects, so a magical holiday with a magical project.

  175. My dream vacation is being in the mountains by a lake, sitting on the porch with my needlework in a big basket next to me. Love hand stitching, have about 4 projects going now.

  176. I would like to visit the Royal School of Needlework in England. I would bring some crewel work with me.

  177. My dream vacation location would anywhere warm and cozy. I like to sit in a comfy chair with a blazing fire in the fire place and all the time I want to sew and not have you stop and cook dinner! So I’ll say Aspen, Colorado or maybe even Alaska! And YES, definitely take a few projects. Also, wherever I end up I’d like for there to be a needlework or/and a quilt shop nearby.

  178. What a fun-looking event. Oh for more vacation time and a few thousand dollars lying around…

    One day, I want to bring my daughter to Europe so she can see castles first-hand (we live in Canada. Our castles are pretty pitiful.) There’s lots of places I want to go someday, but that one tops the list. And yes, obviously I bring my needlework. Otherwise what do you do on train rides? 😉

  179. I haven’t done much travelling because I lived on a farmlet and couldn’t leave the animals, but now I live in the city I have started to do a little. I recently saw a cruise advertised which started in Kuala Lumpar, and gradually worked it’s way along the coast, through the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean, and ended in Southampton, stopping off along the way. I thought that would be a fabulous way to get a taste of so many countries, and yes, I would definitely take my needlework.

  180. I think PEI would be a lovely holiday destination. Great fan of Anne of Green Gables since childhood, and have reread the books of L M Montgomery in adulthood. Just lovely! And yes, I do take a small piece of needlework with me on holidays. It doesn’t always get out of its bag, but the intention is there.

  181. My dream vacation would be Ireland and yes I always have stitching with me! I would love to see a lot of Irish stitchers at work.

  182. I want to see Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, and Hungary – I wouldn’t take embroidery, but I would take my knitting! I almost booked the trip a few weeks ago, but it’s just not in the budget for 2018 right now.

  183. My dream vacation destination is where I’m planning my next vacation, next years is fabulous!
    I am going on the Needleworks Cruise leaving Sydney in April and arriving in Seattle on May. I’ll be participating in 3 embroidery projects whilst cruising from one side of the Pacific to the other, so YES I’ll be stitching.
    And to finish off, I’m having a week in Canada on the Rocky Mountaineer (which has been on my vacation list for a long time!), before heading back to Australia.
    Living my dream.
    (I always pack stitching when I go on vacation – I just don’t always get it out, but it’s there if I get some down time)

  184. My dream vacation destination would be Vancouver, British Columbia via Across Canada by Train (Toronto to Vancouver!). I’d take a surface embroidery project with me. Choosing it would be part of the fun of the trip! For me the anticipation and preparation for such a trip would be so much fun too.

  185. Hi there
    Thank you so much for this article! As a Canadian living in the UK, I will definitely be looking into Virtual Threads! My current vacation spot is Portugal. I must admit I probably would not take my stitching – sand and wine do not mix well with threads 🙂

  186. My dream vacation is a trip to Japan to take some embroidery classes. Of course some sight seeing would be in order as well as some Tai Chi in the park!

  187. So funny! My best friend saw a facebook post yesterday about this seminar and we ohhed and ahhed, someday I want to go PEI, and it may happen next summer! My dream vacation is to the UK to visit the V&A and Fitzwilliams Museum; maybe take a class at the RSN while I’m there! I would definitely bring my needlework with me along with some linen to play at night after seeing all that inspiration!

    Thanks for the chance to win Mary!

  188. My dream Vacation destination would be to Australia, since my daughter and her family live there. Visits are few and far between, so it would be wonderful to have a vacation there, with her family, and travel all over, have lovely visits and meet my grandson for the first time in person. And, yes, I would definitely take my needlework! It pretty much goes everywhere with me. Thanks for the chance to win this neat calendar.

  189. There are so many places I have yet to see, but I think my first dream would be Paris, France. A close second would be Hawaii (I’d like to take a ‘Magnum PI Tour – if there is such a thing).
    I would have to take some kind of project, even if it were only for the long flights to get me there.

  190. My dream vacation is to tour the UK – it would be a long vacation. More interested in villages and countryside than cities, but of course London is important too. And why would I go anywhere without my needlework?

  191. My dream vacation? Egypt: Cairo, cruise along the Nile River, the Pyramids, the Sfinx, the Valley of the Kings and the Queens, Abu Simbel, Luxor.
    I wouldn’t take my embroidery on this trip.
    I have taken it when I go to mountain resorts and to the sea, though.

  192. I live in my dream vacation destination in a tiny house in the foothills of Denali, but there are always great places to explore. I would love too see Scotland. I usually bring my needlework on trips but spend too much time outdoors to do it. When I get back home and stitch it brings back memories of the trip.

  193. My dream vacation would be to go back home to Norway. Yes I would take my stitching. How better to spend the long hours on the plane. Thanks

  194. My dream vacation. Since I have not had a vacation in a very long time, I have had a chance to dream, and dream I do. Ireland is where I would love to go. It has always been my dream to go and see the beauties of the Emerald Isle. The needle work is one of the many things that I would like to see there. I dream of going to Ireland and yes I would take my needle work along as I can’t sit very long with out something in my hands.

  195. My dream vacation would be, Ireland or Belgium I suppose. Really anywhere I haven’t visited yet is a dream vacation. I always take some kind of needlework with me when I travel as it is a good distraction when waiting in airports or on a plane. Vacation is usually a time when I have to focus on my needlework too.

  196. I just finished reading a novel set in Japan, so I’m dreaming of going there. And of course I would take my stitching! I rarely go on vacation without it. Actually getting any stitching done is whole other thing, tho!

  197. I could travel to any where in Canada, but Newfoundland would be my first choice with needle and thread in hand.

  198. My dream vacation spot for many years has been Turkey. There are so many wonderful things and places I want to see. And yes, I would definitely take some needlework with me.

  199. My dream vacation is My Cook, New Zealand…..huge mountains, blue skies, blue/ green ice melt lakes and quiet and I definitely would take my needlework…perfect…

  200. Hi Mary!
    I would love to go back to England one more time. Great memories of living there in the late 50s with my Dad stationed there with the Air Force. My Mom and I journeyed back there in 1999 on a walking tour of hers, but I would like to go back just for me…and I would like to make it a needle/fiber vacation. I want to revisit places where great needlework and fiber is displayed, which is pretty much everywhere. One of my favorite memories is of the Victoria and Albert Museum and spending a day looking at their unbelievable collection of needle related works. Heaven. Of course I would be taking a project with me….

  201. This is a hard question to answer – I love any place where I can ‘turn off’ and indulge in my passion of embroidery. Your description of PEI sounds just the spot for my next trip where I can take my embroidery.

  202. Well the Canadian group is sure more affordable than the American Group!
    My Pacific Region is having a conference in Sonoma and I estimate that it will be well over $2000 by the time I pay for lodging, registration, and kit costs. Way to rich for my blood. I love PEI! I’d go.

    I’d also like to take Montmellick in Ireland,
    Ricamo and weaving in Umbria
    Reticella with Trish Burr in Verona
    Oaxaca, Mexico natural dye class
    Paris with Marcy Tilton
    Italy Fashion Retreat with Cochenille’s Susan Lazear
    Hand and Lock Monogram class at SF School of Needlework
    Bonney & Willis Shoemaking class in Ashland, Oregon
    Bookbinding at SF School of Book
    Coastal Dye plants and Camp out Wildcraft Studio & Making natural pigments.

    Naturally I’m taking my needlework with me. Not that I’ll get any done except for on the plane, train and in the automobile.

    Oh, and this is only 1/4 of the list. I could go on with my dream classes, but I gotta get some work done today! Oh just imagine a pair of embroidered shoes!

    So much to learn and life is short and the paycheck even shorter!

    Mary Mary Mary! I just got a set of Finetec Artist Mica Watercolors and I’m in LOVE! Off to stitch/paint Thanksgiving cards.

  203. Oh my! The calendars look lovely. My ideal vacation would be a trip to a National Seminar-either EGA or ANG so I would have my stitching with me! Now I have to think about EAC!

  204. My dream vacation? That’s an easy one – Australia to attend a Beating Around the Bush conference. And since I’m dreaming anyway we’ll throw in a side trip to anywhere in the orient to pick up a wonderful selection of silk threads!

  205. Dream vacation? Hard to pick! But, it would include a cruise, hopefully a needlework cruise, to Iceland and Norway. And, yes, I would take my needlework!

  206. Because of a medical condition that requires several treatments, a real

    vacation is not possible. But I have dreamed of a trip to Great Britain to take a class from the Royal School of Needlewok, and of course I would take one or two of my current projects with me (and as much cash as possible to enlarge my stash).

  207. My dream vacation is to take a cruise, anywhere, because I’ve never been on one! I would definitely bring my needlework-it goes everywhere with me when I know I will have some idle time!

  208. A dream trip is the river cruise from St Petersburg to Moscow. I’ve been interested in Russian history for some time. Of course I would bring a stitching project, something small easy to work on the plane and hopefully find some to add to the stash.

  209. There are many destinations I would love to go but for a dream needlework vacation I would choose a ski trip with the family. Ensconced with my needlework during the day in a cozy cabin while the family skiied, a snowy view out the window, some bread dough rising in the kitchen and a little individual coffee maker… mmm, heaven.

  210. Oh – my favorite vacation would be a staycation – home in my sewing room – with everything at my fingertips. I would like about a week carved out of my routine to do just that. Eating would be premade meals and my Keurig would be filled with water and the pods would be nearby. Now that is dreamy to me. Probably just that!!! Thanks for the chance.

  211. Anywhere with a porch looking out at a lake or ocean view is perfect for my vacation. Perhaps Maine or Northern California? And I always take needlework projects with me on every vacation!

  212. Right now my dream vacation is Costa Rica and going through the Panama Canal. Always have needlework with me when I travel. Visited PEI in 2013 and loved it!

  213. My dream vacation I think would probably be Rome and the surrounding areas. I probably would take a little piece but I would definitely try and buy patterns or kits from local artist.

  214. How did you know that Prince Edward Island is one of my favorite places to visit? Of course
    I would take my stitching, but might not find time to do any when I could be enjoying the
    beautiful scenery.

  215. My dream vacation is one I’ve taken several times. Head south to Florida for a week at Disney, then further south to Miami to jump aboard a cruise ship for a week to some islands – I don’t really care which ones as long as they are warm/hot! Take my needlework? Of course! My roommate drives and I sew in the car. We’ve figured out how to install a small table in front of me to work on. What could be more fun?

  216. My dream vacation would be to the Northwest Territories to see the northern lights. And yes, I would take my crazy quilting with me

  217. I just want to travel, here or overseas, it doesn’t make a difference. I would love to see the world. Yes, I would take my needlework. Always have it with me!

  218. My dream vacation would be a stitching cruise… a couple of weeks on board a luxury cruise liner, with stitching classes while we’re at sea, and so much else to do!

    And yes, I’d probably take some of my own stitching!!

  219. My dream holiday I hope too do next year is on a boat from Zurich to Prague with my stitching friend to the Christmas Markets. Would I take my stitching with me…….of course………I take it to a Dr’s appointment…….every where.

  220. The calendar looks beautiful.
    It would be a wonderful thing to win – reminding me every month about beautiful embroidery.

  221. There are so many places I’d love to visit! PEI is certainly one of them, but I’d also love to see Australia, Norway, Sweden, Japan and then there are all the states here in the U.S. that I haven’t seen yet! I’d probably take a small something to stitch but even more fun would be to buy some little kit or materials at my destination as a souvenir!

  222. My dream vacation? Ten days in Morocco. I might not bring my needlework, but I’d bring my sketch book.

  223. The calendar looks fabulous, Mary. What a great idea to have instructions for each project. The closest I have been to PEI is Anne of Green Gables!
    I’m dreaming of a holiday of a lifetime in Great Britain and Europe, but the stitching would have to be small, especially on the long plane trip. How wonderful would it be to look at all the embroidery sites and sights and browse all the thread places I would discover! But the reality is, the closest dream holiday will be to the beach at Coolangatta, Queensland, to look out over the ocean, walk, swim, eat and for that I can take everything! And use the relaxing time to catch up with the stitching that always takes second place to the daily grind.

  224. My dream holiday is to go on a Queen Annes’ Needlework tour with Phillipa Turnbull. Of course I would take my needlework, I never leave home without it as I suffer from “Needlework Deprivation Syndrome” otherwise know as NDS. Signs and symptoms include, frantic searching for something to stitch followed by deep depression, wringing of hands and covering face and wailing “Oh No, Oh No” and frantic searching for the closest needle or quilt shop for a fix!

  225. I have two dream vacations: Alaskan cruise and a trip to Ireland. I would, of COURSE, bring projects on both! I can’t even go away for a weekend or overnight somewhere without taking SOMETHING to work on. Thanks for this giveaway and another highlight of the information. I’m excited to go and check it out 🙂

  226. I would live to visit Anchorage Alaska (again), ideally to stay for several weeks. It has ideal temperatures, warmly social people, some good food, and the scenery is soothing.
    Yes, of course, my needlework would go with me (on any trip). It simply fits the peaceful environment.

  227. I would go to Hampton Court in England and take embroidery classes from the Royal academy.
    I’ve been to Hampton Court 3 times, but before they had embroidery classes. The Royal Academy must have lived somewhere else then. Plus, I was with non-stitchers each time so they would have to drop me off and go on to Stonehenge or Winchester Cathedral while I stayed. I don’t think I’d bring my needlework…just start over with the classes. They might kick me out if they saw my work. After school, I’d sit and watch the Thames and stitch some more. (sigh)

  228. My dream vacation would be on a sunny beach next to a warm ocean. I could spend days in a beach chair stitching to my hearts content. A small island would be perfect.

  229. My dream vacation destination? Too hard to choose between some of the loveliest areas in Canada (Haida Gwaii!) and perhaps a medieval city in Europe (Bruges). I would take some needlework or knitting for sure.

  230. My dream vacation would be to New Zealand and yes, I would take my needlework with me. Of course, with all the sites to see and people to visit, I’m not sure how much I’d get done. It’s always a good idea to take a project along on any trip, just in case.

  231. I take needle work with me everywhere, well almost. My dream vacation would be a rental house on a lake in New England. Big enough for the whole 12 person family,that includes 7 grandchildren!

  232. My dream vacation would be to explore the Galapagos Islands–I have always wanted to see all the wildlife there. I would definitely take my stitching project with me. I craft while I am on the plane and in the evenings when it is too dark to be outside.

  233. My dream vacation site is anywhere that I can be at the beach, especially Hawaii. I would definitely take my needlework!! I always look to see what needlework stores are in the area when I travel. Its such fun to see different shops, as well as what merchandise they carry.

  234. My dream holiday would be to go to the BDEIG seminar in Oregon next year. I wouldn’t need to take embroidery with me as I would be signed up for classes and probably spending lots of money on kits and threads, but I would need to take my tools (scissors etc).

  235. I always have some type of needlework on all my vacations. Usually knitting for the car, plane or train and embroidery in hand for stationary times. I have stitched Hardanger while on a Baltic cruise, and pulled thread while sailing through the Panama. My dream vacation is to enjoy seeing the landscapes of this beautiful world we live in and seeing the needlework unique to each country.

  236. What a lovely giveaway. Backpacking in Labrador would be heaven and absolutely I would take my needlework -I always do!

  237. My dream vacation would be to to tour the USA to visit distant family and historical places I’ve never been to and to see various needlework, quilting etc. done by various family members as I would love to have a record of it to share. I would definitely take a small project with me for my down times – but then I would also purchase pieces at LNSs to commemorate the trip as well.

  238. My dream vacation destination would be England, for a Crewel Work Retreat with Phillipa Turnbull. Of course, I would take my needlework!

  239. Oh! I would like so much to be able to rent a house near the ocean, during all summer. I should receive all members of my family and all friends who would want to. And of course I would bring my needlework, because I would have plenty of time to stitch… well, depending of the number of my visitors 🙂


  240. My dream vacation is any rocky coast. It must have a cottage with a large front porch and rocking chairs facing the ocean. As far as my needlework goes, I never leave home without something to stitch. I can smell the ocean breeze just thinking about it!

  241. Hi, Mary! Thanks for this giveaway opportunity. My dream destination would have to be Ireland to see the laces and embroideries. I *always* take my stitching with me, if I don’t have a project near to hand I feel lost, pretty much rudderless. I know what they say about idle hands, but for me it goes beyond that. Painters must paint, I must stitch, plain and simple. God bless, and thanks again!

  242. My dream vacation would have to be Vermont. I would enjoy the color of the leaves in the fall..or even spring when the tulips come up.

  243. My dream vacation would be to London. It’s been years since I was there, so everything would be new! However, the person who is tired of London is tired of life. I always take a selection of needlework to work on where ever I travel. (pieces that are fairly simple) I always take a selection of books to read also.

    This seminar looks great. Wonderful location, exciting classes. I have to look into this in a serious way.

  244. My dream holiday would be to take a course of some variety at the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Palace followed by a self drive tour of Scotland. Not sure just how practical that last would be but hey, we’re dreaming here aren’t we.

  245. I have been a member of Virtual Threads for some time my dream and hope is to be able to attend the 2018 Seminar in PEI and to meet some of the lovely members.

    My other dream vacation would be to attend the RSN to do a course or several.

  246. I would love to visit Scotland! Edinburg’s Old Town, and Loch Ness are my idea of Beautiful destinations. I would take a small needlework project, and hope for time to work on it!

  247. I started cross stitching years ago. Not that it is boring, it is however very monotonous, tedious, and repetitive. It doesn’t leave room for artisic nuances.
    I’ve been enthralled with your site for a long time. I bought an embroidery kit months ago and have been hesitant to start it. Your site has given the push I needed to broaden my stitching. I would love to attempt a monthly project

  248. I would love to visit South Africa and go on safari. And yes, I’d take my needlework for those evenings in camp.

  249. My dream destination? Anywhere the meals will be made for me, preferably near water that isn’t rain, a comfortable chair with a table beside it with decent lighting, a balcony or deck perhaps?, warm weather.
    And of course I would have needlework projects with me.
    And some really nice tea.
    And perhaps a really nice wine.
    Oh and perhaps a bit of chocolate?

  250. I hit send too quickly.
    Would I take my needlework on vacation? Of course. What else would I do at night while vacationing in Yellowstone National Park?

  251. WHo in their right mind would ever leave home without something to stitch?
    There’s the card box in the glove compartment…in case of a traffic snarl….
    A small easy kit hanging a round in the bottom of the handbag…in case….
    An easy bit of canvas tucked inside the passport….for a quick getaway…
    We probably do at least one cruise a year and when you go to guest services and post a ‘ sit and stitch ‘….well you just meet the nicest people
    Favourite travel companion though is canvas work.portabe,forgiving and uses lots of smaller bits that fit in the smallest space

  252. Last year my dream vacation came true – to NZ attending the Wanaka Embroidery School’s annual classes, it was wonderful. Luckily I have another dream vacation ready and waiting – PEI in 2018! Embroidery is a must for ALL times, not just vacations (makes staying at home feel like a holiday too).

  253. My dream vacation is driving down the coast of Oregon. I’ve done a small part of it and look forward, one day, to do the rest. I always bring needlework on vacation with me. However, it’s always harder when I fly – I need to bring good lighting with me. Motel lamps are just not enough light.

    Thank you for a lovely giveaway.

  254. I don’t have just one dream vacation destination, but PEI is on my list, as are all the National Parks in the USA. Yes, I would take my needlework for something relaxing to do or when the weather isn’t cooperating.

  255. My dream holiday is and always has been a tip on The Ghan a train that travels from Adelaide to Darwin Australia. What an amazing experience this would be and yes I would take some needlework but don’t know how much would get done.

  256. WhenI hear Prince Edward Island mentioned I immediately think of Anne of Greengables. Ithink I must have read those books every year until I was an adult then very watched movie or TV show after that.The chance to win one of those calendars has prompted me to try my luck .I am in Queensland Australia and havnt a hope of ever visiting PEI ,this would be amazing .

  257. My favourite place to vacation is in Northern Ontario by the shores of Lake Superior. Yes I would take one or more of my wips. It is so quiet and peaceful up there.
    Techiya from Ontario.

  258. My dream vacation is an Alaskan Cruise. I would take a small amount of needlework in case I had time in the evening to do some, otherwise I would be too busy watching the scenery and seeing all there would be to see on such a trip.

  259. I’ve been to England, Scotland, Canada, and Israel so now I’d like to see Hawaii and I’d bring a pocket project or 2 (things small for airport and such) but look on the islands for more :o)

  260. My dream vacation would be in Finland. I was able to spend a day in Helsinki while on a cruise but it felt like a tease-leaving me wanting more. Would love to check out the entire country and learn more about my ancestors.

  261. Mary, I’d like to thank you for such a beautiful write-up about the EAC Seminar, and the calendar. I’m honored to be one of the designers who was asked to participate in providing a “month” and project, and am thrilled to see what a terrific publication that it turned out to be under Kerry Leslie’s guidance. The photos and projects that are included span a wide range of techniques and skills, and all are very “doable”.
    The Seminar Committee from VT has been working hard on this for quite some time now, and it looks to be a great event. Thank you for your support and “getting it out there”.
    Best wishes –
    Ginny Thompson (one of those “EGA and EAC/VT people” :>) )

  262. The thought of visiting Prince Edward Isle leaves my needle twitching. How I enjoyed the stories of that fabled land and then was able to delight in them again when my youngest daughter fell in love with the stories herself. Then there was the televised series starring Meagan Fellows, so more lovely evenings seeing the wonderful re-enactment. The calendar sounds divine with small projects to complete and marvelous memories of Oh, CANADA.

  263. Let’s see: my dream vacation right this minute would be Thailand, Bali, Cambodia, and Vietnam! Lands of beautiful handiwork and of course I’d bring mine along.

  264. My dream vacation is London, England. I would spend hours in the Victorian and Albert Museum. I would have to bring something to work on but it might not be needlework. Tatting is easier to transport.

  265. My dream vacation destination would be Japan. I probably wouldn’t take needlework because there is amazing needlework projects there and I’m sure I would find some to do there and bring home with me.

  266. Hi Mary, my dream vacation is Italy. And, yes, I would take my needlework. We are planning a vacation in Ireland in the spring and I already have two small projects that will get thru airline security. would love that calendar!

  267. I live in the Fraser Valley and my dream vacation would be to take our trailer back to the East Coast. We met some marvelous people who made us feel very welcome. We visited PEI in May 2013. As we drove across the Confederation Bridge, the top welds on our trailer back bumper broke loose and we dragged it across. The next day, in Charlottown, we were able to get the necessary repairs completed asap, which left us time to explore. 2 months in the Maritime is not nearly enough. Would love to go back!! I ALWAYS travel with stitching and stop at all needlearts stores

  268. I’ve been to PEI – once – and would love to go back, but I would have to say my dream vacation would be to go and visit our one-year old grandson and his mommy and daddy. And yes, of course I’d take my stitching!

  269. Hi Mary, what a wonderful giveaway. I was drooling over the course offerings for the 2018 Seminar. The next best thing to attending would be to win one of these lovely calendars! My dream vacation would be to go to Europe, and spend time seeing all of the locations I have heard about my whole life. I would definitely take some needlework, and perhaps stitch while sitting at a Tuscan trattoria watching the world go by!

  270. Ireland would be my dream vacation. I always take some kind of stitchery.Last year we did go to PEI and it was beautiful!

  271. My dream vacation destination is the Lakes District in England . Of course I would take my needlework. I fantasize about life in the Regency period, and of course a lady would have her stitchery.

  272. I would go to Ireland, to visit my dad homeland. I would have a suitcase full of needlework projects, because I never travel empty handed.

  273. My dream vacation destinations change a lot…right now I fantasize about taking an RSN course for a few weeks and then going to live at the Victoria and Albert Museum, in particular the textile area. And yes – I would take my needlework along!

  274. PEI looks like a lovely destination for a vacation, but right now I have Santa Fe and surrounding area on the top of my list. Of course, I will take some needlework.
    Best wishes to moi.
    Thank you for sharing your creative energy.

  275. To go to a dream location.
    Meaning a beautiful view and surroundings.
    Well light in the evenings also.
    To be surrounded by beauty both inside and out and to be able to stitch to your hearts desire in great comfort and looking out at beauty.
    Daytime or night time.
    That would be a joy. Thankyou.

  276. My dream vacation destination is home. I have found traveling to be too much work and little rest – when we travel we have to wake up much earlier than we do at home and 4 or 5 hours sleep a night is not enough. And then when I get home – everything from work and home from the time we were away still has to be done.

    So I would love to stay home. Yes, of course embroidery would be done. Maybe I could even have more than 2.5 hours a week that week!

  277. I’d love to go back to Lake Como in Italy, but at 81 it is just a dream. I return in memories now. Of course I’d bring my needlework along with extra strength glasses and Ott light.

  278. My dream vacation would be to Paris and the shops for embroideries, laces and ribbons. After doing the shops and the sites and having some French pastry at an outdoor café, I would like to go on to Giverney and visit Monet’s home as his work has always inspired me to dream in color. As I doubt I will get there in this lifetime I am pondering going to Ann of Green Gables area and meeting up with other embroiderers at the EAC’s 2018 seminar.

  279. Mary, my husband and I went to PEI on our honeymoon in 1981. I had read all the Anne books, and I told him that would be a dream-come-true. It was wonderful! I would love to go back for a visit. I’m just learning to embroider, and you are my teacher through your videos. You are a fabulous instructor! Even my 8-year-old granddaughter is learning with your videos. Thank you for being so clear in your demonstrations of each stitch. My only regret is that I didn’t learn it many years ago.

  280. Wow, my dream vacation, 4 Nations Needlework tour 1-17 July 2020 England -Ireland -Scotland, Wales, 4 small proyects with Phillipa Turnbull, Meredith Willett, Jenny Adin – Cristie and Nicola Jarvis, and yes, God and embroidery my inseparable friends. And the calendar, oh god, we would do all the projects, ONE EVERY MONTH, with the surviving cancer ladies that we meet every week to embroider, drink coffee and share nice hours, greetings from COSTA RICA.

  281. What’s your dream vacation destination, and would you take your needlework?

    My dream vacation destination is Ireland. Yes, I would take my needlework but also look sore some great needlework shops there!

  282. There are so many places on my bucket list but lately the dream vacation starts at the Bagan Fields in Myan Mawr and then heads to Au Vin Pearl in Vietnam.

  283. Of COURSE I’d take my “portable” project on vacation, or trip to the store, trip to the docs, down to the mailbox…My dream vacation is Scotland. I MUST take my needlework, as I MUST go to every museum, esp textiles. Inspiration from the past! What more could you want!? History, vacation, AND my current project.

  284. My dream destination is a stitching cruise, preferably in Europe but the world is too unstable for me to enjoy a trip that far from US. My other dream vacation would be to attend stitching seminar with Thea Duek of Victoria Sampler in Canada.

  285. My all time favorite city to visit would have to be the city of my birth, Trieste, Italy, and yes, I did bring my embroidery the last time I visited my family in 2016.

  286. My dream vacation would be Ireland,Scotland and squeeze in Wales. I rarely go anywhere without some project at hand. Visited PEI several years ago, a wonderful and unique experience, especially those lobster dinners, yum!

  287. That’s a tough question! I’d love to go back to New York and Moscow but the place i haven’t been and want to go to is Japan. Not sure if i’d take my needlework. I do usually take it on holiday bit don’t get any done!

  288. My dream vacation would be to Ireland or Scotland. I would love to go and see the respective countrysides. And yes, I would take my needlework.

  289. My dream destination is the Maldives – so beautiful and with fantastic diving opportunities. I certainly would take my stitching, but something portable and suited to stitching in a reclined position on a lounger as I watch the waves roll gently over the reef and into the lagoon around my island. Bliss.

  290. My dream vacation would be Charleston, SC with lots of sitting and stitching in cafes or on the beach or just on a bench around the city, or maybe in the different gardens/plantations.

  291. My dream vacation destination? RSN for few months (few days class is not enough 😀 ), South Spain to learn their goldwork traditions… One more thing: May Morris exhibition in London. And I could mention few more similar places 😀 Would I take my needlework? That’s a very very good question. I guess, no, because I would return with many new projects. But maybe I would take something small that I could stitch in the plane. So, at the end, of course 😀

  292. Tysvm for the great info! Would enjoy trying a few of these projects. Never been to PEI but my dream destination has been Australia for many years now. And if I ever go I will be taking a suitcase full cuz I’m staying for at least 3 weeks! It’s so far for a short stay. Ty for a chance and good luck to all

  293. I am planning to go to the EAC seminar next summer. It will be my first one and I am all excited. They always have a nice brochette of teachers years after years. Since I live in the middle of nowhere, it will also be interesting to see all the products and meet the teachers as well as fellow embroiders. I am so looking forward to it. As a Xmass presents, I was planing to get some of the fundraisers items and projects. This calendar would be a nice start. Thans.
    P.s. Sure you can’t come to that seminar? I am sure a lot of people would love ot meet you

  294. I have two dream vacations. One is to spend new years in the Cedarberg, where we used to hike every year. I’d never bring embroidery, though – water supply is too scarce!
    The other is Cape Town to visit my family, especially my new nephews. The stitching might just be the first thing I’d pack 🙂
    Thank you both for the competition.

  295. I always take some stitching with me on every holiday. I would love to go to Europe and England, they would be a perfect place to stitch.

  296. What a wonderful calendar! My favourite holiday destination? St. Marys in Kansas to hook up with a certain Ms Mary Corbet. And yes I would bring my embroidery too!

  297. Anywhere on the West Coast of Ireland especially the Aran Islands and yes i would always take my needlework with me i would be in heaven just to sit and listen to the waves and the sea and do my needlework

  298. Fascinating: never having been to Canada I’d love to visit and to see Prince Edward Island – beautiful photograph! it just might be my new dream vacation (there have been so many!). I’d take my stitching (tho’ it would have to be something small and portable). The Calendar is lovely and a great idea to include the projects.

  299. My dream vacation is a tour of Australia and New Zealand with a personal class with Jane Nicholas.

    The Canadian calendars are gorgeous. I hope I win one.

  300. What a beautiful calendar. I lived in Maine for a time, but never had the opportunity to go that far north, it looks gorgeous and peaceful. That’s what I’m looking for in my next vacation. My dream vacation is The Cotswolds-months of quiet and hiking and, yes, stitching. I would love to not only take my stitching but hopefully find some classes there. Maybe one day.

  301. My dream vacation is Iceland! The aurora, the geysers and hot springs and the scenery! I would definitely bring a simple stitching project with me. I brought one with on the road trip to Yellowstone and it was such a relaxing activity to sit in the Old Faithful Inn lobby and stitch after long days of hiking and wildlife viewing. I was even able to chat with a Chinese woman and her grandson (?) who interpreted for us. We chatted about cross-stitching and how they use so much more silk and the projects are very large.

  302. My dream vacation destination is Alaska and includes a cruise. My needlework definitely would go along–it always does!

  303. My ideal vacation is a bit odd, to say the least. I would like to take a camping trip into the Amazon rain forest. And I might take a sketch book but no needlework.

  304. My super-dream vacation is Great Britain — too much to see and do and no time for needlework. After that, I dream of the Canadian Maritime Provinces. I love northern climates, northern Atlantic coastlines and, of course, the seafood. Since I live in Maine now, it would be a road trip and I would definitely take needlework with me. I always take some form of handwork on road trips be it knitting, applique, embroidery or whatever.

  305. Dream BIG: around the world twice by ship, train and automobile–once through the north temperate zone and once through the south temperate zone. Of course I’d take needlework, a sure conversation starter and introduction to local artisans. Want to come along?

  306. I would LOVE to go to the Maldives. Sun, beaches, huts built over the clearest water. A perfect place to relax and do embroidery.

  307. My vacation dream spot would be England or New Zealand – and yes I would definitely take my needlework projects to keep my busy at night.

  308. My dream vacation a trip to one of the Embroiders Guild Seminars. I never leave home without some needlework. I have special projects that come camping with me or to an appointment. No idle hands for me.

  309. My dream vacation would be walking “The Camino de Santiago Compostellana”, the pilgrimage in Spain. Yes, I would take my needlework; as it goes with me everywhere. However, I can picture my rest stops embroidering to enhance the experience; the same as a person who journals a way to express the thoughts through color. Afterwards, I would frame it as a reminder of the walk. OOOH, I could even draw Spain and the path to embroidery and add the scenes with a key to give the experience a lasting memory.

  310. G’day there Mary,
    I’ve always been drawn to Ireland. Six years ago I found I have convict Irish blood running through my veins. “…It’s The Calling that’s calling you home.” I’d trundle along county country roads, “…where there’s forty shades of green”, in a gypsy wagon hitched to a Star (that’s the horse’s name!). I’d find a swath of pale sea dyed Irish linen and those forty shades of green to embroider a freestyle design that’s always been a part of me.
    And yes, somewhere in lives threaded together by gossamer dreaming, a relative kissed the Blarney Stone.
    Your question? Our DREAM destination.
    Have good days Mary.

  311. I tend to do holidays full of hiking and climbing, no time for embroidery. So the place would have to be pretty calm. I’m imagining a tiny rented apartment on the shore of Croatia (been there many times, it is gorgeous).

  312. My dream is to return to Ireland, specifically, Dublin, to see the Book of Kells. I have always taken needlework, usually crosstitch on vacation- from trips to western Ireland to spend the summer on our sailboat, cruising Penobscot Bay, off Maine’s central coast. There is always time for stitching!!!

  313. The UK is always at the top of my list. I love Cornwall and Devon, London and Brighton, but I haven’t been north yet so Scotland is coming up soon. And I always take my stitching with me wherever I go!

  314. The beautiful scene on your email post was intriguing enough! I was impressed by the Bridging Stitches Calendar and the other projects offered on their website! I have long been a member of EGA and admire the creativity of the Canadian Guild! It would be fun to go to Prince Edward Island and stitch! The calendar offers many possible projects. It would be hard to decide. Thank you for sharing!

  315. I would love to tour many of the castles in England to see the needlework they have available to see. I don’t go very far without taking some needlework along with me, so it would definitely be on my tour of English castles.

  316. I recently learned about stitching cruises-going on one of those would be a dream. And I always have at least a small stitching project with me wherever I travel!

  317. My dream vacation would be to the Stitching retreat held in Williamsburg VA. The retreat means new needlework projects but I would still take a current project with me so I would have something to stitch before the retreat began.

  318. My dream vacation would be visiting England and surrounding areas for at least a month. I would bring my needlework, but I’m not sure I would have time to actually work on it.

  319. I always like to go somewhere warm, I would bring my needlework for the travel time and maybe my sketchbook incase I get an inspirational moment of beauty.

  320. My grandparents come from that part of the continent — an even smaller island called Ireland’s Eye. Would love to go up to that area for a vacation. And I would definitely take my needlework — it goes everywhere with me. There is always down time to stitch, on a plane, train or bus, waiting/killing time or in the evenings after coming back to wherever I’m staying.

  321. My dream vacation would be to sail the Mississippi River on a paddle boat. I have taken my stitching with me on every vacation I have ever taken. You receive a lot of comments in airplanes, on cruise lines, in hotels and on buses. It is amazing the conversations that ensue.

  322. Dream Vacation spot-Colorado high country or the Tetons ( I love the Rockies!). And of course I would take my stitching with me. I always take something to work on when we vacation.

  323. My needlework goes with me on every vacation, and it’ always close at hand in a carry-on bag! My dream vacation would be a trip to Norway, because genealogy is my other much loved hobby. And yes, as always, I would certainly take my needlework with me!

  324. My dream vacation….at my house, in my comfy chair, with phones and computer off, meals I love served 3 x a day, dishes done and floor vacuumed as needed, wash done & folded, and no company unless they also stitch!

  325. I would love a sun holiday anywhere! While I wouldn’t bring my sewing projects (need to have some time out from stitching) I would have my sketch book and coloured pencils with me so I could capture everything around me for future projects.

  326. Perfect vacation spot would be on the beach in Hawaii, where I could loung in a beach chair and work on my needlework! Ahhhh! Heaven!

  327. I belong to SNAG (Shuswap Needle Arts Guild) in the beautiful Shuswap area in British Columbia. Since joining the Guild I have learned many different forms of needlework and we have an amazing Guild. There are usually a few members that go to the seminar every year and they thoroughly enjoy them. I will not be able to go to seminar in 2018 but would thoroughly enjoy a calendar. I read your newsletter every time I receive it and you have some wonderful tips which I have shared with other Guild members. My dream vacation right now would be either PEI or Hawaii.

  328. Dream vacation? Hm, somewhere in the British Isles probably (though I’m up for anywhere on earth!). I like to visit historic needlework on trips, and would love to take a class if possible…but a plane is too crowded for me to work in, and usually I’m going full-speed with visiting places. I mean, if somebody gave me two months in a Scottish country croft, yes I would! 😀

  329. My favorite vacation? A needlework retreat. Have never been on one. Want to go and I LOVE PEI and have friends and relatives there and in NB. And of course I would take my needlework. Never leave home without it.

  330. I dream of visiting London to see the Royal School of Needlework and the Victoria & Albert collections. I can’t imagine going anywhere without a little project to work on.

  331. My dream vacation includes a road trip with a stop at every needlecraft and fabric store along the way. I always have several projects with me when traveling. It helps to pass downtime and wait time. Overall, it’s great relaxation after a hectic day.

  332. My dream vacation would be to Kyoto. I would not take my needlework, but I would be studying Japanese needlework the entire time and be dying to get home and start my own.

  333. I’ve been to the PEI only once and it was a quick trip. Would love to return some day soon. The calendar is awesome and I hope you “pick me”. I guess I would have to call myself a novice embroiderer who really wants to get much better. I enjoy your posts and your work and especially all the good information you give me.

  334. My dream vacation is Rome, Italy, where I would take my embroidery to work on when I was resting from all that siteseeing.

  335. I would love to go back the Puget Sound in Washington. We moved away ~10 years ago and have not been back. I loved the view from our apartment. I always bring needlework when I go on a trip, hour, hours, or days away.

  336. I would love to go to the east coast of Canada, Boston and New York.
    Just a little stitching project would come for the ride…..something small, portable and easy to stitch, after all it’s a holiday for my fingers too.

  337. I have so many dream vacations that it is impossible to name just one, but PEI has always been up there ever since I read the Anne of Green Gables books all those hundreds of years ago.

    And yes, if I were ever fortunate enough to go there, I would undoubtedly take some needlework.

  338. My dream vacation would have to be Hawaii. And YES I’d take my stitching as I take it everywhere I go now! Being over there would be no different. Five, ten or even thirty minutes of stitching goes a long way! Thank you for the chance to win one of the calendars!

  339. I’d love to do a textile tour to India. Of course some needlework supplies would have to come, but the inspiration would be in the local colour.

  340. My dream vacation would be ton a beach with lots of free time. Sort of like a Club Med for seniors where everything is prepaid and there are no children. And yes I’d take a good book, my husband and my needle work with me.

  341. I always take my needlework on holiday, it is one of the first things I pack. I would love to visit Europe

  342. One place I have never been to, but would love to visit is New Zealand – especially the North Island, with its volcanic landscape and connections to the film industry with Lord of the Rings etc. My best friend is going over in January and I am absolutely green with envy.

    Yes, I would take some needlework with me; my fingers have to have something to do, especially whilst travelling. I can also think of nothing nicer than sitting somewhere in the evening, enjoying the spectacular scenery, sipping some wine and doing a bit of stitching!!!

  343. My dream vacation would be to spend two weeks in a suite or condo within walking distance of Hampton Palace in London, England, where I would take a series of 1-4 day classes at – of course – The Royal School of Needlework! I would have 1 or 2 of my best stitching buddies with me who would also take classes.

  344. Italy definitely dream trip. Yes, take stitching along, as it’s an 11 hour flight. Hope I win hope I win

  345. My dream destination for a holiday is anywhere with a cabin in the woods close to a lake. Ofcourse I would take my sewing with me! It goes every where I go!

  346. My dream vacation is Scotland and England with a focus on needlework. I would love to view the textiles at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I always take my needlework when traveling for those times spent waiting. I just recently spent an unexpected eleven hours at the Amsterdam airport when my flight was canceled and we were booked on a later one. I don’t yet have a calendar for next year and this one looks perfect.

    Vera in WV

  347. At the beach watching the waves roll in with my needlepoint an umbrella & a Pimms cup. What could be better?

  348. I take needlework on all vacations and would take lots on my dream vacation: Australia and New Zealand. It would be several weeks long, cover miles of territory in order to experience the vast geology and history of Australia and hike/travel the amazing landscapes of New Zealand. Waterproof bags for the needlework! I love packing travel projects that can be managed on airplanes and trains. A long trip such as this would let me produce works that might even be completed in time to present to hosts and friends along the way!

    Thanks for the chance to win one of the lovely calendars. PEI is very inviting . . . I might even be able to swing a mini-dream vacation there with your encouraging words!

  349. Anywhere where there’s quiet and peacefulness is a dream vacation spot for me. It could be 50 feet away or 2000 miles away and it wouldn’t matter. And of course my needlework would be there with me, both of us just enjoying the day together.

  350. I really like cruises and yes, I usually take some stitching with me. We just got back a month ago from a cruise to Norway, Iceland, and Scotland, and I was able to stitch 4 ornaments to donate to an auction that CyberStitchers contributes to (notice how neatly I tied in to the beginning of your newsletter today?) I always get interest from other passengers and try to get them hooked, too.

  351. I would love to comment on your newsletter regarding dream vacation. Ireland is my dream place to go and to think of all the shades of green that the country has and all the floss I would bring! Wow! I would be crazy NOT bringing my project!

  352. What’s your dream vacation destination, and would you take your needlework?

    Let’s see, first, i always take some sort of needlework with me when i leave the house(unless it is trip to the grocery store or something like that), so the second half of the question got answered first….:>)
    it would be hard o pick a dream destination, but i am thinking that right now a trip to the Albert and Victoria museum would be awesome! I would love to see their needlework collection upclose and in full, as they say….

    Thank you Mary for sponsoring these give-aways, doing so in such an interesting way!

  353. My dream vacation would be to go one one of those fancy Needlework tours. I’m sure I would be inspired to greater stitching. And of course I would take my stitching. I take it everywhere as it is.

  354. I have already visited Jamaica, but would love to go again AND I would be taking embroidery project(s) with me as well as taking some photos to then stitch my own memories later. Embroidery would be lightweight enough to leave room for other necessities while on a plane. Thank you for these lovely free opportunities.

  355. I would love to go to Scotland — specifically the Highlands. Have wanted to every since I was a child. And of course you have to take something to do, or several small somethings to do when you’re in the hotel or b&b and it’s too dark to sight see, or waiting in the train station or airport or …

  356. I would love to go to Australia and participate in Beating around the Bush and of course I would take a little project!

  357. My dream vacation would be somewhere in Britsh Columbia or the European Alps. and I would definitely take my needlework (I always do, even if I don’t do any). Alternatively, I’d love to go to Beating Around the Bush in Adelaide, Australia.

  358. I don’t have a particular spot picked out but it would definitely be on a coastline somewhere, preferably tropical. Of course I would bring a project along, the goal is to relax and enjoy myself, and stitching serves both those needs.

  359. Do I have to pick just one? The EGA tour going to Mexico next Spring! No wait, the Needlepoint Now tour in the UK in October 2018. Oh dear, my daughter is going to South Africa in Sept, 2018. Maybe that is where I want to go and then I could go on photo safaris in that neck of woods. Well, as you can tell, I am a little flighty. And since I haven’t bought a lottery ticket in a while, maybe I’ll settle for going to Shoreline Stitchers’ Showcase in April in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Since it is about 8 miles away, it is definitely a trip I can afford. If I took any needlework with me, it would be a small project that would be easy to pack and stitch on while in airports and train stations. I just remembered about Inspiration Magazine’s Beating Around the Bush in Australia. That is definitely my dream vacation. Definitely……

  360. I hope this isn’t cheating but my ideal holiday would be travelling through Asia. (I did go interailling through Europe and though there were multiple destinations, I still count it as one trip!). Starting off in Istanbul, I’d love to take in Seoul, Angkor Wat, Kobe and too many places in China to mention. I wouldn’t pack embroidery but would hope to pick up some materials on my way.

  361. My dream vacation would be to take a small sailboat through the hebrides. I’d like to visit sheep, see the rugged terrain, and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the northern seas. Stitching? Of course! Curled up in a cozy cabin at anchorage or at a dock – nothing could be dreamier!

  362. Rhinebeck, NY for the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival. While I love all types of embroidery and it was the first fiber art I began learning at the age of five, knitting is my first love. I always take needlework with when ever I leave the house.

  363. Dream needlework vacation…..there are a couple of places.
    Crabapple Hill Studios
    San Francisco School of Needlework and Design
    The Royal School in the UK

    there are soooo many and they all sound fab.

  364. I must admit I have 2 I can not choose between: An African safari or a South American jungle trip- both ofcourse for me to take loads of wildlife reference photos. So, most likely I wouldn’t be bringing my stitchery- that is for comfy chairs and clean living! LOL. But it sure would be fun to be able to do a stitching retreat too. That would most likely be something that “could” happen, so then yes, obviously there would be stitches galore.

  365. At the top of my bucket list is seeing the Aurora Borealis, so northern Alaska is where I want to go next. I always take a variety (and an admittedly ridiculous quantity) of projects with me on vacation – embroidery, knitting, beadwork, bobbin lace – so I have something to work on in a car, on a plane, in a hotel room or in a cabin.

  366. My dream vacation would be to Greece! I always take some stitching with me, but I love to pick up a book or project wherever I am traveling also.

  367. I am so looking forward to this Seminar 🙂 Anywhere out east or along an ocean coast is my dream vacation destination – and I definitely would take some stitching- have – and will!

  368. I lived my dream vacation last winter when my husband took me to England to visit the Royal School of Needlework and we spent 10 days in London and drove up country to visit my ancestral homeland. We even discovered quite by accident an ecclesastical embroidery exhibit on the day we visited The Victoria and Albert Museum. We are ready for another trip, but I’m not sure what would top that although stitching across Canada on the Orient Express would also be fun and my grad school room mate has invited us to visit Hungary, which has its own embroidery tradtions to explore. So many choices!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      The Orient-Express doe not cross Canada. It is rather an European train. We do have a train that crosses Canada from Toronto to Vancouver through the prairies and the Rockies.
      Louise from Canada

  369. My ideal holiday would absolutely involve embroidery – it would be at a stitching convention – loads of talented people and extraordinary projects.

  370. A lovely calendar I would enjoy having. Thank you for the chance. Right now my dream vacation is a tour of Ireland, and I would take my stitching. I always do.

  371. Hi Mary!
    My dream vacation destination is the beach in North Carolina (OBX). And yes, my embroidery goes with me. It is my daily meditation.
    Thank you so much!

  372. My dream vacation would be to visit London and the Royal School of Needlework to attend a course and soak up the atmosphere!

  373. Hi Mary and fellow stitchers,

    My dream vacation would be a trip to Alaska to see the whales, and since I am disabled, I would definitely take a project or two to stitch on.


  374. My favorite vacation spot is Hawaii and of course I would bring my needlework; what a wonderful thing to do in the shade after watching the sea turtles or swimming with the tropical fish.

  375. I take my needlework everywhere with me, but my favourite destination would be the West Coast of Ireland overlooking the sea at Letter, Letterfrack Co. Galway. It’s divine, peaceful and full of wonderful family memories and always conducive with any crafts.

  376. Scotland with my whole family! Yes, I would definitely bring my needlework. I take my projects with me everywhere I go.

  377. We like to take our trips to the U.S. to visit family and usually find someplace new to take a side trip to. We went to one dream place last time, Paducah! I’d love to get to a Houston quilt show. I ALWAYS take along some form of handwork. Recently, I’ve been taking along knitting. Don’t always get to do any, though.:)

  378. I am going on my dream vacation in about a month – I will be spending six weeks in Australia and I can’t wait! It will be very hot where I’m going, so I’m already trying to think what needlework will be best to bring. I don’t want anything too large or too light (so as not to show any dirt/sweat marks!). I have a beautiful needlepoint project I would love to take but I fear that 40 degree (celsius) heat and Appleton wools are not a good mix…

  379. My dream vacation is to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum and to take a class at the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court in England. I am so grateful for the WWW which not only allows us access to Needlenthread but also embroideries from around the world.

  380. My current ‘Dream Destination’ is the Bucket List libraries throughout Europe: Trinity, Oxford’s Bodleian, Biblioteca Ambrosiana (Milan), Vatican Library (Rome), Rijksmuseum Library (Amsterdam – which has one of the greatest collections of Art History in the world)… All the places that inspire my art and needlework, and of course I always have a project or two on my person when traveling.

  381. I think my dream vacation would have to be to Australia , I have always wanted to visit it looks so beautiful but don’t think I could ever manage the long flight but since subscribing to Inspirations magazine I’d love to go and visit some of the very interesting needlework shops and classes they have too.

  382. My dream vacation destination would be Tahiti. Although I would love to visit Tahiti, Bora Bora & Fiji. Actually, if it were free I would go to any of the three in a heartbeat. Years ago I was planning a trip to Tahiti for my 25th birthday. I had met a delightful woman who made her own traditional Tahitian printed quilting fabrics who was from Tahiti at a quilting convention. After speaking with her for nearly an hour, I wanted to visit Tahiti more than ever. But my father gave me a trip to Germany and Austria as a surprise for my birthday so I went to Europe instead. I brought my needlework with me on that trip to work on during the long flight. I also work on it during the evenings before I went to bed since my German was so-so and I didn’t want to watch CNN or Baywatch which seemed to be very, very popular on German TV at the time when I visited. Also, the Bill Clinton & Monica scandal came out a week after I arrived so every time anyone realized I was an American I got a lot of endless questions & jokes from the locals. They really couldn’t understand what the big deal was and why we were such “prudes”. At a certain point, I actually considered starting saying I was Canadian. So, yes I would definitely bring my needlework with me. I always bring it on every trip I go on. One of my favorite destinations is Bermuda which I have been visiting since I was a teen & I also lived there for 3 years on a work assignment. The winters in Bermuda can be rather damp cold & boring so I got a lot of stitching done. Plus, I used it to relax & take my mind off of the numerous hurricanes when they passed through. I easily get lost in my needlework. I find it very therapuetic except when I messed up and have to take stitches out of course.

  383. I have visited The United Kingdom and a number of needlework shops there. My Dream Vacation would be to return and take one of their Needlework Tours to actually see their beautiful needlework treasures. What a pleasure that would be!

  384. My dream vacation destination is Nags Head, NC. I just got back from a trip there and I did take some needlework with me, although I did not get as much done as I though I would! Imagine that!!

  385. My dream vacation would be to travel through England visiting all the embroidery related spots that I have read about. I always bring some embroidery with me on vacation. I don’t always get the chance to stitch, but I can’t leave home without it.

  386. We were supposed to go to PEI this summer and it didn’t work out!! Maybe we’ll reschedule for next July!! (Fingers crossed!)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  387. I’d love to win this calendar! I’m just getting back to stitching and need some new ideas
    Thank you

  388. Of course I’d take my embroidery along to Michu Pichu which is my dream destination since I’ve already been to Iceland five times and that had been the dream location.

  389. Dream vacation would be to sit and plan a trip that would visit historic places that house needlework and lace collections (we ahve one close to us and I have a membership so I can go look any time i want) and then visit the requsite stores that sell ghe supplies that I would need to purchase after being inspired by all the samplers and other pieces that I have seen.

  390. My dream vacation is to take a tour of America’s northern East coast. View all the museums filled with samplers. I never leave home without something to stitch. I think I would have seperation anxiety.

  391. I am fairly new to embroidery, having focused on sewing & quilting for many years. I love the idea of comibning embroidery with my quilted pieces now & enjoy learning more about this art.

  392. Oh yes, after losing my high school sweetheart and husband of 59 1/2 years…I truly need help in keeping my life and stitching world organized. You offer so much information regarding all you projects and supplies used. Organized chaos is good.

  393. My dream vacation- a mountain retreat in the North Cascades -Washington. This is where I could bring my embroidery and have hours of uninterrupted stitching. No distractions like cooking, laundry and house cleaning….

  394. My dream vacation destination would be Scotland! And my needlework would definitely go with me-possibly at the expense of some clothes since there is a weight limit on checked and carry on bags!

  395. Dream vacation: anywhere with my grandaughter who’s 4 1/2. After watching me embroider she wanted to do it too so I made up a simple design and let her pick the threads. We’ve had so many nice times of sitting together sewing, especially on vacations when sometimes grammys and grandkids just need to slow things down a minute. So far we’ve sewn up north on the shore of Lake Superior and way down south in Pensacola.
    Thank you!

  396. My dream vacation is actually eastern Canada! I am already planning a trip to Charlottetown in July 2018 to attend Seminar and will possibly fly to Newfoundland from there and drive around the island, sightseeing. Of course I will take my needlework! Maybe a project started in Charlottetown, but also some needlelace (portable) or small embroidery projects. Members of my home guild make and donate “holey cards” – greeting cards with an oval or rectangular opening in the front where we insert small pieces of embroidery. These are very popular as fund raisers at our annual open house, and so much fun to stitch. It would be nice to win a calendar, but I’m sure any lucky recipient will enjoy it every month of the year. It’s a beauty! Happy stitching everyone!

  397. My dream vacation destination is New Zealand – and YES my needlework definitely would go with me! Have to have something to do on a long plane ride! And a rainy day! I take small projects with me for waiting rooms or even a few stitches over a lunch hour!

  398. My dream vacation would be Australia and yes, I would take my needlework. It’s a very long flight!

  399. I love this site. I learn something new every time I visit. There are so many smaller designs I can try without spending a fortune. Thank you so much.

  400. Mary, there are so many destinations on my travel wish list but I would love to go to a moderately warm destination by the sea. I would love to sit in the warm sunlight, stitching, as I watch the water lap onto the shore. Peaceful! A villa in Portugal, France or Italy would be heavenly!

  401. Hi – I love beautiful calendars. Thanks for this giveaway. Your article is a great reminder of searching beyond our usual resources for stitching inspiration. Thanks for the information.
    Judy C

  402. My dream vacation would be a lovely hotel somewhere in Wales or Scotland I would bring some small items to embroider not to difficult, because due to my age I need a magnifying glass to do the finer work. Maybe some of the project from the calender will work.

  403. Favorite vacation for me is anyplace with family or dear friends AND always have some sort of needlework traveling with me!

  404. My dream vacation site is anywhere with an ocean so I could stitch in the morning and dive in the afternoon. I always take stitching with me when I travel anywhere.

  405. My dream vacation would be to go to Australia and attend Beating Around the Bush as well as spend time with a friend who lives in Perth.
    I just started working with silk threads (pearl silk) and enjoy the shine and colour range.

  406. My dream vacation would be to visit my son in Australia. I always have stitch work with, I find it very relaxing when I travel.

  407. If I could go anywhere right now, I’d go to the Netherlands and the Flemish region of Belgium. Ever since I came across it in college, Early Netherlandish painting has fascinated me. And yes, I would take some small embroidery project. If I am out and about, trying to take in as much as possible, a little time spent stitching centers me and helps me absorb what I’ve seen.

  408. I would not take embroidery with me except for a few essential craft tools, as I love exploring other nationalities embroidery, and watching the women at their craft, and then buying things wherever I am at the time and trying diverse types of embroidery.
    Would love to go to Brazil !! The colours they use are sooo vibrant, and the embroidery to die for!! One day —–

  409. I have been fortunate to travel the world.
    So my dream vacation now would be to go to Mackinak Island in July, sit on the hotel’s front porch and just stitch for a week. All my needs taken care of, fresh air, a beautiful view and hours of stitching.

  410. Embroidery goes everywhere – on all vacations and even short trips/ meetings… just good to know one has the choice to embroider at the end of the day.

    A world trip with lots of time in between stops would be my idea of an ideal vacation.

  411. My dream vacation has already come true twice now. Australia! The wildlife, the people, and the earth were more then I dreamed they would be. And Yes, I take my embroidery along every time I go somewhere overnight. Often I don’t get to doing it. Yet it comforts me to have it along. Next October we will be Cruising from Canada to New York. First Fall vacation in 35 years. It’s all about the colors!

  412. As I get older, my ‘dreams’ have changed. I’m no longer wishing for the unattainable. Instead, I’m longing for a few deeply cherished things. One of the most important to me is to be able to spend more time with my family who live 3,000 miles away. I just never get to see them enough. So my dream vacation would be a long visit that just might turn into a cross country move. Oh, how I would love that! And it’s a long flight, so of course I would bring my needlework. It’s the easiest way I know of stashing color, creativity, and fun in a very small bag!

  413. I think right now my dream destination would be to go back to Montreal, where I used to live, and visit my boyfriend – also a stitcher – who I haven’t seen in nearly two years (I can’t fly right now due to a spinal injury). I would absolutely take my embroidery, both for the long flight from the UK and so that we could spend time stitching together.

  414. There are many beautiful places I’ve been privileged to enjoy across this world and so many more I would love to experience, but my “dream vacation” would be to visit my grandparents farm nestled in the beautiful hills and forests of West Virginia again. Blue skies, gentle breezes, birds calling, warm bread in the oven, there is no better place to be than surrounded in the peace and love of home. And most definitely my needlework would be with me, because at Grandma’s side watching her fashion tiny stitches was where my love of stitching began.

  415. My next trip will definitely be to PEI Seminar, my third experience with those seminars, followed by the discovery of the Island before going back to the Province de Québec where I live.
    But I dream of going to Japan, to go see the blooming of cherry trees in the spring and to discover the traditional countryside, to hike on the slope of Mount Fuji and to sleep in the ryokan those traditional country inn, opening to a garden. I might not bring any embroidery because I might not have enough time to spending to much time discovering.

  416. My dream vacation destination is Hawaii! Since I live on the East Coast of the US I would certainly bring along my needlework to do on the very long plane rides. Thanks for the opportunity to win a beautiful calendar!

  417. I am so enjoying learning more about embroidery!
    My dream vacation would be either Ireland or Hawaii and I certainly take handwork with me. There is always down time when traveling and having handwork with me makes it more enjoyable!

  418. My dream vacation would be a visit to the Great Barrier Reef, not being much of a swimmer I think the glass bottom boat would be the way to see it. Then I could stitch all those beautiful sights and have my embroidery with me!

  419. I’d love to visit New Zealand! Though I may not have time for much stitching, I would definitely want to take along some thread charts and a small notebook to keep track of colors that best represent the flaura and fauna I’m inspired by.

  420. My dream vacation would be to England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Of course I would take my stitching as my dream to also take a class at the Royal School of Needlework. Our 40th anniversary is next year and we’re contemplating a trip to Canada which (for me) would be nice to combine with a seminar!

  421. I would love to be sitting on a front porch overlooking the Colorado Rockies, surrounded by aspens! Enjoying the sounds of nature while my needle creates the image before me.

  422. My dream vacation would be to visit some of the countries where hand embroidery was inspired and where even today it still blossoms and has not been replaced with mechanical options. Where heirlooms and techniques have been passed on from generation to generation and yes I would take my own project to work and fill my time productively during the travel process.

  423. My dream vacation is the French countryside and I would absolutely take needlework. For the plane, for the cafe, for sitting in the middle of a field watching cows!

  424. I’m still so full of inspiration from the Houston Quilt Festival I’m not sure I really need more from this lovely calendar, but it would look so great on my wall right beside my computer. Sorry you weren’t able to join us this year, but we look forward to perhaps seeing you next November.

    I always take hand sewing projects as my husband and I travel (for five or six weeks at a time.) We have a road trip planned for next spring, through the mid-west as we are on a quest to photograph every state capital. We are only 20 short of completion and most of them will be covered by this upcoming trip.

  425. My dream vacation would be Iceland/Greenland. I always pack a handwork of some type to occupy down time.

  426. I would love to go back to Surrey, to the Royal School of Needlework and take a project from the calendar.

    Thank you Mary!

  427. My dream vacation destination would be a barge along the Canal du Midi in France. My sewing would come with me, and I could just sit in the sun stitching and enjoying the slow pace. I would use the time to try a different type of sewing, probably Boutis, as we would be sailing toward Provence, the home of Boutis.

  428. My dream vacation would be a trip to Germany. I want to visit the town that my family founded hundreds of years ago. It started out a small family village and became a large city with a university. I’d like to see how much family history I can discover!

  429. How exciting — it would be wonderful to have a different option for stitching for each month. What a wonderful surprise.

  430. I have all the Maritime Provinces on my bucket list. The colors of the sea have always been an inspiration to me and I love to represent them in stitching. Of course my floss would come with me. It always does!

  431. I would like to go to the Royal School of Needlework and take an embroidery course. While I am there I would explore some of the old buildings and culture.

  432. My dream holiday vacation destination is my favourite little Bay in Gibraltar, Catalan Bay, surrounded by family, friends, sun ,sea, sand and a stitching project in my hand!

  433. My dream vacation would be to London England. This way i could spend countless hours visiting the museums. My passion for the past thirty plus years has been stitching historical reproduction samplers. To visit the Albert &Victoria museum to see and listen to the curators speak about these one of a kind needlework pieces and to see the originals would be nothing less than a dream come true. Then onto the other museums throughout London!

  434. My dream vacation would be England. I would definitely take my embroidery because I would be taking a class at the Royal School of Needlework. As a member of the EAC thanks for promoting their annual seminar.

  435. Really love the instructions offered. It makes it much easier for we who are new to embroidery!

  436. My dream vacation destination is Scotland – and I’m going next Spring! I would lover to do one of the needlework tours, but can’t afford one (alas). But I will definitely be taking a wee piece of embroidery to keep my hands busy!

  437. My dream vacations would be a warm beach in February, and, of course, needlework to enjoy while enjoying warmth in Winter.

  438. My dream vacation was, is and always will be to our cabin nestled in the woods of northern lower Michigan within walking distance of our small neighborhood beach on beautiful Torch Lake. And yes, definitely needlework of some kind always accompanies me. Taking care of my husband of 61+ years who develops one medical issue after another means I need all the stress relief I can manage. Plying my needle in such beautifully serene surroundings is just the ticket.

  439. Ever since I watched Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday I have always wanted to go to Rome. And since I use my needlework to fill in the hours I’m not sleeping due to insomnia, I would definitely take it with.
    Thank You!! For the opportunity!

  440. My dream vacation would be two weeks in Bali where I wiuld sit on a veranda, enjoy the view and of course I would take a project to work on.
    Needlework goes with me everywhere I go, esoecially if I’m traveling.

  441. What a fantastic idea!!

    I have a few different dream destinations for different purposes – and yes, I always have a book to read and a sewing project in my luggage!

    A roadtrip throughout the south of France to see castles and eat well (completed for our honeymoon:)

    “Backpacking” throughout a region hitting archaeological spots (so far, I can check off Mexico and Peru, but almost any country would work – India would be my next goal)

    Seeing the “Big 5” animals of Africa before they are gone

    New Zealand.

    As always, thanks for all you do, Mary!

  442. My dream will be a reality, as I have signed up for the PEI Embroidery workshop this summer. So, yes I will definitely take needlework on my vacation.

  443. Kew Gardens and stay in town right next to it for at least a week so could walk over every day. The grounds are amazing as is the collection of botanical art. Yes taking my needlework would be so relaxing after photographing and sketching in the gardens. There might even be a Dry well lit corner to stitch in and enjoy the exquisite surrounds.

  444. It took a lot of thinking, because I don’t actually enjoy travelling. I tend to have sleepless nights, before and during and can easily doze off at inappropriate times! I think Northern Europe would be an interesting destination. And I always carry needlework ( and some books) with me. If I a flying , it is blackwork as the supplies are minimal and don’t take much room in carryons .

  445. The most favourite place i would love to go is INDIA. I will be happy to take my needlework there… ✂️❇️

  446. My dream vacation is one where I get to see something I’ve never seen before, whether in God’s creation or something phenomenal man has made, but still have time to relax. Currently, my sights are centered on the Baltic and the Norwegian fjords, as well as the Northern Lights. And, yes, I love doing that relaxing with my needlework.

  447. I’m not sure there is only one dream destination, but somewhere I would love to go to is Mexico for their very colourful embroidery. I love the vibrancy of their embroidery and particularly the floral designs. I always take some embroidery with me on holiday. Due to a childhood illness, walking very far can sometimes be an issue, so city breaks with all the walking isn’t for me, but I go as far as I can and so I sometimes have relaxing days soaking up the sun and recharging batteries! I get bored lying on a sun lounger doing nothing. Of course, I read a lot, especially Inspirations and Stitch magazines and if the weight allowance allows one or two sewing/embroidery books. But I do miss embroidering, it’s so therapeutic, and it doesn’t add too much to the suitcase allowance and of course it means I’ve always got an emergency sewing kit with me!

  448. My dream vacation would be to India for all the color and vibrancy of life there. Along with my camera, watercolor field box, sketch book I would take a small hoop, some backing fabric and selection of threads to try and “sketch” with my needle.

  449. My dream trip was to be a passenger on a freighter with nothing to do but read, embroider (of course), watch the sea, eat and lounge. The itinerary and schedule were flexible depending on cargo. Ports of Call were working docks rather than tourist stops. The ultimate in relaxation! This type of cruise was still possible 40 years ago, but, alas, no more.

    I love the idea of a virtual community of Stitchers!

  450. My dream vacation would be Alaska or Canada, and I almost always take needlework with me. It is relaxing, and keeps my hands busy during long stretches of travel.

  451. My dream vacation destination is to travel to the southern hemisphere- Australia and New Zealand and yes for sure I would take my needlework projects- these are portable and provide an option for those times when travelling between spots and/or reading not possible. I find taking projects with me is a great conversation starter…:)

  452. My dream vacation is to go to the Dalat Villiage in Vietnams to see the silk hand embroidered portraits and silk hand embroidery workshop. I may take my needlework but probably not show it to any of these artists.

  453. I’m at my dream vacation on the water and in the woods…retired and just enjoying the views so my needlework is always on hand…

  454. I would love to spend a week or two all alone in a cottage on a private, wooded island off the coast of Maine that has plenty of space in which to roam. I would most definitely take my needlework and some art supplies.

    I had a week-long vacation like this one time about 20 years ago. I was so excited to be getting away that I forgot to take my clothes with me. My husband, when he discovered my bag still sitting in the hallway, had to arrange a boat to bring it to me a couple of days later. LOL! Still, it was THE BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself.

  455. Dream vacation is anywhere by the sea! Hawaii, Alaskan Coast, Baja California, Maine, Massachusetts, anywhere on the Mediterranean! And yes I would bring my WIPS, of course ! I’ve found the perfect travel bag which allows me to bring ALONG ; or 5 projects, and it fits easily in my carry on bag! It’s not a true vacation if I don’t have my stitching with me…
    I LOVE TRYING NEW TECHNIQUES, so this calendar is wonderful to me!!

  456. My dream vacation would be a trip by rail across Canada – and I would definitely take my needlework along!!

  457. Hi Mary,
    My dream vacation spot would be the islands of Hawaii, with a week each on Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, and Kawaii. And I would definitely take my needlework with me! I already travel a lot and love to cruise. I always take a small project or two for sea days. Stitching in Hawaii while having time to do more than sight see would be heaven!

  458. The best vacation would only be dream-worthy if it included embroidery of any kind. A needle in hand is a mini-vacation from every day life.

  459. I Would like to stay at a lakeside resort in northern Ontario and just enjoy the view and the sounds of the wildlife, especially the call of loons. I would definitely take my handwork and enjoy spending my days on a dock or deck overlooking a lake.

  460. Dream vacation next to the Pacific Ocean somewhere in Oregon. Nothing beats the sea air and of course with needle and thread in hand!!

  461. This is a new calendar to me and looks beautiful. To look at the beautiful pages each month would be an inspiration.

  462. My dream vacation would be Ireland. And since I never leave home without something to keep my hands busy I would definitely be stitching well traveling and finding inspiration!

  463. My dream destination is Ireland and England as I have roots from that area. I’m fascinated by the various needle arts used to record historical and/or religious events. I always take a needlework project with me when I travel!

  464. I have traveled extensively over the years but now my dream destination is our home in Florida. My husband and I are so fortunate to spend summers in Wisconsin and 7 months in Florida. When we head south, my husband glazes over with the thought of all my tote bags full of stitching projects and supplies. Some how we always fit everything in our car. Heaven forbid, I wouldn’t have all my supplies with me. I am an active member of EGA and am always looking for a new project. I can solve the worlds problems over my needlework!!!

  465. My dream vacation – slowly cruising down a beautiful river, feet propped up, with needlework in hand. Thanks for this inspiring give-away.

  466. What’s your dream vacation destination, and would you take your needlework?

    Funny you should ask, as just this morning I was bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t study the Certificate Program from the Royal School of Needlework because it’s only offered in the U.K. and I am in Philadelphia. So my dream vacation is 8 weeks in London to study for the Certificate in Technical Hand Embroidery. I wouldn’t bring my own embroidery because I’d be too busy with my coursework to work on anything else.

  467. Paris would be my dream vacation, and yes I would definitely have to my stitching with me and get inspirations and new projects.

  468. My dream vacation is one that I used to do with friends. We’d rent a house on the beach during storm season, fire up the woodstove, eat & drink too much and all work on our projects.

  469. My dream destination is Florence, Italy. I’d take my embroidery to the famous Uffizzi Art Gallery and be inspired by the masterpieces there to create my own work of art in embroidery.

  470. My dream vacation would be to Europe! It would have to be a long vacation, because while I was there, I’d want to visit where my Swiss ancestors came from as well as the many places I teach about in sixth grade Ancient World History. I’d also want to visit multiple museums to see their tapestries and other artifacts. I would take my stitching along since I rarely go anywhere without some sort of handwork, but I might be too busy to stitch very much! Thank you for this give-away!

  471. I always pack a needle project when traveling regardless of the purpose or destination. My ideal vacation at this time would be somewhere in the Caribbean. Preferably at an all inclusive venue. Palm trees, gently lapping turquoise water, fruity adult beverages…..

  472. I’d love to go to England and see the embroidery exhibits , especially at Hampton Court, and shows in other museums and castles plus check out all the wonderful stitchery shops I’ve heard/read about. I always take my needlework with me…my very first small counted cross stitch went from Seattle – MN many times before I even started it but it’s done now.

  473. My dream vacation is in Copenhagen, Denmark. My husband and I lived there for a year after we were just married. I do want to go back and I do plan to take my stitchery along. That’s where I first became hooked on counted thread embroidery before it became known here in the United States.

  474. My dream vacation has been for a long time to visit Greece. I would not bring embroidery in that kind of trip; I’d take every opportunities to look at their own actual and traditionnal embroidery.

    I like bringing an embroidery project with me during vacation, as my current way of vacation is essentially beach and sun in a very sedentary manner. I choose a specific project with easy pattern and less possible colors. In fact, the choice of that project is always an important part of my planning trip.

  475. I’ve always wanted to visit PEI. I love the water and the small town atmosphere it’s noted for. Sitting and looking at the water and having a wonderful stitching project sounds like heaven.

  476. Australia is my dream vacation spot. I wouldn’t take my embroidery, but instead would take plenty of photos to use later in designing embroidery projects.

  477. My dream vacation would be a month in Italy. Italy is my cultural heritage. Many if not all of my family members have visited without me!
    As for taking needlework with me, I hardly ever leave the house without some little project or other. I would never go on vacation without. I must sew. Period. Every day!❤️

  478. I would love to go to Scotland and visit all the green spaces and forests. I would definitely bring my Needlework. Not only to stitch, but to be inspired by all the history and scenery and Celtic heritage of my ancestors to design new pieces.

  479. Funny you should ask!! I just came back from a 30 day dream vacation starting in Hawaii, Tahiti, Bora Bora, New Zealand and ending up in Australia. Yes, I always bring an embroidery project. Something that can be stashed in my check-in suitcase and not too difficult to set up on a cruise ship or a hotel room. Maybe a pillowcase or a small cross stitch kit. I was walking roaming round in downtown Sydney Australia when I came across a renowned Needlework Shop with a downstairs knitting shop called Morris & Sons! The needlework shop was a dream come true and I spent quite a bit of time talking with the manager and obtaining a history of this well-established shop. It was just beautiful and full of lovely embroidery related items of all kinds. It was a highlight of my trip along with going to the Sydney Opera House and snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef. Thanks for this opportunity to share!

  480. My dream vacation is to be able to sit for hours and embroider. A recent project for a Niece that had Leukemia has inspired me to embroider again as well as your blog. Can’t wait to stitch Tulip Festival.

  481. My dream vacation would be to go to a ranch in Montana or Wyoming. Very quiet without ‘touristy’ things to distract. Maybe get snowed in. I would definitely take my embroidery and alternate now and then with a great book. I am never without those either!

  482. Paris. 3 years ago I did visit Paris but unfortunately I didn’t even scratch the surface. I know I’m being greedy in wanting to return, my desire is unable to be dampened! And of course I would take my needlework, that is just a given!

  483. I have been to Prince Edward Island, and it was a wonderful, beautiful place to visit. How lovely it would be to live there!
    My dream vacation would take me to England for a visit to the textile museums, a class at the Royal Needlework Society, a stay for the Shakesphere productions in the castle in Ludlow, then on to the Hebrides Islands and a tour of the spinning, weaving and knitting areas, and finally a class in knitting a lace shawl.
    I always take needlework with me, even on short trips of an hour or so. For driving work I do Kumihimo, spindle spin, tat, or knit something not complicated. For when I am in the hotel room or rental, I always have an embroidery project with me too. Handwork and my Kindle for reading are the two essentials for travel, I can buy anything else I need!

  484. My dream vacation would be to go to Bruge and Kant Centrium. This is the mecca for lace makers.
    I would not (probably) take my stitching with me but would love to take a class while I was there.
    I would also seek out all the fiber arts I could while there.

  485. My dream vacation destination would be either New Zealand or Australia. And, yes, I would take my embroidery along. After all. those are pretty long flights from the US! My hand would need something to do!

  486. My dream vacation would be the country side of South Korea. A place where embroidery is also a true art. YES, I would definitely take my Embroidery bag along with me that includes my embroidery tools and Threads.

  487. My dream vacation would to be repeat one I’ve just taken, with a twist. A European river cruise on the Danube from Amsterdam to Budapest. The twist would be that the cruise was for Embroiderers. The crew on these tours look after you so well, all you have to do is relax……and sew. Perhaps a few tours of interest as you float along, Cologne, Bamberg, Salzburg, Vienna, Bratislava. You’d be there too Mary, along with Carolyn Pearce and Jane Nicholas……

  488. I would love to revisit Canada and do a road trip..interspersed with a few boat trips around the west coast of British Colombia. My sister and I eat, chat, look, walk and then settle in for a few hours of hand work. Great for the soul

  489. I would love to go to Italy. Of course I would take some embroidery with me. I would also love to see the sea silk that comes from a type or clam shell. I would love to go to Belgium and see the lace.

  490. My dream vacation would be to go to Scotland. I would bring several small projects with me, but would spend much of my time shopping the local thread shops.

  491. My dream vacation destination is the Rocky Mountains of Montana. And yes, I would–and I have!–taken needlework. Where better to be inspired than in the high country where the air is crisp and clear and the views are beyond imagining!

  492. Love your tutorials! My favorite vacation destination would be Chorpas Christi ,Texas. And , Yes I would take my needle point project along!!

  493. One of my dream vacations is to visit England. A lot of my ancestors came from there and so much of our English speaking history, literature and imagination is bound up in that country. Would I take handwork? Absolutely, yes. Needlework? Maybe … I also am doing a lot of knitting which is bigger to carry but I can do it in poor light and don’t have to worry as much about fingerprints, etc., so it tends to be my project of choice for trips.

  494. My dream vacation would be to go back to Paris. Travel first class to London King’s Cross, walk across to St. Pancras and travel first class on EuroStar. It is such a wonderful, smooth journey I would be able to stitch for a couple of hours in perfect peace!

  495. My dream vacation is Hawaii and yes I would bring my needlework for the
    beach or rainy days and it would be fun to explore the hawaian patterns that could
    be embroidered not only appliqued

  496. I have never used silk thread for embroidery. I do like to use silk thread for appliqué. I would be delighted to win the thread

  497. My dream vacation would be in Venice. I would bring my needle work or buy something there. I would stay for weeks, sit on my balcony in my rented palazzo and quietly do my needle work. When I lift my head I would see the beauty of Venice, hear the water lapping and anticipate a beautiful evening in St-Mark’s Square listening to the music, having a cappuccino and a dolce…I would thinkof my next steps in my needle project and know that this is as good as life gets. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great project.

  498. My dream vacation would be anywhere I could go with my husband and enjoy good food, lots of cultural sights, and an abundance of needlework shops and exhibits. I always take a simple needlework piece with me when I travel.

  499. I am taking my dream vacation in February to the Philippines. What fun it would be to take one of the monthly projects to be influenced by the colors there.

  500. Dream place is a place with a group of like-minded stitchers, warm weather, beach nearby.
    Timetable would be stitching after breakfast till lunch. Then a long walk on the beach, afternoon tea then more stitching. Perhaps evening talks after dinner

    Thanks Mary

  501. My dream vacation would be to Italy, all of it. Have been to Venice which was wonderful, beautiful with lovely people. Went to see the lace Stitcher’s while I was there which was fascinating. The ladies all worked by windows with natural light. I take my needlework everywhere. Doctors office, plane rides, visiting friends. So YES I would take my needlework with me.

  502. Have returned home to Australia after an amazing Canadian holiday including a quick tour of PEI, so if I had the choice I would certainly return there and have a “proper” holiday and with stitching it would be perfect.

  503. My dream holiday would be in the English Lake District; Ambleside to be exact! And would I take my embroidery? Definitely! I always take some embroidery on holiday.

  504. My dream vacation is to go on one of the Stately Home Workshop Tours in Europe, Great Britain or Ireland. Even though the tours include needlwork every day I would take a small project with me as there is always down-time.

  505. My dream holiday would be to do a European river cruise down the Rhine and Danube rivers. I would love to explore the towns in this historic area and their traditional embroidery techniques. I always take embroidery with me on holidays usually sometheng easy to transport

  506. I have dreamed of Prince Edward Island since reading the “Anne” books years ago. I’ll never get there probably, but look forward to little tidbits from your time there, Mary.
    The calendar sounds wonderful – and I will order one anyway. Should I be fortunate enough to win one, then I’ll have a great Christmas present for my daughter, who lives at the other end of New Zealand from me, and who I don’t see nearly often enough.
    Thanks so much for your interesting, informative, and inspirational newsletters. I always enjoy reading them.

  507. I have many dream vacations! Today I would choose Cyprus, and I would like to sit with the women there and learn to make beautiful things with Lefkara lace. This idea has been in the back of my mind since you wrote about Lefkara lace several years ago.

    Thank you for all you do for us! Thank you, too, for the giveaway chance!


  508. My dream vacation would be to Hawaii. I don’t think I will get there in this lifetime but I can dream. Of course I’d take my stitching – I don’t go anywhere without it! Maybe I’d find a project in the calendar to take with me. Oh, that’s right – you’re giving away the calendar not the trip!

  509. A dream vacation would allow me to visit with family and close friends who live all over the country and that haven’t seen for many years. Would allow me to visit and stay for some time and have no concern about the expense it would take to do this.

  510. Living where our winters are cold and it has already begun my dream vacation destination would be the Caribbean where nobody is in a hurry, temperatures are comfortable and the waters are warm. I definitely would be taking needlework with me and the calendar might contain small projects suitable to take with me.

  511. A dream vacation would allow me to visit with family and close friends who live all over the country and that haven’t seen for many years. Would allow me to visit and stay for some time and have no concern about the expense it would take to do this.
    Of course would take my embroidery! What ever would I do with my hands while we are sitting around talking?! Must have my hands busy! My sister stitched for me “I cannot count my day complete until needle, thread and fabric meet!” How true!

  512. Hi Mary,
    What a fun question in cloudy, cold November! So nice to dream where I’d go…
    I am lucky to be fairly well traveled, but there are still many places that I want to visit in the future – and of course with my needles and threads. My choice destination would be Hungary. Why? I’ve lived in Hungary and I would return to sew and laugh in comfortable companionship with friends who love their bright colors and beautiful Hungarian embroideries. Those lovely Hungarians know their technique and it’s gorgeous. Thanks for all your giveaways and inspiration, Mary. I admire you so.

  513. Thank you so much for this chance to win such a wonderful gift!

    My dream vacation has to almost always be somewhere in the mountains – Switzerland would be nice! And, not only would I take my handwork on vacation, I have, many times!!

  514. My dream vacation is to go back to Norway and get some help getting started on the bunad set I bought the first time I was there. I’m so intimidated by the project I haven’t been able to make that first step to start the needlework on it.

  515. My dream vacation destination? Oooh, boy. There are so many places I haven’t been, I don’t know what to say. Some warm place with beautiful beaches and snorkeling and dark skies for star gazing. I’m not sure the salt air would be good for the stitching materials, but a little project would be fun for when the beach reading material gets old.

  516. I loved your article on using silk threads. I love using silk for the reasons you stated. Your article will give confidence to the inexperienced, to investigate and give it a go.

  517. What a beautiful gift it would be – think of the thrill of working your way through the calendar, project by project, and think of the knowledge you would gain. It would be a wonderful way of learning new stitches, and techniques.

  518. My dream destination has always been Portugal. And i think next summer it is going to become true, already planning it. I discovered that i enjoy stitching when travelling by car, i will definetly take one of the projects with me. Most probably it will be cross-stitch design Peacock Party


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