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Favorite Kaleidoscope Embroidery Patterns – Reader Special


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For all of you who have been hankering to stitch up your own embroidered kaleidoscopes, today I’m releasing my collection of favorite kaleidoscope embroidery patterns!

I’ve also added some information for you in my previous article on my interpretation of Birthday Bash, this embroidered kaleidoscope that I showed you last week, for those who want to stitch it up using the same colors I used.

So, read on and learn all the details…

Kaleidoscope Designs for Hand Embroidery

Favorite Kaleidoscopes is a collection of over 30 kaleidoscope designs for hand embroidery and other crafts.

The designs are stylized designs that either grow in radiating bursts or that develop as flowy or geometric patterns. These types of designs are suitable for all kinds of applications in the craft world, from needlework to paper crafts to quilting, appliqué, to wood carving! They even work as coloring designs.

One of the reasons I really love these designs for hand embroidery is that they offer wide scope for interpretation with stitches, whether line stitches or filling stitches. Dimensional, textured, smooth – it all depends on what you want to explore. Each kaleidoscope can easily become a stitch sampler – and a stitched masterpiece!

You can also work the designs with any kind of thread! So they’re perfect for stash busting or for experimenting with new threads.

The collection features over 30 kaleidoscope designs that range from 4″ designs to 8″ designs in various levels of complexity, from simple to more complex.

In the e-book, I include several suggestions for design transfer, including transferring on light or dark fabric. I’ve also includes some examples of how you can break the designs up if you just want to stitch portions for specific applications.

Pattern Book

Please note that the pattern e-book includes the patterns for these (and more!) kaleidoscopes, but not the stitching instructions. It’s a design book, not a stitch guide.

Here on Needle ‘n Thread, I’ve shared several interpretations of some of the patterns included in the e-book, such as Birthday Bash, Party in Provence, and Tulip Festival.

I’ve detailed the threads and stitches for Birthday Bash here. I’ve updated that article to include the DMC color numbers I used to stitch the design.

And you can see my interpretation of Tulip Festival here and Party in Provence here. If there’s an interest in the stitches and threads I used on either of those, I’ll post the details here on Needle ‘n Thread.

E-Book Delivery & Use

The collection of favorite kaleidoscope designs is delivered via a download link in your email, as a PDF file. You can print the individual pages for the designs you want to work, and you can enlarge or reduce them to suit your stitching preferences. If you want to go really big with any of the designs, just print the design at home and take it to a copy shop for an enlarged version.

When you make your purchase, please double check to make sure that you enter your email address correctly, as the download link is delivered to the email address used for the purchase. If your PayPal email address is different from the email address where you would like to receive the files, please drop me a line after purchasing.

Upon receiving your download link, please download the PDF directly to your computer and save it there. The download link expires after four days. If, however, you lose your file or need your link re-set, just drop me a line and I’ll take care of that for you!

Get It!

If you’d like your own embroidered kaleidoscope, hop right on over here to my Needle ‘n Thread Shop, where you’ll find Favorite Kaleidoscopes, along with a growing collection of other embroidery e-books for patterns and projects!

Thanks so much for your support of Needle ‘n Thread! I hope you enjoy this pattern collection as much as I do!


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(26) Comments

  1. Congratulations on yet another spectacular book! You have loaded this one with so many great ideas, too. Thanks for the discount and thanks for sharing all your hard work.

  2. I just ordered your Favorite Kaleidoscope Embroidery Patterns and appreciate that you have shared the threads and stitches that you used for the Birthday Bash. I know that I would also enjoy having the threads and stitches used for Tulip Festival and Party in Provence. Thanks for all that you share with us, Mary. Sincerely, Louisa

    1. Getting the Kaleidiscopes for my daughter as well as getting her a Needle’n Thread subcription.

      I second that regarding the thread and bead colors!

  3. I’ve been wanting something like this for a long while now and I have LOVED watching you stitch these up. So excited for this and I can’t wait to do on myself!

  4. Good afternoon Mary,

    Today is my lucky day because I have been on the look out for Party in Provence since I first seen it in one of your blog. You see I wanted to stitch it as a cover for my magnifying light to protect it from the sun. But you are incredibly generous, you are offering 30 of absolutely delicious designs, now I want to make seasonal covers Hihihi, I will have a hard time to choose. Thank you so much for the gifts, got to go check them out more thoroughly bye for now!

  5. Oups i forgot to mention that I would very much like the threads information for both the tulip and the party in provence

  6. Dear Mary

    Very late today I’m seeing my Godchild/Niece tomorrow which I’m looking forward to and her new baby boy Noah so I been wrapping and organising presents and card. Just purchased your new e-book and have just had a look, it looks lovely and looking forward to having a go at them. Thanks for the e-book and for sharing the discount with us and congratulations on the lovely designs.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  7. I’m in total agreement in wanting the threads and beads used in the Party Provence and Tulip Festival. The colors really speak to me!

  8. I am SEW excited!!! I’ve been waiting for the Tulip Festival for over a year: I love the pattern and the colors that you used in it. My daughter’s best friend loves Mandala’s, and a Kaleidoscope looks like a Mandala to me! 🙂 I’ll be having lots of fun!!!!!

  9. Thank you, Mary! Instant delivery.

    A thought on the Amazon ads. Is there any way you can have a static link to Amazon or Book Depository on your website, like the ads for Lady Anne’s Needlework through to San Francisco School? Something that won’t be hidden by my pop-up blocker?

  10. I bought your e-book yesterday (the download was so quick!) and I had a chance to read through it this morning! Wow…it is incredible! How can I choose just one to start stitching!?! Nice job, Mary!!!

  11. These are beautiful! My first thought was created in whitework all laid out as in the picture this would make a beautiful table cloth. I just received my copies of needle lace books you advertised last week. Mixing needle weaving, needle lace and these kaleidiscope patterns would prove to make an interesting project, but it wiould be a life time achievment to get it finished. I want it big enough to use as a shower curtain or a bed cover so guests could see it when they visit. Thanks once again for making my imagination go wild. I did finish the ongoing memorial quilt project this week, so now it is clean the studio weekend and prepare to start the last quilt project due before Christmas. This one combines stitching and quilting by using antique embroidered doilies and appliquing them onto a background to make a bedsized quilt. It will be the third one of these I have made for this family–all from one person’s hand needlework in hopes that the needlework will be preserved in quilt form since the grandkids did not have any desire to use or keep the doilies and table runners as originally presented. Thanks for sharing these claendars and ideas with us. I love knowing they are available at the push of a button.

  12. Dear Mary,
    I don‘t do the Kaleidoscope yet, but I want to tell you that I digged out the Christmas Ornaments, which I love very much, small and wonderful and so very well explained. I want to thank you for those four perfect posts..

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