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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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The Leafy Tree Kit – Coming August 1st!


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Well, if you’ve been awaiting The Leafy Tree embroidery kit, here’s the announcement:

The kit & e-book bundle will be released here on Needle ‘n Thread in my shop tomorrow, Thursday, August 1st, at 8:00 pm Central Time (KS, USA).

Here are all the details you’ll want to know ahead of time. (This guarantees that everyone reads the product description when they’re not in a hurry!)

The Leafy Tree Embroidery Kit coming August 1

The Leafy Tree embroidery kit & e-book bundle consists of an embroidery kit with complete materials (described below) plus an instructional stitching guide PDF, delivered via email with a download link. There are no printed instructions in the kit.

What’s In the Kit?

The kit contains everything you need to complete the project, except hoop or frame and scissors.

The Leafy Tree Embroidery Kit coming August 1

Inside the kit, you will find 22 complete skeins (10 meters each) of Madeira 6-stranded embroidery cotton floss. This is more than enough floss to complete your tree and to stitch another one if you want. Maybe you’ll want to experiment with a different color arrangement, or stitch a spring tree instead of a fall tree. (You can read about Madeira cotton embroidery floss here.)

You’ll find the fine embroidery needles – crewel and tapestry – that you need to stitch the design.

The Leafy Tree Embroidery Kit coming August 1

And you will find a fabric stick, which is a piece of linen (approximately 10″ x 10.5″), completely prepared for embroidery – cut on the thread, pre-washed and shrunk, pressed, and with the design transferred on it – rolled onto a tube so that you don’t have to iron it or anything before you start stitching. And there are no creases in it!

This is a high quality embroidery linen, with a full weave and a beautiful “hand” or surface feel. There are very few slubs in it, and you won’t find skinny threads mixed in with fat threads, with spaces between the threads. It’s a beautiful fabric!

What’s the E-Book and How Does It Work?

The e-book is a PDF that is delivered to you electronically, through a download link via email.

It includes some basics that will help you stitch this project, a materials list, pattern, diagram of stitch & color layout, and stitch instructions.

The Techy Side of Downloads

The e-book comes to you via a download link sent to your email directly after your purchase.

To make this a smooth process with the fewest hiccups possible, please keep in mind the following:

  • When you make your purchase, use the email address that you want the download to go to. Please make sure that the email address is entered correctly, with no typos.
  • Download the file to your computer first. This way, you have it on your computer as your “backup” file. You can then move the PDF to a tablet or mobile device using the normal ways you move any file around between devices.
  • For security reasons, the download link expires after three attempts to download, or after four days, whichever comes first. If you open the file on your mobile or tablet using the link, each time you open it counts as a download, so the link may expire before you download it to your computer.
  • If the link does not arrive in your inbox within 30 minutes of your purchase, please check your spam filter or other filters (like “promotions” or “social” in some email accounts) for the link. If it is not there, you can contact me by replying to your order confirmation email and I will send you the download link a different way. Some email service providers filter or block automated emails that include download links.

What Will You Learn?

This project will teach you many things about embroidery!

The Leafy Tree Embroidery Kit coming August 1

You’ll learn several different ways of stitching leaves… and you’ll have plenty of leaves to practice on!

You’ll learn how to shade with stem stitch on the trunk of the tree.

You’ll learn how to gradually change colors on a project made up of disconnected pieces, without harsh lines of color change.

You’ll have the freedom to mix things up and experiment, and from that, you’ll learn to be more confident with your embroidery projects.

Keep in mind that the project is not large. The tree is just over 5″ tall, as you can see in context in this photo:

Leafy Tree embroidery kit - project size perspective

So you will also learn, if you haven’t worked on a finer scale, how to use only one or two strands of floss to produce beautiful embroidery.

What Should You Already Know?

This project is for advanced beginners and beyond, so it does not include all the basics of beginner embroidery.

To comfortably undertake this project, you should know how to:

  • hoop up an embroidery project or how to mount your fabric on stretcher bar frames
  • start and end embroidery threads
  • stitch on a “fine embroidery” scale, since most of this project is stitched with two strands of floss, and occasionally with only one strand of floss
  • choose the right needle for the type of stitch and weight of thread
  • read and follow step-by-step stitch instructions

I’m not trying to dissuade anyone who really wants to stitch it from purchasing the kit. I’m a firm believer that determination is 80% of any successful outcome. I just don’t want anyone to be disappointed or discouraged or flummoxed when they receive the kit and e-book, because they expected something more basic.

What You Need

You’ll need the following to work the project:

  1. A good pair of scissors with small blades
  2. A hoop (6″ or 7″) or stretcher bar (or other type) of embroidery frame (8″ or 9″)
  3. Good lighting
  4. If necessary, magnification

Leafy Tree Embroidery Kit - available August 1

When, Where, and How Can You Get It?

The Leafy Tree embroidery kit & ebook bundle is available right here in my shop on Needle ‘n Thread.

The cost for the kit and the ebook is $69 (US) plus shipping. ($56 is the retail cost of the kit; $13 is the discounted cost for the e-book.)

For international customers, only certain countries provide tracking and insurance in conjunction with the US postal service. These countries include the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and a couple EU countries. Needle ‘n Thread will not be responsible for replacing orders that get lost or damaged en route to any other countries where guaranteed and insured delivery are not available via the USPS. Any customs or import fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Please double check your shipping address and make sure that it is correct when you place your order. Thanks!

I really hope you enjoy stitch this project as much as I did! I’ve stitched it three times now, and I love it every time. There are so many ways you can make it your own, like changing the color scheme to match different times of the year, or switching up the filling techniques on the leaves. There’s lots of room for experimentation! It’s a fun project and the results are really striking, no matter how you stitch it!


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  1. I would love to make this as a pillow cover so the design needs to be much larger. Any chance of being able to enlarge the design down the road?

    1. I’m still contemplating releasing the e-book separately. If I do, you can, of course, enlarge the pattern to whatever size you wish. I think it would look fabulous about 12″ high and worked in wools, for a decorative pillow!

  2. I’m disappointed to hear that the instructions won’t be available separately for now, but I hope they will be in the future! I’m on a limited budget and can’t purchase a full stitching kit right now, but I’d love the chance to work the leafy tree – it’s beautiful!

    1. Dear Mary,
      I’m in the UK as well and the cost of postage (and the £8 handling charge for anything on top) is a lot – not your fault of course. I find it hard to justify and do little overseas shopping and I have no one coming over who could bring it.

      I would really love to have the E-book. I hope you decide it is a feasible approach.

      Warm regards,

    2. I never charge “handling” fees, Helen. I charge the cost of the mailing, especially on international mail, which is already so expensive. I wouldn’t do that to people.

  3. Mary, your kit is beautiful! I would love to purchase the pattern if you offer it in the future. I loved your suggestion about making a leafy tree for each season. We just redecorated our first floor and would like to create pillows for our new sofa. My question is, “How would you best depict a winter tree with all those beautiful leaves in the pattern?”. Thanks so much! I will be watching if you ever offer this lovely pattern in an ebook.

    1. LOL! Brown and withered? I don’t know! For a winter tree, I’d lose all the leaves and have a bare tree, maybe on a different colored background, and add some snow. But it would lose something, I think, in translation!

    2. There are evergreen tress. Most are more pine needles of various shapes and sizes, but I would think a few stay green. The mountain laurels we have in Texas stay green year around and have lovely dark green oval shaped leaves.

    1. I have about 20 extra fabric sticks that I might make available after the kits are sold. I am hesitant, because they are what I would consider “seconds.” They have a barely visible not-quite-crease in them from the fabric fold on the bolt. It is something that will surely be unnoticeable when the fabric is stretched in a hoop or frame, and damp-stretched, blocked, and stretched again for framing. I can barely find the silly things even when I’m looking for them. Still, I figure some people would see them and it might bother them, so I set them aside as “seconds.” I may or may not sell them – we’ll see after the kits have run.

      The fabric that I used for these kits is no longer available, so the quantity that I have is the last there is to make any future kits or individual pre-transferred fabric prints for this project. I’ll be weighing and measuring pros and cons of sourcing different fabric, selling only the fabric transfer, etc., after this first round of kits is released.

      I’ll definitely let folks know if I do!

  4. Hi Mary,

    I love receiving your newsletter and reading all your tips and tricks and I absolutely want to stitch your tree but unfortunately the postage to the UK make the cost prohibitive. I am sure your overseas followers, like me, would be delighted to have the opportunity to purchase the e-pattern should you decide to go down that route. I sincerely hope so.

    Best wishes


    1. Hi, Irene – Thanks for your input! Yes, I know the postage is prohibitive. It’s a daunting problem! I’m definitely keeping all of that in mind!

  5. What work should I do to advanced beginner. Are there tutorials or beginner pieces? I need to learn how to begin and end embroidery threads. I’ve done cross stitch but the other forms of needlework I’ve done I know was not done properly.
    Thanks every so much

  6. Why aren’t you selling the ebook separately from the kit? The cost of shipping to here in the UK, together with the weak pound value, mean that purchasing the kit is prohibitive for many. Please reconsider.

  7. I find your attention to detail outstanding. You definitely have a quality presentation!

    “cut on the thread, pre-washed and shrunk, pressed, and with the design transferred on it – rolled onto a tube so that you don’t have to iron it or anything before you start stitching. “

  8. I see the cost for international shipping but find no actual dollar amount for shipping in the states. Only that it will ship priority. Can you please provide the cost of shipping in the U.S?

    Thank you for any help regarding this.

    Kindest regards,

  9. are they all gone? I am not able to put it in my cart…the webpage says it is still “coming soon!”

    1. It was released at 8:00 PM central time yesterday and sold out pretty quickly. drop me an email and I’ll put you on the advanced notice list for the next round, if you didn’t get in on this round.

  10. Mary, is it possible/permissible to print the instructions after downloading? I would rather have a print out to refer to then a device. Thank you.

    1. Yes, you can certainly print the PDF. It’s really like any other file you’d have on your computer – so you can print it or just view it or keep it on a tablet or phone… all the options!

  11. Hi, your kit looks too wonderful and lucky all those who are able to purchase one.
    Please do consider just the ebook as in South Africa we have major problems with deliveries of parcels, ost never arrive at their destination .

    thank you


  12. Would love the kit but with the US$ conversion to Aus$ plus expensive postage it is way, way too expensive to buy the kit.

    So when will the e book be released separately??? Why the delay? Then I could get started on this lovely design. What a pity it is only available as a kit and not the usual download as an e-pattern.

  13. Being able to purchase the ebook or a fabric stick separately from the kit would be lovely, thanks!

    Also, would you be willing to describe the design transfer process you used for the leafy tree kits? I assume you didn’t hand-draw each leaf for every kit?

  14. Oh, Praise God! I thought I had missed out already. I’m so glad you are releasing it this evening. I’m posting sticky notes and alarms so that I can jump in a order. Hope your website doesn’t crash. = )

  15. Dear mary,
    I had set the alarm to order the leafy tree kit tonight (in the netherlands it is + 7 hours = 3am!) . I was prepared for extra shipping costs. But I am very disappointed that shipping to the netherlands is not possible.
    after a sad period around the illness and the death of my husband, I was looking forward to this project , building a tree as symbol of building up my life . Is it really not possible to ship it to the netherlands? Or make a exception and just send me the ebook?

    I hope To sleep a little the rest of this night and find a message of you next morning. My cart in you e-shop is loaded so I hopethere is a way to start the project

    1. Hi, Ineke – drop me an email and I’ll put you on the advanced notice list for the next round, and I’ll make sure Netherlands is on the list. I’m working really hard on a new shipping solution, and by the time I can get more supplies ordered and more kits assembled, I should have a new system in place that will allow for wider shipping choices and less expensive international options.

  16. Oh please, please, please consider selling the PDF of the written instructions for this wonderful tree that I have enjoyed watching you design for some time now. I would love to buy the kit, so beautifully put together with everything needed, but international postage and currency exchange makes it so cost prohibitive, especially for a pensioner on a set income.
    Thank you for the great design work and inspiration you provide to all stitchers.
    Have a happy stitching day.

    1. Hi, Helene – not at this time, but there’s plenty of green and light green in the kit, that you could improvise and stitch your own spring version!

  17. Heart broken…sigh! OK, I realize I should have set my alarm clock for 3 am, but I have failed in this regard, more fool I. Nevertheless, I would definitely buy one of the seconds if the only issue is the fold. Otherwise, I will wait hopefully for another batch or at least the ebook.

  18. Hi Mary, Wow, these were a hit! I got in late from a meeting last night and logged right in to purchase the kit and was so bummed to see they were already sold out (I’ve been so excited for this kit!). I wanted you to know that if you are gauging interest for another round of kits, I would definitely be interested (I know how much work went into these for you so certainly understand if you did not want to do that again). I would also buy just the pattern if only that was available. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks!

  19. Hi Mary,
    I wouldn’t let that framer touch the piece again. I learned early on that even museum conservation framers don’t necessarily understand framing needlework: they ruined a piece i made for one of my new-born twins. So, either do-it-yourself, or meet your deadline with a little rippling & then when the piece is returned send it to a professional needlework framer. I use Framed Image in Pompton Plains, NJ (and so does the Edwardian Needle shop where Tony Minieri is based & he highly recommends Robert from Framed Image, & Ridgewood Needle shop among other LNS) Glad to send you additl contact info for Framed Image. Warm regards, Francine

  20. I would have it reframed. They should be embarassed to hand the picture to you in that condition. I noticed it was not aligned correctly perhaps they can fix that also.

  21. Would you consider doing an evergreen tree like this, but with different red to green or green to red gradations? Maybe instead of summery leaves it could be ivy leaf shapes and or mistletoe shapes?

  22. Unfortunately, I noticed right away that it wasn’t centered and that would bother me every time I looked at it. I couldn’t see the ripples until you included the closeup. As it was a premium framer and price, I’m sure, I would go back immediately and ask them to re-do the stretching and get it tight and centered properly. Perhaps make a mark on each side as to what you consider the center to be. I often stitch my backing fabric to the front fabric with a sewing machine along the outer edges before stretching. That way the pieces have to work together when being pulled taut.

    Call ahead, so you can express your feelings on the phone instead of going in face-to-face and being mad. Then tell them your time-frame problem and ask them to do it immediately (or while you wait).

  23. Will you offer just the pattern and instructions for the leafy tree design? I missed out on the original offer and would still like to make it.

    1. Hi, Carol – If you drop me a line, I can put you on the advanced notice list for the next round of kits. I won’t be offering just the e-book right away – perhaps in the future – but I am considering a fabric / e-book bundle, without threads, since it would save greatly on international shipping for those overseas who wish to ship it. This is something I have to consider, though, because I’ve made an investment in the project already. So I need to see what will make sense.

  24. Hi Mary,

    I received my beautiful kit today. That was so fast! I’m very excited about it but I haven’t received my link to download the Leafy Tree e-book and other e-books that I ordered. There was a typo in my email address on the order. Can you help me out with it?

    Thank you,

  25. Hi Mary,

    I hope you’ll consider the E-book option as this drawing is beautiful … and I’ve pssed the kit time. When I had a look on your site few days ago they were all gone of course ! I don’t know if France is among the countries you can send any kit to, so I ask more for the e-book option than for any other kit round.
    Best regards,

  26. Hi there,
    I am so hoping there will be more leafy tree kits available since I missed getting one. If you create a waiting list, please let me know. I love your work.

    1. Hi, Irene – I’m working on preparing another round of the Leafy Tree kits right now, and they should be ready in September. If you’d like to be on the advanced notice list, you can drop me a line at mary@needlenthread.com and I’ll let you know when they’re available on the website. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Robin – Not at this time. If you’re interested in the kit, I’m in the process of preparing another round that will be available in September. If you’d like to be on the advanced notice list, just drop me a line at mary@needlenthread.com and I’ll let you know when the next group of kits are available on the website.

  27. Your Leafy Tree pattern has called to me since your introduction of it. It so beautiful and I thank you for your creativity for us. I had to wipe the drool off my keyboard.
    The kit is a bit pricy for me; will you be able to offer a smaller kit or pattern group at a later date?

    1. Hi, Anna – I haven’t made a decision on that yet. Once I finish preparing the next round of kits and get them out, I’ll see where things stand. I’m keeping the question in mind, though. Thanks for asking!

    1. Yes, it will, Celeste – I should have them ready to go by the third week of September, if not sooner. I’m waiting for a few more components to arrive, but the fabric’s all prepped and the designs are transferred (the part that takes the most work!). I may have some available sooner. If you want to be on the Advanced Notice list, just drop me a line at mary@needlenthread.com and ask to be placed on the list!

  28. I follow you since I found your page a time ago. I love your embroideries and your teaching, and have bought near 8 of your e-books.
    I would like to have these beautiful work, buy I can’t afford to buy a kit. For that reason, I hope you will sell soon the e-book alone. I am retired from my original work but yet teaching embroidery.
    Thank you for all you do to promote embroidery.
    I apologise for my bad English. My best regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  29. Hi Mary. In the leafy tree pattern book you indicate dk. med. and lt. brown for the tree trunk. What dmc shades did you use? I can’t seem to be able to decide which shades are best.

    Thank you

    1. I blended the two DMC shades of brown together – so I used two strands of dark for dark, a strand of dark and a strand of light for medium, and two strands of light for light.

  30. Any chance you will kit this project again? I do not have access to beautiful linen or Madeira cotton floss. It is an amazing floss and I have worked with it some time ago when it was available to stitchers in the USA. I am willing to pay if you are willing to kit it again. Thank you for your consideration.
    Pamela Alexander

    1. Hi, Pamela – I had a problem with the US supplier of Madeira cotton, which is why I switched back to DMC. They made a mistake on my first (very large, very expensive) order, and would do nothing to correct the mistake. Because of that, I am wary of working with them. It’s risky, when the supplier isn’t reliable.

  31. I would love to make this! But I want to make it bigger, so it can be a pillow, and possibly a runner. I saw the note about enlarging it myself, and maybe this summer I can try that. It’s such a beautiful design! Anyway, I just thought I’d let you know I’d love a kit for a larger size project.

    1. Yes, we will! We’re revamping it slightly and will have it available again once we’re finished with that. If you want to be on the advanced notice list, drop me an email (you can reply to this comment, which should also land in your inbox), and I’ll add you to the advanced notice list. Thanks!

  32. Please can you tell me if you sell the ebook separately. I would love to buy just the ebook. It is such an exciting project. I have only just discovered your website. I live in England and have only been embroidering for a short while but have cross stitched for over 50 years. I use DMC silks so would be able to expand my skills and use up some silks.

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