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Fascinating Embroidered Book Cover in the Works


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Good morning, and happy Wednesday! I hope you’ve been able to enjoy some time with your needle and thread this week so far – and that, wherever you are, your stitches are just right, and you are safe and sound and comfy!

It’s been a wild several weeks on this side of the Needle ‘n Thread screen! November is flying by too quickly. I’m exceedingly thankful that Thanksgiving falls a bit later this year!

Each day gets me a little closer to finishing the snowflake collection we talked about Monday and even preparing some more Festive Fall and Holly & Evergreen ready-to-stitch towels (and a new line of ready-to-stitch Folky Flake towels, like the examples I talked about here). All of that should be ready for you by the end of the month, and perhaps sooner, if things go well.

Today, I’m sharing a super enjoyable video with you, though I expect it will go around online with all haste and you might run into it elsewhere. Remember this book:

Chloe Giordano book and a link to her video

I reviewed The Embroidered Art of Chloe Giordano here. It is a charming book! If you love needle painting and especially animals (but other things as well), you will find the book delightful and rather freeing.

Chloe stitched a book cover lately for the book Miss Austen by Gill Hornby and she has shared a 30 minute vide on her process. It is definitely worth watching!

I’ve embedded it below, and you can view it here on Needle ‘n Thread, if you’re reading from my newsletter. You can also find find it here on YouTube.

Since it’s halfway through the week, you deserve a break – relax, pour yourself a cuppa, and enjoy this video.

And yes, do marvel at her pristine work space!

If you are interested in Chloe’s beautiful book on embroidery, you can find it listed at the top of my Amazon Recommendations page, under the Recommendations list, where you’ll find a whole collection of wonderful embroidery books that I have reviewed on Needle ‘n Thread. Put this one on your Christmas wish list if you don’t have it yet!

Coming Up on Needle ‘n Thread

I still have a new Stitch Fun tutorial to share with you. I’ve just had a rotten time getting pictures edited. Friday? That’s my plan! (Wish me luck.)

Oh My Word! This year’s A Stitcher’s Christmas series is going to be absolutely fabulous! Starting right after Thanksgiving and leading up to Christmas, I’m running my yearly series of gorgeous give-aways on Needle ‘n Thread. Keep your eyes peeled! You’ll want in on these – and hey, you’re more likely to win one of my give-aways than you are the lottery, so why not join in the fun? There are some wonderful prizes, thanks to many very generous small needlework businesses!

Have a wonderful rest-of-the-week, and may you find plenty of time to bond with your favorite stitching project!

The link to my Amazon recommendations page is an affiliate link, which means that Needle ‘n Thread receives a small commission for purchases made through any links on my recommendations lists, at no extra cost to you. Every wee bit helps! Thank you!


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(14) Comments

  1. Hi! I am working on the ready-to-stitch Fall towel set – love them! My kitchen towels are folded into rectangles with the center of the towel being seen, not the corner. Do you ever plan to make a ready-to-stitch towel set with a horizontal design going across the bottom portion of the design? I am thinking a row of snowflakes would be pretty. The towels would be great gifts to be used during December and throughout the rest of winter. Thanks! Kim

    1. Hi, Kim – Thanks for your comment! I situate the designs in the corners because of the hanging loop on the towels, and because the towels can be used for several other things (like bread warmers, basket liners, etc.) when the design is situated in the corner. A corner design folds into a better arrangement, I’ve found. I’ve played with a few linear designs. The towels become a little less versatile in use with a linear, center-placed design, though, so that’s why I hesitate. The small festive fall design (available in the e-book) can be transferred as a center linear design, though – there’s not as much of a “corner thing” going on there. I’ll keep this mind, though, for future designs! Thanks!

  2. Dear Mary,

    Can you identify what sort of embroidery frame is she using? (I believe she mentions at the end moving the embroidery to a Millenium frame to avoid shadows for photography.)


  3. Dear Mary

    Very pretty book cover and so beautifully embroidered. She is certainly an artist at her craft I wish I was that good. I can’t wait for the Christmas give-aways I never won so hopefully this year my number will come up. Thank you to all those who are donating gifts for the special Christmas give-aways, so generous. Thank you for sharing with us the video of Chloe Giordano it was interesting to watch and the book cover is lovely.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  4. What a lovely book and video. Thanks Mary, for this glimpse into Chloe’s work. I do envy that pristine working space! The fabric she’s using for the cover doesn’t look like linen or a woven cotton-it almost looks like a lightweight denim. Also, I really like the frame she’s using, do you recognize it? I normally use hoops for embroidery and in fact have toyed with the idea of using my (expensive and not used often enough) Grace floor stand quilting hoop for larger embroidery pieces. I don’t know if it would work…any thoughts from you or other readers?

  5. Thank you for sharing the lovely book cover video for Ms Austen. I’m new to the idea of needle painting and it was very inspiring. What type of stitch did Chloe Giordano use for the text. On my phone screen it was too small to see clearly. Thank you.
    Diana B

  6. Chloe’s videos are truly fascinating. I’m so enchanted by her stitching, the atmosphere of her videos, her personal presence, even the music in the videos. I know them for some time already, and I’m following her on Instagram.
    When she embroiders a book cover, as the one of Miss Austen, I wonder what the publisher does with the embroidery? After all, she can’t stitch thousands of them LOL – but when they take a photo of the embroidery, it would certainly look flat, wouldn’t it?

  7. I’ve finally got around to watching this fascinating video, thank you so much Mary for sharing it! It was so interesting watching Chloe’s stitching and designing methods and the book cover is absolutely beautiful. And yes, once more you have convinced me to add another book or two to my book shelf! 🙂

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