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Announcements: Glad Tidings, Fine Tradition, & Other News


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Just a little housekeeping today, so I can get back on track with regular “work”!

First, A Fine Tradition is back in stock, if you’ve been waiting for it. You’ll find my review of this beautiful embroidery here, and it’s available now here.

Second, last week, I showed you these Glad Tidings towel sets that we’ve been diligently working on lately. I had planned to release these last year, when the Christmas Cheer towel set came out, but there simply was not time. They’re finally ready for you here.

Below, I’ll share with you some stitching tips and the colors I used, and then tie up with other news bits.

Glad Tidings Towel Set

These are in the same style as the Christmas Cheer and Let it Snow towel sets, but the messages on this set are Glad Tidings, Peace on Earth, and Joy to the World.

On the Glad Tidings towel, you’ll find two angels, Christmas greenery, and stars.

On the Joy to the World design, you’ll find a signing angel, bells, and stars.

On Peace on Earth, you’ll find a dove, Christmas greenery, and stars.

All the towels feature the dashed swirl that also figures in the other similar sets.

Glad Tidings Towel Set

For the sample towels, I used DMC thread, either 2 or 3 strands (depending on the boldness of the line I wanted) in the following colors:

Blues: 792, 809, 820, 3747
Greens: 700, 703, 704, 986
Red: 321
Dark Gray-Brown: 3021
Yellows: 3829, 3821, 725, 726, and 742

You may, of course, choose your own colors! You might favor a completely different color scheme!

Glad Tidings Towel Set

The stitches on the towels are very simple: stem stitch, backstitch, whipped backstitch, chain stitch, running stitch, seed stitch, occasional satin stitch for holly berries, and occasionally some French knots.

There’s no “rule” to how the designs should be stitched – that’s entirely up to you! I usually pick line stitches that I like. If I want a bold line, I might use chain stitch; sometimes, I might whip the chain stitch. If I want a very fine line, I might use whipped backstitch or stem stitch.

For dashed lines, running stitch is ideal, although you could forego the dashed element and make the dashed lines solid if you wanted.

Glad Tidings Towel Set

Predominantly, I tend to favor stem stitch when I’m working these designs, but I venture into other stitches occasionally, just for the fun of it, as they occur to me.

The fun thing about designs like these is that you can interpret them however you want. They give ample opportunity for practice, and they practically guarantee a good outcome, because they are relatively simple.

Mostly, though, they offer the opportunity to relax and stitch, since you don’t really have to work with someone else’s plan. Do you what you want to do, and enjoy the process!

You can find the Glad Tidings ready-to-stitch towel sets available here. They’ll be available until they are sold out. Whether or not I can run them again before Christmas depends the supply line and on time.

And While We’re At It…

All the towel sets are in stock at this time. So if you’re interested in any of them, now’s a good time to pick them up.

I also have a limited stock of Willing Hands and Willing Hands 2 in stock at the moment. You can find these embroidery books listed here.

Very soon, I’ll also have Sea to Stitch and In a Wheat Field back in stock, too. Once they’re here, I’ll add them to the shop, so if you’ve been waiting and wanting – or if they’re on your Christmas list – keep an eye out!

The Kits!

If you have signed up for the mini stocking kits, you should receive an email shortly. The backordered thread is on its way now. Yay!

I’m trying to get everything in stock for you, in order to beat the increased shipping crunch that will unfold as we get closer to the holidays.

Ok, that takes care of business for a Long While! Now, let’s move on to other news…

Coming up, there’s a book review for a book I’ve been dying to see – and I’ve finally seen it. So I’ll share that with you later this week. It’s such a delightful book on many levels.

Then, we’re going to play a bit with some stylized nature again, with the last “How to Embroider (Blank)” project for 2021, which we will start next week.

Starting next week, I’ll be working solo again. I’ve lost my reliable side-kick Anna to a new and better life up north. Sad for me, but wonderful for her! *Sniff, sniff.* She was Fabulous to work with – talented, diligent, intelligent, fun, and focused. It will be hard to replace her. But I’m excited for her, and excited to see how this new phase of Needle ‘n Thread will go.

Onwards and upwards, my friends!


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  1. I love Christmas themed stitches! As much as I love my fall/Halloween ones, I am especially excited to get back to work on my Department 56 pattern! Their holiday villages were my favorite back in my childhood.

  2. Dear Mary

    So sorry you are losing Anna that must be very sad for you. But I’m glad she is starting a new and better life. Hopefully you will find someone as good and reliable as Anna. Good Luck Anna. Glad Tidings looks wonderful I know you don’t despatch to the UK but will it be available in an e-book. Looking forward to the new How To (blank). Thank for sharing the above news with us and for the new Christmas tea towels theme with us.

    Regards Anita Simmance

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