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Happy Thanksgiving – and a Puzzle!


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Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!

I hope that this Thanksgiving Day, even if you don’t celebrate it the way we do here in the States, is a beautiful and happy day for you and yours, and that you have many reasons to be thankful in your life, too.

Needle ‘n Thread – and the community we have all built around it – is one of the greatest blessings of my life. I am grateful to each one of you for keeping me motivated, inspired, and always learning! Thank you so much for being a very special part of my life!

Happy Thanksgiving, 2021!

I decided to resurrect my Hoop Turkey this year, to send you my Thanksgiving Greetings. I like him.

(I’m going to like his sousing even better, come supper time.)

My dad and I will spend Thanksgiving Day with family & friends at my sister’s house, where we all gather in a cheerful bunch of who-knows-how-many (usually around 20 or so) for visiting, dinner, and whatever type of entertainment develops organically – playing games, maybe even getting musical around the piano. Who knows!

To pass on some of the holiday cheer, here’s another little I Spy puzzle for you, and a jigsaw down below, too.

Thanksgiving 2021 I Spy puzzle from Needle 'n Thread

If you click on that photo, you’ll get a much larger version.

I have to thank my Favorite Brother Ever (I can say that easily, as he’s my only brother) for taking the photo. I know he doesn’t like taking top-down photos, so I really appreciate it. We’re going to mix things up for the Christmas one, I think, and try something different this year. We’ll see how it goes!

Can You Spy These?

Beeswax bits (in total, six) and seven tools for cutting;
14 wooden spools for threads, and thirteen turkeys strutting.

Pumpkins round, both big and small, but none of them in pies,
There are fourteen floating hereabouts; find them with your eyes!

Tweezers four and a couple squirrels; seven spools of plastic;
If you can find five laying tools, you’re doing quite fantastic.

Birds abound! Nineteen around! They’re scattered far and wide.
You’ve already found thirteen of them – only six are left that hide.

Spiders four – whew! no more! – they’re black and creepy crawly;
An aficot, a reindeer small, and a crab that’s looking jolly.

Seventeen pins that poke and prod and ten old keys a-rusting;
Two ripping tools that you can use, in case your seams are busting.
(Yeah, it’s a stretch…)

Jigsaw, Anyone?

If you’re a jigsaw puzzle fan, here’s this year’s image in jigsaw format.

For those celebrating Thanksgiving today, I hope it is a happy one! And even if you’re not celebrating the same way, I wish you many wonderful blessings worth celebrating!

Thank you so much for being a part of my Needle ‘n Thread journey!

PS: Weekend Sale Coming Up!

Tomorrow I’m launching the First Ever Needle ‘n Thread full-shop sale. I’m a little nervous since it’s a first, but I hope it provides you with an opportunity to pick up some coveted needlework goods with a discount.

I’ll be publishing the discount code in tomorrow’s post and email, around 10:00 am central time (11AM east coast; 8AM west coast) so that West Coast friends don’t miss out, especially for the tangible goods. Since I don’t normally ship internationally, I’m including all downloads in the sale as well, so that overseas friends can join in, too.

This is the way it will work: all in-stock items (tangible goods and downloadable PDFs) will be on sale for 15% off, until Monday at midnight central time or until they are sold out (whichever comes first).

You’ll find all the details in tomorrow’s post!


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(12) Comments

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!
    I am thankful for your wonderful emails and all you do. You are such an inspiration and motivator.
    The jigsaw puzzle and coffee was a fun way to start the day before hitting the kitchen.
    Hugs, Terry

  2. That was fun! Thanks for taking the time to put it together. Thank your brother for taking the photo! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. โค I’ll have you know, I had to look up Aficot!! Harrumph!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Imagine making me learn something on a holiday!!

    Actively following you (as opposed to checking tbe blog because Google) has been one of the best things that Ive ever done!! You have enriched my life so very much!

    Thank you!


  4. … and the only reason I haven’t ordered Hazel Everett’s new book is that it’s too close to Christmas. I wait till **after** to buy stuff for me! If it’s half as good as it looks on Amazon, it will be my new favorite book!

    Fun puzzle!! Easily done on the phone!

  5. Dear Mary,
    Just finished the enjoyable puzzle. Thank you, it was just challenging enough. Now for the blessed left-overs.

  6. I absolutely adore your hoop turkey! Is he your design? Is it possible to come wider a little for him? I have been looking for YEARS! This would be my swan song – I have had shoulder surgery and itโ€™s not quite what I need it to be but I would forget to do this piece!

    1. I do not know where auto correct came up with โ€œcome wider???โ€ But I was wondering if a pattern/kit could be available?

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