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That Happy Factor: Decorative Sewing Pins


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When I was working to bring this pincushion project about (which we’re going to launch in about one week!), I started looking for decorative sewing pins.

You see, once in a while, I realize I need to put at least some effort into visual marketing. I don’t do this too often, admittedly. I wish I could. I wish I had The Flair. The Knack. The “perfect touch” sort of gift, to be able to bring about Instagram- and Pinterest-worthy photos that, by virtue of their meticulously styled visual perfection, they can entice people in, hooking them on a website or into … yes… (because for most of them, it’s all about marketing) … a sale.

But I don’t really operate that way. It’s never the foremost thing in my mind. Should it be? I don’t know. Some people say yes. Some people say no. But I really don’t know! These are things I think about.

Still, when this pincushion project began to materialize, I decided to go on a search for decorative pins, because I have long wanted decorative pins for pin-related photos.

Decorative Sewing Pins: Stitch Snippet Pincushion

Decorative pins are not necessarily the pins you reach for when you’re in the midst of a serious sewing project.

Instead, I see them as contributing to the Happy Factor associated with well-loved hobbies.

And while decorative pins should also be capable of use, I wouldn’t expect them to be industrial. They’re usually for light use, while boosting the Happy Factor.

That’s how I see them, anyway.

Finally, I found pins that contribute brilliantly to my Happy Factor on a couple levels. I thought I would share them with you, just in case you need a touch of cheer these days.

Decorative Sewing Pins: Stitch Snippet Pincushion

I found these oh-so-cute and cheery sewing pins on Etsy, here. The Etsy name of the shop is (surprisingly) DecorativeSewingPins, but the business name is Cherry Chick, and you can follow her on Instagram here. She makes flower sewing pins, marking pins for counted thread work, and the like.

Some of her pins are made with decorative glass beads, some are enameled – there’s a pretty wide variety of really cute pins there.

The real reason I think the shop worth mentioning, though, is not because she provides pins. Pins are pretty ubiquitous.

It’s because she takes a pin and turns it into something that is capable of making a person happy. She brings a little color and life to what would otherwise be a fairly unremarkable (though essential) tool.

And on top of that, I’m happy that she has built a nice little business creating pins that are simply charming.

Good for her!

Decorative Sewing Pins: Stitch Snippet Pincushion

So yes, these pins from Cherry Chick boost my own Happy Factor in several ways.

I just love these little multi-color flowers!

Decorative Sewing Pins: Stitch Snippet Pincushion

I had to get purple flowers because… well. Purple.

(It was the want of a purple flower pin that sent me on my first foray into finding decorative pins many years ago. I never found one that I liked. Now I have a small garden full of them! Yay!)

Decorative Sewing Pins: Stitch Snippet Pincushion

And I went for the wee daffodils because… well. Daffodils! And because I thought they’d look nice in the upcoming pincushion.

It’s blinged well up now for some proper photos.

Decorative Sewing Pins: Stitch Snippet Pincushion

Not necessarily this photo. It looks like I speared the bee.

In any case, these pretty and cheery little pins from Cherry Chick – no affiliation, just a happy customer – brightened my day. Even if you aren’t looking for decorative pins, I hope they brighten yours, too!

Have a lovely Monday!


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  1. The flower pins are cute but arranging them with the bee/hive makes them perfect. Thanks for the sunshine on our stormy mountain.

  2. The happy factor is very important and looking at the pins and your pin cushion made me smile but looking at all of Cherry’s pins at her Etsy site made me even happier. Thanks. Very hard to choose which one(s).

  3. Okay, Mary…you just brightened my day! Thank you for this…and for your honesty about photographing your beautiful work. I would like to promote my designs but am hesitant to put anything out there that I don’t think is good enough (my family says I’m a perfectionist but I don’t see it because I’m anything but perfect 🙂 ).

    1. If you wait until you think your things are “good enough,” you’ll never start. Just start! Make it a journey, and improve as you go. But starting is 99% of the battle… because if you never start, then … well. It won’t happen. Besides, nothing is ever “perfect” – and so often in our lives, our notion of “perfect” ends up being the enemy of good, and it cripples us. Good is good, so just make a start and allow yourself to improve as you go. You’ll also be able to fine-tune exactly where you want to go and how you want to get there. But you won’t know those things for sure until you make a start.

  4. Oh too funny Mary! I speared the . That has brought a chuckle to my day. Thank you! The pins are great too – I will explore the counted stitch ones for my mom!

  5. I’ve been browsing etsy for decorative pins myself once or twice. Never found any that were quite right, at least not from sellers within a reasonable shipping distance. I’m glad you found some to make you happy 🙂

    I ended up modifiyng my own pins to provide the finishing touch to an embroidered pin cushion. I dipped the glass heads in pearlescent acrylic paint in colors matching the cushion. So far they’ve been okay with light use, so I’m happy.

    I enjoy your pictures very much. Your projects are lovely; and your photography show them off well, in my opinion. I look forward to the pincushion!

  6. Decorative pincushion pins – who knew there was such a thing. Very cute. Should I ever make a pincushion (& I hope I do), I’ll buy or make some.

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pin I didn’t want from this shop. They’re so cute, and well made. I have 4 or 5 sets and have bought some as gifts, too.

  8. Hi Mary,
    I understand the dilemma you have over being present on all of the social media and such in order to bring in sales. I wanted to let you know that I find your website extremely valuable, and because of this I have placed several orders from your shop and have become a patreon member. I like to patronize small businesses, especially those that provide a service to the community. I certainly do feel that your website with all of your stitch tutorials and honest, thorough reviews provides a great service to the needle arts community and I have referred several people to your site. Keep up the good work and I certainly hope others will recognize the service you provided and patronize your business accordingly.
    And those flower pins are adorable!

  9. These pins are so cute. I’ve got a feeling that this pin cushion is going to be a ornament not a usable pin cushion.

  10. Those pins are very pretty! I hope she get some more made up soon. I’ve been wanting to make my own counting pins but after seeing some of hers, I fear I’d be disappointed in my results.

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