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It is Ever Thus: That 2021 Sampler …



Oh, my friends. I hang my head in shame. After posting this update on my hexie project earlier this week, I’ve had a lot of questions about last year’s 2021 yearly sampler, which started here.

And so, today, I’ll update you on that. Shamefacedly. (But not really! It is, after all, ever thus!)

It was all a matter of priorities, you see…

2021 Yearly Sampler... a year later

So, in 2021, my plan was to work a yearly sampler – more or less a band sampler, that lasted all year. I was thinking I would stitch a little bit on it every day for the year.


I had started listening to the Bible in a Year podcast around the same time, so I figured I’d just join the two things together.

2021 Yearly Sampler... a year later

And while I actually made it through the Bible in a Year podcast, ending that journey on the last day of 2021, the sampler lost footing some time towards the end of the summer last year. Between April and September, I worked on it sporadically, trying to catch up now and then when I had time.

But by September, the whole thing lapsed.

2021 Yearly Sampler... a year later

It came off the hoop because I wanted the hoop for something else, and it’s been crumpled in a basket ever since, pining for the day that I’d take it up again.

You see, by the time August and September roll around each year, I’m generally scurrying to set up a successful end to the year, while planning the first part of the next year. Priority-wise, I simply couldn’t devote 20-30 minutes a day to stitching on this when I was having a hard enough time getting in time on more necessary projects.

I also lost the use of my eyeballs for longer than expected with surgery, so even if I hadn’t been doing other work, I wouldn’t have been able to stitch on this poor, neglected, sad-looking sampler.

Ah, me. It is ever thus.

You might wonder what I plan to do with this rumbled, crumpled mess. Well, all is not lost! I’ll keep it close by for stitching on here and there. I think I’ll add 2022 to it at some point, and see what develops on it as the year marches forward.

Incidentally, speaking of developing, I’m trying to concoct a new stitch that I can use for regular embroidery and for finished edges. I’ve been fiddling with it off and on all week. I can’t wait to show it to you and discuss it with you next week. We can put our collective heads together on it. And who knows? It might… just might… be a new stitch to add to your repertoire, too.

Well, that’s my short missive, to catch you up on the 2021 sampler and let you know all the deep dark dirty details about my neglect of it. You can read previous posts on this sampler through the following links, which are listed chronologically:

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Here in Kansas, the weekend has started out bleak and rimey, with a bit of blustery snow, making it perfect for some quality time with needle and thread. I think I’ll pile some wood in my (imaginary) fireplace (that’s really just code for turning on the heater) and see what develops!

Hope you have a marvelous Saturday and a lovely weekend!


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