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Lady’s Magazine 1770-1819: Embroidery Patterns


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For your weekend pleasure, I’d like to send you down a little rabbit hole.

And what’s better than a rabbit hole that has to do with hand embroidery, hm?

The Lady's Magazine, 1770-1819: Embroidery Patterns

Jennie Bachelor’s collection of images from The Lady’s Magazine is a great little resource for hand embroidery design inspiration, especially for designs hailing from the 1770’s through 1819.

For further exploration of the magazine in general, you might enjoy this collection of the magazines from 1807 on internet archive.

This collection of plates from The Lady’s Magazine is also fun to browse through. It’s from the original University of Cardiff collection, like Jennie’s, but it includes many color plates of fashion and so forth.

If you start searching online for The Lady’s Magazine, you’ll end up finding a number of other resources for different volumes and so forth. Not all of them have embroidery designs in them – and even the ones that do are somewhat hit-and-miss when it comes to the designs. It was considered a flagship magazine for its time (understandably – it was still somewhat early days in the history of printing), and it is great fun to explore if you have an interest in these things.

Historical magazines like this always catch my eye. They can end up being a time sink, though! I find them vastly entertaining. I always get a few chuckles out of reading excerpts. But I also find some good nuggets that are worth thinking about, too.

Hope you enjoy the rabbit hole and your weekend!


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  1. Oh, my goodness! I have gotten lost in those beauties! I have a beautiful little collection of antique patterns (mostly iron-ons so late 19th-early 20th century) I would love to share with you! I am ears deep in researching and dating them. Unfortunately the latter is a job and a half as only a few have dates on them.

  2. It’s ‘Cardiff University’ and not ‘University of Cardiff’. They’re both equally good translations of ‘Prifysgol Caerdydd’, though, so I don’t know why it’s the one rather than the other.

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